Dorin & Aislinn 2

Chapter One

Aislinn walked around her new home, nude save for the necklace around her neck. It was very liberating not to have to worry about surprise visitors. She made her way to the library where Dorin was playing his cello. She enjoyed the sound of his music the most and had looked forward to it filling the castle every morning since waking up. She leaned against the door frame and let his music wash over her. It was a fast melody that actually sent her heart into a wild, excited rhythm. His eyes were closed, but she knew he knew she was there. He stopped playing, his eyes flying open and she actually felt a chill move up her spine as he looked her over. He was hungry. He stood and placed his cello and bow in their stand then turned back to her.

“Aislinn, come here.” He ordered, his voice a husky mix of desire and hunger. She swallowed nervously. He was the only one who could make her feel that way. She crossed the room slowly, her heart going faster and faster until she was sure it would explode. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her against him. He leaned in and kissed her, his tongue dancing in her mouth. He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back to get at her neck. A thrill moved through her and she clung tightly to his shirt as he brushed feather light kisses over her skin. He slid his tongue over the spot where he always bit her and she moaned.

“Dorin, please.” She whispered and he chuckled, his warm breath giving her goosebumps. He lifted her, her legs wrapping tightly around him as he kissed her and she pulled at his shirt. He carried over to the desk near the window and lay her down so he could pull the rest of his clothes off. He pulled her hips to the edge of the table and pushed himself into her tight folds. He moaned loudly as he lost himself in their passionate lovemaking, allowed his lips to drift over her neck and his fangs to pierce her soft flesh. She clung to him, allowing her fingers to drift over the scars on his back. He lifted her off the table, his lips moving against hers as he spilled his seed deep inside her and she quivered and clenched around him.

They panted and held tightly to each other, their foreheads pressed against each other as they savored the moment. “I love you.” He finally said.

“I love you too, so much.” She replied softly. He smiled warmly and she gave him a kiss.

“You have to stop walking around like this. One day you may regret how insatiable I am when it comes to you.” He lowered her slowly to her feet and grabbed his clothes.

“That will never happen. I like it when you’re hungry.” She winked and pressed a hand to her neck. They needed to shower. “Come on lets bathe.” She said.

He picked her back up and carried her up to their bathroom where he lovingly washed her and she did the same to him. A knock on the front door caught both of their attention. “Go ahead and get dressed, I’ll see who it is.” He said and quickly pulled on his pants before heading downstairs. When he opened the front door a horde of bats flew in and he rolled his eyes. “Enough Norst.” The bats formed into a man with long dark hair and amber eyes. “Why are you here?”

“Is that any way to greet an old friend?” Dorin just glared at him. “Sorry, still angry about the time I broke in here and stole your blood? That was ages ago.”

“What do you want?”

Before Norst could answer Aislinn came downstairs, ready to fight if need be. “Who is this?” Norst asked.

“I’m his lover and who are you?”

“Another human lover? You’re just looking for more heartache Dorin. I am Norst and I didn’t come here to argue or insult, but to warn you old friend. Contessa knows where you are and she is coming for you.”

Dorins first thought was Aislinns safety ‘then we’re getting you far away from here” Dorin said commandingly to Aislinn who didn’t take well to orders “No we aren’t. I’ll stay here by your side”

“You’ll die or become her toy. I wont allow that”

“You dont allow or not allow anything Dorin” They had an angry stare down before Norst said “you need to decide somthing before she gets here. It isn’t safe for you human. You know what happened to his last lover right?”

“I’m not scared”

“Then you’re stupid”

“No, I’m just not afraid. I will never live in any kind of fear”

“Just let him hide you and don’t be stubborn” Dorin knew that was far from the thing to say right now. Telling Aislinn to not be stubborn was the surest way to make her stubborn. He groaned “Please Aislinn, don’t let this knuckle head piss you off. I can’t lose you. You mean more to me than my past lover. The loss of you would shatter me forever. Don’t risk your life”

“You’re supposed to have faith in my abilities and you, Norst, if you ever call me stupid again I will drive a stake through your heart.” The vampire actually took an involuntary step backwards at the seriousness of her tone. She turned her attention back to Dorin, her eyes softening a little. “Do you have so little faith in me?”

“I didn’t say that, I just can’t live without you. Please, leave this place.”

Her eyes softened further and she hugged him. “I will not let her do what she pleases with you. I love you too much to leave you at her mercy.” The scars on his back were enough to remind Aislinn of what kind of person Contessa was. “I don’t run from my problems and if you plan on staying then so do I. I love you Dorin and if anything happened to you I too would be crushed.”

Dorin sighed in defeat. “How long did it take you to get here Norst?”

“Two days, but you know she’ll get here faster.”

“Damn it, then…I don’t know what to do.”

Aislinn pulled back and tucked some of his hair behind his ear. “It’ll be alright my love. I won’t take any unnecessary risks. I’ll stay by your side and your little friend here can watch over me when you can’t. Just trust me.”

“I do, I love and trust you. You must not let her get you alone. If she does then she’ll kill you just to hurt me. She let me loose on this world and now she’s coming back into my life to torment me. You are my greatest weakness.”

“You know I wont let her” Aislinn answered and Norst said ‘neither will I. I wont let you go through that sort of loss again Dorin. Now that that’s out of the way I guess, nice to meet you ..”

“Aislinn, not sure it’s nice after you insult me”

“I just always speak the truth. You know for a fact anything I say is precisely what I mean. I’ll probably offend you a lot.”

“Then I’ll probably hit you a lot” Aislinn said seriously, making Norst laugh “You truly are fearless. I’m a vampire you know”

“That’s obvious”

“Damn, you really pick them Dorin and thats not an insult”

“better not be” Aislinn added.

“What are we going to do?” Dorin asked worriedly.

“We go on with life like she’s just another visitor. I know she scares you, even if you don’t say so outright and it’s understandable. She really did a number on you, but I’ll be right here if you need me. So don’t be afraid to pull me aside and tell me if something’s wrong and remember you have the power in this castle. This is your home, not hers.”

“Our home, it’s not just mine anymore.”

“Yes our home. Now try not to worry much, your friend is here to lend a hand and I’m tougher than most so everything will be alright.”

Dorin turned to Norst. “Feel free to stay as long as you like. We have many guest rooms.”

“I’ll just stay as long as I’m needed, I’m sure you lovebirds are extremely noisy and we vampires have extremely good hearing so you know, just as long as I’m needed.”

Aislinn laughed. “And here I thought you’d turn out to be some big pervert.”

“Looks can be deceiving. Anyway, you should prepare this one for the Mistress of Mayhem Dorin so she knows what to expect. I’m going to go hang out in the library so just yell if you need me.”

“Okay, thank you Norst.”

Norst nodded and Dorin lifted Aislinn into his arms and carried her upstairs to their room where he laid on the bed with her. “Talk to me baby.” She said softly.

“Contessa has a lot of abilities, the one she uses the most is her illusion magic. She can make you see things, most of them things that have happened. She may use my past with her against you so whatever you see when you are in her presence is probably not real. She also has a huge appetite for human blood and she’s extremely fast.”

“I understand, I’ll stay alert.” She kissed his cheek, wishing he would relax even if it was just a little.

Dorin held Aislinn tightly, fearing for her life. He would do anything to convince her to get away from here. he just wanted her to go home with her mother and brother so Contessa couldn’t hurt her or much worse, kill his beloved.Aislinn on the other hand wished she wasn’t human so he wouldn’t have to be so afraid. She wished there was anyway she could become a vampire like Dorin. All the stories in her village said vampires had to bite to change you but Dorin took her blood almost daily and she hadn’t changed so she now knew that was nothing but folk lore.

It hit her just then what Dorin had told her when she first came to his castle. He was human before and Contessa changed him. So he did know how to change her but maybe he did have a thing for human woman and just didn’t want her to be a vampire. At this point in time that was selfish with her life in danger but she would let it pass. She didn’t need to be a vampire to defend herself and wouldn’t let Contessa just have her way around their castle.

Aislinn fell asleep as she lay there pondering and Dorin held tightly to her, his senses on high alert in case Contessa showed up. He loved and hated Aislinn’s stubbornness right now and wondered how her mother had survived with such a wild child. He woke her a couple of hours later with a soft kiss and she smiled as she opened her eyes. “Is everything okay?” She asked as she snuggled closer.

“I was thinking we should have dinner, I’m sure Norst is hungry.”

“But I’m so comfortable.”

He chuckled. “I know, but you should eat.”

She sighed and pressed her lips against his before setting up and stretching. “Okay, as long as we cook together. I’m thinking stew since there’s three of us and I don’t know what Norst likes.”

“As far as I know he’ll eat anything, even if it doesn’t belong to him.”

She giggled as she got up. “Give him a break, I mean he did fly all the way over here just to make sure you knew Contessa was coming. He may have called me stupid, but he’s a good guy.”

“True, I’ll try to be nicer then my love, for you.” They headed downstairs, walking past the library where Norst was still reading. They decided to leave him alone until they were finished cooking since he looked like he was completely engrossed in whatever he was reading.

In the kitchen Aislinn tried to be playful while they cooked but Dorin was too on edge to really have fun with her. She understood and just stopped trying. His tormentor would be at their home any moment and would be able to make him see whatever she wanted. Aislinn just wished Contessa had more of a life than picking on Dorin. She might just bring it up to the woman that it’s sad she can’t get anyone to love her willingly and that she has nothing better to do with her time than to go somwhere she isn’t wanted.

When dinner was ready to be served into bowls Dorin called to Norst who came quickly “I was so into the book I didn’t notice how hungry I am” Norst said as he sat down. Aislinn set his dinner in front of him then gave Dorin his before taking her own and sitting. Norst tasted it and smiled, trying to make up for how he came off earlier “This is really good. Thank you”

“No problem”

They finished dinner and as they were putting their dishes in the sink there was a loud banging at the front door of the castle. They all froze and it sounded again. Dorin could feel the air change and swallowed nervously. “She’s here.” He said and they made their way to the entryway. The door flew open and in walked a woman with long raven hair and deep green eyes stepped inside. Dorin moved so he was slightly in front of Aislinn and the movement caught Contessa’s attention. “Dorin, my sweet little pet so nice to see you again.” She said, her voice had an accent Aislinn could not place.

“What are you doing here?” Dorin asked, his voice sounding cold and unfamiliar.

Contessa crossed the room, a devious smile on her face. “I’ve searched for you for a long time.” She reached out to touch him and Dorin’s whole body became rigid. Aislinn stepped between them, her hands placed defiantly on her hips.

“I’ll have to ask you not to touch what’s mine.” She said, staring straight into Contessa’s eyes. She saw a flash of anger pass over the other woman’s face, but she did not falter.

“Interesting you have a human for a lover or is she just food? I can see your mark on her neck. She smells delicious.”

“So I’ve heard.” Aislinn replied, wanting Contessa to stop taunting Dorin.

“I wonder, has he told you about us little human, about all the things we did together?” Both Aislinn’s and Dorin’s heads were filled with images and sounds of Contessa and Dorin having sex. “He was a good boy.”

“Stop it Contessa, I do not belong to you anymore.” Dorin finally managed to say. “I belong to Aislinn and she belongs to me.”

Contessa glared at him. “You think you can defy me weakling? Okay, I shall play your little game since the idea of this woman having control of you is so amusing, but once I tire of this you will come home with me. I’ll be staying here until then.”

“Then pick a room and get out of our faces.” Aislinn snapped. “I’m sure you can find your own way.”

Chapter Two

“that i can you repugnant bitch” Contessa shoved Aislinn with her shoulder as she pushed passed and away to claim a room. Dorin hugged Aislinn when Contessa was out of sight “I’m sorry you had to see that. I never wanted to be with her Aislinn”

“I know baby, hopefully she’ll have more self respect and any humanity as odd as that is to say and leave. I don’t care if you can hear me Conessa but it’s pretty freaking sad you’re here” Dorin wanted to shush her but knew better. Contessa didn’t respond but Dorin could feel her anger rise. He once again was tempted to just drag Aislinn away against her will but he knew too well what it was like to be forced into things you didn’t want to do. He could never force his will on Aislinn.

“it’s late Dorin, lets retire to our room” Dorin was more than happy so just scooped her up and walked away. As much as Norst didn’t want to be near Contessa he decided to take up a room near hers to be sure he knew if she left the room in the night. Dorin felt sick as they entered their bedroom, the things he had been forced to see again haunting him “want to take a bath Dorin?” Aislinn asked, hoping it might help even a little to relax in the tub.

“Sure.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom, hating how scared he looked. She turned on the water and plugged the drain then turned back to Dorin and started undressing him, her fingers making quick work of the buttons on his shirt. She pushed it off his shoulders and ran her hands lovingly over his chest.

“Tell me what’s on your mind.” She said softly as she leaned forward and kissed his chest.

“I feel dirty after all that. The man in those images terrified me. I don’t want to be like that again.” He replied as he pulled her shirt off.

“You won’t be baby, I promise. I won’t let her have you.”

They pulled the rest of their clothes off and got in the water, her sitting between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to him. “I should have made her leave, but the moment she went to touch me I froze. I feel like I’ve failed you somehow.”

“You haven’t. It’s completely understandable. She must have beat you very badly and then forcing you to have sex with her. Anyone would freeze.”

“I still have the scent of her in my nose and I hate it. It makes me feel sick. She still wears the same perfume, that sickly sweet smell. I’m such a coward to be afraid.”

Aislinn turned around and grabbed his face in her hands. “Stop that right now. I don’t want to hear you putting yourself down. You are a wonderful and brave man.” She kissed him and he crushed her against him, wanting only her scent and the feel of her skin.

When they decided to get out they dried and dressed quickly before going to bed. Dorin took Aislinn back in his arms and crushed her into him again. “I love you so much” he whispered. “I love you too” Aislinn whispered back. To everyones relief Contessa stayed in her room that first night. She did however, come to breakfast in the nude. “Are you serious?” Aislinn said. “if he doesn’t want me this should be no problem. Are you insecure human because of how much more beautiful I am?” Aislinn was tempted to strip right there but didn’t due to Norsts pretense. She didn’t need to play this womans games anyway. “You think way too highly of yourself. I just thought you might have more self respect than that”

Contessas eyes grew red and she grabbed Aislinn by the hair “You will not” Contessa didn’t even finish her sentence before Dorin had ripped her hand out of his lovers hair “You will not touch her!” He snapped, finding sudden bravery at the sight of Contessa man handling Aislinn. “where’s my good boy? You were so good for me. You liked being with me. You know it. Come back my sexy little pet. She’s not good enough for you”

“I’m not your pet or your plaything anymore. Touch Aislinn again and I will break you arm.” She couldn’t believe her nude form hadn’t even made Dorin’s heart quicken. She would deal with the human and Norst then have Dorin all to herself. She finished her breakfast and left, trying her best to catch Dorin’s attention, but not even managing to catch Norst’s who would have been staring had it been anyone else.

“If she touches me again you won’t have to break her arm because I’ll gut her.” Aislinn said as she picked up their dishes and took them to the kitchen with Dorin following closely behind.

“Are you alright, she didn’t hurt you did she?”

“Oh please, she pulled my hair like some eight year old boy on a playground. I barely even felt it.” Aislinn washed their dishes then dried and put them away before turning to Dorin and giving him a kiss. “I’m fine, really. You look a bit pale love, you need to feed.”

“I don’t feel comfortable with doing that while she’s around.”

“You have too, you know what happens if you don’t drink blood. If you don’t want to drink mine then ask Norst for some of his or see if he brought any cow blood with him. You and I both know you haven’t restocked since I moved here.”

“Lets go ask Norst then. I mean it’s not that I don’t want to feed off of you, it’s just I don’t want her to smell your blood or for you to be weak.”

“I’m not offended my love, I understand.”

Norst was happy to share the cows blood he brought with him “I made sure to bring my own so I wouldn’t have to use yours after stealing last time”

“Thank you”

“No problem, I would hate for you to tempt Contessa by taking Aislinns blood right now. I seriously can’t believe she came to breakfast naked” Dorin slightly shook his head and sighed “I wonder what else she’ll have in store for us today. I just want her to leave”

“we could try and make her” Norst suggested and Dorin sighed “you know how strong she is.”

“we two might be able to do it if we work together Dorin”

“But if she manages to knock us out she could hurt Aislinn” Aislinn cleared her throat “don’t talk about me like I’m not here and if she could beat you when you challenged her she could beat you when she just decides to.”

“she’s got a point” Norst said.

“If anyone is going to try and make her leave, it’ll be me. That way if anything happens you can get Aislinn out of here.” He turned to Aislinn who looked mildly irritated. “I trust in your abilities my love, but you have to understand that I will not let ham befall you if I can help it. I know it annoys you, but I love you too much.”

“Fine, but I will fight if need be. I’m not letting her get her hands on you again.”

“Just stay here with Norst. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Dorin left them and followed Contessa’s scent to the library. He didn’t see her, but he felt her behind him and turned around. She shoved him further into the library and closed and locked the door. “So you finally left that little bitch’s side.”

“Don’t call her names.” He was nervous, but he wanted Contessa gone.

“How strange for you to have such a soft spot for a human. This is your second one right? The first one was very beautiful. I can see her face in your head.”

“Shut up, you know nothing of the kind of person she was. I want you to leave my home.” She slapped him and grinned when he didn’t retaliate.

“You’re still so obedient. Does the pain bring back memories. Maybe you just need a good beating to bring you back to your senses.” She went to hit him again and he grabbed her arm.

“Get out and don’t come back.” She actually growled at him, her eyes shifting to red.

“I guess I’ll have to teach you a real lesson then.” She jerked her arm away and shifted to fog then flew past him and out the keyhole of the door. Dorin made to follow, but Contessa had put a spell on the door. Norst was the first to notice the fog coming towards them and before he could yell out a warning both he and Aislinn were cast into separate illusions.

Dorin screamed and pounded at the door. They were all built strong so that even the supernatural couldn’t simply destroy them. he now hated himself for making the doors this way. He was trapped in his own library while Contessa was torturing or hurting Aislinn. It frustrated Dorin beyond belief. Dorin went to the other side of the room and ran at full speed, slamming himself into the door. He did so over and over hoping it would break. He couldn’t lose her, not Aislinn.

Contessa studied the face of Aislinn as she was experiencing her Allusion. She kept waiting for anguish but none came. She was showing Aislinn that Dorin was leaving but Aislinn didn’t seem upset by it atall. In fact, Contessa could feel Aislinns mind rejecting the allusion. Contessa snarled and looked through her head. She showed Cian being cruelly murdered in many ways just to torture the bitch and make her go crazy.

Aislinn kept telling herself the horrible bloody images were not real, that this was Contessa playing head games and Cian was home, completely safe. “Bitch.” She heard Contessa say and was released from the illusion as the vampire grabbed her by her throat. Aislinn glanced over at Norst who was curled up on the floor with his ears covered. “Would you like to see what he is seeing?” Aislinn’s head was suddenly filled with the sounds of screams and the image of a small boy curled up on the floor of a closet as blood seeped under the door.

“Stop, leave him alone.” Aislinn yelled angrily.

“I can make it much worse for him. Do you know they came for him next. They searched the house and pulled him out of that closet. They beat him then drove a stake into his chest. The only reason he didn’t die was because he pretended to be dead. He held his breath and forced himself not to shake though he wanted to. Every beat of his heart was like thunder in his ears.” Aislinn punched her in the face and Contessa growled at her. “No one touches me you stupid bitch. Since I can’t scare you with my illusions then I’ll enjoy your fear as you die.”

She sank her fangs into Aislinn’s throat, biting down with bruising force. Aislinn fought against her, kicking and punching her as she screamed in a rage for her to let go. She felt herself getting dizzy, a feeling she had become accustomed too after being with Dorin. She felt herself getting weaker, unable to keep fighting as he body refused to listen to her. Contessa pulled back, grinning with Aislinn’s blood on her face. She dropped her on the floor and Aislinn slipped into unconsciousness. Dorin slammed against the door again and this time it gave, the spell having finally worn off.

He ran as fast as he could until he slammed into Contessa because she was coming for him aswell. Dorins heart slammed against his chest when he saw Aislinns blood on Contessas face. Dorin listened for her heart beat and couldn’t find it. “she’s out of my way.” Contessa said with a wicked smile. Dorins body went numb as he filled with more rage than he knew a person could feel. His castle quaked with his furry which only made Contessas evil grin wider. “She was just food, you fed on her yourself. I can find you more tasty treats” Dorin punched Contessa, making her stance falter with the shock. Dorin had never struck back before.

Dorin came at her like the monster he was under the sweet nature he had gained from Aislinn. Norst was still curled in his ball, unfree from the torment Contessa had set upon him. He was having to listen to his family die over and over again and there was still nothing he could do but cower and cry. he was a little boy again and not strong enough to help save them.

Contessa proved much strong than she had let on in her beatings as she tussled with Dorin. He didn’t care how hard she hit he was avenging Aislinns life. He failed her, he failed a woman he loved yet again and this loss stung far worse than the first. He was tired of being pushed around and stolen from.

She tried using her illusions against him, but his blind rage helped him break through them. He reached for her, his hand going around her throat. “How dare you touch what belongs to me, how dare you come into my home uninvited, you stupid psychotic bitch.” She swung at him and he caught her arm. “I am no longer your dog.”

“You are nothing, but a weak fool.” He pulled her face closer.

“No, what I am is a monster.” He growled and wrenched her head to the side, his fangs sinking into her throat. She struggled against him, but he gripped her tighter and drained her of her blood. He didn’t stop until her heart and struggles both ceased. He dropped her to the floor and ran to Aislinn, dropping down next to her and pulling her into his arms. “Please don’t leave me, please.” He begged and kissed her. Norst came out of the nightmarish illusion, shaking with tears running down his face. He sat up, blinking until the room came into focus. He was horrified to see Dorin sitting there holding a seemingly lifeless Aislinn.

“Dorin? What happened?”

“She’s gone, she’s gone.” He said over and over again. Norst listened hard, catching the barely there beat of Aislinn’s heart.

“No, she’s not. Her heart’s still beating.” He moved closer and grabbed Dorin’s shoulder. “You have to listen to me Dorin, your grief is blinding you. She’s still alive, but she won’t be if you don’t change her.”

Dorin looked at him then down at Aislinn, at her pale face. “What if she doesn’t want me too?”

“Who gives a shit. Do you hear me Aislinn, if you get mad when you wake up then you really are stupid. Change her Dorin, don’t be a moron.”

Dorin kissed Aislinn’s lips. “Open her mouth for me.” Norst gently opened Aislinn’s lips as Dorin bit into his wrist and pressed it against her mouth. Norst rubbed her throat to help the warm, life giving liquid go down and hoped this worked for his friend.

“I think it’s working” Norst said and Dorin stood with her “she’ll hurt, I’ll take here in our room so she will be laying in our bed.”

“Ok, I’ll be here if you need anything”

“Thank you so much Norst.”

“Hey, it’s no problem. She was growing on me.” Aislinn was showing her first signs of pain as Dorin stepped into their bedroom. He hurried to their bed and laid down with her “I’m sorry Aislinn” It pained Norst to listen to Aislinn as he sat in the living room but he was just glad they saved her. She didn’t have much time left when he could tell she was alive and wasn’t fully convinced changing her would work. Dorin cried, hating this and hoping she wasn’t angry. Her pain didn’t seem to cease until Aislinn was sleeping. Dorin sobbed harder and held her close. When Norst heard her stop he decided to make a drink and somthing light to eat for Dorin and himself.

Dorin ate what he was given then Norst left with the dishes. Aislinn woke in the night “dorin” she said and he jerked awake “Oh thank god”

“what happened?”

“Contessa drained you and I had to change you into a vampire to save your life. I’m so sorry”

“don’t be sorry, I’m happy. I hurt though”

“Let me run you a bath and I’ll go make you somthing to eat”

“I’m not hungry”

“You are, let me”

“ok” Dorin got up and ran her a hot bath before stripping Aislinn and carrying her into the bathroom. He kissed her cheek “don’t go falling asleep in the tub”

“I promise I wont” Dorin hurried into the kitchen and made her a sandwich then took some of the cows blood Norst had put in there. He brought it in there and fed her the sandwich since her hands were wet. “Feeding off eachother wont sustain us so I’ll have to collect animal blood again”

“I’m sorry, dont go leaving me for another human woman because you cant eat me anymore” Her words almost hurt his feelings “Aislinn, i didn’t love you because you were human or the fact I could feed on you. Don’t ever say anything like that”

“You did choose two human girls”

“It was coincidence my love. I want you and only you because of who you are. YOU make me happy, it was never your blood”

“I actually enjoyed it, too bad huh.”

“Baby, I never said we had to stop, just that it won’t give us any energy. I love the taste of you, it’s addictive.” He sat her plate down and opened the bottle for her. “Here, drink this.” She took a small sip, finding it surprisingly good and started gulping it down. She felt better as the blood moved through her system and handed the bottle back to him.

“Thank you. Sorry I said something so stupid, I really love you too. It’s just that you seemed almost ravenous for me all the time.”

“I still am, I still want you very much. Your taste, your softness, everything I want it. I would have hated losing you and never getting to make love to you again.”

“She only attacked me because I wasn’t phased by her illusions. Poor Norst, is he okay?”

“As far as I know, what happened to him?”

“Did you know his family was murdered by vampire hunters when he was a boy. I gave him so much shit, but he’s really been through hell. He almost died too. He was so young, huddled up in a closet while his family was butchered. I feel so much sorrow for that child and for Norst now.”

“He never told me. I guess I should take it easier on him from now on.” He leaned in and kissed her. “I’m sorry I failed you, it won’t happen again.”

“Oh shush you silly bat, you did no such thing. You saved my life and now I get to spend forever with you, listening to your beautiful music, making love, maybe we could travel to my old home and get married. My mother still hasn’t met you and I bet she misses me. I know I miss her and Cian.”

“We’ll go whenever you want, but right now I just want to spend time with you.”

“Good, what happened to that bitch anyway?”

“I had to kill her and Norst is burning her body. I am truly glad you didn’t have to see me like that.”

“I would still love you” when Aislinn was ready to get out of the bath they went back to bed since she was so tired. Dorin kept her close, needing her up against him to know she was safe. When Norst was done burning the body he got rid of the ashes then washed himself, not wanting to chance any of the vile woman on him. He heard Aislinn was awake by her heart rate but left the two alone. It took a few days before Dorin was really able to share her again but he did come around. Aislinn spent months breaking things before she got used to her new strength as a vampire. It was somthing that the three of them found hilarious which was probably why it took her so long to get serious about controlling her strength.

They hadn’t invited Norst to live there but they hadn’t asked him to go either so they all just filled the following months with laughter and smiles, laughter and smiles they hadn’t allowed Contessa to take away. Dorin got to thinking about what Aislinn was talking about in the tub when she first woke up. He did want to marry her and thought going to her hometown to wed was a great idea. They invited Norst who felt honored and excited by the invitation and all packed for her homeland.

It was a long journey but one they were happy to do together. As they left Dorins castle Aislinn sighed with happiness. She couldn’t wait to see her family, friends and home then tell them all of her wonderful life with Dorin.

~ The End ~

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