Eleos & Jonah 3

Chapter One

Jonah stood there with the phone to his ear, frozen, eyes wide a cold sweat dotting his skin. “Jonah?” Eleos’s voice barely registered and he felt the phone taken from him. “Who is this?” Eleos asked as he helped Jonah take a seat on the couch. He looked about ready to collapse.

“Hello, detective, where is my little Jonah, I called for him not you.” Eleos knew that voice and he pulled the phone back to look at the caller i.d, it wasn’t the number for the prison.

“What do you want?” He asked angrily.

“My little Jonah, I miss him.”

Eleos found a pen and quickly wrote down the number. “Well you can’t have him, asshole.” The moment he hung up, the phone vibrated, this time he recognized the number and he quickly answered. “He just called, I’m going to take Jonah to a hotel, I think he called from a payphone.” He rattled off the number so they could find out how close he actually was to them. “I’ll call Brad once I have Jonah in a safe place, you guys just work on finding that son of a bitch.”

“I’m sorry we didn’t know a little sooner. He just escaped last night but we weren’t called about it until just before I called you”

“I know you alerted my as soon as you could. I’m not mad at you guys at the station” Eleos hung up the phone “I’m going to pack us a small bag Jonah” Eleos hunched over and gently took Jonahs chin to make him look him in the eyes “He won’t hurt you Jonah. I’ll never let him touch you again.” Jonah couldn’t speak, still frozen by fears and horrible memories that had left him scared for life. He was almost nauseous now as the cold sweat continued to seep out of his skin and slid down, growing ever paler. Eleos stopped himself from placing a kiss on Jonah’s head. He wasn’t sure if that was a good idea right now or not.

He was at a loss for what to do for his husband but he did know he should get that bag together. They needed to get out before that deranged man arrived. If he had their number, he could easily find their home. Eleos didn’t pay much attention to what all he threw in the bag, things matching made little difference right now and fell extremely low on the priorities list.

“Jonah, come on.” He said softly once he was sure he had enough. “We have to go.” He gently took his arm and Jonah still flinched. “Easy, it’s just me.”

“S…sorry.” Jonah replied, his voice a shaky whisper.

“It’s okay, we’re going somewhere safe.” Jonah nodded and allowed Eleos to lead him out. He didn’t say a word as he loaded into the car or even when Eleos leaned over and buckled him in. He wanted to retreat into himself or scream until he lost his voice, he wasn’t sure which, but he was fighting the urge to do either. Eleos took them to a hotel on the other side of town and got them checked in and it wasn’t until he was sitting on the bed that he started crying. “Jonah? Talk to me.” Eleos sat down next to him and Jonah practically jumped into his arms.

“I can’t…I can’t go back.”

He stroked Jonah’s hair. “It’s going to be okay, I promise. He’s not going to lay a hand on you.”

“He’s going to punish me, he’s going to hurt you.”

“I won’t let him.” He pulled back to look at him and wiped away his tears. “I’m not leaving your side, not for an instant. Where you go, I go.”

Jonah sobbed as Eleos held him tightly. What he wouldn’t give for killing that bastard to be legal. Eleos was feeling a storm of strong emotion as Jonah shook in his arms. Terrified of that monster, tortured so much by what had happened to him as a teen just one call had him right back to the state he was in when he was saved. “Shhh, I’ll keep you safe. He won’t hurt either of us Jonah” Eleos comforted, trying to make his voice as soothing as possible. Jonah cried until he had a headache from it and Eleos grabbed him a bottle of water out of the mini fridge. “drink that please”

Jonah opened it, downing it fairly quickly “would the TV being on help you at all Jonah?”

“It might I guess”

“what do you want on?”

“I don’t know” Eleos turned the TV on with the remote then flicked through until he found a channel he knew Jonah liked.

“I need to let an old buddy of mine know where we are then I’ll cuddle with you.”


Eleos pulled out his phone while Jonah took off his shoes and crawled to the top of the bed. Eleos hated how lost he looked. His friend answered almost immediately and he gave them the name of the hotel and their room number so they could have officers patrol the area. When he hung up, he took his shoes off and climbed in next to Jonah, pulling him into his arms and gently stroking his hair. “Better?”

“Not really.” He snuggled closer. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For breaking down, I should be okay, I should’ve told him to go to hell, but I couldn’t. I felt so helpless, like his hands were around my throat and he was choking off my air supply.”

“Jonah, it’s okay to be scared. Just because you stood up to him, doesn’t mean you can’t still be terrified. The things he did to you were monstrous so please don’t apologize for breaking down, don’t apologize for flinching even when I touch you because I understand.”

“But I shouldn’t, you’ve done nothing but love me. You even took a bullet for me back when you barely knew me. You’re the greatest man in the world and I’m so lucky to have you”

“Hey now, I’m pretty lucky myself to have you Jonah” The room phone rang about an hour later “there’s cars patrolling around the area of the hotel and we told the staff to keep a lookout for him coming in. We sent over a recent picture so hopefully even if he uses a disguise or somthing they’ll spot him. Thankfully with him being so bat shit crazy he’s most likely not going to think logically enough for something like that”

“Why can’t he just leave me alone?”

“He thinks he owns you, he’s an obsessed lunatic.” He pressed a kiss to Jonah’s forehead. “Want me to order pizza or something?”

“Not really, my stomach is in knots.”

“How about I order a small one and put it in the fridge?”

“Okay, sounds good.”

Eleos pulled out his phone and made an order to Dominos, asking for some Pepsi as well. He made sure they had his room number then went back to comforting Jonah. “I’m not making you uncomfortable am I with touching you or anything right?”

“I’m never scared of you, before I was just lost in terror and reacted, it had nothing to do with you really. Your touch is calming.”

“I just had to make sure” Eleos kissed Jonah, relieved he didn’t have to try and control his need to hold him snugly against his body. Eleos ran his hand through Jonahs soft, black hair, just the way Jonah liked it in hopes the way it felt helped at all. It did seem to unwind Jonah a bit but a loud knock at the door about had Jonah jumping out of his own skin. “It’s probably the pizza but wait here, I’ll go to the door” Jonah hated being such a baby but he hid under the bed while Eleos pulled his gun out of the bag he packed. Eleos slid the gun into the back of his jeans and slowly approached the door, looking through the peephole to check who was there.

He could see it was a pizza delivery guy, saw the Dominos logo on his shirt. “Could you raise your head please and repeat the request I sent in.” He did as he was told and Eleos could hear him rattle off a few numbers. He unlocked and opened the door, pulling out his wallet and paying the guy, making sure to give him a tip, then took the pizza and Pepsi.

“What request?” Jonah asked.

“My old badge number.” He answered as he sat the Pepsi down and locked the door. He stuck the pizza in the fridge then climbed back in bed.

“That’s smart.”

“I can be pretty clever when I need to.”

“You’re not hungry?”

“I’ll eat when you eat.”

Jonah sighed. “You can’t just go without because of my issues.”

“If you eat, then I’ll eat.”

“So sly.” He tilted his head back to look at Eleos. “I’ll eat.”

Eleos waited until Jonah took his first bite before picking up a slice of his own “want me to pour you some of the pepsi?”

“sure, thank you” Eleos got up and took one of the cups from the counter and filled it for both of them. “is the pizza good?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know how hungry I was”

“that’s why I made you eat. I knew you had to be”

“Thank you Eleos”

“I just hate the pizza guy scared you so badly” Jonah felt a bit ashamed again “and then I hid under the bed like some little kid”

“as I’ve said baby, you went through serious trauma. It’s amazing you function so well at all afterwards” The two ate most the pizza then cuddled under the covers again. Eleos felt relieved when Jonah fell asleep. He had eaten and was now resting and resting was the best state he could be in until this was over. It was time he could spend not terrified his tormentor was coming for him.

Eleos made sure his gun was sitting on the table beside the bed then pulled his clothes off and climbed in next to Jonah. He wanted to get Jonah out of his jeans, but he didn’t want him waking up to being undressed so he left him alone and hoped he was comfortable. His phone woke them both, startling Jonah and Eleos quickly answered. “Find him yet?”

“No, but someone broke into your house, broke the back door window, got as far as ransacking the living room before they ran away. There was a lot of rage.” Brad said.


“Has to be, he’s looking for you.”

“He’s pissed he couldn’t find us at home, like I’d let that happen. Keep me posted.”

“I’ll get a couple of the guys to clean up your place.”

“Thanks.” He hung up and flopped back. “Shit.”

“What happened?” Jonah asked worriedly. “Did he find us?”

“No, just the house, he broke some stuff.”

“do you think he can find the hotel too?”

“No, I paid for the room with cash and only the police know where I decided to have us stay. We’ve never stayed here before so I don’t see any way he’d even guess we were here. The news stations are always hungry for something new to report about so after this amount of time he’s probably on every station. If he starts trying random hotels someone is bound to notice him and tip off the police before he got anywhere near this hotel”

“But we’ve talked about when you were a cop before. They are flooded with tips because people either mistake someone for who is being looked for or just want attention or some sort of reward.” Eleos kissed Jonah’s head “we’re going to be okay baby, I promise”

Chapter Two

“How are they going to find him?”

“I don’t know if you remember Brad, but he and I headed the investigation into your disappearance. He was at the trial. Anyway, he is the one in charge of the manhunt, he knows just as much as I do and he’ll be able to get through all the crap much faster than most.”

“Clint’s smart, he planned my abduction, he was so prepared…for everything. He found our home, he was in our home, he touched our stuff. It feels like he’s…like he’s…”

Eleos moved so he was above Jonah on his hands and knees and Jonah stared up at him, looking nervous. “Who are you with right now, Jonah?”


“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

“Then believe me when I say that I will kill him before I let him get that close. I’ll protect you with my life.”

Jonah felt tears in his eyes at how loving Eleos was. He was doing so much to keep him from completely breaking down, to keep him safe. “Could I have a kiss? I think I need one.”

Eleos felt relief to be asked. All he wanted to do was smother Jonah in affection but it would crush him if he upset him in this delicate time. Eleos was still careful. He moved in slow, giving Jonah the time to change his mind. When their lips met Eleos’s kiss was soft and slow, more trying to comfort him than anything else. When Jonah pulled back Eleos scooped Jonah off the bed and sat with him, holding him close. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too. I’m praying this will all be over soon. I hate you’re so scared”

“I hope it’s not because you think I don’t trust you to keep me safe Eleos. I’d be even worse if I didn’t have you. I doubt I could have left my home I would have been so frozen with fear. Frozen is precisely what I was before you took that phone from my hand and brought me to this hotel”

“My feelings are the last thing on the table right now Jonah. I’m not thinking about me or having any hurt feelings for a second.”

“I feel like I put a lot on you and that you deserve more.” He felt frustration creeping in.

“Jonah, I don’t need more, I have you.”

“But I want to give you more, you’ve done everything for me. You know, before he called, I…I was thinking about us and you know how I’m the one who always…you know and how I was ready for…”

Eleos pressed a kiss to his lips, trying not to smile. “You really are something, Jonah.”

“I am?”

“Yes, you’re amazing.”

“I just wanted you to know that you’ve made me feel safe enough. I know it’s probably bad timing, but you make me so happy and I feel so secure and like I can do anything with you. Even now, I’m calm and more focused and I can think. Clint just grabs onto this part of me and I feel like a child again, I feel helpless, but you push it all away.”

“You’ll never have to worry about him when you’re with me, after this I promise he won’t be able to even write you a letter. Assuming he doesn’t die, I’m going to make sure he’s locked up in solitary confinement where he’s not even allowed to have a pencil.”

“You’re like a real life super hero.”

Eleos did crack a smile then. “I won’t be wearing tights just so you know and I know how to put my underwear on.”

For just that moment it was like nothing was going on. Jonah felt safe, like there was nobody else in the world besides him and Eleos. His love for him became so much deeper but Jonah’s love for Eleos seemed to always grow deeper each day they were together. Clint sat under a bridge growling and yelling as he pulled the hair he had clenched in his fists. He was furious that Jonah had left “how dare you not fucking wait for me Jonah!” With that he finally scared the last homeless man away. When Clint had first come down there their had been seven homeless people sleeping together but they had ran quickly, easily spotting that this man was far crazier than the normal they dealt with.

He was going to find him and when he did he was going to kill that cop as punishment. He would take Jonah where no one would find him and lock him up until he decided to behave. He just needed to find him first. He knew he needed to start moving again, he had seen his face on the news as he passed a barbershop and he was sure those homeless idiots would tell someone.

“Can we shower and maybe get some ice cream?” Jonah asked. “I mean if you think it’s safe enough.”

“Sure, ice cream’s always the best medicine, well next to me that is. It’s a close second.”

“I don’t know, that chocolate thing you got me last time was pretty delicious.”

“I’m wounded.”

Jonah smiled and kissed him. “I love you.”

“Don’t think you’re just going to cute yourself out of saying ice cream is better. I’m paying you back.”

They continued to tease eachother as they went into the bathroom and got the water ready. Once it was the temperature they liked it at the two got in. It wasn’t as long of a shower as they would have taken at home because none of their shower stuff was there and hotel bathroom supplies always left somthing to be desired. Dried and freshly dressed in some of the clothes Eleos had grabbed Eleos took his gun, checked it and slid it back into the waist of his pants.

The couple stayed close to one another as they went back to their car. Once they were in with the doors locked Eleos called Brad again to let him know what they were doing. “alright, I’ll have one of the guys patrolling go too. He’ll stay in his car and in the parking lot so you and Jonah feel more like it’s just a normal day. I know he must be scared.”

“Thank you”

“This shouldn’t have happened Eleos”

“I know as well as you should that it isn’t your fault”

“Still, shit like this shouldn’t happen”

Eleos took Jonah to his favorite ice cream parlor, making sure to stay completely alert. They came here all the time and if everyone else knew it, then so did Clint. He couldn’t help but wonder what had caused him to break out and if he had been planning it for awhile. “Eleos, your phone.” Jonah said, snapping him out of his thoughts.


“Your phone.”

Eleos realized it was vibrating in his pocket and he quickly pulled it out and answered. “Yeah?”

“We found something a little disturbing in his bunk.” It was the prison warden.

“Define disturbing.”

“Pictures of Jonah.”

“What kind?”

“The kind a stalker takes. I think he hired someone to follow him and send him pictures.”

“Shit.” He said under his breath, gripping the phone a little tighter. “Are we thinking a friend, another detective?”

“I sent the name on the envelope to the boys at the precinct, they said they’ll be looking into it and bring him in for questioning. Just watch your back.”

“Will do.” He hung up.

“So?” Jonah asked.

“It’s nothing we can’t handle, I promise.”

“It’s bad isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I’m here.” He reached across the table and took his hand.

“I know, I’m fine, I can do this.”

Eleos was even more on his toes than he had planned to be. There wasn’t just one problem, there were two. Maybe this second person is also how he managed to get out of jail. Though he was making sure Jonah was safe Eleos was also trying to make getting ice cream fun. “something new this time huh?” Eleos said to Jonah “yeah”

“is it good?”

“Very much so. I’m going to order it a lot now”

“Is this flavor better than me too?” He asked teasingly and Jonah smiled then gave it a long lick, pretending to think about it as he did.

“You better tell me or I’ll do something mean.”

“I don’t know, it’s pretty good ice cream.”

“Alright, you’ve been warned.” He finished off his own ice cream and stared at Jonah while he ate. He grinned when it had him blushing. Jonah had to look away to finish his cone and when he was done, Eleos leaned over the table and kissed him, making his entire body tingle. “You’re right, it is good ice cream.” Eleos said when he finally pulled back.

Jonah looked around, becoming embarrassed when he saw they were being stared at. “You’re so evil.”

Eleos chuckled and took his hand, pulling him up and out of the ice cream parlor. “Seems like it made you less scared.”

“Now I’m mortified.”

“Where do want to go next?”

Jonah sighed. “Maybe we should go back to the hotel. I don’t want you getting hurt. What did they find anyway?”

Eleos rubbed the back of his neck. “Pictures.” He saw Jonah go pale. “Not those kinds of pictures, just ones of you walking around. He got someone to stalk you.”

“So, does he know about this place?”

“Probably, but even if he does, he won’t get you. I have a gun and he has obsessive rage, I think bullets beat that.”

“Still, maybe we should go back. Maybe he’ll call again or something, maybe I can get him to tell me where he is.”

“You really want to go back?”

“Yes, I just want this nightmare over with so we can go back to our lives”

“Okay but if you change your mind and want to leave again let me know.” Jonah hugged him and Eleos hugged him back, wanting to just enjoy it but looking around to make sure Clint wasn’t near and ready to take advantage of them while they were vulnerable. After the hug they got in the car and after locking the doors Eleos checked the back seat just to be sure. The car had been locked when they got out and it obviously hadn’t been broken into but he still had to check.


“safe” The cop car that had come and parked turned on aswell when they started their own car.

When they got back to the hotel and were settled in, Jonah switched on the TV and sat there with his knees pulled up. Eleos put in a call to let Brad know they were back at the hotel and ask about the mystery photographer. “We caught him trying to leave town, he’s a friend of your psycho’s, but he swears he didn’t mean Jonah any harm.”

“I don’t care, make sure he tells you everything or I’ll come down there myself to shake it out of the little worm.”

“Will do.”

Eleos hung up and flopped back onto the bed, sighing and rubbing his shoulder. “Want me to rub it?” Jonah asked.

“That’d be great, baby.” He climbed up to the top of the bed and laid on his stomach. Jonah moved to sit on his lower back and worked his shoulder. “God that feels good.” He said and let out a little moan. When his shoulder felt better, he turned over so Jonah was straddling him. “I really love you, Jonah.”

“I love you too.” He rested his head on Eleos’s chest. He was just starting to drift off when his phone rang and he reached into his pocket and answered. “Hello?”

“Hello little Jonah.” His heart gave a leap and he quickly sat up.

“What do you want?” He managed to ask, hating that his voice shook.

“I want you, to come to the window.”

Jonah swallowed. “He’s here.” He got up and went over to the window, Eleos following.

“Stop talking to that cop and look down at you guard’s car.” Jonah’s eyes moved to the police cruiser parked across the street. Standing next to it with a gun pointed in the driver side window at the police officer was Clint. “This young man wasn’t very observant and he wasn’t very good at keeping his gun either, he even gave me a ride when I threatened to blow his brains out. Maybe I should kill him.”

“Don’t, please don’t.”

“Then you will come to me or I will paint the windshield with his blood.”

“What’s he saying?” Eleos asked.

“He wants me to come down there or he’ll kill him. I…I don’t want too, I can’t.”

“Then he dies my sweet little Jonah.”

“No, I’ll do it, I’ll come just don’t hurt him. Just give me a minute.” He hit the mute button. “Call your friends, Eleos, I’ll try to keep him distracted.”

“I’m going down with you, I’ll keep out of sight, just don’t let him get a hold of you.”

“I’ll try.”

Chapter Three

Jonah was shaking, unable to stop himself. He was terrified, all the horrible memories filling his head of when he was kidnapped and raped by Clint. Even with Eleos following him he couldn’t help but be scared he was going to get hurt again. He couldn’t let cowardice cost an officer his life though. He had a family, people who loved him. Jonah knew he absolutely had to do this.Eleos called his friends before they left the room and started making their way out. “Hurry, I can’t lose Jonah”

“we’ll be there as soon as we can.”

Jonah pushed the door open and stepped outside. He felt sweat dotting his skin and he rubbed his palms against his jeans. He could do this, he knew he could. He stood on the curb for a moment, forcing himself to breathe. “I’m here Clint, let him go.” He yelled from across the street.

“You come here and he can go.”

The first step felt like moving through quicksand and his stomach immediately twisted in knots. All he had to do was stay out of reach. He knew Eleos was watching him and that he probably had his gun trained on Clint just in case. He hated that Clint was smiling, it made his skin crawl. He stopped in front of him, not getting any closer than he had too. “Now let him go.”

“Where’s that piece of shit that took you from me?”


“What a coward.”

“Let him go, Clint.” He glanced at the officer who had a bloody nose.

Clint turned the gun on Jonah and Eleos resisted the urge to run outside. He had to trust that Jonah could do this and he had to trust in his own ability to kill Clint if it was needed. “Get out of here, officer and leave your handcuffs on top of the car.” Clint said.

Just hearing Clint’s voice utter the words handcuffs made Jonah want to bolt. The cop looked apologetic and ashamed, he wasn’t even able to look at Jonah as he set the handcuffs on the hood of the car. It made such a loud sound though they hadn’t been set down all that hard. Jonah knew it was just his fear of them, what they could be used for, what they had been used for when he was a teen. The cop walked away, not even hoping Jonah and Eleos would forgive him, he didn’t deserve their forgiveness. “Jonah” Clint’s voice was sing song as he said his name. Jonah swallowed, once again resisting the need inside him to step back. “come here, I want a hug. I’ve missed holding you”

“I can’t.” He said and saw anger bubbling in Clint’s eyes. “I mean, you have a gun pointed at me. You don’t point guns at people you l…love.”

“You’ll run again if I don’t, you’ll tell them more lies about me.”

“I won’t, I swear. I’ll stay with you all you want, just please put the gun away.”

He could see Clint’s hand shaking and he did his best to smile. “Fine.” He sat the gun on top of the car next to handcuffs. “You were always so spoiled, now come to me.” Jonah took a step forward and then another, bile rising in his throat.

“Jonah, don’t take another step.” Eleos’s voice startled both of them and Jonah quickly glanced over his shoulder, seeing him ducking behind his car, his gun pointed at Clint.

Clint had the gun back in his hand. “So you finally show up to ruin my day. I’ll kill you.”

“Not with Jonah between us, you’d hit him before you hit me. Do you really want that?” He hadn’t been able to contain himself when he saw Jonah move. He didn’t want Clint touching him, not with how well Jonah had been doing. He knew being touched by that monster would be too much.

Clint groaned in frustration “I love my Jonah, I need him”

“If you love him you’ll let him come back to me. He doesn’t want you touching him. He never did”

“Jonah, come here” Clint spat angrily. Jonah whimpered and unconsciously took a step back. “Jonah, you take one more step and you’ll force me to hurt you. Don’t do that to me, haven’t you done enough to me Jonah!?”

“Haven’t I done enough to you? What’s..what’s wrong with you” Eleos was surprised, scared and a little proud Jonah was talking back. “what’s wrong with me is that my boyfriend won’t come to me, you lied about me”

“You’re lieing to yourself Clint. You had to kidnap me. How could you think I ever wanted…I…ever” The fear and anger were dueling within Jonah, making it hard to talk. He was furious and wanted to tell him off but the man of his nightmares was right there and had a loaded gun.

Clint moved forward and Jonah forced himself not to scream. “You’re only making it worse for yourself, Jonah.”

“I…I don’t care, I hate you. You’re a monster, you r…raped me, Clint.”

“You little fucking liar.” The sound of sirens halted his movements and he looked down the street just as police cruisers turned the corner. His eyes moved back to Jonah. “You betrayed me, again.” He reached for him, his intention to strangle Jonah, but Jonah scrambled away, turning and running toward Eleos. He was terrified he was going to take a bullet to the back, but instead he felt something much heavier slam into him and he hit the ground hard. He was flipped over and Clint’s hands slid around his neck. “You’re mine, Jonah, mine.” A loud pop sounded and Clint screamed, gripping his shoulder as he hit the ground, blood seeping between his fingers.

“Jonah.” Eleos said as he pulled him up and wrapped an arm around him.

“He was…I…”

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

That night after handling everything with the police Jonah sobbed into Eleos almost as hard as he had all those years ago. “Oh Jonah” Eleos said sadly. Clint was arrested again and far away from him but now jail wasn’t so comforting. Now Jonah was terrified of him breaking out again and this time him not giving a call as warning. Next time he might just wake up to Eleos dead or Clint on top of him. Once their door was fixed and their home was cleaned up so they could return to it Jonah was a little better. It also helped that Clint was transferred to another prison, far away from where they lived.

“Eleos?” Jonah said one night as he tapped on the doorframe of his study door. It made Eleos look up from his laptop where he was moving case files over and confirming payments.

“Everything alright?” He turned his chair and held out his arms. Jonah moved around the desk and sat in his lap.

“Yeah, just a little lonely waiting for you.”

Eleos stroked his cheek. “I’m almost done here then I’ll com to bed.”

“And also I was thinking about what I said before, about us.”

Eleos gave him a gentle kiss. “You don’t have to worry about that, I’m happy with the way things are.”

“The thing is, I want to try. I’ve come so far and very nearly had all that hard work ripped out from under me. I feel like if I don’t at least try letting you make love to me then I’ll never get stronger. Does that make sense?”

“It makes sense. If you honestly want to try I’ll hurry up and finish with this okay? It’s for you and not me right?”

“Yes” Eleos gave him a long, gentle kiss “alright, I’ll be in there as fast as I can. Take the time to start getting ready handsome. I need you to promise me though you’ll let me know if you get overwhelmed. Tell me to stop and I will no matter how far we’ve gone”


“Tell me, please, I’ll hate myself if I upset you”

“Okay, I promise to tell you Eleos” Jonah walked out of the room and Eleos quickly finished wrapping up work. He shut his laptop down then nervously stood. He of course wanted to make love to Jonah but he was afraid of hurting him, of reminding him of what happened. If Jonah ever looked at him in fear it would mangle Eleos’s heart. When he went into the bedroom Jonah was down to his boxers. Eleos smiled “would you like to strip me? This will probably be easier for you if you do everything or tell me what to do so you have that control of the situation” Jonah nodded “Okay, that does make sense” Jonah got off the bed and walked over to Eleos, slowly taking off his clothes and admiring his breath takingly sexy husband. Jonah felt so lucky to have him, especially since he had denied him sex so long. Not even only that, he had dealt with so much after Clint and he knew it would be easier to be with someone who had less emotional baggage.

Eleos took Jonah’s face in his hands “you okay?”

“Yeah, we’re just getting naked. We’ve been naked together a lot”

Eleos smiled “I just need to be sure you’re okay”

“I am, truly Eleos”

“where do you want to go from here?”

“I guess I should take my boxers off right?”

“If you want to baby” In one more movement the two were standing nude in front of eachother, Eleos looking down at him with so much understanding and love.

Jonah let his hands slide over Eleos’s chest, his fingers briefly tracing the bullet scar before moving down to his abdomen and lower still to his already hardening length. Eleos moaned, causing him to blush. “You still okay?” Eleos asked in a husky voice.

“Yeah.” He took Eleos’s hands and pulled him onto the bed, his heart beating harder. “I…I’m nervous because it’s usually me making love to you and I don’t really know how to go about it.”

Eleos moved so he was sitting at the head of the bed and pulled Eleos onto his lap so he was straddling him. “How about this, then you can stop easier.”

“Okay” Jonah moved in to kiss Eleos, wanting to make out with him as he worked up the nerve to push himself down onto his hardened length. When Jonah felt brave enough he pushed himself down, hard and fast, knowing he needed to do do this. Eleos’s moan and the feeling of him inside of him made Jonah moan. Their moans mingled as Jonah rode Eleos. Between moans in a pleasured breath Eleos said “I love you so much Jonah”

“I love you too” He answered. When the two came they cuddled up to eachother and Eleos asked “did you enjoy that?”

“I..I came didn’t I?” Eleos smiled, running a hand through Jonahs hair “I mean how do you feel baby”

“I’m fine, happy. I don’t feel so broken anymore.”

“You weren’t in the first place.” He shifted so he could face Jonah. “I’m so proud of you, baby.”

“You saved me, Eleos, in more ways than one and you have no idea what that means to me. Thank you so much for everything.”

Eleos smiled. “Thank you for trusting me and for letting me love you.” He gave him one last kiss before they both drifted off, Jonah feeling much stronger thanks to his loving husband.


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