Divina and Rowan

Story inspired from Breannas mind and co written with Carrie and I

Chapter One

She felt the magic lace down her fingertips, weaving together in soft swirls. She wove her hands in and out of the air, softly caressing the element. The colors started to change as her thoughts wondered as if a dark cloud had been summoned. The sparks flitting in front of her face brought her back to the present and she quickly waved the spell away. There was no point on trying to be calm when she was furious. Hundreds, thousands of elves had lost their lives already in the war. How many others had to perish? What if Rowan was one of them? She couldn’t bare the thought. She let her mind settle on his face and her heart softened. The rage melted away and sorrow filled its place. She loved Rowan and he loved her. There was nothing that could come in between them but they were never short of obstacles. He was a dark elf and she a high elf. The two races fought viciously, sworn enemies since the high elves decided they wanted part of the dark elves land. She knew her people were in the wrong but just because she was a high elf didn’t mean she agreed with everything that they did. This futile feud now kept them apart for fear of charges of fraternizing with the enemy. Even worse they would be cast out of their homelands and rejected. Their only ally was the shadows and the shadows always kept their secrets.

It was almost time to meet him. Her heart raced just like it always did before she saw him. He was always perfect and the fear of being caught somehow always made the moment sweeter. She would be meeting him at the old oak tree, under the bridge by the river. There was enough sound from the rushing water to block out their conversation and any other noises that their love may make. If they were to hear someone they could flee into the water. It was dark and it was perfect. They wouldn’t get caught. Rowan was a general among the dark elves and his treason would be even greater. She shuddered thinking about what his punishment would be. She chose not to think about it and instead focused on making sure she was ready. She smoothed out her hair, not that it mattered, it would just get messed up anyway.

She giggled, happy at the thought. It mostly got ass messy as it did because he loved her long pink locks so much. If his hands didn’t move around in it so much when they made love she might not have to struggle with it so much after to not look like an insane elf. He was such a heartwarming man though. Her thoughts drifted to all the sweet things he’d say to her. Until meeting him she had no idea her blue eyes could be described in such heart tingling ways. She wore a huge smile as he approached which made him smile aswell “Divina” his gruff voice said so affectionately. “Rowan” she said as she was pulled out of her thoughts.

Divina ran to hug him, her arms wrapping around his body. He chuckled as he lifted her into a hug. He always laughed when she hugged him. His happiness was so immense it had to spill out not to overwhelm him. “You look tired my love. Are you alright?” He asked gently. “Yeah, this war is wearing down everyone and though it does add an element of excitement I just want us to be able to love eachother in the open”

“One day, I promise”

“You can’t promise me that”

Of course I can because it is true, someday you and I will not be separated by war, someday we will be able to come here beneath the bright sun and no one will think twice about us.”

He lowered her slowly to her feet and his hands came up, gently framing her face, his thumbs brushing lovingly over her already pink cheeks. She wished she could stay with him here forever, she wished she was just another soldier who wouldn’t be missed if she vanished. “I love you.” She said softly.

“I love you too.” His voice made her heart dance and heat swept over her as he leaned down to press his lips to hers. As their breath and tongues mingled, their fingers worked to remove armor and cloth until they were pressed skin to skin, goosebumps covering her as the cool air caressed her.

Dawn was just around the corner and they knew that they could no longer lay intertwined around each other, their bodies as one. Divina sighed sadly, every time they departed a piece of her heart went with him and she was left un-whole until his return.

“I have to get back, my father will send a fleet if I do not. He would have you killed on the spot Rowan. I love you and couldn’t bear it.”

“I know my love. We will meet again soon, until then remember my kiss on your lips and the sound of my voice in your ear. I love you Divina and will fight the moon and the sun to get back to you.”

Divina dressed and gave him one last kiss, savoring the moment.

“Meet me back here at the New Moon. I know it’s seems like forever but we mustn’t get caught.”

“I hate this. I do not want to wait that long to see you, I shouldn’t have to! You are mine and I should be able to be with you when I want. Please Divina, speak to you father. You are the princess of the High Elves, he will listen to you, he always does. We must end this war or I’m afraid we will never be together. ”

“I will talk to him I promise Rowan. Until next time.”

With this she left, disappearing into the shadows. She arrived back at the castle, acting as if she had just taken a morning stroll for lack of sleep. The guards looked at her strangely as they had not seen her leave but dared not to question her. Although she acted as if nothing was amiss her heart was broke, knowing it would be at least a month before she saw the love of her life again. The sacrifice was necessary. The got to her room and made sure no one was around. She sat on her bed for a moment and then began to weep. Every tear that fell was for the memories that she was unable to create with her love. She had to stop this war, but how could one person stop a war between to races? She may be a princess but she felt helpless and felt for sure her power did not extend that far. She decided to speak to her father right away. What would she say to him that could possibly get through to him?

Divinia only took time to clean herself up before starting down the hall to her father. The guards and palace workers might not question her but if she had come before him how she was when she arrived home he would most definitely know she had not been in her room all night and she didn’t want to put her boyfriend at risk. Divina was glad nobody stopped her to talk but she guessed it was the determined look on her face. They probably realized she was a woman on a mission. Divina knocked on her fathers door when she came to it and her father answered so quickly he must have already been about to exit it. He chuckled “what timing, please follow me if you’d like to talk”

“It’s an important discussion. We don’t have time to sit and talk?”

“You are my daughter, if you need me right now then what I need to do can be put off but not for long so get to the point if you can” he moved so she could enter his room. “what’s wrong Divina?”

“everything dad, we need to stop this war. I love you but we’re in the wrong. What we’re trying to do is selfish. I don’t want to make you mad at me…I hope the fact I’ve always been able to talk to you still holds right now because I know you don’t want to hear this” He sighed “Of course, you’re my daughter…it is hard to hear this from you but I will never forbid you to speak your mind. How is it you think we’re in the wrong?”

“How are we not?” she pleaded. “We are killing innocent elves all because we lust over their land, land that is not ours to take. How does this make any sense to you?”

“I love you Divina but watch your tone. I may be your father but I am still the King. I understand what you are saying but that land was ours long before it was theirs. We are simply claiming it back. We should have never allowed it to be taken in the first place.”

“That was hundred’s of years ago father. Is it really worth lives when we have plentiful land here in our kingdom. Please, just promise me you will think about it. Spare the innocent at least.”

“Your cries have been noted and will be taken under consideration. I apologize but I have other matters to attend to. ” With that he left and Divina was left not knowing if anything she had said would have an affect.

Weeks passed and no end to the war was in sight. Divina wept nightly in remorse for her love. She longed to see him again and the thought of their separation made her sick to her stomach. Lately, everything was upsetting her. This war was literally making her ill.

“Are you all right Divina?” her handmaiden asked. “You look faint my dear, why don’t you go lie down. I will fetch you some soup.”

“It’s not necessary, I’m quite all right. I’ll be fine after a moment.”

Divina went to stand up and was suddenly sick in the basket aside her bed. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. There was no disease that she knew of prominent in the kingdom. The sickness didn’t last but came and went throughout the day, and she was barely able to eat a thing. She began to grow worried and decided it was best to lay down. Thoughts about Rowan made her feel better and the thoughts of their reunion brought a smile to her lips. She would get to see him in just a weeks time. Until then, distant sweet memories would have to pull her through this sickness. She just prayed she was well enough to sneak off to see him. She would find a way no matter what, and besides, she would have to feel better by then, right?

Chapter Two

She felt worse as the week seemed to drag on, but she managed to keep herself from throwing up in front of anyone a second time. If she became too ill, her father might have her confined to bed which meant someone watching over her nearly day and night. She managed to plaster a smile on her face and was so overjoyed when she was finally able to get away. The tree as usual brought her a measure of comfort, but even as she stopped beneath their safe haven, she felt her stomach roll and her stomach emptied itself. “Divina?” Her heart skipped a beat at his voice and she felt embarrassed that he was seeing her like this.

“I…I’m fine, just a little under the weather.”

His fingers gently pulled her hair back and his other hand rubbed her back. She took a drink from the river then did her best to smile up at him. “You look a bit pale.”

“I’m really fine, I promise. Just hug me, okay?”

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her flush against him. “How long have you been sick?”

“Please don’t worry, it’s nothing.”


She sighed. “A few weeks.”

His face became seriously and he was obviously thinking “I know I’m fine” she said encouragingly and he sighed “Not that I’d ever wish you ill my love but I’m worried you’re not sick….have you considered you may have gotten pregnant the last time we made love…we’ve been fools not to use protection…if there wasn’t a war going on I’d be elated but…Divina your father will find out” Shock filled her face, she hadn’t considered that for a single moment. She was terrified at first for the baby then she realized “Maybe this isn’t so bad. Maybe a baby could get my father to see reason Rowan. He loves me dearly and I know a baby would soften him, it could make him desire to stop the foolishness to ensure they aren’t hurt”

“You want to just tell him then?” she nodded “I’m scared”

“me too”

“what if he finds a way to keep you both from me”

“I wont let him. I’d never let him do that Rowan”

They spent the night holding each other instead of making love. Divina did not feel well and didn’t think she could stomach it. The night was still perfect though and nothing could take away their joy. As they held each other close and felt each others breath upon their necks there came a sudden rustling above. Their breathing stopped and they dared not move a muscle. They listened closely, maybe it was just the wind or a nearby animal scavenging for food. They heard the noise again closer accompanied by two voices. Guards! The two instantly feared for their lives and quickly got dressed. The only option was to jump in the river but it was a chilly night and the water was doomed to be colder.

“Keep your eyes peeled Dimitri, the King demanded her return.”
“How did she even manage to escape in her condition? I saw her just yesterday and she was sick as a mutt. Seems impossible.”

They were after Divina, a handmaiden must have noticed her missing and reported it to the King. Damn it! Damn her sickness, she was being watched too closely and she was paying the price. There was only one option that would keep them alive. They had to jump. Divina and Rowan looked at each other, held each others hands and did the only thing that could possibly keep them alive, they jumped into the frigid water.

The shock of cold water took her breath away and Rowan slipped an arm around her waist to keep her from slipping under. He wanted to get her out as soon as possible so he swam with the current, letting it pull them away. They went around a bend in the river, slipping out of sight of any who were searching for her and he made his way to shore. She was already shivering when they made it out of the water and he quickly lifted her, wanting her out of sight and somewhere warm. He found a cave and yelled into it, waiting until he was satisfied that it was empty before carrying her in and sitting her down. “I’m going to gather some wood, you should get your clothes off before you and the baby freeze to death.”


He leaned down and brushed a kiss to the top of her head before stepping out. He moved quickly, not wanting her left alone for too long. He was sure she was blaming herself for their predicament. When he returned she was huddled up against the cave wall, her legs pulled up against her chest, her arms wrapped tightly around her knees. She looked upset and worried. He got a fire started and removed his own clothes then lifted her and sat with her in his lap as close to the warmth as he could get. “Are you alright?” He asked softly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Divina, you know I wouldn’t change a single thing, that I don’t regret us for a moment. Now, how are you feeling? Is the baby okay?”

“I’m fine and I’m sure it is too, probably hating me right now.”

He let his hand slide over her abdomen, smiling warmly. “Babies don’t know how to hate.”

She sighed “It’s probably too late now to tell my father of the baby and try to get peace that way. To do that we would have had to turn ourselves in right then. Now he’ll be furious I ran away from his men”

“I hope it doesnt make you angry for me to say because he is your father but I don’t think he would have seen reason. To me it said a lot about how much he thought about others when he started this”

“It doesn’t make me mad, it’s true” she sighed sadly and he kissed her head “I love you so much and we’ll just run. Your father isn’t all powerful with limitless reach. There are other kingdoms, other worlds”

“other worlds?”

“I’ve heard it to be true though I don’t know how to get to one”

“I just want a normal life with this baby and I doubt my father will just let me go. Maybe we should look into getting ourseleves to a different world and starting a whole new life entirely” He held her a little tighter “I will do anything to keep this family together Divina. I’m truly excited about this baby, even under the circumstances”

“me too Rowan”

Divina sat, huddling Rowan. She was troubled and her stomach tightened to think of running away. The sad truth being that it seemed to be the only way to protect their child. Once she admitted it to herself that she was in fact carrying a child, she instantly loved it and could never think of taking the risk and telling her father. She loved her father dearly though and the thought of leaving him forever and never seeing him again made her sick to her stomach. With her constant shivering and the sickness from her thoughts she had to run to the entrance of the cave. Rowan ran after her as she emptied herself around the bend. He held her hair behind her shoulder and kissed her shoulder gently. She was shaking and he had to help her keep herself up. He picked her up when it was clear that she had nothing left to empty and carried her back to the fire.

After a while they dried off and the shaking stopped. She needed to devise a plan to return to the castle without suspicion from her father. She knew it would not be easy but she needed supplies and in her heart she felt that she had to see him one last time. She couldn’t bare the thought of not silently saying goodbye to him in his presence. The best she could come up with was she needed air since her illness was making her sweat and she slipped and fell into the river during her walk. She would tell them about the cave and they could see the evidence of the fire themselves. She didn’t think she could make it to the castle from the point the river took her so she camped to warm herself first. She felt that this was believable enough and decided it would have to do. She embraced the warmth of Rowan once more and then prepared herself for her return. No doubt that she would be spotted long before she made it to the castle so she had to play her part the whole way home. She needed to look ill and petrified.

“I will meet you in a week’s time. I need time to prepare and they will be watching me like a hawk after this. We really should wait longer but I fear my illness will be made out as a pregnancy. It is to risky to wait anymore. I will be waiting for you here, we should fear no soldiers out this far.”

“Divina, please be careful. What if they do not believe you and your father finds out!? I cannot bare the thought of loosing you. You are my love now and forever and I cannot exist without you. All the magic in the world could not save me.” He grabbed her and hugged her as hard as he dare.

“It will be alright Rowan. One week’s time.” With that she kissed him and turned away, knowing that she may never bring herself to leave his side if she stayed one moment longer.

Divina knew Rowan was fighting the urge to come after her, she herself was forcing herself to keep walking. She told herself she would use this week to prepare and she knew he would do the same. She knew they both had to be ready if they wanted to escape, whether to another land or another world, it didn’t matter as long as they were together. She had been right when she thought she would be spotted before she made it up the river and she took a deep breath as she made herself hobble toward them, looking as sick and exhausted as possible. She knew she wouldn’t have to try to hard. She still had mud on her skin and clothes from crawling out of the river. Her hair was a mess and her stomach was rolling so she knew she appeared ready to throw up.

The men feared for her so they hastily lifted Divinia up and rushed her back to the castle, asking little explanation. They knew what mattered most to the king was his daughters safe return. Her father must have seen them coming out a window or was told by sombody else who was looking out because he was to the door almost as they were “Divina! Divina you’ve had me worried sick! What’s happened?” She had never seen him so worried in her life. “I’m sorry dad. I just wanted some air. I couldn’t stand being in my room a second longer so I foolishly went out on my own and I think I got a bit delirious. I ended up so far away. Please don’t be angry”

“somebody could have taken you out”

“I know dad, I wasn’t thinking clearly and I was a bit worried you wouldn’t let me out since I was ill” He sighed “You are going to be the death of me Divina”

“I really am sorry. I love you so much”

“Allow the staff to help you clean up. I’ll have a nice meal prepared and then you are to rest, you understand me?”

“yes sir”

Chapter Three

The look on her father’s face broke her heart and made her second guess her decision to run. She had never seen him so worried and that was just for her missing a few hours. How would he survive an eternity? She did not wish her father ill will but saw nothing else to do. Her fear of telling him and his punishment affecting the baby made her blinded. That fear however softened after she saw his reaction to her mishap. What if he really did love her enough to understand? Understanding was one thing, letting her and the baby live without being outcast was one thing, but what about Rowan? Would he order his death? Would he stop his war for his own grandchild? Rowan was expecting her to return, packed and ready to run away with him forever in just a weeks time. She had one week to decide her fate. This made it so much harder on her. She did not want to leave her father and could not stand seeing hatred in his eyes for her. All she wanted was love. Love for her and Rowan, love for their child, love for their kingdoms. Surely he would not smite her to uphold his fight for a nonsense war.

A few days passed and her affliction did not grow better. The handmaiden’s were starting to grow suspicious, just as she had predicted. They whispered among themselves, spreading rumors about the princess. The tales came around to Divina’s ears and she knew she had run out of time. Her week was not yet up but her fear of being found out overcame her. She knew that if her father heard these rumors already flying through the castle, he would be in uproar. It was better if he heard it from her. There was no escape now and she knew not if she would be returning to Rowan in days time. She would not reveal his name, she would not put his life in danger like that. It was bad enough the life of her and her child were not on the line. She had to go to her father, there was no other choice.

Divina gathered what she could carry lite along with some food in case she had to flee. She would hide out in the cave until Rowan came. She would not allow her father to capture her, she would fight her very own guards if she must. They may be bigger than her but her father had seen to it that she had the very best training to protect herself. She felt sick and ran to her basket next to her bedside. She wiped the sweat off of her forehead with clammy, shaking hands and did her best to still her mind. She tied her sack on her sheet and lowered it down her window in case of her speedy escape. She then opened her room door, guards standing outside.

“I wish to speak with my father in private.”

“Yes Princess, we will escort you.”

She followed them throughout the castle to her father’s chambers, unable to control her shaking. Her guard informed the king’s and they alerted him of her arrival. The door opened quickly with her father by her side in a moments time. He grabbed her arm as she was obviously not well. He was unaware that her current state was a mix of fear and morning sickness.

“My dear daughter, you should not be out walking around. You need to rest! What was so important to bring you out of your bed chambers?”

“Father” Divina said, looking up into his eyes as hers welled unwillingly with tears “I fear for my life.”

“What!? That is absurd! Who dare threaten the princess on my watch? I will have their head, who has hurt you my dear, please tell me. I will not stand for it! Guards!”

“No Father please, no guards. I need to tell you my tale in private as this is for your ears only”.

“You confuse me more by the second Divina”

“I’m sorry dad” the guards came in but he waved them back out “talk to me, please” She swallowed, still unsure how to say this. She just decided to start at the beginning, making sure not to tell him a single detail that would point her father to who this man was who had not only slept with her but had gotten her pregnant. “I love him dad and that’s why, even before I knew I was pregnant I’ve been pressuring you to end this so please dad…please…for your grandchild, for this kingdom. You need to end this stupid dispute over land so my child can have their father. He’s a good, sweet man dad”

He seemed utterly shocked but otherwise she couldn’t read his face. She wanted to urge him to say something but this wasn’t a subject to push him on. “Divina..” he shook his head and sighed “Divina, behind my back you’ve been sleeping with an enemy”

“dad I’ he held up his hand to silence her “You have always been a migraine. I love you so damned much but jesus Divina. I wish I felt more surprised at you”


“you’re making me choose aren’t you?”


“You’re just like your mother. She was never one to be told what to do and you want to raise this child with him.” he could see his daughters expression shift to fear and he said “don’t worry, I will not try to lock you up. As I said, you are your mother. Nothing but the gods themselves could stop her and you are the same way. You’d just find some way to get to him and if I forced you down that route well…I’d never see you again just like I’ll never see her again. I’m choosing to keep the woman I love this time instead of demanding my own way” he groaned “give me time Divina. I will do what you want and I’ll allow..I’ll allow him to raise this child with you”

“Daddy, I…”

“Just please, leave me for now while I sort things out.”

“Wait, one more thing. His people may not be as forgiving if…if the worst should happen, I want him here. I know it’s asking even more than I should, but please, I don’t want him killed.”

He let out a long sigh. “Fine, let him know that he is welcome here, but I do not trust him.”

“I know that if you could look past his skin and his heritage then you would like him, but I understand, I won’t force you. Thank you daddy.”

“Go now, tell him.”

“Yes sir.” She pressed a kiss to his cheek then left, feeling both relieved and a little sad. She never liked disappointing him, but at least she was doing it for a good reason. She loved Rowan and would make sure he understood it would take time before her father would be able to look at him without glaring.

Divina had not expected her conversation with her father to go so well. She expected him to yell at her, to scream with rage. She saw the guards rushing her, in her mind. She had prepared for the worst yet now she was left without the sorrow and fear but instead filled with hope and life. She was going to raise her child, Rowan’s child, together. She walked back to her room in a dream state and was surprised when she was suddenly at her room, not paying attention at all as to how she got there. She knew that the danger was not yet over. Although her father was forgiving and gracious the other members of the kingdom may not be so welcoming to her baby and Rowan. She still had to fear for Rowan and the dark elves if they found out. She felt as though this baby had saved her, and not just her but both of the kingdom’s of elves. Thousands of lives would be spared at the hand of an unborn child. This baby was a miracle already and she didn’t even know if it was a boy or a girl. She felt as though she already knew but realized that was silly. Instead of fleeing out her bed chamber window she simply decided to lay down, exhausted from the fear that had been consuming her for a year now. She closed her eyes instantly drifted off into deep sleep, a deeper sleep than she has had in as long as she can remember.

It was a few days until she was to meet Rowan so Divina strolled through the palace garden, feeling the flower petals underneath her fingertips. They felt like velvet and heaven rolled into the tiniest of gifts. Unlike most mother’s whose sense of smell was heightened during pregnancy, all of her senses were heightened. She thought nothing of this though as she already knew in her heart that this child was special. She didn’t need any sign to tell her that. She bent down to smell the snap dragons and the aroma enveloped her and she closed her eyes and felt nothing but bliss. The colors were brighter, the smells more intense. She could see sharper and hear a pin drop in the next room. The maidens waived her off when she told them of this but she knew it was her child. Her daughter, she hoped. She decided she was peckish and turned to go back to the great hall of the palace for a bite to eat.
Suddenly Divina felt the hairs on the back of her next stand high. She felt her chest tightened without the slightest clue as to why. She felt as if she was in danger and although she didn’t understand it she decided to hurry inside where there was the safety of the guards. Surely no one would be foolish to try something this close to the palace. Her steps grew quicker as the feeling grew stronger. Everything that happened next was a blur. She heard him yell the single word that would ruminate throughout her mind for days after this, “Traitor!”. He flung himself upon her and she saw the blade before she could react. Her training froze in her mind and her fear for her baby was all that flew through her mind. She instantly felt a huge pulse go through her body as an electric shock wave threw the assailant through the air. The guards, hearing her cries, ran as fast as they could to save her. They tackled the assassin as he screamed his cries of fallacy against the princess and her baby. They were dragging him to the dungeon kicking and screaming as Divina fell to the ground, everything going black.

She woke in her room with her father at her side. She could tell that he had been crying as his eyes were bloodshot and his face was red. He saw her eyes flutter open and instantly was by her side.
“Oh, Divina, I am so sorry. Please tell me you are ok, tell me my grandchild is ok. I know I have been filled with hate but please forgive me. I love you both so much.” She smiled at him with a tear running down her cheek at his words. “I am ok father, we are ok.” The king let out a deep sigh of relief and hugged her, maybe a little too tightly.

“Thank the Gods!” he proclaimed. “My dear, what magic have you hidden from me all these years? The guards saw you throw the assailant back with your gift. Why did you not tell me?”

“I know not what happened Father. I have no magic in me, there is no way.” There was only one other person who could have protected her, but Divina felt it was impossible.

“Was it the child?” her father’s eye’s growing wider by the moment. He had spoken the words she was afraid to speak herself. “There is no way,” she told herself. “It is not possible”.

“Magic is a powerful thing, Divina and the child seems to be more in tune with your emotions than you would think possible. It seems the mixing of your blood and his has created quite a powerful creature.”

Divina rested a hand on her abdomen. “I never expected such a thing to happen.”

“All that matters is that you are both safe.” He sighed. “I should have known something like this would happen and had someone guarding you.”

“I alright daddy, a little shaky, but alive and well.”

“When are you supposed to meet your man?”

“Four days.”

“We may have to bring him here earlier than expected. If one of our people knows about you then soon news will spread, spies may here and carry it back to his people. I will send on of my best to retrieve him.”

“That means going into their territory.”

“I said my best. He will be brought safely here.”

Chapter Four

“Okay, truly send your best dad, for me. I know it’s going to be hard for you to trust him but I want this baby to have their father. Just think if you had been robbed of being my father? You and I don’t always see eye to eye but I’m happy you’re in my life. I’m happy you two remained together long enough for me to know both of you” The king kissed her head “I will send my best and he will arrive at this castle in one piece. I promise that to both you and my grandchild” Her father made sure Divina was comfortable and well guarded before going off to decide the best man to retrieve his daughters boyfriend. He knew even a second couldn’t be wasted right now but it was better to be sure of his pick than to rush in choosing and break a promise.

This was his first promise to his grandchild and he’d be damned if he broke it. He made his pick then sent them off. Due to her fathers carefulness Divina was reunited with Rowan the very next day. Rowan was relived this hadn’t all been some sort of cruel trap. He truly was being welcomed and protected, they could stay there and raise their baby. It made Divina feel a million times better now that she knew he was there to stay.

First thing she felt like doing was running to her father which she did with Rowan at her side. She hugged him, thanking him profusely. “I’d love to just be happy but there are still serious matters at hand daughter, an attempt was made on your life”

Divina took in the grave matter at hand. There were rebels in the kingdom, unable to be distinguished from the rest of the high elves. They felt that Divina had committed treason, which in the time of war, she had. Even though the war was nonsensical there were those who felt strongly for the cause and would put their lives on the line to stand up for what they thought is right. The king was to renounce the war publicly today since the news of the pregnancy was already spreading. The king was worried his enemies would see him as weak but he knew he had to do what was right for his grandchild. He had the guards on lockdown not to speak of the magic that they saw. If word got out that the child had powers more attempts would be made. This was a truly rare gift as very few elves have powers this strong so early on in life.

Rowan held Divina as they sat in her bedchambers. Relief spread over them as they knew that on some level, they were safe. They knew that there were trials ahead but the worst had already passed.

“Marry me Divina, be my wife and let us raise this child as a family united.” Divina smiled.

“Of course my love. I will start the planning right away. We will be wed within a months time.”

Divina started to feel ill so decided to lay down. Rowan laid beside her, holding her, protecting her. All of a sudden they both felt the baby kick! It was the first time and it couldn’t have been at a more perfect moment. As his hands were on her belly he was able to feel the first kick with her. They were together and they would be wed soon. Life was coming together more perfectly than either of them could have imagined.

The king’s handmaiden brought him his royal robe. The silver lining matched his long silver hair that cascaded down his shoulders. His eyes were heavy and burdened, although he did not let his daughter see it. He was about to call of the war that he, himself, started. He had to put his ego aside for family but it was difficult, nonetheless. He feared for Divina’s life but also for the life of his subjects. He feared rebels would start attacking, outraged at the news of retreat. He would have to increase his guards in the city and spare the best for Divina. When would it end? Would she and the baby ever be safe? He knew he also had Rowan to protect her but he didn’t even know the dark elf. He trusted in his daughter’s judgment to find a wise and gentle man but still, the fact remained that he didn’t know Rowan at all. He prayed he could trust him and shook the matters from his mind. It was time to face the crowd and deliver his message of peace over the lands.

“May the Gods be with me”.

He stood where he always did when addressing the crowd of his subjects. The only thing different today was how many of his guards he had brought with him. Under normal circumstance there would be two but today he had six. He needed to know there would be men to protect him and men to settle the crowd if they weren’t happy for the news. “I have decided this war needs to come to an end. Though it’s a hard thing to do I swallow my pride and admit it was greedy to want the dark elves land. I felt entitled to it since it was ours first but truly, they even still have less than we do and as any good king would, now that I see the folly in my choices I am going to back down. No more needless death will befall this kingdom or theirs and I hope that makes my subjects happy.” he paused his speech for their reactions. Most seemed pleased but he could tell there were those among the crowd unhappy with this news.

He gave them a few moments then had his guards help calm the crowd again “furthermore, I know there is normally a celebration and a much happier kind of announcement but my daughter is pregnant, the rumors are true. I wish things could go according to how they always do because of this but part of my rushed meeting with the people is the fact elves are already trying to kill her. The rumors are also true in the fact, she’s carrying the child of a dark elf. That is part of how I finally saw the error of my commands and actions. There will be no celebration for the sake of their safety and I wont be accepting guests in the castle as I normally would until I’m sure nobody will harm her or my grandchild”

He watched as some nodded, some murmured to others, unsure of his choice, but seemingly willing to go along with it. He could see the faces of those who felt he had betrayed them, who looked disgusted at the news that Divina was carrying a dark elf’s child. They wanted to explode, to call him out, but they stood there, jaws clenched, the wheels turning in their heads. “I would like to ask all of you to please take your time with this. I know it is a bit hard for some to digest, but this is what is best for our country. I will be sending a message to the dark elf king asking for a peace treaty meeting. If I must further set aside my pride to beg you to accept this union then I will, you are my people and Divina is my daughter, so if I must grovel before you I will.” He watched as those opposed began to make their way to the back of the crowd even as those giving their support looked horrified at the thought of him begging them for anything. “I thank you for coming here today and will update you at a later date. Please, all of you, stay safe.”

Divina woke to Rowan’s lips pressing against hers, her eyes fluttering open as she looked up into his smiling face. “Is everything okay?” She asked as she slowly sat up.

“I brought you some fruit. I know you have been sick, but this should be easy to keep down.” His tone was gentle as he handed her the bowl.

“Thank you, you’re so sweet.”

“So your father addressed the people, I heard he is planning to talk to my king.”

“That should go well.”

He chuckled. “They’re both stubborn, prideful men, but they care about their people.”

“What if nothing changes?”

He reached out and tucked some stray hair behind her ear. “Things are already changing, you are carrying our child, we’re going to get married, I’m living here with you which is something I never thought would be possible. If things between our people don’t get better then I will take you from here until they do. We’ll go somewhere war can never reach us.”

Those opposed felt anger ripping through their chests. They wanted to scream “betrayal!” but dared not cross the king in public. This was something to be discussed under the safety of the moon. It was easy to spot those who agreed with Saigin’s displeasure. He made sure to gain eye contact, as if forming a union just through that simple act. As the crowd thinned he made sure those he wished, saw where he was headed. They followed slowly and trickled into the dark ally that he had retreated to. Saigin looked into each and everyone of their eyes to make sure their hatred was true.

“I come to you not as a follower but a leader. If you have a problem with that leave now.” They all stared, never blinking, refusing to move. Saigin was pleased and a plan started to form in his mind. “Action must be taken. They cannot do what they please and toy with our lives on their whims. First the king orders war because he wants what is not his. Then his daughter lays in the bed of a dark elf and we are suppose to accept that everything is over. Lives were taken, blood was shed, all for what? He gives us no good reason to accept his actions. We must come together and fight for a new king, one we can trust. This is unjust!” The men yelled and joined in, heated from the rally. They were ready to fight, they just needed a plan.

Divina continued to kiss Rowan from her sleep. “What a perfect way to wake my love” she said. He slipped his hand around her waist and grabbed her backside tightly but gently, pulling her closer to him.

“You know we never know when we will be alone again after our little one is born, might as well take advantage of it now while we still can.” He smirked at her and kissed her again, this time with different intentions. This kiss was hot and needing. He needed every inch of her and he couldn’t live one more moment unless he was awarded it. He kissed her ear, trailing down her neck and pausing at her breast as he slowly untied her dress. He moved the magenta velvety hair from her shoulder and kissed the dress down her arms, it fell to the floor in a puddle of silk. He admired her body, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. She grabbed his chin and brought his eyes to hers.

“Rowan, I love you. No matter what happens, I need you to know that. I love you and I love our child and everything that we have done has been the right thing to do. We fought for love and we have won, despite the dangers that have followed. ” Divina felt the love trying to burst from her chest, she didn’t think she could contain it anymore and explaining it just didn’t seem like enough. Suddenly her body grew warm and she closed her eyes. She heard a sharp intake of breath from Rowan and opened her eyes, pleased that she could make him feel this way. When she opened her eyes she was astonished. She was imminating a soft warm glow. It was coming right from her skin. She could conjure spells but could never just summon magic, that was not her gift. She knew that it was their child. He must have felt the love from her and decided to show his own. Tears ran down Divina’s cheek.

“Please do not cry my love, it will be alright!”

“Rowan, these are not tears of sorrow but of love. I do not know if I have ever felt a love like this and I know that our child loves us too.”

Chapter Five

His expression softened as he bent down to kiss her stomach “I can’t wait to meet our little one” the sexual mood had died and they were soon back to laying together, soaking up not having any sort of time restraint. They could truly just enjoy these moments, atleast until they had to ward of danger again. It was merely a week later when her father set up a meeting with the king of the dark elves. Divina was nervous to attend but the other king insisted she and Rowan be there for the meeting since they were the ones causing the halt to war. “do you think he’ll do anything to us? You know him better” she asked Rowan fearfully “I really don’t think so. Even if he doesn’t want to stop the war I’m certain he truly just wants to talk to us aswell”

She knew Rowan wouldn’t provide her false comfort at a time like this and he did know the dark elf king well so she decided to use his words to relax, she needed to for their baby. She didn’t want tension to make this pregnancy any harder or to risk the little ones health. When they were all in the same room Rowan kept Divina close, ready to protect her if the worst should happen. He truly didn’t think his king would hurt them but it was better safe than sorry with the love of his life and child.

The dark elf king looked straight into Divinas eyes as he asked “so it’s true you’re carrying his child?”


“How on earth were you managing to see eachother with all this going on?”

“It was easier than you would think when everyone’s focus was on the war and not on us.” Rowan said.

“Plus people don’t tend to question me.” Divina added. “The perks of being a princess.”

“I see.” The dark elf king tapped his chin, his eyes moving between the two of them. “And you plan on raising this child no matter what we say I assume?”

“We do.”

He sighed, sitting back in his chair. Divina and Rowan glanced at both kings. It was remarkable how exhausted they both looked, the similarities between them even though they were so different. “What did you have in mind for the treaty?” He asked Divina’s father.

“I have decided your land is yours and I will no longer fight over it, I would also like to help rebuild anything that may have been destroyed as well as pay reparations to any who have lost loved ones.” He glanced at his daughter and Rowan. “I feel that perhaps we could learn from each other, educate each other on our cultural differences.”

“With one union, perhaps there will be more.” The dark elf king said, nodding.

“Perhaps in time, once we have learned to truly trust one another. I realize it will be a hard road ahead, but I, for the sake of my daughter and grandchild, will do what I must to ensure there is peace.”

As these words fell on Divina’s ears, she felt her shoulders relax and she then let out a sigh of relief she didn’t realize she was holding in. With that, the kings and their council came together and began to write up a peace treaty that would bring the two nations together as one. It would take years before tension would relax since the elf races grew up loathing one another but peace was believed to one day be achieved. The only danger now were the extremists and terrorists that believed that they should fight each other for dominance. The attempt on Divina’s life had proven that these sort of elves were out there but locating them wouldn’t be so easy. The kings decided to put a group of elite soldiers together to attempt an infiltration among them. They would pose as an extremist and weed them out. This would have to be done quickly and efficiently before the following became to large. Divina was ordered to stay on palace grounds but since her father had little trust in her ability to be under rules she was awarded two personal guards to be close to her at all times. Divina fought this but her father was stern and against the shrewd glares from Divina, Rowan agreed with the king.

They met in desolate locations away from prying eyes and peaked ears. They could not afford to make mistakes as one mistake could cost them their lives. A rebellion meant treason which meant certain death. Although no one talked of this possibility it was unspoken knowledge. They were all ready to die for what they believed in and for what they saw was a better kingdom. It wasn’t about which race of elves were superior as both kinds fought together for this cause. It was about right and wrong and they planned to overthrow the high elf king for his weakness.

“Silent!” one called out, and the noise quieted and the voices hushed. A particularly burly dark elf stood and faced the rest of the crowd. The bar was deemed safe as the owner, who was one of them, had locked the doors and turned everyone out. The elf spoke freely.

“The time has come, we must act quickly before there are too many guards on the lookout. They have no wind of us aside from the fool who acted alone against the princess. We have an insider on our side, a guard for the high elf king who believes in our cause and agreed to help us overthrow his king. We must not show mercy, we have to take them all out, or they will rise up and retaliate and all of our lives will be doomed. I believe that we can win this war for they do not even realize that they are fighting it. The guard on the inside will take out the other guards, one by one so that the royal family is defenseless. That is our shot! We will storm the palace and defeat them! Our own king is foolish for joining his cause and will regret doing so. He will be thankful that we helped make the decision for him and then he will be free to claim the land! Only then, under the one true king, will we all be safe. We must be diligent and ready for actions. Some of us will perish, but your lives will not be lost in vain. We will fight until the last of us is standing and holding a blade to the king’s neck. We will not fail. This happens in one week’s time, kiss your loved ones but let nothing seem amiss. We must be on our guard but silent doing so. Nothing will get in our way and whoever does will die trying. Now gather your weapons! We must train for the biggest battle of our lives.”

As the large group departed, one broke away, slipping off without notice, his feet lights as he moved into the shadows of the forest. When he knew he was out of sight, he ran. Auger was lean and fleet of foot, easily slipping through the dense underbrush as he made his way to the nearest outpost. There were others in the group who would stay behind and continue to monitor them and when the time came, they would attack from the inside. He did not rest, his determination pushing him ever forward, even when night fell and day began again. He was panting by the time he made it to his destination and he quickly introduced himself and repeated the code word that had been driven into his head. He was received by the dark elf general who waved him into a seat and poured him a drink, allowing him to catch his breath before pushing him for an explanation.

“One week, they’ll attack in one weeks time. I have never seen so many foolhardy idiots. I do not know what they think to accomplish.” He took a long drink from his cup. “Sitting in their midst made me feel like I was part of some cult, they truly believe their own idiocy.”

“Where did the meeting take place?”

“The Shadow Lion, it’s a bar a day and a half from here. The bartender is in on their plan.”

“You did good.” He placed a hand on the elf’s shoulder. “Go and rest, we will get a message to our kings.”

Auger took another long drink, needed it after such a hard journey. He had been so eager to get the message where it needed to go and stop these fools he hadn’t really taken care of himself along the way. Now that he had taken care of delivering their plans he finished his drink and went to the bed he was told belonged to him as long as he needed to rest. The general didn’t waste a moment of time writing out everything for the kings, sealing an envelope and handed it to another trusted elf. He could have just told the man what to say but he wanted to be sure not a bit of it was skewed when repeated and the less things were said out loud the better. He didn’t want to be responsible for the group finding out not as many were truly on their side as they thought because that would mean more bloodshed and bloodshed was what the kings were trying to end.

Divina paced, rubbing her stomach all the while “baby” Rowan started and she sighed “I just can’t sit still.”

“maybe instead of pacing we could walk the castle, that might be more soothing. I’m sure burly and burlier would enjoy it” the guards cracked smiles but more importantly, at least in Rowans eyes his soon to be wife smiled “alright but they have names”

“I know, I was just hoping you’d light up my life with that smile of yours” Her smile grew just a bit wider and she took his hand “lets walk” Rowan was careful to stay at her pace as he talked to her about the castle and their baby. Divina mostly talked about that incredible power. She was excited to see what all her child would be able to do and it was comforting to know that if they still had trouble when they came into the world he or she could protect themself. She wouldn’t let a soul harm this baby and she knew Rowan would be the same but it was still a comfort.

Chapter Six

As they walked hand in hand, Divina let her mind drift off, which happened a lot these days. She thought of names for her little one, wondered who it would look like, if it was even a boy or a girl. Divina was happy as she walked but wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings or the crack in the castle floor. Her hands slid protectively over her stomach before she even realized she had tripped and she felt the ground scrape into her flesh. Rowan lifted her quickly as the guards rushed her, asking if she was alright. She knew she was fine, just banged up. She had covered the baby so wasn’t worried. She took mental note of the bruises and scrapes as Rowan looked her over. It was her knee that was particularly bothersome. She lifted her dress which was tinted with blood but there was nothing there. She looked back over her injuries but the only thing that remained was the small remnants of blood.

“By all the Gods” she gasped. She couldn’t believe her eyes but when Rowan looked her back over, his eyes confirmed it. The baby had healed her wounds! It was an incredible discovery and all the while made Divina feel even safer than she did before.

Meanwhile, a carrier came running to the castle but was halted instantly by the guards.

“Speak of your intentions here!” Shouted one of the guards.

“I have an urgent message for the High Elf King from the King of the Dark Elves. It is a matter of life and death, sir.”

The guards took the message but refused the carrier entry. The carrier had no other choice but to pray the message was given to the king and that there were no faulty guards. Luckily, the guards he had encountered were true to their king and delivered the message right away.

“A rebellion! I knew it was only a matter of time. Thank the Gods we have reliable soldiers in their midst. We will stop this atrocity before it begins!” The king bellowed and barked in his anger and demanded double the guards on the wall and warned them of the consequences if they failed. Word spread throughout the guards of the rebellion and in due time fell into the wrong ears. The guard involved in the rebellion heard of the traitor in the midst and knew he had to get a message to the others as soon as he could. The only problem was leaving the castle as everyone was now on high alert. He second guessed his allegiance to the rebels. If the kings were already involved and they failed, he would be executed on the spot. He did not fancy death, not even for this cause. If he acted as if he did not know then he could be on the winning side. He knew that the elves of the rebellion would lose their lives, fighting for what they saw as right. He suddenly didn’t know what to do.

He decided to try to leave, just try and if he was spotted he could make up an excuse. He waited until everyone was asleep that night and silently slipped from his bunk. His heart was beating so hard he was sure everyone else could hear the pounding. It was dead quiet as he moved out of the bunkhouse and moved along the wall, staying in shadow. Easy, he thought, way too easy. It wasn’t so much a sound as it was a feeling that alerted him to someone behind him. He froze, feeling fingers of fear sliding up his spine. He let out a breath as he turned, his eyes widening at the dark elf standing there. He was eating an apple, a look of boredom on his face. “It seems we have found him.” He spun around, another dark elf.

“I…” He said, his body shaking.

“Do you know who we are?” He nodded, feeling bile rising up in his throat.

“Stop terrorizing him Hegain.” The elf with the apple said as he tossed the core.

“Come now Raylen, I was just having a bit of fun.”

“He’s young and stupid, but no real threat. Isn’t that right little elf?”

“I…I just…”

“Young and stupid, Hegain, he cannot help himself.”

Hegain moved so fast he seemed a blur and he had the young elf slammed against the wall, a dagger to his throat. “Are you young and stupid?”

“Y…yes. I…I am sorry, please.”

Raylen sighed. “Listen young elf, our king sent us here to aid our new allies. You know we are assassins, the best, we have better eyes than normal elves, we see everything. We knew someone would try to leave, we have been watching you. It was the look on your face, panic, but you feel conflicted that is the only reason Hegain has not sliced you open. If you wish to live, you will tell us what you know and then we will let you go back to your bunk. We will not even mention you to the king, but if you should try to deceive us, I will let Hegain have you.”

Shakily he admitted absolutely everything he knew that he could recall in the moment. He gave up the names of everyone else involved, how they were involved and what was said. The confession took a little over an hour, leaving Raylen and Hegain satisfied he had told them the truth. They told him to lay back down, promising him that if he tried to sneak off they’d have no troubles finding and killing him. They also warned him this was his only pass. If they ever heard of him being a traitor to his king again they’d kill him. The elf shook as he laid back in his bunk. He hoped his life was truly spared as he whispered prayer to the gods for forgiveness.

It wasn’t long before both kings knew absolutely everything and groaned, hoping everyone had been exposed and that there wasn’t yet another two faced elf in their staff, ready to go tattling to the evils against them. Divinas father wished they’d see reason and understand that it wasn’t weakness that changed his mind. His father had taught him that being able to change your mind made you a good king. You couldn’t be wishy washy on issues but if you saw a legitimate reason why a war should stop or a law should be taken down swallowing your pride and saying I was wrong required strength. A weak king wouldn’t dare admit his folly and let pride guide him.

With the kings informed and ready for action, the rebels had no chance. They knew when they would strike and that their guy on the inside had turned. There was to be another meet up tonight at The Shadow Lion and that’s when the king’s soldiers would take them. With both the High Elves and the Dark Elves working together there was no chance they would be outnumbered and they estimated their loss would be minimal.

The sun was setting and the rebels slipped inside The Shadow Lion quickly and quietly, as to not bring any attention to themselves. Tonight was the night they made things right and the bar was buzzing with anticipation. A mix of nerves and exhilaration filled the air as the men readied themselves for battle. They were ready to do whatever it took for their cause and they knew they would win. The bar filled up more than usual and Anthor looked at his elves. They were mighty and dedicated to the cause and his chest filled with pride over what he had accomplished. Nothing could stop them now.

The king’s soldiers silently stood around the men, blending in around them. No one had noticed the new faces as they were all too occupied by their own vision of how the night would go. Last to enter the bar were the two kings. Normally they would never but their lives in danger like this but they had to try and reason with the rebels. They did not wish to shed blood but would if they were brought to it.

“Stop this nonsense!” the dark elf King bellowed. The bar grew quiet as every elf, one by one, turned slowly, chills creeping up their spines.

“There is no need for this foolish rebellion. We are bringing the kingdom’s together for peace and we will not let you tear that down” spoke the high elf King. Every elf had their weapon ready by their side but the men saw that they were surrounded. Anthor stepped up on one of the tables and held his head high.

“Your actions are blasphemous and your behavior disloyal to your subjects. You create a war for land that is not your own out of selfishness and lust for power and then lay down your arms as soon as your own flesh and blood defies you. You cannot expect us to respect you as king and you need to bow down as this kingdom’s leader or I will take you down myself.”

Both kings glanced at each other and then the rebels. “You do not know what ones such as us are capable of.” The dark elf king said. “There is a reason we are the ones who rule.”

The first of the rebels to lunge at them was brought down by Hegain who jumped from the shadows, landing on his back and stabbing a very sharp dagger into the floor next to his shocked face. “Try that again and I take your pretty little eye.”

The high king snapped his fingers and those who had been undercover took up their positions, ready to fight their enemies. “Give up now and you will simply be punished, fight and we will have to kill you.” Both kings hand their hands on their weapons, their cloaks tossed back. Many forgot that sitting on a throne was not the only thing they did. Both had been trained with blades and bows, with magic, one dark, one light and they were even more formidable than the two assassins who served the dark elf king.

None seemed willing to back down, their hearts were too closed off, their minds too fueled with anger at the kings choice to end the war. These were their people and though they would see them dead both kings began fighting with sorrow in their soul. This wasn’t the way they wanted this to be but they were forcing their hands. The smell of magic was soon heavy in the air as the kings and their subjects turned adversaries began to fight. Within moments of the clash’s start the bar was already being destroyed but mostly by the carelessness of the resistance as they called themselves.

The High king maneuvered himself around broken bits of stool and glass to run his dagger through the neck of an attacker. They were trying to make the kills quick and end this before it spilled outside the bar. The spill however was inevitable as a wall was finally destroyed to the point of breaking the structure of the building. In the end the two king stood victorious though it didn’t much feel like a victory, victory would have been leaving with these men, with the men understanding where they stood. The only way this was a victory was the kingdoms could truly find peace now.

The dark elf king rested a hand on the high elfs shoulder “we did what we must. You know as well as I we had to do that” the high elf nodded then knelt to say a prayer for these men in the afterlife. Just because they opposed him didn’t mean he didn’t want them to live a peaceful life in heaven. He prayed the lords understanding of their minds and stance. They were doing what they thought was right and he hoped that’s all that mattered to their god.

Suddenly the High King knelt on one knee. He grew weary and weak, the earth beneath him becoming a dizzying twist of land. He felt a sharp pain in his side and when he looked down, beneath his cloak, blood was soaking his shirt. He didn’t feel it was anything life threatening but he knew he needed tended to at once. The Dark King grabbed him by the waist and with the help of the guards, they started to carry him back to the palace. There were elves everywhere, scared and afraid of what had just occurred. Bodies lay scattered among the rubble of the bar and you could still feel the heaviness of the magic in the air.

“It is alright, my loyal subjects! With the help of the Dark King, our kingdom is safe once more. The resistance has been dismantled and the Kings stand tall. Do not be mistaken by my current condition. We are safe and united as one. Our kingdom’s are stronger than they ever have been and you have nothing to fear. This will be taken care of immediately but for now, please go about your business as usual.”

After the High King spoke his reassuring words of peace to the people of the kingdom he was carried back to the palace. Divina rushed her father as soon as he entered.

“Father! Please tell me you are alright” tears began streaming down her face as she spoke. They laid the king down and she quickly rested her head on his chest. She didn’t know what she would do if she lost him, she was not ready to be Queen. “It is alright my child, this will not take my life. I will just need time to heal, that’s all.” She looked at the attending doctor who gave her a nod in agreement before speaking. “The king needs time to rest and heal, everyone needs to clear and give him his time.” Divina hated leaving him but wanted whatever was best for her father. She went to hug him once more, holding on as tightly as she dared without hurting him further. Her belly once more began to glow softly but this time the light flowed through Divinas arms and down to her fingertips, enveloping the king. No one spoke, too astonished to do anything but watch the miracle that was unfolding before them. The glow dimmed quietly and then faded away. Divina looked at the attendant, urging him to check her father once more. “By the Gods” he proclaimed at almost a whisper, “your father is completely healed. There’s not a scratch on him!.” The guards murmured among themselves in awe. Divina and Rowan just stared at each other, again blown away by the power of their unborn child.

“I feel that this child is going to be a handful.” The dark elf king stood leaning against the wall. “You should tell your father to pay attention to his surroundings. How careless to let someone slip beneath your guard.”

Divina’s father pushed himself up. “It wasn’t as bad as it looked.”

“It could have been worse.”

“He’s right daddy, what if your liver or kidney had been hit, you would have died.”

He rested his hand on her belly. “Thank you little one, you are truly a gift.”

“He or she will need a lot of training. Being that powerful is going to be tough without guidance. Magic, especially magic like that should be used responsibly.” The dark elf said as he pushed off of the wall and approached Divina. He squatted down, smiling as he touched her stomach. “You are the best thing that has happened to this world child, I hope you are ready for it.” He felt warmth move through his fingertips and smiled. “I think I may end up spoiling you.”

Things seemed to start settling after that. It wasn’t easy by any means but with all the opposers of peace coming to the land gone they only had to deal with the people who wanted this, wanted to have a future with harmony and without bloodshed. It would probably take years to get everything running smooth in the kingdoms but it was worth the work. Before they knew it Divina was crying from the pain of contractions. The baby was coming and they would soon all meet this already powerful elf that brought the kingdoms together.

Divina cried for a whole new reason when she saw her little girl. All she could do now was ask to hold her, They cleaned the baby quickly, not wanting to make Divina wait too long. “there you go” Rowan said gently as he handed his daughter over “she’s so beautiful” Divina whimpered through her tears “just like her mother” he whispered, kissing her head and then their babies. “I still don’t know what to name her”

“it can wait. Now that we know she’s a girl it’s going to come to us”

“How is she this beautiful…it’s too much” he smiled, kissing her cheek again. He wanted to hold their baby girl again but Divina had gone through all the work of getting her here so he would patiently wait his turn. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. He had Divina and now a daughter and best of all they didn’t have to live their life in fear. They were going to be able to raise her right here in the castle and she would grow up in a land of peace and harmony instead of one divided. He saw such an incredibly bright future ahead of his little family and he would never stop thanking the gods for blessing him so immensely.

~ The End

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