Dorin & Aislinn 3

Chapter One

The hunters watched the three vampires as they walked through the village with the big red headed man. They didn’t understand why the vampires were not being burned in the sun. “They must be a different species.” A man named Deorsa said as they looked through binoculars. “I’ll need a sample of their blood.”

“You’ll get it as soon as we catch them. The males will be hard, the female shouldn’t be a problem and the big red head must be their prey.” They watched as the man hugged the female. “Scratch that, he’s working with them.”

Aislinn loved being home. They had been visiting for a week and she never got enough of showing Dorin and Norst where she had grown up. “So you really want me to be around forever?” Cian asked as they stopped and grabbed some cinnamon rolls from a vendor.

“Well you are obnoxious, but yes I couldn’t see living forever without my bone head brother around so will you consider it?” Aislinn replied with a big smile.

“Of course I will.”

“Good, so any girlfriend yet?”

Cian laughed. “Not yet, but you know me, I’ve never stayed with a woman long. For some reason I seem to attract the overly needy ones who never want me to go anywhere. Do you know one of them actually got jealous of you? I mean you’re my sister of course I’m going to hang out with you or go somewhere with you if you ask, we’re siblings, but she told me I shouldn’t be spending so much time with you.”

“You should have told her to stop being such a creep. What did she think you were going to do with Aislinn?” Norst asked.

“Who knows, she was weird and I should have broke it off the first time she told me not to spend time with my family.”

“You’ll find someone brother, you’re really sweet so I’m sure you’ll run into someone worth your time.”
“I know, if I’m immortal I’ll have all the time in the world” Cian said with a smile. Aislinn smiled back then they all finished their pastries. “what;re we going to see next?” Norst asked and Cian answered “I’m not sure. I think you guys have been everywhere there is in and near the village. Can you think of anywhere else Aislinn?” Aislinn thought hard but couldn’t come up with anywhere else to show them. A look of disappointment covered her face and Dorin grabbed her hand again “we’ll just ahve to go somewhere again. Where to beautiful?”
“How about we go back to the lake and see if Norst can actually catch something this time.” She answered.

“Hey, swimming and catching fish is hard. You and Cian caught three a piece which I think should be impossible.” Norst replied, crossing his arms.

“It’s not that hard, you just have too think of it like you’re stalking the fish like you would a deer.” Cian added.

“Yeah, we’ve been doing it since we were kids so we’ve had years of practice.”

They headed to the lake just outside of the village, laughing and talking the whole way. When they got their, they stripped down too their underwear, Dorin finding himself a little jealous that Norst was seeing Aislinn in her bra and panties. He didn’t know what had gotten into him, it wasn’t like Norst had ever made a pass as her. In fact he usually seemed pretty oblivious. He took a deep breath and they all walked into the water then dove deep. The hunters had followed them and were now setting up their trap. They were going too have one of their female companions pretend too be wounded while they used wild flower oil to mask their scent. They had coated their weapons in a paralyzing potion that they had found too be very effective against vampires. Even though Aislinn, Dorin, and Norst were not undead the hunters believed they were walking corpses, abominations that needed to be put down.
Norst followed Aislinns advice and tried to think about stalking the fish as he might a deer. To a human the metaphor would have been more useful since as a vampire it wasn’t incredibly hard for him to catch and kill a deer. He got the premise though and was putting it to use. Norst was just about to close his hands around one when the crys of a woman filled his ears. The fish swam away but he now wasn’t concerned about that.

Cian, Norst, Aislinn and Dorin quickly swam to the surface and got out to help the woman. They followed the sounds the woman was making and found her sitting on the ground holding her bloody, wounded leg. They knew the vampires would be able to smell if it was fake blood so they had honestly wounded her but most of it was makeup to trick them into thinking the wound was more serious than it was.
“Calm down everything’s going too be just fine.” Aislinn said as she dropped down next too the woman. “Tell us what happened.”

“I was wounded by a man, he hurt me.” The woman said in a panicky voice.

“Is he still around?” Norst asked.

“Yes, he’s very close.” She suddenly grinned and pulled her dagger out and stabbed Aislinn in the side, inflicting a minor wound that allowed the potion to get into her bloodstream. Her companions burst through the trees and attacked the vampires and Cian who were taken by surprise. Aislinn clutched her side as she collapsed to the ground, awake but unable too move. Dorin grabbed a man and threw him into a tree, breaking his back and killing him instantly. The leader of the group went after him, slicing open Dorin’s chest then jumping back. Dorin snarled at the man and started after him, but his muscles began too seize up and he found himself on his hands and knees.

“What…is…this?” He asked angrily.

Dalen kicked him in the ribs, making him fall over. “A paralyzing potion blood sucker.”

Dorin studied the man, his attire and his weapons. “Hu…hunters.”

“That’s right vampire and now you’ll be coming with us to our safe house.”

“Make sure not to do too much damage, I need them to live for awhile while I collect my samples and run some tests.” Deorsa said.
Cian, Aislinn, Dorin and Norst were beaten to insure they were weak if they fought off the potion too quickly. When they were done with the beating the hunters drug the four to their safe house. Dorin was livid at these hunters and would rip them apart the second he had the chance. He just hoped Aislinn was alright. One of the kicks to her head had knocked her out. Cian was unconscious too but Dorin hadn’t been paying enough attention to Cians beating to know precisely what caused it.

Dorin couldn’t move his head to see Norst but could hear Norst’s heartbeat running like he was just as pissed. Norst was just wishing they had already changed Cian so he would be better help and heal as fast as them. Cian would be feeling this beating far longer than Aislinn, Dorin or himself. The paralyzing potion would also last longer since his body wasn’t as good at fighting off things.
The safe house was an old house in the middle of the woods that nature had began too reclaim. They dragged their captives down into the basement that smelled musty with a hint of chemicals. They were dragged to the back wall and shackled there with their arms above their heads, forced to sit on their knees. Deorsa walked around the room lighting candles then walked over to a large table with a box and books and chemicals on it. He opened the box, pulling out a vial of blue liquid and a large syringe. “What…you doing?” Dorin asked.

“How fascinating, with such a strong dose of that potion you should still be unable too talk.” Deorsa filled the syringe a quarter of the way. “This is just something too keep you mellow, to stop you from using your powers while I run my tests.” He walked over to Aislinn and Dorin growled at him.

“Don’t touch.”

“My, my you would think you’d be a werewolf with how territorial you are. Don’t worry, you’ll get your dose and then you’ll be completely calm.”
He injected Aislinn then readied a syringe for Dorin. Cian awoke as Dorin tried jerking away not to receive the shot. Unlike Dorin, Cian was unable to speak. His lungs were even straining to function. “fuck you” Norst strained out. Deorsa smiled “wasting what words you have on that?” Deorsa injected Norst then looked at Cian. “You are but a human. Your body functions will most likely halt if I give you anything more now.” Cian glared but Deorsa couldn’t tell since Cians face barely moved.

Cian looked over at his sister, hoping she was ok. His body was sore and his head throbbed. He could only imagine what all those kicks to the head did to Aislinn. Cian couldn’t even remember how he got knocked out. To him he was conscious one second and gone to the world the next. Right now all that really mattered anyway was escaping.
Deorsa gave the sedatives a few moments then unshackled Aislinn and lifted her off the ground. Dorin pulled against his restraints, fury burning in his eyes. “You will not touch her.” He screamed. “Aislinn, wake up.”

“Now, now calm down little bat or you might hurt yourself.” He carried Aislinn out of sight and into a back room where he laid her on a table. Aislinn groaned and her eyes fluttered open. Her head was pounding and she felt dizzy. “Ah, you’re awake, I’m glad. I thought for sure they had caused you brain damage.”

Aislinn’s heart slammed hard against her chest, but she was too weak to get up or fight back. “Wh…who…”

“You must not remember everything, several blows to the head will do that too you. I’m a vampire hunter as are my companions. We captured you and your friends.” She glared angrily up at him.

“Kill you.”

“I don’t think so bloodsucker, in fact the only reason you are all alive is because I wanted to take samples and experiment a little.” He grabbed a syringe and her arm, turning it over and finding the vein he wanted before stabbing it in. “You see you and the other two vampires are rather intriguing. The ones we have come across have all been allergic to sunlight, but you three don’t seem bothered at all. You are a whole other species.” He drew out a fair amount of blood.

“Feel sick.” She said. “Throw up.” She could feel vomit rising in her throat and Deorsa grabbed her and tipped her on her side so she could puke on the floor and not choke on her vomit. He lay her back down and gathers some of her hair and saliva.

“Lets take you back for now.” He lifted her and carried her back to the room where the others were. He shackled her back up and she sat on her knees feeling sick.

“Aislinn, are you okay?” Dorin asked.

“I…uh…threw up a little. My head is spinning. Not a big deal…been feeling sick for a couple of weeks.”

“Wait are you…”Norst made sure the doctor wasn’t in the room. He had gone back to gather his samples. “Aislinn, are you pregnant?” Norst whispered.
“I…o my god…maybe I am. I hadn’t considered it” Aislinn whispered back. Everyones hearts beat a fearful rhythm. They were scared what these hunters might do if they discover Aislinns pregnancy. It also explained to Dorin why he had been so jealous and protective lately. She was carrying their baby so it was natural to be protective and worry. Dorins adrenaline began pumping. He couldn’t allow them to hurt Aislinn any more or let them take their baby.

Cian and Norsts minds were both clear and crisp now too in worry over Aislinn and the baby. Norst started glancing around the rooms for any ideas on what to do. They couldn’t wait for their strength because the doctors would just keep pumping them with drugs. They had to use their smarts and what little strength they had while on these drugs.

Chapter Two

“Alright, who’s next.” Deorsa asked as he studied the vampires. “How about you young man.” He said too Norst.

“Young man, I am much older than you hunter and far wiser.” Norst replied.

“I doubt you are as wise as you say, especially since you allowed yourself too be caught by humans so easily.”

“You and your kind will see how intelligent a vampire really is, just wait.”

Deorsa chuckled. “Lets get too collecting your samples. You are far too big for me too lift so I’ll just do it here.” He grabbed a syringe out of his pocket and held tightly too Norst’s arm. He drew some blood and Norst snapped at him, trying too bite his arm. Deorsa backhanded him then collected a saliva sample. Next he did Dorin who struggled as much as he could and finally Cian. “The human will be my control sample so I can see what effects your blood has on him.”

He took the samples to his lab and got too work on testing each sample. He was trying too find out what their weakness was. “Are you okay Aislinn?” Cian asked. “With the amount of blood they took from us, it couldn’t have been good for the baby.”

“I’m fine, that sedative is making me really nauseous though and my head hurts.”

“You probably have a concussion my love so just take it easy. Your body will mend itself.” Dorin whispered and smiled warmly at her.

“How are we going too get out of here?” Cian asked.

“We wait until the sun goes down. We have a couple of more hours I think.” Norst answered.

“Then what?”

“Then the bats come out too play.” Deorsa came back an hour later with another syringe and took more blood from Dorin.

“I need too study the change to better understand it.” He walked over to Cian.

“Leave him alone.” Aislinn screamed.

“Shut up or I will pump you full of drugs.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” Cian said, not wanting his niece or nephew too be harmed. Deorsa injected him with the blood then grabbed a chair and sat down in front of him, taking a notebook and pencil out of his pocket and waiting.
At first nothing happened but a few moments later Cian began to sweat. It poured down him like he had just ran a marathon. Next his muscles began to tense and seemingly twist. Even his organs seemed to be in knots. He began to groan due to the pain. he jerked against the chains, just wanting to lay down. The pain got to be so much he hurled, spraying some on Deorsa. Cian was in agony until the moment he passed out. “Now I need to clean myself up. This is disgusting” Deorsa said as he finished his notes then walked out.

Aislinn felt tears slide down her cheeks. She knew nothing out of the ordinary had happened but she still wanted to comfort her brother and felt terrible he had to go through so much pain. Dorin hoped they were going to wipe up Cians stomach contents so that the man wouldn’t have to kneel in it. It was horrible enough to wake up after the change without having to kneel in your own vomit.
Deorsa came back with one of their female companions and had her help him clean up the puke. “I don’t need my lab stinking because he couldn’t hold his lunch.”

“You’re going too pay for that asshole.” Aislinn snapped and the woman slapped her.

“Watch your mouth bitch.”

Aislinn glared at her and both Dorin and Norst bit back their response of her being pregnant. “The effects of their blood is astounding, the change incredibly fascinating.” He grinned, a gleeful glimmer in his eyes. “I have never seen a vampire change until now.”

“Trust me, it will be the last.” Dorin retorted angrily.

“I wonder if vampires can grow their tongues back, I’m sure you don’t want too find out.” Once the room was clean Deorsa and the woman headed up for dinner.

“The sun is nearly down.” Norst said. “I can feel it.” They sat there patiently waiting as the sun crept slowly towards the horizon. The minute it was out of sight they all received a burst of energy. Norst grinned and allowed his boddy to morph into a swarm of bats then back to his human form. “There we go. I do hate shackles.” He turned and broke Dorin’s who rubbed his wrists as he got to his feet.

“When were you in shackles?” Aislinn asked as Dorin broke her bonds and then Cian’s, lowering the latter slowly to the floor since he was still unconscious.

“It was before I became a vampire, I had stolen a few things and wound up in a dungeon. Anyway, Dorin, shall we spook these monstrous men before feeding?”

“Perhaps we should leave the leader alive too spread the word.”

“Alright, then we shall leave him alive. Lets show these people that their crosses and holy water soaked arrows do not work.”
“Aislinn, please just stay with your brother.” Dorin asked and Aislinn nodded. Taken by surprise as they were earlier it was almost funny how easily these hunters were overcome. They scrambled for weapons as cockroaches might scramble across a floor of a rundown apartment when you turn the lights on. Dorin and Norst drained every one of them dry aside from the leader. He was now cowering in fear in the corner of the front room.

Dorin wanted deeply to drain him too but he didn’t want his family attacked a second time. He was now going to have a child and he never wanted them to go through somthing like this. Dorin grabbed the man by the throat “You make sure everybody knows not to mess with my family. Next time you will die for coming anywhere near Aislinn” Dorin held the man in a hateful gaze until Norst said “come on, lets go” Dorin forced himself to set the man down and followed Norst to get Aislinn and Cian.
Dorin lifted Aislinn into his arms while Norst lifted Cian over his shoulder and they headed quickly out. They were exhausted, but forced themselves too walk back to Cian’s home. Norst put Cian in his bed and Aislinn insisted she clean him up before getting clean herself. Dorin sighed, but let her down. Aislinn filled a bowl with water and grabbed a rag then went into CIan’s room and with the help of Dorin and Norst cleaned him up as best as she could. She closed her eyes when they changed him into night pants then she pulled the covers over him and kissed his forehead.

“After I’ve bathed I’ll go to the butcher and by some cows blood.” Norst offered.

“Thank you, I would go but…”

“But you need to stay with Aislinn and the baby, it’s no problem.”

Dorin and Aislinn smiled then he carried her up to their room and into the adjoining bathroom. He put her on her feet and she started undressing as he got the shower started. Once the water was ready he quickly undressed and lifted her into the tub then stepped in. “Now I feel bad for always feeding on you.” He said softly as he rubbed soap over her.

“Don’t be, it’s not like we knew I was pregnant.”

“You want too hear something interesting. When I feed on you I don’t need cow blood.”

She giggled. “Oh really and when did you figure that out?”

“When I realized I had gone without any for two days. I guess that makes you unique. Anyway, I guess it’s back to cow blood until you have the baby.” She pouted and he laughed then kissed her. “Don’t pout, it’s so not you.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “I am excited to be a father.”


“Yes, it’s something I have always wanted and I am truly happy that I get too have a baby with you.”

Chapter three

“Me too. I haven’t been thinking about it but this baby is a welcome surprise” Norst knocked on their door somtime later. “Come in’ Dorin called. Norst came in and gave them blood “the butcher was upset to be bothered at night so i had to pay extra.” Aislinn gave a small laugh “Yeah, I thought about it being night after you had already taken off.” Norst shrugged “atleast I was able to get the blood. I’m going to bed now before we wake your mother.”

“Night Norst” They both said “Night guys” he answered and went to the room he had been given. Filled with blood Aislinn and Dorin were able to relax and fade into sleep. Aislinns eyes snapped open the next morning to the sound of Cians moans “he’s in pain” she said and pushed out of Dorins arms.
“Easy love, don’t fall down we’ve all been through this, it’s normal.” Dorin said as he followed her out of bed. They grabbed one of the containers of blood Norst had bought and took it into the room. Cian was trying to set up and Aislinn sat down next to him while Dorin helped him up.

“Why didn’t you tell me it hurt this much?” He groaned.

“Don’t be such a baby.” Aislinn replied as she opened the container of blood.

“Always sympathetic when I need it the most.” They smiled at each other.

“Here, drink this.” She held the container up to his lips and he gulped it down, feeling relief sweep through him.

“I never thought I’d say blood is delicious. Oh and speaking of baby, how is my niece or nephew?”

“The baby’s fine, I have very keen ears and can hear a very steady heartbeat.” Dorin answered and they both smiled. Cian lay back down, still feeling exhausted.

“How long will I be tired like this?”

“You’ll be more normal tomorrow, well as normal as you get dearest brother.” Aislinn smiled and he chuckled. She kissed his forehead. “I’ll bring you breakfast, you need too eat after your change to help get your strength back.

“Yes, ma’am.”
They went downstairs where they made blueberry muffins. When Aislinns mother woke she groggily came into the kitchen “morning sweetheart.” She said in a sleepy tone. “Morning mom, we changed Cian into a vampire.” Aislinn said as if she was saying she changed the sheets on a bed. Her mother smiled “I’m glad, you two will always be together”

“Do you want to change too mom”

“No, but thank you”

“Why not?”

“I want to head on into the next life with your father. Whatevers next i want to be with him.” Aislinn hugged her mother “I understand. I love you”

“Love you too” They put the muffins on plates, giving one to Aislinns mom before taking a plate to Cian and Norst. They took their own plate back downstairs to eat with Aislinns mother. “you arent upset dear?” she asked and Aislinn shook her head “I told you I understand”
Her mother smiled. “So how does Cian feel?”

“Like he got trampled by a herd of horses I suspect. He’s tough though so I know he’ll be fine.”

“How did he really get turned, I know none of you did it.”

Aislinn smiled at her mother’s perceptiveness. “We were captured by some idiots who thought we were bloodthirsty demons of the night. They gave Cian some of our blood too see what would happen. Dorin and Norst made sure they’d never screw with us again.”

Her mother reached over and patted Dorin’s hand. “I’m glad she has you to watch over her. I know she thinks she doesn’t need it, but sometimes she does and you’re perfect for the job.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

“So how is your friend, Norst?”

“He’s being lazy as usual.” Aislinn said loud enough for him too hear. They heard footsteps a moment later and started laughing as Norst made his way downstairs, plate in hand. “Oh there he is, good morning.”

“I was not being lazy, I was just contemplating life.”

“In bed, with a muffin.” She teased.

“It’s the best way too do it and the muffin was very good by the way.”
Aislinn smiled and they all just hungout until Cian came down. Their mother quickly stood to hug him “hey honey, how’re you feeling?”

“Better but still horrible”

“I’m sorry but atleast you and your sister will always be together now”

“Yeah” Cian said as he walked to the couch to sit. They all followed “you sure you don’t want to stay in bed?’

“I wanted company for a little bit. I’ll go sleep the rest of this off later” Aislinn and Melipha dominated the conversation with Cian. Dorin was just happy to listen. He loved how excitedly they all talked about the baby to come. The thought of having a child warmed his heart and he couldn’t wait for the entire experience. He was disappointed their child wouldn’t have any grandparents but he couldn’t blame Melipha either for her choice. He knew how hard it was to live on after loseing a loved one and could see not wanting to prolong that life. If people did reincarnate he deeply hoped they would find eachother again.

When Cian was better he went home with Dorin and Aislinn to get adjusted to his new abilities. They had a long goodbye and wished Melipha well until they returned for another visit or to return Cian if he wanted to come back after he mastered his new strength. Melipha waited to cry until her children were out of view. It was always hard to see them go and she missed them but was happy for them all the same.
When they finally made it home Cian went straight upstairs and took a nap. Walking through the sun had exhausted him more than everyone else since he was just getting used too being a vampire. Norst grabbed a book and went up to the tower too read while Dorin lifted Aislinn and took her up to their room. She giggled when he laid her down on their bed and started pulling at her clothes. “Always so hungry.” She teased and he looked into her eyes, smiling at the love and adoration he saw reflected back at him.

“I love you so much Aislinn.”

“I love you too.”

He kept her in their room for the rest of the day, needing too be as close to her as possible. She just smiled and laughed, loving how attentive and needy he was. After their attack she could understand and her being pregnant only made him more protective. I took him a couple of weeks too not need her in sight and he apologized even though it didn’t anger her. They sat together on the couch in front of the fire after dinner one night, her between his knees and him reading a book to her and the baby, when he suddenly stopped and said. “Evir.”

“What?” Aislinn looked up at him confused.

“That’s the name I want for the baby.”

She laughed. “What if it’s a boy?”

He smiled back. “Evir, is that okay?”

She turned and got on her knees. “You must know something I don’t.” He shrugged and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Evir it is then, it’s a beautiful name.”

“I feel so blessed Aislinn too have you and this baby. You two are my life.”

“And you are ours my sweet little vampire.” They kissed once more then she laid back down and he continued reading, both of them smiling with excitement and joy.


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