Effie & Felix

Chapter One

Effie cautiously walked the streets, wearing her four month old daughter Cori and having nine year old Hestia walk closely beside her. She only had two bullets left and she was hoping to use one of them to kill an animal to feed both her and Hestia. She couldn’t remember the last time she could find even moldy food in an abandon store or house. She couldn’t even find vegetation or even edible looking grass and while having one less bullet made them a little less safe they had to eat. She could also kill animals beating them but even after growing up in this horrible, desolate world she had never had the heart for it. Using a knife was quick enough she could bare it but Hestia had taken it with the best intentions a few months back, wanting to find them food while Effie had been sick and she lost it after being mugged by a man who spotted her.

Loseing that knife devastated Effie but it upset her more to see how bruised and bloody Hestia had been when she came back that day. She didn’t know if anybody aside from her parents had ever had souls in this damned world she lived in but she had never met a kind person since their loss. Everyone was so cruel, so selfish and mean. She’d rather run into a lion with rabies than another human being. They walked for hours but managed to find mushrooms along the highway. Effie made sure they were fine to eat then she split them between herself and Hestia. She felt relief she hadnt had to kill something. She now still had two more bullets incase another human crossed their path. Once fed they walked on to find somewhere they could rest.

They wound up taking shelter in an abandoned resturaunt. It wouldn’t do much for the cold of night coming since every window was broken and the doors were ripped off their hinges but it would protect from rain and that was the best they could hope for “you sleep Hestia”

“You should while Cori is out again. I can’t feed her like you can so you end up up anyway”

“are you sure baby?”

“Yeah, rest until she wakes, then I’ll take a turn” Effie handed Hestia the gun and gave her the reminder she gave her every night “bullets are precious. They make us safe. Only shoot before waking me if you’re taken by surprise and have absolutely no other choice. You must wake me if you can”

“yes mam, I wont shoot it” Effie kissed Hestias head “we need to find you new shoes tomorrow”

“I’m okay”

“You’re not, you’re practicly walking the ground”

“just rest MIss Effie” Hestia made the best bed she could for the baby so Effie could carefully remove her and lay her down before laying down herself. “Remember sweetheart” Hestia finished for her “trust no one and don’t waste bullets” Effie woke startled as Hestia screamed her name some time later. A man and woman stood before them but they looked so out of place. They looked so clean and their clothes were so beautiful. Effie stood up with the baby and only just then realized they had wings. Were they the creatures of fairytails? Had she finally lost her mind. The woman spoke “I am Lotus, and this si Zenon. We mean you no harm Effie, you neither Hestia’

“effie” Hestia sounded petrified. “shh now, we are angels and I have a very important job. The gods dont choose to interfere often in worlds. In fact they avoid it if its at all possible to do so. Normally by the time I am called to clean up a world there is not a soul left worth saving. This is only the second time in my life I’ve been told to spare even one being of a world lost to enough evil to call myself and the legion of angels I command. The gods tell me you two women still have a heart, that you don’t deserve to be wiped out before I repair this world and make it habitable again”

Hestia backed up into Effie “I don’t understand” Effie took the gun as she studied the woman. She didn’t look threaten but she had learned the hard way not to trust anyone “I can’t let you hurt these girls”

“Nobody will, I swear it. We are going to rehome you. There’s a world that might extinguish it’s own light because female children are being born less and less. It would be a shame to lose such a kind place. They have always been such a warm world and the imbalance didn’t really do much to change any hearts despite the panic it obviously caused. The gods don’t wish to see them die out and while they don’t interfere, if we’re going to rehome women anyway I agree with them we should put you there. We’ve already talked to a family, they are expecting you. They’ll make sure all three of you are fed, clean and safe. You three will be valued in that world because women are so few. Not a soul would dare hurt you, any of you. Let Zenon take you, please”

Effie hazarded a glance at the two children, at the two lives she had to protect. They needed something better and nothing could be worse than how they were living now. She knew that food was scarce, even wild game was getting hard to find. She also knew that sooner or later they may end up freezing to death or be killed. She swallowed, terrified of these children being harmed. “You swear they’ll be safe?”

“On our lives, we wouldn’t lie to you.”

She nodded. “Okay, but if anything bad happens…”

“It won’t, I swear the world we want you to live in is safe.”

Zenon kissed Lotus’s cheek and approached the women. Effie picked up the baby and held Hestia’s hand. He wanted to try and comfort her but he had been helping his wife when she was needed for quite some time now. He had seen how truly heinous a world had to get for Lotus and her legion to be called. There simply weren’t words to comfort somebody who had lived their life in a world this shot to hell. “I’m going to touch your shoulder and we’ll appear in the world I’m taking you too. This isn’t something I can normally do but I’ve been blessed with the ability to do this just for now to help you three” Zenon said and Lotus chimed in “he’s my husband, he’s been by my side a long time. He can be trusted as your guide. He’ll get you settled with the family.” Effie nodded and allowed him to touch her.

The next thing she knew she was standing in what seemed like a forest for a second, right outside what she supposed was a town, a real, organized and beautiful town. “Are you three okay?” Hestia nodded but Effie just clung to the baby, still obviously scared and overwhelmed. “come with me, your host family is excitedly awaiting your arrivals” Effie allowed him to guide her into town. It would normally be busy this time of day but the town had had many meetings about the arrival of these women and they agreed it might be easier for them if they didn’t have to walk through a crowd of people the second they came. They were staying in but most were looking out their windows at them.

“So who will we be staying with?” Effie asked nervously.

“A family whose daughter moved out not long ago, she got married so her room is free. They’ve made sure everything is comfortable for all of you, they even got a crib for the baby.”

“You said women are protected here?”

“In this world marriages are arranged between men and women, parents do their best to choose a husband that matches their daughters personality, that will love and cherish them for who they are. If either is displeased then they can back out without argument. If there are any signs of abuse or violence from either party then the couple is separated and the abuser punished. Even though the hope is that a woman will bear female children, that doesn’t change their attitude towards each other.”

“And they’re married just like that?”

“Well not exactly, they have to run in the Great Hunt.”

“What’s that?”

He smiled. “It’s like a competition to see if the man is good enough to wed the woman. He has to catch her. I hear couples often bond during and form lasting relationships with one another. You’ll find that most of the couples you encounter are part of an arranged marriage.”

“so the marriage doesn’t have to be arranged”

“Oh no, it’s all choice. If a woman doesn’t want an arranged marriage or the great hunt she is free to choose that” Hearing none of that would be mandatory for her and her girls made her more comfortable. She didn’t want these men forcing themselves on little Hestia or Cori when she was older. All of this was still so scary but things looked so clean and beautiful here. Hestia and Cori wouldn’t have to go hungry anymore, they might not have to live in fear either if these people really were good.

A family came into view and when they were close Zenon introduced them “Effie, Hestia, this is the Rose family. Their sons name is Felix, this man here is Zed and his wife is Braith.”

“It’s wonderful to meet you Effie” Braith said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you too, um thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank us dear, we’re happy to help.” Zed replied. “You’ll have everything you need and we promise to make you feel safe.”

“See, they’re good people.” Zenon said with a warm smile. “Now I must get back to Lotus, will you be alright without me?”

“We’ve managed this long, I think we’ll be okay. Thank you and please thank your wife.”

“I will.” Zenon left them and Effie turned back to their host family.

“So, how about we get you three home so you can get warm and clean, we’ve already made breakfast so you can eat as soon as you get out.” Braith said as she placed a gentle hand on Effie’s back. “You made their beds right Felix?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, everything’s ready, even the crib.” Felix was embarrassed that he had actually been staring at Effie, but she hadn’t seemed to notice so he played it off.

Effie felt a tug at her heart thinking her daughter would actually have a crib to sleep in. Up until this point they all just had to sleep wherever they could but now these girls would have a roof over their heads and the same bed every night. Braith ran a hot bath and set out some rags and towels. “I can stay and help if you’d like Effie. Maybe I can wash the baby for you so we can get you three fed sooner. ” This womans face was so kind. She had welcomed them into her home not knowing them atall so Effie decided to let her wash little Cori. “Thank you” Effie handed her baby over. Effie couldn’t help but keep glancing at Braith to make sure her daughter was okay while she washed.

Braith noticed but didn’t take any offense. When she was done cleaning the baby Braith wrapped her in a soft towel and asked “Could I walk out with her. I’m going to finish drying her and then I’ll put some new clothes on her. I still have all my daughters clothes in my attic, from the time she was born until the last one she grew out of before she left”

Effie was a little more fearful of Braith being out of her sight with Cori but if this woman wanted to hurt her baby she could have already done it by now. “Um…okay…just…be careful with her please”

“Of course Effie, thank you for letting me.”

Chapter Two

“The water’s so warm.” Hestia said. “I never knew it could be so warm.”

“From now on you’ll always be warm sweetie.”

“How long do you think they’ll let us stay? Do you think they’ll ask for anything?”

“I don’t know and I don’t think so, but no matter what I’ll always protect you two.” Hestia nodded then relaxed in the water. Effie did her best to stay positive, not wanting to offend these people with her suspicion. She was going to work hard to show trust.

“Felix dear would you hold the baby for me while I get the girls plates?” Braith said to her son.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’ll only be for a moment.”

Felix gently took the baby and cradled her to his chest. She was so little, he couldn’t imagine how she had survived. He could only imagine how determined Effie had been. “Hey little one, how are you?” He said softly.

He smiled at the sweet little noises she made. He was doing so well with the little girl his mother just let him keep holding her so she could bring Effie and Hestia clothes. “I hope these will be comfortable”

“It’ll just be nice to have something decent to wear. Thank you so much. I appreciate this”

“we’re glad to help.”

“where’s my baby?” Effie had to ask “my son is holding her. Cori seems to like him. I had initially only given her to him to make your plates but he was doing so well with her I had him keep holding her while I brought you clothes. Is that alright?”

“Yes, I just had to ask..I’m sorry”

“You don’t need to apologize. I don’t expect you to feel safe or comfortable with us just yet. The angels told us quite a bit of the world you’ve lived in. We understand” Effie nodded and Braith walked out so they could dry and dress alone. When Braith sat at the table her husband kissed her head “relax honey, you’re stressing”

“I know, it’s silly. I just want to make them comfortable. I hate how sad and scared Hestia and Effie look. Plus the gods themselves trusted us, the Roses to help them. That’s such an honor they’d pick our family”

“You’re doing amazing and look, she trusted you enough to take her daughter. That has to mean something Braith”

Effie couldn’t help but stop and look at herself in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. She was clean, completely clean and warm. Her hair was brushed and her lips weren’t blue. She almost didn’t recognize herself. “Come on Effie, I’m starving.” Hestia said.

“Sorry, sweetie.”

She and Hestia left the bathroom and the smell of food once again hit their noses. Effie’s stomach grumbled, begging for a taste of what had to be something delicious. The first thing Effie noticed upon entering the living room was Felix walking around with Cori, rocking her and talking softly to her. She actually paused, her heart dancing at how gentle he was being. “Hey little one,” he said, “are you hungry?” He smiled at her when she made a cooing noise. “How about we see if your mommy is up to feeding you.” He looked up from the baby, his eyes immediately meeting hers and she felt heat in her cheeks. “Oh, hello, I think she might be hungry.”

“Oh, yes, should I take her somewhere?”

“Why don’t you sit here on the couch and I’ll get your plate that way you can both eat.”

“Okay.” She sat down, feeling a little nervous and he handed her Cori before going into the kitchen. She cradled her close and lifted her shirt, getting her latched on just as Felix came back with two plates.

“I hope chicken’s okay.”

“Anything is okay.”

He chuckled, putting her plate on the coffee table. “Would it be okay if I kept you company? If you don’t want me to because your feeding the baby, I can sit at the table with the others.”

“No, it’s fine please sit. Is Hestia okay?”

Felix sat next to her, making sure to give her space. “Oh yeah, she’s stuffing her face as we speak, but don’t worry, my parents won’t let her eat until she’s sick.”

She was so taken by his violet eyes she had to ask “do a lot of men in your world have such pretty violet eyes?” He smiled “Not really”

“I like them a lot. I didn’t know eyes could be violet”

“My sister is hoping one of her kids has violet eyes”

“How long has she been married?”

“a few months but they started trying right away. It’s pretty important to start trying once you’re married. We’re all hoping whatever went wrong is fixed or figured out soon. They are both excited though, regardless of gender they both want to be parents. When she sees your adorable little girl I know she’ll want to hold her” Effie looked down at her daughter with complete admiration “she is beautiful isn’t she? I’m so happy she’ll have a crib now and I don’t have to worry about her as much. I also hope now that I’ll have steady food I can make more milk for her. I know she shouldn’t still be so tiny but..I do my best for her”

“the fact you’ve kept her alive shows what a good mom you are. I know I don’t know everything but the angels explained a lot to us as my mom said. It sounded like a horrible place to live”

“It was” She looked a bit sad thinking about it so he tried to salvage the conversation and make her happy again. “Um, have you ever seen horses before?”

“I’ve seen dead ones”

“how about I take you to see some of the horses when you and Cori finish eating?”

“Just us?”

“My mom will watch Hestia but she can come too if you don’t want to leave her”

“I’ll let her decide.”

They ate their breakfast, making small talk, Felix trying not to ask too many uncomfortable questions. When they were finished, Felix took both plates to the kitchen while Effie changed Cori’s diaper. Hestia was sitting there talking to his parents and gave him a nervous smile when he came in. “I’m going to take Effie and the baby out to see the horses, would you like to come Hestia?”

She seemed to think about it for a bit and Felix waited patiently. “I’m a little tired, I think I’ll take a nap and you can take me later.”

“Are you sure? It won’t be an issue.”

“Yeah, you can just take Effie and Cori, I’ll be fine.”

“Alright and if you get worried, my dad can bring you to where we are.”

“Take good care of them”

“I will” He excitedly walked back into the living room where Effie was just standing there, cradling and talking to Cori about going out. “Is Hestia coming?” Effie asked and he said “No, are you two ready to go?”

“yeah” She seemed to get a little more nervous when they were outside the house “Nobody will hurt you. It’s okay, it’s very peaceful here” She nodded and tried to be a bit more confident as she walked with him. He was now noticing how torn up her diaper bag looked. He decided to mention it to his mother so they could get her a new one for Cori’s things. “what?” Effie asked and he said “sorry, just thinking about your diaper bag. I’ll have my parents get you a new one”

“Oh…thank you”

Cori deserves the best so she’ll get the best. Do you have a color you prefer, an animal?”

“I never really thought about it.”

“I’ll make it a surprise then.”

His smile made her heart stutter. “Sounds good.” She cleared her throat. “How far are we going?”

“Not far, I promise. Would you like me to carry the baby or your bag?”

“No, it’s fine, thank you.”

“Well tell me if you get tired.” The stable was on the other side of the village and Effie’s eyes were drawn to the horses walking around the corral. Her mouth dropped open slightly and her eyes widened and Felix let out an amused chuckle that had her blushing.

“They are truly beautiful. I didn’t know a horse could be so pretty”

“when you’re more comfortable here with my family you should let my mom watch the baby too so I can take you riding”


“Yep, it’s a lot of fun” Effie nodded “I’d like that at somepoint” She wanted to trust them wholly, to not hurt their feelings but she had just gotten there and couldn’t leave little Cori alone with them yet. She was glad that Felix seemed to understand that and hadn’t asked that of her yet. They were welcomed into the stables by the people who tended to the horses. Effie was glad they seemed just as friendly as the Rose family was. They looked at, talked about and stroked many of the horses. Little Cori even got to feel the impressive and beautiful animals.

“Do you want to just sit on one a few moments? I’ll hold Cori”

“Yeah, I can saddle him up easy. This is a good horse” The man who had been following them said

“O…okay.” She waited until the horse was saddled before handing him Cori and letting the stableband help her up. She was amazed at how high up she was and gripped the saddle horn until her knuckles turned white. “You okay?” Felix asked as he swayed with Cori.

“Yeah, just…wow.”

He smiled. “You’ll get better the more time you spend in the saddle. Once you’re ready I’ll take you as much as you want.”

“I’d really like that.”

She sat there for a little longer, soaking up this experience. She couldn’t believe she was actually on the back of a horse, that she could feel the creature living and breathing. She finally asked the stable hand to help her down and thanked him. “You’re a natural.” Felix said as he handed her Cori.


“Yeah, I can’t wait to take you riding and Hestia as well and Cori too when she’s old enough.”

Chapter Three

They went back home and found Hestia in the living room with his parents, his sister and her husband Icarus. They were playing a card game “Effie!” Hestia got up and ran to hug her “Having fun?”

“Yeah, these two are Icarus and Alecto. Alecto is their daughter” Alecto came over “It’s nice to meet you”

“It’s nice to meet you too”

“May I hold your baby?”

“Okay” Alecto could hear the nervousness in her voice so she took the baby as gently as she could and they all sat down. “did you enjoy the horses?” Braith asked. “They are gorgeous” Effie answered with aw in her voice. “I told her she should come alone with me one day so we could go riding” Cori began crying and Effie excused herself to go feed her in Alectos old room. Hestia followed, she had been having fun but after being around eachother twenty four seven for over a year it was hard to be apart.

“They seem like sweethearts” Alecto said and her mother answered “Yeah, it’s going to be nice having them in our home.”

“holding her baby makes me want one even more”

“Hopefully soon” Effie and the two younger girls soon came back and they spent the rest of the day hanging out. After a few weeks Felix was finally able to convince Effie to let his mother babysit while they went out riding. They were at the door but Effie hadn’t passed the baby off yet. “I’m sorry” she said softly when she finally let Braith have her “have fun, I have formula if she gets hungry” Effie nodded “thank you…for everything”

When they were gone Zed pointed out “did you see how thrilled our son was to get her out of this house alone?”

“I know, he has a pretty major crush on her. He was attracted when he first saw her, I could tell but his feelings for her are growing”

“Maybe when she’s been here a bit longer we can talk to them about getting married”

“You don’t think that will scare her?”

“we can just make sure she knows it’s a choice and theres no pressure. We wont hold her saying no against her or the girls”

“I don’t know”

“lets just see how things are in a month or two”

“Okay” Felix had Effie sit in front of him so he could hold her for her first ride. After awhile of this, if she wasn’t tired of being up on a horse he would let her practice riding her own. “Oh my gosh” she said when the mare started moving and he laughed “we’ll be fine” he said comfortingly. He enjoyed riding horses but this was especially nice because he got to be so close to her. He was happy she seemed so comfortable in his arms. He could tell any nervousness had to do with this being her first real ride on a horse.

“I can have her go faster”

“Okay” He nudged the horse a bit and she went faster, giving him an excuse to hold Effie a little more tightly to him. Eventually she felt at complete ease and began to fully enjoy the experience with him. They took a break at lunch. He set up a little picnic for them by a little pond. “This is amazing…one of the best days of my life…thank you”

“you don’t have to thank me. I’m having a really good time with you” Effie blushed, this felt so much like a date though she knew it wasn’t. Felix was incredibly handsome and sweet, there were probably lots of other girls he’d pick over her if he were ready to be with someone. She couldn’t imagine woman not wanting him or to be a part of his amazing family.

“Would you like to ride some more?” He asked when they finished eating and picking up.


“Are you sure? We could just relax if you like.”

“I really want to.”

He smiled. “Okay, I have somewhere amazing to take you if you’d like to go.”

“I’d love too.”

He helped her back into the saddle and climbed up behind her, his arm wrapping tightly around her as he tapped his heels against the horse. He took her through the woods and up to a cliff that overlooked the village. She was amazed by the view and sat there staring. “Beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I love it here.” They stayed there, talking for awhile and admiring the beauty below before heading back. Effie had been excited to hold her little girl again but when they returned she was sleeping soundly in her crib “she was an angel. Any time you want to go out I don’t mind keeping her.”

“I’m so glad, is Hestia gone again?”

“Yes, the other kids around here adore her. They came asking her to play again” Effie hugged Braith which surprised her a little but she happily hugged her back. Effie didn’t explain and Braith didn’t ask. Effie was just so grateful to them. Because of their willingness to take them in they had a life, the two little girls who meant everything to her had a life, would have a normal, peaceful life. She owed this family so much.

A few months passed and Felix’s father, Zed took him on a walk to talk to him about Effie “Before we try to talk to her I wanted to see how you felt first. Do you like her? As in do you have feelings for her?”

“Yeah, she’s amazing. What do you want to talk to her about?”

“Marrying you” He stopped walking, feeling a mix of happiness and surprise. His father chuckled “your mother and I noticed how you feel and while we don’t know her that well we think she likes you too. If you’d like us to we wanted to see if she’d agree to marry you. You’d have to do it the normal way despite the fact she’ll know who is chasing her but we’d like to arrange for you two to be together. Maybe the two of you will have more girl children. With her already having one there’s a pretty good chance.”

“Please talk to her dad. I want that so much. I care about her tremendously”

“then lets head home and we’ll talk to Effie”

She was sitting on the couch reading when they arrived, little Cori asleep in her arms. She looked up and smiled, making his heart dance. “Effie, can we talk to you?” Zed asked.

“Of course.” She said as she sat her book down and shifted Cori over. “Is something wrong?”

“Not at all, we just had something we wanted to ask you.”

“Okay, let me put Cori in her crib, I’ll just be a minute.” She slowly stood and Felix felt more nervous as he waited. When she came back, she could see he was thinking really hard about something. “So? What’s going on?”

“Effie, as you know here we often arrange marriages here between men and women and we believe we have found someone suitable for you.” He looked at Felix and Felix took a calming breath.

“It’s not the traditional way of asking, but I wanted to know if you would marry me. We would have to go through with the hunt, but I love you, I love the kids and I want to be with you. If you say no, I’ll understand, I want only your happiness.”

“You’d really want me? Me and my girls?”

“Of course, you’re beautiful and little Cori is so sweet and Hestia is a good girl too.”

“um, just out of curiosity why would we still do the hunt?”

“It’s fun for the people. I suppose you don’t actually HAVE to but most still do it”

“It does sound like fun. I’d…I’d love to marry you Felix..I’m” her face near overheated and he went over and hugged her. Zed stood “I’ll start getting everything arranged” Braith was so happy and excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. She was glad Effie had said yes and she could tell it wasn’t out of some feeling of obligation, she loved Felix too and Braith felt lucky both her kids would get to be married. She knew everything would work out for Alecto but with so few girls she didn’t know if Felix would ever get chosen for the hunt.

“What kind of mask do you want, Effie?” Zed asked. “I’ll have to get them made.”


“During the Hunt, we wear masks. My sister and Icarus wore a fox and wolf mask.” Felix explained. “It’s generally so they can’t judge each other by looks, but even though we’ve already seen each other, I think it would be a wonderful memento to have.”

“Oh, well I…I guess a horse, is that good?”

“That suits you, love.” Felix said as he gently stroked her cheek. “You’ll be so beautiful in it.”

“What about you?” She asked, her cheeks warming.

“Dad already knows what I want.”

“Just like his sister, he favors the fox.”

“I think you’ll look handsome in that mask”‘ Felix’s parents took care of all the arrangements and in a little over a months time the town was ready for the hunt and the celebration that would follow. Even Hestia was excited for Effie as she stood watching, holding baby Cori. “so I’ll be doing this one day?” Hestia asked Braith when both Effie and Felix had run off. “Yep, when Effie and Felix feel like they’ve found the right man for you”



“I don’t know, just interesting”

“It;s the easiest way. The elders thinks it helps to keep things normal and calm. Women don’t get hurt this way. Theres nobody brawling over them or trying to kidnap them because they know they just have to wait for their chance to be chosen by the parents of a girl and be set up with one.” They continued talking about this and the worlds other traditions, new and old until Effie returned with in Felix’s arms. Hestia had passed the baby to Zed when her arms tired so was now able to clap.

Effie giggled as he set her down to walk hand in hand “that was exhilarating”

“I loved it, just as I love you Effie” Alecto ran up and hugged her, soon followed by Icarus. Effie had grown very close to Felix’s sister in this time as well. “I’m so happy you’re marrying my brother Effie! This is going to be amazing. Where’s Cori and Hestia? I can’t find them and our parents”

“They were worried the excitement might be too loud for Cori so they stayed a ways back, by the tree we often used as a base for tag as children”

“I’m going to go love on her” Alectos kissed Effie’s cheek “My brother is a sweetie and I’m not just saying that blindly because I’m related to him, he really is a good man.” The two ran off, leaving Effie with a huge smile. The celebration afterwards drew tears from Effies eyes and when she began to near sob Felix took her away, back to his home where they could be alone “you okay? Are…are you regretting marrying me?”

“No, not at all…I’m just so happy. This….I never thought my life would be anything like this…that I could live anywhere near normal and happy” Felix felt relieved and just held her “I’ll always make you happy. I’ll do my best anyway”

“are we going to start on babies?” she asked a bit nervously. She wasn’t a virgin anymore but she had only had sex that one time with Hestia’s brother and she hadn’t wanted it. It was just worth going through to save her. It would be completely different with Felix. “when you’re ready”

“I’m ready for a kid again…I’m just nervous about sex”

“we can go slow”

“That wont frustrate you? It’s not like I’m a virgin”

“doesn’t mean you can’t be nervous.”

“You really are a good guy Felix”

“and you are an amazing woman Effie. Lets not over think, lets just let things happen how they happen. Cori will be one before long so if you want a sort of time line maybe we can just sort of heavily make out and feel eachother a bit up until that point. After her first birthday party I mean. We have months until then so not only is there no pressure you have a timeline because from getting to know you I know you’re going to worry about upsetting me so you can just tell yourself he’s not wanting anything more until Cori is one”

Effie didn’t know if she wanted to laugh, smile or cry. He was completely adorable and she kissed him. “I love you Felix”

“I love you too Effie. Lets go back to celebrating with the town and my family” she nodded and back out they went. Effie couldn’t help but be nervous about many many things despite the fact she knew most of what she worried about didn’t bother Felix. She just loved him so incredibly much and appreciated his familys help beyond measure and she never wanted to mess any of this up for her or her girls. The future held so much and she promised herself she’d be the best wife she could possibly be for Felix.

~ The End

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