Ebisu & Eva 2

Chapter One

Ebisu sat there staring at the TV, unsure if he had heard correctly. He turned the volume up, hearing his villain name again. His phone vibrated and he quickly answered it. “Ebisu.” Eva said, her voice worried.

“I’m watching right now.” He said as he stood. “Someone’s using my name.” A camera zoomed into the man standing in the middle of the street. “And they copied my uniform.” He stood, pacing.

“I need you to get Branwen from school, I can’t leave right now.”

“Alright baby, please stay safe. I don’t want you or Callum getting hurt.”

“I will.”

“You know I’ll come running if you need me.”

“I know, just get our little girl.”

He hung up and dialed Myle’s number as he went to get changed. “In the middle of something.”

“Yeah, I saw, have you stopped him yet?”

“Not yet, he’s using the same tech you did and he’s fast. Where are you?”

“On my way to get Branwen.” He paused for a moment. “Wait, how are you talking?”

“Earpiece. I’ll be by later tonight if that’s okay then we can talk about this impersonator.” Ebisu heard the sound of a struggle on the other end and then another voice. “Got to go.”

“See you tonight then.”

Ebisu hurriedly changed into clean jeans and a tshirt before hastily tugging his boots on. He then found his wallet and keys then rushed out the door to drive to Branwens school. Nobody knew he used to be a villain, he wore a mask but he understood Eva wanting their daughter home. They did’t know what was going on. This impostor could know he had retired and had a family now, he could try to hurt Branwen and they absolutely couldn’t risk it. He wanted her home with them until they figured this out. Tarren crossed his mind, He wondered if Tarren was behind this, his old “wolfling” as the public had named him. He had been his second for a reason which put him on edge even more.

Ebisu couldn’t get to the school fast enough and parked terribly, not giving a crap if anybody said anything. He rushed up to the door and rang the buzzer. As most schools were nowadays you couldn’t simply walk in, someone had to buzz you in. He was allowed in and he went into the office “I need to check out Branwen Blackwood for the day please” He pulled out his ID, the reason he had taken the time to find his wallet. Right now, he was glad the school was so particular about checking your child out and entering the school.

They called her teacher and soon, much to his relief he saw his daughter. She was nine now and was looking more and more like her mother. Now the only real resemblance to him was her blue eyes. She had her mothers blonde hair and was a little taller than the other girls in her class so he expected her to be on the taller side like mother as well when she became a woman.

“Daddy? Is everything okay?” She asked as she followed him outside.

“Do you remember when we talked about what I used to do?”


“Well, someone else is doing that and making it look like me, sweetie.”


Ebisu got her in the car then pulled away from the school. He was more alert than he had ever been as he drove home, his eyes looking for any signs of Tarren or the others who had once worked with him. “Your mom and uncle Myles are working to try and figure everything out.”

“Are you going to go too?”

“Not yet honey. Myles is coming by tonight so we can all talk.”

“Are you going to kick that person’s butt?”

He couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of him. Branwen was so much like her mother, so ready to do the right thing, and she hadn’t even batted an eye at the fact he used to be a villain. She had even seemed thrilled at the thought that he and Myles had fought each other. “Probably sweetheart, we’ll see.”

“well it works out for me you pulled me out just now. I thought I was ready for a test that I clearly wasn’t ready for. Now I can study more. I mean, I also want to help if you will let me”

“Help us by studying hard. You’re still nine but I know you’re going to make an amazing cop one day. You still want to be a cop like your mom right?”

“Yeah, I think it would be fun if I could work at the precinct mom does, maybe we could even be partners at some point” Ebisu’s heart warmed again. It was amazing how even this stressed his daughter could bring him happiness just with conversation. Ebisu took Eva home, walking with her into her bedroom just to be absolutely sure there wasn’t anybody lurking or any sort of traps that might hurt her. When her dad hugged her she asked “so I’m good to study now?”

“Yeah, thanks for being so patient. I’m going to check the rest of the house. I’m sure it goes without saying but dont even open your curtains okay”

“I wont dad, I promise. I wont even hop on the computer and play with my Neopets”

“And remember if anyone tries coming through your window or anything weird starts happening, you scream for me.”

“I will, I promise.”

“Good,” he held up his hand, “I do have something else for you though.” He ran to his and Eva’s room and threw open the closet. He moved to the back where he had a chest full of his old equipment. He pushed his old costume aside and pulled another smaller box out. He popped the lid off and grabbed one of the small, round discs. He put the box back, closed the trunk and went back to his daughter who had pulled out her notebook. “Let me see your bracelet sweetie.” She stood up and held out her wrist and he pressed the small disc to one of the charms. It fused to it and he smiled.

“What is it?”

“It’s a tracking device, just in case and just for now. I used them on Myles once.” He rested a hand on her shoulder. “No matter what, don’t take your bracelet off.”

“I won’t. Love you daddy.”

“Love you too.”

Ebisu called Eva “hey, is she okay?” She had answered near instantly and he could hear the concern in Evas voice “she’s safely in her room and I put a tracker on her should anything happen”

“I forgot you still had those things, good. That makes me feel better”

“she was happy to be pulled out too. She wasn’t doing so well on a test she was taking. Bran is in her room studying and I checked her room, nothing suspicious is in there”

“good, thank you, I know most don’t know who you really are but some do and if they know…they might want to hurt you through us”

“I’ll put a tracker on you too when you’re with me.”

“Do you have any ideas honey?”

“well Tarren crossed my mind. Remember when we ran into him a few years back? I felt so uneasy, I thought it might have been because he was a part of my past but maybe he was up to something”

“Okay, I’ll look into what hes up to nowadays.”

“How are you and our little man?”

“We’re fine, trying to keep myself from stressing, it’s making him kick a lot.”

“I’m sorry my love.”

“It’s not your fault, Ebisu, we all make choices and if it is Tarren, he’s made his.”

He sighed. “I want you home now.”

“I’ll try to leave early, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They hung up and he switched the TV back on. The fight with his impostor seemed like it was starting to die down. As the camera news camera zoomed in, he could see the man was doing his best to avoid Myles, obviously trying to create space for an escape. He knew what he would have done with Myles so close because he had done it so many times back when they fought each other. The fake didn’t have his powers, but Myles had said he had the tech so he wasn’t surprised when Myles was suddenly engulfed by an explosion and knocked back. Myles had brought his arms up to protect his face, but as the smoke cleared, it was revealed the impostor was gone.

It wasn’t comforting, now he could be anywhere. At least when he was fighting Myles he knew where the imposter was. The positive side was he could now talk to Myles about the fight. Maybe he noticed something about how the impostor moved or managed to pick up on his voice. If it was anybody Ebisu worked with back then Myles would probably recognize them. Ebisu was about to call Myles but he called first “He’s gone, I’m coming over when I can for us to talk”

“good, thank you”

“How’s your family?”

“I’m still waiting for Eva to come home and Bran is in her room”

“alright, talk to you later” They hung up and Ebisu peeked in at Bran who looked up from her book with a smile “still studying, kinda weird to without my music but I figured I should be able to hear” Branwen had been listening to piano music while she studied through most of school. She had loved it since the first time she heard it and it even helped her concentrate when she needed to do homework or study.

“You can listen to it, just keep it low if you do.”

“Okay, have you heard anything?”

“He escaped.”

“I bet uncle Myles isn’t happy.”

“I imagine he isn’t.” He sighed. “I’m going to get started on dinner, if you need me, call for me.”

“Do you need any help?”

“No honey, you just focus on studying.”

“Okay, love you.”

“Love you too.”

Ebisu left her alone and headed to the kitchen. He stayed alert as he put everything together, not wanting anyone to break in without him realizing. He wondered if he should don his old uniform and face the fake Wolf or if he should let Myles handle it. A part of him was amused at the thought of him and Myles teaming up. He couldn’t imagine what the world would think if they saw the Wolf standing with one of their greatest heroes.

Why not take the most fun way to figure him out, especially since it would probably be incredibly effective. He knew he had to talk to Eva first. He wasn’t putting the mask back on to be a villain again, he was putting it back on to get rid of an impostor. However, he had promised her and he had to make sure doing that was okay. It wasn’t long after Eva came home he asked and she agreed like it was nothing “yeah, I just didn’t want you to do bad things anymore. You can be your old self again to get rid of this guy”

Ebisu kissed her briefly “I’d never do anything to risk this amazing life I have now. You, Branwen and Callum are everything” She hugged him “I know, you’re everything to us too” Myles showed up just as they were serving dinner so they made a plate for him to. Ebisu hadn’t brought up what he wanted to do right away when Eva came home but he wasted no time getting to the conversation with Myles. Eva almost laughed Myles looked so excited. It was only made more amusing by how excited their daughter looked.

Chapter Two

“I can’t believe I’ll actually get to see you in your costume, dad.” Branwen said. “Mom, you have to take pictures.”

“Of course sweetie.”

“Come on you two, it’s for an emergency.”

“It’s just a couple of pictures, my love. I’ll take a couple of you and Myles together.”

“Alright, fine, just a couple.”

Myles slapped him hard, but cheerfully on the back, jerking him forward. “This should be fun my friend.” He then dug into his food. “So, any idea of who could be doing this?”

“I looked into Ebisu’s former henchman, Tarren, but oddly he was squeaky clean other than his stint in a juvenile prison.” Eva answered.

“That’s suspicious.” Myles said as he popped more food in his mouth.

“He’s right, for Tarren, it’s strange. He was always a little wild. He liked the thrill of taking chances.” Ebisu agreed.

“That doesn’t mean it’s him though, we can’t blame him until we know for sure.” Eva said.

“I know, but he’s my top candidate for people who may not have liked me retiring. Plus, he knows my moves, he used one of my techniques on Myles.”

“But he doesn’t have your powers.” Myles said. “He couldn’t disintegrate, but he did fight a lot like you used to. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a close mimicry.”

“with you and I teaming up we’ll get him. We will know soon enough who is doing this. I just know it has to be someone who was once close to me. Why else would they pretend to be me instead of being their own villain. They had to know I’d come out of the woodwork to challenge them.”

“It’s good you’re keeping Bran home. If they want to draw you out because they never knew who you really were that might be the reason to do something like this, to find you, to make your new life suffer or hurt the ones you love over some old slight”

“well they are going to regret this. I’ll die before I let them get away with this”

They continued eating, the conversation turning to Branwen asking about potentially going out with Myles when she was older. If it had been anyone else, Ebisu and Eva would have said no, but they knew that with Myles she would be completely safe. They wanted her wait until she was at least fifteen. She was overjoyed and readily agreed. “I think I should stay the night.” Myles said once they had finished eating. “It’s better to have both of us here, just in case, especially since Eva is pregnant.”

“I agree, is that alright Eva?”

“Of course, you know I’m not going to argue, especially when it comes to the safety of our children.”

“Excellent.” Myles said. “We can formulate a plan.”

“and I’m going to go soak for a bit.” Eva announced which caused Branwen to offer “then I’ll clean up the kitchen for you mom”

“are you sure sweetie?”

“yeah, you’re doing enough making Callum and working everyday” Eva’s heart warmed and she hugged her daughter “I’m so proud of you Bran. I love you very much”

“I live here too mom, it’s not a big deal”

“You want help with the water Eva?”

“I’m not so big yet I can’t manage but thank you” She had said that many times and she knew she’d have to say it many more times. As an officer she saw so many dysfunctional families, it made her appreciate the amazing one she had with Ebisu all the more. Who would have ever though he’d make such a good husband and that they could raise such an amazing girl together. Myles and Ebisu helped Branwen clear the tables and store the leftovers before going to sit in the living room to talk.

“You want me to lure him out?” Ebisu asked.

“I’m sure it’ll work, it’s you he wants. He wanted your attention, so you give it to him.”

“Alright, but we need to fight him somewhere there won’t be a million people. You know how onlookers are.”

Myles nodded and pulled out his phone and pulled up a map of the city. They both looked at it and Ebisu pointed at the biggest park in town. It had nature trails and a lake, but most of all it was huge which meant the likelihood of a bunch of people being there at once was slim. “You could announce your presence here, call him out, declare him a fake and a coward.” Myles pointed at a street a couple of blocks away. “I’ll alert the police and a couple of news stations so the whole city knows where you are.”

“Then he’ll see it and I lure him to the park. He won’t expect me to suddenly turn tail and run instead of immediately giving him a fight. The Wolf never runs.”

“Exactly, I’m confident you can ignore your nature just this once”

“I’ll be waiting to ambush him. I have a few new tricks that’ll surprise him. I’ve been waiting on the perfect time to test them out and I think this is it”

“will it hinder the plan if you surprise me while we’re subduing him?”

“Not at all” The conversation Myles and her father were having excited Bran as she washed dish’s. Her interests were definitely shifting from being a cop to being a hero but she saw both as basically the same job. One just handled more of the bigger things while the other handled more of the smaller things. Both were so important and she wondered if maybe she could be both. She could be a cop but also a hero when she wasn’t on duty. When Bran was done they were still talking so she joined them in the living room. She could have gone to study but she had already done so much of that since getting home.

They went over the plan once more then Ebisu grabbed blankets and a pillow for Myles. He thanked his friend for staying over and ushered Branwen up to her room. “I’m going to study for a little while longer.” She said.

“Alright, but remember, bed by ten.” He said.

“Alright, love you daddy.”

“Love you too.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead then headed to his own room. Eva was just getting out of the tub and he went to help her, causing her to smile. “Sorry, it’s just you’re wet and could slip.”

“It’s okay baby, thank you.”

“I shouldn’t fuss so much, we’ve been through this before.” He grabbed her towel and started drying her.

“You know I love your fussiness, it just means you love us.”

“I do, very much.” He let out a sigh. “I can’t lose any of you, it’d kill me.”

“Bran and I believe in you, Ebisu, you’re way stronger than that fake.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her nose against his. “You’re our hero and we know you’ll beat this guy.”

He held her a little tighter. Hearing her say that meant the world even though it was still odd at times to be called a hero. He had definitely swapped sides though and it was for this amazing woman in his arms and his children. He sighed contentedly then suggested “lets get you in something comfortable. I’ll massage you before bed”

“Oh that sounds amazing” Ebisu helped Eva dry off a little more then she pulled out a nightgown from one of their dresser drawers. Now that she was comfortable she sat on the edge of the bed so Ebisu could get behind her and rub her back. He took his time, wanting her to be as loose as possible. Once he felt her back was loose enough he had her move so he could work hr feet “thank you so much” she whispered as she laid back.

It was the smell of food and coffee and the sound of voices that woke Ebisu the next morning and it was him moving to get up that woke Eva. “Is everything alright?” She asked, ready to go for her gun.

He gave a soft sigh. “Yeah, it’s just Myles and Bran, I think they’re making breakfast.” He cuddled back up to her, let his nose press into her neck. “You’ll be staying home today right?”

“I’m going to take Bran to the police station with me, we’ll be safer there.”

“Just don’t leave there, no matter what.”

“I won’t I promise.”

He pulled back and tucked her hair back behind her ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She pressed a kiss to his lips, causing him to smile. “It’s going to be alright.”

“Yeah, I know.”

They got up even though Ebisu didn’t want to and while Eva got ready for work, Ebisu pulled out his old uniform and held it up. “I’m kind of excited to see you wearing that thing again.” Eva said.

“Oh?” Ebisu said with a smile.

“What can I say, I love a man in uniform.”

“Then maybe I’ll have to wear it more often.”

“Perv.” Eva said with a blush.

“You started it.”

Final Chapter

Eva laughed even though her cheeks were still warm. Ebisu wanted to quickly change into it and tease her more but he wasn’t sure how far his daughter and friend were on breakfast. He didn’t want to get her naked and started up then not be able to finish with her. He put it on but behaved himself. Eva sighed, only letting the happy and amusing memories play in her mind as she looked at him. She wouldn’t worry, he and Myles were incredible and she knew how unhealthy it would be for the baby. Once they were both ready they went into the kitchen where Brans eyes lit up as soon as she saw her dad “I forgot how cool you look in it!”

“I’ll have to wear a hoody while we travel to the park but I figured wearing it now was better than changing in some bushs”

“I’m wearing most of my stuff under these clothes too”

“Getting dressed was so much easier when I had a lair.” Ebisu said as poured him some coffee and Eva some juice. “I remember feeling particularly cool getting into this thing.”

“You’re still cool dad.” Branwen said. “Your mask is my favorite.”

“Thank you sweetheart.” He plopped down next to Eva. “I’m a little surprised I can still fit in this thing with the way you and your mother feed me.”

“I doubt you’ll ever change, you’ve always been…you know…hot.” Eva replied which got a laugh from both Myles and Branwen.

Ebisu leaned over and kissed her cheek. “I love you beautiful.”

Breakfast was much too short but they couldn’t delay what needed to be done today forever. Eva left with their daughter to go to the police station and Ebisu left with Myles, setting their plan in motion. In the car Myles said “lets see how you feel after this Ebisu. Your daughter is in school now so you don’t really have to do the stay at home dad gig anymore. If being a hero today feels right to you I’d love for you to join me in getting rid of bad guys on a regular basis.”

“we’ll see, I mean, you’re right. Bran is at school all day and it would keep me busy so I don’t miss Eva so much when she’s at work”

“Then I can’t wait for little Bran. She was telling me that cop isn’t her only ambition now”

“yeah, it would be nice to be around to protect her if things get out of hand”

Myles parked in an alley around the corner from where Ebisu was supposed to make his appearance and Ebisu made sure his mask was in place, not wanting it to fall off and reveal who he was. “You nervous?” Myles asked.

“No, surprisingly a little excited. It feels like old times, only I’m beating up the bad guy.”

“Remember, your family’s watching, make them proud.”

Ebisu nodded as he got out and Myles pulled away, heading off to the park to wait. This was it and he was ready. He stepped out of the alley, actually startling a few pedestrians and made his way down the street to where the news vans were parked. He had to appreciate Myle’s ability to deliver. When they noticed him he smiled at them, actually allowing himself to slip back into his old persona. He stopped in the middle of the street and held out his arms. “I am the Red Wolf of Damocles and I have come for the one who has dared use my name.”

It didn’t take the impostor long to show up. Ebisu locked eyes with him a brief moment, hoping for some clue but the impostor attacked, breaking the contact. “why couldn’t you just be your own villain?” Ebisu asked and the impostor chuckled. He didn’t even recognize that laugh, what the hell. It had to be someone he hadn’t even considered but who. The fact he couldn’t tell only made this more interesting. He couldn’t wait to unmask him. Ebisu knew he should have run right away, that had been the plan after all but better a few sentences late than never. He took off and the impostor laughed again, giving chase.

“Stop running, coward.”

“Tell me who you are.” Ebisu had to twist to the side when the impostor nearly hit him. He raced right into the park, heading to where he knew Myles was waiting, and only then did he turn to face his doppelganger. “Tell me who you are.” He and the man circled each other. “You’re obviously not Tarren.”

The man laughed. “That weak, pathetic little moron? No, though he may have contributed just a little.”

“What do you mean?” Ebisu didn’t like the way he said that. How had Tarren met this man and was he okay?

“It doesn’t matter Wolf, I’m going to kill you and then I’m going to take over, I’m going to use your name and I’m going to rule this city and neither you nor that arch nemesis of yours are going to be able to stop me.”

It was Ebisu’s turn to chuckle. “How pathetic, how cliche and pathetic.” He let out a sigh and held up his hand to signal to Myles to attack.

Myles was on top of him in an instant with a surprise of his own. Some sort of odd, violet web wrapping around him “what the fuck” it seemed to completely freak the impostor out as he struggled against it to no avail. Ebisu smiled, at least someone was surprising him “where did that stuff even come from?” Ebisu couldn’t help but ask in amusement “Cant be sharing my secrets on tv. I’ve been saving a few new things though. If I keep using the same moves and powers all the time I’ll get boring”

“maybe even as boring as this guy” the impostor groaned angrily as he began struggling again. Ebisu approached and roughly jerked off his mask. “You still don’t know me do you?” He asked and Ebisu shook his head “No but you don’t seem to be a very memorable guy”

“You bastard, you ruined me, you took over and ruined me.”

Ebisu gave him a questioning look then moved a little closer, really studying him. “Wait, you were the Tiger?”


“But that was years ago.” It had been a couple of years before he had met Eva in fact. He remembered pushing other villains and even heroes out, at times forcing them to leave, retire, and even leading to them being arrested at times. The Tiger had been another villain and he had beaten him and forced his group of followers to disband. “I don’t understand, why now and what does Tarren have to do with this?”

“I had almost given into the inevitable then I met little Tarren in a bar. He was talking about you, about his old boss, about how you had changed and how he had felt abandoned. I introduced myself and bought him a few drinks and before you knew it we were all buddy buddy.”

“He wanted revenge?”

“No, but I managed to get him to tell me all of your little secrets. He didn’t think there was any reason to hide them since you weren’t working anymore.”

“You used him.”

“and you abandoned him without a second thought. You were supposed to be friends”

“I fell in love and felt I needed to completely let go of anything involved in my villain life. You’re just a low life who I guess couldn’t make it as anything else so you had to jump at the first opportunity to be me. I bet you’re at the bar every night” he was going to find Tarren and apologize but he didn’t want The Tiger to know his words had gotten to him. Once The Tiger was in the back of a police car Myles and Ebisu went back to Ebisus home to get back into civilian clothes.

Ebisu still had Tarrens number and hoped it would work. He had the same number so maybe as luck would have it so did Tarren. Tarren answered after a couple rings “you didn’t have to call…I was watching the news…I definitely dont want you talking to me out of guilt”

“I’m sorry”

“I get it, Eva seems amazing and you worried I’d jeopardize what you have with her”

“still, I guess I should have given you the same chance she was giving me, well sorta the same” Tarren laughed “yeah, don’t go trying to make love with me or start a second family” Ebisu smiled, glad Tarren was making reconnecting easy. “can you come over sometime Tarren?”

“Have you asked Eva?”

“She wouldn’t say no, Eva is sweet and open and forgiving…infact last time I saw you she thought you seemed nice”

“Alright man…that would be nice…I’ve missed our friendship”

“Me too, I’m sorry…The more time you spend with Eva the more you’ll see how she’s a woman worth giving up everything for…she didn’t ask me to stop talking to my friends but”

“I can come over tomorrow” Ebisu told Tarren where they lived then got on the phone with Eva “I’m glad you called him. I’ll make something special. I know you and Myles are probably tired now but if you feel like it before I get off work can you pick up ingredients for Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese along with ingredients for Creamy Salmon Piccata?”

“we’ll go now, I’m fine and Myles is nodding so he’s fine too”

“alright, I love you so much”

“I love you too Eva, more than you could ever know”

~ The End

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