Edward & Lugh

Chapter One

Edward looked up when he heard the little bell over the door jingle. He smiled, his eyes warming when he saw Lugh. He waved at him and Lugh gave a small wave back. “I’m almost done, make yourself at home.” He said and Lugh sat down in the waiting area and flipped open the book he had in his hands. Edward gave a little chuckle, knowing it had to be a text book. He finished styling the hair of the woman sitting in front of him as quickly as he could. She smiled happily at how good she looked then paid him and left. “Alright Lugh, I’m all yours.”

Lugh got to his feet and crossed the room. “Do you need to wash my hair first?”

“Do you want me too?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Edward grabbed the cape and wrapped it around his neck, adjusted so it covered him perfectly and gestured towards the sinks. Lugh walked over and sat down, letting Edward tip him back so his neck rested in the dip. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Edward’s fingers running through his hair as he washed it. He would never admit it, but this was his favorite part of getting Edward to cut his hair, it was incredibly relaxing. He was a little disappointed when all the shampoo had been rinsed out and Edward wrapped a towel around his head. He tipped him back up and they went over to his station.

“So, same as always?” Edward asked.

“Yes please.” He moved is book to the outside of the cape and continued where he had left off while Edward cut away at his hair. His fingers brushing the back of his neck gave him goosebumps and he had to force himself not to shiver. Edward chuckled and removed his glasses. “Hey.”

“You know I can’t just cut around them, your hair will be uneven if I do.”

“I know, but…”

“You know, you’re pretty cute.”

Lugh blushed. “Cute?”

“Yeah, adorable even, like a teddy bear or a puppy. You have these big brown eyes and this innocent face. So you’re definitely cute.”

Lugh blushed. “Stop, that’s not funny.”

“Who said I was being funny?” Lugh averted his eyes and Edward sighed. “Alright, alright, I’ll stop. How about I make it up to you by taking you out for coffee.”


“First cute and now coffee you ask questioningly. Your first language is English isn’t it?” Lughs cheeks turned a very light pink “When do you want coffee?”

“Tomorrow morning”



“They charge too much for coffee”

“Its worth it and I’m paying so what does it matter to you?”

“sure, you obviously don’t have school loans”

‘Nope and I have a successful business so coffee prices shouldn’t bother you”

‘when should I get there?”


“okay” Edward was surprised Lugh had taken him up on his offer even though he could see the signs Lugh was attracted to him. He knew that attraction was second to his drive in school. All he ever did was read, study and think about school. Just sitting down and enjoying a morning just hadn’t seemed like somthing Lugh would agree to. Edward silently finished cutting Lughs hair so Lugh could read, only speaking again when he was standing and about to leave “see you in the morning”

“I still need to pay”

“Not today”

“You sure?”

“Yep, get, unless you want to drape yourself around here somewhere and look handsome”

“You said you’d stop”

“You make it difficult, guess i owe you more than coffee now”

‘free hair cut and coffee is enough”

“It’s never enough, now get out of here before I further embarrass you.” Lugh quickly turned and left like he was being chased by a rabid dog and Edward chuckled at his retreating form. Lugh was much more interesting than he gave himself credit for and Edward himself couldn’t help but be attracted to his wonderful scent.

Lugh hurried road his bicycle back to his apartment, his face still hot after another day of getting his hair cut by Edward. He was sure there should be a reason he should avoid the good looking, immodest vampire, but he couldn’t find one. He was always so kind, creating a warm atmosphere for his clients, always smiled and talked happily about whatever they were interested in. He never seemed to say much about Lugh’s books, but then again he never really talked about what he was reading. He usually sat there quietly. There’s no reason for him to want to go anywhere with me, he thought to himself. He was sure most people found him quite dull and it was surprising to have someone like Edward call him cute.

it took awhile to calm down enough to read but eventually Lugh got himself back into his studies to keep his mind from overthinking the date he now had for the next day. Meanwhile Edward was happy to be seeing Lugh outside of the salon tomorrow but still remained calm and collected as ever. He finished up work then went to one of his favorite clothing stores to buy somthing new to wear on his date tomorrow. It didn’t take him long to select a nice pair of jeans and a shirt he thought he would be irresistible in, even for shy Lugh. Edward purchased what he wanted then went home.

He washed them with some dirty clothes he already had, ironed then hung them up so they’d be perfect in the morning. Finally he made himself some dinner then watched television until he was ready to go to sleep. In the morning Edward got ready confidently while Lugh was a wreck. He didn’t want Edward to realize how boring he was and there was no way around it now that they’d have to have a constant conversation.

He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and sighed, hoping he looked okay. He didn’t know why he was trying so hard to make a good impression when it was just coffee. He grabbed his key and locked his door on the way out then grabbed his bike and started down the road. Edward was outside smoking when he arrived and immediately put out his cigarette and gave him a big smile. “I’m glad you came.” He said as Lugh got off his bicycle and leaned it against the outside of the cafe.

“Well yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

Edward shrugged. “You seemed so nervous, I wouldn’t have held it against you if you had just stayed home.”

“I’m not like that.”

Edward smiled and Lugh’s heart nearly exploded from his chest. Even with the fangs, he was still sexy as hell. “Shall we go in?”

“Huh, oh…yeah of course.” Edward held the door open for him and Lugh hurried in. They both sat down and Edward rested his chin in his hand, his deep grey never leaving Lugh’s face. “Is there something wrong?” Lugh asked.

“Not at all, just admiring you.”

Lugh opened his mouth to speak when a waitress came by, making him snap it shut and a blush crawl up his neck. “Can I take your order?” The young woman asked, her eyes focusing on Edward.

“Cafe au lait for me and a beignet, what about you Lugh?” He reached across the table, letting his fingers slide over the back of Lugh’s hand. “What would you like?”

“Uh, mo…mocha latte please.”

“Coming right up.” The young woman was blushing as she left them and Edward gave a slight chuckle.

“How could you do that in front of strangers?” Lugh asked.

“She was clearly focusing far too hard on me.”

“She’s pretty.”

“Hmm, I had not noticed.”

Lughs blushing increased and he cleared his throat “how long do you have to sit here with me?”

“You know I open at nine so two hours. I can see you after work too for dinner if this proves to not be enough time”

“do you come here a a lot?” Lugh wanted to change the course of the conversation and it was all he could think of to say. He was boring so he was sure two hours here would be more than Edward even wanted. “when I want nice coffee. I don’t know how to make these drinks myself so it’s worth paying them to do it”

“How old are you? I’ve been curious for some time” Lugh clumsily asked and Edward smiled, flashing fang again “two hundred”

“I bet you get asked that a lot, I’m sorry”

“I dont mind answering. Ask me anything you’d like”

“My minds drawing a blank”

“Hm, then we’ll talk about you. I’m especially curious about your desires”

“desires?” Lugh asked and Edward chuckled “I swear, you are far too cute. You talk to me and suddenly you need me to explain words”

“Maybe if you didn’t say everything with a hint of sexual undertones I might be able to think.”

“Did I make you angry? Do you perhaps have a feisty side you keep to yourself?”

“I want to be a doctor okay, and a good one. I’ve always wanted to help people and I’m really good at handling stuff like blood and other bodily fluids, it doesn’t bother me and everyone always says how cool I am under pressure so operating on someone wouldn’t scare me.”

“Have a human life in your hands can be quite daunting, I’m sure even the most seasoned doctors have had their moments.”

“I can do anything if I push myself.”

Edward grabbed his hand. “Don’t push yourself too hard, okay. Sometimes it’s good to cut loose and take a breather, let yourself have some fun away from your studies and the stress of getting into medical school.”

Their coffee came and Lugh pulled away with a blush. “Like what? What kind of fun could I have? I love reading and research, it’s relaxing.”

Edward chuckled. “I’m sure there are plenty of fun and exciting things I could think of for us to do.”

“Don’t make me toss this coffee on you.” Lugh would never do something like that to Edward and they both knew it, he was just embarrassed by Edward’s honesty.

“Any brother’s or sisters?”

“No, just me.”


“Just my mom, my dad died when I was sixteen, car accident.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Lugh traced the rim of his cup. “How about you, do you have family?”

“My parents are somewhere in this world and my sister owns a store where she sells her blankets and beanies and stuff like that.”

“Why don’t you know where your parents are?”

“My parents are gypsies I guess you could say, always on the move. They love exploring the world and my sister and I grew up traveling, it was a lot of fun. She’s ten years my senior so I grew up following her around like a puppy.”

“Do you spend a lot of time with your sister now?”

“We don’t see eachother every other day or anything but we do see eachother a lot. She comes to me for her hair. Do you see your mom a lot?”

“same as you with your sister except for the fact my mom doesnt come to me for her hair” Edward smiled “I like seeing you be more light.”

“You think I’m too serious aswell?

“I think your seriousness is sexy but I’d like to see you smiling and joking more. Your smile makes me want to kiss you while I press your body into mine” Lugh was blushing again “do you hold anything back?”

“I guess, I mean, this is the first time I’ve asked you to go somewhere with me so waiting was holding back”

“I’m surprised getting to know you now”Edward chuckled “I’m being that bad?”

“what is bad to you if you aren’t sure if you have been?”

Edward shrugged. “I don’t really know. My parents really pushed for us to always be open and honest, never wanting any secrets between us and them. My sister and I told them when we lost our virginity, I came out to them that I was bi the moment I realized it, when I was dumped for the first time I let them know. I honestly don’t know how to lie to people.”

“At least I know you’ll never hide anything from me.”

“I’m just no good at it, unless you or someone else was in danger of course. I would lie to keep you safe or if I were throwing a surprise party.”

“So just the important kind of lies then?”

“That’s right. I will honestly and openly acknowledge my attraction to you, I’ll say weird things or at least what society defines as weird and it may make you uncomfortable, but I will never look you in the eye and lie to you without just cause.”

“It’s not fair, you’re so cool and I’m so lame.”

“Hmm, I think you are incredibly interesting. I want to know everything about you.”

“I’m really don’t have much going on. I study, I go to school, I do homework, repeat. The only breaks in my boring schedule are when I go to see my mom, come to get my hair cut, or I’m watching some documentary I found interesting.”

“No boyfriends?”

“Well one, but he didn’t like my dedication to school and it kind of pulled us apart. I don’t blame him, I neglected him and I’ll just end up neglecting you too so it’s better to just leave things how they are.” He took a long drink of his coffee. “I would hate for you to hate me too.”

“I am not easily deterred. Once I hone in on something I want, I get it.”

Lugh actually laughed. “We’ll see.”

Chapter Two

“you will” he said with a smile and look in his eye that said he felt he had already won him before the chase even started. It made his heart rate pick up and even though he wouldn’t admit it he liked the idea of being pursued by such an attractive man. “since we’re being so honest I want to ask you somthing I might have otherwise not inquired about”

“ask anything”

“Where do you get blood from when you need it?”

“I take it straight from people who are willing to help me out or I buy it legitimately from a hospital.”

“do you ever think about taking any from me?”

“I’ve thought about it multiple times. My attraction to you makes me greatly desire the taste of your blood but I dont want that to scare you. I wont pin you down and take it. I will only enjoy its undoubtedly sweet taste if you offer it to me” Edward was glad Lugh was having such open and honest conversation with him. He hadn’t expected this at all when he asked to take him to coffee.

They traded questions, Lugh finding himself thoroughly amused by Edward’s antics as a teenager. He had had quite an adventurous life and Lugh found himself feeling a little envious. “I wish I could travel that much.” Lugh said when they were finally ready to go.

“I’ll gladly take you anywhere you want to go.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that.”

“You don’t have to ask, I’m offering. ”

“You just want to get me alone and away from anyone who could possibly save me.”

Edward laughed, the sound making Lugh’s heart dance. “Now why would I do something like that? If I wanted to get you alone and not let you escape, I would take you home and lock the door.”

Lugh blushed. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“I might, you’re quite enticing.” He teased. “Just lock you up in my room and never let you leave.”

“You’re joking.”

“Of course, I’ll keep you in my room once you decide I won’t avoid you due to you being supposedly boring.”

“You’re too much.”

“So, dinner tonight?”

“Dinner? We just had coffee, aren’t you going a little fast?”

“Come on, eat with me tonight, please?”


“great, meet me at my salon when it closes and we’ll decide where to go if I havent already picked a place”

“okay” Lugh said with a smile then they both went their separate ways. Lugh was almost in shock over how much Edward had seemed to enjoy his time with him. to invite him to dinner that same night was a little overwhelming but he was excited at the same time. About midday one of Edwards employees said “you seem even more upbeat than normal”

“asked Lugh out yesterday and we had coffee this morning. I invited him to dinner tonight after our coffee and hes going out with me again”

“Oh, I noticed you had your eye on him. I was just waiting for you to try”

“I was giving it some time. He seemed like the type who needed to get to know me longer before I asked him out.”


“he thought it was a bit fast for me to ask him to dinner but theres no stopping this now that I’ve started” the woman laughed “he doesnt know what hes in for I’m sure” Edwards smile grew larger as he continued his work.

Lugh spent his morning thinking about Edward and where he would like to go for dinner. He was nervous about a second date so soon, but he was also excited. When lunch time rolled around he left the campus and grabbed a small pizza at Domino’s. He ate at the nearby park, his mind still working on where he’d like to go tonight. He sided when he finished eating and tossed the box in a garbage can. He had no idea where they should eat and he didn’t have Edward’s number so he had to go by the salon and talk to him. He got on his bike and headed quickly away from the park.

Edward smiled when he saw Lugh walk into the salon, a little surprised to see him during the afternoon. “Well, to what do I owe this visit.”

“I don’t have your number and I wanted to talk about dinner.”

Edward chuckled. “You could have just called here you know, the number’s in the phone book and online. Maybe you just really wanted to see me.”

Lugh blushed. “No, I just wanted to talk about our date.” He looked around the salon. “You don’t have any clients?”

“The others can take care of them.” He leaned against the counter. “So, about our date?”

“Oh, I don’t know where I want to go. I’ve been thinking about it since we parted ways and nothing’s coming to mind.”

“Hmm, I could cook for you.”

Lugh swallowed. “You mean at your place?”

“Well yeah, where else would I be cooking?”

“Quit picking on me.”

Edward pushed off the counter and grabbed Lugh’s chin. “Damn you’re cute, I just want to eat you up and then some.”


He grinned and turned away from him, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper. He scribbled down his address and phone number then handed it to Lugh. “Come to my place tonight and I’ll cook you the most delicious meal you’ve ever had.”

“Are you going to eat me up if I do?”

“Only if you want me too.” He winked.

Lugh swallowed, blushing profusely “I’ll..I’ll see you then” Edward watched Lugh walk out with an amused smile ‘he doesn’t know what he does to me when he’s like that. It’s far too cute” Edward said mostly to the air. “I’m going to leave early today ladies” he announced as he walked back to his spot. “you going to tell us how it goes?”

“depends on how far it goes” Edward said suggestively. He left two hours earlier than normal and went straight to the store to buy some ingredients for Beef Pho. It was a dish he really enjoyed and could make well. He picked up what ingredients he didn’t already have stocked in his home then drove there to ready for tonight. He picked out a CD of violin music to play tonight when he’d dim the lights, hoping this would set a romantic enough mood to finally earn himself a kiss from Lugh.

Lugh was nervous for the remainder of his classes and even more nervous when he got home and had to pick out something to wear. He wanted to look nice for Edward, especially since he was putting so much effort into dinner. When he finally had what he wanted to wear, he took a quick shower, dried, dressed and did his hair. He called a cab instead of taking his bike since the driver would know where Edward’s address was better than himself. He could always ride over the next time he was invited.

His heart was beating in overdrive when the cab pulled up and he nervously picked at his jeans from the back seat. When the driver finally pulled to a stop in front of Edward’s house, Lugh was almost too nervous to pay and get out, but he managed, thanking the driver before walking slowly up to the front door and knocking. “Just in time.” Edward said when he opened the door. “I’m almost finished, come in.”

“Okay.” He stepped inside and Edward grinned as he shut the door. He could hear Lugh’s very nervous heartbeat and had caught the blush already creeping up his neck.

‘I just finished making dinner.” Edward said then guided Lugh to the kitchen where he pulled out a chair and let him sit down. Once he was sitting Edward served their food, dimmed the lights then played the violin music. Edward could hear that all this had sent Lughs heart into a frenzy “I..um..I didn’t know this dinner would be so…um”

“romantic? It is a date and I’m hoping for a certain reward tonight for my effort”


“a kiss, a real one. However, I will settle for a kiss on the cheek”


“it’s not the end of dinner yet mon chéri” Lugh took a bite of the food “wh..what is this?”

“Beef Pho, one of my favorites”

“it’s good”

“I’ll make you other favorites if you return”

“will I need to give you a kiss every time”

“well, things could escalate, who knows”

Lugh looked down at his plate and took a bite of food. He heard Edward give a breathy laugh, but was far too embarrassed to make eye contact. Edward reached over and grabbed his chin, lifting his face. He was captured by those storm cloud eyes, felt like he was drowning in their depths. “Come on now, I like seeing your face.”

“Lord knows why.” It was the only thing he could say in that moment and he instantly regretted it, thinking it sounded a bit mean.

“You’re sexy, especially when you wear your glasses, I really like your glasses.”

“Just mine or glasses in general?”

Edward laughed and leaned closer. “Is that a hint of jealousy I detect?”

“N…no, why would I be jealous?”

“Because you want me to yourself, just admit it.”

“I won’t, I’m not selfish like that.”

Edward went back to his food. “I am, I definitely want you. I want to keep you trapped in my bed. Don’t you want the same? Don’t you want to lose yourself in pure animalistic lust, clear that head of yours, learn what’s it’s like to fall madly in love with someone to the point that your heart aches sometimes?”

Lugh shoved some food in his mouth as if somhow eating might make him not have to answer but he could tell as he swallowed Edward wanted some form of response to his very forward words. He took a drink, delaying further but now unless he wanted to be purely rude he spoke “maybe..” Edward smiled again “maybe is good for now” Edward eased off a bit as they ate, talking about his salon and asking a few questions about Lughs schooling. After they finished Edward asked “so do I get a kiss for my work tonight?”

“you wont try anything?”

“it’ll be just a kiss”

“the look in your eyes says it might not be”

“I always look at you this way”

“I know” Edward laughed and got up “please”

Chapter Three

“I’m highly suspicious of you intentions.”

“How hurtful, perhaps I should go cry up in my room over such painful words. I could die from the heartbreak.”

“Liar, stop pouting, it’s not fair.”

“Neither is you being so tempting, but you frequently are.”

“I can’t help that.”

“And I can’t help the pouting, whatever shall we do. How about we kiss.”

Lugh couldn’t help but crack a smile and before he knew it he was laughing. “Damn you.” Edward smiled and he laughed harder. “How am I supposed to kiss you when I’m laughing so hard?”

“Easy.” Edward took Lugh’s face in his hands and pressed their lips together, halting Lugh’s laughter in an instant. He heard his heart speed up and forced himself not to smile as he feasted on the sweetness of his lips. Lugh clung to him, his whole body heating up. Edwards tongue pushed past his lips, exploring, making his breathing come out in ragged gasps. He turned his head away to catch his breath and Edward let his lips drift down his neck.

“Edward.” His vice came out in a husky whisper.

“I’ve always wondered what your blood tastes like.”

“Well, will it hurt?”

Edward smiled against his neck. “In a good way.”

“then you can” Lugh didn’t know what had come over him. Just a few moments ago he was reluctant to kiss but now he was willing, even craved Edward sinking his fangs into his flesh. Edward didn’t hesitate a second after getting Lughs permission. He bit down, moaning unabashedly at the amaizng taste that started filling his mouth. Edwards own heart, though normally steady was beating fast with hunger and gluttony. For the first time in his life he had trouble stopping but he did, not wanting to weaken Lugh by loss of too much blood. When Edward took out his fangs he licked where he had bitten, sending a shiver up Lughs spine.

“thank you” Edward said before pressing his lips against Lughs again. It was weird tasting his own blood in Edwards mouth but kissing him felt too incredible to stop again. When Edward pulled back both of them were dreamy eyed. Edward pulled Lugh up from his chair “dance with me in my living room?”

“I’m not a good dancer”

“thats not what I asked”

“I know, I’m stalling, I just really suck.”

“Let me be the judge of that.” Lugh nodded and Edward pulled him to his feet. He felt a little dizzy and swayed, making Edward chuckle as he steadied him. “Sorry, I forgot to mention the light headedness.”

“It’s alright, I’m fine, really.”

“Good, just take it slow.” They walked hand in hand to the living room and Edward pulled him close, smiling as they moved to the soft music. “Do you realize how perfect you are Lugh?”

“I’m really not.”

“Don’t tell lies, you’re amazing and not a bad dancer at all. I think you need to be more confident.”

“You’re always so positive. How do you never get upset?”

“I can honestly say I would be incredibly upset if you ever came to hate me in any way. You’re precious to me, which brings me to a very important question.”

“What kind of question?”

“Don’t give me that look, I’m not going to ask for anything distasteful.”


Edward gave him a brief kiss. “Even your suspicion is adorable. I wanted to ask you to move in with me. It doesn’t mean we have to have sex or even sleep in the same room, I would just really like having you close and you wouldn’t have to worry about student loans because I could pay them off.”

“woah, you’ve only just asked me out today”

“and I’ve been wanting to a long time. We’ve known eachother quite awhile. Stay here, isn’t this much better than an apartment? Wouldn’t it be nice to be debt free? I’ll feed you every night like a king as long as you feed me in return” Edward winked again, smiling hopefully.”Um…okay”

“Okay? Really?”

“yeah, don’t question it or I might change my mind” Edward smiled and kissed him again. “you don’t know how happy you’ve just made me”

“You really want to pay my debt?”

“I can and want that off your mind while you study so of course I want to pay it off. I’ll buy you anything you want to so prepare to be spoiled so badly you’ll be too rotten for anybody to steal you from me”

“are you wanting me to stay tonight?”

“yes and before you say you dont have clothes you can wear mine. We arent that different in size”

“do you have a bed for me?”

“yes, mine”

“didn’t you just sya I didnt have to sleep with you?”

“I wont force you to but I want it”

“can you sleep with me without being bad”

“what do you define as bad?”

“touching me in ways I dont tell you you can”

“I’m fine with just cuddling for starters”

“I’ll…I’ll sleep with you then”

Edward crushed Lugh to him, meeting their lips in a passionate kiss. Lugh let out an unintentional moan and pulled away with a blush. “Sorry, I just love kissing you.”

“It’s not like I’m a virgin or anything, it’s just you’re so intense and…and it’s been awhile so…”

“Hush, I love you.”


“From the first moment you set foot in my salon, knew you would be important to me. The more time we spent together, the more I needed to see you. I was excited when you became a regular customer and I even spent longer trimming your hair than I should have just so I could spend more time in your presence. I’m a selfish man Lugh, I want you and I won’t stop until you want me just as much. You have no idea how much I want you.”

“But why me, I’m just some nerdy kid who can’t keep his nose out of a book. I would just end up disappointing you, I’d neglect you and make you want to leave me.”

“I can be incredibly distracting Lugh, I bet you aren’t even thinking about studying.”

Lugh was surprised at himself. His studies and his dream job hadn’t even really crossed his mind while he was here with Edward. If they had, he couldn’t remember. “You’re right.”

“See, there’s no way you’d end up ignoring me and even if you did get caught up in school and studying, I wouldn’t leave you. I want to be with you no matter what.”

“and school wont be forever”

“well, I’m sure you’ll be a very dedicated doctor as well but I’ll always love you and am very confident that just like tonight I can distract you from your work”

“you really are somthing Edward”

“will you let me hold you? I’m sure you’re still a bit light headed anyway. I had trouble ceasing earlier. You tasted so good”

“okay” Edward guided Lugh to his bed and gave him some pajama pants to rest in. They changed with backs to eachother then Edward walked back out to blow out the candles so his house wouldn’t run the risk of setting a flame. When he returned he slid into bed with Lugh and pulled him close, kissing his head and repeating “I love you and soon you will love me too”

“I already care about you a great deal.” Edward kissed his head again “I know and I cant wait to hear the words I love you and have you mean them. Dont say them to me a second sooner, theres no pressure”

“I’m so lucky” Lugh said and held tighter to Edward “me too” Edward said then shut his eyes to just enjoy this closeness. It honestly didn’t take very long to fall madly in love with his sexy vampire who seemed to be everything he ever dreamed for in a partner. The day he said he loved him was the day they had sex and the day they both knew they would die without one anothers love.

~ The End

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