Enyo & Ladon

Chapter One

The large panther stood on the roof of the building across from the prison, it’s blue eyes cutting through the night. To his left was another panther, slimmer in build, his brother and to his right the one eyed Cynbel. They were here for the boys older sister Enyo, a witch who had been taken over a month ago. From the moment Ladon had seen a picture of her, he knew he had to free her. She was the most gorgeous sight he had ever seen, her hair like fire and her grey eyes reminding him of rain clouds. Ladon looked at his brother and the younger panther climbed silently down. He would be the distraction for the guards while he and Cynbel slipped inside. The other guards would be armed, but it wouldn’t be hard between his speed and Cynbel’s surprisingly good marksmanship. He let out a little chuff to let the boy know to climb on his back and once he was holding on tightly, Ladon jumped from the roof.

Enyo let out a depressed sigh as she read the spell book she had been allowed to take from the library. She missed her brother and missed magic. It had seemed like forever since she had cast her last spell. She had never cried harder than when they had locked the collar around her neck and told her she would never see Cynbel again. Her baby brother was her only family. She felt herself tearing up and sat her book down, lifted her glasses and wiped at her eyes. A loud hissing roar startled her and she dropped her glasses back onto her nose. “What was that?” She whispered to herself. Another roar sounded and she stood, her heart giving a leap of fear. She had never heard a noise like it. It reminded her of a screaming woman, but a hundred times more terrifying. She stood on her bed and looked out the barred window. Something darted through the yard, passing under the light for just a moment. She thought she caught a glimpse of black fur and a lithe body.

She didn’t know if a pack of somthing was attacking and if it could get to her. With this collar on she had no means of defending herself and neither did anybody else here that was being held. She could be killed and then really never have any hope of seeing her baby brother again. The commotion continued outside then abruptly stopped. Enyo’s heart pounded even harder in her chest. The beat becoming somehow more rampant when she could hear her door being unlocked. She backed up for what little good that would do her. When the door was opened and she was bracing herself for death she stood there like a deer in the headlights “Cynbel?” she finally said, her voice fighting through the tears that were trying to form.

“Hurry sister, come with us!”

She hesitated. “The collar.”

“Don’t worry about the collar.” It was a man she didn’t recognize. “We’ll get it off as soon as we can, but I suggest you come with us if you want out of this prison.” She glared at him, not liking his tone. A look of amusement flitted across his face and he looked into the hall. “We’ve got company.”

“I don’t have my magic.”

Ladon shrugged as he shifted shape and sprinted down the hall at the guards. They opened fire at him and he leaped into the air, the bullets flying under him. The moment his paws touched down, he sent arcs of electricity through the air. They traveled up the guns and into the bodies of the guards. He gave a huff and looked back over his shoulder at Cynbel and the beautiful Enyo. “Come on Enyo, he’s getting you out of here. We have to hurry though, his brother is distracting the others.”

Enyo let Cynbel take her hand and pull her down the hall after the big cat. She was in a state of disbelief that she was actually being rescued and she was curious about this shifter and magic user. She worried about how her brother had met him. They heard screams and they all came to a stop as a guard ran past them on an adjacent hall, pursued by an angry, yowling panther a bit smaller than the one they followed.

“That’s his brother Remus” Remus began running beside Ladon and the two followed again. Soon they were out but Enyo still wasn’t at peace. Her heart wrenched for the witches still trapped there. She was allowing herself to be rescued for now but she would do what she had to to see them all free. She took her brothers hand firmly, grateful to have him at her side again. When they were far enough away Enyo and Cynbel stopped to hug eachother. They were both almost reduced to tears, it had been far too long. “I’m so glad you’re okay Cynbel”

“as am I to see you alive. I hate that collar, it makes me angry just looking at it”

“she wont be wearing it much longer” Ladon interjected.

“Who are you?”

“Ladon, shifter, among other things.” He winked. “Come on, we’re close.”

“To what?” Ladon walked off, Remus following and Cynbel pulled his sister along.

“It’s okay, Enyo.” Cynbel said. “You know I wouldn’t take you somewhere bad.”

Ladon and Remus came to a stop a couple of minutes later, the former, kicking at some leaves covering a manhole. He lifted it off and Remus hopped down into the darkness. “Alright, you two next.”

“Come on Enyo.” Cynbel hopped down. “Come on, it’s not dangerous.”

“We’ll take you to our base and I’ll get that collar off. Yours isn’t the first I’ve removed so it won’t take long.”

“Okay” she hopped down then Ladon went, closeing it back up. “see? We’re fine”

“lets get that off beautiful” Ladon said, attempting to hook arms with Enyo. She quickly pulled out and he lightly chuckled “I don’t bite unless you want me to. I can understand you not trusting easily but I did free you and your brother can vouch for us” She really didn’t know what to make of him so she just said “I’ll try to relax but just because I’m willing to trust you doesn’t mean I’m okay with you touching me unnecessarily.” Ladon shrugged, a little disappointed. All he had been wanting to do since he saw her was touch her.

He sat her down somewhere and emus tugged Cynbel off saying “you promised you’d watch a movie with me once we had her safe.” Enyo smiled and Ladon asked “what?”

“Is there something between those two? I know i haven’t seen anything worth really noteing but I am Cynbels big sister. Just seems like something, I guess I’ll say more is between them”

“I do know for a fact my brother has a huge crush on yours”

“I’m sure Cynbel is at a loss.”

Ladon chuckled. “My brother is a lot like me, very forward. We shifters tend to be that way though.” He ran his fingers along the inside of her collar, letting them gently brush her skin.

“What are you doing?” Enyo felt goosebumps rise on her skin.

“There are these notches, they’re small and hard to find.”


He smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything too necessary.” He teased. “There they are.” He pulled the collar forward while using his fingers to protect her neck. He pulled out a little tool with a hook on the end. He messed with the notches, wiggling the hook around. “Do you know what happens if you take these collars off the wrong way?”

“Not really, I was told not to try.”

“There’s this spike that shoots out into your throat and you bleed out.” He glanced at her face. “Don’t worry, my hand is covering it so I’ll be the only one getting hurt.” There was a clicking noise and he pulled the collar from around her neck. “Looks like we got lucky.” He looked the thing over. “They also record your vitals and what kind of magic you use.”

“You did that so calmly”

“Like I said, I’ve removed quite a few. I’m going to look over what this recorded. After I’ll be fair and tell you about me. Ask any question that pops into that beautiful mind. I’m a flirt and very attracted to you by the way and my flirting is not something I have much control over. Just fair warning.”

“You saved me, I can abide a little flirting. Not that your ego needs the stroke but you’re pretty damn sexy yourself Ladon” His panther purred and she could see it in his eyes, the happiness and lust. He said nothing and walked away and she didn’t quite know what to do with herself. She wanted to find her brother but she didn’t want to interrupt anything. She guessed it was okay to walk around so she began to slowly explore, taking all of her new surroundings in. Ladon came up so quietly he scared her. It was obvious with just how badly she jumped. He laughed “not even sorry, that was cute” She laughed too “ass”

“Mmm, anyway, lets eat something and I’ll answer any questions you want”

Enyo looked around the kitchen, surprised at how put together everything was. “Wow, I was expecting all of this.”

“That’s what most say.” Ladon smiled as he put two plates of tuna casserole on the table. “I hope leftovers are okay, I have to go shopping at some point.”

“Leftovers are fine, thank you.”

“It is the best tuna casserole you’ll ever taste.”

“Oh sure.”

He grinned at her. “You won’t know until you put it in your mouth.” He winked as he took a bite and she rolled her eyes.

“Perv.” He shrugged and she smiled as she ate. She couldn’t help the little moan that filled her mouth and his smile widened. “Shut up, what did you put in this, drugs? This is amazing.”

“I know, I’m just that amazing.”

“Alright, alright, you might be. Now, tell me about this place, about how you and your brother came to be here and most important of all how you met my brother.”

“Well, I used magic to put this together, kind of shaped it how I wanted it. There are multiple rooms for others we save, even your brother has one. We’ve been forming a resistance so we can take back our lives and our rights. As far as your brother, he came looking for us and found me using that little gift of his, said he picked up on my thoughts.”

“so he’s improving. I’m glad to hear it. I was supposed to be helping him with his gifts but well, you know what happened”

“I respect you for hiding him like you did. You’re a good woman and I’m glad he found me”

“He’s my brother. He always comes first.”

“you say that like it’s what anybody would do but honestly, self preservation kicks in a lot, even with siblings. Now I’m like you, I’d do anything to protect my brother. I’m just saying I’ve seen and heard about some pretty fucked up stuff from people who are supposed to protect one another”

“well, on happier topics thank you for saving me from there and for looking after him.”

“Thank me by helping my cause. You’re a pretty impressive witch according to that collar”

“probably better than you” he choked then laughed “don’t make me prove you wrong beautiful”

“You think you could beat me?”

“I don’t think, I know.” He gave her his most charming smile. “Don’t you know cats are closer to magic than other things.”

“You mean all that mythological stuff.”

“We’re pretty special.”

“I’m sure.” He just stuck more food in his mouth and grinned. “So tell me about this network of yours. How many in the resistance?”

“About twenty last time I checked. We keep ourselves scattered so we can’t all be arrested at once. They email me to tell me if there have been any gains or losses. I’m the head, my brother is my second. I’ve hacked into the witch hunter’s system so I have lists upon lists of information from how many are on patrol to what’s on the lunch menu.”

Chapter Two

“Has my brother been helping any?”

“Since finding him our focus has been getting you out of there.”

“I really appreciate it. I want to help however I can” He set his plate down and moved closer to her, leaving merely a few inches between his body and hers “You could help release some of my tension from doing this work” She rolled her eyes but smiled as she pushed him back. He chuckled happily “Your smile is gorgeous Enyo”

“somthing tells me that’s what you were really trying to get” He shrugged again, smirking as he had before. She had just met this man but Enyo liked him already.

“So, I guess I should give you a tour and then we can get down to business.”

She laughed. “Business? Is that what they call it now?”

“Not that kind of business, though I am confident I could surprise you, I mean real business. You should know this place inside and out and I’d like to show you how my computer works in case I get captured. It probably won’t happen, but it’s a precaution.”

“Alright.” They stuck their plates in the sink and then he guided her with a hand at the small of her back throughout his home.

Cynbel was still watching a movie with Remus, who had his head resting on Cynbel’s lap and was trying to get him to laugh. Ladon showed her the bathroom and then the rooms. “Mine is at the end of the hall in case you get restless or something.” He winked and she rolled her eyes again. “That is just so adorable.”

“So is my electricity. I could make your hair stand on end.”

“Mmm, sounds amazing.”

“Shut up.”

He chuckled and showed her the escape routes. They were tunnels and he told her there was a pattern to them and that he would give her a map to memorize so she wouldn’t get lost. Last was the computer room. He had more than one monitor set up and it looked pretty high tech. “The most wonderful thing about all this, is that it’s controlled by magic. No one else can use it unless I give them permission. There are no codes to steal. Once I take the magic away, it’s off until I turn it back on.”

“thank you for trusting me”

“Between what your brother has told me and meeting you I know you’re a woman I can count on. Now give me your full attention. I need you to remember all I’m about to tell you and it’s going to be a lot of information”

“I have a good memory” He nodded and got the computers working, explaining just how he did it and everything they do. She gave him her undivided attention though she had to admit to herself, it was hard at moments not to stare at his impressive build. There was no way he didn’t workout at least once a day. He noticed her glances and ate it up but he saved that ammo for later. Right now he just wanted to make sure she knew how to use this if he couldn’t.

“So, you got all that beautiful?”

“Of course.”

“Alright.” He touched the keyboard and the computer went silent. “Turn it on.”

She shot him a look and he grinned. “Testing me already, you better be careful, playing with fire is dangerous.”

“But I like fire.”

She nudged him out of the way and used her magic to switch the computer back on. She wove the same spells he had explained to her and she was logged in in a matter of seconds. “See, easy.”

“You can also get a hold of the others if this base gets broken into. Just let them know, set this room on fire, and run. I can build another computer, I can’t build another you.”

She laughed and he just smiled that devastatingly handsome smile at her again until that sweet sound quit flowing into his ears “now I think you should just relax or get some sleep. You’ve been through a lot.”

“I’ll go to my room I suppose. I can’t remember what sleep is like without that collar.”

“I’ll walk you” He kept his hand on the small of her back again, just enjoying the contact since she didn’t seem to mind. When they got there they said goodnight and parted ways. He returned to his computer to check his mail then went to bed, not wanting to be a pest to his brother who was trying so hard to get Cynbel to like him.

Enyo slept surprisingly well that night and only woke when there was a light knocking on her door. She sat up as the door opened and blushed when she saw Ladon smiling back at her. “Good morning beautiful.”

“You could have said it was you, I’m sure I look terrible.”

He said down on the edge of the bed and pushed her hair back away from her face. “You look perfect. Remus and Cynbel are making breakfast, I thought I’d come and get you.”

“Oh, well thank you.”

“Did you sleep okay?”

“Yeah, this bed’s really comfortable.”

“I sent an email to the others telling them we would be formulating a plan of attack today. I want to get the rest of the prisoners out.”

“Sounds good, your brother have any luck with Cynbel?”

He chuckled. “I don’t know, your brother seems a bit put off by him. The complete opposite of you of course, you seem to enjoy my flirtations and my body.”

Her cheeks reddened again. “No, I was just studying your tattoo.”

He chuckled “right”

“I was”

“Your eyes didn’t stay on it but I enjoy a woman like you staring”

“I’m going to hit you” He chuckled again, resting a hand on her face “I enjoy you very much” he said then stood up “come eat so we can plan” She was blood red as he walked out. She got up soon after and quickly readied herself before attending breakfast. “Good morning Cynbel” Enyo said and he answered “good morning. Did you sleep okay?”

“Much better without that collar. Did you enjoy the movie?”

“It was pretty good” She took the free seat beside her brother. “what was it about?”


“That’s quite the description.” She teased and Remus took a bite of food to keep from laughing.

“Well it’s not my fault I missed most of it. Remus was distracting me.”

“At least I got you to smile.” Remus said with a big grin.

Cynbel looked down at his plate, his cheeks reddening. Enyo smiled and Ladon gave her a wink. “He’s always been more serious, you’ll have to excuse him.” Enyo said as she gently elbowed her brother. “But he is sweet.”

His blush deepened and he shoved food in his mouth to have something to do with himself. The rest of morning discussion was planning but Remus kept glancing over at Cynbel and smiling at him. Cynbel seemed more uncomfortable than anything but his reddening cheeks earlier told his sister he definitely felt the same as Remus so she decided to talk to him later. He obviously needed a big sister pep talk to get things going. There wasn’t any time after breakfast since they needed to get ready to rescue the other witches but she would find a moment.

“Enyo, come with me, I’ve got something for you.” Ladon said as he grabbed her hand.

“What is it?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” He pulled her out of the kitchen and down the hall to his room. “Uh, we don’t really have time.” She teased and he laughed.

“Get your mind out of the gutter perv.” He joked back and she punched his chest. “How cute.”

“Oh hush.”

He smiled as he brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles. He looked pleased at her blush and released her so he could dig around in his chest of drawers. “Found it.” He pulled out a harness and held it up in the air. He walked over to her and started slipping it up her arms and over her shoulders.

“What are you doing?”

“Putting it on, just hold still.” He buckled it in front and it tightened itself around her chest. “I made this myself, one size fits all and if you hit this button, it creates a barrier that’ll protect you from projectiles. Those nasty darts they use will bounce right off your skin.”

“Wow, cool.”

“I know, I’m quite the genius.” He looked her over. “It looks amazing on you.”

“You really don’t stop do you?”

“I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not but i’m not always THIS bad. You are just an amazing and attractive woman. You’re so intelligent and have I mentioned sexy? I’d be an idiot not to want you as much as I do. I can see you want me too”

“Lets talk about this when the others are free. I feel bad standing here flirting when they are still miserable” He tucked some hair behind her ear “but we will continue this conversation right? I’ really like you Enyo.”

“I swear we’ll talk after we save the witches that were trapped with me” He took her hands again, bravely kissing her knuckles. “then lets hurry” They walked back to their little brothers and soon were leaving the safety of their base.Though Enyo was with the men that saved her her heart was still gripped with fear being back at the place she was imprisoned. She knew the security would be far more intense this time.

Ladon gently rested his hand on her shoulder, giving her a reassuring look. “do you remember the plan Enyo?”


“Good, don’t get yourself hurt…I can’t replace a woman like you” His words had her blushing again, even in a situation like this. Remus shifted and Ladon followed suit.

“The others should be converging soon.” Cynbel said, expanding his psychic range to take in the thoughts and emotions of those not only in the building, but also of those approaching. “Nearly twenty have come to aid us, I’m thinking those that didn’t were too young.” He looked at his sister. “There are at least twice that in prisoners and a shit ton of guards.”

“Doubled from the rescue?”

“Yeah and they’re all on high alert, trigger happy.”

“Kill or detain?”

“Detain if possible.”

Enyo pressed the button on her harness as they followed the cats forward, staying low. The plan was for the other twenty to attack first, distracting the guards while Enyo and Cynbel followed Ladon and Remus inside. She had been told the others had powerful gifts and she shouldn’t worry. “Ladon’s thinking about you again.”


“Yeah, so don’t get killed because I’d be angrier than him if you did.”

“you know I won’t. It was so hard being away from you, not knowing if you were okay. Nothing’s going to separate us” the plan worked just as they hoped and the four got inside with the rest distracting the guards. Not all the guards had gone out but the few that were inside were easy to handle.

Chapter Three

Ladon shifted to his human form as soon as the coast was clear and lead them to the computer that controlled the locks on all the doors. He typed in a few commands then lead them back out. They were going to have to make sure all of the prisoners stayed together. There were some children and they looked more terrified than anyone else. “Bastards.” Ladon said as he squatted down so he was eye to eye with a little girl. “Want to come with me away from these jerks? I’ll find your parents.” The little girl nodded and he held out his hands. She was in his arms in an instant and Enyo couldn’t help but smile at how his straightforward nature put the child at ease.

“I’ll take point.” Remus said.

“Cynbel and I will stay in the middle. Enyo, could you take up the rear and fry anyone who even thinks about touching these people?”

“Of course.”

“No risks beautiful, stick close to the group.”

“I will.”

His eyes lingered in hers only a moment before they began rushing through the prison in search of anybody else being kept there. Ladon got tense every time Enyo had to fight guards off despite the fact she did it so well and without any harm at all coming to her. They gathered what was left of the people and started making their way out. It seemed they might have been fewer in numbers but the sheer magnitude of their combined skill made them beat these jerks by a landslide. They got everyone out and rushed them back to Ladons base where they could check them over then figure out where to send them or how long they needed to stay in his base. It didn’t much matter, Ladon had more than enough space to house them all as long as they needed.

“I’ll probably keep the kids here, I did promise to find that one girls parents. Remus, you and Cynbel take the others and even distribute them. I’ll email the other bases and let them know, I’m sure they already have rooms set up and you be the one to take the collars off, just like I showed you.”

“Will do.” Remus grabbed Cynbel’s hand then yelled at the adults to follow him. Cynbel’s face reddened at the sudden display and Enyo had to keep herself from laughing.

“You’re going to really have to talk to him when they get back, my brother might jump his bones soon if you don’t.” Ladon joked and Enyo punched his shoulder.

“Shut up, perv.” She then turned her attention to the four waiting children. Three girls, ranging from seven to twelve, and one boy who looked to be about ten. “Would you guys like to tell us your names?”

“I’m Agnus, this is Hope and that’s Lucy, the boy is John. We saw you sometimes when we were let into the mess hall.”

“I’m Enyo and that’s Ladon, he’ll take the collars off for you if you want.”

“And then tomorrow, Enyo and I will go out and get all of you new clothes and even toys if you want or books.”

“thank you” Hope said then the other kids thanked them aswell. Ladon was extra careful removing theirs, not wanting to frighten the kids by getting himself hurt by their collars. When they were off he got them each a drink and a snack. They ate excitedly, glad to have something good instead of simply nutritious to eat. The next day they did as promised and bought the kids books, clothes, toys and anything else they wanted so that they’d be comfortable and happy until they found them parents. After lunch Enyo took care of taking her brother to the side and talking to him about Remus. She had never seen her brother so red in his life when their little talk was over.

She laughed and he got flustered with her about it which only made her laugh harder.When she left him alone to sort through their conversation she went to talk to Ladon about the two of them. She was a bit red herself thinking about it but she wanted to have an open and honest conversation with him about where he wanted things to go between the two of them. She hoped he could stop with the jokes long enough to really talk to her about it.

“Hello beautiful.” Ladon said when she came into the computer room. He had the children’s files on one screen while he used an automatic search engine to find their parents.

“You look busy.”

He swiveled around in his chair and stood up, stretching so her eyes were drawn to his torso. He chuckled. “Gorgeous aren’t I?” He teased. “So, what’s on your mind, I can see you thinking?”

“Well, I can come back.”

He took her hand and tugged her closer, making her heart do a flip. “I’m never too busy for you, talk to me.”

“I wanted to discuss us.”


“Is there an us I mean?”

He grinned. “Well I was hoping, I mean after all the flirting and sexual tension, but if you would prefer we just stay friends, I think I’d have to try everything in my power to change your mind.” He backed her up until she was pressed against the wall then leaned over and locked the door. “You look nervous.”

“What do you expect? You’re so…so…” She knew her face was red, but she couldn’t look away from him to hide the fact.

He chuckled happily as he nuzzled her. He framed her face with his hands and held her so she was looking right into his eyes “so are you mine or do I have to keep trying to seduce you” He whispered seductively. She swallowed reflexively at the lustful look in his eyes. She was his and he knew it but he loved how she was reacting to this. He wanted elicit so many more reactions out of her. She kissed the cocky son of a bitch and he smiled before kissing her back. When they parted lips she said “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you” He began to kiss down her neck, only stopping when he got to her shoulder “I know what I want you to do with me Enyo” His words were husky with desire. Goosebumps covered her skin and he smiled triumphantly.

His lips pressed against hers again and her arms wrapped around his neck while he slowly undressed her. When his hands met her soft skin he let out an appreciative moan and her heart stuttered. She let her own hands slide over his torso, her fingers tug at his belt and then his pants. He let out a little growl as he lifted her and pressed her tightly against the wall and she wrapped her legs tightly around him. His lips muffled her moans as he set a quick pace. Her fingernails biting into his back only seemed to increase his lust and she found herself on the floor, his hands pinning her wrists above her head as he dominated her. Her quivering pushed him over the edge and he bit into her shoulder, his canines threatening to break her skin. His body shook with the force of his climax and they both panted as they came back to reality. He kissed her shoulder then her lips and her eyes widened slightly when she saw his were glowing a soft gold.

“Damn.” He said as he gave her soft kisses. “I might be addicted.” He pressed his forehead against hers and started purring, satisfied.

“I love you.” Enyo said softly and he smiled, his nose rubbing against hers.

“I love you too, my beautiful mate.”

“Mates, that’s like marriage right?”

“And then some.” When he looked at her again, his eyes were back to normal. “It’s more of this. I might keep you to myself after the little ones are with their families.” He moved off of her then picked her up. “I want to cuddle, but not here.”

“The kids, they might see us.”

He cocked his head to the side, listening. “They’re in the living room with your brother and mine and I am very fast, when I want to be.”

“alright” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. He unlocked the door and darted out, quickly getting her to his room. “wow” she said as he laid her down. “I’ll be making you say that a lot” he said as he got under the covers with her. She laughed “I’m so glad my brother found you’

“me too, for my brother too. I make a lot of crude jokes and so does my brother but he really means somthing to Remus just as you mean so much to me”

“I can tell, your brother must have a lot of patience.”

“He’s a sweet guy. He’d never pressure Cynbel”

“well, they are probably together now. I talked to my brother”

“Good, thank you”

“have you had any luck finding who the kids belong to?”

“My computer is still searching. I’ll check it after I’ve enjoyed you a bit more. They are having fun with all their new toys anyway”

“I just can’t imagine what it was like for them. I’m an adult and was scared at times”

“They were monsters regardless but it takes a complete bastard to kidnap a child” He answered, a hint of anger in his voice. “shh” she said, rubbing his arm gently. She felt goosebumps form and kissed his shoulder “cut that out or I might ravish you again Enyo”


The next couple of days was spent with him mostly working to get the kids home and Enyo admired him for his dedication. When they had names, Ladon sent emails and set up a meeting place. He made sure to do background checks, not wanting them walking into a trap. “We’ll get them home tomorrow, they’re really excited.” Ladon said as he cuddle with Enyo.

“You’re so sweet, thank you for working so hard.” She kissed him and he pulled her tightly against him. “I love you so much.”

“Me too. Oh and I nearly watched your brother spontaneously combust the other day. I caught him and Remus making out in the laundry room.”

“Be nice, Remus is his first love so he’s bound to get nervous.”

He smiled. “And am I yours?”

She blushed. “Yes of course you are. First and only.”

“Good because you’re mine.”

In the following days they returned the children to their parents, crying everytime they saw those little ones and parents embracing once again and how happy they were. With that taken care of they could focus on Ladons primary objective, getting rid of all the prisons for witches. He wouldn’t stop until his people were liberated. He was happier and more hopeful for his cause than ever with Enyo at his side. He couldn’t believe he had finally found his mate and couldn’t wait to create a world for her where she could live in absolute peace.

~ The End

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