Ediva & Chapin

Chapter One

Ediva graded the homework she had given out last night while she allowed her students to take their three month test. She had opened this school up when she was nineteen with the help of her father Zane Koopmann. It had taken her awhile to decide what to do with her life but she had always felt their world would be a better place if people could communicate more. Finally she decided to open up a school where she would teach people to read, write, create stories, how to form poetry and expand their vocabularies. She felt her father had gone a bit overboard with her school since it was just her and it was big enough for seven teachers but just a few months ago a woman by the name of Carolyn asked if she could use a room to teach potions and educate people on herbs and the nature around them.

That very day Ediva gave Caorlyn a room in her school and let her begin as soon as she was ready for a class. They each held two classes a day so the students could attend both if they wanted instead of having to choose who they wanted to learn from. They had become really good friends so Ediva quickly became glad her father had built her an overly large school. She would definitely allow other teachers to fill her rooms if any approached her.

Ediva glanced up from the papers in front of her to see how Chapin was doing. He looked frustrated and utterly dissapointed in himself again. She frowned, wishing he wasn’t so hard on himself. Chapin was a demon and as such he spent very little time around other creatures. When he had come to learn from her he could speak on about the same level as an eight year old of their village and couldn’t read or write atall. He had come to realize how little he knew compared to everybody else right away and she could tell how ashamed he was.

The other student didn’t help things atall. They feared him, whispered about him as though he couldn’t hear their words. In front of him they had even asked Ediva to throw him out of class. On Chapins first day she lost multiple students but that was their own problem in her opinion. She was there to teach all who wanted to learn and if they were going to be racists she didn’t want them in her school anyway. Chapin got angry and rude sometimes but she could always see it was out of embarrassment. He might not feel so bad if the other students wouldn’t make him feel so unwanted in her school.

She wanted to walk over and help him so badly but this test was to asses him. If she helped she wouldn’t actually know how much he had learned and what he needed the most help with. Ediva forced her attention back on the homework so she wouldn’t walk over anyway. He was such a good man under that rough exterior and she wished he felt better about himself. Ediva received test after test. Everybody had left by the time Chapin had the courage to give her his. Even then he didn’t want to. He hated showing the woman he had fallen in love with over the months how stupid he was.

Ediva gave him that warm, heart stopping smile when she took his test which made him feel worse. He looked away from her and to the floor. “Would you like to stay while I grade this?’

“sure” Ediva grabbed her red pen and went to work. He didn’t have it in him to glance at his paper. He already knew how horribly he had done. “Chapin” that sweet voice filled his ears with his own name. He looked at Ediva, his golden eyes catching in hers. “You’ve learned a lot since coming here three months ago”

“Not enough though”

“Chapin, you’ve been alone all your life. You have made amazing improvement since coming here. You can’t help you had nobody else to learn from like humans do.”

“What’s my grade?”

“That’s not important”

“Ediva, please” She could hear it again, the shame in his voice. She would give anything to make that go away. “Sixty percent, I have a packet I made to help you with your vocabulary. I want to concentrate on that for awhile. Do you want it?”

“Yes” Ediva stood and walked over to her filing cabinet. She pulled a drawer open and soon had a packet in her hands. “here” he took it and she spoke again “Please stop being so hard on yourself.” He didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to say. They walked to the door of her classroom before she asked “are you still coming on the field trip tomorrow morning?”


“I was surprised when you said you wanted to go since you don’t take Caorlyns class” he rubbed the back of his neck. He couldn’t tell her he wanted to go so he could spend more time with her. He was used to seeing her five days a week and in her announcement she had said they would be gone a minimum of four days. Two days sucked, four or more would be miserable. “sounded interesting I guess”

“have a good day Chapin.”

“You too Ediva, I’ll be better”

“I know you will.” He was already looking at his packet as he walked off. He wanted so badly to be smarter for her. He had fallen completely in love with Ediva but he didn’t feel he deserved a woman as good as her in the least. Ediva went back to grading the tests. She hoped some of her students would graduate out with this test. It was such a satisfying feeling when she had taught someone everything she had to teach. At the end of her day she straightened her classroom as she always did then went to see if Caorlyn needed help with her room.


Caorlyns room was a wreck which wasn’t surprising to Ediva “what happened this time?”

“Just learning, you know” Ediva laughed “let me help you clean up”

“You’re awesome, always appreciate it” As they cleaned Caorlyn invited Ediva to dinner “I have some food that’s going to go bad if I don’t finish it off. Want to have dinner with me? We’ll make a lot and bring food on the trip”

“Could I join you two for dinner?” Ambrose asked, neither had realized he was there. “what’re you doing here?”

“Dad wanted me to give you a new dagger. I know you have one and he knows it but this one is better.” They walked to eachother and Ediva took the dagger. “That was nice of him”

“I think it was Ryans idea. Still acts like you’re a child. Anyway, can I come for dinner too?” Ediva looked at Caorlyn who sighed “fine, but only because you are Edivas brother. You will know your manners this time, understand?”

“Of course, I’ll help you ladies clean up in here too” After insulting her cooking and behaving like such an ass last time Ediva was surprised Caorlyn was letting him come over again. Ediva knew better than to believe it was because they were siblings. She really hoped he behaved himself this time but that was asking a lot when it came to Ambrose. Chapin sat on his small couch trying to memorize the words Ediva had given him. He was determined to get these memorized as fast as possible.

He kept at it until he had to get to bed for tomorrows trip. He put the packet away in his desk then packed a small bag. When he was sure he had everything he needed he stripped and hopped in the shower. He wanted to smell good for Ediva, even if it was only for the first part of the trip. When he was clean he went straight to his bed and drifted to sleep. He was about to get whole days with Ediva and he couldn’t wait until morning.

In the morning Ediva walked with an angry Caorlyn “why the fuck was I dumb enough to let him come over?”

“You don’t have to because of me” Caorlyn just growled “That’s it anyway, I’m done with him. He gained none of the decency you, your parents and your other siblings have.”

“I know, I wish dad had brought that dagger himself. I don’t know why Ambrose brought it”

“Probably just to get a chance to be an asshole to me”

“well, he enjoys being an ass to everybody. Lets just be grateful he joined the Knights. He used to be a lot worse”

“Your poor mother”

“Dad apparently was wanting to kick him out of the house from the very day he became an adult”

“Don’t blame the man” Caorlyn found her calm as she stood there waiting with Ediva. Ediva smiled when she saw Chapin coming. “He’s cute isn’t he?” Caorlyn whispered and Ediva blushed. Caorlyn laughed which only made Edivas blush worsen. Chapin gave Ediva a small smile when he was close. “Morning Chapin” Ediva said and he smiled “Morning, I guess I’m first here”

“Yep” Caorlyn threw in. They waited until the eight other students arrived then began their journey. Chapin walked close to Ediva, wanting to be close to her and needing to make sure he could keep her from harm. He knew she was a dragon but she only ever used that form for flying. She wouldn’t be very good against a creature that actually used their skill. They made stops as they walked along so Caorlyn could describe plants and tell them what was good, bad, or aboslutley normal about them.

Chapin wasn’t absorbing a thing, he was still going over words in his head from his worksheet. He had actually brought it with him incase he couldn’t sleep at night. Perhaps he could impress her with knowing some new words by the time they started school again.


They had been gone maybe three hours when one of the women began whining as if she had been slaving in the hot sun all day “I’m so tired…my feet hurt” Each word a long whine that made Ediva stifle an eye roll. Caorlyn snapped “You knew this would be pretty much a lot of walking with education. Why did you come if you tire so easily?”

“Easily? It’s been hours”

“and is anybody else whining? You are a thirty three year old woman for crying out loud”

“Caorlyn” Ediva said and she sighed “fine, we’ll break if it’s needed”

“No, I wont take your charity. In fact, i dont want to be in your class any longer bitch! You are just jealous I spend my days with men falling all over me. You’re just single and jealous of me.” The obviously embarrassed, offended and very ignorant woman said then began to storm off back to their village. Caorlyn sighed “anybody else tired? I really will stop”

Everybody else wanted to go on so they went about their way “She was a bitch but you could have been nicer Caorlyn” Ediva said as they went back to walking. “She is too old for that damned whining”

“I agree” One of the men said, eliciting laughter from a few of the others. Aside from lessons here and there from Caorlyn they weren’t stopped again until everyone was hungry. “Who’s going to hunt?” A teenage boy named Lewis asked. “Ediva and I have already made food. We cooked last night” She said as she set down her bag to pull food out. They all expressed how grateful they were as they were handed somthing to eat. “you want to sit with me Chapin during Caorlyns lecture?” Ediva asked so he wouldn’t end up sitting with the other students. “Sure” a small smile shone on his face at the invitation.

“There’s a lecture?” The same teenage boy asked. “This is a school trip” Caorlyn answered. he shrugged with a sigh and sat down with the rest. Caorlyn pulled out somthing she had pulled out of the ground during the first hour of their trip. It had intrigued everybody because she had put on gloves to gather it. “I want to talk to you all about this. I saved it until now because I didn’t feel like giving a long lecture back then.” Ediva smiled humorously at her friend.


Caorlyn continued “Let me eat. If you guys want to pass it around and look at it thats fine by me” One of the women took it so Caorlyn just sat down to eat. “I’m glad you decided to sit with me Chapin. Did you get a chance yet to look over that packet?”

“Yes I did, Thanks for being so affable” He said with a small hint of blush as he tried to use one of his new words. Ediva smiled happily “so you did. See how smart you are? You already learned one”

“It’s just one word”

“I bet you’ve already memorized more than just that one” He shrugged so she asked “will you try another that was in the packet?” He didn’t say anything “Please’ she added, he had to now. He was panicking in his head. He couldn’t think of a single word while those gorgeous eyes were looking into his. What came next slipped out of his mouth without his brains permission “You’re eyes are magnificent” Some of the other students started laughing. Chapin turned cherry red and ran off. Ediva was red faced herself “shut up!” she said as she stood. They were accustomed to Ediva being mild tempered so her cursing and screaming made all their mouths snap shut.

“You are all grown adults! I don’t have a single child in my class! You are nothing but bullies and racists! He hasn’t done anything to any of you and all you do is make him feel like he doesn’t belong in my school. All he was doing was trying to use a word I had given him in a packet. I highly doubt he actually likes my eyes ok, you guys use sentences all the time that you dont mean just to use a word for me. Even if he did mean it, that took a lot of courage to say. I am dissapointed by all of you jerks. I hope you’re proud of embarrassing him like that.” Ediva shook her head, too disgusted by the lot of them to say anything more.

She had them all wordless as she chased after Chapin. Caorlyn shook her own head “I”m glad that woman put you assholes in your place. He doesn’t deserve how you lot treat him. All he wants is to learn, same as you all. He can’t help he was born a demon. If I was Ediva and in charge of who could come to our school I wouldn’t teach a one of you. Seriously, think long and hard about the past three months. Try and name one thing he’s ever done to any of you.”


“Chapin!” Ediva called to him as she ran into the woods. Her voice caught his ears but he was too ashamed to stop. “Chapin please!” he knew this was only making the situation worse and he’d have to face her again eventually so he finally stopped so she could catch up. “Chapin” she said softly as he looked at the ground. She took his hand “Chapin, I know that was just a sentence to use that word. I’m proud of you. Don’t mind those children that are in disguise as adults” His heart raced, both from running and the fact she was touching him.

He swallowed “I studied really hard last night”

“I can tell. Please don’t be upset. Come back to the group”

“I really don’t want to”

“Please Chapin” Please, he could never say no when she pleaded for anything from him. “They are going to mock me again but I will for you….thank you for teaching me regardless of what I am”

“A wonderful man? You’re the perfect kind of student to have”

“You know what I meant Ediva. I’m a demon, I’ve lost my temper and yelled at you a few times”

“Everybody gets frustrated. It’s not like you ever have or would hurt me. I’m not afraid of you and I know they shouldn’t be. They are just ignorant. People are taught from birth to fear demons. It’s not fair to demons like you” he looked at her “I can tell you never fear me. No matter what I do I never sense fear from you. That…thank you” Ediva hugged him. He slowly, almost cautiously wrapped his arms around her. It was as if sombody had just shot him with tranquilizer. His whole body melted and eased. Ediva smiled, loving how much her hug had relaxed him. “I wish you’d let me tutor you Chapin”

He frowned, it always felt like she thought he was stupid when she offered that “I can learn this stuff Ediva”

“I just want to help you. I’m not saying you can’t without the extra help. I just want you to spend atleast an hour with me after class so I can help you” he held her tighter. It felt so good to have her so close, to have her scent crawling over him. He didn’t deserve this contact, not with her. He was too dumb, too easy to anger. He wasn’t good enough for her. He pushed Ediva away “I’ll…I’ll think about it Ediva. Lets return” He couldn’t be alone with Ediva and keep his hands off so as much as he hated the other students he would return to them.


“Ok” she walked by his side back to the group. She was relieved they were all still silent. She didn’t even want to hear their voices right now. Caorlyn took the bottle with the plant in it from a student then stood semi in the middle of them all to teach them about it. It was deadly if you knew what to do with it and coming into direct contact atall with it could make you ill for a few days. It was why she handled the harmless looking thing with gloves. Ediva looked over at Chapin midway through Caorlyns lecture. He looked so sad and conflicted. She wished she had the ability to read minds so she could better understand him.

The rest of the day Chapin was weird and far more tense than normal. If it wouldn’t have embarrassed him to pull him away from the group that was precisely what she would have done. As they stopped for dinner that night Chapin finally spoke to Ediva “I smell Fallus fruit not too far away. Do you want any Ediva?”

“Thank you, want me to come too? I’ll help you carry”

“No, I’ll go.” a male student interjected, obviously trying to make up for treating Chapin like crap. Chapin inwardly groaned. “Ok, come on” The two men walked away while everyone else sat down. They decided to wait on Chapin and Chris since they were doing something nice for everybody. “You got the hots for miss Koopmann don’t you?” He said, causing Chapin to glare. Chris was tempted to jump but managed not to. “whoa, I mean, I couldn’t blame you. She is pretty”

“Don’t talk about her” he said almost coldly. “sorry man, shit. I’m just trying to be nice” Not a single word more was exchanged as they walked together. When they came back to the group Chris got away from Chapin as fast as possible while Chapin took the spot beside Ediva again. “Mm, thanks Chapin” she said with a smile after she finished one of the small yellow fruits. He gave her a soft smile “you’re welcome.”

“Have you thought about tutoring enough?”

“I guess you could. If you really think I need it”

“Chapin, don’t say that like I don’t think you can learn on your own”

‘It is what it is Ediva” She gave a small sigh then went back to eating her dinner. Before bed Caorlyn stood again “Ok guys, hands to yourself during the night. If a single woman complains about you getting handsy you will be sent home or atleast away from the group. Am I understood?”

“Yes mam” They answered so Caorlyn settled into the grass to rest for the night. Chapin wanted to be near Ediva if somthing happened so he wordlessly and without looking at her laid down right beside Ediva. She smiled at his back, sensing his protective aura. She thanked him in her head then closed her eyes to rest. Chapin just relaxed until all were sleeping then pulled out his packet to study. He would prove to her he wasn’t so dumb that he needed tutoring. He would impress her tomorrow by knowing how to use more of these words.


Ediva moved, taking Chapins attention away from the vocabulary words. She looked cold so he dug through his bag and pulled out a jacket he brought. He laid it gently over her, hoping not to wake Ediva up. He just knew she would sleep better if she was warm through the night. He smiled, getting lost staring at her when she didn’t wake. His heart said what it had a hundred other times “I love you Ediva” When looking at her began to make him sad he went back to his studying.

Maybe one day he would be good enough for a goddess like her. It was a long shot but if he could learn all this stuff and work on his temper just maybe he could feel like he deserved her. In the morning Ediva was surprised a jacket laid on her. Once fully awake she noticed it was the one Chapin seemed to favor. He wore it all through the cold months. She glanced over at him and saw he was knocked out hard. She would thank him when he was up. It seemed she was the first awake so she decided to try and find some eggs for everybody.

Ediva walked off, using her dragons nose to locate trees with eggs in them. When the students started waking one of the women asked ‘Where’s Ediva?” The rest didn’t know so she woke Caorlyn “where’s Ediva?”

“I don’t know, maybe peeing or somthing. Give the girl her pee time” Everyone else moving about woke Chapin so she asked him “where did Ediva go?” He instantly looked concerned and looked around. He stood up wordlessly, finding her scent then following it. She was alone and away from the safety of the village “why didn’t you wake me” he said in his head. She was high in a tree when he found her “Ediva” he called up. She grabbed the eggs then jumped down, manipulating the wind to slow her fall. Chapins eyes grew wide and he moved to catch her. She stopped using the wind and allowed herself to drop in his arms.

He didn’t move atall, firm and sturdy as she could have ever imagined him. “I wasn’t going to get hurt but thank you. I jump down from trees all the time”

“Its foolish Ediva, just like coming out here by yourself”

“I’m an adult woman Chapin”

“still, you could have woken me” She could see all over his face how worried he had been “next time I’ll wake you if you want to come, thanks” Chapin set Ediva down and took the eggs from her hands “good” he said then walked with her back. “thanks for your jacket last night”

“No problem, I didn’t need it”

“I’m sorry I worried you”

“Who will finish teaching me if you get yourself killed” She smiled, it still plain on her face as she pulled the rest of the eggs out of her bag “Mind cooking Caorlyn”

‘Course not, good thinking Ediva” They ate and headed off again. Ediva enjoyed listening to Carolyn teach as they went. Some of these things she already knew but Caorlyn was regoing over stuff to make sure everybody knew. Caorlyn paused “Ok guys, lets say one of us was gravely injured right here? What would you do with no healers around?”

“Make a healing potion” A man said “could you here?” He looked around “No but I’m sure if i looked around. I also brought some with me”

“we’re supposing none of us actually have any”

“I’m familiar enough with whats needed. Miss Koopmann could fly with one of us to find what was needed”

“what if she was the one injured”

“Chapins a demon, he’s fast enough”

“Good thinking, Without the aid of Koopmann or Chapin I want you all to try and make a healing potion. You have twenty minuets. This is a really bad injury” They all took off and Caorlyn sat down with a sigh “tired?”

“Yeah, this is a good exercise for them anyway. You aren’t going Chapin?”

“I’m not really in your class”

“On this trip you are”

“Leave him Caorlyn” She shrugged and Chapin sat down by Ediva. Ediva wondered if her friend and fellow teacher was still wound up about her brother. It was crazy to her how badly his behavior got under Caorlyns skin. He annoyed everybody but he seemed to especially upset her. She wondered if Caorlyn had a crush on Ambrose.


Most of the students failed but some actually came back with everything they would need. Caorlyn told them just to hang on to their supplies as she stood to continue guiding them around. They had another peaceful day of lessons and nature, ending it with another nice dinner then settling into similar groupings as the night before to rest. Much to everyones discomfort rain began pouring from the sky around three am. “Lets find a cave!” one man yelled then a woman protested “and get eaten by somthing? No thank you”

“Do you suggest we soak all night?” Another woman asked. They didn’t have time to discuss this further. They all suddenly felt a gaze practically piercing through them. Ediva and Chapin could clearly see the demon and his sadistic grin while the rest of the group could only see his deep red eyes. It seemed only a second later the woman who protested finding a cave was ripped to shreds, her body falling where it may and blood spewing everywhere. They hadn’t seen him move, not even Chapin. Panicked screams rang through the rain. None of the humans could see well but even if they could this demon was obviously too fast for that to matter.

Another second passed and Ediva found herself on the ground, Chapins blood flowing over her. “Chapin!” she exclaimed. The demon had tried to do the same to Ediva that he had done to that other girl. Chapin couldn’t track him enough to fully stop the attack but he blocked it from hurting her and that was all that mattered to him. Ediva began to shift, needing to get away, needing to check Chapins wounds and make sure he was ok.

Before she could fully shift the demon had taken out two more students, leaving her with only four, not including Chapin. This demon was out of their league and thankfully her students were aware. As soon as Belle was in full dragon form they ran for her, another one being sliced to pieces in the process. This demon was sick, he was killing them just to be killing them. With three students, Chapin and Caorlyn on her back Ediva flew quickly back home.

The one woman was sobbing while another held her. Chris pulled a healing vial out of his bag “Give this to Chapin please” He yelled over the wind to Caorlyn. Chapin was laying flat on his stomach and couldn’t sit up so he downed it just like that then let the vial fall to the earth below. “Chapin, we can’t lose another student” Caorlyn said with genuine concern over him. Chapin didn’t know what to say so didn’t respond to her.


It didn’t take long to get out of the rain. No doubt the demon had started it and halted it when his prey fled. Ediva flew as fast as she could with inexperienced riders. She didn’t want anybody to fall off. It was near sunrise when they arrived back in the village. Ediva knew as a demon Chapin could heal himself but there had been so much blood. She worried about how badly he had been injured.

Ediva landed and all got off. Caorlyn and one of the male students helped get Chapin off of Ediva so she could shift back without him falling to the ground. “Don’t take me to your hospital” he said weakly. “But Chapin”

“I want to go home. I have what I need at home” Ediva knew the staff might refuse to help him anyway since he was a demon so Ediva and Caorlyn walked with him out of the village and to his home. Ediva was glad he didn’t live too far out. When they got there Caorlyn said ‘do you have him Ediva? I think I should inform families of the loss”

“This early?” she asked sadly “I think I’d want to know right away” Caorlyn answered grimly “Ok, bye Caorlyn” Chapin walked over to one of his cabinets and downed somthing she hadn’t had time to see. Chapin pulled off his shirt, revealing the mass of claw marks all over his back, shoulders and neck. “Chapin” She said covering her mouth. He turned to her, heart sinking with how sad she looked “I’ll be ok, give me time. Did it hurt you?”

“no” He looked so relieved. She wanted badly to hug him but didn’t want to hurt him by touching his back. “I’m going to lay down. Stay please, I don’t know if he’ll try to follow and I can’t lose you” he paused “I mean, I’d never learn to write or get a better vocabulary without a teacher and you’re the only one willing to teach me” Tears escaped Edivas eyes and she nodded “I’ll sleep on your couch” he nodded “just dont leave”

He walked into his room and she sat down to cry. Chapin could hear every whimper, smell the tears but he was in no shape to comfort her. The only reason it didn’t rip him to shreds was because his skin was so tough. Only demon or dragon claws could pierce his skin. Even then they had to be particularly strong demons and dragons. Knives, swords, anything of that nature couldn’t do a thing. It wasn’t somthing he wanted to advertise to the group since he knew that would make the humans even more afraid of him. They feared him as it was, imagine if they knew his skin was near impenetrable.


It was also why he didn’t want anything to do with their hospital. If they tried to inject him with anything they’d realize fast they couldn’t. He fell asleep, needing rest to heal himself and to protect her again if the demon followed her scent back. He could tell he was a demon who didn’t like his targets getting away. He was old, atleast five thousand years and his heart was nothing but malice. It was a disturbing presense to be around and Chapin prayed that he would just let Ediva go.

He woke around ten am. Chapin could feel the gashes were mostly closed so he decided to shower. He didn’t want to upset Ediva again with all the blood. Every whimper he heard while she cried wrenched his heart. The shower running woke Ediva, she was glad he lived through the night. She got up and went into his kitchen to see what she could make for breakfast. It would make her feel better if he had food in his stomach.

His groceries were scarce but her mother had taught her how to make meals out of anything. They always had a full fridge and pantry but there were times Belle had shown her what she could do if they didn’t have so much. Ediva began her work, recreating one of the many meals she had been taught by her mom.

Chapin could hear her in the kitchen and embaresment filled him. He wasn’t much of a cook, rarely planned very far ahead for meals so he didn’t have a lot in the way of food and spices. He decided not to worry about it. It was what it was. When he came out she turned to him, a small smile shoiwng nothing but worry “you okay?”

“Yeah, they are closing”

“Thank goodness”

“What’re you making?”

“Somthing my mom taught me. She never named it.” He sat down and she finished making their meal.

Chapter Two

He sat down at the kitchen table, wincing a little at the lingering pain coming from his wound. He was glad she had gone back to cooking and had not seen or she would have worried and fussed more than was needed. He crossed his arms on the table and rested his head on them, still feeling a little tired. He closed his eyes only to jerk awake at the feel of Ediva’s warm fingers moving through his hair. “Do you want to eat or go back to bed?” She asked softly and he raised his head.

Sorry, healing takes energy, I’ll eat.
She smiled and got him a plate of food. “Here, eat it all okay.”

“Okay.” She got her own plate and sat down next to him.

Chapin took a bite and his eyes widened in surprise. “Wow, this tastes amazing.”

I’m glad you think so, you should keep your kitchen stocked though.
I wouldn’t really know what to buy, I mean it is just me so I’ve never worried about it before.
Well what if I want to come and tutor you here or something, you’d want us to have food for snacks and lunch right?
I guess so.
I’ll help you shop.
“That’d be great.”

They went back to eating and he watched her out of the corner of his eye. Every time he looked at her his heart fluttered in his chest. He could tell she was still sad over the loss of her students and he wished he knew how to make her feel better. She sighed and he reached over and grabbed her hand. “Are you okay?” He asked.

Yeah, just…you know.
I’m sorry I didn’t do more.
What do you mean?
I couldn’t save anyone. All I could think about was protecting you.
It’s not your fault Chapin, that demon was so fast.

“I just don’t want you sad” Ediva smiled, loving the warmth of his touch and sincerity in his eyes. “Thank you for taking the attack for me. Why didn’t he rip you up like the others?”

Can we keep it between us? I think it would scare everybody else more if they knew
Of course
My skin is really, I guess tough is the word. Knives, swords, daggers, pretty much nothing can cut me aside from powerful demons and dragons. Go grab one of my knives
I’ll take your word
“You wont hurt me, I swear” She seemed uncomfortable with the idea so he rubbed her hand with his thumb “alright, I’ll let you take my word on it.”

“Still, you knew he could hurt you. You didn’t know if he was strong enough to kill you and you still pushed me down to cover me” His heart stuttered again as she looked into his eyes. He wished he knew what to say but the truth was wanting to barrel out of him. “I could never lose you Ediva. I’ve..I’ve come to need you in my life. I was only on that trip to be with you”

“You meant what you said about my eyes then?’ He nodded then almost looked ashamed of himself “But I know I’m no good for you. I’m just so stupid and when I get angry I get overly so and can be an ass. I’ve been such a fucking asshole to you so many times when you were only trying to help me” Ediva lifted her free hand up then placed it over the hand Chapin was using to hold hers “You aren’t stupid. You’ve learned a lot since starting classes. You just had more to learn than everybody else”

I wish I had never been born a demon, maybe then I would be a man deserving of your affection.
She leaned over and pressed her lips against his cheek, surprising him. “Stop being so hard headed and negative. I am sure there are things you know that I don’t, you know like you’re demon smart and I’m not.”

Maybe so, but you are a far faster learner than I. I’m sure you could master anything you put your mind to, whereas I can barely even remember the words you make me study.
That’s because you always get yourself down. If you believe you will fail then you will, you have to stop thinking you’re an idiot when you’re not.
He gave her a warm smile and stroked his knuckles over her cheek. “I don’t deserve you even a little. Being in your company is a true gift and I’d do anything to stay with you.” It embarrassed him to open himself up so, but he wanted to be honest with her about his feelings. She had been so patient and kind so she deserved to know everything.

Everyone deserves to be happy Chapin, even you. I want to help you achieve that happiness.
He pulled her into a hug and buried his nose in her hair, inhaling her scent deep into his lungs. “I…I really love you.” He clung to her tighter, waiting for her response.

Ediva smiled and kissed his cheek. “What is the definition of love?”

The definition of love is Ediva and that is the only one I need to know.
Her heart fluttered and she pulled back to look into his eyes that were watching her with hopefulness and adoration. “What am I going to do with you my sweet demon?”

Love me back?
She smiled warmly. “I think I can do that.”

He pulled her back into him and she giggled “lets eat our food ok. You need it and then some rest”

Will you lay with me? Even if it’s just until I fall asleep?
‘of course, do you still hurt?”

“I’m too happy for it to matter” her happy smile became touched again “still, do you have anything for that?”

No, I drank what I had last night
“Well, I have more in my home. Once you’re sleeping I’ll get what I have and bring it back” His eased expression became tense “No, let me go with you.”

But your injuries
They are healing and that demon is a true monster. He’s old and filled with power that has gone to his head over the years. I can read demons from the second I see them. I have never been wrong or missed a thing about them. That one is spiteful, pure evil if anything is. On the rare occasion his victims get away he goes after them. My body can withstand his claws but yours can’t. I will not have you walking alone, atleast not for awhile. I wish I knew the word I’m looking for but you need to be careful. Let me walk with you so i can be your shield
You really think he’d come here with all these people? All the enchantments? Hell, the castle and knights are even here
“Ediva, he is at the minimum five thousand years old and powerful beyond what I’m able to explain. Most of what this place can offer in protection he’d barely notice. Your family is known for being brave but this is not the time.” Ediva sighed “Since you’ll have to come with me is it worth the trip?”

I can sleep it off. My body heals slower than most demons because of my skin but it will heal. I just need sleep
“Then we’ll just stay” They ate then Ediva followed Chapin back to his bedroom. His sheets were covered in blood so Ediva quickly changed them. “I’ll buy you a new mattress while we’re in town”

I’m alright with this one Ediva
Your blood soaked it. You need a new one
“I guess, as long as you lay with me now I’ll accept the new bed” They stared at eachother a few moments before Chapin could get himself into bed. He was actually nervous about cuddling with Ediva which tinted his cheeks. She did her best not to giggle at him as she slid into bed. Chapins arms locked around her before he placed a soft, loving kiss on her cheek. “I love you so much”

“I love you too Chapin” Ediva whispered back. He was exhausted from his bodies work to heal itself so sleep came almost instantly. Hours had passed but to Chapin it seemed as though he had only just closed his eyes when he heard a knock at his door. He could smell instantly it was Edivas parents.”Ediva” He said to wake her. She stirred at her fathers second knock. “It’s your parents” he said to her seeming confusion.

Oh, ok. Stay here. I’ll answer
“alright” Ediva attempted fixing her hair as she aproached the door. She was greeted with her fathers arms around her “Hey guys, I’m ok thanks to Chapin”

“We’ve heard” Belle said then asked ‘where is he?’

Resting, his body has a lot of healing to do
“I can imagine” Zane said as he let his daughter go.

“We’re just glad you’re okay and we’re so sorry about your students.”

Ediva swallowed the lump forming in her throat. “There was nothing we could do.” She took a deep breath and smiled. “Why don’t you two come in.”

“Gabriel, Ambrose and I are going out to retrieve the bodies and your mother is helping comfort the families, but afterwards we should all spend time together so your mother and I can thank Chapin.” Zane replied as he tussled his daughter’s hair.

“I’d really like that daddy. I love you both.” She hugged her parents and then watched as they walked away. She closed the door and when she turned around she nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Chapin standing there.

“Is everything okay?” He asked sleepily.

Yeah, mom and dad came by to check on us. Dad is taking Gabriel and Ambrose to retrieve the bodies.
They should be careful, that demon could still be hanging around.
“You know what my dad and Gabriel do for a living and Ambrose has become a pretty capable swordsman. They’ll be fine.”

I guess I’ll just have to trust in their abilities.
She gave him a warm smile. “Shouldn’t you be resting?”

I couldn’t settle back down without you. Would you come back and lay with me?
“Of course.” She took his hand and went back into the bedroom where she laid with him on the bed facing him. He brushed his knuckles against her cheek and then grabbed her chin and ran his thumb over her lips.

“Would it be alright if I kissed you?” He asked softly.

“Yes.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pressed his lips against hers. Both of their heart leaped in their chests and he pulled her tightly against him. He tugged at her lower lip with his teeth and she opened her mouth to let his tongue tango with hers. His lips trailed over her chin and down her neck and she pressed her hands against his chest. “Chapin, enough.”

He pulled back, looking embarrassed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to take it that far.”

It’s okay, really, but you need to sleep off the rest of your injury.
“I understand.” He rested his head on her chest and she blushed, knowing he could hear her thundering heart. He didn’t say anything about it, just closed his eyes and drifted off. She was no longer tired, but decided to stay with him. It wasn’t a half an hour later when she had the urge to pee and had to gently wiggle her way out of his arms. She hurried to the bathroom and relieved herself the washed her hands. As she stepped out of the bathroom lightening flashed brightly outside, followed by the rumbling of thunder that shook the house. She an arm wrap around her waist and a hand press against her mouth. “Don’t make a sound.” Chapin whispered in her ear. “He’s here.”

A chill ran up her spine. He was back, that terrifying demon that could so easily rip people to pieces. She didn’t know if Chapin was fully healed yet and that scared her the most. It may be harder for the demon to kill Chapin but he could still kill him. Ediva wondered how her dragon scales would last again his claws. Regardless she had a better chance in that form than this weak human body. Even if Chapin wanted her to hide she wasn’t going to let him face such a sadistic monster by himself.

Ediva jerked with fear when she heard Chapins front door kicked in. Even the demons breathing seemed psychopathic and rageful. Had somthing this diabolic really walked their world for five thousand years? “don’t you dare leave this bathroom” Chapin whispered before letting Ediva go. He gave her a look of absolute seriousness in hopes she’d actually listen. Staying out of things wasn’t in her blood so he was being stern despite the fact they had only just gotten together.

Chapin was confident as he left Ediva in the bathroom. His wounds were nothing but scratch marks at this point so his skin was ready for whatever it had to take to protect Ediva. He wasn’t going to lose. Chapin knew if he really tried to fight him he would be able to scope out his weaknesses. Weaknesses was always the easiest to spot for him.

“Why are you here demon?” Chapin asked, his eyes spitting fire at the man in his doorway.

The demon cocked his head to the side and grinned. “I was following her scent, but I found the weakling instead. You should be dead weakling.”

Chapin growled. “What is it you want?”

“Her, the one who escaped my grasp.” The demon sped towards Chapin, barely giving him time to throw his arms up and protect his face as the monster struck out. He was sent flying over the couch and out the window. He his the already muddy ground and slid then scrambled quickly back to his feet as the demon burst through the wall.

The demon gave him a look of confusion, almost like an animal did when it didn’t understand something. “You can’t have her monster, she’s mine.”

The demon grinned again. “Maybe I’ll make you both my pets for awhile.”

Ediva stood with her ear pressed against the bathroom door. She couldn’t hear anything but the sound of rain hitting the roof of the house and thunder booming over head. She slowly pushed the door open and stuck her head out. Chapin and the demon were no longer inside and as she stepped further into the living room she could see a large hole in one of the walls. She ran towards the hole and looked out to see Chapin and the demon fighting, the latter so fast she couldn’t even track him with her eyes.

Chapter Three

Blood ran down Chapin as rain soaked him. She couldn’t let him be ripped to shreds and not do anything so she ran out, shifting in the process “Ediva! No!” He yelled at her but she wasn’t going to listen. She felt him slash into her side. It stung along with surprised her it could actually cut her scales. An even more intense rage boiled over Chapin as he saw him cutting his mate. He ran to attack him again just as Ediva started trying to freeze the demon within her ice breath.

Chapin hadn’t known what type of dragon Ediva was. Now that he knew he had an idea. “Ediva! Listen to me! I’ll help you hit him! I can’t see him much better than you but I can see him better. Hell, freeze him if its atall possible, even if he’s on top of me and you have to freeze me too!” Ediva gave a roar of agreement. “4’o’clock” Chapin yelled and she tried to hit him.

Chapin kept calling times, the two getting slashed in the process but finally, finally after what felt like an eternity of rain, chaos and blood Ediva hit their monster. She kept blowing her icy breath on him even as he hit the ground to ensure he stayed engulfed in block of ice. She stared at him awhile, worried he might break it. Chapin could read her face “He has no fire” now that he was frozen she could see those long, lion like claws. She shifted back to human form, wishing she could erase that horrible things face from her memory. Ediva ran to Chapin and gave him a tight hug “see, you should trust me to fight with you”

I’ll try
You will Chapin
Ok, I think we should haul this to the castle
Do I need to shift?
Yeah, I’ll lift it and hold it. You just fly us to the castle.

Ediva shifted back to her dragon form and Chapin grabbed the frozen demon. She lifted him onto her back then flew into the air. “As soon as we’re at the castle and have given this thing to the queen’s guards we should go to the healers. I don’t like seeing your blood.”

Ediva grew warm at his words of concern. No matter what he said about himself, she would always think he was the sweetest person in the world. When she landed at the castle, he jumped down with the demon and she shifted back, feeling exhausted. “I think I might ask Cantaly if we can stay here until we’re both completely healed.”

“That probably for the best.”

It was Bernadette and Jerry who came running when they were alerted to Ediva and Chapin’s presence on the castle grounds with a frozen demon and Chapin looked Jerry over. This was the first time he was meeting him and he was surprised to find he was a demon.

“Holy shit Ediva, what happened?” Jerry asked.

That is the monster who killed my students. He needs to be taken care of. He tracked us then attacked us.
“I’m sure Cantaly will want him executed, but we’ll take him and watch over him for now.” Bernadette replied.

“At least until Zane gets back you mean, he will show this demon no mercy for once again attacking his child.” Jerry added.

May the gods have mercy on his pitiful soul.

“Go to a room, we’ll send healers to tend to your wounds, the both of you” Chapin lifted Ediva, filled with worry over her “which one?”

I’ll tell you. I have my own room for when I want to stay
“Ok” Chapin quickly took her inside and let her instruct him as to where to go. “Lets sit on my floor” she said and he nodded before sitting down, keeping her in his lap. “Chapin, your wounds, it can’t be comfortable to hold me”

“I don’t care” Edica kissed his cheek “I’m going to be okay” Soon three healers entered Edivas room and tended to them. When their wounds were shut they one said “I’ll get him a change of clothes”

“we’re glad you’re alive” Jenny said and Ediva smiled “thank you for coming so quickly” When they left the two alone Ediva said “I’ll shower first since they are coming with your clothes. I’ll be fast”

“don’t rush” Ediva kissed his head then retrieved clothes from her dresser before heading into the bathroom. When she shut the door Chapin got up to sit and wait against the wall to the doors right. He wanted to be in there with her but accepted the fact she obviously wasn’t ready to shower with him. He came to his feet quickly when her bedroom door opened again. It startled the maid “I’m sorry” he said sheepishly “no dear, after what you’ve gone through I understand. You just gave my heart a start”

She handed him the clothes then walked back out. When Ediva entered her room Chapin looked at her with what seemed like aw and relief “Your turn” she said with a smile. Chapin brushed his knuckles against her cheek “I love you”

“Love you too” He walked in the bathroom and Ediva threw her clothes in the wastebasket. It was surprising to her how quickly Chapin finished. She smiled, knowing he was probably nervous to leave her alone. “How do you feel” he asked “Really tired”

me too, can we cuddle again?
“Please” They pulled her covers up then settled themselves into a comfortable spooning position. “Ediva, I didn’t know demons lived in the castle”

Its just Jerry
“Why dont the people hate him?’

Because he was human first. I know thats dumb but thats the difference to the people. I really don’t care anyway. Not all demons are evil and its not fair they treat you the way they do.
as long as I can have you I dont care. I was just curious
“You’ll always have me Chapin” he smiled and kissed her head “I love you” he adored saying those words to her and hearing them repeated back “Love you too” his heart tingled and he pulled her closer. “I hope your father makes that demon suffer. He’s taken so many lives.”

My father is a vengeful man when it comes to mom and us. There will be hell to pay knowing him
I like your father
and he likes you.
They are so cautious around me
They aren’t afraid of you though. My dad is friends with a few demons. He just knows they have a certain skill set. He has a healthy caution
yeah, its why i’m so comfortable. I know they aren’t scared
I think my dad could kill anything if it meant protecting us. its why he doesn’t worry
I’ll never hurt you, not ever
I know that and when i tell him we’re together he’ll know that
Do you think he’ll like us together
“Now that you’ve saved my life I’d be surprised if he didn’t” They talked until they were both sound asleep in eachothers arms. They had both been through so much they slept until well after Zane had taken care of the demon. it wasn’t until dinner anybody roused them from sleeping. “Hey” Ediva heard her mothers voice and sat up. Chapin sat up too and saw Belle holding a tray of food “You two need to eat or I wouldn’t have bothered you. I made this myself”

Thanks mom
You two feeling ok?

Yeah, did dad, Gabriel and Ambrose get back safely?
Yes and your father took care of that nasty demon. I swear if he had had his way he would have mercilessly tortured him beforehand. He doesn’t know the meaning of mercy when it comes to his family being hurt.
“That’s because he really loves you guys.” Chapin said as he took his plate off the tray. “Thank you Belle.”

“You’re very welcome Chapin.” She looked around the room. “So you two are sharing a bed?”

Both Chapin and Ediva blushed. “Well yes, I’ve decided to be his mate.”

Belle smiled. “That’s great sweetie, your father’s going to be really happy. He really likes you Chapin.”

“Really?” Chapin rubbed the back of his neck and gave a small smile. “Even though I’m a demon like that monster?”

Oh shush, you’re far too sweet to be talking like that. As long as you treat Ediva right then everything will be fine.
I wouldn’t dream of hurting her, I’d rather die than hurt her and if I ever do hurt her I’ll gladly hand myself over to Zane.
Both Ediva and Belle giggled. “Calm down Chapin, everything will be fine.” Ediva said.

“I’ll let you two eat now.” Belle said as she grabbed the tray. “I’ll come and check on you later.”

“thanks again mom. Nothing will ever beat your cooking” Belle smiled again “You two remember to come over when you feel better. We want to have atleast lunch or dinner with you guys soon. We’ve never gotten to spend a lot of time with Chapin. Your father wanted to thank him anyway but now that you two are mates he’ll especially want to spend some time with Chapin.”

we will mom. Could you do me a favor and post a message on my school house’s front door to let everyone know I need a day or two off. Add that I’ll refund them for the days missed.
“Ok, I’ll get right on that after i let your dad know you two are alright” Belle walked out and Ediva kissed Chapin again “see? My family is very open and accepting. Maybe one day the rest of the village can be too” They ate then laid back down to cuddle. Chapin was overwhelmed with his happiness. Ediva was his and her family was actually happy they were together. He would do his best to get smarter and learn everything Ediva had to teach him. He also would work a lot harder on how fast he was to anger. It hurt too much afterward when he’d yell unjustly at Ediva. He knew she understood he was a demon but it was still somthing he wanted to fix. Being with Ediva was the best thing that ever happened to him and he refused to screw it up.

~ The End ~

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