Elowen & Birch 2

Chapter One

It felt so good to have a normal life again with a caring, sweet, non psychotic fiance. They always went out for a date once a week, just because they both felt it was important to make sure they invested one day a week purely to eachother. The day had been perfect until dinner. Their server seemed annoyed to be there from the start and had somehow written down the wrong meal for Elowen which Birch insisted they put right. They sent her the right thing the second time but it was overcooked and gross. Over all the experience was terrible, even when Birch complained to the manager about their experience so he went online afterward to write a poor review.

It may have just been an off night but it pissed him off they had ruined his weekly date with her. “you’re typing so angrily” she pointed out as she came up to the computer ” I am angry”

“Just come to bed honey. It was a good day beyond that”

“Once I’m done writing this we’ll cuddle, I promise”

“I was thinking of more than cuddling” she said as she rubbed his shoulders. “I’m almost done” she kissed his cheek “okay” Mei and Tod were gone. Elowen had paid for them to spend the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge. It was originally going to be a one night thing but Tod had been so excited so she extended it to the full weekend. As Elowen laid in bed, naked and waiting on her mate she scrolled through Facebook, hoping to see some of Mei and Tods fun. Just as she was about to give up and go directly to Meis page she saw them, happy and playing around.

She wrote out a comment “thank you for being so good to Todd. You’re the best nanny in the world Mei. I want to call tomorrow. Message me to let me know if you two are going to any scheduled things there so I don’t interrupt the fun” Elowen then gave a heart to the pictures then scrolled on. She put her phone down when she heard Birch enter the room. She smiled, seeing him already completely naked. He began kissing and nibbling at her neck, causing her to squirm beneath him. In response she ran her fingertip up his back, lightly scratching down his side.

He exhaled then found her lips with his. Their kiss was passionate, causing him to rise. It hit her leg and she giggled lightly. “I love you Birch”

“I love you too Elowen” He was normally up for more foreplay but he was frustrated from writing that review and wanted to relieve his tension. He rubbed her a little, making sure she was wet enough. He wanted to have her quickly but not so much he’d go in her dry. He still wanted it to feel good to Elowen. He rubbed her a little more even after feeling she was wet enough then allowed himself to sink between her legs. He let out a loud moan since Todd wasn’t home. Soon her own loud moans filled their room until he released within her. He kissed her head then laid beside Elowen, pulling her close.

She sighed happily “goodnight Birch”

“goodnight Elowen” in the morning Elowen woke to a familiar smell, Birch was making french toast. She hoped he wasn’t far along because she really wanted to shower before joining him. She went straight to the bathroom and turned the water on. Elowen wasn’t surprised when a short time later he came into the bathroom “breakfast is ready when you’re done. Would you like coffee or orange juice?”

“orange juice”

Since it was just her and Birch, she dried then pulled on a pair of panties and a bra. Birch let his eyes move over her when she came into the kitchen and she let out a giggle. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”

“It’s sweet and this looks and smells amazing.”

Birch pulled her chair out for her and she sat down as he pushed her back in. “So what would you like to do today?”

“Maybe we could go out and find something for when Tod and Mei come home, especially for Mei, she works hard and she deserves a lot.”

“Anything you want.”

“Then maybe hiking or the beach?”

“Of course.”

“I’m glad you’re not still upset about our dinner last night.”

“well I got the review out there for others to see. I’m sorry if I was overly angry about it. I just felt like you were so disrespected.”

“I knew it wasn’t really about the food but just so you know, all I’m going to remember about yesterday is everything before that” He kissed her head then sat with her to eat their breakfast. A few bites in Elowen asked “have you seen the pictures of Tod at Great Wolf Lodge?”

“Not yet, I’ll look at them after breakfast. I don’t have my phone on me, I think it’s on the charger”

“yeah, and I came straight from the shower”

“I’m glad, you’re incredibly gorgeous” Elowen lightly laughed then continued eating. When they checked Facebook after eating and cleaning up Elowen saw Mei had responded, letting her know she could call around lunch. They were apparently going to spend the morning in the water park since you didn’t have to wait as long for the water slides. They had learned the hard way Saturday that waiting for the slides wasn’t worth the time later in the day.

Elowen responded, telling her she and Birch would be going out, but she would call at noon after lunch. Mei responded back with a picture of Tod grinning and flexing. She then said we’ll be waiting for your call, we love you. “He looks like he’s having fun.” Birch said then pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“I’m glad, after everything he had to go through, he deserves moments like this.” She looked up at him. “It’s all thanks to you, you saved us.”

“I’d do it again and again if I had to. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They went and dressed and Birch made sure everything was locked up before leaving. They decided to stop at the mall first, wanting to find gifts for Tod and Mei. “Isn’t this that new game Tod wants?”

“Yeah, he’s been talking about it since the first trailer.”

Chapter Two

Elowen purchased it, happy to have found something so perfect for her son. As they walked around both Elowen and Birch thought hard about the things Mei liked. A Tokidoki shop caught Elowens eye and she gasped “that has to be new!”

“Yeah, I don’t remember seeing it before”

“Mei loves Tokidoki, she doesn’t own much of it though because most the time you can only find it online and she’s not a big online shopper” They went in and Elowen ended up buying thins for Meis car. She bought one of those things for the windshield, a license plate holder and an incredible cute air fresher that would smell like vanilla. After she had already checked out she noticed a Tokidoki umbrella and checked out once more for it. Now she’d finally have an umbrella for the car.

“I’m so excited Birch”

“I can tell”

“I hope Mei knows how much I appreciate her. She really makes it to where I don’t have to feel bad about working as much as I do or us having alone time. I mean I know it’s all healthy and fine but it’s nice knowing he’s with someone so warm, someone who cares about him as much as she does. Thats hard to find in a nanny”

“yeah, I’m glad they opened up that shop”

“we are definitely going again when her birthday rolls around. If theres anything left she doesnt own once I tell her it exists” Birch and Elowen laughed then Birch checked the time “theres really only an hour until lunch. Do you want to kill some more time here before we go so we can eat in the foodcourt?”

“Hm, well, theres a few movies in theaters right now I want to see. Want to check if any are about to start or havent been on long? A movie will fill that time easily”

“sure sweetheart” he kissed her head and they walked over to the theater in the mall. It turned out Captain Marvel had only been on a few minuets. That one hadn’t been one on her mind but since they were there and wanting to kill time she decided she may as well see it so she’d be able to talk to her work friends who had been gushing about it. Elowen paid for their tickets and bought them a drink to share since they would be eating right after there was no point in buying snacks or both of them a massive drink.

They both enjoyed the movie but personally didn’t feel it lived up to the hype beyond that awesome cat in it. “If thats real I want one Birch” Elowen said as they left and he chuckled “I’ve never heard of one but if I do I’ll get it” she hugged him and they went straight to the foodcourt, deciding to eat at one of the Chinese restaurants.

When Elowen left the table to use the restroom Birch checked his phone, finding someone had responded to his review of the restaurant they ate at the previous night. The comment was surprising, the woman was actually chewing him out and telling him he was a monster because reviews like his could get people fired. He wasn’t even going to respond. Her comment was far too angry to be a person you could actually have a conversation with and he wasn’t going to disrupt his day with Elowen commenting back and forth with this woman. He knew if he responded once he wouldn’t be able to stop answering when she did.

He did decide to use it for conversation when Elowen returned “wow, really? Elowen said, looking surprised “yeah, I’ll show you what she said.” he pulled it back up and handed Elowen his phone. “maybe she was fired once for a bad review”


“You aren’t going to spend today arguing with her right?”

“Nope, today is our day, I promise” she smiled and they both returned to eating. They ended up going to a place they could hike. If they weren’t too worn out from it they could hit the beach tonight, fitting both into their day. It had been an incredibly long time since Elowen had been on the beach in the evening and she discovered that apparently Birch had never been to the beach at night.

Elowen called Mei after their hike and Tod was excited to talk to them about what they did that day. Birch laughed at the fact he had barely taken a breath since Mei had given him the phone. “I’m glad you’re having so much fun baby.” Elowen said with a little laugh in her voice. “Are you being good?”

“Yes, I promise, Mei’s taking me out to get ice cream after dinner.”

“That sounds really good sweetie.”

“I love you guys.”

“We love you too and we have a surprise for you when you get back.”

“Really?” He sounded so excited.


“Awesome, you want to talk to Mei?”

“Sure, love you.”

“Love you too.”

Mei was laughing when she got the phone. “As you can tell, I’m sure, he’s been having a blast.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

They talked only a short while longer so they could get back to enjoying their stay. “you ready to drive out to the beach Birch?”

“yeah” They didn’t have suits but they were just planning on walking along the beach and finding a nice place to sit with one another. Once they were hand in hand walking along the sandy beach Birch asked Elowen a question that had been on his mind “so, I know we will only be at our year mark when it comes to dating next month but…I wanted to talk to you about something Elowen”

“what is it?”

“I wanted to know if you’d marry me…I know normally this is asked down on one knee with a ring but I thought that might be too much pressure. You’re sweet and I know you’d be upset I spent money on a ring like that…please, just be honest with me about how you feel” she stopped “Oh Birch” she smiled “yeah, I’d love to marry you. Todd adores you, you fit right into my little family” he hugged her “thank you Elowen. I was so worried you wouldn’t be ready but I needed to ask”

“is that whats been on your mind? Sometimes you seem pretty in your head”

“I don’t want to lie so I’ll just be honest…I’ve been thinking about having a kid together.” he pulled back from the hug and made sure she was looking him in the eyes before he continued “I love Tod, if he’s all you want he’s all we’ll ever have and I’ll be happy. I just…I’ve always wanted to be a dad, like the whole nine yards. I’d like to experience the baby and toddler stages too…stages I missed with Tod. You two are enough, he as my child is more than enough and I’ve stressed immensely hoping you understand this the way I mean it…I just would like for us to make a baby so I can experience those younger stages of being a dad. We can wait as long as you want or not do it atall…I mean it, god right now I’m just happy you’ll marry me”

“I do want to, you just thinking about it makes me really happy, but I think I should talk to Tod first. Is that okay?”

“That’s more than okay, thank you.” He gave her a kiss and she smiled against his lips. “I love you so much, so much so I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes.”

“I love you too.”

His lips met hers again, more passionate and hungry and she started giggling when he went after her neck. She pushed gently at him and he finally lifted his head, looking a little disappointed. “What?”

“We’re on the beach silly.”

“I’m sorry, come on, I’ll be good.” They continued down the beach, Elowen stopping to collect a few shells and getting excited when she found a completely intact sand dollar. It was something else she could give to Tod once he and Mei got home.

Chapter Three

Birch couldn’t sleep that night so after Elowen fell asleep he got up, went into the living room and began watching tv on a low volume. He hadn’t realized it was so late until his phone began ringing on the coffee table. He looked at it in confusion, especially when it said private number. With Tod and Mei out of town he decided to answer, just in case. “hello?” nothing. He tried again “Mei? Tod?” He was about to hangup when a woman screamed at the top of her lungs, causing Birch to groan and drop his phone.

It didn’t take him long to go for it again but the caller had hungup. That scream didn’t sound like Mei but if something had happened to them and he just went to bed or kept watching tv he knew that guilt would be unbearable so he put the phone on the opposite ear he normally used for calls and rang Mei who answered sleepily “yeah” she sounded barely awake “did you call me?”



“No, we’re sleeping”

“alright…I’m sorry”

“is everything okay?

“Now that I know it wasn’t you who called me. Get some rest, I’m incredibly sorry”

“alright, we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon”

Birch switched off the TV and went back to Elowen and seeing that she was still asleep, decided to talk to her about what had happened in the morning. For all he knew it was some sort of prank, even as unsettling as it was. He made sure his phone was plugged in and the volume was all the way up, just in case, then climbed into bed and gently pulled Elowen into him. He didn’t even realize he had fallen asleep until he woke to Elowen gently shaking him the next morning. “Hey sleepyhead, breakfast is ready.”

“Good morning beautiful.” He pulled her into his arms and she giggled as he kissed her.

“Come on, it’ll get cold.”

“That’s okay, I’ll still eat it.”

Elowen pulled back to look at him. “You look tired.”

“Couldn’t sleep last night.”

“Why didn’t you wake me, I could have kept you company.”

“I’m fine.” He sighed as he let her go and they both got up. He grabbed his phone and checked it as he followed her to the kitchen. He hadn’t missed any calls.

“Is everything alright?” She asked as they sat down.

“Had a really weird call last night, a woman screaming.”

“Was it…”

“It wasn’t Mei, it was someone else. I checked on them afterward, they were both sleeping.”

“hm…well…I’m glad Mei and Tod are still fine. Why couldn’t you call the number back?”

“It was private”

“I imagine it was a terrible prank then”

“I hope so” They ate breakfast and spent their day around the house, eagerly awaiting Mei and Tod getting home. When Mei called them from a gas station about a half hour away Elowen set their gifts on the table. Just imagining their faces and hugging her kid again gave Elowen almost overwhelming joy. When Mei and Tod came in the door they all exchanged hugs then Elowen and Birch showed them their gifts. Both were just as happy as Elowen had hoped.

Tod wanted to play his new game right then and there so he and Birch went into Tods bedroom. Mei took the opportunity to ask Elowen something that threw her completely off guard. “so, what’s been going on while I was at Great Wolf Lodge? I mean Birch calling me last night already had me worried but who do I have to strangle about your car?”

“My car”

“you…haven’t seen it Elowen?”

“No” the women went outside and Elowens eyes widened. Someone had spray painted profanities all over it “Oh my god”

“do you know who would do that? When did you last come outside?”

“I haven’t been outside since we returned from the beach last night. I didn’t look at when we got home but we haven’t been out today…I don’t know who would do this… Tod saw?”

“well thankfully you’ve raised a good listener and I noticed first. I told him not to look at your car and he didn’t”

“we’ve raised honestly, never diminish the role you’ve played with him. I couldn’t have been a single mother so successfully without you Mei” Mei hugged her again then looked over at the security camera Birch had installed. That system they had paid so much for was finally going to come in handy “that still works right?”

“I think…lets go get this washed to give the boys some time with Tods new game, then we’ll pull him away. I’m not sure how to check it. He kinda took care of everything when it came to the security system.”

‘we’re going to take pictures first just in case.” Mei pulled out her phone and took multiple pictures of every side of Elowens car before Elowen went inside and told the boys they were leaving but they’d be back soon. When they pulled Birch aside later he pulled up the footage from that camera, going back until they saw someone wearing a mask, spraying painting the car. Birch looked at the time stamp and grew even more unsettled. He had gotten that call only minuets after this happened, right in his front yard. Some psycho had been that close and he hadn’t noticed them.

“Should we call the cops?” Elowen asked.

“Just in case yeah. I also want all of the windows closed and locked at night until we figure this out.”

“I’ll make sure.”

“I’m also going to stay up tonight to make sure he doesn’t come back.”

“What if he does?”

“Then I’ll catch him and ask him what he wants. I can’t tell if he’s human or not from this, so I’m going to have to get up close.”

“Just be careful, okay?”

He pulled her into a hug. “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to any of you.”

Birch called the police and showed them the pictures and security footage and explained about the call when they got there. He made a report and gave them his information and they promised they would have an officer patrol the area just in case he returned or vandalized someone else’s property.

As much as they would love to keep their nine year old feeling secure they did need to make sure he knew how important it was right now not to open his window tonight. He wasn’t in the habit of doing anything like that, especially since he had been mostly raised up until this past year to be majorly careful since they were running from his biological father but Elowen didn’t want to take the chance. She and Mei sat down with him and explained “someone vandalized our car and gave your father a disturbing call last night so tonight we just need to make sure you know not to go near any of the windows or the door and if you hear anything strange you come right to one of the adults in the house”


“you dont need to be scared”

“I’m not, dad will protect us” Elowen smiled “I’m happy you’re so confident in that”

Birch settled in the living room that night after everyone had gone to sleep, his phone setting on the coffee table, the TV on and turned down low. He wondered if the person had called knowing he was up, so he waited, pretending to be invested in what was on. His phone rang at the exact same time as it had the night before and he picked it up and moved toward the front door where he could look out the peephole. He wasn’t surprised this time when he heard the woman scream and when he looked out the peephole, he could see someone moving away from the front of the house. “Who is this?” He demanded as he slowly unlocked the front door and eased it open. The scream came again and this time he hung up as he locked the door and took in the scent of the person who had been there.

He could tell right away that they were not human and that infuriated him even more because it meant this creature more than likely knew what he was and was doing all of this despite that. He quickly dialed Elowen as he followed the scent and she picked up with a half asleep, “Birch?”

“I’m following the person who did this right now.”

“What?” She was more awake now. “They came back?”


“Should I call the police?”

“Not yet, I want to see where they’re going. Just check on Tod and let Mei know what’s going on.”

“Birch, just please be careful.”

“I will baby, I love you and I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Love you too.”

Chapter Four

Elowen felt uneasy as she hungup. Birch had already protected them from Tods deranged father but she hated knowing he was in danger again, chasing whatever to some unknown location. She got up to check on Tod, finding him sound asleep. She half expected him to jump up when she opened his bedroom door but unlike her, he didn’t have a worry in the world. She smiled, more thankful to Birch than she could ever express to him that he gave such security to her little boy. Elowen carefully left his room then went up to Meis door “Mei, are you up?” she whispered .

Mei came to the door “I heard your phone ring. Is everything okay?”

“Birch stayed awake tonight hoping they’d come back so he could follow them”

“He’s gone?”


“whats his plan?”

“I think just to see where they go to from here. I’m nervous he wont stick to that”

“Birch will be okay, I mean, he’s nothing to mess with” Mei could see those words didn’t do much to help so she stepped out of her room “lets make some coffee and wait on Birch together” The two girls went into the kitchen and Mei got a fresh pot of coffee going. Mei leaned against the bar and said “leave it to Birch to wait on the asshole. He’s definitely a man of action”

“yeah, we’re so lucky to have him. I just don’t want to lose him, especially on the brink of such wonderful things”

“what wonderful things?”

“Birch asked me to marry him”

“He what? Oh my gosh” Mei lit up and Elowen couldn’t help but smile “Yeah and…on top of that he wants us to have a baby together and he was so sweet. I could tell how worried he was when he asked me. How do you feel about that though Mei? I mean I will definitely pay you more than I am now if you had to help me with a baby too”

“Elowen I couldn’t be more excited. Why didn’t you two say anything before? Was it this situation?”

“Sort of, I mean, we want to talk to Tod. If us getting married or another kid would upset him we’re not going to do it”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that, Tod already calls Birch dad and I know he’d love to be a big brother.”

Birch found himself following the scent into an alleyway where it became stronger than before. He ducked into the shadows, his eyes searching the darkness. He froze when he saw movement and waited. It was the person, there was no doubt about it. He could see that they were crouched down and even though he wished to confront them now, he waited. The person suddenly disappeared from view and that’s when he moved, staying crouched as he silently made his way to where the person had been.

There was a slab of plywood laying here and the person, or rather creature’s, scent permeated the area. Birch knew that this is where he or she was staying. He lifted the piece of wood as slowly as possible and wasn’t surprised to find a hole.

It was difficult not to follow but he left, calling the police to let them know where the vandal was. His family was safe at home so there was no reason to be reckless. The next day an officer came by their home to fill them in on how the interrogation went with the being Birch followed “He was paid to do it so he wasn’t your real problem but he wont tell us who paid him, not yet anyway. We’re hoping to get some answers soon from him. Since he isn’t your real problem we’ve already told him he can avoid even going to court if he’ll tell us”

“He can actually get charged with what he did?”

“it was harassment, made you all feel unsafe in your own home. The max he could get is a year in jail. You two have proof so he’d definitely get some sort of penalty if it went that way. We can say he missed his chance at that if you would like charges pressed against him.”

“we’d rather know who hired him so thats fine with us” The officers left and Elowen sighed “I was hoping it would be over”

“don’t stress” he kissed her head then asked softly “why dont we talk to Tod about us getting married and about another kid. Wedding and baby stuff would be an amazing distraction while we get through this”

“Okay, we’ll talk to him when he’s home from school” He kissed her head again “I love you so much. You two are completely safe, you know that right?”

“I don’t want you in danger either Birch”

“I’ll be fine, this being is obviously a coward, paying someone to harass us, it’s ridiculous. I bet it’s a human, beings like me tend to face things themselves” she hugged him “humans can still hurt you. I have faith in you, I really do but you getting hurt at all bothers me”

When Tod got home and had his bag put away, Elowen and Birch asked him to come into the living room so they could talk. “Am I in trouble?” He asked as he followed them.

“No honey, we just need to ask you something.” Elowen answered.


“I’m going to go pull things out for dinner.” Mei said, wanting to let them talk to him alone. She knew they wouldn’t mind her setting in, but she felt it was important they do it alone.

“What’s up?” Tod asked as he sat between his parents.

“Well, first things first, I want to ask if you would be okay with me marrying your mother.” Birch said. He didn’t want to tip toe around it. Tod was old enough to understand and deserved to be asked outright.

Tod’s eyes lit up as he looked back and forth between them. “Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Yes then.”

They spoke excitedly about that a few moments before Tod asked “what else did you want to talk about?” HIs mother spoke gently “how would you feel about us having a baby together” Birch quickly added “we both love you Tod. I truly think of you as my own son, I hope you know that”

“Of course i know that. I love finally having a dad and I’d love being a big brother! It seems awesome!” Elowen nearly actually said aw out loud when she saw Birch’s face. He hugged their son “I love having you and your mother” After he pulled back Birch said “we need to do something fun after dinner. What would you like to do?”

“can we play my new game more?”

“yeah” Late that night, after everyone had been sound asleep for hours when their home alarm system began going off. Birch hurriedly got out of bed and was about to speak when Tod came bursting in “whats going on?”

“we dont know baby come here” Elowen said and Tod ran to the bed and crawled up. Mei came to the room as well much to Birchs relief “you three stay in here” he commanded then left the room. He could hear a woman in teh kitchen who sounded angry and emotional. He entered the kitchen, reayd to shift but shock took him over, she was throwing food everywhere “what the hell? Who are you?” he demanded. She threw food at him then dropped the large bucket she was holding “You’re an asshole!”

“I’m not the one in someone elses house in the middle of the night destroying their kitchen”

“He…he was having a bad day and you left that terrible review” he looked at her a little harder, it was that irate woman who had commented on his review “jesus christ” he said and she kicked the bucket “well here’s her damned order”

“did that little punk send you here?”


“so you paid that being to harass us”

“and then you got him arrested! You’re so terrible! You don’t care what you do to others”

“why do you care so much about that waiter?”

“he’s my ex boyfriend but we’ll get back together some day. I love him too much for him not to come back one day, that man you arrested knows that too.”

“Whats that man to you”

“just someone I sleep with”

“Look, if you’ll just leave my home and promise to leave my family alone we can forget all about this. Go see a therapist, there’s no shame in that and you obviously need one”

“Yeah, sure, you’re totally not going to call the cops on me too”

“My alarm does that on its own, but if you leave now, I won’t press charges unless you come back.”

“You’re such a bastard!” She picked up the bucket. “A stupid, selfish, bastard!” She actually threw it at him and he caught is, food sloshing up and over him. She was breathing hard, her fists clenched as she glared at him.

He glared back, resisting the urge to shift and terrify this woman. “Get out or I’ll throw you out.”

She let out a frustrated, angry growl and knocked sugar and flour container off the counter as she headed out of the kitchen and past him. He made sure she was gone then went and sat the bucket on the kitchen counter. He knew the cops would be there soon and even though he wanted to get cleaning up, he decided to let the police see everything and maybe they could force that woman to get some help. “Birch? It was Elowen and she looked around as she made her way slowly into the kitchen. “Oh my god,” she gasped, “what happened?”

“It was that woman who went crazy over my review.”

“Are you serious? Did she hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine. You should be upstairs with Tod and Mei.”

“I know, I just got worried. I could hear screaming and I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

He smiled despite everything. “I’m fine, just covered in food.”

She hugged him, not caring in the slightest the food would get on her aswell “I love you Birch”

“I’m really fine, at least now this is really over. I mean, they cant look at this kitchen and not somehow make her get some counseling” Birch silenced their alarm then convinced Elowen to rejoin their son and Mei while he waited for the officers.The next day it was a huge effort but between Mei, Tod, Elowen and Birch they managed to get the kitchen clean then ordered dinner. Things felt normal again quickly, especially when they heard from the police the woman was going to get counseling. They were all safe and were now pouring all their focus on the upcoming wedding.

~ The End

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