Domitila & Alezan

Chapter One

Alezan gave a sigh of relief when he and his companions stepped through the time rift and into the high desert. “I can’t believe it still takes all that time to get here.” He said as he stretched.

“You know time travel will never be instantaneous.” Rin replied as she flipped her pocket watch closed and tucked it into her dress.

“It’s probably because you still use that watch.”

“Unlike technology run by an A.I., my pocket watch will not glitch and send us hurtling into a random dimension or tear us in half or send our particles hurtling in thousands of directions.” She adjusted her dress, frowning at how uncomfortable it felt. “Must we dress this way?”

“Last time we didn’t dress for the timeline, Zaiden was nearly burnt as a witch then they tried banishing us with holy water. Just pretend it’s Halloween or something.”

“Says the guy who sounds like Gambit when he talks, very Cajun.”

“Chicks dig the accent, just ask Zaiden.”

She rolled her eyes. “We should find the woman we came here to save.”

“Her name is Domitila Guadalupe.” Jie said softly. “The chief’s daughter is being brought in tomorrow, then the events will be set into motion.”

“then we have a lot of time to find her, plenty of time since we have a general idea of where she’ll be” They set off. As they went Rin constantly was messing with her dress. She didn’t care how ridiculous she looked fidgeting, it was annoying and she couldn’t wait to get out of it. The rest of the team withheld any more commentary though smiles that threatened laughter were near impossible to keep down. This was serious business but business they were used to and confident they would complete so laughter was somthing that could still come easily in their tight knit group.

“Willow, the men at the corner table want more to drink.” Domitila said as she crossed behind the bar on her way to the kitchen with a couple of dirty bowls. “And be careful, they are a handsy bunch.”

“I’ll get right on it Ms. Domitila.”

“If they give you any trouble, come get me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Domitila sighed. She always hated the men who couldn’t seem to keep their hands to themselves, but she couldn’t leave, not until she had save as many as possible. Most of the women who worked with her, were people she had saved. She wanted to protect them, keep them from the clutches of evil men. Her mother’s people were constantly being persecuted for their differences and she thought it a blessing that her father’s genes allowed her to blend in. She hated hiding who she was, but it was better that way when she could save others. She heard the door to the inn open and sat the dishes down in the back for one of the workers to clean. She hurried back to the front to greet whoever it was and froze when she saw the four strangers. It wasn’t uncommon for unknowns to pass through, but there was something strange about this bunch.

“Welcome.” She said and the man in the lead smiled at her. He was good looking, his hair a shade of red she had never seen on anyone before, his eyes almost the color of blood.

“Well hello there, my name’s Alezan and my troop and I were wondering if maybe we could get a couple of rooms.”

She blushed at his accent and had to clear her throat before speaking. “Of course.”

“The girls will be bunking together so if you could get them a room close to mine and my brother’s, I would be much obliged. I wouldn’t want some moron thinking he could do as he pleased with them.”

She smiled “gladly, just wait a moment” Domitila fetched two keys to rooms that were right beside eachother then had them follow her. “Once you’re settled you should come back down for some drinks and food. I pride myself on everything here so you wont be disappointed” She showed the women their room first so Alezan would know precisely where their calls were coming from if a brute forced his way in their room. As much as she hated it that was somthing that did happen from time to time. Finally she showed the men their room “any complaints voice right away. We’ll do our best to fix the issue”

“Thank you” Domitila loved his eyes and if she were a less courteous woman she would have just stared as he looked at her. She turned away, that dark, beautiful hair swaying a bit with the turn. Alezan as well was having trouble not staring at the woman he needed to protect. “Alezan” he heard his brother say. “yes?”

“quit gawking and come on”

“Yes sir.”

Domitila carried drinks to other patrons, managing to dodge any hand that tried to grope her. When she got to the table she was taking her homemade soup, she was immediately grabbed upon putting the bowl down. She glared at the man, trying to pull away. “Come on sweetie.” He said, his eyes lustful as he grinned up at her.

“Let me go, pig.”

He got to his feet, grabbing her by her throat. “Don’t know why they let a little dark skinned whore like you run a place.”

“Probably because this dark skinned whore is smarter than you or any of them, estupido.” He raised his hand to slap her and his arm was grabbed before the decent of his palm even started.

“Now, now friend, that ain’t no way to treat a lady.” Alezan was smiling at him, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. They spit menace at the man, a death threat at its finest.

“Who in the hell are you?”

“Someone who will feed you to his snake if you don’t get the hell out of here and never look back.” They heard a sliding sound and what Domitila had previously believed to be part of a belt and shoulder holster unwound from Alezan’s body. A maroon colored head slid across his shoulder, a forked tongue darted out of its mouth. She had never seen a snake so big. “Get out.” He let the man’s arm go and he high tailed it out of the building. “Bastard.”

“I could have handled him.” Domitila said as she took a step away from Alezan. She just now noticed he was being flanked by his companions.

“I figured cher, but there ain’t nothing wrong with a little back up.” He sat down where the man had been and stroked the snakes head.

“Would that thing have really eaten him?” She asked as she pointed at the snake.

“Abra? No, she’s a real angel.” He smiled up at her as his brother and friends took a seat. “So did he touch this soup or is it safe to eat?”

“He didn’t get a chance to eat, but I can get you a new bowl.”

“It’s fine, there is no reason to waste it. Could you get the others the same, I’m sure it’s delicious.”


“Thank you cher.”

She turned away, her cheeks pink as she put in an order for three more bowls of soup. She was waiting patiently for the food when one of her contacts came into the inn looking frantic. “We need to talk.” He said and grabbed her arm, gently pulling her away.

“What’s wrong Danial?”

The young man looked around then said in a low voice. “I just got word that more natives have been taken and among them, a chief’s daughter. They’re coming in tomorrow under heavy guard.”

“we’ll save them. You know that. I wont let them be sold” she said seriously. “With how many women you have saved they are even more on guard Domitila”

“so, I will not stand by while their fate is in the hands of horny self centered men.”

“how should we do this?”

“do you know any more about it? Which way are they coming from?” Alezan, Zaiden, Rin, and Jie watched the two whisper back and forth “it’s starting” Rin said seriously and Zaiden nodded “yeah, we really can’t fuck this up. History needs her”

“we wont” Alezan said in an absolute tone. “always so confident but he’s right. We will keep her safe so she can continue her work.” The rest looked away so as to not catch their attention but Alezan’s mind had drifted. He wasn’t thinking quite like he normally did on a case. ‘Alezan” his brother whispered sharply, finally drawing his attention off “stop staring or she’ll get suspicious of us” Those who knew the snake knew Abra was laughing at Alezan “hush you” he said and stroked her. Their food was brought out by another woman since Domitila was now busy.

“Excuse me miss, I was wondering if you could tell me where Domitila went, I want to make sure she’s really okay after what that supposed man tried to do.”

“Don’t worry about her, she’s always been good at moving on. She’ll be fine, but if you like I can tell her to come and talk to you later.”

“I would really like that, thank you.” He smiled and the waitress blushed.

“You seriously have to stop doing that, we’re going to have some poor woman following you back home. Having some stranger fall into a tear would probably scare them to death.” Rin said, her arms crossing over her chest.

“I told you, it’s the accent.”

“It’s not like he wants her anyway, she’s not special, not like our hero.” Jie said and Alezan shot her a look. “Don’t deny it, you see something in her.”

“Hush, she’s just a job.”

“If that’s true then might I suggest not showing her so much concern, she might get the wrong idea.” He yawned and stretched his arms above his head. “Of course Jie has never been wrong.”

“Shut it.”

“getting defensive, it has to be true” He rolled his eyes and finished his food “I’m going to my room. See you guys later.” His brother and Rin chuckled as he got up and walked away. He took the time to really look around where he was now that he was walking alone. This place was really nice for it’s time period and it made him appreciate how spoiled his era was. Things had advanced so much but at the same time problems like these still persisted. It seemed no matter how far humanity advanced they couldn’t get rid of the assholes who felt entitled to everything they want and had no care of how badly they hurt others for their own sick pleasure. He hated to be pessimistic but he doubted they would ever get to a point where women fully didn’t have to worry about things like this.

“Domitila.” The voice of a woman named Tillie said as she came back out to stand behind the bar.

“Did something happen?”

“No, but that young man who helped you before was asking for you, said he wanted to make sure you were really okay. I told him you’d be around to talk to him.”

Domitila huffed. “Why in the world would you do that?”

“Because he seemed sincere and he’s cute. You never give yourself time to be in a real relationship so maybe you should talk to him.”

“Tillie, you know that being with someone when I do what I do is unfair. I would just neglect them or they’d try to stop me or I might die and leave them wondering why I didn’t say something sooner. It’s better to be alone.”

“Come on, just spend some time with him. He seems interested.”

“Oh you mean he wants to get me out of my dress.”

“So what, it’s not like he’s one of them. He’s so polite and his voice…I think you should give it a chance.”

She huffed. “I’ll think about it okay?”

Chapter Two

“start by letting him know you are okay. Don’t make a liar out of me”

“fine but don’t promise my time to him again”

“I wont”

“I’m not sure I believe that” Tillie made a shocked, innocent face and both the girls laughed. Domitilia quickly went to Alezans room and knocked. Alezan answered with a relieved smile. It confused her “why should he actually be worried about me” she thought to herself as he moved for her to step in. “you seem nice sir but I don’t go into rooms alone with men who I’ve just met. It honestly has nothing to do with you.”

“I can understand that”

“I mean with times the way they are.”

“You don’t have to explain ma’am.”

She awkwardly played with her dress and he leaned against the door frame, looking slightly amused. “Um, so I just wanted you to know that I’m fine and that you don’t have to worry about me.”

He chuckled. “Oh I’m sure my worry has only begun, I’m sure I’ll be chasing you around and kicking the shit out of any man who tries to lay a hand on you.”

“What, you think I’m helpless or something?” She asked incredulously, her arms suddenly crossed.

“Not at all, especially not with a fiery attitude like that, I’m surprised not more men are terrified of you.”

She blushed, suddenly feeling irritated. “I’m not that bad.”

“I didn’t say it was bad, cute actually.”

Her eyes widened in shock. “Oh…well uh…I guess I shouldn’t have snapped like that.”

He reached out and patted her shoulder. “No worries, I expected nothing less from such a wonderful person.”

“How do you know I’m wonderful?”

“I have a feeling, a really good feeling. Thank you for coming by and should anyone bother you, you can count on me to put them in their place.”

“Have a good night then” she hurried off and he just smiled, watching her leave until he couldn’t see her. “you flirt” his brother said as Alezan came back in. ‘I can’t help it”

“you can too. She’s not from your time”

“I just like her okay”

“still, i just need to know you’re really thinking about this. She’s important to history, she needs to stay here”

“who says I cant stay here”


“what?” Zaidin shook his head.”look, I havent started anything like that”

“I know, you just aren’t always this interested in women. Especially not ones out of our time”

“Who cares, it’s not like anything would come of it. She has to stay here for what two, three more years?”

“Three and why does that matter?”

“I mean you could…no, you’d never go for it, forget it.” Zaiden gave him a confused look and Alezan sighed. “I’m going to go for a walk.”

“Alezan, being alone in a time that isn’t yours, is a bad idea.”

“Oh come off it, we’ve been doing this for a long time. I won’t mess with anyone important. Besides, I can listen for any information that will help us keep Domitila safe.”

This time Zaidin sighed. “Just be careful.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He grabbed his hat and placed it on his head then moved past his brother and headed out. He saw Domitila at the bar and they made eye contact for just a moment. He quickly averted his gaze and she frowned, wondering if something bad had happened. She had passed his brother on the way back to the front of the inn. She grabbed her jacket and pulled it on, following him out. She saw him crossing the street to the saloon and quickly followed. The people who owned the place were not always the kindest to newcomers.

She went in after him. She wasn’t sure how she would explain her concern but she needed to make sure nobody hurt him. One of the owners was just about to say somthing snide to Alezan when they saw Domitila “Oh, hello, do you know him?”

“Yes, he’s a good man so please be kind” the man looked Alezan over “well, if you say he’s fine alright” Alezan turned to her surprised and closed the distance between them “you followed me?” she blushed “they don’t like new people much and I..I didnt want them to drive you away I guess” He smiled, wishing she was from his own time “thank you”

“It’s nothing, I guess I’ll get back now”

“No, please stay with me”

“I have a business to run”

“I’m sure they do fine without you”

“I don’t know.”

He took her hand. “Come on, I’d like the company.”

She swallowed and let him pull her up to the bar where they both took a seat. He removed his hat and sat it down on the bar as the bartender came up to them. “What would you like?”

Alezan shrugged. “Got anything that will take your mind off of the stresses of daily life?”

“Course, how about you Domitila?”

“Nothing for me, I have to get up and work in the morning.” The bartender nodded then grabbed a glass out from under the bar and a bottle of what Alezan guessed was whiskey. He poured some into the glass and slid it forward.

“Thank you.” Alezan said as he picked up the glass and took a swig. “Much stronger than what we have back home.”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Want a sip?” He asked and she shook her head. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to get you drunk or anything, wouldn’t be right on the first date.” He winked and she blushed.

“First date?”

He chuckled. “I’m kidding.” He sighed. “Look, tomorrow, I want you to be careful.”

Her heart jumped. “Tomorrow? Why?”

“Just be careful and if you need anything, anything at all, you come and get me. Don’t hesitate.”

“okay” she said in an unsure voice. Alezan was sure he sounded at least a little stalkerish and crazy but he didn’t care, he wanted her safe. He drank with her and got some small talk in before they returned to her establishment. He was glad he walked out because now he felt worlds better. Alezan was tempted to kiss her on the cheek when they parted ways but he settled for her hand. His lips pressed softly against the back of her hand as he kept eye contact with her “goodnight” he said in the beautiful accent “g goodnight” she hated herself for that slight stutter. He walked away with a happy smile. His beautiful Spanish rose hadn’t rejected his kiss, in fact, she seemed to like it.

“Well it’s good to see you’re in one piece.” Zaiden said when he walked into their room.

“Because I’m going to start trouble in another time.”

“You’ve been a little too interested in the woman we’re supposed to be protecting.” Alezan shrugged as he stripped down to his undies and crawled into bed. “What’s going on with you, you’re always so professional.”

“Have you ever just looked at someone and you just know? I mean you look in their eyes and it’s like you can see everything. We deal in time travel, but in that moment I swear I could see my future without moving an inch.”

Zaiden sighed. “Alezan.”

“It’s not something I can help brother, the heart wants what the heart wants.” He turned so his back was too his brother and let out a sigh of his own. “I’ll figure something out, I always do. Lets just keep her safe until then.”

“Alright, fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

In tense silence they both fell asleep. Alezans rest whisked him right back to Domitila.They were in his time, enjoying a gorgeous day outside. They seemed to be in the midst of a park. There were beautiful yellow, blue and gold flowers with a back drop of vibrant green trees and the bluest sky one could ever want. Everything was beautiful but nothing quite comparable to Domitila. She sat in front of him, her beautiful hair loose and soft looking. He reached out to touch it and she let him with a smile. “I love you” she said softly and reality kicked in. Now he knew it was a dream and jerked awake to find morning had come and Zaiden was already taking his shower.

He groaned as he got up and pulled on his pants and shirt. He looked in the small mirror and raked his fingers through his hair, knowing that was as good as it was going to get at the moment. Abra wound her way up his leg, wrapped around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder. He stroked her nose and gave little sigh. “What’s wrong?” The snake asked in her soft voice.

“I think I’m falling in love with that girl, Domitila.” He answered as he sat down and tugged his boots on.

“You look like Doc Holiday.”

He chuckled. “I watch too many movies.”

“So the girl, you really love her?”

He shrugged. “I just met her, but there’s something about her, something that just screams she’s yours.”

“Then why not go for it?” The snake’s face was in front of his, her tongue darting out. “I know I’m just a snake, but if she makes you happy then tell her.”

“Abra, you know that I can’t just take her out of her own time when she has things to do. Besides, she’d probably think I’d lost my mind. She already has to deal with all of those other assholes, she doesn’t need me adding to her grief.”

“Humans are so strange, they always hide how they feel and who they are. It’s confusing and sad.” She rested her head back on his shoulder.

“I’ll figure something out Abra so let’s go eat.”

“you’ll regret it if you don’t Alezan”

“yeah yeah” Abra relaxed and quit talking, allowing Alezan to get up and leave his room. He scanned for Domitila and didn’t see her. It was more disappointing than he thought it would be. He hoped she was just in the kitchen right now and would come out soon. Alezan placed an order and was soon joined by the girls “morning”

“morning ladies”

“Where’s Domitila?”

“I was just wondering that myself”

“for different reasons than us I’m sure”

“hey, keeping her safe is top priority”

“we know” Abra laughed and Alezan said “hush”

Domitila was dressed in a green blouse and black riding pants with knee high boots instead of her typical dress. She waited in front of the inn for Danial who was supposed to be taking her to where the natives would be held. She needed to know how many there were exactly as well as the number of men guarding them. She wanted to get them out, but if she didn’t know the details, she would get caught. When she saw Danial she pushed off the building and approached him, slipping her arm into his. If anything, it would look like they were simply slipping away to spend some time together. “This is going to be more precarious than our other observations.” Danial said softly.

“That many?”

“I’m not sure of the number, but my contact told me that they have some pretty good gunmen so let’s try not to get shot.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Alezan was still disappointed when he didn’t see Domitila so he left after breakfast and bathed. When he came out, he could see a set of clean clothes had been left on his bed. No doubt his brother had put them there. It was easy to get the outfits they needed instantly generated from a device Zaiden carried around. He pulled the outfit on then slipped his hat on his head and let Abra take her place around his waist. “No Domitila?” He asked when he rejoined everyone in the front room.

“She’s not here.” Jie said.

“What do you mean she’s not here?”

“She was, but now she’s not. She’s moving further away. They’re here and she has to see them.”

“Damn it, she slipped away.” Alexan rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Rin track her timeline and tell me where she’s supposed to be.”

Chapter Three

Rin did what she was asked as quickly as she could then took off. Alezan and the others followed, not needing to be told to. “she’s still fine right?” Alezan asked and Rin answered “of course”

“No of course, she’s going to die today without us. I can’t let that happen, we can’t”

“Nothing is going to happen to her, calm down” Abra gave him a small squeeze and he realized he needed to drop the attitude out of his voice. “sorry Rin”

“I know, you just really care about her” It was stupid to deny it to these people. They knew him better than anybody else did “yes and I’d like her to live so that we can work out being together. I wont ruin the timeline but eventually this timeline wont need her and she can be moved.”

“It’s a dangerous business but we’ll figure it out.” he smiled and Zaiden said “that smile better not be out of surprise. We care about you you idiot. Of course we’ll help”

Domitila crouched next to Danial as they watched the large cage being wheeled into an old warehouse. It was covered with a large blanket so no one could see inside and she guess either the occupants were gagged and bound or unconscious since there was no sound coming from inside. Danial had been right when he had said they were under heavy guard and she knew it had to do with the native princess. She would fetch the highest price. “Come on, we need to get closer.” She whispered and Danial just nodded as he followed her from their hiding place on a dusty hill. They moved quickly, but quietly, pausing behind a rock for a moment before moving again. They stopped again behind a stack of crates. They were old and covered in dust and both she and Danial had to cover their noses to keep from sneezing.

“Ten, maybe more.” Danial whispered.

“It’s the maybe more that worries me.” Domitila replied as she leaned a little further out in hopes that she would get a better count.

“It shouldn’t be.” Domitila felt a hand slip over her mouth before she could make a single noise and she was pulled back. “Shh, don’t scream.” She knew that voice and twisted her head around to see Alezan looking down at her. She then looked over at Danial and saw that Zaiden had him.

“How did you know?”

“I’ll explain later, but this was supposed to be your end.” He turned her around and her eyes widened at the lone gunman laying on the ground. “He was going to put a bullet in both of your heads.”

“I don’t understand.”

“This is where your time would have stopped, you wouldn’t have rescued the chief’s daughter, you wouldn’t have began the mending of the rift between the people of this town and the natives.”


“Just later. We have to get away from this place.”

“But the people.” She snapped under her breath.

“Listen, trying to get in now will only result in all of us dying. Lets go back to the inn and form a plan.” He took her hands in his. “Don’t let me lose you to that stubbornness.”

Her heart was racing with anger, confusion and attraction for the man in front of her. He had just saved her life and found her without knowledge of where she was going so while this seemed crazy she was willing to hear him out and let him attempt to make sense of everything and form an effective plan to save these poor women.”Okay” she whispered and they snuck away until they could walk normally. “you have so much explaining to do” Domitila said and Alezan sighed ‘I know” he then proceeded to explain everything about who they were, what they did for a living and precisely why they were in her time. He wanted to tell her all she was meant to do but he worried that might be too much. She was destined to do so many amazing things and he would hate himself if he messed even one up by giving her the information. She didn’t ask anyway, she just walked in silence.

Alezan understood she was probably just trying to process. Coming from a time as far back as this it was a big thing to wrap your head around. Just before they walked in she stopped and looked Alezan dead in the face. “How else would you have known I was going to die tonight…you saved me”

“every word I’ve said tonight is true.”

“I actually think so. I think I might be mad but I believe you”

“You are the most mentally sound woman in this time no doubt.”

She laughed. “I’m talking with a bunch of people from the future, I’m sure I’m totally sane.”

“I have to agree, I feel we may have snapped.” Danial chimed in.

Alezan smiled warmly at Domitila, that action making her cheeks redden. “I swear to you that this is very real.” He too her hand and pressed her palm to his cheek. “See, I’m a living and breathing human being.”

“I guess you are. I think I need sit down.”

“I think I need a drink.” Danial said and they all gave a laugh.

“Come on then.” Alezan kept possession of her hand as they walked into the inn, causing Tillie to grin. Domitila shot her a death glare as they all sat at a table together and Tillie came to take their order.

“What can I get you guys?”

“I think we’ll all have some water, except for Danial, he needs something a little stronger. I know it’s early, but trust me when I say he needs at least one to clear his head.”

“Nothing to eat?” Everone shook their heads and Tillie quickly left to get their drinks.

“Oh great.” Domitila groaned.

“Everything alright?” Alezan asked, his hand giving hers a squeeze.

“It’s because she’s worried her friend thinks you’re dating.” Jie said and Domitila’s heart gave a leap.

“Oh really,” Alezan gave a little grin and leaned in close to Domitila, “would that really be so bad?”

“Uh, we…we need to discuss the captives.”

His grin widened “i’m only backing off because they are depending on us. I’ll have no reason to once they have been saved” his words rang with a promise of further flirtation and Domitilas heart went mad. She swallowed and Danial did his best not to look too happy about her embarrassment. He was pretty sure this was his first time seeing her this way. Their drinks came and they began seriously talking about how they could save these people from a lifetime of misery. They didn’t really worry about anybody over hearing that would interfere or warn the traders since it was always busy here so it was always too loud to hear what other people were talking about.

“I don’t want to leave them there another day if we can help it.” Domitila said as she sipped her water.

“We’ll get them out tonight mon cher, I promise.”

“What does that mean?”

“My dear, it’s French. It’s just a little something I picked up in New Orleans.”

“New Orleans?”

He chuckled. “We’re getting off topic beautiful.”

She blushed and this time Danial laughed. “Beautiful?”

“That’s what I said. Now, tonight we will all go back to that warehouse and rescue those people. I think we can use Jie as a distraction, have Abra pretend to suffocate her.” Domtila’s eyes widened. “Now, now I said pretend. Abra would never actually do such a thing.”

“We used the same trick in Ireland.” Zaiden said with chuckle. “Scared the crap out of some people.”

“When the guards come out, that’s when we’ll strike. Zaiden, Danial and I will relieve them of their guns while you and Rin get the chief’s daughter and the other captives out of that cage.”

“There are a lot of guards.”

“Now don’t you worry about that sweetheart, I can be very persuasive when I need to be.”

“Could talk a nun out of her panties.” Rin said and Domitila blushed.

“I have never done anything like that.” Alezan replied.

“I’m just saying you have the ability. You and that accent.” Rin rolled her eyes.

“Hey, I can’t help that so many women hear an accent and go crazy. I didn’t make women like that or ask for my accent. It does help and I’m grateful for it though”

“I guess, I have to give you credit though. You are good at persuading anyway” he looked over at Domitila “I’ll make sure this goes well and the women are free. Don’t worry” for whatever reason she had complete faith in this man she barely knew. He was comforting, sweet and attractive. His accent definitely helped but there was much more to him than that. Domitila didn’t know how she was going to wait for tonight but if these people said it was the best plan she believed them.

“I should get to work” Domitila said as she stood from the wooden table. “but youll be working with us tonight. Wont you be tired if you work today too?” It was the best he could come up with to get her to stay with him. “It’ll seem weird if I don’t work today. Plus, I’m used to doing my job and helping people. You should know that if you know all about me”

“Then at least let me help. I can wait tables or work behind the bar.”

Zaiden laughed. “Man he’s certainly eager to stick to you.”

“Shut up before I sick Abra on you.”

“She’s about ask scary as a newborn litter of puppies.”

Domitila smiled at their banter. She had to admit that Alezan was cute when he was irritated. She grabbed his arm and his eyes jumped quickly to her face, his attention completely hers in an instant. “I think you would do well behind the bar. You’re good at talking to people.”

“I won’t let you down beautiful.” She smiled and they both got up, her going to the kitchen and him taking his place behind the bar.

“So have you thought of a way for you two to be together?” Abra whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, but it’ll only work if the others agree to it.”

“They want your happiness.”

“After we complete our mission, I want us to jump forward in time to where Domitila is no longer needed.” Abra rested her head back on his shoulder as a customer started talking to him. Neither of them wanted to send the man screaming from the inn because he had seen a talking snake. They knew it would be the talk of the town and the last thing they needed.

“So, is he interested in you or what?” Tillie asked as Domitila helped the cook.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh don’t play dumb, tell me.”

She sighed. “Yes, it would seem so.”

Tillie gave a little squeal. “How perfect.”

“You think so?”

“He’s perfect, I mean he’s attractive and charming and his smile is just heart stopping and he seems like he can keep up with you. Go for it before he leaves town.”

“I will, just need to get this job done first”

“Oh that might be too long. Just before”

“No, it’ll probably make us distracted”

“fine, after, but right after”

“right after” Business kept up a steady pace that day and Domitilia wasnt surprised to see Alezan keeping up with orders so well and laughing with customers. At the end of the day they all met outside and began walking back to where the girls had been kept captive. The team was confident this would all work. It was a sound plan and far from their first job so they were all fairly sure of themselves. Just as described earlier Abra made a show of choking Jie and as they predicted it caught all the guards attention. Jie and Abra kept things going until they received the signal the girls were free and being taken away.

Chapter Four

“Now how about you boys drop your guns.” Alezan said, making the group of slavers spin around, guns pointed at him. He gave a chuckle. “Oh you are just scary.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“That is none of your concern. The only thing you have to worry about is the men surrounding this area. See, we caught on to your little game and freed your slaves. Now we’re just going to take you and put you in jail.”

“I think you’re bluffing.”

“Abra, would you show him we’re not playing around.” One of the men suddenly screamed as Abra ripped his feet out from under him and wrapped tightly around him, squeezing tightly. The other men were so shocked that a few of them immediately dropped their weapons. “The rest of you best do the same before my snake squeezes the life out of your friend.”

They all dropped their weapons, not a fight till I die man among the group but those rarely existed among such low lifes. The chiefs daughter proved to be the most grateful of them all, especially to Domitila “thank you so much, for this and all else you have done for our people”

“This time it was all thanks to this man beside me and his friends that you all were saved” They quickly returned the young woman to her father who had gratitude to share aswell and attempted to get them to stay but Alezan needed to talk to Domitila and get out of this time before he screwed somthing up. They stayed for a short time not to be rude then went back to the Inn where Alezan said “I know you probably just want to go to bed or clean up or somthing but I really need to talk to you. It’s important”

He looked so serious and per the norm almost too handsome to say no to so she agreed to talk to him.


He took her hand and pulled her into the kitchen, then looked around to make sure they were alone before turning his attention back to her. “We have to leave.”

“Oh, I see, so um does that mean we’ll never see each other again?” She felt herself choking up and he reached up to stroke her cheek.

“Well, that depends on you. How long are you willing to wait for me?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Would you give me three years, four at the most? I know that’s asking a lot, you hardly know me, but I want this to be more.”

“Why that long?”

He smiled. “Because you’re needed here. There is a lot of work for you to do. You help these people coexist with your mother’s people.”

“So maybe four years and then you’ll be back?”


She nodded. “Tillie’s going to have questions, she’s going to think I ran you off.”

“Not possible, I’d just keep coming back until you agreed to love me.” Her heart did a little flip and a blush tinted her cheeks.

“Then will you meet me here?”

“Well not in the kitchen.”

She smiled. “Alright, I’ll wait, but don’t keep me waiting forever or I’ll never forgive you.”

“I wont’ he gave her a long, kiss. To him it would be like no time atall but he still wanted to savor her before he jumped. “I’m sorry it has to be so long”

“If I’m needed I’m needed. I don’t want to be selfish, especially if it could cost lives” He smiled then hugged her before forcing himself to return to his friends. They all went home and made absolute sure of how long she needed to be there before jumping to bring her home with Alezan. Once they were sure they reported, Alezan already beside himself to see her again. He couldn’t imagine how hard this wait was on Domitila but he knew she had a giving heart and wouldn’t even want to leave a moment too soon. “where is she supposed to be?” He asked almost frantically when they arrived “I told you, the Inn.” He took off in a sprint and his friends just smiled, following slowly so he would have a moment alone with his love.

He burst into the Inn and asked the first woman he saw “Domitila, where is she?”

“serving drinks” he took off again, only stopping when he saw her. Domitila felt Alezan, she wasn’t sure why or how but she set her drinks down and turned his direction, already fighting back tears of happiness. They closed the distance in a tight embrace “I knew you really were coming back”

“I would have been an idiot not to”

“Tillie gave me such crap. She kept saying she couldn’t believe I’d let you just leave. I kept telling her you’d be back in a few minutes.”

He smiled and wiped at the tear that was rolling down her cheek then kissed her. “Have you made all the necessary arrangements?”

“Yeah, I signed over the inn to Tillie and her family. I told her when you came back I would be leaving and we probably wouldn’t see each other again. She just told me not to worry about it, that if I got a second chance I better run as far as I could with you.”

“Don’t say things like that, we’ll come back periodically to visit her if you want.”

“It won’t break the timeline?”

“As long as we steer clear of anyone important, it’ll be fine.” He kissed her forehead. “Tell everyone bye sweet heart so we can get out of here. I have many amazing things to show you.”

“Will I need clothes or anything?”

He shook his head. “You won’t be dressing like this in my time.”

Domitila made the rounds of telling everyone she loved and cared about bye before leaving with Alezan and meeting with everyone else. She didn’t know what to expect whereever she was going but her faith had never wavered in those years that Alezan would return to her. She was excited for her future and to learn about wherever he had come from to save her life so that she could make the world a better place. Furthermore her heart yearned to stay near him and to learn all there was to know about this handsome stranger that would have claim to her heart forever.

~ The End

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