Faline & Victor 2

Chapter One

Victor and Faline got married six months after getting engaged. Faline wanted her father to walk her down the aisle but he refused. He didn’t want her with Victor and was even sickened by the fact he had helped him survive. The only thing that ever made him weak was his love for Faline. He still had high hopes she’d get a clear head and marry Archer. Archer was a man who always got what he wanted in everything. He grew more and more determined every day to get Faline. He could easily have his pick of other female demons but at this point what was driving him was the simple fact she refused to be with him.

Then she had to slap him in the face by marrying a half angel. He would get even sicker thinking of how much better she was than Victor. Victor didn’t deserve to be with her and he did. Archer felt horribly wronged. He felt he was the only man worthy of Faline. When he heard she actually went through with the wedding that was his last straw. He was going to go get her and force her to be his. He knew her father wouldn’t get in the way and he didn’t think that pathetic Victor stood a chance against him. She knew Victor had to be away for the weekend for business this coming up weekend and that’s when he’d take her and bring her back to the demon world with him.

“I wish you didn’t have to go.” Faline said as she helped him pack his suitcase.

“I wish you could come with me.” He smiled and tugged her into his arms. “I’ll be back before you know it.” He kissed her then let her go to keep folding clothes.

“What time is your flight tomorrow?”

“Seven, so we have to be up really early. Are you sure you want to drive me? I could just leave the car at the airport.”

“I don’t mind. The drive gives me more time to spend with you.” She smiled and went to their chest of drawers and grabbed the framed picture of them off of it. She sat it on top of his clothes and zipped up his suitcase. “We should probably get to bed. Five thirty is early.”

Victor carried the suitcase into the living room and sat it by the front door. He hated when he had to go away. The entire time he dreamed of Faline, the smell and feel of her skin and her beautiful laugh. She had given so much to be with him. Her father hardly spoke to her. Archer had him by the ear and was constantly telling the man how disgusting it was that Faline had chosen a half breed. He wanted to destroy the son of a bitch. His angel blood whispered to him to just end the demons life and free himself of such a burden, but he couldn’t. He would defend himself if need be, but he would not hunt a man down and kill him out of hate. When he went back into their room, Falin was already in bed. He pulled off his clothes and slid under the covers, pulling her into his arms. “Do you think if we have a baby your dad will stop being an ass?” He asked and she covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

“Maybe, I mean who could say no to the big, pleading eyes of a baby?” She knew ow much Victor wanted a child. He talked about it all the time. He had names picked out he liked and every time they walked past the baby section in a store he stopped and showed her a cute piece of clothing. She had not told him yet because he was leaving the weekend, but she was late. She planned on taking a test as soon as he was gone. They talked for a little while longer about babies before drifting off.

Morning came too fast and they jumped out of bed to get ready. They walked down to the car as soon as they were both dressed. It was hard for Faline to take him but atleast she got to share the wonderful news as soon as he got home. She just knew she was pregnant. They held hands on their way to the airport. When they pulled up Victor had to hurry. They had taken too long to get ready. He kissed her quickly. “Be safe while I’m gone. I’ll only be able to talk to you at night. Hopefully I’ll even get that.”

“I hope so too. It doesn’t matter what time it is. If you find time to call, call please.” She sat there watching him walk away until a load honking came from behind. “Fine you bastard” she drove to the store to find a pregnancy test. When she walked in she saw a friend of theirs “Hi Faline!”

“Oh Hi Megan!”

“What’re you doing here?”

“I think I’m pregnant so I’m getting a test.” Megan squealed “O my god does Victor know?”

“Nope, I’m going to tell him when he gets home if it’s positive.”

“I have more errands to run but good luck!”

“Thanks” She walked fast paced to the aisle that had the tests and picked the most expensive one so she could be sure. She bought a couple more things for the house and checked out so she could go home and know if she was going to be a mother or not. When she got home she drank a bunch of water to make herself have to go. As soon as she needed to she went to the bathroom and paced nervously waiting.

The little timer she had set went off, making her jump. She turned it off, took a deep breath and looked at the test. It was positive. She nearly cried she was so happy. She had to suppress the urge to call Victor. She heard a knocking on the front door and she walked happily through the living room, staring at the test in her hand. She opened the door and was surprised to see Archer standing there. “What are you doing here?” She snapped.

“Come on Faline, you should be with me not that idiot. How could you marry him?” He had a look of disgust on his face.

“Go away Archer, no means no. Sorry that I’m the only woman who hasn’t spread her legs the minute you looked at her. Now leave.” She tried to close the door and he slammed his palm against it, forcing his way inside. “Get out of my house.” She screamed. She slapped him hard and he gripped her wrists, slamming her against the living room wall.

“Mind your manners.” He growled then spotted the test in her hand. “What is that?”

“Nothing, leave now.” He ripped the test out of her hand and looked at it. His face contorted with rage. He threw it on the floor and slapped her across the face so hard her vision spun. She fell, hitting her head on the coffee table.

It knocked her out. He leaned down and whispered “It doesn’t matter. I’ll kill it as soon as it’s born.” He lifted her into his arms and shut the door behind him so none of the neighbors would know anything happened. He took her back to his home and chained her to his bed. He wanted to start out as civilly as possible so he only did one hand. Hopefully she wouldn’t force him to completely chain her down. He had to think of a way to make her understand that the two of them were greater than every other creature. The only ones who were good enough for them was eachother. He was the best and he deserved the best which was Faline.

She’d bare his children and marry him. He’d make sure of it. She woke up at first not remembering what happend but once she saw where she was she got angry and remembered. He had been sitting across the room waiting. “Good morning Faline.”

“Fuck you! Take me home now.” She pulled against the chain but she couldn’t break it. “You do realize I’m not an idiot. Those aren’t ordinary chains. It’s strong enough to stand against you.” He came up to the bed and she got as far away from him as possible but he pulled her close to him again. “Now you’re going to listen to me! I’m done being patient! You and I are going to be together.”

“Victors going to come for me!”

“By the time he realizes you’re gone you’ll have realized what an idiot you’ve been.”

Victor suddenly had very strange feeling. A sharp pain stabbed through his head. Something bad had happened. “Victor are you okay?” A male voice said and he looked to see his roommate staring at him in concern.

“No, my head feels like someone slammed a hammer into it.” He said and sat down on his bed.

“You look pale man. Maybe you should ask Richard if you can fly back home.”

“Maybe. I’ll see if I can make it through the meeting today.” His roommate left and he pulled out his phone, calling Faline. She didn’t answer so he hung up. He had to go to the meeting and if she had not returned his call he would call her father. He left the room, taking the elevator down. He walked out of the hotel and got in his rental car. He couldn’t help but feel like something horrible had happened at home.

Faline jerked away from Archer and pushed herself against the headboard of the bed. He glared at her and she glared back. She would rather die than be his. “I hate you.” She spat. “You’re nothing but a dog. Why don’t you go back to licking my dad’s shoes.” He slapped and she spit in his face.

“Don’t be a bitch Faline,” he said as he wiped the spit off his face, “we both know daddy dearest wants this. He’d be proud of me for showing you the light.”

“He would never condone this no matter what.”

“You’d be surprised. I mentioned pulling something like this in passing and he didn’t bat an eye.”

“He probably didn’t think you’d go through with it. Why the hell do you keep trying? Why are you doing this? You can have anyone. All the girls fall on themselves when you walk into a room.”

“Yeah all the girls except the one I’ve always wanted. Why don’t you want me. I’m perfect.”

“That’s why, you are not the gift to the world. It’s ridiculous what a huge ego you have.” He quickly sat on her legs and grabbed her other arm pushing her against the headboard with his forceful kiss. She tried her hardest to break free. She hated every second. She wanted to throw up when he stuck his tounge in her mouth. He pulled back getting off her legs. “Aren’t I an amazing kisser? I bet Victor doesn’t kiss you half as good as that.” She wiped her mouth off looking at him with hatred.

“Dont you dare do that again.”

Victor managed to make it through the meeting without throwing up. Afterwards his boss, Richard, pulled him aside. “Are you feeling alright?” He asked.

“Not really, but I can muscle through the rest of the weekend if you need me too.” He replied half heartedly.

“I think you need to go home. You look bad, I’ll get you on the first flight back. Get to a doctor and tell Faline to make you some chicken noodle soup.”

“Alright sir, thank you.” He checked his phone once he was back at the hotel. There was no call from Faline. He sighed and called her father.

“To what do I owe the honor of a call from you?” Her father asked.

“I don’t have time to argue with you so just listen. I need you to check on Faline and make sure she’s okay.” He said.


“I just got a bad feeling.”

“It’s her blood connecting you two. I’ll go and call you back.”

“Thank you.” He hung up and took the elevator to his room. Richard texted him and told him his flight left in an hour so he should hurry. He grabbed his suitcase and headed back downstairs. He drove quickly back to the rental car place and dropped off the car. He hailed a cab and promised extra if the driver hurried.

Falines dad went to his daughters home and was shocked to see the door wasn’t locked. He looked around and saw a little blood by the coffee table and the pregnancy test on the floor. He saw that it was positive and it juts about killed him. She was going to have that disgusting creatures baby. He could smell Archer had been there and remembered that day Archer told him he was planning on forcing her to go home with him so they could talk things through.

He really didn’t think he’d do it. He put the test down and took off to Archers house to see how things were going. She could have an abortion if she came to her senses. He prayed Archer had talked some reason into her. It caused him great shame when other demons found out who his daughter was with. If she was with Archer he could hold his head high. He hated it had to go to such drastic measures but she was pushing it there. His cold heart may have loved his daughter but he still loved himself more.

Faline sat with her knees pulled up and her head resting on them. She was tired, but she didn’t dare fall asleep. She was afraid what might happen if she did. She felt like crying. She rested a hand on her stomach and asked the baby to forgive her for putting it through so much stress. She heard a knocking sound and then a door opening. Archer was talking to someone. She recognized the voice. It was her dad. For a moment she got her hopes up. “Daddy make him let me go.” She screamed. She heard footsteps and they both came into the room. “Dad please tell him to let me go. I want to go home.”

“You need to open your eyes and listen to him child.” He said and her eyes widened in shock.

“How could you side with him over me?” She spat.

“How can ou marry a half breed and get pregnant with his little abomination. Get rid of that thing and leave your little angel.”

“I hate you. Mom would never let you do this to me and you wonder why she left. You are nothing but a self centered bastard. I hate you. I will never get rid of my baby, I will never leave my husband, and I would rather die than marry your dog. I will forget about you. You are nothing to me.” For a moment he looked hurt, but it was gone as quickly as it appeared.

“Then you can stay here until you learn your place.” He turned and left her alone with Archer.

“Didn’t I tell you he’d be okay with this. There’s no one on your side.” He said.

“You and the sperm donor are the only two who care more about yourselves than my happiness. Victor will come for me and he will kill you and my father if necessary.”

“I’m just about as strong as they come Faline. If he tries to take you back it will be me killing him. Maybe if I kill him and make him not an option you’ll marry me.”

“Do you have any self respect? I would not marry you if you and I were the lasts ones alive.” He got on the bed again and it seemed like he was going to come close to her so she kicked him hard. He cussed and said “Fine, I didn’t want it to be this way but you’re forcing me you stupid bitch! How can such a beautiful creature be so ignorant!” He left and came back with more of the same chains. She tried jerking herself around but he was stronger than her and managed to get her other arm and her legs secured down. “Why did you have to go and kick me Faline? I was trying to be nice”

“You call what you’ve done so far nice?!” he crawled over her “You really are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. The only thing wrong with you is that Victor has laid his hands on you and on these clothes.” He ripped them off. “I like looking at you better like this anyway.” He actually saw a bit of fear in her eyes and he got off of her. He stood by the side of the bed staring at her. He nelt down and started to fondle her body. “God get your damn hands off of me!” Victors plane landed and he got another cab to get home.

Chapter Two

Faline’s father had not called him back. He tried getting ahold of him, but the wasn’t answering. He got home and burst through the unlocked door. The first thing he noticed was the pregnancy test on the floor. He picked it up. It was positive. He was going to be a father. He went through there house. His wife wasn’t there. He went back into the living room and noticed blood and hair on the edge of the coffee table. A strange smell hit his nose. One was Faline’s father’s cologne. He would know it anywhere. The second sent his angel blood boiling. Another demon had been here and he could easily guess which one. He had to talk to her father. If Archer had his wife then Faline’s father knew. He got in the car and drove at break neck speed to her father’s company. He took the elevator to the top floor and walked right past the receptionist and burst through his office door. His father in law stood up angrily. “How dare you come here.” He growled.

“Where is my wife you son of a bitch? Where has Archer taken her?” He was in the man’s face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Liar. I know you and that monster were in my home. I could smell both of you.” He wanted to kill this man. “Where are my wife and child?”

“Get out of here before I make you.”

His hand was around the throat of the demon before he could stop himself. He slammed him against the lard window and lifted him off his feet. “I will kill you demon spawn. Where is Faline?” His voice was a loud booming sound. He could feel heat moving through him, an angelic fire. He held out his other hand and a flaming sword formed. “Tell me now.”

Falines father laughed “fine, fine I’ll tell you but only because I know you wont be able to get her from him. Archer has her at his home. He’s trying to knock some sense into that girl and I applaud him.” It took everything in him to set the man down. He had to control himself for Faline. He knew she did love her father even though his heart must have been made of ice. He took off for the demon world. He knew once he was there he’d be able to find where Archers house was.

With Falines blood inside him he could feel his way to her. He was afraid of what Archer might do and angry he had come into his home and taken her. He already knew he may not be able to stop himself from killing Archer but Faline would have to understand. He was sure she’d want him dead after this. He made it to the entrance and jumped in. He hoped no other demons would bother him. He didn’t want to have to kill anybody but Archer.

Faline was happy when Archer finally left her alone. He had hit her more than once, causing her to bite her cheek so she was bleeding. She twisted her wrist against the shackle. She was making herself bleed on purpose, knowing it would help cause her skin to become slick and she might be able to get free. It hurt, but she couldn’t stop. She was very angry, wanted to rip Archer’s throat out. She was frustrating him and she could help but feel a sense of victory that he wasn’t able to break her. He had said he would be back later to scrub her clean and get Victor’s scent off of her. She didn’t want him touching her again.

Victor moved through the demon world at a quick pace. Faline’s blood seemed to be putting the other demons off his scent. It was strange being in another world. He imagined a place like this being all red with fire everywhere, but it almost looked normal. He could see everyone for what they were and he had no idea how many different demons there were. He smiled at some of them and they nodded. “Excuse me, but I’m looking for Archer. Could you please give me directions?” He asked a young woman with fox ears.

“Go four more blocks and turn left. His house has red grass and spivey trees out front. You can’t miss it.” She answered with a smile.

“Thank you.” He tried not to run. He didn’t want to look suspicious. He didn’t know what they would do if they found out what he was.

Archer was trying to calm down before he cleaned her. He didn’t understand her atall. Never had he met such a headstrong women. ¬†He couldn’t even figure out why she’d want Victor over him. All those years he was patient and tried to be on his best behaviour. Yes now he was being violent but he felt she drove him to it. He thought maybe the mans scent on her was making her less willing to cooperate. He started running a bath. He wanted to make sure no trace of him was left on her. He knew he was strong enough to hold her down and clean her in the bathtub.

When it was full he went to her room again. “I’m going to take you to my bathtub to clean you. Don’t make me hurt you more Faline. I don’t like doing it.”

“Then don’t and let me go! You’re crazy! You only want me because you can’t have me!”

“I can and i will have you. You are not leaving this house even if you have to live with me as my captive.” he snapped as he walked twords her. He could suddenly smell Victor more. “That idiot really came.” he said half laughing.

Faline watched Archer hide in the closet. She tugged on the chain, twisting her wrist. She heard the front door open and she finally managed to slip one wrist free. Victor burst through the bedroom door, his eyes settling on her. “It’s a trap.” She screamed and Archer attacked from the closet. He slammed into Victor hard and they rolled out of the bedroom. She got her other wrist free and started prying at the shackles around her ankles. It hurt her fingers, but the metal finally started to give.

Victor put his feet in Archer’s stomach and launched him across the living room and out a window. He followed, slashing at the demon with his sword. He had become instantly enraged upon seeing his wife chained to his bed with nothing on. He didn’t want to think about what had been done to her. Archer dodged the blade and punched Victor in the face, sending his flying back into one of the spikey trees. One of the large branches cut him open. Archer laughed and grabbed him by the throat, throwing him to the ground. “How could she love you? You are so pathetic and you’ve impregnated her with your disgusting spawn.” He stepped on Victor’s chest. “I’ll remedy that when the time comes.” He lifted Victor off the ground. “Now you die half breed.”

“Get your hands off my husband.” Faline screamed and slammed a large branch into the back of Archer’s head. He dropped Victor who stabbed him in the stomach. Archer turned disbelieving eyes on Victor before falling to the ground. Faline jumped into Victor’s arms, finally allowing herself to cry.

“Are you okay baby? Did he hurt you?” Victor asked, his sword disappearing so he could stroke her hair and look at her face.

“He just hit me and touched me. I need a shower. Please take me home.” She said, clinging to him.

He quickly got out of there and took his wife home. He was glad Archer hadn’t raped her. As soon as they got home she rushed to the shower. She wanted Archer off of her. She felt violated even though he hadn’t actually raped her. She scrubbed herself as hard as she could. Scrubbing and rinsing multiple times. Victor sat outside the shower “I’m never leaving you again. My boss will just have to let me take you with me on business trips. I’m so sorry.” She didn’t say anything. All she could do is cry.

She stayed in until the water got cold. When she got out Victor was holding a towel and gently dried her off. He hated seeing her cut up wrists and bruised face. When she was dry he asked “What can I do for you sweetheart? Can I cook you somthing to eat? Maybe order you somthing if you’d prefer?”

“Please cook for me.”

“Alright, do you want to lay down?”

“I think I’m done laying down.” she said in a very sad tone that crushed his heart. She added “we’re going to see my father tomorrow. I’ll call him after we eat.”

He cooked her saut√©ed mushrooms, steak, and mashed potatoes. They ate in silence. He wanted her to say something, anything. He reached across the table, grabbing her hand and she jumped. It hurt him to see her like this. He pulled away and they finished dinner. He cleared the table and rinsed their plates. When he turned around she was standing there. She looked so lost. “Let me hold you.” He said and she walked into his arms. She was shaking. He stroked her hair and whispered how much he loved her. He was so angry, but kept it hidden for her.

“I’m sorry, I’m still in shock I guess.” She said as she wiped her face.

“You never have to apologize to me. You should call your dad and tell him we’re coming.” She nodded and found her cell phone, speed dialing her dad.

He answered on the fourth ring. “We’re coming over.” She said then hung up. They drove to his company and went upstairs. They held hands as they walked past the receptionist who looked at Victor fearfully. “What’s that about?”

“She saw me pin your dad against a window and threaten his life.” They were in her day’s office before she could say more. He stood up and crossed his arms.

“Archer’s dead dad. Victor killed him.” Her dad’s eyes widened a fraction.

“How could you let him kill Archer? He was perfect for you.” Her father hissed.

“He would have raped me and killed our baby. You would have let him you selfish son of a bitch. You would enjoy seeing me in a collar and chain wouldn’t you? You would have loved seeing the bruises, seeing me torn to pieces emotionally. You would have looked the other way, deluded yourself into believing it was for the best.” He didn’t say anything, just stared at her in shock. “I’m glad mom left. I used to blame her for leaving, but it was your fault. I hope she found a nice, loving human to be with.”

“You are so much like her, so headstrong and wild.” He said.

“Good, I’m happy to disappoint you. How could you say you love me and then give me to a monster? Is your image really that important? You have all this money, enough to have whatever you want, but it’s still not enough. You’re supposed to love me unconditionally no mater what I do. Victor will be a better father than you ever were. He charged into our world and killed a sadistic piece of shit to save me. Archer would have never done that and neither would you.”

“I hate how much youre like your damn mom. Fine just go off with him and shame me like your mother did. We will only talk if I have a job for you.”

“Good” she grabbed Victors hand and walked out with him. Her dad had gone too far. He could’ve helped her but he left her at Archers mercy. Her father stood in his office. He was actually a little sad. It had been hard for Victor to stand there and not add anything but he knew this was a talk ment for only her and her dad. He was planning on going to his house when Faline was asleep to give him a piece of his mind. Faline deserved more respect than he gave her. He had to keep his anger under control for her though.

Faline needed him for support and he sure as hell wasn’t going to let her down too. She started crying again when they got in the car and he almost bolted out to beat the crap out of her dad. She noticed him shaking as he held the steering wheel. “Are you ok Victor?”

“Don’t worry about me Faline. I’m just concerned about you right now. Please don’t push the subject. What would you like to do now?”

“Can we go home?”

“Of course.” He pushed a smile on his face for her. “I can’t believe you actually went into the demon world for me. Did you realize how risky that was? If they would’ve known you were an angel you’d be dead.”

“Of course I knew Faline. If you’re in trouble there’s nothing that would stop me from getting to you. I’d die if it meant saving your life because you are my life. I hate that I didn’t get back sooner. I hate I left you alone atall and that I didn’t take care of Archer sooner. It’s killing me to see you this way.”

“You can’t blame yourself for what assholes like Archer and my father do. Honestly, I’m glad you came for me. I told Archer you would. He didn’t believe me. Sometimes I wish he had been born my father’s son instead of me being his daughter. Things would have been better that way.” She grabbed his hand.

He kissed her knuckles and pulled into their driveway. He got out and ran around to her side of the car, opening the door and lifting her out. He carried her inside and to their bed. He pulled off her shoes and kicked off his own then crawled in next to her. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He would have gone crazy with grief and rage if she or his baby had died. No demon would have been safe. When she was asleep he eased her off his chest and covered her. He kissed her forehead and pulled his shoes on. He needed to talk to her father. He grabbed the keys and locked the door behind him. He drove to her father’s house and banged on the door until he answered. “We need to talk.” Victor said and her father let him inside.

“In my office please.” He said. Victor followed him upstairs and into a room. He sat down behind his desk and Victor sat across from him. There was a painting hanging behind him of a woman that looked just like Faline.

“Is that Faline’s mother?” He asked.

“Yes, it is.”

“I thought you hated her.”

A look of sadness crossed his face. “I didn’t mean that. I could never hate the woman who gave me Faline.”

“Then why push your daughter away? Why hurt the only reminder of your wife? Do you really only care about what you want?”

“I just want what’s best for my daughter.” He slammed his palms on the top of the desk and stood to pace. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“You wanted her with someone as cold hearted as you. He was going rape her and kill your grandchild. He beat her.” He snapped, standing to face his father in law. “Is that what you want for her, a broken body and heart? Do you want her soulless, a shell of who she was?”

“No,” her father screamed, “no I don’t.”

“Then why’d you let him have her!”

“I didn’t know he was going to be that rough. He’s always been patient with Faline. Reagrdless I’m ademon. I just don’t think like you.”

“You should’ve seen your daughter today. She was terrfied. I’ve never seen her like that. I just want to beat you until you die you ass. It was all I could do to hold myself together until she was asleep. Sombody had to consider how she was feeling.”

“Don’t think I approve of you. You aren’t worthy of my daughter and I’ll find another suitor for her. The next one I’ll keep better control of though.” Victor laughed and it even creeped Falines dad out a little “I fucking dare you to. If another demon takes my wife you will be dead.”

“Are you threatening me little boy?”

“I’m promising you. I hope you wont be that stupid. I will protect my family from you and who ever you deem good enough for your daughter.” Falines dad saw a very deranged look in his eyes. He couldn’t really tell if it was his angel or demon side. He felt like it was a mixture of both. Victor walked out and went home to be with his wife. It scared him that her father was actually considering finding another demon to be with Faline. He wasn’t going to tell Faline. She didn’t need to be more afraid than she already was.

He got in bed with her again holding her close. ¬†She woke up the next morning glad to see she was in Victors arms. She kissed him and it woke him up. He kissed her back. “You don’t have to go to work today do you?”

“No I’m going to call in sick.”

“Thank you. I love you so much Victor. I’m so glad I married you and that we’re going to have a little family together. You’re going to be an amazing father.” Victor spent the day doing his best to make her smile and laugh. He’d keep her safe and happy no matter what it took.

~The End~

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