Devina & Euchoé

Chapter One

Devina sat outside just enjoying the feel of nature when her meditation was broken by a familiar voice “Devina! My love!” She smiled, opened her eyes then ran into his arms. They embraced tightly “I’m so glad you’re here. i was wondering when your next visit would be.”

“You could always visit me you know”

“Why when you just come here?” he smiled and kissed her cheek. “so I’ve decided somthing Devina. This trip is unlike any other.”

“How so?”

“I will not leave your side until you are my mate. I love you and only you. I know for a fact you love me so don’t deny it Devina. We’re perfect for eachother so this time I’m not just taking the no and leaving. I will be hanging around you as long as it takes” Devina giggled “I don’t want a mate”

“we’d be so happy Devina. You love me right?”

“Of course i do, you’re correct about that”

“In a romantic way right?”


“I’m crazy over you Devina. I want to be your mate and I have about a million things I’m going to try to change your mind” Devina shook her head “Alright, I like when you’re around anyway”

“I’d always be around if I were your mate” She laughed hardily “This is going to be entertaining”

“Maybe to you my love, but to me this is a serious matter. I will use whatever method it takes to make you see I am worth it.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, so prepare to be surprised.”

She shook her head. “Come, lets have lunch.”

“I will cook for you this time so just relax.” She smiled as he followed her inside then headed into the kitchen. She sat on the counter while he cooked, making him smile when she stared at him. “Someone thinks I’m sexy. It must be my amazing skill with a spatula.”

She giggled as he put the grilled cheese on plates. “It must be.”

“I hope sandwiches are okay, I felt like something easy today.”

“It’s fine, thank you.”

They sat together at the kitchen table, him not saying a word and her wondering what he had planned. After they were done eating he silently washed the dishes, making her more and more suspicious. When he turned around she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He smiled against her lips and pushed her back. “Lets go on a walk.” He said.

“To where?”

“Doesn’t matter, I just want to spend time with you.”

Devina smiled “why don’t we walk to my son and his mates house”

“sure, you can gaze upon how happy thye are being mates and finally see the light” Devina laughed and he smiled, wishing she would take this more seriously. He knew it would be a struggle to make her want a serious, long lasting relationship but he was at his breaking point. He loved her with every bit of himself, had for so many years. He needed to be with her, to wake up in the mornings with Devina on his chest. He hated scenting other males in her home, a home that he near desperately wanted to live in with her. He wondered if she knew how serious he was about not leaving her side until she was his mate. If Devina didn’t love him that would be one thing but she did so it only made sense for them to be mates.

She was stubborn but he knew he was more so especially with his need for her and his undying love. Euchoe had tried not to love her, to be ok with being fuck buddies but his love for her was too strong to stamp its flame out. He came to truly realize this after he actually cried over her with another man. He had come to see her four months ago to find her in the arms of another. He felt his heart break in his chest and all he could do was run back home, crying the whole way with frustration and sadness. it was then he knew he had to end this foolish fuck buddy business and get her to be his mate.

Euchoe grabbed Devinas hand as they walked across the desert. She smiled, tightening the grasp. “what’re you planning?”

“It’s surprises my love” He kissed her hand then continued “Just be patient. I will however tell you everything right now if you’ll be my mate”

“I’ll be surprised”

When they got to Bishin and Olivia’s the two smiled happily at seeing Devina with Euchoe. “How have you been?” Olivia asked as she hugged him.

“Just fine, traveling.”

“We’re glad to see you again, we didn’t think you’d ever come back.”

“I have a reason to keep coming back for now.”

Both of them frowned and Devina’s heart gave a lurch in her chest. She was confused at the feeling of worry that suddenly surfaced in her. “Well we hope you will come see us more often. We enjoy your company.” Bishin said.

“I will, don’t worry about that. Anyway, we were just out for a walk and thought we’d drop by.”

“Okay, don’t be a stranger.” He smiled and they left, heading over the warm sand toward an oasis they had swimmed at many times. She wanted to asked him what he meant when he said for now. It made her heart race in fear just thinking about those words. He was smiling, seemingly enjoying her company, but there was a look an emotion in his eyes that she couldn’t quite put a name to. When they made it to the oasis Euchoe found a place under a tree and sat down in the shade then pulled her down to sit between his legs.

“What are we doing?” Devina asked.

“Spending real time together. We always end up having sex when I come over instead of doing things together.”

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“Yes so I won’t do it anymore. Not until you love me the way I love you.”

He heart gave another leap. “I do love you.”

“Not enough though. Tomorrow I want to take you somewhere.”


“You’ll just have to wait and see. It’s in another world and you’ll love it.”

“Ok, I have a question though?’


“What did you mean by for now earlier…you’ll stop seeing me one day?” Euchoe kissed Devinas cheek “I can’t be fuck buddies any longer Devina. I’m in love with you deeply. If I try the million things I’ve come up with to make you love me the same as i do you and you still don’t love me eventually I wont be able to come back…I hate to say that..I dont want to give you an ultimatium since this was all just going to be sweet and romantic but you ask so i’ll be truthful. I love you too much to come to your home and see you with another man. It hurts too much Devi, far too much. It hurts to be without you too but it hurts far worse to see you in another mans arms”

Euchoe held Devina tighter as if another male was nearby ready to snatch her up. Devinas heart sank, she hadn’t realized she had been hurting him. She knew he loved her but as a male demon she thought like any other just fucking was fine too. “Have you seen me with another man?”

“Yes…the last time i tried to visit you. I just went back home”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t be. It’s whats given me this resolve to show you what having a real mate is like”

“We do spend time together though. i hate you feel we dont”

“I know we do. We just have sex more than we do things together is all i was really saying. I guess I was exaggerating a bit” Euchoe could tell Devina was sad “Hey, don’t get sad on me”

“I just didn’t realize i was hurting you and I feel terrible”

“I love you Devina, I love you because you’re a good person. you cna be oblivious at times but I was aware you didn’t realize the pain you were causing me. I barely realized it myself so how could you. I thought i was ok with fuck buddies until I saw you with that other demon”

“Euchoe I…”

“Lets not talk about it anymore, it makes me angry and sad.”

She closed her mouth and just sat there. Anger wasn’t something he had ever expressed, even when she rejected him. He would just say okay and leave. “How long are we going to be gone?” She finally asked.

“All day tomorrow.”

“What world?”

“Just know it’s close by and beautiful.”

He sounded a little sad and worried and she hated herself even more. “Maybe we should go back to my house.”

“If that’s what you want.” He let her go and they got to their feet. Even though he was sad he still held her hand, his thumb brushing over her palm in an affectionate manner.

“So where did you go when you left this time?”

“Protea, it’s beautiful there so I spent awhile enjoying the forest and people.”

“Is that where you are taking me?”

He shook his head. “The portal there is to far away, but maybe someday I’ll take you. Stop trying to get me to tell you where we’re going. I told you it’s a surprise and no matter wat you say I won’t tell you.”

“alright, I’ll stop.” When they arrived at her house they talked of his journeys since he was last there. Him going over every detail. This was normally pillow talk but she did actually enjoy just talking to him in her living room over coffee and cookies. He seemed to be feeling happier as he talked, happy like he always was. Since they were children she had never seen him express any other emotion but happiness and rarely sadness. She was yet to ever see him cry and doubted he ever had about anything. His name may as well be a synonym with happy since he was gleeful from the time he came into the world.

They kept talking through dinner. Afterwards Euchoe said “I’d like to still cuddle with you tonight”

‘Then please do” They went up to her room and he spoke again “please sleep with clothes on. I wont be able to resist you naked and i dont want to have sex”

“Ok, i will” Euchoe hugged Devina “did you enjoy today with me?”

“I loved it. I can’t wait for tomorrow”

“see how nice it can be to have a mate?” He said now pulling back to look into her eyes “I do have to admit it was nicer talking over coffee instead of in bed.” Euchoe smiled then kissed her. When he pulled back he grabbed her hand and placed it over his heart “I know you’ve never realized it Devina but from the time we were children my heart has belonged to you. You’ve always been…well, perfect in every way. Your laugh, that smile. I’m in love with it all Devina. I really am” Devina frowned again “I didn’t know that. You never told me you wanted to be my mate until six years ago.”

“I’ve always known how you felt about relationships…I know how your parents were and it painted a horrible picture of what being mates means but your parents didn’t belong together. They were poison to eachother and I hate thats how you grew up thinking mates were. I’m going to show you being mates can be a happy thing”

Her heart hurt thinking about how he had always been there for her, from the time they were children to when they were teenagers, he would hold her when she would cry and tell her jokes to make her smile again. He never complained, never asked for more. The first time they had had sex she had been sad and had clung to him like a piece of driftwood on the wildest of waves. He had let her, comforting her and telling her he would always be there if she needed him. Even when she was pregnant with her children, he had come by to help her when she needed it, had held her hair back when she threw up, and when they were born he had loved them like they were his own.

“I plan on loving you until you trust me with your heart Devina.” Euchoe said drowsily.

“Maybe I don’t have a heart.” She replied and he chuckled.

“Yes you do and it makes the most beautiful sound.” He fell asleep and she felt herself choke up. She wanted to cry, but she knew he would hear her and forced herself not to. She just lay there listening to his breathing for awhile, wondering why she had been so blind to his feelings. She wondered if every time he left he was doing so out of sorrow and catching her with another man must have been why he stayed away for so long this time. She had missed him and had tried to find comfort in others instead of looking for him. She swallowed the lump in her throat and closed her eyes, not wanting to be exhausted in the morning.

Euchoé woke the next morning before Devina and just enjoyed her being close. He always felt the happiest when he could hold her. She meant the world to him and he wished she understood how happy they’d be if she would be his mate. He would never hit her like her father had her mother, he would never cheat on her or treat her like she was any less. She had had a miserable childhood once her mother married. Before Devina and her mom were happy and carefree then her mother met a man. They were all happy until the day her mother became his mate. The man that was now her step father became an asshole, a completely different man than before he became mates with her mother.

He hated the man when they were children but hated him more now that he had caused Devina to be terrfied of real relationships. What grown woman would want a relationship when that’s what she saw as a child. He laid there just enjoying her and thinking until she woke, ,maing that cute noise she did every morning. “Morning beautiful” Euchoe said sweetly “Morning”

“Lets go make breakfast’

“ok” Euchoe carried Devina downstairs and set her in a chair ‘I’m making pancakes.”

“i can’t help?”

“Please, let me”

“alright, thank you” he smiled then walked over to her. Euchoe pressed his lips gently into his loves. “You never have to thank me for doing what my heart wants to do my angel” His words went straight to her heart. Both making her happy as always but now sad at the same time. She watched him cook, once again thinking of what a good man he wa. She was happiest around him and knew that so why not spend the rest of her life with just him. “Euoche I” He looked at her and she said ‘never mind” Devina didn’t understand her own fear. The thought of being someones mate wasn’t a happy thought but a scary one to her.

He sat a plate down in front of her then took his place next to her. “You always make the simplest things taste so amazing.” She said and he just smiled as he ate. When they were finished with breakfast he washed their dishes then took her hand. “Do we not need food?” She asked.

“I told you it’s close and this place as some of the most delicious fruit.” He pulled her out of her home then lifted her off the ground and took off across the sand. When he said not far he meant it. They arrived at a strange pool of water an hour later, one Devina couldn’t believe she had looked over. “Take a deep breath and close your eyes.” Euoche said and she inhaled, holding th breath in her lungs as he jumped inside. The water felt ice cold on her skin and she gripped tighter to him as they sunk lower and lower until they were surround by darkness.

The cold began to subside and Euoche said, “You can open your eyes and breath now.” She exhaled and allowed her eyes to drift open. He was standing on the edge of a pool of water surrounded by emerald green moss. The plant blanketed the whole ground as far as her eyes could see, making it look like an ocean of green. Trees with yellow, green, and orange leaves made a beautiful forest where brightly colored birdas flitted about and chirped happily. He lowered her to her feet, smiling at her look of wonder.

“This is so amazing.” She said softly as she spun in a circle to take it all in.

“I’m glad you think so. I stumbled upon it one day while on my way home. It’s a very peaceful place.”

“I don’t see how I looked over this”

“I’ve always been more observant than you. I found pretty much all the cool things growing up. You did develop my observantness though”

“What do you mean?”

“I was always looked for amazing things to show you so that I could impress you Devi’ he looked at her with heart stopping, love filled eyes. She melted and didn’t know if she should cry or kiss him. She never wanted Euoche to leave her. His words by the water yesterday were still plaguing her, pressuring her to figure out why the thought of being mates with such a wonderful man frightened her. Euchoe noticed she was conflicted but stayed silent to let her think about whatever she was thinking about. Devina wasn’t the type to hide things so if it were somthing she wished to talk about she would.

Devina ended up just taking his hand “show me everything amazing about this place then” he smiled, bringing her hands to his lips before tugging her along. Devinas head was constantly moving with wonder at this magnificent place. She wanted to come here often with Euoche. When they became hungry for lunch Euchoe guided Devina to a fruit tree and sat down under it with her. “You seem to love it here”

“I do, you know me so well i bet you already knew i would”

“Yep, my plans are all filled with things that will make you happy. I’ll spend forever making you happy if you’ll let me my love. I love your children too, you know that right?”


“That just makes me fit with you all the better right?”

“They love you and respect you, especially Bishin.”

She hadn’t answered his question and he could tell she was trying to tip toe around it. He sighed as they ate, not wanting to push her to hard, but wishing she would say yes. A small orange and yellow bird flitted down and perched on his knee. “Well hello there little one. Would you like a seed.” It chirped in response and Euchoe dug one of the seeds out of the fruit he was eating and held it out to the little bird. The little creature took it and flew away, making Devina smile.

“You must have come here quite a bit if the animals are willing to get so close.” Devina said.

“I call them fire sparrows because of their colors. They love seeds.”

“You are truly an amazing person.”

He gave her a small smile and finished his fruit, spitting out the seeds for other little birds to eat. “Come on, I have more to show you.” He said as he got to her feet and pulled her to hers. He noticed she had some juice on the corner of her mouth and licked it off, making her inhale sharply. Devina swallowed, her heart fluttering in her chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He smiled, kissing her back and hugging her tightly to him. He finally broke the kiss and smiled warmly at her. “I can’t make love to you until you say yes.”


“Don’t look so upset Devina, I just don’t want sex to be the basis for our relationship like it was before. So when you are ready to say yes, I’ll be ready to make love to you again.” He kissed her again. “I really love you, more than life. Never forget that. Now, lets go exploring.”

“alright” She took his hand and didn’t protest any longer. Euoche guided her to an area o land that suddenly dropped off. She looked over and saw at the bottom there were atleast twenty groups of eggs. “Somthing amazing is going to happen soon. Can i just hold you until it starts?”

“I’d really enjoy that Euchoe” He sat, pulling Devina down. “we can’t see down there now.’

“I’ll hear when it’s about to happen. I know for a fact it’s happening today which is why this is the first thing. I planned this pleading for your heart with perfect timing.” Devina frowned so he kissed her cheek ‘none of that please”

“I truly don’t know why I’m so afraid of being serious with you”

“do you want to know what I think?”

“Of course’

“I think your step father is what scares you?”

‘That piece of shit doesnt scare me”

‘Just listen Devina. You and your mother were happy, carefree women until he came alone. He was nice and fun until your mother became his mate. He then began to beat you two and all the other things I don’t have to repeat because you lived through them. I think deep down, he’s why you’re afraid to take a mate. That’s why I’m doing all this. I want to prove to you I’m genuine and wont change if you agree to be mine and only mine. I wont dominate you, nor would I ever hit you. I would spend our lives making you the happiest woman alive. We’ve always had so much fun together and there’s no denying the amazing chemistry we have in bed. We are  aperfect match in every way. Even when it comes to our faults, we even eachother out like any good mates should do. I think once you accept your step father has still been controlling you you can move past it and be with me like I want to be with you”

Chapter Two

Just as he finished Euchoe heard the sound he had been waiting on. He stood, cradling her instead of letting Devina go. She looked down with wide eyes at the beautiful dragons walked over to the cracking eggs. She guessed they were dragons anyway. They had the bodies and heads of dragons but their wings were those of fairies while their tails looked more like they belonged on a horse. “are their babies hatching?” She said with delight and he answered “yep, i knew this would be a sight you wanted to see” Devina kissed him again. They lingered in it until one of the babies made it’s first noise.

“Come on we should go.” He said and carried her away. She rested her head on his shoulder, feeling a warmth creeping through her at how amazing this day was going. She never wanted it to end.

“I love you.” She said softly.

“I love you too.” He replied and kissed her forehead. “Would you like to go for a swim before dinner? I have something else to show you.”

“Sure, sounds fun.” He carried her deeper into the woods and down into another valley where there was a large lake then lowered her to her feet on the bank. He started pulling his clothes off and she couldn’t help but stare. He took everything off but his underwear then turned and arched an eyebrow at her.

“You can’t swim in all of that.” He said and started on her clothes. He had her down to her bra and panties before she could even say a word. She was completely flushed from head to toe and covered in goosebumps. “Come on, we have to dive pretty deep.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the water, dragging her gently to the center of the lake. “Deep breath.” She inhaled and they dowve down. He pulled her deeper and deeper until they began to lose the light. She wondered how far he was planning on going when they finally touched bottom. She had to admit it was a little forboding being surrounded by darkness. A soft orange glow started in front of her and she could see in the dim light that he was running his hands over large eels. The more he touched the brighter it got until they were surrounded by the lazily swimming creatures that constantly changed color.

Euchoe returned to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He had barely stopped holding her since he arrived and she loved it. He had always been like this, forever wanting to have her in his arms. Devina couldn’t deny how romantic it was to be here with him. How she wouldn’t rather see this with anybody but him. She thought about what he said to her. Maybe he was right, maybe her step father was what was keeping her from settling down. It almost angered her that he could still be controlling her in some way. That was probably why she never realized it herself but that was truly what made the most sense.

She couldn’t let him make her afraid, not of the wonderful man that was holding her. Euchoe was nothing like that bastard and he never would be. Her anger was turning more to guilt and frustration she hadn’t realized this on her own and she began to cry. Euchoe was confused since of course he couldn’t hear her thoughts. He took her back up quickly with his worry. He wondered if somthing somhow hurt her. When they broke the surface Euchoe pulled her quickly to land “are you hurt?” She shook her head “than why do you cry? Please dont”

“I’m sorry”

“About what? Crying?”

“No, about letting my step dad keep me form loving you, from committing myself to you” Euchoe pulled Devina tightly against him “oh sweetheart. I’m not mad. I’ve never been made at you.”

“You were mad last time you came?”

“At that other male. I wanted to rip his dick off. I’ve never once been angry at you”

“Maybe you should have been for comparing you to that monster.”

“You didn’t know you were Devi”

“I’m sorry”

“Just don’t cry. It rips me apart” Devina began to wipe at her face then she kissed Euchoe. He kissed back, hoping the comfort would make her stop. When Devina pulled back she said “I’ll stop crying if you’ll be my mate. Please Euchoe” His heart did a flip flop in his chest “truly? You really want to be with me?”

“I do, I always have and I’ve just been so stupid. I love when you’re around. i can never get enough of you. We have so much fun together both in and out of bed. I’m always so happy when you’re near. I hate I’ve been such an idiot Euoche” Euchoe kissed her again in his happiness. His eyes started to overflow with all the joy that filled him. When he pulled back he asked “can we have a wedding like Bishin and Olivia had?”

“That would be beautiful”

He pulled her onto his lap, his fingers tangling in her hair as he gave her long, slow kisses that made goosebumps crawl over her skin. He unhooked her bra then pulled it off and tossed it to the side. Her panties soon followed so she sat nude in his lap, his hand cupping her breasts as he explored the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He pushed his hand between her legs, his fingers slipping inside of her so she moaned loudly into his mouth. “Tell me you love me.” He whispered as he tipped her back onto the moss covered ground and pulled at his underwear.

“I love you so much.” She responded instantly in a breathy, needy tone. He flipped her onto her stomach and lifted her hips. He thrust into her, filling her up completely so she was moaning and her insides quivering. He laced his fingers through hers as he took her hard and fast, his eyes filling with tears at how completely he felt connected to her.

Devina could feel his tears and turned her head, capturing his lips with hers and pouring all of her love into him. Her legs shook as he brought her orgasm after earth shaking orgasm and he filled her with his seed as he released with a loud cry of her name. She collapsed onto the ground and he kissed his way slowly down her spine then back up again before laying down next to her. He pulled her against him so he was spooning her and kissed her shoulder. “I love you more than you know Devina, more than I can ever express with just words. You make me feel complete. Ever since we were kids I wanted to tell you what you meant to me.”

“You’ve always meant the world to me too Euchoé. I’m so sorry i hurt you for so long”

“Lets not talk about that any longer” He kissed her shoulder again before continuing “I just want to enjoy holding you for a little bit. Then we’ll get dressed and go home. We’ll live in your home right? I like it better than mine. Bishin is an absolutely master at building.”

“I’d like that. I like living close to Bishin. I wish my girls were closer.”

“well if we’re getting married we should round them all up so they can be witness. Maybe your son can do the ceremony.”

“I’m sure he’d love to. He likes you a lot. I know he’ll be happy you’re my mate”

“Lets go see him tomorrow and ask if he will”

“We’ll go after breakfast and then we can go round up my girls. We could do the ceremony at Chthons castle. Rika lives there with her mate so we’d end up there anyway”

“sounds perfect, would Chthon mind?”

“Chthon and Ruth are wonderful people and we’re family to them because Bishin and Rika are married to their grandchildren”

“His castle will be an amazing place to marry you, though I’d marry you anywhere” they laud there for awhile longer then got dressed to go home for dinner. Tonight Devina and Euchoé cooked together, playing around happily as they did. When their stomachs were full Euchoé carried his mate upstairs to cuddle with her until rest found them. When they were intertwined in bed Devina cupped Euchoé’s cheek “I’ve always especially loved how cuddly you are”

“You’ve always been irresistible to hold Devi” They looked sweetly into eachothers eyes, loseing time as they did. They weren’t even sure when they had fallen asleep when the suns warm rays came over the horizon and into her window. They had been laying in such a way the sun way directly in their eyes when it shone through so they woke along with the sun. “you want to shower?” Euchoé asked. “yeah, we’re all dirty from yesterday”

He chuckled and she rolled her eyes even as she smiled warmly at him. He got the water ready while she undressed. His eyes widened and he inhaled sharply at how beautiful she was. He reached out and touched her, unable to keep his hands off her soft skin. “I am truly jealous of those other men. I wish they had never seen how beautiful you are. It’s childish I know, but I can’t help it.” He lifted her into the tub then stepped in behind her.

“I promise they’ll never see me again, I belong to you and you alone.” She replied as she grabbed her soap and washed him.

“I feel stupid saying it though. I have never been a possessive man, but you make me want to beat them all to a pulp.”

She gave a small laugh. “You being jealous is very new to me. Most men would have acted on a feeling long ago.”

He grabbed her hands, pressing them to his chest. “Even though I wished it, I could not bring myself to be violent in front of you, especially after what you went through and after what happened to Rika. I wanted you to love me, not fear and hate me. Men like your step father would have killed another man sleeping with the woman he loved, but I could not do it. You are a grown woman, free to make your own choices.”

“You are truly the sweetest man I have ever known. You make me feel so foolish.”

“Being afraid doesn’t make you foolish.”

“it does when I’ve always had you in my life being nothing but wonderful to me” Euchoé kissed her with a smile “lets get clean and go talk to your son. Then we will go off to gather your daughters”


“Don’t think I’ve forgotten all the other things I had planned for you. Our honeymoon will be doing everything else I had planned”

“That sounds amazing. I’ll get Bishin to keep an eye on my, I mean our home so that nothing else thinks of taking residence if it’ll take ahwile”

“It will so you should” they cleaned, dressed, ate breakfast then went over to Bishin and Olivias. Bishin and Mikel were having a friednly fight while their mates watched. Devina then realized Euchoé hadn’t met Mikel and Maril yet. Everyone stopped and came over. Bishin introduced Euchoé to their new neighbors and explained how they came to know them. Euchoé gave them hugs even though he didn’t know them. He was so filled with happiness all he felt like doing was embracing people happily. Next devina told her son and daughter in law the news and they both got excited. “finally!” Bishin said making everyone chuckle. “I thought you’d be happy” Devina answered. Bishin shook Euchoé’s hand then hugged him “you two are perfect for eachother. I know she’ll be happy with you”

“I promise she will. We were wondering if you’d perform the marriage ceremony at Chthons castle”

“I’d be honored. How soon?”

“After we gather your sisters.”

“Let us accompany you then so we waste no time. You want to go right baby?” Bishin asked Olivia. “I’d love to. You two going?” Olivia asked Mikel and Maril. “sure” mikel answered and Maril nodded. Euchoé frowned slightly but quickly stopped in hopes Maril wouldn’t noticed he had just realized she couldn’t speak. Nobody packed anything since it would weigh them down and though her daughters didn’t live close, they didn’t live far enough away to merit lugging bags around.

Jasmine and Lulu lived together a few hours from their mother and Duryn lived half an hour from them next to an oasis. Jasmine and Lulu were out front sparing with one another when they all walked up. They were happy to see them and even happier to hear that Devina had finally given Euchoe a chance. They had always looked up to him and knew he would make their mother happy. “We’re going to be heading to Chthon’s castle after we collect Duryn, why don’t you join us.

“We would love to, it’s been a few days since e’ve seen our sister. She seemed like she was in a foul mood last she came by.” Lulu said with a small frown.

“No doubt she had to break up with that moron Ochak. He was such a sleezebag.” Jasmine chimed in. “He humped anything that moved and even tried getting in our pants.”

Euchoe and Bishin’s eyes narrowed. “Any clue as to where he might be?” Euchoe asked.

“Now, now my love. Duryn is free to make her own choices and I doubt she would want you beating a man half to death over her. I know you’ve always seen her as your baby girl, but she’s an adult and must be allowed to make mistakes.”

He grumbled and Bishin agreed. “Lets go check on her then and get her to come with us. Maybe a couple of days at Chthon’s castle will raise her spirits.” Olivia said with a smile and they started across the sand.

When they arrived at Duryns she was resting in her oasis. She still looked sad and her sisters wished she wouldn’t be so torn up over a bastard who never truly cared about her. “Duryn!” Devina cried and her daughter quickly gotout the water and ran to her mother. They embraced tightly “Oh mom! It’s so good to see you!” Duryn then hugged her siblings, Olivia and then Euchoé. “I heard you’ve been sad over some jerk.” Devina said then Duryn answered “I’m trying not to be”

“It can be hard sweetheart. Im sorry he turned out to be an asshole” Devina comforted and Duryn answered “what makes it worse is he truly always was and i ignored it like an idiot”

“as long as you learned from it youy shouldn’t be sad. You simply gained knowledge and a life experience” Duryn smiled then kissed her mothers cheek “I love you mom. What brings you guys here? A visit? I’d really like that”

“Well, I’m marrying Euchoé and we’d like you to come witness it at Chthons castle” Duryn actually gave a delighted squeal despite her sadness. She hugged her soon to be father on law “Finally she came around” Euchoé smiled as he hugged her “I’m glad you approve to”

‘Are you kidding? You’ve always been amazing”

“so you’re coming”

“yeah, lets go”

The walk across the desert seemed to go a lot faster than usual with all the chatter and excitement. As day turned to night and then back again it felt like it had only been a couple of hours since leaving home and Chthon’s castle soon loomed up before them. Devina knocked on the door and it was quickly opened by Pagos. “Well look at this sight. Come in, everyone will be really happy, especially Rika.”

“Where is everyone?” Devina asked.

“In the library, mom is reading a story.”

“Aren’t you a little old for bedtime stories?” Duryn asked.

“There is no such thing as too old. My father is the oldest of all of us and he still loves when my mothe reads.” He answered with a boyish grin that made her blush. They all followed him into the library and Rika jumped up as fast as she could the minute she saw her family. Lispin was right behind her, telling her not to run with such a big belly, his worried face making Devina laugh.

“What are you all doing here?” Chthon asked as Ruth closed the book.

“Well Euchoe and I have decided to get married and we were wondering if we could have the wedding here.”

Rika’s eyes lit up and she hugged Euchoe tightly. “I’m so happy she finally said yes.”

“As am I.”

“I’ll have the cook start on your cake then and have the maids gather flowers.” Chthon said and stuck is head out the library door. He called to a passing maid and told her to deliver a message to the cook then gather the maids to pick flowers.

“Do you have anything to wear?” Ruth asked warmly.

“No, we didn’t pack anything.”

“That’s fine, you can use one of my dresses if you like. I think we are about the same size. Lets go try some on.”

“Is tomorrow okay for the wedding?” Chthon asked. “It will take time to get everything put together.”

“Tomorrow is fine, don’t push yourself so hard.”

When Devina had finally chosen what dress she wanted to wear they came out from Ruths room and everybody spent the remainder of the day talking and enjoying eachothers company. Pagos and Duryn seemed to be with everybody else but more so with eachother. Devina wondered if yet again one of her children were going to fall in love with someone in Chthons family. She’d be happy for it though. Duryn had fallen for so many bad boys and she knew one of Chthons boys would actually treat her with love and respect. Duryn didn’t chose them because they were bad, it was more of her missing it because she tended to see the best in people. It was easy for her to look past flaws so she’d end up with guys who took advantage of that.

Night came and it didn’t surprise Devina a bit when she saw Duryn being guided by the pull of Pagos outside. She wondered what pagos was going to show her and planned on asking her daughter about it sometime before the wedding or after their honeymoon was over. Devina hoped maybe by the time she got back Duryn and Pagos would be together. Euchoé began undressing Devina as soon as they were alone in their room.Devina giggled ‘calm down”

“I need you my love. I want to be one with you again.” Devina smiled and helped him undress before he took her over to their bed. He laid her down, raining kissing over her stomach and chest. He stood by the side of the bed and Devina wrapped her legs around his hips. Euchoé thrust inside of her tight depths so their moans mingled. He as always marveling at her tightness and she at how large and throbbing his shaft was. When he was spent they settled under the covers where they spooned again. Euchoé took a small nibble of Devinas ear ‘I’m so incredibly happy”

“Me too”

“I was so afraid i wouldn’t win you over….I would have been so heart broken..if my heart would have survived”

“I’m glad you finally held your ground and made me see the light. I may have still been foolish if you hadn’t” Euchoé gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “I know it’s fast to ask and don’t take this as me not loving your children because i love them as my own. I want us to have a baby, please Devina.”

“Then we’ll have one. I love my children and more sounds amazing. Maybe Bishin will finally get a brother” Euchoé laughed “maybe, I don’t care either way.” They talked of baby names and their wedding until they were both too tired to utter another syllable. Their dreams were filled with nothing but happiness and their wedding was the same. It may have bene thrown together fast but it didn’t diminish how sweet it was and how much joy Devinas children felt that Euchoé and their mother were finally together.

~The End ~

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