Evelina & Holly

Chapter One

Evelina swam around her tank as tourists cameras flashed and children pointed. She had once swam free in the oceans with her family but she had foolishly gone against her parents warnings and swam near land. A fisherman had seen her and upon realizing he spotted a mermaid captured her with the rest of the crews help. She could turn her tail into legs but without fail they always had all the gates locked and the glass walls were much too high and slippery to escape from. She wasn’t allowed to cry infront of the guests, she was punished if she did. The last time they were punished they had left a scar on her beautiful white tail and blamed it on the sharks that swam with her.

A mermaids tail was extremely important to them so to have it marred was almost as bad to her as a human might feel about sombody marring their face or sombody destroying a family heirloom they held dear. It wasn’t a bad scar by any means and her mother could mend her if she was allowed back in the ocean but Evelina knew that was never going to happen. Her foolish act of thinking her parents were over cautious now had sentenced her to be nothing more than a show for humans for the rest of her days.

The most devastating part about that was that she was immortal as all mermaids were so the rest of her days would last as long as they kept force feeding her. She had given up eating months ago so now they stuck a tube down her throat when she needed to eat and gave her vitamin injections. Evelina noticed the people leaving and felt relief, she could finally be alone to let all her heartache out of her eyes. All she wanted was her family and of course this aquarium wanted them too but there was nothing in the world they could do to her that would make her tell them where her family lived in the ocean. She would rather die a slow, torturous death than have them suffer in a cage. Luckily they had believed her when she told them she was the only one of her kind left. She was worried when she lied to them but they bought it easily.
Holly stood quietly in the utility closet near the mermaid exhibit, being as quiet as possible. She was supposed to leave when everyone else left, but she really wanted to see the mermaid. She had only seen her on her lunch breaks and even then she would stay at a distance, too afraid to get closer to the glass. She waited patiently and once she saw the light seeping beneath the door go out she slowly pushed the door open. The aquarium lights had been dimmed and gave off a faint glow that helped her see. She approached the glass slowly, her heart beating nervously in her chest. She pressed her palm against the cool glass and brought her face close, her eyes searching for the beautiful mermaid.

Evelina laid curled up on one of the rocks they had put in the aquarium, her heart aching. She wanted out, she wanted people to stop looking at her like she was some kind of freak. She turned over and looked at the glass wall, her prison. She suddenly realized she was not alone and could see someone standing on the other side of the coral. She pushed off the rock and peeked around the pink and yellow coral. There was a woman standing there, her eyes searching the water almost frantically. She moved slowly out from behind the coral and the woman’s eyes rested on her.
“Um, Hi” Holly said nervously. Evelina swam closer, noticing Hollys work uniform. “I wasn’t crying in front of them. Don’t get me in trouble”

“what?” For starters she didn’t understand what Evelina was talking about and secondly she couldn’t believe she heard Evelinas words so clearly. She was under water and behind thick glass. “You work here. You should know I’m not allowed to cry”

“I just started. I’ve been wanting to meet you because..well you’re beau” Holly paused, not able to call her beautiful out loud “I had a bad feeling. Like you may be getting hurt and I can see that is the case”

“Yes, they punish me if I cry in front of guests and they force feed me to keep me alive. I just want to go home to my family. I miss them so much” Evelina covered her mouth, shocked at herself. She had just told a worker she had a family and she didn’t even know why. Evelina hadn’t even come near a slip before but with this girl she was just telling the truth. “I wont tell them you have a family. I’m so sorry they are doing this. It’s cruel to keep a creature like you locked up”
“Can you help me escape?”

Holly swallowed and pulled her hand away from the glass. “I don’t know if I can, I don’t think I can even get to the back of your exhibit without the key.”

“It’s okay, don’t get in trouble for me.”

Holly wanted to help, she was just scared. The people who were allowed to have the key to her exhibit were not very nice and she couldn’t very well just walk up and take it from one of them, she wasn’t a pickpocket. “I’ll find a way, I promise.” She sat down in front of the glass. “I…I want you to be free, but if I get you out, it’ll be hard to get you to the ocean without people noticing you. So man have taken pictures so you’ll be easily recognizable.”

“Maybe you should just leave and not get in trouble.”

“I can’t do that. Tell me about the back side of your exhibit. Can you get out at all?”

“The walls are too high and really slippery. I can change my tail to human legs, but that doesn’t help at all and even if I could get out there’s the matter of the doors and gates.”

“I have the keys to those, two master keys that all the employees are given, but the key to your exhibit is exclusive. I know um I’ll check the utility closet.”
“for what?’

“anything, I don’t really know. I just know I want to help you. I can’t stand by and let them keep you locked in this tank” Evelina smiled “thank you, I am grateful”

“Can I take a moment to ask a question?’

“Of course”

“How can i hear you?” Evelina shrugged “how do you think sirens can charm fishermen and pirates. We can just make our voices sound in the ears of anybody we have a good picture of. Doesn’t matter whats between us or if I’m underwater and you’re not”

“That’s amazing” Their eyes lingered in one anothers for a short time then she went to the closet. She looked around but for a utility closet this thing was really sad and void of useful things. Holly thought as she looked around how they could get Evelina to the ocean undetected if she got her out of the tank and ran. She pondered dyeing her hair, cutting it, buying ugly thrift shop clothes to put on her so her beautiful body wasn’t visible. None of the humans knew she could sprout legs anyway.

She was a mythical creature, well, supposedly mythical and humans truly didn’t know that much for solid fact. Holly sighed, hating she didnt wear hair clips to atleast be able to make an attempt at the door. She walked back over to Evelina “well?’ she asked hopefully “I couldn’t find anything to use. I’ll bring somthing tomorrow. I will also spend the day seeing if maybe I can get the keys somehow. Regardless I promise I’m doing somthing about this. Even if I have to reach out to the online community and shame this aquarium for what they are doing to you until people stand up against this. Peoples hearts will more easily go out to you than another creature because you’d be considered endangered for starters. Aside from that you’re half human. This is against human rights.”
“Just don’t get caught, I would hate myself if you did. I’m Evelina by the way.”

“I’m Holly and I’ll be careful, I promise.” She wanted to hug Evelina to reassure her that everything would be alright. All she could do was press her hand against the glass. Evelina did the same, feeling connected to this woman even though she couldn’t physically touch her. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“Okay, good night.”

Holly turned away and hurried away from the exhibit, using her keys to get her outside. She ran across the parking lot and pulled her car door open. The whole way home all she could think about was Evelina and how desperately she wanted to be free. Holly didn’t understand how they could imprison someone like Evelina who had never done anything to anyone, how they could see her tears and punish her. She swore to get her out.
Evelina sat on her rock and brushed her hair with the small brush they had given her to use. Most nights she spent depressed and trying to enjoy what time she had without being a spectacle for the humans. Tonight she felt worry over her new friend along with excitement at the thought of finally seeing her family again. She would apologize to them all for putting herself in this position. If she had only listened to her parents warnings she would have never been seen and caught. They had never been controlling, especially not now that she was an adult but she still always had to push things. This had been a horrible way to learn her lesson but it was learned and she would forever listen to their warnings if she could return home. Evelina just couldn’t imagine before the humans could really treat their kind as bad as they had warned her.

Evelina was glad there was still good among the humans and she would tell her parents that. Holly was proof that some humans still have a heart. Evelina began to think of how cute Holly was. She was adorable in a beautiful sort of way. She actually began wondering if Holly had a mate as she laid down, trying to fall asleep. When she faded to sleep it was still Holly that filled her head, making her sleep with a small smile tonight.

Holly paced late into the night. She had tried to lay down and sleep many times but it was hard to knowing how sad Evelina was. Evelina had been stuck in hell and Holly could only imagine what her family must be feeling. They had no idea what was happening to her so she could only imagine their pain. It was especially upsetting to know Evelina was punished for showing how sad she was. How sick and cruel could you be to take someone from their home and then demand they not be sad about it.

Zadette was crying again this evening as she waded on the waters surface. She was waiting for her daughter, praying she was coming back. Honey surfaced next to her mother saying “you are really upsetting dad. He’s worried about you up here”

‘I’m not near shore”

“but you are visible mom. You putting yourself at risk isn’t bringing Evelina back. She knows where our home is and if she can get back to us you know she will mom. Please, come home so we all don’t have to worry, especially dad.”

“alright” Zadette said sadly then swam home with her daughter. Hostual knocked Zadette back he swam into her so hard for a hug. He had wanted to go himself but when he fetched her he tended to get angry out of his worry and need to protect his wife. He couldn’t lose any more of his family and that especially went for his Zadette. “sorry Hostual”

“just come rest with me” When their parents were in their rooms Cana spoke to Honey “Moms going to make us go through loseing her too if she doesn’t stop” Honey sighed “I’m sure we’ll understand when we have kids Cana. If i wasn’t afraid of being taken I’d wait up there with mom”

“we all miss Evelina but its no need to be reckless with ourselves.”

“I am not fighting with you about this Cana” cana rolled her eyes and went to her room. Honeys frown deepened as she laid in bed. She whispered to herself “why couldn’t you ever just listen to our parents Evelina? Why did you always have to take so many risks? We miss you so much” Honey silently cried herself to sleep, doubting their family would ever get back to the way it was before the day Evelina didn’t come home.

Chapter Two

Holly’s alarm woke her the next morning and she sat up slowly, groaning. She was exhausted, but got up and went into the bathroom. She took a cold shower to wake herself up then got out, dressed and pulled her hair up in a ponytail. She grabbed a screwdriver out of her kitchen drawer which also held a pair of scissors and some duct tape, but she didn’t think she’d need those so she left them. She stuck the screwdriver in her pocket and pulled her shirt over the top. If she couldn’t get the key she would either unscrew the door handle or break out the glass and pry away the wiring. All she knew is she wasn’t going to let Evelina stay in that aquarium another night.

Evelina took a deep, steadying breath. Soon her “caretakers” would arrive and she would be forced to eat and take her vitamins. Holly had promised to get her out so she decided to cooperate today. When they came in they were ready to shove a tube down her throat and were surprised when she swam over to the open grate willingly. Usually that had to send divers in after her to drag her out and onto a table. “I’ll eat on my own today.” She said.

“The little fish is finally learning is she?” The head caretaker was named Brett and she really hated him. The way he looked at her made her stomach knot.

“Yes, I won’t fight, I promise.”
“good, we’ll get you somthing better to eat then. I’ll go since those idiots are already dressed to catch you. Stay with her and get her strapped down if she changes her mind” They nodded and he went to give her the diet they would normally have prepared to go through the tube. Evelina waited there at the side of the tank until he returned to give her a plate of food. “it’ll taste a heck of a lot better this way and we’re still giving you your shots” Evelina nodded and ate before he stuck her with the vitamin injections so the aquarium could be sure their cash cow would stay healthy.

‘i hope things can stay civil Evelina” Brett said before he took her plate and locked things back up. A fish swam up to Evelina as she sank back down into the water. “hey little one. I’m alright. I was willing today so they didn’t hurt me” It swam around her happily then went off on it’s own.She looked around at all the other creatures. She felt bad for everyone of them for not being free in the vast ocean depths. It didn’t seem as hard for the rest but she still wished there was no such thing as aquariums.

Holly did her work until she spotted Brett flirting with some women. When the women walked away after receiving his number she approached ‘hey Brett”

“what do you need? I thought you were done with training”

‘I am, I was just wondering how the mermaid is doing”

‘she’s fine”

“It must be nice getting to see her every day”

“she’s sexy so yeah. Much better to look at than the rest of the fish”

“Do you think I could borrow your key to see her up close. Please”

“What would be in it for me? I could get in trouble you know”

“what do you want?”
He grinned and reached up to run his fingers down her cheek to her chin. “We’ll start with a kiss and go from there I think. I know you like women, but I think I could change your mind.”

Holly smiled up at him. “Okay, deal.”

“I want my kiss now.”

She swallowed nervously, but kissed him anyway. He was forceful, hurting her lips. When he pulled back he was still smiling and pulled his keys out of his pocket. “I have a lot of work to do today so just leave them in the utility closet, top shelf.”

“Okay, thank you.” She walked away, feeling disgusted. He was such a pig, wanting sex as payment. She went through the door to the back of the mermaid exhibit, keeping her eyes on the ground and focusing on Evelina. She climbed up the ladder to the grate and unlocked it with the second key on the ring then slid it open. “Evelina.” She said under her breath. “It’s Holly.” Evelina came into view and poked her head out of the water.

“How did you get back here?”

“I made a deal I don’t intend to keep. Look, I’m going to get you out tonight, it’s the only way. The grate is padlocked so I’ll tamper with it and I’ll also rig the door so the lock won’t latch.”

“Please don’t get hurt for me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” She looked around. “I have to go now, but I’ll be back tonight.”

“Okay.” Holly closed the grate and slipped the padlock back in place. She used her screwdriver to loosen the screws in the bottom so she could easily take it apart when she came back. She slipped the screwdriver back in her pocket then climbed down, grabbing a piece of gauze. She went to the door and looked around again. She stuffed the gauze into the door frame then exited and put Brett’s keys in the utility closet. Now she just had to wait and hope Brett didn’t bother her.
Holly went back to the work she was supposed to be doing, wishing she had thought to bring a skirt or somthing for Evelina to wear tonight when she changed her tail into legs. A naked woman would easily catch attention and attention was what they didn’t want. She didn’t live very close to the aquarium so it might alarm Evelina if she went home before coming to get her out. Holly thought of somthing a female coworker often used to leave early. She decided to use one womans excuse just to give her a few minuets to run home so she could have some clothes for Evelina.

She feigned massive cramps as she found her boss “whats wrong?’ he asked. “I’m cramping so bad and i forgot my Midol at home. Could i just please run get it. I just cant do this”

“why dont you take the day off?”

“No, I just need my Midol”

“alright, no problem” Holly rushed out, feigning hurt the entire way out. She drove quickly to her house and grabbed a skirt and loose fitting top for Evelina then she filled one of her to go coffee mugs with water since she guessed Evelina needed water and they were hours away from the ocean. Holly took everything to her car and set them in the back seat before returning to the aquarium. She thanked her boss then went about her normal work, glad she had a boss so sensitive to womens time of the month. Holly guessed he was like that since he was married with four daughters.
Holly went about her work, acting as normally as possible until Brett came up behind her. She straightened and spun around. “Can I help you?”

“Meet me at the white tip exhibit after everyone’s gone.”

“Alright, I’ll be there.”

“Good.” He left and she swallowed nervously, so glad he hadn’t touched her or kissed her again. She shivered and went back to work. When closing time drew near she became nervous, terrified even. Brett was going to be the only other human in the building so she had to be careful and make sure she didn’t get caught because Brett wouldn’t be happy when she stood him up.

Evelina stared out the aquarium glass, waiting patiently for Holly to show up. She had been given her dinner and was now just waiting to be rescued. She had heard Brett talking about Holly to one of the other guys and what she had heard had made her uncomfortable. She didn’t want Holly trading sex for her freedom no matter how much she wanted out.
When the lights went out Evelinas heart raced. She felt sad even though her freedom was coming. The thought of Holly with Brett was killing her, especially since she felt it was her fault. That beautiful, sweet looking girl was having sex with some asshole and it was to save her. Holly ran to Evelinas exhibit once she was out of hiding so the management would lock up. She desperately wanted to get out of here before Brett caught on that she wasn’t keeping her part of the deal.

She went right through the door and quickly began unscrewing the lock to break it. Evelina swam up “but, I heard you were having sex with that asshole?”

“Never, i lied to him so I could set this up” Evelina breathed a sigh of relief so Holly spoke again “this is no time for relief Evelina. He’s in the aquarium. I need to get you out before he catches on that I’m not going to screw him” her heart rate picked up again. Evelina knew too well he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt Holly and that scared Evelina beyond reason. Holly finally managed to get the grate open and Evelina pushed herself out with her arms. As she got up her tail shifted. The change was as if a fairy god mother was transforming her tail. It looked sparkly and beautiful just like it was in Cinderella when the fairy godmother changed her tattered dress into a pretty one.

Holly blushed at her now even more gorgeous body. Evelina smiled, enjoying how Holly was looking at her. Soon the danger they were in hit both of them so Holly grabbed Evelinas hand “we’ve got to run. I’ve got clothes for you in the car”


“Like me” Holly said back as they ran “Oh” Evelina responded.
She pulled Evelina out of the room, hurrying for the front door. They heard footsteps and Holly shook as she pulled her keys out of her pocket and unlocked the front door. “Come on, that was Brett.” They ran to the parking lot and to Holly’s car where she pulled out the clothes and Evelina got dressed as fast as she could.

“What if they come after us?” Evelina asked when they were in the car and Holly was pulling out of the parking lot.

“I doubt Brett will be willing to tell anyone he gave me his key and if they check the cameras and call the cops we can tell them you were kidnapped and held against your will.”

“Thank you for saving me.”

“There’s no way I could ever leave you there, forcing you to perform is horrible.”

“I hate aquariums.”

“Not every aquarium is like that, some actually take care of their animals. Not that you’re an animal I mean.”

Evelina gave her a smile and it made her heart beat quickly against her chest. “I knew what you meant. So, am I staying with you?”

“I think that would be safest, I wouldn’t want you out wandering alone.”

Chapter Three

“How far are we from the ocean?”

“Depends, could get there in as little as five but if we have a lot of stops or somthing could be around eight. I’ll pack us some clothes. How about water? Do you need it?”

“More than you but dont worry about me. I wont shrivel up”

“thats comforting to know. I have water in the car for you” Evelina smiled again ‘so thoughtful”

“We’ll have to leave early in the morning. He wont go tell tonight because they’ll ask why he was still there but he’ll pretend to find you missing really early in the morning”

‘Ok, how would your boyfriend feel about you making such a long trip on no notice” Holly smiled “I dont have a boyfriend and I dont even like boys, I’m a lesbian. Do you know what that is?’ Evelina smiled happily. “yes, I am too”

‘how’d your parents feel about that?’

“what do you mean?”

“Well, here on land it can cause problems”

“In the ocean it doesn’t matter. Its as plain as most girls liking boys. As soon as i knew they knew. We talked of it just as Honey talked about her first crush”

“Thats nice”

“did your parents have a problem then?”

“They didn’t care but thats because I was an inconvenience. I was an accidental pregnancy and they dont believe in abortions so they had me and interacted only as much as they had to. They wouldnt notice or care if they never saw me again. To them I was a burden god forced on them because its against his will to abort babies. i knew from the time i was four I was unwanted” Evelina frowned and took Hollys hand “well…I want you” Holly blushed, not sure how she meant that. ‘thanks, i dont care. It depressed me as a teen but it’s their problem, not mine. I havent seen them since I moved out. they dont try and I dont. On their Facebook I saw they had a party to celebrate me leaving. They were glad to be rid of their burden. Now we’re not even Facebook friends”


“sorry, it’s somthing we humans use to keep in contact”

“Oh, like seashells” Holly smiled ‘i guess”

“I’ll have to teach you to work a seashell”
“I’d really like that.” When they made it to her apartment they hurried inside and Holly made sure the doors and windows were locked and all the curtains were pulled closed. “That has to be the scariest thing I’ve ever done.”

Evelina kissed her cheek, making her blush. “Thank you for saving my life, I am forever in your debt.”

“Don’t say that, I was happy to get you out. I don’t need any payment.”

“I insist, think about what you want and I’ll do my best to get it for you.” Evelina flopped down on the couch. “May I have some water?”

“Oh sure, just a minute.” Holly practically ran into the kitchen and filled a glass for her. She came back and handed in to her, still feeling nervous. She sat down next to her and watched her out of the corner of her eye as she drank the whole glass of water. Some dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin, making Holly swallow.

“I’m making a mess.” Evelina sat the glass down and wiped at her face. “So, where will I be sleeping?”

“You can have my bed, I’ll sleep out here.”

Evelina frowned. “That hardly seems fair, why don’t we share the bed. I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable.”
Hollys heart hastened and she began fiddling with her fingers “you’d…you’d really like that?” Evelina gently touched Hollys cheek. It was the kindess bit of contact Holly had ever felt and it nearly made her lip quiver as Evelina spoke “it would be wonderful to sleep with someone as king, beautiful and amazing as you”

“You don’t know me very well”

“I know enough. you’ve risked a lot to free me. I don’t know much of the human world since my kind fears it after we first tried to be friends with humans generations ago. We stay away and now I very much see why except for when it comes to you Holly.” Evelina took Hollys hand “I really like you Holly. Very much. You dont have the confidence you should but now that i’ve heard about your parents I see why. I cant say I understand because my parents love me but I can see how you wouldn’t have confidence. Would it be alright if I kissed my hero?”

Holly deeply blushed and Evelina smiled almost teasingly “so cute” she said with a genuine smile. “Nobodies talked to me like this before”

“I’ve never met a woman I like us much as you and my mother told me to always just go for who and what I want. She got my daddy by being bold”

“You want me?”

“not sexually yet, I’m not easy cutie but I want a kiss if thats ok. please beautiful”

“Um, ok” Evelina held Hollys face in her hands and began to slowly kiss her. Hollys whole body reacted to the kiss. She felt amazing and never wanted to stop the movement of their lips together. They had no idea how much time passed when Evelina could make herself stop. “dear god you’re a good kisser” Evelina said and Holly blushed deeper. “Holly, you’ll blush yourself into a fever. Calm down”

“I..I need to make myself somthing to eat. Want anything?’

“No, they fed me already. I’d offer to help but I know nothing about human food”

“Just relax” Evelina took Hollys hand again “you really are a good kisser.”

“You are too. I didn’t want to stop”

“Maybe we could do more of that after you’ve eaten”

“ok” Holly said in a soft voice.
Holly made herself a turkey sandwich with a glass of milk and sat down at the table. Evelina sat across from her, her chin resting in her hand as she watched Holly eat. She blushed, but kept biting and chewing, her heart beating so fast she though it would leap from her chest. She managed to make it through her sandwich without choking then picked up her milk and slowly drank it. When she was done she rinsed her bowl and glass then went back to Evelina. “I need to get out of my work clothes then we can go to bed.”

“Okay, want me to wait here?”


Evelina just smiled and Holly hurried into her room, quickly stripping and puling on a pair of shorts and a tank top. She opened the bedroom door and slowly walked out. “Um I have some pajamas if you’d like to change.”

“That would be nice.” Evelina smiled sweetly and she looked at her feet. Evelina got to her feet and crossed over to Holly, tipping her head back. “You’re so cute, I love your blush. Show me the pajamas so I can change.”

“Okay, they’re in my room.”
Evelina followed Holly into her bedroom where Holly handed her pajamas before walking back out. Mermaids in general weren’t very modest creatures so Holly didn’t have to leave but Evelina knew Holly was too nervous to stay. When Evelina was dressed she got Holly so she could set an alarm for early morning and they could crawl in bed. “You know, the best way to sleep with another person is to cuddle.” Holly swallowed then moved closer to Evelina so they could tangle into eachother. Evelina smiled “while we’re this close I never got my kiss you said I could have after you had eaten” With a little more confidence than the last time Holly began kissing Evelina. Evelina made a contented noise as she held tightly to Holly. A meowing scared Holly then she pushed away ‘I didn’t feed my cat”

“I know he just said so”

“He just said so?”

“I can understand all animals, not just sea life. I’m sorry I’m hogging your momma” The orange and white cat looked at her and Evelina smiled “Oh, well then”

“well then?” Holly asked, ashamedly a little excited from the kissing. Evelina followed her into the kitchen “Theres this girl wild cat that he needs to sneak out for but you came in too quickly”

“is that why he’s always running out on me?”


“Vash, the pound will get you if I let you go” Vash meowed back ‘he doesn’t care” Evelina answered for him. “he wants me to let him out?”

“I promise he does. Its no offense to you of course” Vash started making noise again and Evelina continued “he thinks you’re a good owner”

“but the pound”

“He doesnt care” Holly sighed, Vash was her only friend and Evelina was leaving. She would be lonely but she decided to say anyway. ‘tell him to go get this girl cat if she’ll come and I’ll drop them off in some woods on our way. If they live in the city they will be taken to the pound. I’m guessing since he’s not asking I take her in she doesn’t ant to be an indoor cat”

“Does she not want to be an indoor cat” It took only a moment before Evelina said “thats the case”

‘then tell him what I said before” Evelina did then let Vash out. “I guess we’re waiting on him now” Evelina said with a smile. “I guess”

“we could still wait in the bed. You seem more comfortable with kissing there”

“you want more?”

“Very much so. I almost don’t even want to wait as I normally do when it comes to making love. You thrill every bit of me Holly” Holly blushed “Um…maybe we should talk more first”

“I’m being too much or are you a virgin?’

“I’m not a virgin. Just really shy and people should know eachother before they have sex. Sex is about as intimate as you can be and”

“sh, calm down beautiful” Evelina said as she hugged Holly. “sorry”

“No no, you’re cute as a button”

“I’m really going to miss you”

“you could come to the sea with me”

“I cant breath underwater like you”

“Maybe my father can figure out somthing. He’s been around since long before mermaids tried to be friends with humans. He’s very very old and smart and maybe he can make it so you can come with me into the sea so we can build somthing together. You said you don’t have anyone here Holly. Come with me. Please”

“what could he do?’

“I dont know but I’m very drawn to you. In fact I was deeply upset when I thought you were having sex with Brett. If anybody can figure somthing out it’s my dad”

“I’d be willing to try seeing as I wont even have my cat now. I feel bad I didnt know he didnt want to be with me anymore” Evelina stroked Hollys cheek. “He found love. It’s nothing against you sweetheart” They got to know eachother better while Vash looked for his female. They laughed and found they truly did like everything about eachother. Somtimes things were confusing for them both since Holly lived in the humans world and Evelina lived in the sea but the cultural difference couldn’t dampen the sparks they had between them.

Vash meowed at the door and a beautiful black cat was with him “whats her name?” Holly asked Evelina “Oh, animals don’t keep names unless owners give them to them.”

“Oh, ok” Holly poured the cats some food then went back into her bedroom with Evelina. “Um Evelina?’


“You really think your dad can change me?”

“He has to, especially after talking to you for so long. I just dont have this chemistry with the other mermaids. Its a big sea but I’ve already found someone on land.”

“found someone? You mean you want to date me?’

“Yes, I don’t ever hold back what i feel and I’d like to date you if you’ll have me. If daddy can’t change you I’ll stay here.”

“but that”

“Then I’ll stay here Holly. That is that”

‘But Evelina, I’m not immortal like you”

“just never remind me. I’ll enjoy what time I have in human years. How old do you creatures get?’

“between 80 and 115 for most”

“you’re kidding?”” she said in an upset tone which made Holly ask “How old are you Evelina?”

“97, how old are you Holly?”


“That’s how old Honey is”

“Yeah, you just told me about her birthday party”

“Oh” Holly got on the bed with Evelina and they tangled together again. “I hope you’re dad can change me”

“Me too” Holly moved her head, actually initiating a kiss. Evelina had made her feel so special and good about herself she couldn’t resist. She felt Evelina smile before she started kissing back. “we have to sleep now” Holly said breathlessly when she pulled back. “Ok” Evelina answered with a stary eyed look. When the alarm sounded at five am they got up quickly, changed then ran out as the cats followed them. Holly was tired so she planned on stopping for coffee once they were an hour away from her town.

Chapter Four

They stopped for coffee before letting the cats go. Holly was apprehensive about it, but she knew she had to have faith that Vash could take care of himself. Coffee was something Evelina had never had before and Holly made sure she understood it could burn the crap out of her if she wasn’t careful. They kept driving until they found a wooded area Holly thought was safe enough and they got out of the car. She lifted Vash and felt herself choking up. The cat rubbed its face against hers and purred.

“I’m going to really miss you Vash. You be careful out there.” She sat him down and wiped at her face as Evelina came up and hugged her. The female cat meowed up at them and Evelina listened to her words. “What did she say?” Holly asked.

“That she’ll take good care of him and that they’ll come back here in a few months to check and see if we’ve come to visit. We can always come back here, we’ll just have to make sure to come onto the beach at night when there are no fishing boats.”
“You’d risk somebody seeing you again?”

“You were born on the land. I know you’ll want to come back somtime. That is if you can even live in the water with me.” Holly hugged Evelina again. “You just think about seeing your family again. I know you’ve missed them. If you end up staying on land I’ll figure out moving to an apartment close to the beach so you can go back often” Evelina smiled “well lets get going” They climbed back into Hollys car and continued on their way to the beach. Evelina held Hollys free hand, stroking it with her finger or kissing it every now and then.

“I’m hungry Holly. Do you think it will be dangerous to stop and eat?’

“If we go through a drivethrough no. Hvae you had burgers?”


“I guess not. Its from an animal we have here on land. I believe Burger King has some sort of fish sandwhich but it wont be what you’re used to. if you dont like what I order I’ll go through again”

“I’d like to try this burger please”

“alright then” Holly took the next exit hat had a Burger King sign then ordered them each a cheeseburger. Holly was glad Evelina liked it and she didn’t have to go through again. She was nervous they could be on the news. A mermaid going missing would be big news. “thank you for introducing this to me Holly” Evelina said just before she took a sip of her water. “are you staying hydrated enough Evelina?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you if I need water”

“don’t hesitate, please”

“I wont”
“So what’s it like living in the ocean?”

“It’s beautiful, wild, some times dangerous. Most of the animals leave us alone since we can communicate so well.”

“You’re like Aquaman.”


“Yeah he’s king of the ocean, can talk to sea life and ask them to help him, he’s actually a really tough guy even though some people think he’s not because he talks to sea life. His wife is also really cool and just as powerful as he is. Someday I’ll have to make you watch The Justice League or read a comic.”

“I’d like that and I’m sure I’d like this Aquaman.”
They talked until Evelina needed more water. They went through another drive through and ordered only a large water and soda. “Thanks Holly”

“It’s fine, I don’t want you feeling bad.”

‘so sweet, my family will like you once they get over you’re human. I don’t want them to be mean to you so I’d like to see them by myself first.”

“ok, how’re you going to find them?”

“a seashell”

“You’re going to show me?”

“Of course beautiful”

“I hope they dont yell at you”

“My father has scolded me many times in my life. I have given them a lot of trouble. I honestly feel really bad now. I had a lot of time to reflect in that tank and truly they didn’t give me much rules but the few they gave I always had to break. They weren’t over protective but at the same time they wanted me safe. I could never obey even the simplest of rules. Now that this has happened I know I need to apologize for being such a handful growing up and putting them all through this. I can’t imagine how worried they’ve been. I doubt they even think I’m coming back at this point”

“you aren’t a kid and even when you were I’m sure they understood”

“yeah, I truly have the best parents. I wish you could have had parents like them growing up. My sisters are pretty great too. Cana can get bitchy at times but for the most part she is a wonderful sister. I doubt she’s trying to be a jerk when she does. She just has no tact and doesn’t plan on getting any” Holly smiled “I’ll be fine. I look forward to meeting everybody”

” do want to warn you though that unlike humans we females dont always cover our breasts. Some never do. I’ve noticed all human women wear atleast somthing on their upper half so i thought I should warn you in my world its normal to be topless. Honey never wears a top” Holly blushed “Oh, ok. We’ll need to get somthing to cover my chest. It’s so small. Nobody wants to look at me”

“Small breasts are perky, who can dislike perky?”
Holly’s face turned bright red and she stared straight ahead. “No one’s ever said that to me before.” Evelina took her hand and brought it to her lips, pressing a kiss against her knuckles.

“Everything about you is beautiful so please don’t worry I won’t like every part of you and just so you know, not all mermaids have big breasts and plenty of them swim around topless.”

“Okay I guess.”

She smiled and kissed Holly’s cheek. “How long until the ocean?”

“Another hour and a half, I promise to get you there.”

“I know, I have faith in you my beautiful Holly.”

“You make me feel so shy.”

“I love how shy you are, that means I get to make you less shy. I want to give you a better image of yourself so when I say you’re beautiful I mean it. I love your smell and the taste of your lips and how warm you are. Everything about you is perfect.”

“You’re so much more beautiful than me though, I saw you when you got out of the tank.”

“I don’t think that’s true.” She pressed another kiss onto Holly’s cheek then rested her head on her shoulder.
Holly liked driving like this and smiled when Evelina fell asleep still laying her head on her shoulder. When Evelina woke again they were parked out on some dirt road. “where are we?” Evelina asked sleepily. “we were going to do this at night right? We still have a few hours before the sun sets and I didn’t want to wait in the open since cops may be looking for us. I mean, they don’t know what Im doing but I cant let anybody take you again. I wont let them stick you back in an aquarium” Evelina kissed Hollys shoulder “thanks Holly. No matter, we can just talk until night. I adore our conversations. Teaching you about my world and learning about yours is fun”

“anything else you’d like to know about me then?”

“Hm, are you going to do any goodbyes before going into the ocean?’

“I have some really close online friends. I’m going to send them a very brief message. I already have it typed up and only have to press send. Facebook shows where you are when you send messages which is why i havent sent my goodbye. For the ones I’m close to I’d feel terrible just disappearing if your father can and chooses to make me a mermaid”

“anything else I should know about your family?”

“We have some demon blood in us from my mothers side”

“demons are real too?’

“Oh yes, The humans have a protector though which is why many dont dare hurt your kind. The legends say a powerful demon fell in love with a human woman and now punishes demons that try to hurt her kind”


“Yes” They kept talking until the sun started setting. Once parked at the beach they got out nervously. Evelina feared her father couldn’t change Holly and while she would stay on land she wanted Holly to be a part of her world too. Mermaids lived too deep in the ocean for humans to handle the pressure so if she couldn’t be turned Holly would never see her home. Once on the beach Evelina began looking for a shell. “Finally!” she exclaimed when she found the right one.

She stroked it then whispered before holding it to her ear. Sasha was sitting in the kitchen right beside their shell when it began to glow. She got up and nonchalantly answered then instantly became shocked when she heard “hey Sasha, it’s me. I need to talk to daddy” when no answer came Evelina said urgently “Sasha, we have to be quick. The woman who saved me could be hurt by her fellow humans if we dont hurry”

“sorry, one second” Sasha burst in her parents room. “Dad! It’s Evelina! She got free!” He quickly swam over “Evelina! Where are you? Why aren’t you on the way home”

“I’m on Sheffles beach dad. Meet me halfway. i want you and mother swimming my way because i need your help.”

“with what?”

“I’ll explain in person but it has to do with the human woman who saved me. Shes good and nothing to hear. She’s risked a lot to free me. The other humans hate her now”

“Ok, she deserves somthing for this. We’re leaving right now. Get swimming”

“yes sir and dad”


“I’m so sorry”

“Evelina this is no time but you are forgiven. We just need to get you away from the humans land” They hung up and the other girls insisted they go. They wanted a chance to thank the human woman who saved their sister. Evelina kissed Holly “I’m coming back my beautiful Holly. I just need to meet my parents. if they come on the beach it’ll be as humans so they’ll all be naked. Be prepared for that”


“I promise we wont be any longer than we have to be. Don’t you let anybody touch you” Holly smiled and tucked some of Evelinas hair behind her ears “Don’t worry about me. Go. I wont stop waiting here” Evelina ran into the ocean then changed before swimming away. Holyl just sat down, a little part of her worried that was the last time she’d see Evelina. She doubted her parents could really accept her. Especially after humans had taken Evelina and put her up as a show.

The family swam at a steady speed until Evelina came into view. Everybody wanted to rush but they let Zadette pull Evelina into the first hug “My baby’ she sobbed. “I’m so sorry mom”

“I have you back. Thats all that matters. I was so afraid of never seeing you”

“Please don’t cry mom” When zadettes tears died down Hostual got the next hug. “Please stop ignoreing our warnings. We only try to keep you safe. Our hearts were heavy with you gone, especially your mothers”

“I know dad. Believe me, I’m done being rebellious”

“what did you need to talk to me about?” Evelina sighed “will you listen to me before answering?’

“I promise”

“The human woman who saved me..I love her dad. So much and she is willing to live in the ocean with me if you can somhow make her like us. Please, If you can please. Shes a wonderful human. The second she knew what was happening to me she saved me and drove hours here to set me free. I want to be with her. Can you give us that?”

“You are certain Evelina?”

“Yes, I love her. I mean it. If I cant have her I cant live in the ocean any longer. She’s my other half as mom is yours”

Chapter Nine

Holly sat on the hood of her car just waiting, worried about Evelina and hoping she made it safely to her family. She had promised to come back and she had to have faith in that. A loud thumping sound caught her attention and she raised her head off of her knees and looked around. A bright speck of light could be seen traveling down the beach and was getting closer. The sound was coming from a helicopter. They were looking for them, were scanning the coast in hopes of finding the lost mermaid. Holly jumped up and pulled off her shoes then ran down the beach to the water. She shivered when it touched her legs and goosebumps covered her skin. The spot light on the helicopter hit her as she saw something ahead of her break the surface.

“Go back under it’s a helicopter.” She screamed.

“Holly Fabbri this is the police, stop where you are.” A voice said. She saw cars pulling onto the beach, red and blue lights flashing brightly in the darkness. She wanted to back into deeper water, but she was sure the police had not seen Evelina and her family so she started toward the beach.

Evelina’s heart slammed against her chest as she watched Holly moving back toward the beach. She couldn’t let her be taken away. She saw men in uniforms getting out of their cars and with them was Brett and the owner of the aquarium. “Where is she Holly?” Brett asked angrily.

“She’s gone, I let her go and you’ll never find her.” Holly yelled.

“She stole aquarium property from us, arrest her.”

Evelina shifted her fin to human legs and stood up, running toward Holly and grabbing her hand. “Stop, wait, I’m here. Please, Holly saved me, these people kidnapped me and locked me up.” The cops stood there confused.

“That’s the mermaid.” Brett said.

“Uh no, does she look like a mermaid?” Holly said. “She’s clearly human. Brett let me back into the exhibit and I found her stuck in the aquarium with one of those tales buckled to her. They took her and forced her to perform.” She lied, keeping Evelina behind her. “I just wanted to save her and I knew no one would believe us because of the pictures.”
They talked to the police force about everything. The aquarium owner and Brett cursed, yelled and swore their way into giving up their right to defend themselves and were put into the back of a car. They talked a little longer with the officer and he took pictures of Evelina with her human legs “we’ll need you girls for a court date to make sure these frauds are locked up. Do we have your proper number?” The cop asked and informed her of the number they had “yes”

“with these pictures and all of us as witnesses to the fact this girl is a human I don’t know if we need you for court but I’m sure you girls would like to make sure these two and the other workers who forced Evelina to be a show to be put where they belong”


“do you girls need anything before we leave?”

“No, I have my car and she has clothes.”

“Have a goodnight ladies. Be careful on the beach alone, especially you Evelina without your clothes on. This beach has had rapes on it before.”

“we’ll be leaving soon” The cops left and Evelina whispered “My dad will come up after they’ve been gone awhile. You’ll meet my sisters and mom later. He was really stern that they werent to come onto this beach. With me disappearing nobody fought with him. They know my dad is just extra worried about us all right now”

“do you want to stay at my place until the court date. That aquarium needs to be closed if they’d force feed you and beat you if you wont perform. I don’t want that happening to anything else. Who knows if they hurt their other animals”

“Yeah, dad can change you though. Are you excited?”

“yes” When Hostual came onto the beach it didn’t embarrass Holly that he was naked since she wasn’t attracted to men. He hugged her “thank you so much for bringing our daughter back.”

“You’re welcome”

“dad, we need to stay on land awhile to make sure those horrible people get put away.”

‘I heard everything Evelina. I’m glad to know you’re safe up here since they think you’re one of them. I do want to go ahead and change Holly so she can meet our family and see our home. They wont need you that soon I’m sure. Right Holly?”

“Yeah, it’ll take awhile to get that far into this”

“So you’ll come into the ocean with us?’


“I will warn you I’ve only ever done this once and it was centuries ago. You will feel like you’re suffocating during this but I swear you wont die. Just trust me” Holly felt fear but answered “I can trust you”

“You wont understand what I’m saying because I’ll be speaking in the merpeoples old language. We adopted English from the humans when we thought we could be their friends but I will need to speak our original language”

“alright” Evelina looked like she had all the confidence in the world that her father wouldn’t make a mistake so it helped Holly relax. Hostual lifted Holly and walked into the water until they were so deep only Hollys head was still above. Zadette came up and handed her father some plant “thank you” he said and she smiled before disappearing below the surface as she knew he wanted. “this tastes really bad but you can’t swallow it until I submerge you ok”

“ok” He put it in her mouth and Holly gagged at the intensely awful flavor. Hostual began speaking while she maintained her willpower to keep this plant in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could when she was finally under water with Hostual. Now panic was setting in. She almost instantly couldn’t breath. Hostuals grip tightened, just incase she tried to swim back up before this was done.

She felt her legs come together, ripping her pants up so by the time she was done only her shirt was still intact. She now could see perfectly in the water as if it were crystal clear. Hostual was smiled and let her go. Evelina hugged Holly excitedly while her father shifted back to have his tail. Holly looked down to see she had an orange tail. “do you like it?”

“it reminds me of my cat”

“its what you were most attached to up there so I’m sure that has somthing to do with it. Come meet my mother and sisters. They are dieing to meet you Holly”

“how do i swim?”

“just dont over think it. Trust your tail” Hostual said with an assuring smile. It was a flood of hugs and thanks yous when they reached the girls. “What is this covering your top?” Honey asked. Evelina answered for the now blushing Holly at Honeys bare chest. “Human women all cover their breasts”

“That must be so confining. You dont want to take that off?”

“Honey, let her get used to things. I’m sure she will feel more comfortable with that later” Zadette interjected. She then gave Holly a warm smile “please come see our home.”
“Okay.” Evelina grabbed her hand, pulling her gently through the water as she got used to letting her tail to the work.

Holly gasped when their home came into view. It was made out of coral and shells that had been formed into a large house. You couldn’t really tell from far off since it blended perfectly with the environment. The door was carved from a piece of drift wood with beautiful intricate designs. “My father carved that.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Hostual said with a warm smile.

Evelina pulled her inside and they gave her a tour of the interior. Holly’s eyes were wide the whole time, so amazed by the beauty of this place. The inside had smooth walls and beautiful designs carved everywhere, each room had been made with care. “Wow, this is just so amazing. Is this where we’ll be living?”

“I thought maybe we could spend time in each of our worlds. We can get a place close to the beach like you were saying then you can teach me about your world while I teach you about mine.”

Holly hugged her. “This is all so amazing and almost unbelievable. I can’t believe this isn’t a dream.”

Evelina squeezed her. “I promise this is all real and I won’t disappear. I love you Holly, I’ll never leave you.”

“I wish we didn’t have to go back so soon, but I really want that aquarium shut down and if they need us and we’re not there then it might stay open.”

“I’ll bring you back, I wouldn’t dream of returning here without you.”
The thought of his daughter in the human world still made Hostual nervous but he would trust her. They spent the night and the next day in the ocean but decided they should leave after dinner to be sure if lawyers needed them or anything they would be on the surface. “as soon as all that is done please come stay a long time” Zadette asked with a heartbreaking look. “we will, maybe you all can sprout your legs and come up somtime too.”

“Maybe” They all gave long hugs then the girls swam off. “Atleast we know she’s coming back this time” Hostual said in comfort as Zadette cried. Evelina frowned “I hate moms so sad. I guess i was already gone so long”

“we’ll stay down here a really long time when this is over.”

“Thanks Holly”

“I have always loved the sea. It will be amazing. If you would have told little girl me this would happen one day i would have been over the moon” Evelina smiled “I love you so much Holly, I can’t say it enough” Once in Hollys car which she was grateful wasn’t towed Holly asked “so, since you are all adults why do you live in the same house?”

“Oh, I guess it’s different here but merpeople live together until they find mates, boys too. Children stay wth their parents until they are married. I guess I will be an exception since I’ll spend time up here too but thats normally how it works”

“That’s nice, I’m glad we don’t do it that way. I couldn’t imagine still living with my parents but when we’re down there I wont mind staying with yours”

“since you’re my mate dad and his friends and maybe my sisters will probably start making a house for us.”

“so soon?’ Evelina smiled “well, when mermaids pair with someone we typically don’t break up. It happens but mostly we stay together. My mom and dad have been together seven hundred years”


“Yep and they are still very happy. My parents are crazy about eachother”

“I could tell” Evelina took Hollys free hand “so know I mean it when I say I’m never leaving you.” Holly felt weird and was glad they were driving at night since her bottoms were destroyed so she was pants and pantiless. It was still late when they arrived home so they rushed into her apartment where Holly plugged up her cellphone since it died in the car. They then quickly got in the shower since they both felt ill and weak from dehydration. It had been only six hours but Holly now saw what Evelina meant when she said their kind needed water more than hers. They laid in there about an hour and a half until they felt better. In bed Evelina said “It’s best to get water in us atleast every three hours to be sure we don’t feel ill like that”

‘I never want to feel like that again. I’m glad you didn’t try to tought it out and asked me to stop for water on the way to the ocean”

“I would have earned you tonight but I know you didn’t want anyone to see your bottom exposed” Holly blushed, now remembering they were cuddling naked aside from her top that was still on. Evelina laughed “you forgot in the shower. Please don’t dress or get upset. I like feeling your skin. It would be nice if you’d take that shirt off. All breasts are wonderful. Don’t be ashamed because yours are small”

Holly sat up and slowly took her top off and then her bra. Evelina pulled her back down when she was finished and smiled. “Beautiful Holly, absolutely beautiful.” Evelina began to kiss Holly slowly “If I wasn’t so tired I just might seduce you” Evelina said with a grin. Holly blushed again making Evelina smile happily before moving into a spooning position with Holly “goodnight”

“Night Evelina” Evelina still felt aroused and couldn’t sleep. She knew Holly was trying to sleep but Holly was irresistible now that she could really see her. Evelina slid her hand down Hollys stomach and soon had it between her legs. “evelina” Holly said nervously. She smiled “Please Holly, let me pleasure you. You’re so beautiful”

“ok, can i turn to kiss you while you rub me?”

“I’d love it” Evelinas mouth moved hungrily while Holly was still nervous. Soon all Holly could do was moan. Evelina adored that noise and broke apart their mouths so she could hear it better. Her fingers kept sliding slowly in her folds through the warmth and liquid she was inspiring. After a few orgasms Holly reached a climax that gripped her whole body tightly and stole most of what energy she had away. “Evelina..stop..I..you havent gotten any pleasure yet..let me”

“shhh, I’m loving this. You can lick or rub me tomorrow. Let me pleasure you into rest”

“Evelina, it’s too much” Holly said weakly. Evelina began kissing her lover again, hands never stopping. As Evelina said she was going to do she kept pleasuring Holly until she was sleeping. Evelina smiled then wiped her hands off before pulling Holly into her arms “Love you, tomorrow I will be all over every inch of you you succulent creature” Evelina had wanted that tonight but Holly was such a shy type she didn’t want to overwhelm her. She liked just rubbing Holly anyway, even if she had wanted to do more to her. Evelina was looking forward to everything about their relationship. She knew everything was going to be wonderful from here on out and if they faced any more trouble they could do it together. Holly was her mate for life and nothing would change that.

~ The End ~

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