Eliora & Emrys

Chapter One

Eliora rushed in the house, having the horrible feeling that she just might throw up again. It was why she was home from work hours before she was supposed to be. When she ran in and straight to the bathroom she was so occupied with the need to spill her stomach contents she didn’t notice the small brunette in her living room until she was walking out of their downstairs bathroom. Eliora was startled but the girl was small, looking no older than thirteen so she was able to be calm enough to see the girl was afraid too ‘Honey, what’re you doing in my house?” she was trying to be as calm as possible, this was just a child after all. The girl didn’t say anything and before she could press further her husband came in, seeming a perturbed himself “what’re you doing home?!” he asked angrily. “I’m sick and what kind of greeting is that? Who is this little girl?”

“a friend of mines daughter”

“soooo what is she doing in our house? She looks scared”

“well you ran in here like a lunatic and go questioning her when she can’t answer you, she’s mute”

“Oh” she turned to the girl. She still didn’t understand her husband yelling at her for returning to her own home but his temper had gotten beyond out of control the past two years. The man she was with was nothing like the man she married and sometimes she wondered if his kindness when they dated was a simple trick. It had taken them years to get to how horrible he was today but she still wondered how this could be the same man she married. She wanted to divorce him, she thought about it daily but she wasn’t a quitter, she felt she promised her life to him and that she had to stick this out until she absolutely couldn’t.

She also had to question her own motives at times, had to question if she was being over critical of Andrews behavior because of Emrys. Her strange wolf friend whom when they first met proclaimed she was his mate and asked if they could be together. She had to turn him down then, she was engaged at the time after all but over the years she found herself wanting the life with him that he seemed to truly believe they were destined for. He never crossed the line, remaining a perfect gentleman and respectful of her marriage but he still whole heartedly believed they were destined for eachother.

She was always happy at his side. He made her happier than Andrew had made her even in the beginning but when they met she had already promised herself, Just her desire to be with Emrys sometimes left her with crushing guilt. Telling someone you would give your life to them should mean something and she wanted to be strong enough to ignore the pull of Emrys. The warmth and true bliss he inspired in her. It had been fairly easy to ignore when she was happy with Andrew but now here was another weird situation, here was Andrew loseing his temper yet again when the situation didn’t call for it. His eyes were even hateful, anger never seemed hard to stir up but as always she tried to keep the peace.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to scare you”

“You shouldn’t fucking be here. You don’t work on salary you know Eliora. How are these bills going to get paid?”

“I’m sick, I just thew up again. I was sent home because I threw up at work”

“we’re leaving”

“where are you taking her?”

“none of your damn business. get yourself together and make us some damn money” Andrew had been unemployed now for nearly two years and it left her wondering at times if he was even trying. She didn’t mind paying all the bills but he was so obsessed with money she’d have thought he’d want a job more. He grabbed her by the arm and she intervened. She knew how much it hurt because he often jerked her around the same way “don’t you touch her like that. This is someone elses child Andrew” she tried to pull the girl away and he slapped her. The girl seemed to cower, looking more fearful as he pulled her out of the house.

Eliora felt sick to her stomach again. She would have protested more the treatment of his friends daughter but she absolutely had to empty her stomach again and go lay down. It was a week later when she saw the news broadcast. She stood from her chair, drawing closer the the tv. There was that little girls face, she was missing. When he came home for dinner after a day out with his friends she confronted him and he denied everything “you were deliriously sick, it’s not the same girl”

“I was ill but I had a clear mind.”

“I took her to her father”

“lets call him”

“Eliora, stop being such a cunt and get me more tea”

“No, that girl looked terrified. You weren’t supposed to have her were you? You weren’t taking her to her parents were you?” he got up, slamming his hands on the table angrily before rushing over to Eliora. He picked her up and slammed her on the table in his rage. It was the glasses they had been drinking out of breaking that hurt her the most. The shards tore at her clothes but she just got up. As ashamed as she would be to tell anybody this sort of treatment didn’t shock her. It was almost expected since she wouldn’t let something go that he wanted her to. “shut your fucking mouth! I took her to her parents and I don’t need to prove that to you!”

“where is she?” something in her was screaming he had done something to her and that child deserved someone to fight for her. This time she couldn’t let it go, a child was in danger and she felt she owed it to that child to pursue this and truly make sure her husband hadn’t done anything. His demeanor calmed but it was an eerie calm as he scoffed “you want to know where she is?”

“yes” she hated the fear in her voice but there was nothing she could do about it. He punched her in the face, causing her to feel dizzy from the force. Andrew then grabbed a handful of hair and started walking her out to the car. He shoved her into the passenger seat, scaring her more than ever before. “where are we going” she asked when he got in the car. His answer was to slam her head into the side window until she was unconscious.

Emrys had a bad feeling as he made his way to Eliora’s home. He had tried to tell himself it was nothing. He often thought of her, about being with her and giving her the life she deserved, and even worried about her at times, but this was something all together different. His wolf had whined at him, his animal instincts telling him he needed to go now because something wasn’t right with his mate. It was like something dark had drifted through his soul, a horrible fear that something terrible had just taken place. He was barely going the speed limit and when he made it to his destination, there was no wave of relief, but instead a sense of foreboding.

He quickly got out of his car and went up to the door, knocking a little too loudly with how worried he was. He hoped the loudness of it wouldn’t piss off her husband, not because he cared about her husband but because he cared if he made life harder for her. No answer came so he knocked again, sighing in frustration when she still didn’t answer. He had already noticed Andrews car wasn’t in the driveway, she could have gone somewhere with her husband but his wolf was telling him he needed to get into the house so he tried the door, a little surprised that the door actually opened. Even when they were home they kept the door locked so now he was even more worried, his wolf was obviously right, something was wrong. “Eliora? Andrew?” he called as he began walking through, he came to the kitchen and growled.

It was obvious he had hurt her again, he could smell her blood on the broken glasses. He was almost shaking with his rage. “You’re lucky you’re not fucking here” he seethed to himself about Andrew. This was getting to be too much. He tried not to step in since she always told him not to but he couldn’t watch him abuse her like this. This was his mate, she didn’t want to be with him but he loved her and his heart couldn’t take her being treated this way.

Emrys walked through her home to be absolutely certain she wasn’t there, bleeding out and all alone. When he felt secure she wasn’t in her home he shut their front door then sat in his car to text her “Are you okay? I came by your house. I’m sorry but I wont lie, I went in. It’s obvious he hurt you again so has he taken you to a hospital or something? If you’re being treated tell him he left the door unlocked so he can come back and lock it. Please answer me as soon as you can. I’m worried’

Eliora’s head throbbed and she could tell that the right side of her face was swollen. She could feel hard floor pressed against her cheek and she slowly opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times to bring things into focus. She was just starting to push herself up when a door opened and she saw Andrew shoving the girl into the room hard enough that she stumbled and nearly fell. She had tears on her face and bruises around her wrist and throat. “Well look who finally decided to wake up.” He snapped.

“Andrew…what…what are you doing?” She said as she got to her feet. His fist made contact with her solar plexus, the air leaving her lungs and her stomach threatening to empty itself as she fell to her hands and knees. He gripped her hair and wrenched her head back.

“You just had to open your stupid fucking mouth.” He slapped her and yanked back on her hair. “Now you can stay here.” He shoved her to the floor then left, locking the door behind him.

Chapter Two

Emrys was pacing with his phone tightly gripped in his hand. She still hadn’t answered and it had been hours. She wasn’t the type of person who checked their cellphone all the time but going hours without answering was not normal. If something was going on that would keep her this busy she would have told him, they talked about everything. There was hardly a day that passed they didn’t text back and forth at least a little bit. “Eliora…I just need to know that you’re okay” he said to the phone. He decided to call her house phone and if she didn’t answer he’d lay off then go back to her home tomorrow. He wasn’t her boyfriend and he tried to be careful about being pushy but his wolf was too wound up for him not to call for possibly the fifteenth time.

Once again, no answer “damn it!” he hung up and sat on his couch, face in his hands. He sighed, apologizing to his wolf “I’m not her mate, and I’m getting stalkery with my behavior today. I’m sorry but I have to wait until tomorrow to try her house again” He didn’t want to wait but if she was fine he would already be incredibly embarrassed by all the texts and calls. He decided to go for a run, knowing he needed to do something with himself before he ended up camping in he yard or calling everyone she knew to see if she was with them.

It was about this time Andrew was finally checking Eliora’s phone. He had taken it before throwing her in with the girl he had kidnapped. “that fucking wolf” he said as he scrolled through her messages. He decided to go to the beginning and see just what those two had been talking about on her phone.

Once Eliora had caught her breath and had suppressed the urge to vomit, she got to her feet and moved over to the girl. The haunted look on her face twisted in Eliora’s heart like a knife. “Hey, do you remember me?” The girl huddled at the top of the bed, pressing herself into the corner. “I’m Eliora, what’s your name?” The girl shook her head and hid her face, her body shaking. “It’s alright, everything’s going to be alright.” She sat down slowly. “He told you not to talk didn’t he?” The girl nodded. Eliora’s eyes moved over the bruises on the girl’s wrists and were drawn to the ones she could see on her ankles. She felt sick again as her mind filled with thoughts of what had been going on here. “It’s okay to talk to me now, we have to stick together so we can get out of here.” The girl looked up and started to speak when the door slammed open and she buried her face again. Eliora moved between her and Andrew, ready to fight her husband. “What do you want?”

“Don’t you take that fucking tone with me you lying, cheating little bitch.”

“What are you talking about?”

He crossed the room in a fury and pulled her off the bed by her hair and shoved her phone in her face. “What is this?”

It took her a moment to focus on the text in front of her. “What about it?”

“Don’t play stupid. Mates? That disgusting, pathetic wolf?”

“Let me go.”

He threw her down then kicked her in the side. “What did I say?”

She was so pissed about the situation that she ignored the pain and jumped up, her fingers gripping her phone and wrestling it from his fingers. She ran for the door, her fingers shaking as she speed dialed Emrys. She felt Andrew slam into her, bringing her to the floor and causing her phone to skid off across the room. She screamed as he flipped her over and hit her. She kicked and bucked and his fingers wrapped around her throat. “Help!” She managed before he squeezed.

“Stupid, fucking bitch. No one can hear you.” He slammed her head against the floor. “I’ll kill you if you don’t stop.” He slammed her head against the floor again and she saw stars. He climbed off of her and went across the room, quickly hitting the end button on her phone then tossing it down and smashing it.

Emrys felt a major tug from his wolf again and decided to run back to his car. He had driven to the woods where his pack lived so he could run around there. He didn’t live out there with the rest of them but they were still his pack. Nowadays it was rare for the entire pack to live in a small community, that was more old style, before all the races started commingling like they were now. A lot still chose to live secluded in wooded areas but he wasn’t the only pack member that didn’t stay out here. He shifted, picking up his phone first to check it since he was still waiting to hear back from Eliora. There was a missed call and he didn’t know if he felt more relief that he was finally hearing from her or anger that he had missed the call. He listened to the voicemail, his heart dropping when he heard her scream. Another growl caught rumbled in his throat when she weakly called for help.

He quickly got dressed then went to his pack leader “I need the packs help finding my mate”

“whats wrong with her?” They knew the whole story, that she was married to an abusive ass and they weren’t together. Emrys let his pack leader listen to the voice mail “obviously her husband has done something crazier than normal this time. Normally she wont even let me help if I beg to”

“We’ll come with you to question her husband and we’ll help you make him tell us where she is if he wont cooperate”

“Thank you”

“This is your mate…if something was going on with mine I know you all would help me too…I’m sorry about all this…maybe this might be when you finally have her” It was something Emrys hoped for but that was the least of his concerns right now. He didn’t want his Eliora to be the latest domestic abuse victim that lost her life.

Eliora woke on the floor again, this time with her arms tied painfully behind her back. She tried getting up then realized the rope was also attached to her ankles. Duct tape covered her lips so she couldn’t speak. She craned her neck up to see the girl sitting in the corner, her dress torn and her lip busted. She made a noise and the girl raised her head, her eyes swimming with tears. She made another noise and the girl glanced at the door and then crawled over to her and pulled the tape away. “Are you alright?” The girls shook her head. “Did he hurt you because of me?”

The girl glanced at the door again. “Y…yes.”

“I’m so sorry sweetie, I thought I could get us help.”

“He…” her eyes kept nervously flicking to the door, “he said I’m not…not the first.” She swallowed. “He…”

“You don’t have to tell me.” She wanted to yell at herself for even letting his abuse get this far with her. The only consolation was that she had found out what he had been doing and could prevent him from hurting others. “Do you know where he went?”


“Do you know where we are?”

She shook her head. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

Emrys and his pack were waiting when Andrew pulled into his drive way “Just the fuck I wanted to see” some of the pack were in their wolf form and growled at him as they drew closer “can’t face me like a man?”

“Believe me, I’d love to kick your ass. The only thing protecting you from that is Eliora. Where is she?”

“I started reading your texts to her today.”

“I’m not ashamed of any of them so whats your point?”]

“shes my wife!”

“You don’t deserve her, you never have”

“tell these other assholes to go away and face me yourself” Andrew was a hot head but not stupid enough to challenge an entire pack of wolves. “none of us are leaving until I see Eliora. What have you done to her”

“I’m calling the police, you can’t be here. This is my property”

“isn’t it Elioras? It’s only her name on the lease”

“fuck you!” he pulled out his phone “Oh please call them. I’ll let them listen to my voicemail” Andrew paused and Emrys pulled out his phone, putting his voicemail on speaker phone. When the message was over his voice was a growl as he struggled not to crush his phone in anger. “where…is…Eliora” he emphasized each word. “I don’t know, haven’t seen her in days. She doesn’t say my name on that voicemail does she?” Emrys closed the distance between them, punching Andrew in the face. Andrew hit the ground, his nose almost side ways it was so severely broken. He cried out in pain. He wanted to wail on him but he simply pinned him to the ground “where is she or I’ll give you an even bigger taste of what you’ve been giving her these past few years!”

“fuck you, you’re in big trouble now. I know you’re an animal but you can’t just do what you want. You don’t have any proof I’ve hurt her. You’re going to jail” Emrys pack leader was now standing beside them “nobodies going to find your body if he kills you, we’ll all make sure of that. Where is Eliora?”

“I…” Emrys growled and wrapped his hand around Andrew’s throat.

“Tell me you don’t know again, give me an excuse to rip your throat out.”

Andrew glared at him, but beneath the anger was fear. He could see Emrys was serious. “She’s…she’s in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town.”

Emrys pulled Andrew to his feet and fished the keys out of his pocket. He turned and handed them to one of the wolves. “Please go inside and grab Eliora’s keys. They should be in the bowl next to the door. We’ll take this bastard and both cars.”

“I already told you…” Andrew started.

“Not good enough. You’re going to give us directions or I’ll rip your guts out while you watch.”

Eliora felt near instant relief the moment she had been freed from her bonds. Her muscles ached and she quickly stretched them out and got to her feet, thanking the girl before going over and trying the door. It was locked tight save for the small hatch in the front that could be open to allow Andrew to look inside. She turned around, taking in more of the room. There was a single bed, a chair, a couple of book stacked on top of it. The other room was a small bathroom with a shower and toilet. “Listen, Ruby, would you mind helping me with something?”


Eliora grabbed the chair, tipping the books off onto the floor as she sat it on its back. “I want you to hold that end down so I can break the leg off. I’m going to try and get that hatch open and see if I reach the lock.”

“But we can’t, if we break the chair we’ll be punished”

“we need to try to get out. I know how scared you must be and I’m so sorry for everything that has happened to you but we have to try. I’ll make sure he knows it was me” there was a pause but the young girl ended up nodding her agreement to help. She missed her parents and knew he’d hurt her even if she behaved at this point. Together they broke the chair and Ruby watched nervously, hoping Eliora could get them out of this. Emrys had Andrew in the car with him, mostly just because he wanted to be the one to hurt him if he got out of line. He had so much built up anger and jealousy at this man that his mind practically begged for a reason to hurt him.

“Which way?” He growled and was pleased when Andrew flinched.

“On the edge of the south side of town. The last house on the right. It’s overgrown.”

“She better be alive because if she’s not I have no reason to keep you around.”

He went a little over the speed limit, his wolf urging him to go faster, to find his mate. He was already frustrated at his inability to protect her and now anything could have happened to her. How hurt was she? What had Andrew done to her? He feared what the answer to the second question might be and he didn’t know if he would be able to restrain himself any longer if he had raped her.

Eliora slammed the chair leg against the hatch, ignoring the exhaustion and pain in her body. She nearly jumped with joy when it finally swung outward, the latch snapping. She quickly reached through, but she couldn’t quite touch the lock. Her fingers brushed it, but it was out of reach. “Damn it.”

“We’re trapped…he’ll come back and…and he’ll take me away again.” Ruby said, already crying as she slid down the wall and pulled her knees up to her chest.

“It’s going to be okay, I promise.” She didn’t know if that was true, but she wanted to stay positive for Ruby. She reached for the lock again and heard a door open outside. Her heart leaped and she backed up, holding the chair leg like a bat. If she could keep him away from Ruby long enough, then the girl could escape and get help.

Chapter Three

She whispered to her “listen honey, I’m going to attack him with all I have, You run, you run as fast as you can and don’t you worry about me. You’ve been through enough. Please just leave me and get home. I don’t know where we are but if you keep running your bound to at least find someone who can help you get to your parents” The girl nodded and Eliora readied herself, tightening her grip on the chair leg. When the door opened she was ready but when she saw it was Emrys she dropped the leg, knowing she was safe the instant her mind registered it was him. “Emrys” she said emotionally. Ruby sat there confused, unsure of what to do now. Emrys leader had control of Andrew so Emrys ran to Eliora, hugging her tightly to him as he struggled not to get emotionally. He had never been so afraid in his life and the relief he now felt to see that she was still alive threatened to make him cry.

Two of the other wolves went to the child who cowered so they didn’t touch her “sweetheart, what’s your name?” The female of the two asked and Eliora answered “she’s Ruby, apparently my husband kidnapped her and she isn’t the first…I ended up here because I realized what he had done so he threw me here too before I could tell anyone.” she started talking to Ruby “Ruby, this is my best friends pack. They wont hurt you, in fact I’m sure they’ll help me get you home” Ruby still looked afraid but she allowed the male to help her up “I’m Noxx” he said gently. Ruby didn’t know how to answer since he already knew her name so she stood there silently. He gave her a friendly smile then asked “are you hurt?”

She reactivly to the question rubbed her wrists and he frowned, picking her up “come on, I’ll take you out of here” The pack went to the police first and explained everything, including what Eliora had filled them in on. Ruby’s parents had been coming to the station every day so the officers were able to take over with Ruby but she didn’t want Noxx or Eliora to leave her so they waited at the station until her parents arrived. When the parents went to thank her she felt nothing but guilt “I should have realized sooner…I’m so so sorry”

“You helped when you knew and thats all that matters to us. Nobody’s mind jumps to my husband is a kidnapper just because they see them with a child. Anybody would believe he was just helping a friend. Thank you, truly, thank you so much”

“You don’t have to thank me, I’m just relieved she’s safe now.”

“If you think she’s up to it, we would like you to have a doctor examine her.” One of the officers said.

Ruby looked terrified at the prospect of someone else touching her. “Hey Ruby,” Eliora said, “how about if Noxx goes with you that way you’ll know you’re safe.” She looked up at the werewolf and he looked at his pack leader who nodded. “Sound good?”

“Okay.” Ruby replied softly and Noxx gently took her hand.

“It’s going to be okay, I won’t leave your side no matter what.” He said.

“You don’t mind coming with me?”

“Not at all, really, I’ll even make sure to give you my number before we part so you can call to talk to me anytime you’re scared and just need someone” Ruby gave a small smile and he smiled back, hating how sad and scared she still looked. When the young girl was gone Emrys and Eliora left in her car “I want to take you to my place. We can stop by yours and get you a few things but I’d feel more comfortable keeping you with me until we know what’s going to be done with Andrew. Who knows what kind of friends he had either and I don’t want to risk anybody coming to hurt you”

“Okay” he was glad she agreed. Emrys took her home, keeping close to her as she gathered what she wanted. His wolf was in protective mode and he couldn’t control it even if he wanted to. When she had what she needed to stay at his place they got back in her car. He didn’t even want to leave her to drive his home. Andrew was a pedophile and that probably meant he was friends with the worst of the worst in this town. Emrys wasn’t going to take a single risk when it came to Eliora.

They were about halfway to Emrys home when Eliora spoke his name softly “Emrys”

“yeah Eliora?”

“I’m sorry I’ve been so silent…I’ve just been thinking”

“about what?”

“You’re always there for me, even though I wont be with you like you want you are still always there for me”

“I love you Eliora. If you not giving me what I want affected how I treat you that would mean I never loved you to begin with. You’re a good, wonderful, committed woman. I don’t hate you or even slightly resent you for being with Andrew. You were engaged when we met”

“you’re a big person Emrys”

“I’m a man madly in love with his mate. I do hope that now you’ll leave him.”

“I’m definitely leaving him. Kidnapping and…doing the things he did to that girl. I consider that my high tail it and run sign. I haven’t even been happy with him…before all this…”

Emrys took her hand and squeezed it. “Don’t blame yourself, you’re not the first woman to think it’ll all work out.”

“I’m supposed to be smarter than that.”

“You’re very smart, you’re just also not the type of person to give up.” He sighed. “I hated seeing him treat you that way. You have no idea how hard it was not to carry you off.”

She gave him a small smile. “Maybe you should have. It’s not just about the abuse, it’s…just after meeting you I never felt as happy as I thought I should. It was like a switch was flipped, but it was already to late. I should have left with you the moment I realized how much I loved you, but I couldn’t.”

He brought her hand to his lips. “Everything happens for a reason. You were able to save that girl because you stayed.”

“Maybe I can cling to that so I don’t feel quite so stupid. I hate there were other girls and I didn’t notice…I hate the only reason I realized at all is because I came home sick. If I hadn’t come home at just the right time and he hadn’t had the audacity to bring her into our house who knows how long it would have taken me to figure out just how horrible of a monster Andrew actually was….it makes me want to throw up to think I shared a bed…a home with a pedophile”

“I’m sorry Eliora”

“you’re the last person who should be sorry… seriously, thank you so much. I can’t believe your pack even came to help”

“thats the nice thing about being a wolf if you stick to a pack you always have family”

“don’t they hate me? You’re such a good guy. I’ve always felt they must resent me for not being with you”

“I don’t think anybody judges you quite as harshly as you seem to Eliora. They hated the situation, never you. Just like me, I have never for a second felt angry at you for staying with him and now that you realize he’s completely bad you made the right choice and left. You have a strong moral compass and you don’t give up, people could write a book about you” she laughed, her heart warming. He was trying so hard to pull her away from being depressed. He was always like this, going as far as he had to and being as goofy as he had to to make her feel better.

She stayed silent the rest of the drive and he let her think, just being there for her in case she needed him to listen. He carried her bag in for her and sat it down next to the door as she went and dropped down on the couch. He joined her, pulling her into his arms and stroking his fingers through her hair. “Do you still hurt?” He asked.

“A little.”

“Do want to go to the hospital?”

“We’re already here.”

“It doesn’t matter, if you need to I’ll take you.”

“I’m alright, just tired and upset.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Do you want to go to bed?” She shook her head. “How about I put on a movie and order a pizza?”

“I don’t think I can eat.”

“Would you try a little bit for me?”

Trying to eat was the least she could do for him “Okay, I’ll try. I’m just so sick to my stomach about everything” He kissed her head again, grateful he could take this liberty now. “if you can’t eat when it gets here just try again later.” Emrys turned on his television then began searching through the comedy movies on Hulu. He figured that was the best way to go right now even though she typically liked darker movies. “How about this one?” He asked as he hovered over What We Do In The Shadows. He knew the name was offputting given the situation but it was a funny movie and one he really liked. “I remember watching that with you awhile back..sure”

“okay, any preference with the pizza?”

“would you mind just cheese. I’ll probably have a better chance of finishing a slice or two if its just cheese”

“how about stuffed crust as well?”


“Okay, so cheese pizza with stuffed crust?”

“Yes please” He continued to hold her as he called the nearby pizza place. She smiled in his arms, he was rubbing her and she could tell he wasn’t even doing it consciously. He had been controlling himself for so long and now she was happy to be comforted by him this way. She didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt. Her husband was apparently the lowest you could get and she didn’t think a soul could blame her for just allowing herself to be consumed in the man whom actually loved her and who she had loved in return all this time.

When their pizza arrived he sat it on the coffee table and handed her a piece. She was only able to eat the one, but he seemed happy with that and didn’t push her to eat more. She snuggled up to him, watching the movie while he finished eating. She couldn’t help but smile at how much of an appetite he had. He finished half the pizza before closing the box and sticking the leftovers in the refrigerator. He sat back down with her and held her as close as he could, letting his fingers lightly brush up and down her arm. The warmth of his body mixed with the soothing rhythm of his fingers caused her to feel drowsy and before she knew it, he had lulled her to sleep.

Emrys waited a few minutes to make sure she was completely out before switching off the TV and lifting her. He carried her to his room and laid her down then slowly took her shoes off and covered her. He was torn between sleeping on the couch and laying next to her, not sure how far he was allowed to go. He let out a little whine and decided he couldn’t leave her alone. He pulled his own shoes off then climbed in next to her, his arms wrapping around her and pulling her close. “Goodnight beautiful.”

In the morning it almost scared her to be in Emrys arms after everything yesterday and the fact she wasn’t used to waking up to someone being affectionate. If Andrew had been this close to her it would have been to hurt her. Her heart rate woke him and he moved away, scared she was mad at him for sleeping in the same bed as her “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to leave you alone” he both quickly and sleepily explained. “Oh..that’s okay. It just startled me”

“it’s really okay? You can be honest, you wont hurt my feelings”

“yes it’s okay” he moved a little closer again, gently running a hand over her hair. “you’re so sweet Emrys”

“I can’t get enough of finally being close to you. Just tell me if I step out of line okay?” His morning voice sounded so sexy she had even more trouble than normal resisting the urge to kiss him. She didn’t know why she was resisting. She decided she should talk instead of fighting with herself in her own head so she said “I need a lawyer, for the divorce. Do you know any? I don’t even know where to begin and I can’t get one fast enough”

“Two of my pack members are lawyers. One actually is a divorce lawyer so we can go see her today hopefully. Let me call her real quick” He didn’t want to get up but the thought of her finally divorcing Andrew had his wolf wagging it’s tail within him. Finally, she was going to be his. He was grateful his pack mate answered this early in the morning “I’m sorry Storm” his phone had always been loud so she could hear the female wolf answer “I heard about what happened yesterday. I’ll be happy to represent her if she’s finally leaving him”

“thank you”

“I should be ready to talk to her by this evening if you two want to come over for dinner”

“thank you, we’ll be there. What time?”

“hm, give me until seven”

“okay” They exchanged goodbyes then he returned to laying with Eliora. “news travels fast with you guys” Eliora pointed out and he smiled “not always, as embarrassing as it is the entire pack has basically been shipping us pretty hardcore. Any developments with you and I spread like wild fire” She blushed and he rubbed there noses together “they really don’t dislike you Eliora. I don’t want you to think that, you can’t possibly think that now”

“It’s just surprising. I know that if I had to watch someone I cared about pining over someone else, it would upset me. I’m…”

“No more apologizing.” He said softly. He was so close, his breath brushing against her lips and giving her goosebumps. “I really adore everything about you from your big heart to your stubborness and your beauty. You’re so perfect so never think you’ve fallen short in anyway.”


He smiled and pressed their foreheads together. “You have no idea how hard it is to hold back.” He sighed. “We should get up before I get in trouble. I’ll make you breakfast.”

“I…I really want you to, you know, it’s just…”

“I know and that’s fine, we’ll get you divorced first.”

They went into his kitchen where she started helping him prepare breakfast. He had tried to do it all himself but she insisted she wasn’t crippled and wanted to help him. They had fun even doing this together, despite what she had went through just yesterday. She was looking forward to life being this amazing and easy all the time. Things just flowed when she was by Emrys side. That night actually came quickly and things looked good for her based on what Storm was saying. She felt confident since Andrew was going to be in court at the same time for kidnapping and pedophilia charges that things would be a breeze. Just as Storm predicted the divorce was finalized within a week with Eliora still owning the house and all their belongings. She didn’t really want the house but Andrew would have no use for it in jail nor any way to pay the monthly payments on it.

Eliora ended up signing it over to a friend of hers who had been wanting to get out of apartment life and into a house so that she could move into Emrys home without any worries and help out a friend at the same time. When they finished unloading the last load of her things into his home Emrys took her hands in his and asked “so Eliora…are we a couple now?” She smiled, they had been sleeping every night at eachothers side this entire time and cuddling near constantly daily. “Of course we are Emrys. I love you so much and I want to be with you forever. Thank you so much for being such a good friend for so long, thank you for sticking by me” He kissed her passionately, unable to hold himself back even slightly now.

For years he had waited for this and now she was finally his. They both ended up naked and they made love all over what was now their home. Even when they stopped Emrys wanted more of her but he didn’t want her to be too sore the next day. Besides, kissing and caressing her were just as good to him. He convinced Eliora to quit her job so he could smother her in love and affection and better yet, he had convinced her to have pups with him which had him crying with happiness at times. He finally had everything he wanted, Eliora. Soon he would have a family and he felt like the luckiest man in the universe.

~ The End

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