Ediva & Chapin 2

Chapter One

Ediva, Chapin and their son Malchior were playing with Ryan & Leilani’s twins to give them some alone time in their home. They had had them since shortly after breakfast and at this point Chapin and Malchior were playfully rough housing with them, both having enough control not to harm the kids but still making them laugh and making the kids feel like they were actually fighting with them. Ediva was grading papers from her still busy and thriving school. Her son had started going there at five and had taken every class at this point, passing them all and making Ediva proud. She was teh first to spot the angel coming, somthing told her she was coming to see them and her intuition proved correct when the angel landed, she looked so serious but under that Ediva could feel emotional pain.

“what is it?” Ediva asked and the woman looked over at Chapin “my business is not with you. You are Chapin correct?”

“yes? Do I know you?” Chapin started approaching while Malchior kept the children with him. “No but I’ve come to collect you. Your father wagered with my master and lost. He only accepts lives when he bets and your father wagered you. You will serve my master now. It would be wise not to fight me for even if you beat me my master will come collect you himself” Ediva walked over into the angels line of vision “His father doesn’t own him and last I checked slavery wasn’t okay in this kingdom”

“This didn’t occur here”

“It doesn’t matter. You may not collect my husband” She was angry and rightfully so. Adrina sighed “I do not do this because I wish to” she held up her arm “I am his slave due to my sister wagering me. This bracelet holds back my full power or else he couldn’t control me. If he can’t obtain Chapin through beating him he’ll find a way to enslave him using somthing like this bracelet. Though I never even got my chance to fight. She gave me this as a gift for my birthday” she laughed bitterly “I put this on willingly”

“I’m not just going to let some man enslave me.” Chapin said. “If he wishes for me so bad then he should have come himself and not sent another like a coward and as far as my father you can tell your master to take him instead since he was stupid enough to bet my life.”

“I can’t do that.” She held out her hand, a long spear appearing there, her eyes going white as she charged them.

Chapin pushed Ediva out of the way and the spear sliced over his chest, but his tough skin saved him and he simply sprung back. The angel seemed shocked and he swung at her, catching her in the jaw so she stumbled back. “Malchior take the children inside.” He ordered.

“Father, I can help.”

“Help me by keeping them safe.”

Ediva was back on her feet and Chapin moved so he was between her and the angel. “You’re much stronger than anticipated.” Adrina said.

“I do not wish to kill you angel, but I will. Either leave or die.”

She huffed out a laugh. “You’re not the only one with a secret.” She attacked him again and Chapin grabbed her spear, using the momentum to toss her aside and wrench it from her grasp. He spun, driving it into her chest. She groaned, coughed, then to his surprise she kicked him back and pulled the spear free. “I told you, you’re not the only one.”

“Stop this please.” Ediva said as she tried to get between them, but Chapin grabbed her and shoved her behind him. “Please, it isn’t worth it.”

The two kept fighting as Ediva tried to talk some sense into them. Suddenly she heard ZJ’s voice “what the hell is going on?” Chapin and Adrina kept fighting like he wasn’t there and Ediva gave a quick summary. Arthurs wings appeared and he held up his hands, the motion putting both the demon and angel in seperate bubbles. They fought to get out, Chapin giving up before Adrina “You two are strong so I doubt this will hold you too long but it’ll hold long enough for me to say what I need to and have you listen. Adrina, you don’t want to collect him do you? I wont be able to hear you so shake or nod.” She shook “Listen, if you stop and just let that bastard come we could free you too” she shook and he sighed, making the bubbles talk so she could respond with words. He hoped they would continue to talk anyway.


“He will bring other slaves to fightand if you fail I will see nothing but torture” he heard the again without her saying it. It was in her expression how much she had suffered since finding herself enslaved to this monster. “We are strong and we will win. As far as I’ve known the Koopmann family never fails” Adrina looked at ZJ “Oh, I see, you are Zanes son. I see him in your face.” she looked back at Ediva “and I didn’t notice Belle in you until now. You are a part of the Koopmann family”

“Yes and Arthur is right. Let him come and we’ll put him in his place and if his death doesn’t take that off of you I know Uncle Irim can do it. Do you know of Irim”

“I know some of him. I know he and his children are very wise” She looked at her bracelet sadly “I just want to be free again….I guess, if you are willing to fight him I will stop but I must warn you. You’re risking being enslaved yourself. You have no idea the power he controls. People are far more willing to bet others lives than you think”

“Being one of Zanes daughters I know about more of the ugly of this world than most. It doesn’t surprise me. We will win, I promise”

“I’m not afraid.” Chapin said, arms crossed over his chest. “He can send a thousand of you and I still would not let him take me.”

“So, are we calm now?” Arthur asked.

Chapin snorted. “No, but I won’t rip her throat out.”

“Same, I won’t fight anymore.” Adrina agreed and Arthur released them from their prisons.

“So, a regenerator then.” Chapin said, giving her a curious once over.

“It comes in handy.”

“I’m sure.” He turned to Ediva and checked her for any wounds. He had managed to keep her away from the angel, but it made him feel better she hadn’t received even a scratch.

“I’ll go speak to my father.” ZJ said. “Arthur will you please stay and make sure they play nice?”

“Of course.” ZJ pressed a kiss to his cheek then shifted, his wings kicking up dust as he took to the sky.

“We should check on the children, I’m sure they’re frightened.” Ediva said.

“I’m sure Malchior has kept them calm, he’s good with them.”

Adrina waited outside, not wanting to upset them. Arthur looked over at her “They wont hold this against you”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope, they are a pretty forgiving lot. Just make sure you stay on our side once your master comes”

“well, right now I’m just hoping I live through this. I’ve tried to go against him so many times. He warned me last time that I wouldn’t be forgiven again, that he would just have me killed but, death is truly better than this misery”

“I’m sorry your sister did this to you”

“she was always a bitch. It was my fault for thinking she was finally being a good person. I wanted to believe she wanted to be good so bad I let her trick me into wearing this wretched thing”

“She’s your sister, nobody could blame you for wanting to think you could have a relationship with her. How did your parents take it?”

“I don’t know, I hadn’t seen them for a couple thousand years even before I became a slave”

“How long has he owned you”

“Feels like eternity but a little over two hundred years at this point”

“I thought so, you have a lot of power. I can feel it even though it’s being held back. Normally somthing isn’t as powerful as you unless it’s extremely old. That has to be one hell of a spell to be able to manage that much power”

“He’s a very clever demon. A selfish asshole but intelligent. He can weave amazing spells”

“He’ll need more than spells when this family gets a hold of him. He has no idea what he’s got himself into.”

Ediva was glad to see the children were alright and not afraid of what was going on. Her son was amazing with them and had so easily kept them distracted. “So, what’s happening?” Malchior asked.

“Whoever sent that angel will be coming for me.” Chapin explained. “We all need to be ready.”

“I’ll take the kids home then and let Gabriel know, he’ll want to be here too. I’ll also fly out to Irim’s.”

“Stay safe.”

“I will, don’t worry. I’ll be quick.”

Chapin hugged Ediva too him and she leaned back to look at him. “You alright?” She asked.

“Please don’t ever try getting between me and someone else again. Do you have any idea what it would do to me if you were hurt or died, especially because of me?”

“I just knew it was useless to fight when she didn’t go down and I never like seeing you hurt.”

“I know, but I need you safe. I know the women in your family are strong, but you are my everything.”

“My softie” she said in a happy tone. He still made her feel completely and truly loved. He didn’t even argue with being called like things like that any longer. Malchior took the kids home, explaining the situation to Ryan and his wife. Ryan said “why don’t we take the kids to my parents house. We can help everyone with fighting and mom can watch our kids since she’s probably home with Regina. She’s five now but with something like this going on I doubt mom and dad would be comfortable leaving her home alone”

“Okay” the kids were over joyed they’d get to be with their grandma. Belle still spoiled all the kids and grandkids rotten. They quickly took care of that then Malchior went to get Gabriel then Irim. Irim and Ariel no longer had any children that weren’t adults yet so they came, bringing Edith & Wendy since they were the only children still even near home. First thing Irim wanted to do when they arrived at Chapin & Ediva’s was check out Adrinas bracelet. She would be a lot more help on their side if she could use the full extent of her abilities. He wasn’t afraid to free her, if she turned on them Irim had no doubts they could deal with her too.

“The design is beautiful, hand crafted.” Irim said as he studied the bracelet. “Have you tried taking it off?” He asked, his eyes meeting hers and she actually felt a shiver go up her spine.

“Yes, I even cut my arm off once.”

“Regenerator, I see. He’s made sure it’s tied to your magic.” He let his fingers run over the etchings carved into it. “Old magic, powerful.”

“Can you remove it?” Ediva asked.

Irim huffed. “Is that even a real question?”

“Don’t be snarky uncle, it’s very unbecoming.”

“Not to a dragon.” He flashed her an amused smile. “Yes, I can remove it, but I need my books and a few chemicals.” He released Adrina’s wrist. “I’ll be back, make sure she doesn’t wander off.”

“I don’t plan on running.” Adrina interrupted and Irim gave her a look that made her regret the outburst.

“I am sorry about what has happened to you, but dragons like me do not trust so easily. I would hope you would understand.”

Chapter Two

She nodded, not wanting to anger him. Even at full strength she felt Irim just might be more powerful than she was. When he was gone Ariel said “He’s a good man. He just is careful when it comes to his family”

“I don’t deserve your trust. I really understand”

“As I see it you’re a victim too Adrina”

“How much time do you think we have?” Chapin asked and she shrugged “His patience varies. He might come tomorrow or he might come himself in a few days. He knows if I’m alive or dead no matter how far I am from him. With me still breathing he has no cause or concern. He’ll just think I’m struggling”

“why might he come tomorrow then?”

“Because he’ll be judging you off your father and well, I dont know if you’ve seen him lately?”

“stilla good for nothing, lazy bastard”

“You described him to the T. So my master will assume you are the same.”

“What was he trying to gain for me anyway?”

“Money, if he would have won he would have been extremely wealthy”

“Is it fair games? Could he have one?”

“Oh yes, master plays fair. He says he’d get bored if it wasn’t real chance games” She was getting sick to her stomach talking about her owner so much. Calling someone master was sickening. When Irim came back he asked his daughters to assist him.

“This monsters magic is truly intriguing, I cannot wait to meet him on the battlefield.” Irim said, his scientific mind taking over. He handed Edith the chemicals and opened the book he brought to one of the pages, directing her to follow the instructions to the letter. He then turned to Wendy and asked her to say a blessing over Adrina. It was his rule that a blessing be said to counteract any bad magic. Adrina didn’t recognize the language, but found it to be quite beautiful. “Dragon tongue, all of my children know it.” Irim said as he lifted Adrina’s wrist again. “Blessed silver, interesting.” He looked at the inscriptions once again. “Edith, add more acid to the mixture.”

“Yes father.”

“What’s going to happen?” Adrina asked.

“Acid will melt the metal, but the rest of the mixture should counter act the spell. Wendy is simply blessing you to keep you safe.” When Edith finished the mixture, she handed it to her father and joined her sister in chanting. Irim said a spell over the mixture and everyone watched in rapt attention. It was always amazing to watch him work.

it actually started to melt as she looked down at it. Excitement swelled in her even though she had been telling herself not to get her hopes up. When it was gone she kept staring, afraid it would return but it didn’t. She thought she would jump in joy but it had been a long, absolutely miserable servitude. She cried, sobs wracking her body. Malchior hugged her, needing to do somthing. He had been on edge with her until now for attacking his father but this woman sobbing in front of them was no monster. Feeling like she might collapse Adrina held Malchior in return.

When the two parted Adrina bowed to Irim “thank you so much.” Less hostile from feeling her relief and pain when she had been freed he kindly said “nobody should be anothers slave” She was thoroughly embarrassed once she was able to get a hold of herself. “what will you do once this is over Adrina?” Ediva asked and she answered “find my sister. With me enslaved she has known nobody would be around to make sure she behaves. I have to make sure she hasn’t been being her wicked self in my absence.

Do you know where she is?” Malchior asked.

“More than likely back home. If not, it’s not like she would be hard to find.” She raised her arm to look at her wrist again. “It’s really gone, but I can still feel it.”

“That feeling will fade in time.” Irim said as he helped his daughters clean up.

“What kind of magic are we facing here?” Chapin asked.

“Elemental, hexes, illusions, he knows so much. He would have no problem overthrowing kingdoms.”

Irim chuckled. “He will be sorely disappointed.”

Each and every one of them were all so confident in themselves and she was at full power again. She would kick his ass, remind him why he had been too cowardly to even send someone to fight her. He had been so afraid of her power he had had her sister trick her into wearing that thing before he came to collect. She couldn’t wait to see his face when he saw her bracelet was off. It was the next day when she felt him coming. Since then the king, queen, the knights and a few other family members had joined them, ready to help defend against this monster and who he brang, She guessed somehow he had known what was up because he brought all the most powerful, the ones he only sent for the particularly strong slaves.

She used to be among those elite of his pets but he had started sending her on every little thing to shame her for disobeying so much. “Don’t let him trick you. That ogre demon serves him willingly!” she made sure to let them know so he wouldn’t try to use that to take the family off guard. Most of who came shifted into dragons that were not the castles guards and Adrina guessed those who didn’t were stronger in their human forms. Chapin kissed his wife one more time before letting her fly up.

“So you’re Chapin.” Gair said then let his eyes slide to Adrina. “Come here now.”

“No, I’m not yours anymore.” She help up her wrist and he growled. “Little bitch.” He snapped his fingers. “Bring both of them to me, kill the rest.”

Chapin lead the ground charge, while the dragons swooped down from the sky, Irim going straight for Gair. He wove his spells in dragon tongue, as the enemy used his magic, easily counteracting his spells and protecting his family. Chapin rolled away from the swing of the ogre demon, propelling himself forward to face the man who had come for him. He forced his thoughts away from Ediva and Malchior, knowing he had to stay focused to fight this monster. He had to trust in their abilities and in the abilities of those who had come to fight along side them.

Adrina killed two that came with Gair near instantly. She had been wondering a long time how she would stand up in a fight against them with her full strength and now she knew. Ediva could have easily killed the woman she had pinned down but she gave her a chance “give up, please. We’ll help you” She hoped their want for freedom was stronger than their fear like Adrina’s was. However the woman used that moment of chance to shoot spikes of ice into Ediva. None pierced but they did cut up her scales. Disappointed and impressed by the ice’s power she killed her.

Ediva then went to help their knights. She could smell the massive amount of blood spilled. Most of the human ones were dyeing.They were brave men and women to want to help because Ediva knew there was no way her cousin would have ordered the human ones to deal with something like this. Though a previous woman had used the question to attack Ediva gave yet another attacker a chance as she caught him in her claws. “Give up, please, we wont hurt you if you come to our side. We’ll free you from this monster”

Ediva felt relief when he agreed. Ediva flew straight up and away, taking him to the castle. She didn’t want her family to think he was still attacking. With her dragon wings she could be there and back in no time. She dropped him off and informed Cantaly’s children he was an ally now. They welcomed him in. Ediva was about to fly back when Rapunzel said “wait, you’re bleeding. Let a healer tend to you real fast”

“They need me Rapunzel”

“It won’t take any time, please.”

Ediva knew she was right. She could fight better without the pain of her wounds. She allowed a healer to quickly close the wounds then she took off again, speeding towards the battle in hopes of saving as many as she could. Gair launched fire at Chapin who pushed through it and swiped at him with razor sharp claws. Chapin didn’t fear his magic, relying on his skin to keep him safe. Even if something did manage to make its way through, it wouldn’t do enough damage to put him down. He blamed his father for bringing this down upon his family and friends, vowing to find him after this and teach him a lesson.

“Do you truly hope to defeat me little demon?” Gair said when Chapin grabbed him.

“You and your minions.” He felt electricity slide over his skin and grinned before headbutting Gair in the nose. The demon stumbled back and Chapin punched him. “My father must have forgotten to tell you about my skin.”

“He did, You are nowhere near as pathetic as I thought you’d be. If not for your scent I wouldn’t believe you were his offspring”

“I take more after my mother” Chapin said as he continued to attack Gair. Suddenly their fighting was interrupted as Adrinas spear pierced through Gair’s stomach and glowed. Chapin wasn’t sure but it seemed to make him explode from the inside out. His eyes and mouth were open wide as his guts lay all around them. Everyone stopped and looked over “There’s many reasons this shit wouldn’t bother even trying to collect me without getting that bracelet on” Even Irim stood there impressed. She pulled back her spear and shot a glowing light from her hand that seemed to disintegrate him. Various pieces of jewelry seemed to come off all the creatures left “You are free, we all are” Adrina said and they all seemed relieved.

“He has more I’m sure.” Zane said and Adrina answered “they all know they are free now. They’ll return to their homes/ She looked so sure he didn’t question it further. With tears in her eyes Adrina approached Irim and his mate Ariel. Irim pulled Ariel closer protectively, and Adrina took no offense. “You” she started but her emotions were getting the better of her. “Thank you” she turned “thank you all but Irim” her eyes were now back on him “You removed that horrible thing from my arm. I am most grateful to you. When I was a young angel, at about three hundred I did smthing for a god and in return he blessed me with a pretty amazing gift. I can bring five people back to life, or could. I’ve used it twice already which means I have three resurrections left. The only way I feel I can pay you and your wife back is to offer you one of those resurrections. To me it’s a pretty big gift. I know you can tell how old I am and I’ve been carrying those gifts all this time, not just using them will nilly. I hope you understand just how grateful I am by offering you one.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate it but I can’t think of anybody I’d want it for” Irim answered.

“wait” Ariel started then continued when Adrina looked at her “I…I never got to know my mother. She died giving birth to me..I know you are only offering one but it would be cruel to bring her back without my dad. Would you bring my parents back from the dead? Please” Adrina gave her a sweet smile “I would be happy to. Thank you so much”

“No, thank you” Irim said, sort of feeling bad he hadn’t thought to bring back Ariels parents. “where are they buried?” Adrina asked. The creatures that had come with Gair started to leave and the family let them. Chapin was going to leave right away to find his father but he wanted to be there for his wife when she finally got to meet her grandparents. He knew Ediva had never gotten the chance.

“I need their bodies.” Adrina said and she was lead to the place where they had been buried. With her powers back, it was easy to unearth them and she directed the men to lift their coffins out and set them side by side. “When I tell you, open the lids. They will be distressed if they think they’re buried alive.” Irim took up a spot by one and Zane the other.

Ediva grabbed Chapin’s hand, her eyes locked on Adrina as the angel closed her eyes and dropped down on her knees between the two coffins. One hand rested on each and she could feel the pulse of energy. She was sure they all could. Adrina was an incredible being and the only one who seemed unfazed by this display was Irim. His mind was always working, his eyes always studying and absorbing everything. Magic things intrigued him. Ediva found herself holding her breath when Adrina commanded them to open the lids and her eyes widened in shock at how perfect her grandparents looked. They both gasped for air, their eyes opening at the same time and their children went to them, wanting to keep them calm.

Cantaly’s last memory had been seeing her newborn daughter Ariel while Gabriels was his bed as old age finally claimed him. Their eyes caught eachother and Gabriel stumbled “My…cantaly?”

“Gabriel” For him they knew this was more emotional than for her. He had had to live so many years missing her while she had died with him at her side. His need to hold her made him steady on his feet as he went over and took his wife in his arms “Cantaly” he started to sob. Gabriel didn’t care how this was happening, all that mattered to him was that he had his wife and was somehow alive. Their kids started explaining to them what was going on as they remained in eachothers arms. It seemed to astound and confused them how many years later it was. Their father finally pulled back “how are you all alive then?” They then explained becoming immortal creatures and Cantaly asked “My Ariel” she found her in the group which surprised Ariel since she was a baby last time her mother saw her. Cantaly lovingly stroked her face “You’re my baby Ariel”

“How do you know?”

“A mother knows her child. You’re so beautiful baby.” Ariels bottom lip trembled and she hugged her mom tightly “Mom”

“High Dragon Irim, what’re you doing here?”

“I am Ariels mate” Cantaly smiled “You’ve done well for yourself huh?”

“He’s really amazing mom”

“Lets take mom and dad inside so they can sit while we catch them up. They’ve just been brought back to life and have so much to be caught up on” Rapunzel said. They spent hours catching them up and it still wasn’t enough. Eventually they spent the rest of their day and it was time for everyone to rest. Once all were in bed Chapin said to Ediva “I need to find my father and teach him a lesson about putting my family in danger. Baby he’ll do somthing like this again if I don’t go talk to him” Ediva sighed “Okay, just be safe and hurry back. I didn’t get a chance to tell them who you are yet”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just need to make sure you stay safe.”

“I understand Chapin. I love you”

“I love you too” He kissed her then ran out. Ediva went to bed so she would be fully rested to talk to her grandparents with everyone else in the morning. They still weren’t even near caught up. Ediva wondered how many days or weeks of talking it would take to get Gabriel and Cantaly up to speed.

Chapin was so angry he kicked his father’s door off its hinges. The man jumped up, surprised. “Chapin, what are you doing here?”

“Expected me to be wearing a collar perhaps?”

“Chapin, I can explain.”

He was across the room in an instant, his hand wrapping around his father’s throat. “You weak, pathetic, piece of garbage, I should rip you to shreds for putting my family in danger. They could have died because of your idiocy.”

“I thought I could win.”

Chapin squeezed his throat then lifted him off the ground and slammed him down on the coffee table so it broke beneath him. “I am only going to tell you this once, next time I will kill you and leave your remains out for the animals. If I ever hear your name again or even catch a whiff of your scent, I will skin you alive. Nod if you understand?” His father nodded and he let go, his father gasping for air. “You’re lucky I want to go back to my mate with clean hands.”


“don’t, just don’t dad. My whole life you’ve been nothing but a piece of shit. You were almost never there and when you were you couldn’t be bothered with much. I haven’t seen you since I was nineteen and the next I hear of you you bet my life to some fucking slaver. You’re still the lazy, self centered prick I remember” His father was too scared to say anything more, he just cowered, waiting on his son to leave. Chapin stormed out, knowing his father understood the message loud and clear. He tried not to wake his mate when he entered her room in the castle but she hadn’t been deeply asleep. “Hey” she said sleepily and he shushed her “go back to sleep baby. I’m sweaty, I need a shower before I lay with you”

“It’s okay, just lay down” she moved the covers “you sure?”

“Of course, come on. We can stink together” He smiled and got into bed with her. “How did things go with your dad?”

“I think he understands he isn’t to mess with us again”

“He must not live far since you’re already back”

“No he doesn’t, he’s just never been very involved with me.”

“I’m sorry, for whatever reason I never thought about the fact I hadn’t met your parents”

“I’m a demon, its understandable. It isn’t normal for demons to have family lives. Even my mother, she was a good mom while she had me but at fourteen she told me I was a man now and left. That was the last I ever heard of her. When I saw my dad as an adult it was only ever to try and milk money out of me.”

“I hate that so much baby” Chapin kissed her “Hey, don’t worry over it. I have my own little family with you and I couldn’t be happier Ediva. I feel so lucky to have you and Malchior. He makes me really proud. Now that I have a family I just think my parents were fools robbing themselves of an amazing thing. Even when you and I argue, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.” He could tell how much his wife was having to struggle against sleep so he began to gently rub her back so she couldn’t fight it any longer.

He kissed her again once she was sleeping then cuddled up to her to get some rest himself. Morning came and they all continued talking again over breakfast. Gabriel had Cantaly close and they all understood. They seemed immensely happy that their family was now so big and they all were going to live forever. Irim already wanted to make them dragons but he knew that needed to be held off. Eventually things got around to Ediva telling the story of her and Chapin. They listened with the same wrapped attention they had given everyone else. At the end Cantaly said “welcome to the family Chapin. Ediva seems so happy with you”

“It’s really so good to meet you two. I had heard so much” Once Gabriel and Cantaly were finally all caught up on life Ediva, Chapin and Malchior left the castle and went back to their own home. The grandkids were sort of letting their parents have most the time with them to start out with. Ediva loved seeing her mother so happy. She hadn’t realized how much her mother must have been hurting living without her parents but now that she thought of it she knew she would be absolutely heartbroken if she ever lost her mother and father. Loseing parents was a wound that never quite healed all the way. Chapin was just happy to be out of the castle. It was a bit too crowded for him when the whole family was there. He loved every one of them but he preferred when it was just him, his mate and his son.

“I hope that Angel finds her sister” Malchior said and Chapin agreed “she deserves a good punch in the face and something tells me Adrina is going to give it to her” The two men talked about different scenarious they supposed would happen as Ediva just listened. This really was the life, having a family. She couldn’t imagine getting through this world without one.

~ The End

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