Edward & Lugh 2

Chapter One

“What are you doing Lugh?” The voice whispering in his ear made Lugh’s heart slam against his chest and color rise in his cheeks.

“Studying.” He managed.

“Still? Come and spend some time with me love.” Edward’s hot breath gave him goosebumps.

“I…I have to do this first.”

Edward kissed his neck. “It’s time for a break my love.” He kissed him again and Lugh’s entire body warmed.

“Edward.” His voice was a whisper and Edward reached out and closed the book he had been reading.

“You were studying when I left two hours ago to check on the salon, that should be an adequate amount for today. Spend time with me.”

Lugh looked up at him, swallowing nervously when he saw the vampire’s desire. It was hard to resist Edward when he really wanted something. “Alright.”

Edward smiled and turned away, glancing over his shoulder before heading upstairs. Lugh put his book on the coffee table and followed, his heart beat getting faster with each step. The moment he entered their room, he was grabbed and pushed down on the bed, becoming instantly lost in Edward’s hunger for him. “I love you Lugh.” Edward’s words always gave him butterflies and brought tears to his eyes.

“I love you too.”

Edward knew he was being greedy, but he couldn’t help himself and pushed Lugh to his absolute limits, grinning when the younger man fell limp beneath him. He sat back, taking Lugh with him, gently massaging his back while Lugh rested his head on his shoulder. “I have something to tell you.” He said softly.

“What did you do?” Lugh sounded adorably tired.

“Why would you think I did something?”

“Because you’re always so sly and charming.”

Edward chuckled. “You forgot sexy and a wonderful lover.” Lugh blushed and Edward kissed his neck. “I promise I did nothing wrong. My parents are coming to visit. They called me and said they would be flying in tonight.”

Lugh’s heart jumped. “I’ll be meeting them so soon?”

“We’ve been together for over a year love, I think it’s about time.” He tipped Lugh’s head back. “I want you to meet the people who raised me.”

“But what if they don’t like me?”

“They will.”

“What if they ask why I’m still human?”

Edward stroked his cheek. The thought of changing Lugh had crossed his mind, but he wanted Lugh to make that decision. “They won’t make a big thing out of it, I promise. Please meet them.”

Lugh bit his lip. “How long will they be here?”

“A week at most, they love being on the move. My sister will be stopping by as well to say hello.”

It was hard saying no to Edward, especially after sex. It was like he had been drugged. “Okay, I can do that.”

“That means no studying love.”

“I know.”

Edward gently kissed Lugh again and laid with him. Eventually they got dressed, showered and ready for Edwards parents to arrive. Lugh was a little nervous but if they had raised a man like Edward they had to be good people. He was an amazing boyfriend and person, or rather vampire in general. When they arrived at the airport to pick them up the two didn’t have to wait long. Lugh smiled and Edward took Lughs hand when the two vampires came into view. When they were close enough for introduction Edward said “Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Lugh”

“Oh my, he’s so cute.” Edward’s mother said with a big smile, making Lugh blush. “I’m Andromeda and this is my husband Jermaine.”

“Nice to meet you.” He was nervous, but he met Andromeda’s eyes as he shook her hand. He looked between Edward’s parents, seeing where he got his good looks from. He especially looked like his father.

“Has our son been good to you?” Jermaine asked as they shook hands.

“Yes, sir, he’s very sweet.”

“No sirs, my name is Jermaine. I don’t think I’ve been called sir for centuries.”


“You’re making him nervous dear, look at him, the poor thing’s heart is beating so hard.” Andromeda chastised.

“It’s not dad,” Edward interjected, “my sweet Lugh is shy.”

Andromeda smiled warmly “I hope you’ll feel comfortable with us soon. All we care about is that you make our son happy and I can already tell how happy you make him Lugh. His dad is a big softie too so you don’t have to worry about a thing from him” Lugh hoped his shyness wouldn’t hurt their feelings. They seemed like really nice people so he was determined to break out of his shell for them while they were here. Seeing how kind they were made him a little less nervous to meet Edwards sister when she dropped in.

Andromeda talked to Lugh nearly non stop during the ride from the airport to their home. She wanted to learn everything about her sons new boyfriend and hoped the steady talking would help him relax more with her. Edward and his father carried the luggage in and set them in the room his parents would be staying in “nothing has really changed since you were last here except for Lughs added stuff. Dishes, towels, all that are in the same places. Also, if you see Lugh reading make sure you actually have his attention before you start talking or you might just be talking to the air” Lugh went blood red at his boyfriends warning.

“A big reader then?” Jermaine asked.

“I’m studying to become a doctor.”

“A healer, I can definitely see that.” Andromeda said.

Edward chuckled. “He would skip meals if I didn’t pull him away. I make him take breaks.”

“Breaks he calls them, that’s a bit devious.” Lugh felt hot from head to toe at Andromeda’s teasing.

“You know I can’t help myself, he’s so precious to me, I just want to spoil and monopolize him.”

I’m glad we get to meet him.You seem so happy, even the way you talk to us on the phone, we can hear it in your voice” Edward took Lughs hand “you two get comfortable and we’ll discuss dinner” Edward tugged Lugh to their room, kissing him once inside “see? I told you they’d like you.”

“They really do?” Edward chuckled “They do, now what should we make them for dinner?”

“I’m good with anything they like”

“I guess I should go see what we have. Why don’t you stay in here and relax while I cook.”

“I’m fine, I’m not overwhelmed or anything” Edward gave Lugh a gentle smile and caressed his cheek “That human heart of yours has been going so fast baby. I don’t want it going out on me. Lay down, read something and I’ll come get you in a bit” Edwards eyes were filled with so much concern and love Lugh couldn’t argue any longer and agreed to relax for a bit.

Edward hummed as he went through their pantry and freezer. Since his parents were visiting he decided on an old stew recipe his mother had used when he was a child. He smiled as he chopped vegetables and chicken. “Well now this brings back memories.” He glanced behind him at his mother.

“Want to help?”

“Is that even a real question?” He chuckled as she moved to stand beside him, taking a spoon and poring some oil and salt in a stew pot to heat up. She cooked the chicken, onion and garlic while he finished with the vegetables and mixed up some chicken stock. He helped put everything in and she seasoned it, making him test it. He cracked a couple of eggs in and she mixed them. He had always loved cooking with his mother. “So I noticed Lugh is not like us yet.”

“I want him to choose when he’s ready, it’s not a choice to be made lightly. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be saddled with me forever.”

She nudged him with her elbow. “Oh come now, he’s crazy for you, I can tell.”

“And I him, he’s just so perfect.”

“We won’t make a big deal out of it, I was only curious sweetheart. A mother has to ask.”

“I know, I love you mom.”

“And I love you.”

Edward talked to his mother about Lugh until dinner was ready and he needed to get his boyfriend. “Baby?” Edward said as he went into the room. “Yeah?” Lugh answeres as he turned in the bed. Edward grinned, walking over and kissing his cheek “dinner time love”

“I think I fell asleep for awhile”

” You’re adorable, come on down and eat with us.”

” What did you end up making” Lugh asked as he got out of bed and straightened his hair. “Something my mom used to make me as a child”

Laugh yawned as he got up and fixed his glasses. Edward thought he looked adorable half asleep with messy hair. “What?” Ligh asked as they headed downstairs hand in hand.

“Just thinking about how cute you are.” He pressed a kiss to Lugh’s cheek, grinning at his immediate blush. “I’m such a lucky man, to have such an intelligent, sexy boyfriend.”

“Stop, you’re parents are here.”

Edward shrugged. “They won’t care, they know how much I adore you and that I can’t help myself.”

They kept a firm grip on eachothers hand until they reached the table and needed to sit down. Being raised a gentleman he pulled out Lughs seat for him to sit down then pushed him in “You two are so sweet” Andromeda said with an adoring smile on her face. Edward took his spot by Lugh and watched his lover take the first bite, hoping he liked it as much as he had as a child. “is it good?” he asked when Lugh swallowed “Yeah, this is amazing”

“My mom made this all the time when I was a kid. We made it together this time”

“I really like it.”

Edward kissed his cheek then dug in to his food. “I missed this, I should make it more.”

“You should, it seems to make you happy.”

“So, Lugh, since we’re getting to know each other, do you have any questions for us?” Jermaine asked.

“Well, I guess I’d like to know more about Edward. I know that’s a pretty silly thing to want and probably really obvious, but the way you two remember something is probably different from how Edward remembers it. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know about his childhood. What kind of kid was he? Was he a troublemaker, was he always like this?”

Andromeda laughed. “I think he wants embarrassing stories, how sweet. I have many, but you should know that my children, especially Edward are hard to embarrass. We had a very open and honest relationship with him and his sister.”

“lets try” Lugh urged and Andromeda laughed again and began telling stories. Lugh listened with wrapped attention which Edward found sweet. He knew Lugh loved him but it felt good to see his mate having the same, if not more consumed attention in something about him as he did his school books. They were actually in the middle of one involving Edwards sister when a knock sounded at the door. Edward was confused since his sister wasn’t supposed to arrive until the morning and they shouldn’t be expecting anybody else.

He went to his door and sure enough she tackle hugged him “I’ve missed you” Parvarti said as she embraced him. “I’ve missed you too. Why are you early?”

“I just couldn’t wait to meet Lugh any longer. The way you talk about him, I can tell he’s really special to you” He took his sisters hand “come on then. Mom was just telling him about our childhood”

The sound of Lugh laughing made Edward sigh with happiness and when he walked in with his sister, his parents were immediately on their feet for hugs and Edward had let her go so he could introduce Lugh. “Come here my love.” He held out his hand and Lugh instantly took it, allowing Edward to pull him up and over to Parvarti.

“Oh my god he’s so cute.” Parvarti said with a big smile on her face. She hugged him and Lugh felt his cheeks grow hot.

“Easy sister dear.” Edward said with a laugh.

“Sorry, but just look at him.” She stepped back and Edward slid his arm across Lugh’s shoulders.

“Lugh this is Parvarti, she’s incredibly energetic as you can see.”

“Oh hush, I bet you show him energetic all the time.”

Lugh went red from head to toe and Edward laughed. “Why whatever do you mean?”

Parvarti giggled. “It’s so good to see you happy. We should all go out one night. Do you drink Lugh?”


“He sometimes forgets English when he’s flustered.” Edward teased. “He drinks here sometimes. Would you be opposed to a night of drinking, Lugh?”

“As long as you’re there.”

Chapter Two

“where would you like to go around here?” Edward asked Parvarti. “Um, how about Atomic Liquors?”

“Okay, I’ve never been to that one so it’ll be fun to try a new place”

“It’s a really good atmosphere there.” Parvartis attention went to Lugh “it’s okay if you end up uncomfortable. If you do we’ll just go buy stuff and come hangout here. Don’t force yourself to stay there for my sake.”

“Thank you”

“Can we do it tomorrow night guys?”

“Sure” Edward answered. Their parents liked the idea too. Their mother, Andromeda said “well come eat with us. We made one of yours and Edwards childhood favorites”

Lugh found that he really liked Edward’s family and even though their willingness to be so open threw him off at times, he appreciated it. It let him know that Edward really would never lie to him. Parvarti teased Edward about ex boyfriends and he in turn teased her about being single and jealous. It had him smiling and had both Andromeda and Jermaine laughing. It was especially funny when Parvarti tried putting Edward in a headlock, but he easily held her back. After dinner they all sat down and watched a movie Edward had picked out. It was a horror movie and it had Lugh and Parvarti on either side of Edward, sitting as close as possible and shaking. It wasn’t that Lugh was scared of blood and gore or even torture scenes, it was the ominous, terrifying build up to something dark and unknown popping out.

“Are you okay my love?” Edward whispered in his ear, giving him goosebumps. “We can stop if you like.”

“I’m fine, the movie’s supposed to make me feel uneasy, that means it’s good.”

Edward wrapped an arm around him. “Just stick close, no evil spirits or serial killers can get to you as long as I’m around.” He kissed his cheek.

Lugh cuddled into Edward who’s smile only grew. Everything was so perfect and Edward hoped nothing would ever mess this utopia up. That night Edwards lust got the better of him again and they made love until Lugh was completely limp. Edward chuckled as he slid his lover and himself under the covers. “I love you so much Lugh” Edward whispered before succumbing to sleep. The next evening they all got ready for the bar and headed out, taking two cars. “are you sure you want to go out and drink? My family will understand Lugh”

“I’m sure”

“My sister meant it when she said she wouldn’t be angry if at any point it becomes too much”

“I’m fine, it’ll be fun.”

Edward gave a mischievous smile. “Seeing you drunk will be something. I wonder what kind you are?”

“What kind?”

Edward chuckled. “My sweet innocent little lover, there are many types. Chatty, sleepy, mean, aggressive, inappropriate and sexual.”

Lugh felt his heart jump. “Oh, I see.”

“I doubt you’ll be mean, but honest and incredibly affectionate sounds right.”

They pulled into the bars parking lot and went in, Lugh keeping close to Edward. It was crowded, but not so much so it was suffocating or made being there uncomfortable. Parvarti ordered them a round of drinks. She gave them to her family and Lugh excitedly. From the moment she had tried this one she had wanted her brother to try it. Edward and Lugh liked it but it didn’t seem to go down well for their parents. They drank and talked the night away. Edward thoroughly enjoyed Lugh drunk. He had hit the nail on the head of how his lover would be once intoxicated.

Before Andromeda and Jermaine went back to Edwards they told their son to take care of Lugh and make sure he got home alright and didn’t get alcohol poisoning. They reminded him he was a human so he couldn’t just drink endlessly like they could. “don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on letting him have any more at this point”

“Good, we don’t want to see him too sick”

“Lugh, we should get you home.”

Lugh laughed and snuggled close, rubbing his nose against Edward’s neck. “Mmm why?”

“Because my love, you’ll get sick and I can’t have that.”

“But you um you’re fine.”

Edward smiled as he tipped Lugh’s head back. “Vampires have a higher tolerance my love.”

Lugh smiled. “That’s weird.”

“Yes it is.” He helped Lugh to his feet and laughed when he swayed. He steadied him then turned to his sister. “You staying?”

“Yeah, I’ll just go to your place when I leave.”

“The door will be unlocked then.”

Edward kept chuckling at his adorable lover all the way home. He honestly couldn’t help it. Once home he helped Lugh undress then get some sweat pants on before getting him a tall, cold glass of water “drink as much as you can and get some rest my love”

“I’m not thristy anymore”

“Please Lugh, just a little” Lugh drank a about one third of the glass then instantly fell asleep. Edward kissed Lughs head then went back to the front door to make sure he didn’t lock it out of habbit. Seeing it was open for his sister Edward cleaned up his home then went to bed with Lugh. He hoped Lughs hangover tomorrow wouldn’t be bad.

Lugh groaned, his eyes slowly fluttering open. His head hurt, but he didn’t want to leave the warmth of Edward’s arms. He scooted closer and Edward woke, turning on his side and smiling. “Good morning baby.”

“Morning.” He smiled back.

“Feeling okay?”

“Just a small headache, but it’s okay.”

“Let me get you something.”

“Wait, just cuddle with me.”

Edward chuckled and Lugh blushed. “Anything you want my love.” He pulled Lugh tightly against him and he grinned at how red he got.

“You’re um you know.”

“I can’t help it, feeling you pressed against me excites me. I just want to eat you up.”

Lugh’s blush deepened as his mind instantly filled with all the things Edward liked to do to him. Edward chuckled again “don’t worry, if you don’t feel well enough we won’t do anything. It’ll go away”

“we could try”

“it’s really okay Lugh”

“All I have is a headache. I don’t feel sick to my stomach” Edward kissed Lughs head “I could probably even make you forget the headache” he whispered, his voice taking that seductive tone. Lugh licked Edwards neck and there wasn’t an ounce more of control in Edward. The following days flew by with Edwards family. Lugh was actually sad when it came time for them to leave but they promised they would visit often. Andromeda gave Lugh a long hug before she left, honestly hoping Lugh would be a vampire soon so her son would never lose him. Edward was an old vampire so had dealt with plenty of loss before but she knew Lugh would be a loss that would hurt her son for the rest of his eternity.

When they were gone their life resumed as it always had, Lugh with his school work and Edward with his salon. Though unbeknownst to Edward or his family the seed had been planted in Lughs mind without them realizing. Hearing from Edwards parents about their long lives together had him thinking about it. They had so many hundreds of years of stories, they got to live lifetime after lifetime together. Lugh wondered if Edward would want the same out of their relationship and was considering approaching him about it after graduation.

~ The End

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