Faline & Victor 3

Chapter One

Faline and Victor’s daughter Rowan was a year old. She was beautiful and had come into the world screaming. Victor said it meant she had the heart of a lion. They loved her more than life itself. They played on the floor with her, Victor had a little stuffed elephant that he was making sounds for and rubbing against Rowan’s nose so she giggled and buried her face in Faline’s shirt. Faline had not heard from her father the entire pregnancy or the year of his granddaughter’s life. They sent him pictures, but he never responded. Victor feared what that might mean and if he was planning anything. There was a sudden knock at the door and Faline handed Rowan to Victor and went to answer it. She opened it and her eyes widened in shock at the person standing there.

“Mom?” She stared in disbelief.

“Yes dear who does it look like?” Her mother grinned.

“Oh my god, mom.” She wrapped her mom in a tight hug. “Come in.” She stepped aside and let her inside. “When did you get here?”

“Night before last. I went to see your father and he told me to come here. He’s still not happy. So where is my son in law and granddaughter?”

“Victor come in here and bring Rowan.”

Victor walked into the living room with his daughter on his hip. He didn’t need to ask to know who this was. She could have been Faline’s older sister. “You must be Laina.” He said.

“In the flesh and I take it you’re Victor. I can smell the angel on you son, but don’t worry I have nothing against your kind.” She gave him a big hug. “This must be my little Rowan. She is so beautiful. Can I hold her?”

“Of course.” He handed Rowan to her grandmother and the little girl gave her a big kiss. “Not to be rude, but what are you doing here?”

“I heard that you were having trouble with that ass of an ex husband of mine and decided I needed to come back. I also missed my daughter. I regret leaving.”

“Oh mom, I understand. Dad was horrible to you. I missed you so much. Victor’s been worried that dad might be planning something. I keep hoping maybe it’ll be an apology, but we all know that would never happen. He never apologizes. I don’t even think he loves me anymore.”

“He’ll always love you Faline. He’s just so self centered it’s hard to tell. He showed more love for you than anybody. He’s a dark man who is only interested in power. Even if that does mean hurting who he loves.” Victor wanted to ask why she would just leave Faline alone with that man. He could understand her leaving but not leaving poor Faline to be raised by such a monster. He couldn’t help but be a little angry at her.

“May I stay with you three for a little while?” Laina smiled. “Of course mom!” Faline sounded so happy to see her mom. Victor decided to only ask if he got a chance to be alone with her. Laina sat on the floor and played with Rowan. “She is so precious.” Laina exclaimed while holding her in the air. Victor smiled, he had an arm around Faline. Rowan started reaching for her mother so Laina gave her to Faline.

“I think someone is tired. Ready for a nap my angel?” Faline said and rubbed noses with her. “I’ll put her to bed.” Faline left the room and Victor sat down on the couch. Laina pushed herself off the floor and sat across from him in the recliner.

“You gave me a little bit of a dirty look earlier. Something on your mind?” Laina asked and leaned forward to look him in the eye.

“Why did you leave Faline behind?”

“You must think I’m no better than her daddy and maybe you’re right, but I had no choice. He tried to kill me once when I wouldn’t do what I was told, choked me. I was terrified, but more worried about Faline seeing how he was. He never laid a hand on her though. She was his sweet little baby girl. That’s why I wasn’t afraid to leave her. I knew he’d never, ever hurt her.” She answered, looking a little sad.

“Did he tell you about Archer?”

“He told me you killed that little pig. I’m glad you did. He was obsessed with my daughter from the minute she became a teenager. I don’t care why you killed him, any reason was good enough. Anyway, I’m glad she has you and the baby.”

Victor understood. He had hardly spent a few minutes with Faline’s father and he saw how evil the man really was. No father should ever sacrifice a child to make himself look better. He could never do that. Rowan’s hopes and dreams would always be important. He didn’t care if she wanted to marry an angel, a demon, or a human when she grew up. He just wanted to give her a good and happy life. Faline came back into the living room and sat down next to Victor.

“So tell me how life’s been for you.” Faline said.

“Traveled, fell in love a couple of times.” She smiled. “I remarried, another demon, but a lot sweeter. You’d like him. I plan on having more kids. How would you like to be a really older sister?”

Faline laughed. “Since we don’t age I would love it.”

“Fantastic” Her mother seemed happier than Faline remembered her. She was so glad her mom had found a good life for herself. “Could I have a picture of you? The only one i have is of when you were 13. I want one with your husband and little girl too.”

“Of course, I recently got some pictures developed for picture frames.” She went into the bedroom and pulled out a small box. She handed it to her mom “Take as many as you want.” Laina flipped through and took a few photos. “You should really visit us mom. As much as you want to come.”

“I will baby, I’ve been afraid to see you again. I didn’t know if you’d be happy to see me.”

“I’m beyond happy. I’ve missed you so much.”

“How long will Rowan sleep?”

“Not long mom don’t worry you’ll see her again soon.”

They listened to Laina talk about her new husband Philip. He hadn’t come with her because he wanted to give her some time alone with Faline and Victor. He also didn’t want the situation to be awkward since he didn’t know how Faline would react. She assured her mother that any man who treated her right was more than welcome. Lunch time rolled around and Rowan woke. They could hear her talking in her room and laughing. Victor went and got her and the little girl immediately reached for her grandmother. It delighted Laina.

“We’ll make lunch while you visit with Rowan.” Faline said and grabbed Victor’s hand, pulling him into the kitchen.

“You look happy.” Victor said.

“I’m always happy, but yes it’s nice to see my mom. I’ve missed her.”

“I’m still worried about your father. By now I expected another hot headed young man to come knocking and profess is undying love for you.” Victor wanted her father to slip back onto the abyss he’d crawled out of and disappear forever.

Faline opened the freezer and pulled out some chicken. She took out a couple of pieces, put them in a bowl, and popped them in the microwave to defrost. “He knows what will happen if he sends another like Archer over here. I’ll go see him tomorrow and see if I can discern what he’s up too.”

“I would hate to see anything happen to you or Rowan. I love you both very much.”

“I know love. I’ll call him after lunch and tell him I’ll see him in the morning.” She kissed him and then smiled. “We love you too. Now, help me chop stuff for salad then all I’ll have to do is cook the chicken.”

Laina was having a lot of fun playing with her grandaughter. She couldn’t believe how much Rowan was like Faline. Everything about Rowan mirrored her mother. Laina could definitely see some of Victor in her. Lunch was ready so Faline and Victor set the table. ¬†Victor grabbed Rowans highchair and pulled it twords the table. Laina set her in it and kissed her on the forehead.

“You know sweetheart I wouldn’t worry about your father. It’s spread that you killed Archer so I dont think another one is stupid enough to try to take you by force at your dads command. The only one dumb enough to do that is Locke and honestly dear he may be a pompous hard head because he comes from a long line of money but he is not that impressive. The only reason your father liked him was because of his heritage. Honestly I’ll laugh if he’s the one your father sends. You two would take him down easy.”

Faline had forgotten about him. He actually took no for an answer so when Archer harassed her Locke slipped her mind completely. “Yeah, I would not be very scared of him. He wasn’t that bad though. Atleast when I told him no he left me alone.”

“He did stalk you awhile though dear.”

“Yeah but it was harmless.” Victor looked at her wide eyed “That’s not harmless!” Faline and Laina laughed “He really is harmless. I’m sure my dad hasn’t been able to find anyone and he’s just pouting. He’ll talk to me soon.” She kissed her husband on the cheek.

“Maybe if we shave your head and make you up like a clown they’ll leave you alone.” Victor said and they laughed.

“What a hideous sight I would be.” Faline said. Rowan threw some chicken at Laina. “Rowan stop that.” She threw another piece and Victor shot her a look. The little girl went back to eating.

“Oh my you have that look down. It usually takes years to master it..” Laina said with a big smile.

“My mom was always amazing at the look. When I was a kid I would practice it in the mirror.” They finished lunch and Victor cleaned Rowan while Faline and her mother cleared the table. “You are the biggest mess maker.” He said to his daughter and kissed her forehead. “Lets go play in your bouncy swing.” He lifted her out of her chair and carried her to the hall where her swing hung. He slipped her inside and she started hopping and laughing. He loved that little laugh. It brought him such joy. He heard a knock at the door and yelled that he’d get it. He opened it and a woman stood there holding a vase of white roses. “Can I help you?” He asked.

“These are for Faline.” The woman said nervously.

“I’ll take them thank you.” She handed him the vase and walked away. He took them into the kitchen where Faline and Laina were talking. They both arched an eyebrow and he had to stop from laughing at how they shared the same look.

“What’s this?” Faline asked.

“There’s a card.” Laina said and Faline grabbed it and opened it.

“For a very special and beautiful young woman, hope to see you soon. Locke.” She glared at the card and it burst into flame. She tossed it in the sink and switched on the water. “Great, just great. Dad gave him my address. Now he’ll come over and I’ll have to kick his ass. Dad is getting an ear full right now.” ¬†She went into the loving room and picked up the phone. She dialed her dad’s number and he answered on the third ring. “You listen to me you idiotic bastard. Do not give my address to anyone else or we’re going to have an even bigger problem.”

“Locke is perfect for you Faline.” He said.

“That’s what you said about Archer remember and he beat me, threatened to kill my child and threatened to rape me so I would have his babies. We both know I will not leave Victor and I will not abandon Rowan so stop it. I’m coming by tomorrow by the way so try for a little humanity.” She hung up and slammed the phone back down in its cradle. “Asshole.”

“Oh god he’s found another suitor?”

“Yes, the flowers are from Locke.” Laina fell to the floor laughing “Mom it really isn’t funny.” When she finally managed to quit and get up she said “I’m so sorry dear but I warned you I’d laugh if it was him. I don’t know much about what he is now but when he asked you to be with him he really wasn’t that tough. What does your dad think he’s going to accomplish?” Victor looked frustrated and said “Improving him is probably what’s been taking your father so long.”

“It’ll be fine Victor. Calm down.”

“There’s no being calm when a demented demon is probably going to come after my wife again.”

“Maybe I should let you two be alone for a few minuets so you can think and calm down. Go to your room and I’ll sit out here with the baby. Victor please don’t worry. Even with her fathers training he’s probably still a little wimp.” She almost started laughing again but held it in because Victor was not amused in the slightest. The sweet welcoming young man almost wasn’t recognizable at the moment.

Victor shut their bedroom door and started pacing. “Honey calm down, Locke’s not that bad.” Faline said as she sat on the bed.

“Stop being so damn calm all the time.” He snapped and instantly regretted it. He never lost his temper with her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice.”

She stood and pulled him into a hug. “It’s alright.”

“No it’s not. What if Archer was right? What if I turn on you?”

“Stop that. You would never do that. You love me and Rowan. You didn’t even get agitated with my mother. You won’t turn on us.” She hated that lost look on his face.

“It would kill me if I hurt you.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her.

“I’m sorry I’m not taking this more seriously. I’ll talk with daddy tomorrow and see if I can keep you and Locke from butting heads. More than likely Locke will back off and everything will be fine. I’ll find some way of getting dad to leave us alone.” Faline was so tired of her father and his ego. She needed to find a way to bring him down to everyone else’s level. There had to be something she could use, some sort of weakness. She hated that she still loved her father even after all he had done to her and her mother. Victor always told her that a child’s love was unconditional and that no matter what she would always love him deep down. “Lets go spend some time with my mom. We can watch a movie. How about Brave since Rowan likes that one?”

“Alright, sounds good.”

He hugged her tightly. He felt overwhelming guilt about yelling at Faline. It was misdirected frustration at the situation. He was worried about Faline getting hurt or worse actually liking the guy. She was so amazing and Victor didn’t feel like he deserved her. His world would crumble if she left or died trying to get away from Locke. Victor let her go but instantly grabbed her hand as they walked in the living room.

“Why don’t we watch Brave? Rowan loves it”

“That sounds great.” She looked at her son in law who looked incredibly sad. She felt bad for him and was appalled by her ex husband. Victor was such a sweet boy from what she saw so far. He should love Faline enough to just let her be happy. Once the movie started Laina held Rowan while Victor rested his head in Falines lap. She stroked his hair to comfort him. Eventually he grabbed her hand. He gently pressed it into his face then slid it down to give her fingers a kiss.

He let her hand go again and she continued stroking his hair. It was so calming he fell asleep about half way into the movie. Laina noticed and whispered “Look.”

“I know. I knew doing that would make him fall asleep. He really needs to calm down.”

When Victor woke up Faline was cleaning up after dinner. He sat up and rubbed his face. Rowan was nowhere to be seen so he guessed she must be in bed. He got up and went into the kitchen where Laina was helping Faline with dishes. “Hey babe, dinner is in the oven. I made lasagna.” Faline smiled. He grabbed a bowl and spoon then opened the oven and scooped some lasagna out. He sat down at the table and ate as they talked. He didn’t care what it was about he just loved Faline’s voice. He finished and took his bowl to them.

“Delicious.” He said and kissed her cheek. “I’m going to go ahead and get in bed.”

“I’ll be in there soon.”

Faline waited until she was sure he was gone before turning to her mother. “Dad is stressing him out. He lost his temper today which never happens.” She said as she drained the sink and dried her hands. “At this rate he’ll leave me because dad will push him into a mental breakdown.”

“Oh please. There is nothing in this world or any other world that could chase him away. He’s very devoted to you and Rowan. He just needs some time away. Maybe you could take a trip somewhere. I could watch Rowan. Philip would love her.” Laina said.

“We can’t afford to go anywhere right now. Dad cut me off.”

“Well I’ll pay for it. Your dad isn’t the only one that has money.”

Chapter Two

“Really mom?” Her eyes lit up “Yes mam in fact I’ll set you up a bank account that will be connected to mine. Spend as you please I have plenty to give. You deserve it anyway Faline. I’m sorry I left you.” Faline hugged her mom “I’m just glad you’re here now.”

“Why don’t you hop in bed with that husband of yours. I bet he’d like that. After you get done at your fathers tomorrow start making plans with Victor. You two should go right away and start enjoying yourself.” Faline smiled hugging her again then heading twords her room. Faline wasn’t in bed for more than a second when Victor wrapped himself around her. “You didn’t have to come”

“Mom wanted me too. She’s going to pay for us to have a nice vacation. I hope that’ll make you feel better. I’m so sorry about my dad. I hope you don’t leave me out of frustration.” Victor lifted his head up and looked at her like she belonged in a mental institution. “Faline, I love you. Nothing in this world is more important than you and our daughter. I’d die for the both of you and my world would fall apart if I lost you. I’d never leave you no matter what. You’re what makes my heart beat. You’re my reason for living. Don’t talk about such crazy things. There’s nothing that could make me leave you.”

Victor kissed Faline then layed his head on her chest again to listen to her heart. “Will you sing to me Faline. I’d love to hear your sweet voice as I fall asleep.” Faline smiled and wrapped her arms around him. She sang a soft song until she could tell he was sleeping then fell asleep herself. She hoped the talk with her dad went well tomorrow. Faline was going to make it clear she had no interest in Locke.

Just be careful alright. We need you here.” Victor said as Faline pulled on her jacket. It was raining outside.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be home before you know it. If a tall, lean guy with short blonde hair and green eyes comes by tell him I’ll be back to talk to him after I talk to dad.” She said and he arched an eyebrow. “That would be Locke in his human form. He’s actually very polite even though he’s one of my dad’s favorites. So try not to bite his head off. I doubt any of this was his idea. He just tends to go with the flow.”

“I will do my level best not to lose my temper. I promise and your mom is here to make sure I be good.”

“Damn straight.” She winked at Victor and Faline rolled her eyes.

“You two be good.” She kissed Victor and left.

The drive to her father’s company seemed to take an eternity. She didn’t really want to see him, but she had no choice. She pulled into the parking lot and got out. She took the elevator up, angry and nervous all at once. It pinged and the doors opened. She told the receptionist who she was and the woman quickly informed her father. She told her to go in and Faline opened the door and walked in like she owned the place. Her father was staring out the large window and she rolled her eyes. She knew it was only to create suspense. “Take a seat.” He ordered.

“No thanks.” He turned around and she placed her hands on her hips defiantly. “I’m not leaving my husband.”

“See reason for once in your life.”

“You’re one to talk. You’ve never seen reason. Don’t be a hypocrite. I love Victor, we have a child together.” She noticed a new picture frame hanging on his wall. “What’s that?”

“It’s nothing, don’t change the subject.” She walked over to it and he stepped in her way. She pushed him aside and her eyes widened when they fell on the collage style frame. It was all the pictures of Rowan they had sent him. It brought an unexpected lump into her throat. He actually loved his granddaughter.

“I don’t understand you atall dad! You obviously like your granddaughter so why try and set me up with a new man?”

“She’ll still be my grandaughter if you leave Victor. Locke will accept her as his own.” She grunted “How did you convince him to go along with this?”

“He really wanted you badly. To get him to quit stalking you I agreed to send him a picture of you every now and then. He still wants you now. I’ve made him more of a man. He’s muscular now and has more confidence. I’ve been grooming him since you killed Archer.”

“I don’t care what he looks like dad. I love my husband and he loves me. We have a very happy family. I do not want Locke. I’m glad it’s atleast him because he’s a decent guy. I can trust I wont be threatened with rape or anything.”

“Stop being like that Faline. You’re getting on my nerves.”

“you don’t think you’re getting on mine? Just let me live in peace with Victor! Please dad, if you still love me atall just leave me alone.”

“I’m doing this because I love you. Victor is not who you should be with. He’s not good enough for my girl or my grandaughter!”

She turned to leave and he grabbed her in a second. “We’re not done here Faline! You will not go home to that filthy angel. I wont bare him touching you for one more second.”

“Let go of me dad!” They stood there staring into each others eyes. It killed Faline her father wouldn’t accept the husband she loved so dearly and loved her right back. “I don’t want this to get ugly like last time Faline. Please just give in now.”

“Things are not going to get ugly with little Locke. Even if he did try to make me he wasn’t a lot to work with I doubt he’s that impressive. My strength and my husbands could out do him any day. Now please let go of my arm and let me go home.”

He just glared at her so she slapped him, the sound loud and sharp in the room. He stared at her in stunned silence and she jerked her arm free. “If I have to father I will take this higher up. Even you have a boss and he has said nothing bad about me being with Victor. You are the only one who cares enough to make my life miserable. You never wanted me to be happy. All of this is because of what you want. You don’t care about me, you never have. You always tell me I’m your little girl, but you don’t treat me like a father should his daughter. You treat me like dirt.” She adjusted her jacket. “The day you were willing to let Archer rape me is the day you lost me. You should have fought for me.” She turned away before she started crying. “I wanted you to be a part of Rowan’s life, but I can see you refuse to change so I refuse to let you see her. Good bye father.” She walked out of his office, hoping she had hurt him.

There was a knock at the door and Victor practically ran to tell whoever it was to be quiet. Rowan was napping. He pulled the door open and arched an eyebrow at the tall, muscular, blonde headed guy with green eyes. “Are you by chance Locke?” He asked.

“Yes sir, I am.” He answered. “You must Victor.”

“That’s right. Please come in. Faline wants to talk to you when she gets home.” He stepped aside and Locke walked in. He shut the door and sat on the couch across from the bigger man. “You do know how this is going to go down right?”

“Excuse me?”

“Faline will come in and sit right here.” He patted the cushion next to him. “You’ll profess your love and repeat something her father told you to say and she’ll tell you that it’s not happening. We have a daughter that we both love very much. I love her and she loves me. I think daddy dearest is only doing this because his brain can’t process the word no.” He said, staring Locke straight in the eye.

“We’ll see when she gets here. I know a few things about your father that she doesn’t. He was an angel you know and killed a lot of demons.” Locke glared at him.

“I doubt she’ll care what my father is responsible for. I don’t care what hers is responsible for. We love eachother not eachothers dads” Locke laughed ¬†“Honestly even if she doesnt come around right this second I just have to wait until you attack her which you will.”

“I would never hurt my Faline” He said angrily. Locke spoke in eerie voice “you will and then she’ll understand the danger of being with you.” Faline was driving home in tears. All she wanted was her father to accept what she had chosen for her life. She hated how he could still make her cry. There’s no reason for her to still love him but she did and she couldn’t stand it. She quickly got out the car wanting to be with Victor. She flung the door open and was shocked to see what she could barely tell was Locke “Locke? Is that really you?”

“Yep” he said with a birght smile. Victor glared at him again but then noticed the tears on Falines face “It didn’t go well then?”

“no he’s still a heartless ass”

“he really wants what’s best for you Faline. I can make you much happier than I’m sure you are now. Your daughter is so beautiful.” Faline stopped him “How do you know what my daughter looks like?”

“Your father showed me. I’d love to have her as my own with you by my side as my wife.” he said it so cheerfully like he wasn’t standing near her husband. She could see Victor about to lose it. “Locke I do not want you I want my husband Victor. I didn’t want you when you asked me the first time and I don’t want you now. Nothing is going to make me leave Victor.”

He’ll be just like his father who had an uncontrollable urge to murder anyone of demon blood. Do you know how many he murdered before he himself was killed?”

“He is not a murderer. He’s only killed one man and that was in self defense. You are purposely trying to make him angry so he’ll lash out.” She moved over to Victor and placed a hand on his shoulder. He reached up and grabbed it. She could feel him shaking.

“It will get harder every day for him to control himself. One minute you will be the love of his life and the next he’ll be beating you and your little girl.” Locke said, his eyes never leaving her face.

“Get out of my house right now.” Victor said between clenched teeth. He was on his feet, his fists clenched at his sides. Faline grabbed his arms so he couldn’t take a step toward Locke.

“Honey calm down, take a breath.” She said softly. “Locke get out now, he’s not playing around.”

Locke threw his hands up and stood. “Fine, but I’ll be back when this half breed is gone. I want to talk to you without him interfering.” Locke left and Faline wrapped Victor in a hug.

“Please calm down love, please for me.” Victor’s arms wrapped around her and he buried his nose in her hair.

“I already lost my temper with you once. What if he’s right? I don’t want to hurt you. He’s the second demon to tell me I’m too dangerous for you.” He was really scared now. What if he raised his hand to her or Rowan? It would kill him. He would gladly accept death if he ever touched them like that.

“Everything’s going to be alright. I’m going to plan us some time away so we can catch our breath. We can also start house hunting. This apartment is getting a little too small.” She lifted his head and smiled. “Mom said I can spend as much as I like and we’ve been wanting a house.”

“I would like that. I really would. I need to stop letting them antagonize me. My angel blood boils when I meet people like Archer, Locke, and your dad. I hate it.”

“They try to make you angry. It isn’t like you get angry for no reason Victor. We’ve been together about seven years now and you haven’t hurt me once Victor. You were a wonderful boyfriend and have made an amazing husband.” He held her tighter. Locke sounded so sure that he would hurt her. It really worried him. As Locke walked out he was thinking about her fathers plan to force him to attack Faline. They’d gone over it many times. Once they had him in a violent rage against her Locke was going to be the hero and protect her.

He felt slightly guilty but not enough not to go through with it if Faline kept refusing. He’d turn eventually anyway. He continued to assure himself what him and her father was doing was right all the way back to her fathers house. Faline just sat with Victor. She held him on the couch. It was destroying her seeing him so sad. “want to talk about vacations or a house for us? Please, I can’t watch you like this.” He nodded and they walked over to the computer. He actually started smiling after a little bit.

Laina came behind them “decide on anything?”

“we want to go up into the mountains.”

“sounds fun. Have you picked a nice home?”

Victor spoke up excitedly “oh yes, here we’ll show you.”

“Oh I love it! It’s perfect for you three! Buy it right away and then buy a little cabin so you can go into the mountains.” Faline jumped up “Thank you so much mom”

“No problem sweetheart. I’ll go ahead and pack Rowans things ok?”

“Ok” Victor came up behind Faline and hugged her again. He pressed his head into her back “You’re my everything Faline”

“and you’re mine Victor.”

“Well you’re not trying hard enough.” He growled at Locke.

“Sir please. He’s very strong willed and Faline always stops him. She is his voice of reason.” Locke said.

“You must jab him in just the right spot. Try harder.” He had seen first hand the destruction Victor’s father had wrought. He had killed so many, gone on a rage filled rampage. It was in Victor’s blood, the uncontrollable urge to murder every demon blooded creature in his path. “Keep prodding.”

Victor tossed and turned as the nightmare swept over him. Faline was leaving and taking Rowan. She was with her father and Locke. She kept saying she couldn’t live with him anymore, she couldn’t take it anymore. He reached for her as she walked out the door, his heart breaking. He screamed, felt hands gripping his shoulders. His eyes flew open and all he saw and smelled was Locke. His fingers wrapped threatening around the demon’s throat and he rolled so he was trapped beneath him. “Victor, it’s me.” He knew that voice. He blinked and the image of Locke disappeared. He was staring down in horror at Faline. He jumped off the bed and backed away from her.

“What happened?” He asked as he pressed himself against the bedroom door.

“You were having a nightmare. Everything’s okay now.” She moved slowly off the bed and over to him. He held his hand up to stop her. She took his hand and pressed it against her face.

“I choked you.”

“No you didn’t. You didn’t hurt me at all. You were just having a really bad nightmare. You were crying and mumbling.” She moved closer, grabbing his face in her hands and kissing him. “It’s okay, come back to bed.”

He followed reluctantly, his heart beating so fast he thought he might throw up. She pulled him onto the mattress and he rested his head on her chest. She stroked his hair and whispered softly. He closed his eyes, remembering what he had been promised. Two children and a happy life. This was just a bump in the road and he could get through it as long as Faline was with him. “Did I scare you?” He asked.

“No and that’s the truth. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me. You’re just stressed.” She answered and kissed his forehead.

“I never knew my biological father. My mom said he had issues, anger issues. My step dad raised me as his own.” He kissed her chest. “Maybe my biological father is the reason your dad hates angels. I have to prove I’m not like him.”

“No you don’t. You don’t owe them anything.”

“But what if it made them back off? It would be worth it. I mean I walked right into your world and didn’t touch a single demon. They were everywhere, their scent washed over me and I only wanted Archer.”

“I know, please they are just trying to fill your head with doubts and make you angry.” Victor was afraid to fall asleep. He couldn’t trust himself not to wake up on top of the woman he loved again. After an hour passed Faline was asleep again. He just held her not sure if he’d ever sleep again. He got up to check on his daughter. Falines mom would be leaving with her right after breakfast. That evening they were going to go up to the cabin they got in the mountains.

Rowan was sleeping peacfully.He sighed and relaxed then went back to his room. Faline looked so beautiful and peaceful. She had gone back to sleep without a worry in the world. He was amazed at how much she trusted him even though demon after demon told her he wasn’t safe. He knelt by the side of the bed and kissed her as gently as possible. He needed her lips against his but wanted to let her rest. He hoped that they wouldn’t see Locke again but he knew that was too much to ask for.

The sun came up and he could hear his little girl crying. He went to get her. He sat down in the rocking chair that was in her room and sang to her. Rowan started laughing and it made Victor smile. He felt so blessed to have Rowan and Faline. His life would be perfect if her father was out of the picture. he felt himself getting angry thinking about her Falines dad so he quickly went back to thinking about his daughter and wife.

Laina got up and started cooking. Victor could smell it and walked into the kitchen with Rowan. “Good morning! Did you sleep well?”

“No but it was a good opportunity to spend time with Rowan before you leave”

“I promise I’ll take realyl good care of her Victor.”

“I know you will” he said with a smile.

They ate and talked about the trip. Laina was so excited to spend time with Rowan. She hadn’t expected to get her so soon after arriving. Faline cleared the table when they were done and almost didn’t let Rowan out of her arms. She had not spent a day away from her. She finally kissed her daughter on the cheek and handed her to Laina. “Don’t worry she’ll be fine.” Victor said as they drove away.

“I know. I just didn’t think it would be so hard.” She felt tears burning behind her eyes.

“It’s okay love, your mom left her number. We can check on her any time.”

She hugged Victor and he kissed her. “Lets go pack honey.”

She pulled out the suitcase and they grabbed their warmest clothes. They also grabbed swimwear since there were hot springs. Faline grabbed a picture of Rowan and sat it on top of the clothes. She went through and made sure they had everything. “I think that’s it.” She said. They heard a knock on the door and she sighed. She went and opened it and glared down at her father and Locke. “What do you want?” She snapped.

“To talk to you and your husband.” Her father said.

“No, go away.”

“Who’s at the door?” Victor yelled from the other room.

“Don’t worry about it babe.” She yelled back. “Leave now.”

Chapter Three

“If you choose to go up into the mountains alone with him you’re going to die Faline”

“Now you’re just being dramatic dad. Victor has never hurt me and he never will hurt me.” Victor walked to the door and saw Falines dad and Locke. Faline continued “how do you even know where we are going?”

“You’re not so stupid to think I don’t keep tabs on you.”

“Will you two just leave us alone.” He said trying to control the rage that was already boiling at the sight of them. Faline slammed the door which really pissed her father off. No one had ever dared slam a door in his face. He grabbed Locke and dragged him down the stairs and said “you are going to follow them to that damn cabin and you’re going to kiss Faline right infront of Victor. I don’t care if you have to pin her down you will kiss her. That is bound to break him. Once he’s gone he will be gone. His angel blood will blind him and he will attack my daughter. Lets be clear though. Don’t you dare let that damn angel kill her.”

Falines dad handed him a small bag of some sort of powder. “I hexed this. Right before you force a kiss on Faline throw this in his face to be sure. It will make sure he loses himself. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir”

“Good boy, I’m going to remind you again. You let my daughter die and you die a very slow death”

They relaxed and watched a movie as the time inched by. Faline kept getting up and checking to make sure her father and Locke were gone. When it was finally time for them to leave Victor carried the suitcase out to the car and put it in the trunk. They held hands as he drove. The cabin was a six hour drive away. She fell asleep around noon and Victor kept glancing at her. She was so gorgeous and he adored her cat ears. He was so lucky to have her. She had so much faith in him. He didn’t wake her when the sun went down. She deserved to relax.

Faline stirred when Victor hit a bump. It was pitch black outside and they were surrounded by snow. She looked out the window and realized they were going up. “Why didn’t you wake me?” She asked.

“You looked so beautiful and peaceful. I couldn’t bring myself to wake you.” He smiled sweetly.

“I love you so much.”

They made it to the cabin at midnight and Victor grabbed the suitcase while Faline unlocked the door. It was fully furnished. He kissed her and gathered wood from the pile already outside. He brought it back in and got a fire started. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. “I’m freezing.” She said.

“I can fix that.” He lowered her feet to the floor and started kissing her. He pulled off her shirt and unhooked her bra. He cupped her breasts, marveling at her softness. He pushed her onto the bed and tugged her shoes and pants off. He slid her panties slowly off and just admired her. “You are so beautiful.” He whispered softly.

“Just get out of these clothes and make love to me.” She grinned and slid her hands under his shirt. He smiled and undressed, tossing his clothes aside. He ran a finger over chin and across her neck to her chest. He ran it lower over her abdomen and then lower still to rub against her most sensitive parts. She gasped, gripping his shoulders.

“I love how hot you are.” He whispered and she blushed. “It drives me crazy.” He lifted her into his arms and sat on the bed so she was straddling him. He kissed her as he thrust into her. He guided her in a slow ride, wanting to take his time. She moaned loudly, allowing herself to let go and come apart because she wasn’t worried about waking Rowan. She arched her back as she orgasmed and his mouth sucked at her breasts. She tangled her fingers in his hair as another rolled over her. He kissed her as he found his release, his moan filling her mouth. They just held each other for a moment, catching their breath.

“You warm now?” he asked with a smile. She was still trying to breath “Yes” she said with a slight laugh. “I hope I get pregnant again soon” Faline said as she looked up at him. “Me too, I’d love another baby. Rowan makes me so happy.”

“we should try as much as possible while we’re here and don’t have to worry about being loud” She winked. Victor just hugged her happily savouring the moment. He finally wasn’t upset or stressed. He could just enjoy being with his wife who he loved so much. “Goodnight Faline”

“Goodnight Victor.” They slowly drifted to sleep as they held eachother. Locke wouldn’t be there until morning. Falines dad Frank gave him directions. Frank wanted this done as soon as possible. He hoped Locke was competent enough to handle this. He was really worried about him getting his daughter out ok. She had to learn how dangerous Victor is but he only wanted her to see it not really experience it. He had faith in Locke though. He trained him hard and he was impressed by Lockes progress.

The only reason Frank worried was because of how strong of an angel Victors father was. He wished Faline could understand what a monster Victor could become if he lost it. She’d hate him once they did this but atleast when she sees it she’ll have Locke to protect her instead of just being at Victors mercy. He just kept assuring himself as he paced around his office. Frank didn’t manage to crawl in ¬†bed until around three am.

Victor woke first that morning. He moved as little as possibel so he could just enjoy the feel of his wife pressed against him. When eight am rolled around he gently pushed Faline off of him to make her breakfast. When the pancakes and eggs were done he kissed Faline to wake her up. She woke with a smile as his lips gently pressed against hers. He picked her up and carried her to the table. He pulled out a chair and set her down in it.

You are the best.” She said and took a big bite. “I love your pancakes. You still haven’t told me the secret of how you make these so delicious. I can’t figure it out and I’ve tried.”

“That is one secret I plan on keeping.” He grinned and winked.

“I’ll get it out of you. I have my ways.” He laughed and almost choked on his pancake. She liked how carefree he sounded. He went into the kitchen and got a glass of milk.

“Don’t want to choke to death.”

“What do you want to do today?”

“Hmmmm. We should explore a little bit, pack some sandwiches and go on a little hike.” He said.

“Sounds fun.” They finished breakfast then jumped in the shower. He made love to her again, unable to help himself. He had to have her, had to touch her. He kissed her softly after and washed her lovingly. They got out, dried and dressed then Faline threw together a couple of sandwiches. She was amazed that the cabin had everything they needed and she knew that her mother must have had everything brought up the day they bought the place. She looked around until she found a little pack and put the sandwiches and two bottles of water inside. Victor took it and put it on his back.

They left, locking the door and walking hand in hand into the woods. Locke saw them disappear and followed. Out here would be the best place to do this. The worst Victor could do was hurt a few trees and it would make it easier to get Faline away.

Faline felt uneasy. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” Victor asked noticing. “I don’t know. I just feel like we’re being followed. I’m probably just paranoid because of my dad. Please don’t get out of your happy mood.” Victor laughed “I won’t.” It was beautiful out there. Faline soon cast away her concerns and just took it all in. “Victor stop looking at me and enjoy nature. You look at me every day.” He smiled “but you’re more beautiful than anything out here.”

Some snow rabbits caught Falines eye and she let go of Victors hand and ran for them. Locke thought this was the perfect time. He flung himself from tree to tree silently until he was right above Faline but not in sight of Victor. Victor ran behind her. She had made his heart start pumping faster when she darted like that. Locke gently crawled over a branch so he could drop right in front of Victor. Once he decided he was in the perfect position he dropped.

Before Faline or Victor could react Locke had covered his face in the powder and pulled Faline into him to kiss her. Victor felt weird. He couldn’t think and then when he managed to get it out of his eyes he saw Faline struggling against Locke. All the sudden his head swirled and he had absolutely no thoughts but fury and killing. The sword that came to him when he confronted Frank once again appeared in his hand and he lunged towards Locke.

Locke shoved Faline and she fell in the snow. She managed to get to her feet and brushed snow out of her face to see Victor attacking Locke with an animalistic ferocity that she had never seen. She chased after them, screaming Victor’s name as she stumbled through the snow. He never acted like this, never ignored her. She found the little pouch in the snow and lifted it to her nose. She rubbed some of the excess powder between her fingers as she chased after them. There was something off about it. She tucked the pouch into her pocket as she followed them deeper into the woods.

Victor had never felt so out of control. He slashed at the demon who dodged so he cut down a tree instead. His face contorted into a mask of rage and he actually growled at the man before him. His blood screamed at him to evicerated this demon, to cover the woods in his blood. He slashed at him, the searing sword cutting through the man’s shirt and slicing his chest open. Locke punched him in the face, knocking him back. Victor heard screaming, a high pitched feminine voice. He turned his gaze on the woman running towards him. Another demon. She skidded to a halt, holding up her hands as he moved towards her. The male demon grabbed him from behind and Victor slammed his elbow in its face. It fell into the snow, holding its bloody nose.

“Victor, it’s okay just calm down.” She said softly. She was terrified. He was so angry, his eyes blazing at her. His skin was flushed. He got closer and she forced herself not to back away. She reached out and grabbed his sweater. “It’s okay. Come back to me Victor.”

He looked down at the female confused. He gripped his head. He knew her face, her voice. He placed his hand over the one holding tightly to his sweater. He ran his finger over the ring on her finger. The sword disappeared and he tangled the fingers of his free hand in her hair. “Faline?” His voice came out in a whisper and his heart gave a painful lurch as her face came into focus. “Faline, I’m so sorry.”

He looked so lost, his eyes full of fear. “It’s okay. You didn’t hurt me I promise.” She grabbed his face in her hands.

“How is this okay?” Locke asked as he got off the ground. “He could have killed you while you stood there like an idiot.”

“This is not his fault.” She moved between Locke and her husband. She could feel Victor shaking. “I’m not an idiot Locke.” She pulled the puch out of her pocket. “What is this?” She snapped and threw it at him.

“All that is was a way to show you what’s hiding inside of him. You do not understand Faline. He is still an angel even though he has human and demon in him. If you hadn’t been able to grab on to his sweater to help calm him down he would’ve killed you. Did you not see the way he looked at you?”

“Just shut up! He’d never hurt me!”

“You’re naive Faline and should run now before he can’t control himself any longer.” Locke pointed to Victor in the snow. He was holding his head. Everything in him kept screaming for him to kill Faline and Locke. He was struggling to keep it back. Faline dropped down and started to kiss him rubbing his face. It almost instantly started to help him. It slowly pushed back everything in him trying to make him kill her.

Locke came behind Faline and jerked her up off of Victor. She punched Locke so hard he flew into a tree. “Go back to my fucking father! Your pathetic desperate plan didn’t work. I thought you were better than this Locke. How dare you.” He came back over to her quickly and angry. “I did this to try and help you. I love you Faline!”

“Well I love Victor. Now get away from me.” Victor just layed on the ground. He didn’t trust himself not to hurt Faline. Locke decided to go and tell Falines father that their plan failed. Locke was actually shocked she could stop Victor atall. He wondered if maybe her father was wrong and she was safe to be with Victor. He had to have some pretty strong love for Faline to be able to stop himself. That powder shoudl’ve blocked out all reasoning. It should’ve made him think like a full angel when it sees demons.

He left quickly, his chest still stinging from the cut of that angelic blade. If it had not been for Faline Victor would have easily overwhelmed him. He was willing to admit defeat. Faline dropped to her knees next to Victor and he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her lap. He started sobbing and she stroked his hair. “It’s okay now, we’re okay.” She said softly. She sat there until her legs became ice cold from the snow melting and soaking into her jeans. “Lets get back to the cabin.” He got to his feet and helped her to hers. They walked in silence his sad and terrified gaze averted. She laced her fingers through his and he squeezed her hand.

Victor’s heart was still thundering in his chest when they made it back. He had come so close to hurting her. The urge was gone now, but he was scared of it coming back. He unlocked the door and they stepped out of the cold. He pulled off the pack and tossed it on the floor then sat on the couch and stared at the fireplace. He started shaking and buried his face in his hands. “Victor, lets get out of these wet close and take a warm bath.” Faline said and he looked up at her. She was so compassionate, so full of love. He didn’t deserve her. She held out her hand and he took it. He let her pull him to the bathroom and she switched on the tub, checking the water before plugging the drain. She tugged his shirt up and over his head then made him sit down so she could help him with his boots. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her onto his lap, hugging her close and kissing her. “I almost lost you again. Why didn’t you run?” He rested his forehead on her shoulder.

“I knew you wouldn’t hurt me. There is that part of you that will always know me no matter what. Like when you had that nightmare. You knew my voice and my face. You came into the underworld and saved me. You never once backed down and neither will I.” She said and he looked into her eyes. “I know you love me.”

“You and Rowan are the only safe people in my life. Why is that?”

“Because you love us.” She placed her hand on his chest over his heart. “Your heart beats for us, you live and breathe for us.” She kissed him softly. “Lets take a bath then we can relax.”

The bath was nice and relaxing. Victor held Faline the whole time. When the water was no longer warm and it was time to get out he reluctantly let her get up. They dried off then put some clothes on. “are you hungry Victor?” He shook his head. He didn’t know how he was supposed to have an appetite after that. “Please eat Victor.”

“Ok” If Faline wanted him to eat he’d eat. She grabbed the sandwiches out of their pack and found some chips. They ate still not saying much. Victor wanted to look at Faline but every time he did he felt guilty. When Faline was done she hugged Victor “Stop it Victor. You’re acting like you hurt me when you didn’t in the slightest. I love you and you love me. My father and Locke aren’t going to rip us apart ok?” He looked her in the eyes then kissed her. He picked Faline up and carried her to the couch. His lips didn’t leave hers for a second.

All he could do to keep himself together was to just kiss her. When he pulled back he just looked into Falines beautiful eyes “Thank you for trusting me and for grabbing onto me to bring me back. I’m so lucky that you’re mine.” Locke was speeding back to Frank. He knew Falines dad would be angry at him and he couldn’t even think of how to explain everything.

“What are you doing back here without my daughter?” Frank snapped when Locke walked into his office.

“You don’t understand. It didn’t work.” Locke sat down and just stared out the large window.

“What do you mean it didn’t work?”

“He came after me. Cut me open, but Faline just grabbed him and called him back. He didn’t lift a hand to her. He was angry, I’ve never seen a creature so full of rage, but he softened at her voice. You were wrong, you were so wrong.”

“No, it can’t be.” Frank said in a whisper.

“I saw it with my own eyes. He loves her. He’s not obsessed like Archer was and like I have been. He’s in love. His blood just looks right past the fact that she’s a demon. I can’t do this anymore.” He came to his feet. “You told me he was a monster who would kill Faline, but he’s not. You were wrong.” He turned and left, not giving Frank a chance to say anymore. Frank needed to see for himself.

Faline sat in Victor’s lap, holding him and whispering to him. He looked so tired, beat down by the events of the past couple of days. Her father was twisting him, trying to hurt him through her yet again. “Lets go lay down for a little bit.” She said and kissed his forehead. He nodded and let her up. They crawled into bed together and he pulled her close, holding her tight. She slid her hand under his shirt, brushing her thumb back and forth over his heart. “Go to sleep okay. I’ll be here when you wake up.” She kissed his chin and closed her eyes.

Chapter Four

He was so happy he didn’t hurt Faline. He just layed there enjoying having her in his arms. He loved her with every fiber in his being. He gave her multiple gentle kisses on the top of her head. Her hands were still in his shirt near his heart. He loved feeling them against his chest. He gave her another kiss then let himself relax. He needed sleep as much as he wanted to stay up and just enjoy holding Faline.

Frank got in his car and started driving out to the cabin. He kept telling himself that Locke just must have been too afraid to tell him his daughter was dead. He hated that thought but just couldn’t believe Victor didn’t try to kill her. It was impossible. Not with who his father was. He drove making no stops. He was in a rush to get there and see if Locke was telling the truth. Victor woke up to the sound of knocking at the door. He sighed thinking it might be Locke again. He tried untangling from Faline without waking her but she woke up anyway.

“Is there someone at the door?”

“Yes my love but you can just rest here.”

“No, who knows if it’s another trick from my father. I should go.” They got up and went to the door. “What’re you doing here dad!” He ran in and hugged her. She pushed him away “don’t touch me you monster. It’s despicable what you did today.”

“I can’t believe it. Victor really didn’t hurt you?”

“No he didn’t. I’ve told you a million times he’d never lay a hand on me that way.” Victor stood there in silence afraid of getting too angry if he spoke. “I’m so sorry Faline.” He hugged her again “You’re sorry?”

“I was wrong. So wrong.” She felt a couple tears hit her shirt “dad?”

“I really didn’t believe it. This was my final measure to protect you from him but you obviously don’t need it. I approve of your relationship with Victor and I hope you’ll let me make up for everything I’ve done. Please Faline.”

“Say you’re sorry to Victor not me and then ask him if you have a place in our lives” Frank turned to Victor. “I’m sorry, I know it probably doesn’t mean a thing to you but I am sorry. Can I please be apart of yours, Falines and Rowans life?” Victor was really angry at him but wanted Faline to be happy “You can be apart of our lives as long as you mean it and this isn’t another trick.”

“It isn’t thank you so much.”

“There’s another bedroom dad if you want to stay.”


“Yes I’ll show you to it.” Victor quickly walked up beside Faline and grabbed her hand not wanting her to be alone with her father. They walked him to the other room and he hugged her again saying goodnight. Victor picked her up and started carrying her to their room “That was really big of you to forgive him adn let him be in our life.”

“I’m doing it for you. I know you still love him. You have the biggest kindness heart I’ve ever known Faline” He stopped to kiss her again.

The next morning Faline made a big breakfast since none of them had had dinner the night before. Victor and her dad sat across from each other, neither of them knew what to say. She didn’t even really know what to say. It was odd having her dad sitting here, waiting for his omelet instead of calling her crazy and trying to break up her marriage. She shook her head. She didn’t know what to do. She was usually the first to say anything, but she was nervous. Her dad had seemed really rattled when he hugged her, terrified even. She brought them their plates and then got her own. She sat at the head of the table between them. Victor rested a hand on her knee and she jumped. “Sorry, I’m just a little wound up.” She said and gave him a small smile.

“Did you know my father, Frank?” Victor asked.

“Not really. I helped destroy him when he went on a killing spree, but I never had a conversation with him.” Frank answered and took a bite of his food.

“Is he why you didn’t like me?”

“Yes and I was obviously wrong about you. You don’t act like him at all from what I’ve seen. I should have accepted that fact a long time ago. I was living in denial.”

“I am dangerous, very dangerous just not to Faline or Rowan. I love them more than you will ever know.” He smiled and ate some of his omelet.

“You two are so calm and here I am bracing for an attack.” Faline said with a nervous giggle.

Victor leaned in and kissed her cheek. His fingers moved to her neck, massaging the tension from her. “Nothing’s going to happen love.” He smiled and brushed his fingers over her cheek before going back to eating.

“I’m just nervous. It’s scary seeing you guys just talking. I keep thinking I’m dreaming and I’ll wake up at any moment.”

“You’re not sweetheart. I really am sorry Faline.”

“Dad if you’re saying sorry I know you mean it. I’ve never heard you say the words I’m sorry before.”

“You’re my little girl. I was only trying to look after you. I was so worried he would be his father. Thank you so much Victor for letting me stay.”

“You’re Falines dad and she’s always loved you no matter how angry she’s gotten. I couldn’t make you go away especially since you appoligized. I hope we can all stay like this. We’re still supposed to stay here a few more days. Would you like to spend time with us?” Faline and Frank looked ta him surprised. Frank finally said “I’d love that. Thank you son.” Faline grabbed Victors hand under the table and smiled at him.

She couldn’t believe that after everything he was being so nice adn welcoming to her father. He smiled back and they all finished breakfast. “want to try for that hike again?”

“That sounds fun. Nobody is going to interupt us this time are they dad?” He said teasingly. “No they aren’t” Frank said a bit nervous. Faline was shcoked by the whole situation. She heard her father sya sorry, Victor forgave him and now her father was acting nervous. Things Faline never thought she’d see. She felt so loved by both her father and Victor.

The rest of the trip was spent reconnecting with her father and exploring the mountain. Her father actually liked Victor. She was still wary and placed herself between them any time she got the chance. She desperately wanted this to work. If it didn’t she would still choose Victor and Rowan. They packed at the end of the week and Victor carried the suitcase out to the car. Faline stood on the porch with her dad, unsure what to say or do. “I love you sweety.” Frank said and tucked her hair behind her ear then kissed her on the forehead like he used to do when she was little.

“I know daddy. I’m just scared by this sudden change. You’ve always been so negative, so angry and hateful.” She replied and looked down.

“I’ve been a terrible father and I was a terrible husband. You’re my baby girl and I only want what’s best for you. I never thought it would be a half breed angel.”

“You have to apologize to mom. She deserves it.”

“I will. I’ll call her after she returns Rowan.”

Victor walked up and wrapped an arm around her waist. “Well, Frank. It was an interesting week.” He said with a smile.

“Indeed it was. I guess I’ll see you two later.” Frank replied.

“We’d like that dad.” Faline hugged him and they all loaded into their cars. They drove slowly down the mountain, finally making it to the highway. Faline slipped her hand in Victor’s falling asleep. When she woke they were home. “You know I can drive too right?”

“Of course I do.” He got out and went around to her side of the car, opening her door and holding out his hand. She smiled and took it, stepping out of the car and walking with him up to their front door. It was crazy they would be moving soon. Their entire life together had been made in that apartment. He opened the door and lifted her into his arms, carrying her inside. He kicked the door closed and carried her into their room. He lowered her to her feet and just stared into her eyes. “You’re my anchor you know that? A storm blows through and you keep me in place. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I think if I didn’t have you I would have been just like my father.” He said and looked so sad for a moment.

“You are stronger than he was. You always will be.” She grabbed his face and kissed him. He held her tightly against him, his fingers bunched in her hair. He needed her, craved her. So much emotion came flooding in at once that he became lost in it. He pulled at her clothes, pulling her head back so he could kiss his way down her throat and over her chest to her breasts. She gasped as his teeth tugged and his tongue teased. He pushed her onto the bed, pulling her boots and pants off along with her panties. He managed to pull his own clothes off and throw them on top of hers. His mouth found hers and she wrapped her legs around him as he thrust into her. He pulled back to watch her face, needing to see her come apart and know that it was him that made her feel this way.

Faline held him to her as he made love to her quickly, desperately. His face was right next hers, his fast frantic breathing in her ear. She felt his tears on her cheek and whispered she loved him. They finished together, their cries filling the room. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and she just held him. He kissed her cheek and then pulled back to look at her. “I love you more than you know.” He said.

“And I love you, always and forever.” He untangled their bodies and pulled her up to lay with him. She pillowed her head on his chest and they clung to one another. Tomorrow would be a better day. Rowan was coming home and now she could finally meet her grandpa. They drifted off together.

When Faline woke up Victor was staring at her. She smiled and looked into his eyes that were filled with adoration. “How long have you been up Victor?”

“Not long, probably about ten minuets. Your mom called to say she was coming with Rowan.”

“OK I’ll call my dad so he can come meet her.” She leaned across him to grab her cellphone and he grabbed her. Her dad answered “Good morning sweetheart.”

“Morning dad.” She said as Victor kissed her shoulder. “Moms on her way with Rowan. Would you like to meet your granddaughter?”

“Oh I would! Thank you. I’ll be there soon”

“Love you dad bye.” She hung up and Victor pulled her into a kiss. “We should eat before everybody comes.”

“Can I eat you first?” She laughed “Victor” He smiled “Please?” She kissed him and he rolled her over. They had to be so quite with Rowan home he wanted to enjoy her one last time. Victor gave her such an intense orgasm she could barely stand. “I better cook so you don’t hurt yourself” He said with a huge grin. “I see someones satisfied with himself”

“I love making love to you. It’s the best thing in the world.” He threw on some clothes and then started cooking. Faline got up long enough to get dressed and then laid there until she heard a knock at the door. It was Laina and Rowan. Faline took her daughter from her mother and gave her a big hug and a bunch of kisses. “Oh I missed you” Victor came up behind her to hug Rowan. When Victor had her Faline threw her arms around her mother. “Dads coming but don’t worry. We’ve all made up and he’s being nice.”

“Ok” she could tell her mom was a little uncomfortable. They all started eating what Victor cooked and after a few more minuets they heard another knock. It was Frank. He hugged Faline and then Victor brought over Rowan. Faline loved seeing her dads eyes light up. Rowan seemed to really like him too. Then Frank noticed Laina. “Hey, I’m sorry for how I treated you when we were together Laina. You deserved better. I hope you’re doing well.” Laina was speechless “I am doing well and I don’t mean to be rude but you know the words I’m sorry?” He laughed “Yes, I really am.” She walked up and hugged him “It’s ok”

Frank had forgotten how amazing her hugs felt. He hated that he chased her away but he already knew she was with somone else so he had no hope of getting her back. They all spent the day together. It was Falines dream come true.

~The End~

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