Dwyn & Alvar

Chapter One

Alvar didn’t like setting foot in the dimly lit brothel. He wrinkled his nose in disgust as a cloud of incense smoke hit him in the face. He hated the way he smelled after leaving here and scrubbed himself clean after every visit to get rid of the stink. “Focus.” He whispered to himself as he moved across the room to the man sitting behind a counter.

“You’re back.” The man said when he noticed Alvar.

“Of course.”

“Same as always?”

“Yes please.” He pulled out a bag of gold and dropped it on the counter and the man picked it up and dumped it out, quickly counted it then signaled at another man who quickly disappeared upstairs. Alvar leaned against the counter, arms crossed as he impatiently waited. His eyes moved around the room, taking in its familiarity. Red couches, creamy white marble flooring, cushions scattered about in various colors, men and women whispering to each other, touching, kissing, he hated this place. He had no real issue with brothels when they were ran legitimately, but he knew to well the corruption of this establishment. He snapped back to reality when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs and smiled warmly at the sight of the man who had so easily caught his attention.

“He’s all yours.” The man escorting him said and Alvar held out his hand.

“Come on.” Dwyn took his hand and allowed Alvar to lead him away. They went to a back room and Alvar quickly closed the door then hugged him. “It’s so good to see you again.”

“You shouldn’t keep coming back here, this place doesn’t suit you even a little.”

Alvar shrugged. “I like visiting you and I’ll pay any amount to do it.”

Dwyn smiled. “Why?”

Alvar shrugged again and flopped down on the bed then laid back. “Maybe because you’re fun to talk to, you’re intelligent and beautiful or maybe it’s because I can actually rest here. The school can be so boring sometimes. I only came here because Seti has many spells I don’t know, but man the professors here all have sticks up their butts. Elves make magic fun.”

Dwyn sat down next to him and smiled. “Then go home.”

“Can’t, don’t want to leave you.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m nothing.”

“Hush, you’re my friend and I’m not leaving you here.”

Dwyn leaned over and brushed some hair off of his forehead. “Sleep, you look exhausted.”

“Hmm, I should be the one looking out for you. I’ll get you out of here.”

“Don’t say such things, no matter what they won’t let me go. Even with these scars, I am their favorite. I feel nothing, not pain, not fear, I am worth a lot. The only way I’m getting out of here is if I die.” Alvar opened his mouth to speak and Dwyn held up his hand. “No arguing and besides, you promised your father you wouldn’t start something in another man’s kingdom, so keep your promise and sleep.”

“I’m no good at keeping promises to my father. He knows this”

“sleep, please. You’ll grant me rest too” Alvar sighed “alright alright, we’ll rest for now but you cant stop me from trying to free you” they laid down under the covers that they both wished were cleaner and relaxed. Dwyn knew Alvar couldn’t possibly understand how good it was to even get these breaks. As far as everybody else knew he was working so this was the one time he could rest with absolutely zero worries of being used or beaten. He didn’t feel pain but it didn’t make life here much easier.

Alvar woke a couple of hours later, feeling more refreshed than he did when he slept at the school. He knew he should probably get a room at an inn, but it was easier being closer to the materials he needed and he wanted to have an excuse to come and see Dwyn. Plus, it would be harder to sneak away from Hillevi in an inn. He rolled onto his side and propped his head up in his hand. One of his greatest joys was watching Dwyn sleep. He had never found himself so attached to someone in his life. Dwyn was such a beautiful person inside and out and Alvar hated knowing he had been forced to have sex with so many. Even worse, is that Dwyn seemed to have resigned himself to his fate. Alvar sighed, brushing some of Dwyn’s red hair off of his face. He wanted to protect him, to love him like he deserved, to give him a loving home.

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against Dwyn’s in a gentle kiss. “I’m not going to let those monsters sell you to those disgusting men anymore.” He whispered. He slid his hand underneath Dwyn’s shirt, letting his fingers trace lightly over his skin as he drew a symbol on his chest. “If anyone touches you without your permission who is not me, may they grow ill.” He kissed his forehead then snuggled back down under the covers. He was woke much later by Dwyn and he groaned, not wanting to leave.

“Come on sleepy head, you need to get back before your guard notices you’ve left.”

“No way, I want to stay with you.”

“Come on, you can always come back later.”

“Fine.” He sat up and stretched. “Do you need any healing before I go?”

“No, I’m alright.”

“Please tell the truth, don’t hide your wounds because it won’t make me feel any better.”

“I have some bruises and maybe a lash mark or two on my back.” He pulled the small dagger from the sheath at his wasted and sliced his hand open, cupping it so blood pooled in his palm.

“Blood is the fastest way.” He smiled and Dwyn bent his head to the blood. He drank until what had collected was gone then let Alvar close the wound.

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you Dwyn.”

They enjoyed a long embrace before Alvar forced himself to leave. Dwyn sighed, already missing him tremendously. It wasn’t just that he gave him a break form his life, there was far too much to adore about Alvar. Knowing he had to inform his masters he was done servicing him Dwyn relieved himself in the bathroom, made the bed then went to tell the masters he was ready for another client. Dwyn was relieved when there was no work lined up for him. It was a rare day he got any kind of break due to his popularity. He collapsed in bed, enjoying the sensation of Alvars blood kicking in and healing his body fully. “thank you” he whispered into his pillow.

Alvar stealthily snuck back into his room and made it appear as though he had been simply resting there. When it was breakfast time he got up and changed into the days clothes before telling his guard he was ready to find breakfast. “sleep well?”


“You stayed in your room all night?” The question made him nervous that she might know he didn’t but he chose to lie “yep’ she nodded and they walked in silence until Alvar found the place he wanted to eat.

“You know you should really trust me more Evi.” Alvar said as they took their seats.

“Yeah right, you have a penchant for taking off when it suits you.”

He chuckled, leaning over and patting her head. “You and father are far to protective of me.”

“You’re his only son and my friend, I’d say we are the right amount of protective.” She swatted his hand away, blushing at being treated like a child. A waitress came by and they ordered what they wanted. Alvar smiled up at the woman, making her blush as she ran off to put their order in. “The women still can’t help themselves, they’re all put off by that cheerful face of yours.”

“It seems in this city you can’t just smile and be polite without it seeming like you’re flirting.”

“Or maybe, like most elves, it’s because you’re so beautiful. That smile of yours could charm a serpent.”

He laughed. “Well I shall remember that should I ever come in contact with one.”

Dwyn was rudely awoken when a client came in wanting something special. He was ordered out of his bed and downstairs where there was a man waiting. He didn’t want to have to service another man, but he also didn’t want Alvar coming and seeing him bloodied for disobeying so he put on a smile and gestured for the man to follow him. “Take your clothes off.” The man ordered once they were alone and Dwyn did as he was ordered, keeping Alvar at the top of his thoughts. “They were right, the scars do make you look more beautiful.”

“What would you like me to do?”

“Get on the bed.” Dwyn laid down, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. He felt the bed shift and the man’s face came into view. “I want you to look at me elf.” The man kissed him, his hands moving over him and Dwyn did his best not to shudder in disgust. After a moment, the man groaned then pulled back and grabbed his head. “What the hell?” He leaned over the edge of the bed and vomited, surprising Dwyn who scrambled out from underneath him and called for help. He wondered if the man had some sort of disease.

Dwyn never called for help so sombody actually came while if it had been another he might have been ignored. “what the fuck! If you’re sick you shouldn’t be here you lousy bastard! You might have gotten our best toy sick now! Get the fuck out!” The man yelled as the patron threw up again. The master groaned and drug the man out. Dwyn heard him say he wasn’t welcome again. Dwyn was told to go back to his own room so he quickly obeyed, glad to have gotten out of a job. A little later a doctor came in to examine him. He hated the doctor. He was lech who tended to feel him up for any examination.

“You’re fine for now it seems. It really would be a shame for such a fine product to go unused due to poor health” Dwyn didn’t say anything and the doctor slid his hand into Dwyns pants, feeling him. “I’ve been considering paying for you so I can do what i really want…maybe while I’m” before he could even finish the sentence he was throwing up too. Dwyn called for help again wondering if maybe he was immune to whatever this was and was carrying it.

His owners were confused and had the doctor leave, afraid that something bad was going around and not wanting Dwyn catching it. They called for another doctor, one Dwyn had never met and who quickly examined him. He looked nervous that he might be the next to fall ill, but to everyone’s surprise, he did not start vomiting. The doctor told his owners he didn’t know what to make of it, that Dwyn seemed to be in perfect health. “Just go back up to your room until we figure things out.” He was told and he quickly obeyed.

Alvar spent his day in the school garden reading spell books, soaking up as much information as he could while he waited for the day to be over. The strictness of the school made learning so tedious, that he had to avoid the classrooms if he was to enjoy anything at all. Hillevi sat next to him, reading her own book, this one about the sword techniques of Seti. “I think we need lunch.” He said after another half an hour of memorizing spells.

“Could we eat here today?” Hillevi asked and he sighed. “Oh come on, they have good food.”

“I know, I know, I just like going out. It’s a bit stuffy in this place, back home we held classes outside.”

“Well we’re not home Alvar, we’re in Seti and that means getting used to doing things differently.”

“Alright, we’ll eat here.”

“Thank you.” Alvar picked up his books and they both went inside to the dinner hall. There were tables in the back covered with different foods and drinks. Alvar sat his books down then he and Hillevi went and got something to eat. He couldn’t wait for tonight, excited to see Dwyn once more and fall asleep next to his warmth.

Chapter Two

Dwyn laid in his room that night glad to have had such an easy day. After hearing of the two ill men no other had paid to spend time with him that day. He hoped Alvar was coming back though he worried he might fall ill too. He was debating if he should send Alvar away the second he came to him to spare him the discomfort of throwing up. When he heard a knock on his door Dwyn excitedly got up to greet his next buyer. His eyes smiled as he saw Alvar. They went to their normal room and Dwyn said “you might not want to be near me. Two men who have touched me today got horribly ill” Alvar chuckled “I cast a spell of protection on you. Any man who touches you without your consent falls ill”

Dwyn just stared at him for a moment. “When? Where?”

“Yesterday while you slept and on your chest.”

He touched his chest. “But, why?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” He pushed Dwyn back on the bed, smiling at the surprise on his face as he caged him in with a hand on either side of his head. “I want to be the only one to touch you and kiss you, to make love to you. No one else should be permitted to lay a hand on you. I’m the only one allowed to touch you.” He leaned in, his lips brushing Dwyn’s so he gave a little shiver. “Do you like it when I touch you?”

“It…it’s different, more gentle.” He touched his lips. “I guess it would have to be for me not to notice you touching me in my sleep.”

“I kissed you too.” He stroked Dwyn’s cheek when he looked even more surprised. “I couldn’t help myself, I know that’s a lousy and cheap thing to say when you’re stuck here, but I needed to.” He kissed him again and Dwyn gripped Alvar’s shirt, finding himself growing weak with the feel of his lips. When Alvar finally parted their lips, Dwyn couldn’t think straight. His mind was a whirlwind of emotion and at the center of it was Alvar. “I love you Dwyn, I really do.”

Dwyn felt himself tear up at Alvar’s sweet words. He couldn’t remember ever hearing those words spoken to him and they were filled with such sincerity. “I’m filthy.”

“Don’t say that, you have no idea how much I want you, how desperately I want to show you what love is like.” He pressed his forehead against Dwyn’s. “Not here though, I hate this place.”

“Where then?”

“You can come home with me.”

Dwyn frowned. “But they still aren’t letting me leave, I told you I’m their favorite. Since I can’t make money here, they’ll send me to the pit to fight.”

Alvar moved to lay next to Dwyn and pulled him into his arms. “I can’t believe the king lets this go on.”

“Well, he doesn’t know. He has no idea what really goes on in this district or that there is an illegal fighting ring beneath the graveyard.”

“How is that even possible, all good kings know their kingdoms.”

“Because the brothel owners clean up the place and either bribe or intimidate the merchandise into staying quiet and as far as the fighting, well no one really wants to go near a graveyard to investigate strange noises.”

“Then I will bring him down here to see this filth.”

“Everyone knows when the king leaves, he’d never make it here in time to see.”

He kissed Dwyn’s forehead. “I’ll figure something out, lets just rest for now.”

Dwyn decided to just trust Alvar instead of continuously questioning how this would come to be. It was sweet enough Alvar wanted to try for him. They tangled themselves in one another and relaxed, Alvar occasionally giving Dwyn a random kiss now that how he felt was out in the open. Tonight when Alvar had to leave Dwyn it was even harder to part but after a long goodnight kiss that promised he’d bring the king as soon as possible Alvar went away. His top priority was giving Dwyn freedom and he’d stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Alvar paced around his bedroom all that night thinking of what he’d do and worrying about how soon they’d make Dwyn fight. He had enough scars and horrible memories to deal with as it was.

Alvar took a deep breath as he braced himself for what he was about to do, ask Hillevi for her help. He stepped out of his room before she even made it to his door, surprising her. “I need to talk to you.” He said and gently grabbed her elbow, guiding her into his room.

“About what?”

His ears were already ringing with her reprimand. “I’ve been sneaking out.”

Her face became incredibly serious. “What?”

“There is this man in the red light district named Dwyn.”

“A prostitute?”

“Hush and listen. He is a slave, forced to have sex with multiple men and fight in a pit. I love him Evi and wish to set him free.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. “Alvar, how many times have I told you to stay with me. What if they had taken you hostage and tried to sell you?”

“I won’t apologize, I really love him, please help me. He says the king knows nothing of what goes on in the red light district. We need to take the king there.”

“He would be easily recognized.”

“I know, that’s why I want to sneak into his room tonight and ask him to allow me to put him and a couple of his guards under an illusion spell. It would mask who they are so they could easily walk about without being noticed. I’m begging you.” He put his hands together and bowed his head, making her blush.

“Alright stop, that’s totally embarrassing.”

“Thank you.” He hugged her, giving her a tight squeeze.

“Okay, can’t breathe.”

He let go as a smile adorned his face from the thrill of the task before him. He had faith in his abilities, especially when Dwyn was at stake. He wouldn’t fail, he couldn’t. He also had complete faith in Hillevi. She was amazing and he could think of no partner her wanted more to help him with this. They discussed different tactics and ways to get in for many hours, working out the perfect plan. Once prepared for the night Alvar and Hillevi went to what classes he hadn’t missed yet. Today Alvar couldn’t have paid attention unless he was paid to in Dwyns freedom. He just kept going over the plan in his head and what life would be like with Dwyn when they could really be together.

He hoped he could get his love over the shame of what he had been forced to do. He wasn’t dirty and was a good man. Alvar hoped with enough time he could make Dwyn feel clean and happy, with no shame about the past. His mind stayed so busy that before he knew it the school day was over. He had dinner as always with Hillevi then was left only to wait until he could sneak into the castle.

“Wake up.” The voice startled Dwyn from his sleep and he quickly sat up, his hand clutching his blanket to his chest. It was one of his owners. “There is a fight tomorrow night, you will be going.”

“Yes sir.”

“You have to make up the money you lost us.”

“I understand sir.”

The man grunted and left, not wanting to spend anymore time in the presence of someone who may or may not be sick. Dwyn laid back down, wishing Alvar had come this night. It would be too hard for him to fall asleep now. Alvar took Hillevi the way he always sneaked out, doing his best not to laugh at her irritated grumbling. They pulled their cloaks up and moved quickly, but quietly away from the school. The castle wasn’t far, but the front gate was watched by two sentries. “Let me work my magic Alvar.” Hillevi said as she removed her sword and cloak and hid them. She untied the top of her shirt then adjusted her breasts.

“Ah yes, I forgot the magic of being female.” Alvar teased and she jabbed him in the ribs.

“Just stay here until I have them distracted.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She walked up to the front gate, wearing a look of confusion and worry. Both of the guards stood straighter, their hands sliding to their weapons as she approached. She threw her hands up and gave them a little smile. “Oh I’m sorry, I’m lost and you two looked like you could help me. I can go.” She started to turn around when one of the guards called her back.

“We can help, our apologies ma’am.”

“Oh it’s quite alright, I understand. So could you please help me, I know nothing about this city. I came for a visit and just got turned around.”

Both guards smiled. “Why don’t you tell us where you got turned around and maybe we can help.”

Alvar smiled as she wrapped both those men around her fingers then lead them away from their posts. Even as a gay man he recognized how pretty Hillevi was but apparently he still had underestimated her wiles. Alvar nimbly approached the gates then skillfully made his way inside. It was almost childs play to him to get through the castle. Security obviously wasn’t a huge concern of the kings but he was a good man so he had no reason to be paranoid. His pure soul was why Alvar whole heartedly believed that once the king was made aware of what was happening he would put an end to it and punish all responsible.

The first hint of nerves rushed over Alvar as he made it to the kings room and slunk inside. The king would probably have a weapon near him despite the minimal security and he was no lazy king who let himself go, this man had muscle to him along with swift reflexes. Any mans first reaction to a strange man in his room would of course be to protect himself from the invader.

The minute he was close enough to touch the king, the older man was swinging at him with a dagger. Alvar drew his own, barely blocking the blow. “Assassin.” He spat and shoved Alvar back.

“Easy my lord, I am neither here to harm you or rob you.” He slid his dagger back into his sheathe and used his magic to cause the candles in the room to leap to life.

“Who are you?”

Alvar dropped down on one knee and bowed his head. “I am Alvar Elof, elf prince of the Northern kingdom. I came to study at the magic school.”

“What business have you breaking into my room?”

“I apologize, but I need your help and getting an audience with you was highly important.”

The king tossed his dagger onto his bed. “Please rise, I’m not much for being bowed to.” Alvar got to his feet. “What do you need of me Alvar?”

“I have found corruption in your kingdom, it is hidden from you but there all the same. The man I love is being forced into prostitution and is made to fight in an underground ring. I ask that you allow me to disguise you and two of your best knights with an illusion spell so you may accompany me to see the evil of these men.”

Chapter Three

The king stared a few moments, obviously shocked by this revelation. “of course you can. Thank you for bringing somthing like this to my attention. I am sorry for what this man is going through, what is his name?”


“we can go tonight, I’ll rose my guards. If it’s a brothel it never closes and I’m sure fights are held at night too so no time like the present”

“thank you”

“grant me a few moments privacy to put clothes on. If someone sees you and gives you hassle yell for me”

“yes sir”

“Not sir, Ardire please” Alvar nodded then walked out to wait by his door. When Ardire came out he had Alvar follow him to the barracks where he woke two men and told them to follow him. They went to a private room to discuss things incase the corrupt men who ran the brothel and ring was paying anybody in the castle to keep an ear out for knowledge of their affairs. Once all was explained Alvar used his magic to disguise the three then went out.

“Well it’s about damn time.” Hillevi’s voice started them after they had managed to get past the guards and the two men charged with guarding the king drew their weapons.

“Whoa, she’s a friend.”

Hillevi rolled her eyes. “It’s not like they would have been able to do anything to me.”

Both Alvar and the king laughed. “Evi, be good, they were just startled. How did it go with the guards?”

“Oh you know, they gave me the old wow you’re so beautiful, your husband must feel lucky and of course I had to give them the old I don’t have a husband, you know how it goes. Sorry your grace.”

“Not at all and please call me Ardire. You must be the escort.”

“Yes sir.” They moved quickly down the road, the two guards ever vigilant even though their king was disguised. Stepping into the red light district, even Hillevi was on high alert. While the king and his guards looked like regular citizens, Alvar still looked like he came from money. Both she and the king’s guards were relieved they made it to the brothel without incident.

Recognizing Alvar as a frequent customer he was approached right away “I’m sorry Alvar but you cant have the same man you normally do. He’s been causing patrons to get sick. We have many other fine toys for you to play with though. Tell us what you most enjoyed about Dwyn and we’ll find somthing to suit you” The king felt so much revulsion listening to human beings being talked about like objects it took great effort not to hurl and instantly send this man to prison. “yes, show us around..we’re looking too” the king said and the man nodded “if you come recommended by Alvar then you are welcome. He always pays without fuss” They were shown everything, every disgusting room and captive.

“I have also heard you have a fighting ring. I’d love to see it”

“Oh, have you made a selection or would you like to go aswell Alvar?’ Though Alvar knew the king was aware he had only been coming here to see a man he loved it was still embarrassing to be treated as such a valued customer. “I’d like to see too. Might be entertaining”

“I’ll fetch a man who can take you. We need to take your old plaything there anyway” Alvar felt anger swell in him but kept his cool. The king needed to see everything so these monsters wouldn’t be able to deny things existed. Another man followed the first when he returned. This one was a little taller and had skin issues most likely caused by severe drug abuse. “come with me” was all he said before he started walking.

He took them to a cart and motioned for them to climb in back. The king’s guards sat on either side of him, while Hillevi took up the spot nearest the pock mark faced driver. If he tried anything she would cut off his limbs. They sat in silence, arms crossed over their chests as they waited for the ride to be over. When they arrived at the cemetery they all feigned surprise, as if not expecting it to be held in such a place. The driver asked them to get out and they hopped down then followed him through the front gate and to the very back to an old mausoleum. He knocked on the door three times then waited. A man pushed the door open a crack and peeked out, when he saw who it was he pushed it all the way open and invited them in.

“Alvar, correct?” He asked.

“That’s me, yes.”

“I have seen you around the brothel, very fond of men, well one man. He’s fighting tonight you know? You’ll be amazed by his skill.”

“I’m sure I will if he fights as good as he loves.” The man grinned. “These are my companions, I was wondering if maybe I could show them Dwyn.”

“We don’t usually let our patrons in back.”

“Oh come on, I can make it worth your while.” He pulled a pouch of gold from his robe pocket and handed it over.

“Very well, since I have been told you are the brothel’s top customer.” He gestured for them to follow, taking them past the fighting pit and into a back room where there were cages. In one of them, chained to the wall was Dwyn whose eyes brightened the moment he saw Alvar. “Magnificent sight isn’t he?”

The king nodded then leaned over to one of his guards and whispered to him. The guard nodded and left the room without a word. When he saw the man giving him a questioning look he merely said, “He’s going to place a bet for me.”

“Ah, good, you are sure to win.” The man jabbered on about Dwyn’s track record and the king leaned over to Alvar and told him he had sent his guard to the castle to gather a group of knights to hit the brothel and fighting pit at the same time. Alvar nodded and called for his magic to leave the guard the moment he was close to the castle.

Alvas heart sank when the fight was about to start and nobody had come yet. It was going to destroy him if Dwyn got hurt too badly and he didn’t know if he could resist using magic to protect him. They were shown seats and once it was just the two of them again Ardire whispered again “they are coming and rest assured if he needs any medical help after this I’ll see to it myself” Alvar nodded, glad for the small comfort as he now watched his love be forced into the arena with a guy who seemed much more into fighting. The fight began and Alvar gripped his seat until his fingers were white.

Dwyn tried not to let Alvars presence be a distraction for him as he dodged, swung and kicked with his opponent. He had to have his mind in the fight if he didn’t want to be beaten to a pulp but his mind was busy with what he thought of this, if he’d like him less for beating up another man who hadn’t done anything to him or if whatever plan they had worked out was actually working.

Chapter Four

He was punched in the jaw and knocked to the ground and quickly rolled back up. Not being able to feel physical pain had it’s advantages. Alvar could see his worry even from where he sat and he jumped to his feet yelling, “Don’t you dare lose.” He clutched the railing at the edge of the ring, wanting to jump over and use his magic to protect his love. “Come on, Dwyn, kick his ass.”

Dwyn’s heart fluttered and he attacked the other man with renewed vigor, dodging his every punch and pushing through his guard. He landed a blow that nearly knocked the man to his knees and just as he went to hit him again, the door to the mausoleum was knocked open and a group of knights came flooding in. Alvar, unable to contain himself any longer, jumped over the railing and grabbed Dwyn’s hand, pulling him away from the other man. He took the illusion off the king and his guard then used his magic to break the iron door that separated a small hall from the ring.

“Are we leaving now?” Dwyn asked.

“Yes, after everything is settled here, you, me and Hillevi are going home. You’ll love the castle, you’ll be completely free.”

“What of your father, will he accept our relationship?”

“Of course, it’s not like same sex marriage is illegal there. My great grandfather had a husband, my grandfather was adopted.”

Dwyn came to a stop and pulled Alvar into a hug, suddenly feeling like crying. “I love you, thank you so much.”

Alvar pulled back and kissed him, making happy tears slide down Dwyn’s cheeks. “You never have to thank me.”

Knowing the king would be busy tonight they ran to the room Alvar was staying in instead of the castle. They could always go there in the morning when they woke. “where are we?’ Dwyn asked when Alvar shut the door. “My room, this is where I’m always leaving to see you”

“this is so nice…how did you ever get to sleep in that disgusting place?” A;var hugged Dwyn from behind and placed a gentle kiss between his shoulder blades “because i was with you Dwyn. I’ve loved you so much for so long. You have no idea” Dwyn crossed his arms over Alvars and smiled. Tears were threatening to fall from his eyes “I love you too Alvar. I want to say it a million times” Alvar slid his hands from under Dwyns “want to get cleaned off? My shower is right there” he pointed to its location in the room. Dwyn blushed “together?”

“I’d like that” Dwyn smiled “Okay” They stripped out of what they were wearing then stepped inside Alvars shower. “can I wash you?” Alvar asked “yeah” Dwyn said with a small smile. Alvar started and Dwyn said “I want to wash you too”

“I was hoping for it”

Alvar pressed his lips into Dwyn’s as their hands slid over each other. Both of them gave little shivers of delight, their hearts beating excitedly in their chests. Alvar pulled Dwyn tightly against him, letting his lips drift over his neck so he moaned. He loved that sound, wanted to hear more of it. “May I make love to you?” He whispered softly, his warm breath making Dwyn shiver.

“Yes, please erase the memories of those other men.”

Alvar rinsed them off then switched off the water. He pulled Dwyn into his room, uncaring that they were still wet, only wanting to feel Dwyn beneath him. He pushed him down onto the bed, smiling lovingly at him when he saw how nervous he was. “You sure?”

Dwyn nodded. “I’m not scared of you, I know you won’t hurt me, it’s just…well you know.”

Alvar stroked his cheek. “I love you.” Dwyn’s eyes filled with tears and Alvar kissed him, wanting him to forget the horrors of his past life. He let his hands explore every inch of him, his lips following in a line down the center of his body. His tongue slid over the tip of Dwyn’s erect manhood, causing him to let out a little whimper and then cry out with pleasure when he let the heat of his mouth envelope him. Alvar enjoyed the quivering of his love’s body, the moans that slipped from between his lips and the way he gripped the blanket beneath him. It was the biggest aphrodisiac.

“Alvar please, I need you now, I want to feel you.”

Submitting to his loves request Alvar lifted Dwyns legs over his shoulders and slammed into him. Alvar went at varying speeds as he slid in and out of Dwyn. His moans were intoxicating and drove Alvar wild with lust. Their whole bodies were lost in a state of pure euphoria. Dwyns length hardened and was near ejaculation by the time Alvar went. Knowing this without even saying Alvar gave his love a hand job until he found his own release. Alvar smiled down at Dwyn when he was done wipeing the two of them off. Dwyn had a touched look on his face that Alvar wanted to save in his memory for all time.

Once Alvar believed he’d never forget that expression he cuddled up to him “I love you so much”

“I love you too. That was so amazing. I had no idea sex could feel so great”

“I have many tricks up my sleeve, just you wait. I wanted to keep things simple for this first time”


“It was our first time and I know you have to be tired”


“want to cuddle to sleep?”

“have I ever not wanted that” he answered happily. A jocular smile appeared on Alvars face. He kissed Dwyns chest and relaxed to fall asleep. Dwyn held onto Alvar protectively. This amazing man had saved his life and he wasn’t going to ever let anything happen to him.

Alvar ran his fingers up and down Dwyn’s back as he slept and used his magic to make soft music play in the air. He wanted to keep the atmosphere as calm as possible for Dwyn. He allowed his own eyes to close, his arm wrapped around Dwyn’s shoulders. They were woke the following morning by a light tapping on their door and Alvar got up, pulling his pants on and cracking the door open. “Hey Hillevi.”

“Sorry to wake you two, but Ardire asked me to inform you that the brothel owners have been arrested as well as some of the patrons. The pit has been shut down as well and the mausoleum door sealed. The other slaves have been freed and will be receiving counseling.”

“Thank goodness, thank you for telling us. Go ahead and pack your things, we’ll be heading home today.”

“Alright, try not to wander off.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She left and he went back to Dwyn who was sitting up in bed, his messy hair and drowsy face making him look adorable. He crawled back in bed, locking lips with his lover. “What was that for?” Dwyn asked when their lips parted.

“Looking cute.” He tugged playfully on a bit of Dwyn’s hair. “Are you ready to go home with me?”

“Definitely, but I don’t have anything, no clothes or anything.”

Alvar smiled. “Nothing a little magic can’t solve.”

Alvar thought a few moments then cast an outfit on Dwyn “Like it?” Dwyn walked over to the mirror in the room “I do, wow, and they are no illusion. I can feel them”

“yep” Dwyn hugged Alvar “thank you my love”

“anything for you Dwyn. Anything you want I’ll make it happen if I can. All you have to do is be mine” Dwyn held him a little tighter before releasing so Alvar could make sure his things were all collected and in his bag. Alvar mostly only brought clothes with him so it didn’t take long and Hillevi seemed always ready to go at a moments notice so she was set for them the second they walked out the door. As Dwyn stepped out with Alvar the air somehow seemed fresher, the sun warmer, colors brighter and the world more magnificent than he could ever remember it. He was free and best of all he had an amazing man to spend his life with.

~The End

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