Donna & Jovani

Chapter One

Freya, Edmond, Jayna, Alvaro and Jovani fought hard against the last two dragons destroying these elven peoples world. They had been called here to help when the dragons had come in and were seemingly destroying this place for no reason. Edmond and Freya tried multiple times as the elven elders had to talk to these dragons and ask why but they wouldn’t speak. All this group of fire and ice breathers wanted was to destroy and kill so they had been knocking one by one out. Most they had knocked out and threw them back into the portal they came which of course they’d reseal but two they had to kill. They were hoping these last two they could simply send back home but they were tiring and it didn’t seem likely.

To alls surprise Freya knocked the last fire breather out then with Jovanis help shoved him out of the world. The ice dragon managed to do even more damage to the landscape and homes before she too was taken down but she, unlike the male, passed in the struggle. The family looked around the elves world, shocked now that the devastation was in clear view. They had been more concentrated on fighting before but now they were really taking in this once beautiful now desolate place. They could hear men, women and children crying over the loss of their loved ones and it broke their hearts. They had come out winners but had they really won. These people had practically lost eveythig. Their buildings, land, food supplies, all laid to waste.

A woman walked up to them to offer money for their help “no…how can we take it when we’ve allowed all this damage”

“they did most of this before you came. Please, our land will be restored”

‘How?” Freya asked in disbelief. The woman gave a weak smile “Twenty years back an angry elven woman cursed our land so it could not grow crops for us. She also poisoned the animals. It was then we met Donna, such a wonderful young woman. She paints life. She restored our land and made it healthy again. She evn saved a manjority of the animals. She is amazing though she’d never say so herself. She will come again and she will mend whats been broken. The only thing that breaks our hearts is that it took us so long to get a message to you….she can only return life to those dead under twelve hours and..” her voice broke and she didn’t really need to say more.

“somones calling on her now” she finally said “can we stay? I can barely comprehend someone painting life…I’d like to see” The woman wiped at her face “it’s the least we can do since you have done what we could not.”
Jovani was keeping the little ones entertained when Donna walked into what was left of the village. Her face had the most heart wrenching look on it as she surveyed the devastation around her. He stopped to watch her as she lifted the satchel from her shoulder and two men brought what was left of a small table to her. She pulled out a sheet of blank paper, containers of paint, a cup, a canteen, and a single paint brush. He was extremely curios to see what she was doing, but he remained with the children, not wanting them to cry.

Donna unscrewed the caps to her paints then popped open the canteen and poured water into her cup. She lifted the paintbrush, whispering a few words of blessing before dipping the brush in the water then into the container of green paint. Jovani and his family watched as she stroked her paintbrush over the paper and the stared in wide eyed wonder as fresh green grass pushed it’s way through the ash. They had never seen something so amazing and couldn’t help but gape at such a spectacle. Buildings seemed to reverse in time, going from rubble to homes and businesses in a matter of minutes.

“Wow.” Jovani whispered, his voice full of wonder and admiration.
Donna began painting to give life back to the elves that she could actually save once a woman came up and told her which ones had died less than twelve hours ago. Jovani had his eyes glued to Donna and could actually see the energy it took for her to give life through her paint. Rebuilding their world seemed much easier but it was amazing she could bring the dead back atall. Donna pushed herself until everyone that she could save were given life again. When Donna expressed she needed a break all who had homes wanted to house her but she answered ‘you all know from last time I prefer to sleep outside. Thank you for offers on places to sleep but I’ll stay out here”

“But Donna, we don’t know if the danger is over. Stay in a house. You are too precious to lose” An elderly elven woman urged. It was late at this point so Jovani had been kid free for awhile. He walked over “I’ll sleep outside with her and keep her safe if you’d be alright with that Donna” Jovani said first talking to the people of this world and then Donna. “sure, it’ll give them comfort. You must be one of the vampires that came to their aid. Thank you for helping them. This world has come to mean a lot to me. Where are the others so that I can thank them?”

As she spoke Freya, Edmond, Jayna, and Alvaro came up “That was incredible to watch” Edmond said in an impressed tone though he didn’t impress easily. She smiled “It is amazing I was born with such a gift. i feel lucky I can do such good for others. Thank you all for helping this kind race of people. I don’t want to be rude but giving life takes a lot from me so I need to get some rest.”

“By all means, go rest. Don’t feel rude atall. I can only imagine the energy it must take to restore life” Freya answered. Donna smiled again then Freya and Edmond took up one of the elven mens offers for a place to rest. “where would you like to sleep. I’ll follow you” Jovani asked.
Donna lead him away from the still charred village and into the woods where she dropped down in the grass next to a tree. She sighed, sounding just as exhausted as she looked. “Would you like me to get you something to eat?” Jovani asked.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I’ll get a fire started.”

He smiled and sprinted off into the woods, listening for the heartbeats of any animals. He found a deer and jumped on it before it even knew it was being tracked. He pulled out the hunting knife he had been given by his father and jabbed it in the opening between the skull and spine, killing it quickly. He field dressed it then lifted it onto his shoulders and carried it back. “I thought we could cook all of it tonight and I could take the extra around to the others.” He said.

“That’s very sweet of you.”

“I’m sure they’re too exhausted to cook. Uh do you think you could paint me some rope?”

“Sure.” She picked up her brush and ran it through the air. A bundle of rope dropped onto the ground and he set the deer down, picking it up and staring at it in wonder.

“So you don’t need paper?”

“If I’m doing a lot of work a piece of paper makes it easier.”

“Cool.” He tied one end of the rope around the deer’s back legs then slung the other end over a branch and hauled it up before tying it off. “Do they keep the hide?”

“Yeah, they make blankets and rugs out of it.”
“Then I’ll preserve it for them” As he worked Jovani asked “How did you find these people the first time?”

“As you can see I’m looked up to for what i do so I can travel with little to no money. Most worlds wont even accept money from me if I’ve been there before and helped. Because of this and the fact I was born with an extraordinary gift I look for trouble worlds and help them. I don’t know why I was given this ability but I feel its not only somthing I should do but my obligation to help people who need me. The only worlds I dont help are ones dominated by humans so I’m not hurt due to being a ‘witch” as they would call me. I apparently get my powers from some fallen angel named “Lucifer” I read the humans bible to understand better. Anyways, its not even really that i feel i need to help but i enjoy it. I make people so happy with what I do. Its fulfilling to finish in a world and see all the happiness I brought”

“Your gift really is astounding Donna. I was in awe”

“Why did your family come to their aide?’

“My parents like to help people. My dad has a lot of money and can afford just to go anywhere and help”

“So you all are kindred spirits to me”

“Has your gift ever gotten you into trouble?”

“Only with humans like I said before. Many years ago i tried to help a human world suffering from famine and I was called a witch. They tried to burn me but I wouldnt burn due to my demon blood which made things worse. They started throwing stones and I was honestly scared i was going to die. I barely got away”

“But I can smell your fairy blood. You have to be able to fly away when you need to?” Donna frowned and looked away from him in silence. He paused what he was doing “Donna? You really can’t fly?”

“I know, it’s ridiculous. A fairy who can’t fly. There are plenty of faries without wings that can fly but not me..I wish i could..I don’t want to talk about it” Jovani could tell she was embarrassed and didn’t understand it in the slightest. She could literally paint life and she was embarrassed she couldn’t fly.
“I don’t know anything about the ocean.” He replied.


“My sister is a marine biologist and she knows almost everything there is to know about the ocean, but if you asked me about it I would tell you it’s wet and has sharks. So you can’t fly and I don’t know a thing about the ocean. When my sister talks about the ocean it sounds like she’s speaking a foreign language.” Donna cracked a smile and then started laughing. “There, that’s better. You have a beautiful laugh.”

“Thank you, I needed that, especially after seeing all that destruction today and tomorrow I have to get up and finish fixing everything.”

Jovani smiled as he cooked, handing her some meat when it was done enough to eat. He ate his share then asked, “Can you make me a big bowl to carry the rest of this in?”

“Sure.” She painted his a bowl and he started dropping meat into it as it cooked. When all the meat was done he lifted the bowl and took it to the village, knocking on one of the doors and telling the occupant that he wanted to share the meet with everyone. The woman gave him a thankful smile and took the bowl then called her daughter to come help her separate and wrap it so they could give everyone a share of it. Jovani went back to Donna and smiled when he saw she was sleeping. He took down what was left of the deer and carried it to the same house.

“We can boil the meat off the bones and make sandwich meat, thank you.” The woman said then he left, stopping at a river and washing the blood off of his hands and arms before going back and dropping down on the ground on the other side of the fire.

Chapter Two

Donna woke up early. She wanted to hurry and get back to restoring the elves land. The sound of Donnas heart taking a normal rhythm woke Jovani so he quickly sat up. “Breakfast?”

“Don’t need it. I want to get to work. I’ll stop and eat if I have to”

“How about you get to work and I’ll make you somthing. You can take a break to eat”

“Thanks” Donna ran off with her bag and Jovani went to find eggs. Donna began gracefully painting their world again as the people started to bury their dead. Donna was glad they were doing this while she worked so she wouldn’t have to go through the heartbreak of watching so many funerals. Finding so much death was the only thing she hated about traveling and helping people. She had concentrated so hard on painting to block the despair out Jovani startled her when he came with scrambled eggs. “sorry” he quickly said and she smiled “No, I’m sorry. Thank you so much”

Edmond and Freya had been watching Donna while Jayna was helping the elves. They smiled at their son though he wasn’t paying attention. “Take a break and sit with me so we can eat” Jovani said so Donna put her paints away then sat on the ground with him. “what’re you going to do after this?” Donna asked and Jovani answered with his own question. “after we leave this world or breakfast?”

“Both I guess”

“I’d really like to keep watching what you do but it seems my parents are already watching over you so I’m going to offer my help in burying the lives that were lost.”

“I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.”
The digging was tiring and left everyone cramping, but none of them could bring themselves to ask Donna for her help in making graves. By the time the last person had been laid to rest and the last shovel full of dirt had been put back in place everyone was about ready to collapse. The one village elder that was left performed last rights, saying a blessing over the graves and sending the souls of the lost on their way. Jovani walked a little ways away and flopped down in the grass, laying back and looking up at the clouds. He didn’t remember drifting off and was suddenly woke by someone shaking his shoulder. His eyes snapped open and he smiled when he saw it was Donna.

“Hey, all done?” He asked.

“Yeah and so tried I can barely stand.”

He patted the grass next to him. “Come on, take a nap.”

She smiled and dropped down next to him. “Do you mind if I use you as a pillow?”

“Not at all.” She scooted close and rested her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her to help keep her in place.

“It’s so hard to look at everyone after so many losses, I painted flowers onto the graves in hopes it would help.”

“I’m sure everyone loves them. You have such a big heart Donna, helping so many people until you’re about ready to collapse, it’s the sweetest and most selfless thing I have ever seen.”
“As I said before, even if I didn’t love doing this and enjoy helping people I would. It would be unreasonably selfish to have a gift like this and not use it to help. Maybe I wouldn’t do it all the time if I didn’t love it but I would still make trips around every now and then to help what worlds needed me. I wish i could help humans without them going crazy”

“Nowadays they are a bit more accepting. You sound very old. That had to be back in the dark ages you went to help humans. I live in a world dominated by humans and I doubt you would be treated like you were last time you tried helping”

“I am, you seem to be young. not young young but comparatively” He laughed “yeah, get some sleep. Even your voice is tired. I’ll just relax with you and maybe even fall asleep again”

“Thank you”

“Thank you for helping these people and showing me what you do” She made a small noise that sounded happy before she drifted into the rest she needed after restoring everything for these people. Jayna had been nearby then went to find her parents. “Jovani and Donna seem to be getting kind of cozy together” Freya smiled “I noticed”

“Are we going to stay until she leaves?’

“Yeah, he can choose to stay, bring her home or go off with her if he wants but we’ll give them another day of being around eachother so they don’t have to decide if they want to stay in contact just yet” Jovani laid in the grass comfortably having Donna in his arms. She made his heart tingle and he loved her warmth. As a full blooded vampire almost any race felt warmer than he did so she was like an electric blanket on him. He wanted to see more of her gift and get to know her better. He wondered if Donna would let him tag along with her in her travels for awhile. He loved traveling and with her he knew it would be even better. Before falling asleep himself he decided to ask if he could leave this world with her and follow her anywhere she wanted to go for even a few weeks if she didn’t want a more permanent companion.
Donna woke a little while later to the orange and purple sky of dusk. She just laid there staring up, admiring the beautiful colors that came with the falling of the sun. She wished she could be in the air to be closer to those colors. “What are you thinking about?” Jovani’s voice startled her and she sat up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay, I was just thinking about flying again.”

He sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to sit between his legs. “You shouldn’t make yourself sad about it.”

“I know it’s stupid, but I really want to.”

“There are way you can fly without having wings.”


“Well you could go hang gliding or fly in a plane or go parasailing.”

“I have no idea what those are.”

“Come to my world for awhile and I’ll show you, you’ll love it there.”

She frowned. “What if someone tries to hurt me?”

“I’ll protect you, I won’t let anyone take you away or use you, I promise. I’ll be your tour guide. I’ll even be your pillow every night.”

She smiled. “That does sound very appealing. Let me think about it okay?”

“Take all the time you need, I’m not going anywhere.”
“I can’t believe I slept so long”

“You did do a lot of work today for these people”

“The people of this particular world are some of the kindest I’ve ever known. It’s like that in most worlds dominated by elves. They are so peaceful. I mean, they have their bad like all else but still. Fairy and Elf worlds are so nice.”

‘I’ve noticed”

“I want to wash and change my clothes. Do you mind parting for a little bit?”

“Of course not. I should do the same. Here i am holding you after being all sweaty and gross” With a blush Donna said ‘i like that you’re holding me and let me use you as a pillow. It feels good to be close to you. I’m not often close to anybody who aren’t my parents and even them I dont see much with how often i travel”

“I was actually thinking while you were asleep that i’d like to travel with you if you;d let me. I can show you all the fun my world has to offer and then I could follow you around to help people. I can be your bodyguard”

“That sounds really nice. Please do. Does that offer still stand if I dont stay in your world awhile?’

“of course”

“Good” They walked together only until a young woman ran up ‘do you need anything Donna?’ she asked almost eagerly. “a shower please. Jovani wants one too”

“That i can definitely help with” the young woman said with a smile. She took Donna to her house then took Jovani to the place his parents and siblings were staying. “Tell Donna to find me when she’s done. I’m sure she knows my scent by now”

“I will” The young woman answered before leaving.
Jovani was glad to be clean, the smell of death and dirt was replaced by the floral soap and shampoo in the shower. He rinsed then switched off the water and got out, grabbing a towel and drying himself. He wrapped it around his waist and pushed the door open. “Hey dad?”

“Yeah.” Edmond yelled back.

“Can you ask one of the villagers for clothes, mine are pretty dirty.”

He heard the front door of the house open and after a couple of minutes he heard footsteps and the man of the house, Paeter, walked into the hall and into the room across from the bathroom. He came back, smiled and handed Jovani some clean clothes. “I’ll have my wife clean yours and your family’s clothes.”

“Thank you sir.” He pulled the bathroom door closed and put the borrowed clothes on. He found his ponytail holder in his clothes and pulled his hair back then gathered his clothes. Pauline, Paeter’s wife was sitting in the living room and stood to take his clothes. “You don’t have to do this ma’am.”

“Please, I want too, it’s the least I can do.”
“well thank you. I’ll try not to be too rough on your husbands clothes”Pauline walked off with Jovanis clothes to wash them with the rest of his families. Jovani found himself wanting to rush back to Donnas side but he stayed with his family since he knew she would come when she was clean. Alvaro sat down beside his brother “That girl has you wrapped around her finger already”


“Oh come on, you like her”

“Yes but i wouldn’t say wrapped around her finger”

“Hmm, right, you were watching her paint like dad watches mom in general”

“I’ve asked her to come home with me and let me show her our world. She’s considering it but even if she doesnt want to go with me she’s going to let me travel with her”

“Is that so?” Freya chimed in “I was going to tell you mom. I just wanted to wait until i knew what i was doing” Freya smiled “You have your own house and what you do in it is your business son. I do expect a goodbye if you go off with her though.”

“I’d never leave our world without saying bye. You and dad know that”

“She’s a sweet and amazing girl. What she does is incredible”

“It is, she travels all the time helping people like this. Its the sweetest most selfless thing I’ve ever seen and we’ve met a lot of people in our time.” Donna knocked on the door and was soon let in by Edmond “Hey, where’s Jovani?’ He appeared almost instantly behind his father “I’m here”

“Want to go on a walk with me?”

“Yes, We’ll probably sleep outside again tonight. Love you guys” Jovani said to his family as he left. “love you” Edmond said with a knowing smile. “I feel so much better” Donna said as they walked. ‘i do too. Did you borrow clothes aswell?”

“No, I don’t need to. I paint my own clothes. I can paint everything aside from food. it makes traveling easy. Food is never a problem since as i said, the people will feed me wherever I go and if I need to I can find fruits and grasses I can eat”

“Since you’re letting me tag along I can kill things for you to eat”

“I’m still thinking about entering a human world again. I know you want to protect me but humans really scare me after how they reacted to me when I went there. I only wanted to save them and their children from hunger.”

“Think about it all you need to. Humans are much more decent since back then and I swear to you with me by your side nothing can touch you. I was trained by my father and he isnt a merciful man. He loves us all dearly but our father just doesn’t know how to be gentle. I wanted to be the best fighter I could be so I trained under him.”

“I’m sure he is. I’m surprised he’s gentle atall with how pure of a vampire bloodline he has. He’s had some strong and even evil vampires in his liniege. I can tell just by his smell. It’s sweet he loves you all enough to have become as kind as he seems with you. When they were watching me your parents looked so sweet together. I enjoyed having such love near”

Chapter Three

“From what Desa and Jayna have told my brother and I, he wasn’t always like that. He was a bastard even to our mother at times, but he changed. It took awhile, but he didn’t want to lose her. He really loves her more than anything, he was just a hard man to live with. I think it was the times he was raised in.”

“I am truly happy he changed.”

“They still argue sometimes, but it doesn’t last long and they apologize pretty quickly.”

Donna smiled. “They raised amazing children.”

“I feel blessed to have them as parents, even now I can always call them if I need advice or just someone to talk to.”

“Is it true what they say about the bond between twins?” She asked. “I mean since you and your brother are twins.”

“Yes, we know how the other feels and if anything were to happen to one of us the other would know. It’s an unbreakable bond. Some say twins share a soul.”

“Having a bond like that is something special. I have to admit, it makes me a little jealous.”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her gently to a stop. “There are many types of bonds Donna and they’re all special in their own way.”
Donna blushed profusely and she didn’t even know why that was. Jovani was handsome and yes he was touching her but she had been laying with him earlier and hadn’t blushed like this. He smiled, just looking at her and taking in her scent. “Dont inwardly laugh at my embarrassment” she finally said causing him to chortle. “I wasn’t. i was just smiling at you. You’re really cute with a pink face.”

“You think I’m cute?”

“I think you’re beautiful, sweet and amazing. I like you alot, even care about the woman I’ve gotten to know so far. It’s why i want to bring you to my home. Have you decided yet what you want to do?”

“I did think on it in the shower.”


“I travel all the time and maybe it is time I gave the human world a second chance if you’ll keep them from trying to kill me” Jovani kissed Donnas hand “you have my word” She blushed more and he chortled again “stop” she said as she covered her face. “You are just too cute. I’m sorry”

“Cutes for little girls”

“My father even finds a woman as tough and resilient as my mother cute at times. You are cute in the most gorgeous way. Why do you care anyway? Do you like me as more than a companion?” She didn’t answer so he tugged away her hands “I wouldn’t object in the slightest if a woman like you was interested in me. I’d be honored honestly. My brother has already noticed I fancy you” Donna was too embarrassed to speak, his eyes had changed and she didn’t know how any of this made her feel even though she thought he was handsome and sweet. She had never had any man be so forward so it was overwhelming.

She stepped back and he let go of her hands. His eyes went back to normal and he asked ‘are you okay? I’m sorry if I overstepped”

“I do like you but we need to be a bit slower please. You were overwhelming me right there”

“Thats fine, from my fathers example I definitely never learned anything but to be straight forward and act on what I want. Your blushing so much told me you liked me too so i decided to go for it.”

“No thats fine. I really do like you but I just may forget to breath if you go on looking at me like you were”

“I’ll give you the kiss of life if you do that” Jovani said with a wink.
“Stay back or I’ll paint you bound and gagged.”

“I’m pretty strong you know, I’m sure I could break free.” He grabbed her hands gently in his and kissed her knuckles. “I’ll be good, but I can’t just stop a look. The eyes are the window to the soul and mine tells me that I need you.”

“I guess we could give it a try.”

“You sound like I may change my mind about you.”

“You never know.”

“I do know, I’ll never get tired of you or disappointed with you. Never think that. It takes a lot of strength to be who you are and do what you do and I admire that.” He leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek.

“You’re so sweet Jovani, you really are. Hopefully with time I’ll get used to how forward you are.”

He shrugged. “Even if you don’t, I’ll still want you.”
Donna smiled “can we continue our walk now?”

“If i can hold your hand” They laced fingers and enjoyed the night until Donna was finally tired again. Tonight when Donna laid her head on him he pulled her body close so she had to lay her leg on him to be comfortable. He even thought her nervous heartbeat was adorable. “you weren’t nervous last night”

“You weren’t my boyfriend last night”

“I’m still the same man, just happier. Calm down beautiful”

“I’ll try. I’ve just been alone so long”

“Might not want to mention your exs to me. I just may kill them”

“I can’t tell if youre serious or not” Jovani laughed, not answering her but she didn’t push that further. “Can I ask you a question without hurting your feelings?”

“I cant guarantee that but i’ll keep in mind you don’t mean anything by it”

“Alot of vampires feed on their mates but I have fairy blood and thats like drugs to you. Are you going to feed on me?”

“No, my parents only feed on eachother when they need to. They mostly keep bottles of blood in the fridge. I’m not sure if you’d allow me to even if I wanted it but i don’t want to risk upsetting you or going too far because of your fairy blood.”

“I was just wondering. You and your family are obviously a great family of vampires and I’d trust you if you wanted some of my blood. I wouldn’t go home with you if I didn’t think I could trust you Jovani” He kissed her head “thank you for trusting me so much.”

“You haven’t given me a reason not to.”

“what do you want to do first when you’re in my world?”

‘anything that will help me fly”

“get some rest and I’ll help you fly as fast as I can. On our way home I’ll carry you myself so you can be up in the sky” Donnas body was still taxed from all the magic it took to restore things so she couldn’t stay awake another second longer to keep talking. Jovani gave a relaxed sigh “goodnight my sweet Donna. I’m going to make you really happy in my world. I promise. If anybody even thinks of hurting you I’ll rip them apart”
The next morning they were woke by Alvaro who told them that breakfast had been made and to come eat if they were hungry. Donna say up and Jovani stretched before getting to his feet and pulling her up. “May I have a good morning kiss?” He asked.

“Sure.” She blushed and he gently grabbed her chin between his thumb and forefinger then pressed his lips against hers. He kept it brief so as not to overwhelm her. He smiled when he saw how red her face was and heard how loud her heart was beating.

“Lets go eat and see if my clothes are clean.” He laced his fingers through hers and they walked at a leisurely pace to the home of Paeter and Pauline. They were greeted with smiles and invited to sit at the picnic table outside. Pauline made them plates and brought them out and Paeter poured them glasses of juice.

“So, have you decided what you want to do son?” Edmond asked.

“Donna has decided to come with us back to our world for awhile. She hasn’t been around humans in a long time so I want to show her how our world has changed.”
“that should be fun. Why haven’t you been around humans in so long?”

“I tried to help them once and they called me a witch. Then they tried to burn me to death but since I have demon blood i of course wouldn’t burn. When that failed they tried stoning me. I really thought I was going to die. Since I can’t fly I barely got away. It made me afraid to try and help them again”

“I’m so sorry”

“It’s alright, Jovani says they are nicer now”

“if anybody tries to hurt you we’ll personally kick their asses” Freya said seriously and Donna smiled “Jovani said that too” After breakfast they decided to go ahead and leave since their son knew what he was doing. Every one of the villagers wanted to hug them all bye and thank them again for their help. With that done Jovani lifted Donna into his arms and kissed her before flying off with his family to the portal. Donna felt nervous just being back in the humans world but could already see and feel how different this place was. “You two going to your house?” Alvaro asked “yeah”

“You need to introduce her to Desa soon. She’ll be excited”

“I will but for now I want her. She’s only just become mine” Donna blushed and everyone smiled at them before going their separate ways. “why do you want me alone?”

‘Nothing like that my sweet. I just want to enjoy you, hold you, kiss you. I will woo you into bed eventually but we will take things nice and slow since you don’t seem to be a girl who rushes into bed”

“Thank you for not pressuring me”

“That would make me an asshole. Besides, theres so much more we need to learn about eachother. All i ask if you let me keep you close.”

“In this world I’d like that. You make me feel safe”

“good, because you are”

“I’m looking forward to meeting your other sister.”

“She’s really nice. So is her husband and kids. You’ll have to let me meet your parents somtime”

“I can call them here when you’re ready for that”

“As i told my parents, I’d like to be a little selfish with you for now”
She stayed quiet their whole way to his house, too nervous to try and strike up a conversation. He lived out in the middle of nowhere and that made it even worse. They had not truly been alone before, there had been a village close by as well as his family. “This house is beautiful.” She said, her voice shaking a little.

“Thank you, the inside it better.” He put her on her feet and pushed his front door open. She stepped inside and he followed her, closing and locking the door.

“Wow, this place is amazing.”

“Down here we have the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and library. The library is where I keep my violin, feel free to play with it. Upstairs there are four bedrooms so if you ever get uncomfortable you can sleep in one of them. Each room has its own bathroom because everyone needs privacy.”

“Will you play your violin for me?”

He smiled. “Of course.”
They walked to the library where he had her sit down while he unzipped his violin case. His whole demeanor changed when he began playing for her. It wasn’t long into his beautiful playing that Donna relaxed, no longer even thinking about being alone with Jovani. He smiled, glad to have a way he knew he could relax her. He played all the songs he was best at for her then put his violin away “I’ll play anytime you want” he said sweetly before kissing Donnas cheek. “that was amazing”

“I’ve been playing a long time. My family enjoys it so i always bring it when I go over to one of their houses.”

“May I see the rest of your home?” He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger again “You are my girlfriend. This home is yours too. I’d love to show you around but I’d like a kiss first” Jovani moved in slowly, gently kissing her. He would make his kisses more passionate as she got comfortable with his affection. Jovani gave her the tour, making sure she knew where anything she may need was then sat with her in his living room. “If you want to paint anything to make this place more homey for you I don’t mind. I want you to feel like this is your home too”

“Its perfect. I’ll just need to paint myself a nice dresser and actually make myself a wardrobe. I have spent most of my life just creating as needed when it comes to clothes. Now i can save the ones I really like here as I do at my parents house.” Their days were flooded with talking and Jovani showing her all the fun his world had to offer. About a month into being among the humans Donna wasn’t even afraid any longer. His spirits were soaring with Donna and he knew from the first day she spent in his home that he would follow her anywhere just to be around her ebullient energy.

~ The End ~

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