Emery & Aideen 3

Chapter One

Aideen sat by a pond not far from Emery’s home. She was eight and a half months pregnant with their daughter Ealasaid. She had agreed with her husband to have her baby in the human world after his anxiety had increased when she had nearly gone into preterm labor. Her doctor had given her medicine to keep their daughter in until her due date. Emery had hovered over her for two months, never allowing her to lift anything and carrying her everywhere. Even worse, a blizzard was starting to move in and Emery was terrified that they would be snowed in. She sighed getting slowly to her feet. She had to get back before Emery came looking for her.

Emery sat on the front porch of the house he had built with his own hands. He was worried about Aideen and his unborn child. He wanted to go after her and bring her home, but he knew he had been smothering her lately. She needed some time alone, some breathing room. She came walking out of the woods and he jumped to his feet, unable to contain his relief. He wrapped her in a gentle hug and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers playing with the hair at his neck. Their daughter kicked excitedly at Aideen’s increased heart beat. He pulled back and she smiled happily up at him.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“The same as I did thirty minutes ago.” She answered and he frowned. “What’s wrong honey?”

“I’m suffocating you.”

She cupped his cheek and brushed her thumb over his skin. “You’ve been worried. I understand and I know it was hard to let me go out there on my own.”

“I just love you and this baby so much. If I lost either of you, I would die.” He lifted her and carried her inside. The sun was beginning to go down and the air was getting chilly. “I made dinner while you were out so you wouldn’t have to.”

“Thank you sweety, you’re the best.”

“I’m glad you don’t think I’m annoying.”

“How can i when I know you only do this stuff out of love for me and our girl?” Emery smiled and set Aideen down in her chair. He sat beside her and they ate. “amazing once again.” Emery smiled. When they were done he cleared the table and carried Aideen over to the couch. He then started to massage her feet and she laughed. Emery smiled bigger but kept going.¬†When he was satisfied she was loose and comfortable he sat next to her, holding her close.

Aideen yawned and was instantly in his arms again. Her light laughter filling his ears as he went to their room. “You are too cute Emery” He got in bed with Aideen and pulled her into his arms. She loved how much happiness she could feel in his heart. She loved how excited he was about their baby. She hoped he’d stay this excited when their little one was screaming and peeing on things. Aideen knew she didn’t have to hope though. Emery was going to be an amazing dad if how he was as a husband was what he was like as a father.

Aideen fell asleep dreaming of their new family once their little girl was here. Morning came and she was surprised she was awake before Emery. She got out of bed and went downstairs to make breakfast while she had the chance. She started making batter for pancakes then got some sausage out. She was nearly done when Emery cleared his throat. He was leaning in the doorway “you didn’t wake me”

“You were too cute to get up” She smiled sweetly and he walked over shaking his head “may I atleast finish this for you?”

“I guess so” Aideen said then kissed Emery. He made quick work of finishing then served it. The baby was always very active when she ate pancakes. It felt like she was dancing in Aideens stomach. Aideen smiled looking down at her belly. Emery came over and placed his hand on her stomach to feel their baby. “We know what one of her favorite foods will be huh?” Aideen nodded, she was too happy for words.

Emery switched on the TV and frowned at the weather man. The blizzard had already blocked off the roads. No one was getting through. He had medical supplies in his pantry, but he was still afraid of not being able to get to a doctor if Aideen needed one. The snow was fast moving their way and would soon cover the entire forest in white. “Emery turn the channel, I can feel your stress.” She said softly and it only served to make him feel worse. He switched it to something else and pulled her into his arms.

“No one can get to us out here until the blizzard blows through and they get the plows out.” He rubbed her belly. “What if she comes early?”

“Then you will be here to catch her.”

He sighed and carried her to the couch. He cradled her in his lap, his nose buried in her bright red hair. He kissed her neck and she giggled. He nibbled at her ear and across her jaw so he could kiss her soft lips. He could feel her joy and excitement wash over him, pushing his worry to the back of his mind. He tipped her back onto the couch and pulled her night gown off, running his hands lovingly over her. He pulled off his sweats and kissed her softly as he slowly pushed into her. She gasped and he froze. “Don’t stop.” Her voice was a breathy plea. He made love to her gently, enjoying her little moans of pleasure. They finished together and he pulled her back up so she sat in his lap. She rested her head on his shoulder and he ran his hand up and down her spine.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

She raised her head and smiled at him. “I’m more than okay. You’ve been so afraid to make love to me lately. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me.”

“I’m sorry, please never think that. You grow more beautiful every day.” He felt guilty. “After our little scare I guess I got a little paranoid. I love you so much.”

“I know you do and I love you.” She smiled warmly. “Can we watch the snow begin to fall? We don’t have to be out for long since the weather man says the blizzard is close.”

“Sure we can.” He kissed her and then lifted her to her feet. “We have to get bundled up though. I don’t need you and Ealasaid freezing.”

She giggled and they got their warm clothes on. Emery opened the door for his wife and they snuggled close on the porch. “Cold doesn’t bother me too badly you know. Don’t you remember what I used to wear in the snow here to make that rose bush for you?” He laughed “How could I forget?” He said smiling. “I just need to make sure you and the baby are ok.” He just looked at Aideen admiring how pretty her red hair looked with snow in it.

Her hair always looked pretty but the snow and her warm loving face were just astonishing. Aideen felt so relaxed with Emerys arm around her. She loved the slight chill the air had with the snow. She could feel Emerys peace which also brought her happiness. It was amazing feeling everything he felt. Every married couple should, she felt bad that apparently it wasn’t like that when humans got married. Aideen wondered how horrible it must be not to know everything about what your love feels.

After awhile Eery said “why don’t I make us some hot chocolate and get a fire started we can cuddle in front of?”

“That would be wonderful” Aideen said smiling. The two went inside. First thing Emery did was start a fire in the fire place so Aideen wouldn’t do it while he made hot chocolate. Aideen sat down to get warm while Emery went into the kitchen. ¬†They had Keurig so it didn’t take him too long. He handed her a cup and then sat so she could get between his legs and lay against his chest. They sat there in complete peace simply enjoying one another.

Lunch time rolled around and the snow began to fall harder. A hard wind had followed it in and was rattling the windows. Aideen looked out the window while Emery made them some beef stew. She could see the Sylphs dancing and stirring up the snow. She wished she could tell them to take the storm away, but knew that they were not the ones in control. The mighty Jack Frost brought the cold weather, drove the snow down onto their little home and the rest of the forest. It was his job to bring winter to the world.

“Lunch is ready.” Emery said as he sat two steaming bowls on the dining room table.

“It smells delicious.” She sat down and ate. She was glad her morning sickness had disappeared. She didn’t know what she would have done if she had been throwing up her entire pregnancy.

“I forgot to tell you that my mom called the day before yesterday. I guess Arden asked my dad if it was okay to marry Zelda. She said my dad just stared at him for the longest time then gave him this big grin and told him he had his blessing.”

“I don’t see why he was worried. Dax knows Arden is a sweet young man. You think Arden would see your father likes him.”

“He’s probably like you were, didn’t know how the human world worked. He’ll catch on though.” A large gust of wind hit the house and Emery frowned. “Your Jack Frost needs to stop being an ass.”

She laughed and almost spit out her food. “It’s okay love, it’s just a bit of snow. Oh and he’s not my Jack Frost.” She grabbed his hand in hers and finished eating. “Looks like we’ll be stuck inside for awhile.”

“Why did this storm have to move in now?”

“See it as a test, a trial we have to overcome as a family. I know I’m safe here with you and that you won’t let anything happen to me or our baby.” He helped her stand and kissed her softly.

“Will you sing to me?” He asked. “Your voice always calms me down.”

“Of course I will. I’ll do anything for you Emery, I love you.”

Emery cuddled with Aideen as she sang a beautiful soft song for him. Every tense muscle in Emerys body seemed to relax to the sound of her voice. Every note she sang filled every pore of his body with glee and serenity. Aideen sang song after song loving the peace her husband found in her voice. Aideen was glad she stumbled upon Emery and that he had been brave enough to give chase when she ran from him. Emery had been nothing but loving and kind since the day he grabbed her shoulder.

Aideen felt excitement for Zelda and Arden. She hoped they’d have every ounce of happiness she had with Emery. They were such a sweet couple. She found herself giggling frequently at how Arden seemed to hang on Zeldas every syllable and smile. It wasn’t shocking in the least he wanted to marry her. Aideen finished singing as she felt her husband start to ease into sleep “Emery, we should go take a nap before you fall asleep holding me here. Lets go upstairs and I promise to finish singing you to sleep”

“Thank you my love” Emery said as he carried Aideen up the stairs to their bedroom. As soon as they were settled she picked a very soft lullaby. Before it was even done her husband was sound asleep with the slightest smile on his face. Aideen kissed his cheek as gently as she could then got out of bed without a rustle of the covers or sound. She really wanted to see the snow more. Aideen pulled a chair up by the window and just stared out into the pure white flakes covering the ground.

Emery woke alone, Aideen’s side of the bed was cold. He sat up and looked around, becoming very worried. He got up and went into the living room, breathing easy when he saw her staring out the window. He moved silently up behind her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and kissing her cheek. “You shouldn’t sneak off like that.” He said softly.

“Sorry, I wanted to watch the snow.” She smiled and wrapped her fingers around his arm. “It’s so beautiful.”

“This is the first time in my life I have been afraid of the snow. I know it’s ridiculous, but I can’t help it. I’m afraid if the baby comes early that something bad will happen like you’ll bleed to death or the cord will get wrapped around her throat and I won’t be able to save either of you.” He started to tear up and she stood, pulling him into her arms and holding him tightly.

“Nothing bad will happen to us. You have plenty of supplies. My mother gave birth to me in the castle.”

“How come you’re not scared?”

“Because I have faith in you.” She smiled up at him. “You should have faith in yourself.”

Emery felt warmth spread through him at her words. She put so much trust in him. “Let me put some more wood on the fire then I’ll make you two dinner.”

“Let me help you.” He shook his head. “Why not?”

“Because you do enough just being here and keeping me calm. I want you to relax.” He ran his fingers through her hair. It was incredibly soft.

“Can I sit on the porch for a little while?”

He wanted to tell her no, but she looked so hopeful. “Okay, but please wear your jacket and please don’t wander off.”

She quickly went and grabbed her jacket, gloves and hate. Once they were all snugly on she walked out the front door. Emery was worried but he felt comfort knowing that he’d feel if anything bad happened. He began getting everything out to make Avocado, Mango and Crab Salad. Aideen liked it quite a bit. He began chopping and mixing everything. He made sure to keep in tune with what Aideen was feeling so he’d catch right away if she needed his help.

Aideen was admiring the snow when she decided she really wanted to spin in circles out in the yard. She got off the porch loving how it felt and sounded to walk through snow. She spun in a gentle circle not willing to fall with her baby. She stood there with her face tilted up towards the sky letting the flakes hit and melt on her warm face.

She laughed and just enjoyed everything. She decided to just walk around the house. He said don’t wander off which she took as don’t go into the woods. She walked around hoping to find snow bunnies hopping about. Her eyes caught some and she went over. They came to her willingly sensing what she was. She knelt down since she couldn’t lean any longer and picked one up to pet it and rub it’s fur against her face. She loved how soft snow bunnies were and how warm they stayed to spite the cold.

The bunnies hopped away and as Aideen went to stand a cramping pain started in her abdomen. She gasped, grabbing her stomach. It subsided and she managed to straighten. Emery felt like he had been stabbed in the gut. He was confused then realized it wasn’t his pain. He rushed out the door as Aideen was coming around the side of the house. He lifted her and carried her inside, setting her on the couch. She pulled her gloves off and he helped her out of her jacket.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he brushed snow off of her hair.

“I think I had a contraction.” She rubbed her hand over her belly. “I think we should eat and see what happens.”

Emery didn’t know how to react to her calm demeanor. He sighed and got her a plate of food. He sat down next to her, eating as quickly as possible. He felt another stabbing pain and she inhaled sharply. He took her plate before she dropped it and sat it with his on the kitchen counter. He went quickly back to her, his hands shaking as he pulled her into his arms. “That was eight minutes from the last one.” He said, stroking her hair.

“Don’t worry okay, don’t panic.” Her heart was hammering in her chest. “You need to get a blanket and make me a place to lay down. You need to grab towels and one of the receiving blankets your mom bought us to wrap the baby in. You’ll also need something to clamp the cord with.”

He kissed her forehead and reluctantly left her alone. He grabbed a blanket and some pillows and made a place for her on the living room floor. He went through his medical supplies and found a pair of locking forceps. He then grabbed towels and a baby blanket. He made sure the fire was burning nice and hot so Aideen and Ealasaid wouldn’t get cold. “Emery, my water just broke.” She said, her voice sounding scared for the first time. His heart stuttered.

He helped her get as comfortable as she could be in this situation. He held her hand tightly, he hated the pain she was in. Aideen pushed as hard and often as she could. After what felt like an eternity Emery saw their little girls head coming out. “I see Elesaids head Aideen!” Aideen pushed even harder until finally she came out. Emery clamped the cord. He grabbed a warm rag and began to clean off their crying little girl.

When she was clean he wrapped her snugly in receiving blankets and handed Elesaid to Aideen. “Hey there beautiful girl. Already scaring your father. I’m worried what that tells us for your future. I gave your grandpa a great many scares in my life. I’m surprised his heart still pumps.” Aideen sounded weak and sleepy. She kissed Elesaid on her head before falling asleep. Emery took the small girl and rocked her lovingly until she was sleeping. Emery took her upstairs to the bassinet by the bed.

He went back downstairs to throw out the blood soaked towels. He checked Aideen to make sure she was ok. He put new towels under her since he knew women bleed for awhile after birth. He threw out the placenta and anything else he could without disturbing his sleeping wife. Emery just sat there by Aideens side keeping an ear open for Elesaid if she woke.

Aideen jerked awake, her heart beating furiously in her chest. She felt fingers move hair out of her face and looked up to see Emery smiling worriedly at her. “Where’s the baby?” She asked.

“She’s asleep. Let me take you to the bathroom, I’m sure you’d like to shower.” She nodded and he lifted her gently off the floor. He carried her into the bathroom and lowered her feet to the ground. He kept one arm around her waist while he switched on and tested the water then he helped her out of her dress and took his clothes off. He helped her into the tub and held her as they stood under the soothing warm spray.

“I’m still so tired.” Aideen said as she rested her head against his chest.

“I know love. After you’re clean you can go to bed.”

“Can I see her first?”

“You don’t even have to ask.” He washed her, being as gentle as he could. He got out first, drying quickly and hurrying to the room to get her something comfortable to wear. He had to stop for a moment and look at his daughter. She was so beautiful. She had a head full of copper curls and her mother’s slightly pointed ears. He knew in that moment he would become a lion, chasing away boys and anyone who dare hurt her. He pulled his gaze away and went back to the bathroom. He helped Aideen out and dried her. He reached under the sink and grabbed a pad and handed it to her. When she was dressed he lifted her in his arms and carried her to their little snow angel.

“She’s beautiful.” Aideen said and brushed her fingers lightly over the baby’s cheek.

“In the morning I’m going to ask Jack Frost if he’ll stop the snow long enough for me to get you two to the hospital.”

“Just be careful, he’s not evil, but he’s wilely.”

Chapter Two

“I will” Emery helped his wife into bed then checked to make sure the baby was warm. When he was done fusisng over Elesaid he got in close to Aideen so he coudl run his fingers along hers arms and stomach to help her relax. “I love you” Aideen whispered half asleep. “I love you too. Go to sleep my love” In seconds Aideen was resting again. Emery stayed up afraid to sleep. He worried they might sleep too hard and they might not hear Elesaid crying.

He just laid there for hours listening and rubbing his wife to comfort her. Eventually sleep overcame him and he fell asleep with his head resting on Aideens shoulder. Elesaid woke a few hours later hungry. Emery almost jumped across the room. Aideen laughed as she sat up to feed their daughter. “don’t laugh at me”

“You’re just sweet. She wont die seconds after she’s hungry” Emery just smiled as he watched their little girl have her first meal. Elesaid was soon sleeping again when she quit eating. Emery took her from Aideen as gently as he could then placed her back in the basinet. He tucked the balnkets around the little girl again then came back to bed. “You’re already such a good dad Emery”

“I hope I’ll always be”

“I know you will be. Get back to sleep and try not to have a heart attack on my every time she cries. It’s most likely Elesaid is only hungry. Next time maybe she’ll have a diaper for us to change”

“You mean for me to change. You aren’t doing it for wuite awhile”

“You cant take all the fun”

“Changing poop is not fun. You need rest”

Ealasaid woke again before five. Both Emery and Aideen woke, but he made her stay in bed. He went over to the bassinet and smiled down at his daughter. “Someone needs a diaper change.” He said softly. He grabbed a clean diaper and wipes. “Hush now little love, it’s okay.” He changed her quickly then went and tossed the diaper in the garbage. He hurried back to the room and lifted her in his arms, shushing her. She looked up at him, making soft cooing sounds. She already had him wrapped around her little finger. “I have to give you to mommy sweet heart so I can go out in the snow.” He kissed her forehead then handed her to Aideen.

“Don’t follow him once you find him. Jack will try to trick you, but you mustn’t let him.” Aideen said as she cradled their daughter.

“Don’t worry about me, I don’t believe in taking risks unless I absolutely need to.” He pulled a pair of jeans and a sweater then wool socks. He grabbed his boots and tugged them on, then his beanie, jacket and gloves. He kissed Aideen softly and then Ealasaid. “Just relax okay, I’ll be back before you know it.” He headed out into the snowy morning, the snow falling around him so thick and fast it made him a little dizzy. “I need to be taken to the lord of winter.” He said and waited. A Sylph swirled into view, smiling at him.

“Hello prince, follow me then and stay close.” She said softly and moved quickly through the snow. He followed as fast as he could, cursing every time he sank deeper in the snow. She took him all the way to the small pond. “Wait here young prince.” She disappeared and he leaned against a tree.

“To what do I owe the honor of such a visit.” The voice startled him. Standing across the pond, dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt was a tall, lean young man with black eyes and long white dreadlocks covered in frost.

“I need you to stop the storm so I can get Aideen and my newborn daughter to the hospital.” He replied.

“The future queen stuck in a snow storm. Come with me then sweet prince and I’ll show you how to turn off the snow.”

“No, I’m not stupid. You have the power to do it from here.”

“How would you know anything about what I do? You’re brazen for a man asking for my help. You are calling me a liar.”

“You just like to play games. Please just halt the storm so the princess and her daughter can go to a hospital to get checked out”

“I will if you follow me. If you can’t follow me I can’t halt the storm” Jacks tone was unmoveable. He demenor stone. Emery could see Jack wasn’t going to move on this subject. Emery wouldn’t have any peace of mind until a doctor told him everything about his two girls was fine. He worried somthing may be wrong with one of them that may go unnoticed until too late if a doctor didn’t give them the once over.

Emery had done far too much reading on births and possible bad outcomes. Its why he worried so much. He regretted all the reasearch he did when Aideen got pregnant. Most things he knew were better left unlearned. Emery knew it was a bad idea to follow Jack but he had to if he wanted the storm to stop. “fine I’ll follow you”

“Wise move prince. Hurry along now”

Aideen got Ealasaid back in her bassinet and made her way slowly into the kitchen. She was very thirsty. She grabbed a glass and filled it in the sink. She drank and refilled. A face swirled in front of the window and she slid it open. “Princess Aideen. Jack has made the Prince follow him into the snow.” The Sylph said.

“What? Why?” Aideen had told him not to go.

“He said he wouldn’t stop the snow unless he did. He was serious.”

“You must get my father and Arrow. I cannot leave my child to track them.”

“Yes ma’am, right away.” The Sylph vanished from view and Aideen went back to the room, to tired to pace. She couldn’t believe that nasty Jack Frost. Of course Emery would follow him when it meant his family. Even he had to answer to the King. Her father would show the icy devil who was boss.

Emery glared at the back of the pale man’s head. He wished right now that he had an angry Salamander nearby to blow Jack Frost up with. “Where are you taking me?” He snapped.

“You’ll see when we get there.” He lead him on for what seemed like forever, taking him through twists and turns. Jack suddenly turned and looked at him with a grin. “If you can find your way back. I will stop the snow.”

“You son of a bitch.” He stepped threateningly toward him.

“Think of your wife and daughter. I will not stop this blizzard unless you find your way back. Deal?” Emery wanted to kill this man. Jack held out his hand,

“I will get back to them by any means necessary.”

“By any means? I’d like to see that.” Emery shook, feeling a cold sensation move through him. Jack laughed and disappeared in a tornado of snow.

There was a knock at the front door of the house and Aideen pulled it open. She moved aside so her father and Arrow could enter. Behind them were Arden and Zelda. Her sister in law hugged her tightly. “Where’s that baby?” She asked excitedly.

“Sleeping, but if you are quiet you can go see her.” She replied then turned to the three men as Zelda hurried to see Ealasaid. “Thank you for coming through the snow. Jack has taken Emery, a Sylph came to me. You have to find him.”

“Why did he go to see Jack Frost?” Drake asked.

“To make him stop the snow so he could take us to the hospital. He’s worried about me and the baby.” She felt tears in her eyes and before she knew it she was crying in her father’s arms. “Please you have to get him back. I can feel his anger and confusion and he’s cold.”

Arden just looked at Zelda admiring the baby. She had a mother like gleam to her face looking down at Ealasaid. Arden still hadn’t asked her to marry him yet. He was nervous but planned on asking very soon. He didn’t ask her father that long ago and this was in no way an appropriate time. Seeing her like this made him veru happy. He would love to have children with Zelda after they were married. Seeing Zelda with Ealasaid told him she’d love children too.

“You should be looking at this beautiful little girl and not me” She said with a smile. He smiled back then looked at the little girl. Ealasaid truly was adorable, he imagined the only cuter baby he’d ever see was his own daughter with Zelda. The sound of Aideen crying caught Zeldas ears and she frowned. Zelda quickly walked out to comfort her sister. Arden followed as Zelda went to hug Aideen from behind.

When Drake felt Zelda embracing Aideen he let go “I’ll go now. Your sister is here to comfort you my daughter. I promise to bring him back” Drake and Arrow quickly left to find Emery. The king planned to deal with Jack harshly for this. How dare he think it was alright to play with his children and grandchild like this. Arrow was angry too since he thought of the king and Aideen as his family. Each tear drop fueled his furry at Jack.

Emery felt as if the temperature had dropped. He was starting to shiver, his teeth chattering. He had to get home, Aideen and Ealasaid were counting on him. He had to get them to the hospital, to safety. His legs were starting to get numb, making it hard to step. He tripped on a concealed tree root, falling face first into the snow. He struggled to his feet and kept going. He had not realized he had been lead so far out. “Maybe I’m going in circles.” He said. He shielded his face against a blast of snow. He coughed as the cold air dried his throat. He tripped again, this time managing to stay on his feet. He did his best not to curse the tree. It was just the way it grew.

“Prince Emery?” A male voice said and he froze. “Over here sir.” He looked to his right, seeing a man step out of a tree. His skin looked like it was made of bark, his hair of leaves.

“You’re really there right, it not the snow playing tricks on me?” He asked.

“Yes sir, I am real. Do you know what I am?”

“I’m thinking a Dryad.” The man nodded. “Can you tell me if I am heading toward my home?” The Dryad stepped closer and turned him slightly to the left.

“My brothers and sisters will keep you going in the right direction.”

“Thank you.” The Dryad bowed then stepped back into his tree. He continued on his way, thankful for the tree guardians.

Drake and Arrow hurried through the woods, hoping they would find Emery alive. It was so cold that even their breath seemed to turn to crystals. Neither of them wanted to imagine the look of despair on Aideen’s face if they did not save him. It would tear them to pieces. They had both lost their wives and were not willing to let her lose her husband. They passed a pond and were suddenly halted by a young Sylph. She pointed them in the direction they needed to go, staying close to them to make sure they did not veer off.

Emery walked along only getting colder. He was trying to control his shivers but could barely manage. Zelda and Aideen were wrapped tightly in eachothers arms on the couch in the living room. Arden didn’t know what to do with himself. “Can I get you two anything?”

“Hot chocolate please” Aideen said feeling her husbands shivers. She hoped maybe the warmth in her would help him keep warm. Arden quickly went into the kitchen bringing a cup for Aideen then Zelda even though she didn’t ask for any. “Thank you sweetheart” Zelda said smiling at him as best she could. She was very worried about her brother. She was glad nobody in the room could feel how miserably sad she was. Arden didn’t have to be married to Zelda to know what was going on inside her heart and head. He could read her face like words off a page.

He wished there was somthing he could do to comfort her. Ealasaid started to cry and Aideen went to stand. Zelda grabbed her arm “I’ll get her sister.”

“Thank you so much Zelda” Zelda got up and quickly went in to get the baby. Ealasaid was so tiny Zelda feared she might hurt her so picked Elasaid up as gently as she could manage without holding hr too loose. She brought a blanket so Aideen could feed her without embarrassing Arden. ZElda handed Aideen both the baby and blanket so Aideen could feed the little one again. “I’ll change her when you’re done.”

“Thank you Zelda.”

“It’s not any trouble taking care of such a cute little girl”

Emery couldn’t walk anymore. Even with the Dryads urging him to keep going. He sat down in the snow, his legs so numb he couldn’t feel them at all. He felt so much sorrow, his heart breaking. He buried his face in his hands and cried. He wanted to see his wife and child again, but he was to tired. Jack Frost was working against him. He suddenly felt warmth wash through him, bringing blood back to his extremeties so it felt like they were being stabbed with thousands of needles. His mind wall filled with love and hope. It was Aideen, her calmness seeped into him. He pushed himself back to his feet and pushed on. He was going to get home.

“Emery.” He heard a voice yell his name and he stopped to listen. “Emery where are you?” He knew that voice. It was Drake.

“Over here.” He yelled back. He had to stay put. He saw two forms moving quickly toward him and was relieved to see both Drake and Arrow. “I am so glad to see you.”

“Come on boy lets get you home.” Arrow said.

Aideen felt a surge of relief and knew that her father and Arrow must have found him. “He’s coming home.” Aideen said as Ealasaid finished eating. She pulled her shirt down then took the blanket down to kiss her daughter on the cheek. “Daddy’s on his way baby girl. Grandpa and Uncle Arrow will have words with that mean old Jack when daddy is safe here with us.”

“How do you know he’s safe?” Zelda asked.

“When you get married in our culture you are literally tied together. I can feel everything he feels, physically and emotionally. He can also feel everything I feel, my pain, my pleasure, my fear.”

“That sounds scary.” Arden stared out the window, fearing asking for her hand even more.

“It is at times, but it’s worth it. We can never lie to each other and will always know if the others is in danger or needs to be held. It allows us to fully share is each others joy and sadness.”

Zelda smiled. “Sounds intense, but amazing. I guess Emery could never be blindsided by a slap to the face.” That made Aideen laugh. She looked at Arden who could feel her eyes on him. He looked at her and she nodded to Zelda. He shook his head. He wasn’t ready yet.

Zelda too Elasaid from Aideen then laid her on a baby blanket before grabbing a diaper. Zelda made quick work of changing the baby. “wow, like a professional.”

“I’ve babysat before”

“Thank you for helping Zelda”

“It’s really my pleasure. This little one is so adorable” Zelda handed the baby back to Aideen then sat by Arden now that they knew Emery was safe. “You look so deep in thought”

“I’m fine” Arden said and kissed her cheek before pulling Zelda into his arms. Not too much later Arrow, Emery and Drake walked in. Arrow went straight to the fire place to get it blazing to warm Emery. Drake took the baby from Aideen so she could embrace her husband “thank you dad and Arrow for bringing him back” She rubbed his arms. He felt like ice. She took his hand in hers then walked him over to the fire to get warm. Aideen just held him then Zelda broke from Ardens hold to make Emery some hot chocolate too.

She brought it to her brother and he gave her a kiss on the head “Thanks lil sis”

“No problem” Zelda stood then reclaimed her spot beside Arden. Drake handed the baby to Arrow. “I’ll be going to have words with Jack now. He will learn not to play games with my family.” His voice dark and serious. He walked out quickly “This is a beautiful little girl Aideen but what should I have expected from such a beautiful mother.”

“Thank you Arrow” Emery was starting to feel better. Aideen was glad for it. He finally wasn’t shivering “Can I hold my little girl?” Arrow nodded and brought Ealasaid to Emery. He held his daughter as tightly as he dared to hold such a small baby “I love you so much sweetheart.”

“Jack Frost, to me now.” Drake commanded and a few moments later snow swirled in front of him and Jack was standing before him.

“Gracious King, to what do I owe the honor?” He bowed and looked nervously at Drake.

“Do not play coy with me. You know better than to disobey a member of the royal family. How dare you get the prince lost in this weather knowing full well that he has a wife and child.”

“Sir, please understand it was just a bit of fun.”

Drake backhanded the man across the face, sending him falling to the ground. “You will stop this snow so that my son in law can get my daughter and granddaughter to the hospital.” He said angrily. “If you ever try to hurt one of mine again for a bit of mischief I will have you replaced. Do you understand?”

Jack picked himself back up and nodded. “Yes sir, forgive me.” He closed his eyes and raised his hands to the sky. The snow stopped and the wind died down.

“You may continue when we are all at the hospital and not a moment before. You will finish with this storm by the time we start back here. Now leave my sight.” Jack bowed and disappeared. Drake went back inside and kicked the snow off his boots. “We can go when you are ready. Arrow, Arden, and I will stay. Zelda can come and get us once you are safely in the hospital.”

“Thank you so much daddy and thank you Arrow, Arden and Zelda. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not come and helped.” Aideen said.

“Yes, thank you for coming for me, for bringing me back to the two most important people in my life. I owe you so much.” Emery said as he passed Ealasaid to Aideen so he could warm his hands.

“You owe me nothing son. You have made my daughter happy and have given me a beautiful grandchild. It is all I ever wanted. Now, you should get to the hospital and have my two princesses checked.”

“Yes sir.” Emery smiled at his father in law and went to get the car seat.

Emery excitedly walked to the car with his daughters seat and strapped it in tightly. He made sure it couldn’t move in the slightest. Then they put Ealasaid in warm clothing and got in the car with Zelda. ZElda sat right next to the baby talking to her. “so you want one of your own?” Emery asked grinning. “One day”

“What if it could be soon?” Emery said grinning even more. Aideen punched him. Zelda rolled her eyes knowing her brother was teasing her. Ealasaid fell asleep again. Zelda smiled then looked out the window at the snow covered ground. Everything was so beautiful covered in white. She hated how deep in thought Arden looked all the time lately. Sh ewas a little worried he was going to leave her. The last boy that seemed that serious dumped her. She sighed and just kept looking at the snow.

When they arrived at the hospital they got out quickly with Zelda carrying Ealasaid. They were given a room swiftly which put Emery at ease. He was glad to soon know if his wife and daughter were perfectly healthy. After a few moments they made Aideen sit in a wheelchair. Zelda handed the baby to her sister in law then followed to the room. Once there Emery gave Zelda the keys “drive careful on that ice. I’ve been through enough today to find out you’ve been in an accident”

“I’m a great driver now shush and fuss over your wife and child”

Aideen watched as they checked Ealasaid’s heart and lungs. They had Aideen hold her so they could prick her heel and test her blood. They checked her next, had her lay back so they could check her privates. They told her everything looked okay and asked if she was hungry or thirsty. “Both I guess. Ealasaid has been eating like crazy.” She said and the nurse smiled. They came back with her daughter’s bloodwork and said everything was normal. Emery was relieved and kissed his wife and then his daughter. He had been so worried something would go wrong. Even though the delivery had been quick and easy, he had still worried. He took off his gloves, jacket and boots and climbed in bed with Aideen while they waited for her food.

Zelda drove as quickly as she dared through the snow. When she got back to the house she told everyone to load up. She looked at Arden sadly and started out the door. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Zelda, what’s wrong?” He asked and tipped her head back. She looked like her heart was breaking.

“Are you going to leave me?” She asked softly and he looked at her, shocked.

“Why would you even think such a thing?”

“Because you’ve been so deep in thought lately, so serious and a little distant.”

“I would never leave you. I’ve just been worried.”

“About what?”

He sighed and brushed his fingers through her hair. He loved her and was afraid of ruining what they had. He didn’t want her to think he was being pushy. “About asking you to marry me.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the little ring he had had made. “I want you as more than just my girlfriend. I want you to be my wife, to be bound to me in every way.” He lifted her hand and slipped the ring on her third finger. “Just think about it and of you don’t want to get married then I’ll understand.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He held her tightly to him, his heart going into overdrive.

“Yes Arden, I will marry you. I love you.”

“I promise I’ll make you happy. I love you so much.” He kissed her.

“We should get to the hospital love. We have all the time in the world for kissing.”

They walked happily out to the car. Arrow and Drake smiled knowingly as Arden got into the front seat beside Zelda. Arden wanted to hold Zeldas hand but knew driving in this weather she needed both hands on the wheel. They made it to the hospital without incident and asked if they could see Emery, Aideen and Ealasaid. A nurse promptly lead Zelda, Arrow, Arden and Drake to the room and walked off. “How are my princesses Drake asked. He was sad to see Ealasaid was sleeping again but knew how much rest little ones needed”

“We’re both perfect, my husband was worried for no reason.”

“Better to worry for no reason than let somthing happen to my girls” Drake said with a smile. Emery laughed “So I guess Arden asked you huh? Its all over your face.”

“Yep” Zelda answered excitedly. Then looked over at Arden smiling. He blushed a little then grabbed her hand. Everyone stayed in the room until visiting hours were over. The hospital wanted Aideen and Ealasaid to stay one night and go home in the morning. Emery went to sleep happily holding tight to his wife. Everything was perfect in that moment and he looked forward to all the days ahead of being a dad to his precious little girl.

~ The End ~

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