Ena & Wiley

Chapter One

Fire licked at her skin, surrounded her body, the wind from it whipped her hair around her face. Her pale blue eyes stood out starkly against her dark skin and reflected the dancing flames. She didn’t know where she was or who she was other than the name she had briefly seen on her cell door, Ena. Some men with guns had come for her, had pointed their weapons at her and when she had not surrendered, when she had tried to run, she had been shot in the shoulder. A rage had moved through her and had come out in the form of fire. The men with guns had been burned to a crisp and the doors blocking her had been blown open. Now the fire crawled off of her, destroying everything in her path. She came to a large group of soldiers, their guns pointed at her and she glared at them.

“Ena stop this nonsense.” It was a man in a white coat. She knew his face and grabbed her head as pain shot through her, a memory trying to surface.

“No, I can’t.” She said.

“Don’t make us destroy you Ena.” She raised her head, her face a mask of defiance. “So be it, open fire.” The guns went off and she crossed her arms in front of her face. The flames jumped up in front of her, instantly melting the bullets. She screamed and the flames shot up, hitting the cement ceiling, the force of it causing the ceiling to shatter. Large chunks of cement fell, crushing those who were to slow to get out of the way. A soldier jumped on the doctor, knocking him to the ground and shielding him. Ena melted the large metal door blocking her way and ran out into the night. She ran until her legs were so cramped she had to find a place to stop. The flames had disappeared so there was no trail of burnt vegetation for the soldiers to follow. She found a cave in the woods and collapsed to the ground. Her inner flame kept her warm and she curled up in a ball and forced herself to fall asleep.

Wiley had spent years looking for her, his Ena, his Salamandar. She had gone missing so long ago after visiting the human world and he had not given up his search. When he had found the organization that had taken her he had infiltrated it, using his abilities as a Vodyanoy, or water spirit, to catch their attention. He had been used many times to destroy other elementals who had escaped and had lied, telling these men that he had drowned them when in truth he had let them all go. Now he was being called, this time to apprehend a Salamandar and bring her back and he hoped this time it was Ena.
He left hurriedly, trying to mask his excitement that he was after a Salamander. He needed her, missed her tremendously. She was always in his thoughts and he was glad that at the very least he was helping others escape while he waited to be sent after her. He had been told to go after her long after she escaped since the men at the other camp first tried on their own to go after her. It was now dawns first light as he rushed through the mildewed grass. He wished she had run in early morning so he could use the wet grass to tell where she went.

He used is knowledge of Ena to choose his directions. There were so many ways to run but if it was her he was chasing he knew he could find her easily. Ena woke with a jolt, hoping she hadnt slept too long but grateful they hadn’t found her where she rested. Ena peeked out the cave and saw nobody coming so she decided to walk since she could go further without exhaustion that way. She would run again if she heard anybody following.

Ena tried to remember anything about herself as she walked. Without knowing who she was she didn’t know what to do now that she was free, if she could even remain free. All she succeeded in doing was giving herself a massive headache so she gave her mind a break and listened to the wonderful noises of animals around here.
A monarch butterfly fluttered close to her, dipping low so its wing almost brushed the tip of her nose. She felt a close connection to these creatures and once again felt like she was missing something important. It was almost like the beautiful, graceful creature was trying to communicate and she had forgotten some familiar language. She outstretched her hand and the large butterfly settled on her index finger. “Do you know something I don’t?” She asked softly, feeling almost sad. The butterfly left her, drifting lazily away. It confused her that she suddenly felt like crying and tears burned in her eyes. “Who am I?” She wasn’t sure who she was asking, if it was the universe, herself or the butterfly. Either way she felt a huge whole in her heart and mind, like something important had been ripped away.

She wanted to know why she could control fire, why she was never cold and why those men had wanted her so badly. She felt guilty for killing them, that she had let her rage get the best of her, but knew she had had no choice. She grabbed her shoulder where the bullet wound had been. The fire had healed her so there wasn’t even a scar, just a dull aching like maybe there was a small bruise. It was just another thing that confused her. She continued through the forest, becoming hungry and thirsty.

Wiley stopped when he found a piece of dark hair clinging to a partially broken branch. She had been in a hurry, uncaring where she went as long as she could get away. He didn’t blame her and if this was Ena there was going to be hell to pay. He followed the trail to a cave and found the interior to be warm when he stepped inside. The Salamandar had been there and had probably stayed all night for the cave to still be this warm. As he stepped back out a large monarch caught his attention, it was dipping lower and lower, coming toward him. “Hey there.” He said and it made a loop around his head before settling on his shoulder. “You got something for me?” It was the smallest of voices, like the whispering of the wind, and could only be heard if one was really listening. The butterfly spoke of a girl with dark skin and blue eyes wandering through the woods confused and alone, wearing only a white jump suit.
Wiley grew excited, that description sounded just like his Ena. “thank you” He answered and the butterfly flew off just as lazily as it had left Enas finger. Wiley went off at a quicker pace, knowing that even if he tried to be stealthful his love would hear him coming. She would be scared and not know it was him coming so the noise of anybody approaching would frighten her. He found little hints of Ena along the way, making him confident in his trail and the fact that it was his love he was tracking.

Ena began to hear sombody and took off in a run. It was in that precise second Wiley knew he was near Ena. That running was no animal. He took off, remembering he could run much faster than Ena was able. He saw her and his heart gave a happy leap until she looked back and had no recognition on her face. The only emotion he saw was fear and it took his happy heart and shattered it.

He caught up to Ena and grabbed her. She flailed in his arms, only crushing him further. “Ena, baby, it’s me? Why don’t you recognize me? I look just the same” she stopped fighting, feeling his words tug at her. She knew that voice, knew his touch. “I..how do i know you? I’m sorry but I have amnesia”
His heart fell into his stomach and he swallowed fearfully. It shattered him that she didn’t remember who he was, that they had been engaged, that he had promised himself only to her as she had to him. “My name is Wiley and I’m just here to help you.” He said gently.

Wiley, she knew that name, it played in her head again and again. She looked him over, his face, his eyes, and a memory tried to surface. She let her eyes move from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, trying to remember. She froze when her eyes settled on the patch on the shoulder of his uniform. She knew that patch, it had been on the uniforms of the soldiers and on the jacket of the man in the white coat. “Liar, you’re one of them.”

“What?” He looked down at his clothes. “No, that’s not true.”

“You just want to take me back, you liar.” She felt angry and confused, fire flowing over her body as she glared at this man. “I won’t go back, I won’t let you take me.” She yelled.

“Ena calm down before you set the forest on fire.”

“No, stay away.” Her fire lashed out at him, engulfing him. Steam started to rise from the hot mass and the fire was pushed back. She grew more confused when he was still standing there, completely unscathed.

“Wh…what are you?”

“Ena, you’re too weak to be using so much energy. Even your rage won’t sustain you until you’ve had a proper rest. Please come with me.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not, I swear it on my life.” He grabbed onto her before she had a chance to run and the fire surrounding her died down until it was gone. There were small fires burning nearby and he called water out of the ground so it flowed up and washed over the burning brush until it was completely out. “I’m water Ena, you can’t burn me away.”

Her lip quivered and tears formed in her eyes. She knew him, but he dressed like her captors. She didn’t know if she should trust him or not, but she didn’t really have a choice. He had her and she was too tired to fight anymore. “Where will you take me?”

“Somewhere safe, but I need to go back to the base and get my jeep. I want to take you back to that cave and have you wait for me there. I’ll pick you up and take you somewhere safe until I can deal with these people.”
“Ok” Wiley hated how little she trusted him. It only fueled his anger at her captors. They had done somthing to her, had taken away her memories of him and her life before. He had already planned to give them hell once he had Ena but now they were going to get much worse than hell. Wiley wanted badly to tell Ena he loved her, to kiss her. He had missed those lips pressed against his, had been angry at himself for not being there to protect his love.

Enas head was a mess as she walked. She knew Wiley, knew his sadness made her own heart hurt. When they arrived at the cave Wiley hugged her, unable to stop himself. “I’ll be back. Please stay here and don’t run away. You can trust me. Even if your mind doesn’t know it your heart has to know you can trust me Ena”
“I don’t know anything, not who I am or where I came from. I have no choice but to trust you, especially since I have no one else.”

He frowned at her answer, wanting to pull her into his arms and beg her to remember even just a little of who they had been. “I have to find the road and walk back which may take a few minutes, just stay here. I don’t want you getting lost.”

“Okay, but at the first sign of danger, I’m out of here.”

“I promise to keep you safe, you’re very precious to me.”

She sat down on the cave floor and watched as he walked back into the woods. She suddenly felt very alone and pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms tightly around them. She felt that sudden sadness again, the one that wrenched at he heart and brought tears to her eyes. She wanted Wiley to come back, to explain everything. Even if he lied to her, at least she would have something to fill in the empty spaces with. She rested her head on her knees, feeling the exhaustion creeping in now that she was completely still. Her eyes drifted closed in spite of her efforts to stay awake.

“Come on Ena, come swimming with me.” She looked around herself then at the little boy standing in front of her. He looked to be about nine or ten. He was holding out his hand to her and she took it. It took her a moment to realize she wasn’t that much bigger than him. He pulled her away, down a trail and through the woods to a lake. He stepped in, pulling her with him. “Don’t worry, it’s safe.” He took her away from the safety of shore, his hand holding tightly to hers. She suddenly felt herself getting sluggish and she started to sink.

“I can’t stay up.” She cried.

“Just don’t let go.” She started to sink, her whole body becoming weak.

“Help, I can’t stay up.” Her head was swallowed by the cool water and her hand slipped from his as she fell further and further into the darkness below.

“Ena.” She gasped, her eyes flying open. “Ena, are you awake?” She looked up at Wiley’s face.

“Is everything okay?” She asked.

“I should be asking you that, the whole cave was on fire when I came back. It feels like a sauna in here.”

“I’m fine.” She said as she got to her feet. “Where are you taking me?”

“I rented a cabin, it’s nice and semi secluded. I’m going to take you there then go back to the compound and find out what experiments they may have done on you.”
“You’re going to leave me alone again?” He hated to but he couldn’t take her back there “Yes, I don’t want to, not atall Ena but I need to be in the compound to figure out what they’ve done to you and I can’t take you back there without you being a prisoner again. You’ll be safe in the cabin because I’m the only one they sent after you and I’ll be the only one who knows you are there. You’ll have a comfortable place to wait for me and you wont be out here in the open for anybody to see you and alert anybody else I haven’t done my job. If they figure out I’m not really one of them before I figure out what all they’ve done to you I may never know” Ena stood “Ok, take me”

Another urge to hug and kiss her washed over Wiley but he refrained and just walked her to where his jeep was parked. They loaded in and he drove her to the cabin he had rented. “Stay inside and lock the door. I don’t want anybody knowing you’re there.”

“Ok” she said, still look conflicting but he couldn’t blame her. Even though it hurt him they had done this to her and he wished he could make them pay at this very moment for what they had done. Wiley waited until Ena was inside before driving off. She locked the door as Wiley told her then just looked around the cabin. All she remembered was the compound and the little space they gave her to live so to Ena, this was huge.

Wiley drove back to the compound and was greeted by one of his “friends” It took massive effort not to glare at the other man “hey”

“Hey, what’re you doing back again?”

“I’m having trouble with this one. I’m going to look up what all has bene done to her so I know what she’s capable of to help me better track her”

“wow, slippery for you. You are normally fast at this”
“Not all of these creatures are the same, some are more cunning than others. This one is particularly hard to track.” He showed his i.d. to one of the guards. “I need to talk to Dr. Mitchell please.”

“Yes sir, let me just radio him.”

“Too bad you’re not one of those wolves, you’d be able to sniff her out before she did more damage. I mean, did you see what she did to this place. She killed fifteen people.”

“Salamandars are particularly volatile, rage is one of their strongest emotions. They are known for their short tempers.”

“Dr. Mitchell said to send you up.” The guard said.

“Thanks, you coming or staying?”

“Hell I’ll tag along, might as well.”

He went down the hall to an elevator. It was a two story building and all the files and the lab were kept up top while the containment cells and sleeping quarters were kept downstairs. They took the elevator up and were greeted by Dr. Mitchell and another security guard upon the doors opening. “Please follow me Mr. Aulay and…friend.” The doctor turned and Wiley followed him down the white hall and to a door on the right. Dr. Mitchell unlocked it with a security card and let them in. “As you know these files are classified so I would appreciate anything you find stays in your head and never slips out of your mouth.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate your cooperation.”
“You are our best when it comes to capturing those pests. Anything is open to you” Wiley felt anger rush into his gut at those words but kept the same look and demeanor on the outside. Dr Mitchell stood watching as Wiley poured over files. It was taking more and more self control to remain calm as he read through his loves file. He clenched his teeth to help him not go ahead and drown everyone in this building. Ena leaned over the sink and drank the water rushing out of it. She was hungry too but there wasn’t any food in the fridge or cabinets to make herself.

Atleast with a stomach full of water she felt less hungry than she previously had. She shut off the water then sat on the kitchen floor, wondering when Wiley would come back for her and explain who she was and why he knew her. As she thought the more upset she got so Ena decided to try and sleep again, hoping that nightmare wouldn’t return.
“I got what I need, I’m going to get back out there.” Wiley said, stretching and yawning to feign boredom.

“Let me come with you, I’m bore just sitting here.”

“I think if the boss wanted you looking for the Salamandar he would have sent you. I can handle it, so just do as you’re told.”

He ignored the glare and got to his feet, leaving the file room and riding the elevator back downstairs. He waved at the guard to show him he was leaving and walked out the front doors. He got in his jeep and pulled away from the compound. The trail out was almost nonexistent so you had to have a jeep or some other vehicle with off road potential to get through. There was a guard stationed at an electrified gate that he got tense when he passed. Fire was one thing, but electricity was a whole other. A strong enough shock could render him unconscious and in a lot of physical pain. He waved at the guard there too, acting as normal as possible as he drove over the cattle guard and onto the main road. He shivered, having felt the wave of electricity coming off the gate.

When he arrived back at the cabin he was surprised to find Ena sleeping on the kitchen floor. He moved slowly towards her and dropped down on his knees. She was mumbling in her sleep and had a distressed look on her face. “Ena, wake up.” He shook her gently and she jerked awake, scrambling away from him. “Whoa, it’s just me, calm down.”

“Sorry, I just thought…I’m sorry. Did everything go well?” She took a deep breath and came slowly to her feet.

“It’s okay, come sit with me. We need to talk about some things.”

She swallowed nervously, but followed him into the living room and dropped down on the couch. “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah, a lot of somethings actually.” He sat down next to her. “About six years ago you came to the human world and were captured by The Kraknos Institute. When they captured you they gave you drugs to inhibit any psychic abilities. They thought that your fire abilities came from your mind. These drugs caused damage to the part of your brain that stores memories, giving you amnesia. They did a lot of genetic testing on you in hopes of making a clone of you. You spent six years in that place having your mind torn apart, six years of me looking and being unable to protect you.”

“Why…why were you looking for me?”

“Before you were taken we were engaged. It was a strange match, but supported none the less. We grew up together and swore to always be together.”
Enas face became surprised “that’s why I recognize you?” Wiley grabbed her hand “yes, they did serious damage and I don’t know if it can be fixed but if you’ll let me I know I can get you to love me again. I’ll make new memories with you, try to coax out old ones. All i know is I need you. I’ve missed you so much these past six years Ena” Ena stared his hand in hers. This felt right, like he was telling the truth. “what’re we going to do. They’ll send someone else?”

“I’m going to take them down and ruin them for this and for what they’ve done to countless others. I know more than I need to destroy their operation. First though, I’m sure you’re hungry”

“There’s no food here”

“I know some stuff that grows around here we could eat. From there we can decide what we’re going to do to begin this war against them”

“what if they get me back” Wileys soft expression became a little more stiff with his seriousness “theres no way in hell they are getting you back. Could I hug you? It’s been so hard fighting it and I really need a hug from you” Ena wrapped her arms around him and he her. Wiley sighed with both relief and happiness though his heart was still heavy and his mind still angry.
“Thank you for rescuing me.”

“I could do nothing else, I truly love you.” She gripped onto him a little tighter, hating that she couldn’t remember anything. All she had was that strange and frightening dream.

“I want to remember so bad. It’s not fair, especially to you.”

“Everything will be okay, I promise, now let me go get you something to eat.”

“Okay, be careful.”

She just stayed on the couch as he got up and left again. She always felt lonely when he left and knew that had to count for something. Everything about him seemed so familiar, the way he touched her and talked to her, even his smile. She closed her eyes, held her head in her hands, and willed herself to remember. It gave her a headache and all she could see was that little boy swimming in front of her. She started crying before she could stop herself and curled up on the couch.

Wiley carried the empty bucket from his jeep as he walked down to the pecan tree grove that had been planted behind the cabin. He collected as many as he could then went and plucked blueberries from the many bushes within the woods. He hoped she would be okay with this until he could go into town and shop. He would do that once the sun went down and even buy her some new clothes so she wouldn’t have to wear the Institute’s jumpsuit. He looked down at his own uniform and decided to change once he got back since it made Ena uncomfortable.

Chapter Two

When he arrived back and saw Enas face it was obvious she had been crying. “Ena, are you ok?” He asked with genuine concern as he went to her. “I’m trying so hard to remember and I just can’t” Wiley pulled Ena into his arms again “don’t strain too hard. I’ll make new memories with you and I’ll make you love me again, I know I can. I wish you could remember but I don’t know if that’s possible with all they’ve done to you and given you” A few more tears fell down her cheeks as she held him tightly against her. He kept hold of her until she let go then he softly asked “you ready to eat? I brought pecans and blueberries. I hope that’s fine”

Ena nodded “thank you” they sat at the table and began to eat together. Wiley worried staring at Ena would make her uncomfortable but his eyes wouldn’t move off of her, the woman he had missed so deeply. Ena blushed and he jerked his head away “I’m sorry”

‘No, I like how you look at me”


“yeah, theres a sweetness to it”

“Of course, you are my love Ena. I’m still every bit committed to you as I was six years ago.”

“Even with my memory loss?”

“I meant I wanted to be with you for better or worse. Nothing could make me stop loving you” Her lip quivered again “please don’t cry” Wiley asked, heart already breaking again at her sad face. “it’s just hard not to”
He reached out and brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “It’s okay.”

“No it’s not. I feel like I know you. I’m so comfortable in your presence and I feel so lonely when you leave me, but there is nothing in my mind except this dream.”

“What dream?”

“There’s this little boy and he’s pulling me into this lake. He tells me it’s safe, but then I start to feel tired and I tell him I can’t stay up anymore. He says to hold on, but I keep sinking and my hand slips out of his. It was terrifying.”

He grabbed her hand. “We were much older than that when that happened. I was twenty and you were ten. I wanted to take you swimming, but you were afraid since you are a Salamandar, a fire spirit. I told you it was okay and you came with me. You weren’t a stronger swimmer and you couldn’t keep you head above the surface. You panicked and started sinking. I pulled you out of the water and you were so upset.”

“But why am I seeing you as a little boy?”

“Perhaps your memories are getting mixed up and you just need time to sort them out.” He smiled at her, brushing his fingers over her cheek and into her hair. “One memory is good enough my beautiful angel.” She felt her heart do a little flip and leaned in, her lips meeting his for a brief moment.

She pulled back, blushing in embarrassment. “I…I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself.”
He looked so happy but she felt she needed to apologize anyway. “never apologize for kissing me. If you want to then please do. I’ve missed the feel of your lips on mine. Can we kiss again, for a little longer?” her face became hot with a blush but she pressed her lips into his again. Wiley gently held her face, giving her complete freedom to pull away from him while he still got to hold those soft, warm cheeks he loved so much. Their lips moved against eachothers just as she had always kissed him before. This and her dream gave him hope that maybe she could remember everything if given the time.

When she pulled back he let her go. “anytime you want physical contact with me just do it. I want it, believe me”

“it feels so good to kiss you”

“we used to kiss a lot.”

“I’m sure with how great it felt”

“we didn;t have to stop you know”

“I know..I just”

“You need time to figure things out. That’s ok”

“I can see how wonderful you are. I’m so sorry”

“you are not the one that needs to be sorry”

“what’re we going to do?”

“let me go change for one. I’m going to buy you new clothes tonight. I want to give you one day to really rest before we do anything”

“ok’ Wiley went into his room and changed into regular clothes. Seeing him out of that outfit might help jog her memory aswell. He came out and felt her smile warm him. “I like you much better in regular clothes”

“I meant to change as soon as I arrived back here but then I saw you were sad.” Ena hugged him again, somthing that was more than welcome.
“I have missed you more than I can say. All I want to do is kiss and touch you to make sure you’re real.” Her skin grew warmer and he smiled as he pressed a kiss onto her cheek. “I love you Ena, even if you can’t say the same right now, I absolutely one hundred percent love you.”

“I want to say it.” She sounded so heartbroken still.

“Hush, don’t worry about it. I’ll take what I can get.”

She pulled back to look at him and he gave her that love filled smile that had butterflies brushing her insides. “Tell me about our life before all this. I want to know everything.”

“How about you you dance with me while we talk, we used to do that all the time.”

“Okay, I might not be any good though.”

“It’s alright, just dance with me.” He held her close as they started to move. “The first time I met you, you had just been born. You were so adorable and your eyes were already the brightest shade of blue. I spent a lot of time holding you and playing with you, you were always such an angel. Our parents always talked about how cute it was that I had taken on the role of protector. You followed me everywhere and anytime I would have to go home you would cry until I promised to stay until you fell asleep.”

“When did we start dating?”

“You were in you eighties, we live forever.”

“Why did it take you so long to ask me out?”

“Well at first I felt weird because I had helped raise you and then I was dating this other woman for awhile which didn’t work out. When I finally asked you out I didn’t expect you to say yes, but when you did I felt ecstatic. Being with you every night and waking up to you every morning was pure bliss.”

“And when did we get engaged?”

“A year before you disappeared.”
“I can’t believe you’ve looked for me for so long”

“I could have nobody but you. I’ve always loved you. We were meant for eachother.”

“Kiss me again” his face beamed as he leaned in to kiss her. They stopped where they were until she parted their lips. He began to dance with her again, hoping another was soon in his future. “I really like how happy you look when I invite you to kiss me”

“well, I like when you invite me to be close to you so it’s a good arrangement” Ena gave a big, genuine smile with a small hint of shyness in it. He kissed her head, hoping she wouldn’t mind. That night he hugged Ena tightly “I wish you could come with me but its safer for you to hide here”

“I know, just hurry”

“anything in particular you want to wear?”

“I’m sure you know what I like”

“I do, go to sleep if you can but..if you sleep in my bed..could I sleep with you? I just want to hold you” she blushed and looked away “I’m sure we did that a lot so sure. I’ll feel safer anyway” Wiley kissed her cheek “thank you. I’ll be right back”
Ena wanted to take a shower before bed and waited for Wiley to walk out the door before heading into the bathroom. She unzipped the jumpsuit and found that she was naked underneath. She felt violated knowing she had been undressed by strangers. She wondered why they had even bothered changing her. She looked at the material and thought maybe it was flame resistant. She dropped it on the floor and switched on the water then stepped into the tub.

It felt good to clean the dirt off of her body. She made sure all the plant debris was picked out of her hair before getting out and drying. Since she didn’t have clothes she hurried into the bedroom and crawled under the covers. She pulled the covers tightly around her and closed her eyes, hoping Wiley would be back soon. Wiley grabbed food, bottled water, and some juice. He went over to the clothing section and found jeans, t-shirts, and underwear in her size. He grabbed her socks and shoes and even a cute beanie that he thought she would like. He went up to the front, letting the cashier scan his things then paying.

As he was packing his items into his jeep, a hand grabbed his shoulder. He spun around, almost glaring when he saw the man who had helped him look through the files. He couldn’t remember his name and didn’t see a reason too. “What do you want?”

“I came to help out, you did say this one was harder to find.”

“I don’t need help. I always work alone.”

“Come on, I won’t get in the way.” Wiley grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him against the side of his jeep.

“Listen to me, you are to follow your orders to the letter and stop bugging me. Get back to the compound before I fill your lungs with water.”

“Testy, what has you so pissed off? It’s just one Salamandar.”

“Leave me alone.” Wiley climbed behind the wheel of his jeep and pulled out of the parking lot, taking slow deep breaths so he would be calm when he saw Ena again.

Chapter Three

Henry glared at the jeep and Wiley. Somthing was off and he was going to mention it to Dr. Mitchell. He walked angrily to his car and he hoped Wiley was up to somthing so he’d have a reason to knock his teeth out. When Wiley returned he set the bags down on the table “Ena” he called. His heart gave a fearful jolt and he ran to the bedroom, breathing easier when he saw her sleeping. “Beautiful, wake up” He nudged Ena just enough to wake her. She blushed and clung to the covers “what?”

“well, I took a shower and now I’m naked. Could you bring my clothes to me?” Wiley got up and brought her jeans and a tshirt, feeling bad he forgot pajamas. He didn’t know if she would be comfortable sleeping in only a tshirt with him any longer. “I’m going to put the groceries away. Come out when you’re dressed.”

She changed quickly then asked ‘can I help?”

“want to try on the beanie I bought you? You really like them” He picked it up and tossed it to her. She tugged it on her head then went to the bathrooom to see what she looked like in the mirror. “cute” she went into the kitchen and hugged him “thanks”

“sorry I forgot pajamas”

“oh, thats fine” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously “You used to just wear a tshirt and panties to bed with me..I’d be good if you did. No touching unless I’m invited”

“If thats how i slept before. Jeans are too uncomfortable to sleep in anyway. I trust you”
He smiled. “Okay, good. Do you want something good to eat?”

“Yes please, don’t get me wrong I like pecans and berries, but I want something that will fill me up.”

“Go relax then and I’ll cook you something.”

She looked down and twisted her fingers. “Could I maybe stay in here with you?”

He grabbed her chin and tipped her head back. “You can go wherever you please.” She blushed and he leaned in, stopping just a breath from her lips so she could pull away if she wished. When she didn’t he kissed her, savoring the sweetness of her lips for a moment before pulling back and smiling at her. “You are the most beautiful creature in the world.”

He turned away from her, pulling out a package of hamburger, some noodles, and spaghetti sauce. Ena lifted herself up on the counter, admiring him as he cooked for her. He started singing softly and her heart stuttered in her chest. She knew that song. “Hey, what are you singing?”

“Hmm, oh it’s a song I wrote for you. I used to sing it all the time.”

“I remember it. There are no images in my head to put to it, but I remember the sound and always feeling happy.”

He smiled happily. “I’m glad to hear that.” She hopped off the counter and wrapped her arms around him from behind.

“Will you keep singing?” His voice filled the kitchen, the sound soothing and sweet. She let herself get lost in it, closing her eyes and willing herself to remember a little more. Small flashes flitted through her head, an image of him smiling, the way his eyes lit up.

“Don’t strain yourself, I can tell that’s what you’re doing.”

“I just want the memories associated with that song, but I just keep getting flashes.”

He finished pouring the sauce into the meat then turned to her. “You probably don’t want those right now.”


“Because I used to sing it to you after making love. You always asked me too.” She blushed and backed up a couple of steps. She looked up at his face and could see he was amused. “I’m just being honest Ena.”

“I know, I just wasn’t expecting that.”
He closed the distance and tucked some hair behind her ear “don’t distance yourself because of that. Me singing doesn’t mean sex. I’m glad you remembered my song. It pours my heart out to you. I’m happy I wrote it since it stuck with you.”

“I guess I’ll just quit trying to remember for now” he hated she was so nervous but found it adorable at the same time. He returned to cooking as he sang to her, hoping the song would continue to make her happy even though it embarrassed her at the same time. When dinner was ready he served it while she poured drinks. She hadn’t had real food since hours before her escape so was enjoying this more than she normally would.

“I’m so glad you went to the store”

“sorry i let the cabinets get bare. All i ever thought about was finding you. I know you’ll probably be upset with me but somtimes it lead to me not taking care of myself well. I’d be so stressed about what could be happening to you and other times I would just be too sad to eat.
“You shouldn’t do things like that, you could have gotten seriously sick.”

“I know, I’m sorry, but losing you was the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. I thought I was going to die.”

She kissed his cheek. “I won’t leave you ever again so please make sure you eat every day.”

“I will, I promise.”

They finished dinner and washed dishes together then Wiley picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He lowered her to her feet and started pulling his clothes off, making her blush and hide her face. “I’m sorry, I’ll wear shorts.”

“No it’s fine, I mean you obviously did it out of habit so it’s okay.” She lowered her hands. “So do I usually sleep in my shirts or yours.”

“It varies. Some times you’d sleep in a tank top and other times you’d wear one of my t-shirts.”

“Can I borrow a t-shirt then?”

He smiled. “You don’t have to ask baby, just get one out of my chest of drawers. Second drawer on the right.” She walked over and pulled the drawer open, grabbing one of his shirts. She swallowed nervously and started pulling her clothes off. She could feel him staring at her and when she glanced back he quickly turned his head away. “You don’t have to undress in front of me.”

“It’s fine, I want to do the things I used to do, I’m just nervous.” She pulled his shirt on and turned around. “Is that okay?”

“Of course it is.” He looked at her and a smile of pure adoration crossed his face. “You look so damn cute.” He pulled back the blankets and crawled in bed then patted the spot next to him. She crossed the room slowly, feeling shy as she climbed in next to him. He pulled her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest. “I’ve missed this.” He said softly. “I never thought I’d get to hold you again.”
She tried to remember nights he would hold her but no memories came. Her heart knew though. Her whole body knew this man and loved being in his arms. She fell asleep quickly while Wiley stayed awake for a short while, enjoying the feeling of finally having her back. All those lonely nights, all the days he had to deal with and look at the assholes who ran the company that took her, it was all over. He kissed Ena on her head, a small tear falling from his eye with how happy he was.

Wiley didn’t know how long it had been with Ena jerked in his arms. There was a pounding at the door. He whispered to her “go into the closet. There’s a door if you feel for it. Go under the house. Sorry in advance for spiders or other things of that sort down there”

“Love you” she whispered back then did as she was told, not even bothering to grab pants. Wiley tugged his jeans back on and went to the door, shocked to see the dr and security guard “what’re you doing home. You don;t normally come home until you’ve found what you’re searching for but here you are”
“Even creatures such as I need rest, I don’t run on gas.” He replied, barely managing to be polite.

“Really?” The doctor pushed his way in, the security guard following.

“May I help you?”

The doctor walked around the house, noticing two plates in the drainer. He moved down the hall to the bedroom, finding the bags of women’s clothing and then he turned around and saw the white jumpsuit on the bathroom floor. He smiled politely, but Wiley could see the evil intent in his eyes. “Where is she?”


He pointed at the jumpsuit. “Yes, the girl. Where is she?”

“Let me guess, Henry talked to you. Well I hope you’re ready to be disappointed because she’s gone.”

“Is she now?” He moved closer to Wiley. “Tell me where she is and I won’t report you to your superiors.”

“Go to hell.”

“Very well then.” He nodded his head and Wiley was shot with a taser from behind. He hit the ground hard, his body convulsing at the electricity mingled with the water that his body was made out of. “Electricity is a really nasty thing to use against your kind Mr. Aulay, it’s even more painful than normal.” The guard stopped shocking him and Dr. Mitchell squatted down, grabbing his hair and pulling his head up. “Where is she?” Wiley spit in his face and Mitchell dropped his head. The guard shocked him again. “Now listen to me Ena, if you want him safe and alive I suggest you come out right now.”

Ena was shaking with fear, tears ran down her face. She couldn’t let them kill Wiley so she climbed back up and came out of the closet. “Here, I’m here. Please, just stop hurting him. I’ll go back, I won’t fight.”

“Just to be sure, we’ll be bringing him with us.”
With the second jolt Wiley was delirious but still understood what was going on. He was panicking but couldn’t speak or fight. They had her again, his Ena. He should have just tried to take them down right away. He fought to stay conscious, wanting to know precisely what they did with her. He was angry at himself for being so weak and failing to protect her. The guard sat in the back with Wiley while the Dr sat up front with Ena.

Did you use your body to make him keep you free? You’re barely wearing a thing” Ena didn’t answer and he groaned “I thought you weren’t going to be difficult”

“I didn’t”

“Then why has he done such a good job for us until you”

“I don’t know” she lied, not sure if she should give them any more information than she had to. “You are a sexy little thing. He was probably seducing you. its nice seeing you in just panties and a shirt.” Ena wished she could cover herself, It was disgusting how he glanced at her.
“I was surprised when you were able to use your powers. We gave you enough serum to completely block them.” He grabbed her knee and she pulled the shirt down as much as she could. “Why don’t you tell me how you did it.” She shot him a glare and he jerked his hand back with a gasp of pain.

“It’s not a mental power.” She said under her breath.

“Then what is it?”

“Who knows.”

“You don’t want to lie to me Ena, I can make your life a living hell.”

“You already have, you took my mind. So do your worst.”

He kept smiling, but his eyes were full of malice. She moved as close to the door as she could get, not wanting him to touch her. She felt sick to her stomach already and glanced in the mirror to make sure Wiley was okay. She could tell he was in a lot of pain and wished she had never run away. She loved him, she really did and if they made it out alive she would make sure he knew it. She didn’t care about her memories anymore, all she cared about was being with him.
It began to drizzle on their way back to the compound which seemed to irritate the doctor. Without memories Ena didn’t know much about hers or Wileys abilities. She did hope that the rain would help him somhow. They were almost back when the rain began to fall hard and heavy. They seemed to be much thinker than normal. “is this you water boy?’ Henry asked.

“Why would I make it rain?”

“To be annoying”

“Come now, have I ever been annoying?”

‘Constant” Ena noticed his voice sounded a little better so she looked into the mirror again, loving he looked a little better aswell. The car stopped and they got out. Ena noticed the slight wobble of Wileys walk at first but walking through the rain seemed to do wonders for him as they went inside.
“Lets get you in the lab now Ena. Take Mr. Aulay to containment.” Dr. Mitchelll grabbed her roughly by her arm, his fingers biting into her flesh with bruising force. “Be good Ena or we’ll kill him.”

“I will, I promise.” He took her onto the elevator and the guard took Wiley into the containment area. He looked around, counting four guards in total. The guard shoved him down the hall and stopped in front of one of the empty cells. He scanned the lock with his security card and the door slid open.

“Get in there.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I said get in there.” He went to shove Wiley who grabbed his arm and slammed him against the wall. He pulled man’s security card off of him and shoved him into the cell, scanning the card so it closed. The other guards came running at him and he called the water out of the sprinklers, pulling it through the pipes with such force that they burst.

“Now that we’re alone Ena, why don’t you tell me how you use your powers.” Dr. Mitchell said. “Tell me or I’ll make you.” He stroked her cheek and her fire burned him again. He backhanded her and she fell to the ground. “I tried to do this the easy way Ena, but I guess I’ll have to punish you until you talk.” She scrambled to her feet and grabbed a scalpel, backing away from him and around the examination table. “Don’t fight me Ena, it’ll be a lot worse.” He grabbed at her and she cut him. The alarms in the compound went off, startling them both.

“He’s coming for me.”
He groaned “come here bitch!’ Wiley ran, using the water spilling everywhere to help him figure out where Ena was. When he was one with water he knew all that was in it and where so it was perfect for tracking. With his stolen key card Wiley entered the room easily, staring with deep hate at the doctor. Ena ran to Wiley causing the mad scientist to give chase. He wasn’t touching her, not again. He filled his lung with the water around them then grabbed Ena, pulling her out to run with her so he wouldn’t have to kill anybody else. he had just murdered right in front of her and that scared him to his core.

They ran back to his cabin since Wileys jeep wasn’t there. They went inside so Ena could pull on pants and he could put on a shirt. Once properly dressed they hopped in Wileys jeep to head into town. Wiley sped, scaring Ena a little but she had faith in him enough just to trust his driving. She didn’t want anybody catching up to them either. In town Wiley obeyed the laws of the road. He was in a hurry but he could never be in enough of one to risk Enas life. He was heading to the police station, hoping they would believe what they had to say.
Ena sat shivering in the police station, afraid of everyone. Wiley talked to the two police officers sitting across from them, explaining that he and Ena had been taken captive by The Kraknos Institute and that one of their compounds was in the woods outside of town. He gave them the exact location, told them that there were other captives there that needed saving. The officers asked them to wait and told the police chief what was going on. A helicopter was sent out and the pilot radioed back that they were telling the truth. More police were sent out and the guards that were still alive were arrested and the other captives were rescued. Many of them were amnesiacs who had had the same reaction to the serum as Ena.

“Are the other compounds going to be shut down?” Wiley asked.

“We’ll send the files to the F.B.I. and let them take over. They’ll know what to do.”

“Okay, thank you. May I take Ena home now, she’s been through enough.”

“Sure, we know where to find you.”

Ena followed Wiley out of the police station, gripping tightly to his hand the whole way. They climbed into his jeep and he took her back to the cabin. Once they were inside Ena wrapped her arms around his neck and held herself tightly to him. “I’m so glad it’s over, I was so scared.”

“I know baby, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. I should have done more.”

“It wasn’t your fault Wiley, it was never your fault. I love you so much and I’m just glad you’re okay.”

Wiley tightened his hold on her. He had been waiting to hear those words from her and it moved him to tears that she would say them now. “I love you too and I will forever. Never leave me again. We’ll go back to our world where it’s safer. Your parents will be so happy to see you.”

“Our world?”

“The elf realm, you’ll love it. We’ll go after the police are done with us and we’ve had a proper rest.”

“Okay and maybe we can get married like we planned?”

He grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her, a few happy tears rolling down his cheeks. “I would love nothing more, my beautiful Salamandar.”


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