Evianna & Imogen

Chapter One

Evianna went between checking her phone and looking all around her as she waited at the ticket booth for Imogen. It was their sixth date and Imogen had come to mean so much to Evianna. She wanted to be more serious with her, to have the title of they were dating but that meant she had to tell Imogen what she was and why she was in this world. She was terrified but she refused to start a relationship without having everything in the open. She hoped Imogen was going to take it well. Her thought process was broken when she finally saw her. She was wearing an adorable top with jean shorts. Imogen was gorgeous just as she always was.

Imogen wrapped Evianna in a hug, happy to see her after such a long day. She pulled back, smiling and could tell there was something wrong. “Are you alright?” She asked.

“Fine, it’s just been one of those days you know?”

“Did something happen?” She stepped back, but kept a hold of Evianna’s hands as she looked her over.

“No, I’m fine, especially now.”

“As long as you’re sure, you can tell me anything, you should know that by now.”

“I know.”

Since Imogen had never been to one of these human festivals she let her have a bit of fun for a few hours before saying “lets get something good to eat and find somewhere quiet to talk. I know that sounds scary but I’ve come to care about you a lot and we really need to talk about somthing” Imogen realized her feeling about somthing being off with her today was correct. They both got funnel cakes and sodas before finding a quiet place to sit and talk. As they sat Imogen asked “so what is it?”

“For starters I’m pretty sure you;’re going to believe me but if you don’t Imogen I understand”

“You really need to tell me now. You’re making me nervous Evianna”

“do you know much of what your people call Greek Mythology?” Evianna was now talking so strangely “Um, yeah..sorta”

“I am the great great great great grandaughter of Hebe and Hercules. Do you know them?”

“To be honest I’ve seen the Disney movie and that’s it. I don’t know about Hebe but what are you talking about” Evianna sighed “That I’m a descendant of them and I’m not from this world. I’m here on a job, I’m hunting a fellow goddess down to bring her before the gods that keep all the other gods in line. She has been abusing her gifts as a goddess and hurting humans here. I’m pretty sure they are going to take away her abilities…” Imogen looked so overwhelmed and it scared Evianna. “Will you tell me about Hebe?”

“She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. The goddess of eternal youth though most of what she did for the gods was pour them drink and tend to small matters like that.”

“In the movies though Hera was Hercules mom”

“Well his mother is Alcmene but yes he and my great great great great grandmother were half siblings. Among gods and goddesses that actually isn’t too uncommon…I know thats gross…”

“what happened to Meg”

“Meg…oh Megara?”

“They called her Meg in the movie”

“Long story short Hera used her abilities to fill Hercules with with a destroying anger, which made him kill his wife and his five children he had with her”

“Oh my gosh”

“You never realize how dark it is until you read about it. Bad things like that actually happened a lot, mostly because Zeus couldn’t keep it in his pants.” She smiled nervously. “So, are you mad? Or think I’m nuts?”

“No, but it’s a lot to take in. Why now? You didn’t have to tell me, what changed?”

“I wanted to be honest with you because…because I like you.”

“I like you too.”

Evianna sighed. “No, I mean you know…romantically.” She looked at her feet. “I’ll give you time to think about all of this and I still have to complete my mission.”

Imogen took Evianna’s hand “hey, I still like you. I do need time to wrap my head around things but…I don’t think you’re crazy” Imogen seemed a little hesitant but Evianna had expected at least that. ‘well, for now, lets just have fun. After this date I need to get back to why I’m here but you’re welcome to follow me. If you end up not wanting to be with me I will take you back home before I return to where I’m from”

“do you live in the sky like at the end of the Hercules movie?”

“No, I live in a different world than this” Imogen blushed and Evianna smiled, stroking her warm cheek “hey, you can’t know unless you ask me. Don’t be embarrassed. I don’t care that all you know is from a Disney movie” Who was Evianna kidding, Imogen was more self conscious than ever. All this time, she had been in the presence of a goddess and she was basically a moron when it came to greek mythology. She wished more than anything right now she had bothered to learn about it.

“Please don’t make that face, I’ll teach you everything about me and my kind.” Evianna said. “Come on.”

Imogen tried to remember anything she might have read about mythology. She had heard of some of the stories, like the one about Cupid and his lover, whose name she couldn’t remember, and she knew that Zeus had caused a lot of trouble, but other than that she was drawing a blank.

Evianna told Imogen the stories of the gods when they would be waiting in line for a ride. At the end of the date Evianna said “any questions about the stories I’ve told you so far?”

“No, just in today I’ve found if I wait another story will explain something I was confused about in a previous one” Imogen answered and Evianna smiled “I don’t mind telling you the stories at all. It’s fun with most.”

“So, I’m welcome to come with you on your job?”

“Yes, just promise me if I catch up to this person you wont try to interfere if I’m getting hurt”

“Evianna, how can I promise that?”

“You’re a human, please, you have to promise me” Imogen sighed “If it’s the only way you’ll take me I promise” Evianna hugged her “I’m so glad you’re coming”

“what should I say to my job?”

“I don’t know, it might take me awhile. If you get fired I will take care of you until you have another job. That would be no problem for me”

“You want me to go with you that much?” Evianna sighed and pushed some of Imogen’s hair behind her ear. “I’m falling in love with you, you magnificent mortal woman. I want you by my side. When I’m done with my duty I want us to figure out how we’re going to be together”

“I love you too Evianna”

“Drive your car home and pack a small bag. All you need is two changes of clothes and whatever personal items you feel you must take. Once you’re packed come to where I’m staying. Do you remember how to get there?”


Imogen was excited and nervous as she made her way home. The prospect of traveling to other worlds was such a surprise, she almost couldn’t believe this was really happening. Even more so, Evianna loved her, really and truly loved her. When she made it home she packed for hiking, opting for yoga pants and tank tops and her good tennis shoes. She then grabbed the essentials from her bathroom and left, making sure to lock up.

Evianna herself was just finishing preparing when Imogen got to her home and called for her to come in when she knocked. “Have everything you need?” Evianna asked.

“Yes, I even double checked.”

“I’m so happy you’re coming. Be sure to let me know if you’re hungry or exhausted or anything like that”

“I will” Evianna kissed Imogen “lets get going, I don’t sleep very much. I can go days without sleep and be just fine. I’m not sure why, most gods do sleep regularly. If you need to sleep you have to let me know and don’t fall asleep on my bike okay? I can’t have you falling off” With that they left on Evianna’s motorcycle. When it went invisible and lifted into the sky Imogen finally realized this wasn’t an average, every day motorcycle like she thought. She clung to Evianna tightly “it’ll be okay beautiful.”

“won’t people see us floating?”

“we’re invisible now too sweetheart”


Evianna laughed. “Yes my love, seriously.”

Imogen clung a little tighter to Evianna. “How?”


“It’s like being in a dream, you know like where you’re flying around and you can see everything.” He felt her stomach dip a bit. “Except they usually end with a near crash landing.”

“This bike has never failed me. I heard a rumor of the goddess I’m after being spotted. Where is a story in itself because she’s fled this world so i have a few things I need to tell you”

“Okay” Evianna started talking about where they were going and since it was a long journey to get there she gave long explanations about the different animals, people and plants so Imogen would have a really good understanding before they landed. Evianna was surprised at how well Imogen passed through to another world. It affected her just about as much as walking through a door into another room did. Evianna told her how amazing that was and explained most people got sick their first time since their bodies weren’t used to it.

“This place is so cool.” Imogen said as they continued their ride. “What kind of food is there?”

“Would you like to stop?”

“No, it’s fine, I’d hate for you to get behind on my account.”

“We can do a quick detour.”

“It’s fine, if you stop for anything unnecessary then I’ll have you stopping in every world just so I can see everything. You can bring me back through later.”

“Okay, I promise to take you all over when I’m not working. She’s dangerous and I spent too much time just enjoying myself. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave you”

“I’m sorry”

“don’t be sorry at all. I know it sounds like a line but…nobody has ever made me feel like you do” When they got to the area the goddess was supposed to be Evianna soon found out she wasn’t there anymore “damn”

“where are we going now?”

“back to your world. She was here too short of time, I think she was trying to get me to leave”

“why would she do that?” When they tried to get back Evianna realized why “what’s wrong, why didn’t we go through?” Imogen now asked, hoping she wasn’t annoying with all her questions. “she got help and blocked me out.” she groaned “she really doesn’t think. The rest of the gods are on my side. I’ll get back”

“What should we do?”

“Find a quiet place.”

Evianna took the bike down to an empty valley, parking it under a tree and climbing off. Imogen sat on the ground next to it, watching as Evianna dropped onto her knees and bowed her head, hands clasped in front of her. “What are you doing?”

“Invoking the gods, they’ll help us get back through.”

“Oh, how?”


“He’s the messenger, right?”

“Among other things. He’s actually very powerful.” Imogen grew silent so Evianna could send out her prayer, listening to the words she whispered.

Hermes suddenly was walking into view as he said “She’s kidding right? Surely she didn’t think she could kick you out and keep you that way” he chuckled “but I’m sure she knows as well as I you have gotten a bit distracted from your duty” Hermes was now looking at Imogen who blushed. He finished closing the gap between them and offered his hand for her to shake. She took it and he continued “that’s fine though, she’s diligent normally and it wouldn’t be fair us to expect her never to love” He hugged Evianna “anyhow, lets get you back. Think more though please, you can love but don’t let it dull you. Without Imogen as a distraction you probably would have realized it was a trap”

“tell the other gods I’m sorry for falling for it” He waved it off “everyone gets it but prepare for teasing when you return. You better be bringing this girl with you too. They want to meet her”

“Your sons won’t be playing tricks on her will they?” Hermes shrugged and Evianna sighed “they are too much like you”

“hey” he said, mocking offense. He got them back through, reminding Evianna once more to bring Imogen to Olympus when she turned the goddess in.

Chapter Two

“He was really nice.” Imogen said.

“That’s Hermes, but I’ll get it the worst from him I’m sure. The same thing happened to Hades and Cupid.”

Imogen smiled. “Then we’ll have allies.”

Evianna chuckled. “I suppose we will.”

Imogen rested her head against Evianna’s back as they moved across the sky, the latter keeping her eyes open for the rogue goddess.

That night they checked into a hotel so Imogen could sleep “Evianna, you have work to do”

“You almost fell asleep twice. Your safety is the most important thing to me Imogen. Besides, while you sleep I’m going to do some research on the internet”

“Oh, how will you know where to look?” Imogen asked as Evianna let them into their room. “I plan to use key words to comb the news”

“she’d be on the news?”

“Not really, She’s not that dumb but I know her and I know what she likes to do. There will be certain things that shes done that will make the news and I can pinpoint her better” When Evianna crawled into bed with her Imogen was confused “I thought you were going to do research?” Evianna smiled, kissing her cheek “I want to cuddle with you until you’re sleeping.” Imogen blushed and happily snuggled into her. Evianna laid there until Imogen was out then got back up to pull out her laptop.

Evianna searched for strange occurrences in the news, finding a couple of articles, one that she was sure was a werewolf and not the goddess. She hit the jackpot when she found articles about an illusionist. The article said the magician was a man who had come into town recently and had hired a new assistant. No one ever saw her face it seemed and the article itself had only a picture of the illusionist. His act was hailed as amazing to behold and seemingly real. It had to be her. She searched for other things, sudden changes in the temperament of the rich, if any of them had been spotted with a new fling. She looked for plants acting strangely, perhaps blooming when they shouldn’t. Some goddesses couldn’t help themselves when it came to plants, they loved beautiful and bright things. She saved the articles she found relevant so she could pinpoint where she might be staying.

Evianna shut her laptop with a sigh then climbed into bed with Imogen, slipping and arm around her and snuggling as close as she could without waking her. “Sweet dreams.” She whispered and kissed Imogen’s shoulder before letting her own eyes drift closed.

In the morning they checked out and Evianna took Imogen out for some breakfast. “can we really sit and eat?”

“I refuse to drag you along how I normally go on jobs Imogen, especially your first time out with me. It was brave of you to come. It’s on complete faith in me and it means so much”

“I understand you’re chaseing a goddess who is doing bad things though. Really, it doesn’t have to be a vacation” Evianna smiled “Just enjoy your food and we’ll set off”

“You’re really so sweet Evianna” Evianna took Imogens hand “and you’re amazing” When they finished they ran to the bathroom in hopes for no stops anytime soon and hurried out to her bike. “so I need to get to another state and fast baby. It’ll feel really weird but no matter what you feel you hold on to me tight. I’ve never used the hyperdrive with a passenger”

“Okay” Imogen did as she was told and in what felt like a roller coaster ride they were suddenly in an entirely different state. “Oh my gosh” Imogen sounded so petrified Evianna wanted to land “no, no I’m fine”

“You sure?”


“I’m sorry, I hope you’ll get used to it”

“Please stop worrying over me. I’m okay”

“It’s hard not to, you’re important to me.”

Imogen blushed. “Just go.”

Evianna let out a laugh of delight. “So shy, I love it.”

They were off again, Evianna taking them over the city and to a park where she landed her bike. “What now?”

“I want to check her place of employment, or at least the place she pretends to work. She’s certainly a show off, working with an illusionist and using her powers to enhance his act. She’s probably playing him, the poor man. She’s not to be trusted, but she’s beautiful so he would by into her charm.”

“Why is she doing this anyway?”

“Selfishness, because she thinks she is better than everyone else. My kind love freedom of expression, love to create, to observe and inspire, but she seems to thrive on chaos, on vanity.”

They went to the man who employed her and she asked him a few questions. He wasn’t very cooperative but she had expected it. Magicians were pretty secretive, even about their assistance. They didn’t want to give anything away and have the competition steal their ideas. “at least I’ve confirmed it really is her”

“How did you gather that?”

“I know her very well. We were friends for a long time. Some of his answers just screamed her.”

“Is it harder to track her since you two used to be friends?”

“a little but our friendship ended so long ago your mother was probably still just a child herself”

“Oh, how old are you then?”

“Um, in how you humans keep track of time I was born in the seventeen hundreds ”


“Is that going to be a problem for you..my age?”

“No, not at all. I still love you. It’s just shocking. You look like you’re my age”

“I’ll always look like this”

“are you still going to love me when I look old then?”

“I will but honestly, I plan on calling in a favor after this and asking you be made immortal..if that’s okay with you”

“You…you really want to do that?”

“Of course I do, I love you Imogen”

“I love you too and I’ll do anything to be with you forever.”

Evianna smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, making Imogen blush. “Thank you, I’m so happy right now I might explode.”

“S…so, how do we find her then?”

Evianna laughed. “You’re just too cute. By all the accounts I have found of activity or possible activity, she has a safe zone.”

“Like a serial killer?”

“Kind of, just without all the murder. She’s working in a specific area, staying close to home so she can hide. I just have to pinpoint where she is in the middle of it all.” She tapped a finger against her lips. “Can we go to your place, I’d like somewhere quiet where I can compare articles to a map of the area.”


Evianna laughed “you said that like you were unsure”

“well we’re in another state. We’ll have to hyperdrive again to go back to my house”

“Yeah, we can find a library if that makes you too uncomfortable”

“No, just makes me nervous. I need to get used to it though” Evianna kissed her cheek it’s really okay to find a library”

“No, lets go” They got back on her bike and went back to the state Evianna met Imogen. Evianna was silent, deep in concentration once they sat down in her living room. Imogen stayed silent herself, bringing Evianna drinks and snacks while she worked. Evianna only stood when she was ninety nine point five percent sure she knew where her old friend was. “would you like to come Imogen?”

“yes” They went back outside and hyperdrove back to the state they had located her in. Evianna hated how Imogen clung to her in fear. “I love you baby” she said again, trying to comfort her. When they arrived at the large home Evianna thought she was in they both walked up to the door together. It was the rouge goddess who answered. She tried to bolt but Evianna was faster and stronger, a decedent of Hercules after all.”I wont go back Evianna!” she yelled as Evianna wrestled her down, golden lights of handcufs going around her wrists “don’t make this worse”

“I hate you”

“You hate anybody who wont give you your way so I don’t care” She kept screaming and bucking so Evianna had to knock her out. “sorry Imogen”

“It’s okay” Evianna slung the rouge goddess over her shoulder and walked out. “want to see a cool trick baby?” she now had Imogens full attention so Evianna whistled and to Imogens surprise a beautifl winged horse came “no way”

“Yep and he’s going to take us to Olympus”

“Can I really go?”

“Yes, come on beautiful”

“But you’re bike”

“It’ll come home to me”

Imogen was amazed when they arrived at the world of Olympus. It was amazing and she didn’t cling so tightly to Evianna as she marveled at the architecture. “Wow, this is…it’s amazing.”

“Isn’t it?” Evianna breathed in. “I miss that smell sometimes.”

“So why do the stories say Olympus is at the top of a mountain, I don’t get it.”

“In a way it does. There is a portal that opens up there so people created all kinds of stories. When one was accepted into Olympus, they were brought through the portal and they believed they were going to some sort of heaven.”

“Whose house is that?” She pointed at a building that stood out from the rest with its beautiful grey stonework.”

“That’s where Hades lives with his wife when she comes to spend time with her mother. He had it built so it would be a place where both he and Persephone could be at ease.”

“Is he nice?”

“Of course, he’s kind of a loner though. Persephone is the only one he shows any real affection to, but he’s polite and as kind as one such as himself can be.”

“Can I meet them?”

“Once we drop her off I’m sure everyone will want to meet you and tease me.”

Once everything was sorted with her Zeus said “so this is the woman who made you take all that time off huh? She must be quite the catch to get your mind off work.” He was looking at Imogen now “If you don’t realize how special you are to Evianna you should be made aware of the fact she has never slacked off during work before” The two women blushed and he laughed. “well introduce her to everyone, I’ll handle this miscreant.” Evianna gave a small bow “thank you Zeus” When they were out of his home Imogen asked “why do you call him Zeus? Aren’t you related if you are a descendant of Hercules?”

“yeah” she shrugged “I don’t know really. I guess it’s such a distant relation at this point and honestly, once I start telling you more of the stories you’ll know most of what he is interested in is sex. He’s nice and all but there isn’t much depth. I’m not sure there’s anybody he whole heartedly loves. His true love just seems to be sleeping around”


“He’s really fine enough, just not a family man” They went to see Hades and Persephone and Imogen adored them as they did her. Everyone in Olympus were over joyed Evianna had found love though they were teased mercilessly. It was a few days later when Imogen was made immortal so Evianna could have forever with her. The gods gave them a stunning wedding that far surpassed any dreams Imogen had ever had about this day. She couldn’t believe it, her, a simple young woman who was so unloved in the human world she grew up in an orphanage and had few friends was now married to a goddess and actually living the city of the gods.

~ The End

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