Faline & Victor 4

Chapter One

Faline and Victor are dropping off their two children with their grandma and grandpa, Laine and Philip before Faline and Victor went on another mission given by Falines father. Their daughter Rowan was five and their son Aftyn was only two. Faline was having a hard time leaving them with their grandparents but Faline had taken this job to protect them. Three demons who liked to feast on children had found their way out of hell and were eating as many children as they could lure and capture. They were calling them out of parks when their parents weren’t looking and somtimes being as bold as entering homes to take the children.

Faline couldn’t let demons like that roam around earth so planned to take them back to hell as fast as possible or kill them off. Her father told her this is their fourth offense so she was free to kill them if she wanted. All Faline would have to do was look into hauntings that sounded like these demons. Falines father had taken care to tell Faline all their habits and how they like to taunt and scare the families before finally eating their offspring.

Faline and Victor hugged their children and told them how much they loved them before getting in their car to drive home. “Calm down Faline” Victor said when he got in the car. “How can I when demons like that are around.”

“Your mother and her husband would know if they came right”

“well yes but”

“But nothing, we will find these demons quickly and condemn them back to hell. If we can’t get them there we’ll kill them right.”

“Right” Faline said feeling a little better. Victor had gotten amazing with his skills. The way he fought now was like he was born with demon powers. She was very proud of him. He made just as wonderful of a partner as he did a husband. She breathed easier and concentrated on the task at hand.

“Let me see that map your father marked for us.” She opened the console and pulled it out. He took it and glanced at it as he drove. “So they started one state over and are now in a city two hours from here. How many parks are there in that city?”

“Dad said one. It’s not a big city.” She replied.

“We’ll start there. If anyone asks we are simply thinking of moving. It looks like there are some woods on two sides. I would guess this is where they take some of their victims.” He sat the map down and laced his fingers with hers.

“Are you worried?”

“No, we will stop them.”

“I wish I wasn’t.”

“We’ll be back home before you know it.” He smiled and kissed her fingers.

Goosebumps crawled up her arm and she blushed. He laughed at her reaction and leaned in to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. He was very happy to be accompanying her. He wouldn’t have let her go off on her own anyway. They were a team now and would always be that way. His angel blood made it easy to spot demons and his demon blood added to his ferocity. He was even faster and stronger than Faline and her father.

“I never got to ask you why you had my father get you guns and knives.” She said.

“I know they don’t really do much against demons, but they make one hell of a distraction. They still hurt.”

“I guess that’s true and you have become one hell of a shot.”

“Your dad’s been taking me to the shooting range almost every day. It has been quite the binding experience. He has so many different guns. I’m kind of jealous.”

She laughed and shook her head. “Boys will be boys.”

Victor laughed then Faline said “I’m really glad you two get along so well now. He was disappointed he couldn’t keep the children but it was moms turn.”

“I think he misses your mother.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He asks about her a lot when I’m over there”

“Asks what?”

“Anything he can think of from what the questions sound like. I mean, it may just be conversation but I think he regrets mistreating her.”

“If he does and he’s lonely it’s his fault. He’s nice now but he wasn’t then and my mothers moved on with a wonderful man”

“I wasn’t saying they should get back together, just that I think he misses her” They held hands as they cruised down the road. “do you want somthing to snack on?” Victor asked. “you craving gummy worms again?” Victor laughed “Yes”

“Yeah, I guess I want somthing to snack on too. It is a long drive.” They pulled over at a gas station where they both used the bathroom then grabbed a pack of gummy worms and some pumpkin seeds. They also each grabbed a bottle of Dr Pepper. Once they had paid and topped off their tank they hit the road again. “You and your gummy worms” Faline said semi laughing at him “They are delicious. Anyways, is there any one we need to try and get first?”

“No they are all just as bad. They wont be far from eachother. They tend to stay together. It’s why all three have ended up here at the same time. ” They kept driving making small talk until they arrived at the only park in this city. There were only a few families playing today. Faline and Victor got out of the car. “can you sense any of them near here?”

“I can’t feel any of them now but I can definitely tell they’ve been here. Maybe we should walk through the woods and see if we can find somehwere they’ve been taking the children.”

“I’m surprised there are any children playing here with the disappearances that have been happening”

“Me too”

Faline counted on Victor’s angel blood to find a trail. To him the scent of demon was like a beacon. If they were evil, it set his blood boiling. He stopped and squatted, each ing under a bush a pulling out a small white tennis shoe. “I’d say this belongs to a four or five year old boy.” He said as he examined it. “There’s a bit of blood on it.” He wiped it off and brought it to his nose. “Probably two days old. There’s a chance he’s still alive.”

“How stupid do this parents in the park have to be. A boy disappears two days ago and they are letting their children play in the park. Idiots.” Faline snapped.

“There are other scents on the shoe, demon and very evil. They left us the beginning of a trail. I should be able to track them.”

“Why are you so calm?” He looked up at her and her hand went to her throat. His eyes burned with a hateful rage.

“I don’t like losing my cool in front of you Faline, especially after what happened last time. I never want you to see me as a monster. Look at you now, protecting your vital areas as if I might attack.”

“That’s not true Victor, I was just startled. My body took over before my mind could react. I’m not afraid of you. All creatures have a natural fight or flight instinct and mine took over without my permission.”

“Good because I love you very much and would rather die that scare you.” He smiled and then stood. “Do you have their scent too, just in case something happens and I can’t help you track?”

“Of course I do.”

“Good, lets see what we can sniff out then.”

The scent of demons pulled them all over the place. They wound up at several houses where children had been stolen or murdered. The smell of pain and sadness was everywhere. Even though the demons frequented the neighborhood, the scent was still strongest around the park. It meant the park was their main hunting ground and they would probably be appearing again soon. Even if they already had one child they would want more. They would enjoy the screams of multiple children.

“We should stake out the park.” Faline said as they left another house.

“That’s probably the best idea. I will be able to sense their presence before they even enter the place. Even if they look nice and smile.”

“Maybe we should grab some food real quick that way we can sit and eat and not look creepy.”

“Good idea love.”

“what would you like to eat? I’m not in the mood for anything specific”

“How about we grab some food from Sonic?’

“Oh good then I can get a slushy!” Faline said excitedly. Victor chuckled and kissed her “that’s why it came to mind. I got my gummy worm fix so you should have your green apple slushy even though you may not get to finish it. If the demons show up before it’s gone I’ll buy you another one later”

“You’re a wonderful husband Victor. I wish you knew that I could never be afraid of you. I just can’t help my reflexes”

“I understand that now. I just worry because I love you so much. The happiest years of my life have been with you and our babies”

“Be careful calling Rowan a baby. She’s a big girl” Victor laughed “Yeah” He would’ve loved to just stay and chat with his wife like this but there were childrens lives on the line so they couldn’t dawdle. They got back in the car and put Sonic into their GPS. It wasn’t very far away. They got there as fast as the lights would allow and ordered. They each got a hot dog,fries and cheese sticks. Victor got a milkshake while ordering Faline her green apple slushy. This wasn’t a normal meal time so their food didn’t take too long to prepare and bring out. Victor made sure to get extra marinara packages from the server girl because of how Faline liked to drown her cheese sticks in the sauce.

Faline was tempted to start eating but waited to make sure they had plenty of food to occupy them in the park. When they were back where they needed to be Faline carried their drinks while Victor carried the rest. They sat down at an empty bench, happy to see only one family still in the park. Faline didn’t understand how parents coudl be so careless as to come to places like this when crazy people are loose. They didn’t know it was demons but still. Victor could tell Faline was thinking about that again and kissed her head hoping to help relax her.

Victor wasn’t letting anything bother him atall. He was going to stay as mellow as he possibly could. He knew Faline loved him but he still didn’t want her to see him going crazy with want to kill demons. She was one and it had to be scary regardless of what she told him. Victor smiled when he looked over and Faline had already finished her cheese sticks. “Have mine Faline, I don’t love them half as much as you”

“No keep them, I’m fine”

“Take them please”

“But I always end up eating yours.”

“I know, because I always insist you take them. Please”

“If you’re going to twist my arm” Victor laughed again as she grabbed his box and began to devour his too.

Victor’s happy smile suddenly vanished and his head snapped up. She followed his angry gaze where it rested on a young man, maybe nineteen years old. He was squatted down talking to a group of children, smiling and laughing. Victor came to his feet, his food forgotten. Faline stood and the demon noticed her movement. He looked shocked to see them there and immediately stood and started walking off. Victor followed with Faline close behind. The young demon ran, weaving through the woods as fast as he could. Victor jumped into the trees, following him from above.

“Stop running you little runt.” Faline screamed as the boy dropped off an embankment. She jumped down after him, realizing she was still holding her slushy. She threw it at him and it hit him in the back of the head, sending him face first into the dirt.

She jumped onto the young man’s back and flipped him over, pinning his arms beneath her knees. He threw her off, showing her he was a lot stronger than he looked. Victor dropped down between them, flaming sword already in hand. “Whoa, calm down. I didn’t know there was an angel here. I didn’t even smell you.” The boy said, holding his hands up to show he wasn’t a threat.

“Who are you and why are you here?” Victor asked, ready to kill the little demon.

“My name’s Kelta.”

“Oh god, calm down honey, he’s an investigator.” Faline said as she grabbed her husband’s arm.

“An investigator?”

“He’s a demon who checks out demon activity. All brains and hardly any brawn.”

“Hey I threw you off lady.”

“Pfffft, because I let you you brat.”

“Hey screw you.” He crossed his arms and glared at her.

“Why is a child out here investigating demons?” Victor asked.

“I’m not a child and I was asked to come because I can get more out of the kids than you old people.”

“I can smell them so i don’t have to ask the children. Quit being a little asshole and apologize to my wife for throwing her.”

“She hit me then jumped on me!”

“apologize to her”

“Fine, I’m sorry. I guess I could work with you old people so we can get this fixed sooner. I hate when it involves children”

“We’d love to work with you if you’d call us by our names. I’m Faline and my husbands name is Victor.”

“You’re married to an angel? You really are a crazy lady” Kelta was really pissing Victor off but he tried to find his cool before he went crazy. Faline grabbed Victors hand, seeing he needed help calming down. “what did you find out from the children?”

“You guys started chasing me before I could learn anything. If you two go back to sitting on your bench I’ll talk to the kids again if I can get them to.”

“alright” The three walked back to the park where Faline and Victors food was still sitting. Victor couldn’t even pretend to eat now. Faline rubbed his back as the kids started talking to Kelta again. Faline couldn’t help but get annoyed again at the parents. Yes they were nearby but why were they letting their kids chat with a stranger in the park. “i love you Victor” Faline said softly “I love you too. Sorry I’m so angry”

“You can’t help it sweetheart”

“I wish I could, it only makes things worse when things try and hurt you”

“Kelta really didn’t hurt me though” After a fe more moments the kids ran off and Kelta waved bye to them. He walked over to Faline and Victor “lets chat in a hotel where nobody can ease drop on us. Can’t have the bad demons knowing what we know.”

“Good idea, are you already staying in one?”

“Yes mam, did you guys drive or walk here?”

“Drive, you can get in with us and tell us how to get to where you’re staying”

“Alright, lead the way then Faline. Correct?”

“Yes” They walked over to the car and climbed in. They soon arrived at his hotel and got a room of their own. They still went to his room to talk though. Victor kept a firm grip on Falines hand as they walked down the peaceful hotel hall. Kelta opened his room and they entered. “well” Victor said impatiently. “You just don’t get any cuddlier huh? Doesn’t matter, we’re not making friends just helping eachother I suppose.” Victor still looked at him with an expression that was rushing the man. Kelta sat down on the bed “anyway, cutting to the point before Victor slashes my throat open they see two women and a man in the park frequently. One of the little boys goes every day with their mother and has seen them hanging around and sometimes watching from trees. They are normally seperate but somtimes they’ll come all together”

“what do they look like?”

“One of the men is black with a small fro and baby blue eyes. The other man is lanky and blonde. The women they seemed to fight over her description. Her hair was either brown or red and she’s about average height. I wish I coudl describe them better but these are accounts from children”

“We’ll have to go back and see if we can catch at least one of them.” Victor said.

“Listen old man, you should just wait until tomorrow.”

“Who are you calling old man, boy?”

“Who are calling boy, gramps?”

“If you two are going to start making out at least let me get some popcorn first.” Faline said and they both looked at her. Kelta started laughing.

“Come on gramps, want a kiss?” He puckered his lips and Victor glared at him again.

“Little brat.” He took a step toward Kelta and Faline grabbed his arm.

“Calm down, I was just kidding. I was saying you should wait until tomorrow because the demons might smell you and avoid the place.”

“The boy has a point Victor. Your demon blood may not be able to hide you from so many noses. We can formulate a plan tonight and then tomorrow we will try to catch one of them.” Faline said softly.

“You should throw slushies at them, I mean you do have deadly accuracy.”

“Remember that next time you decided to smart off.” He saluted her and she smiled at him.

“I like you Faline, you have a good sense of humor.”

“We’re going to go to our room now Kelta. If you need us, please don’t be afraid to knock.” Faline pulled Victor out of Kelta’s room and into their’s. He still looked mad and she couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “You know you are going to have to deal with the attitude of teenagers at some point. He can’t be much older than nineteen.”

“He’s lucky you were there to hold me back or I would have throttled him, the little brat.”

“You arguing with him is just as childish.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“I’m on your side, but I am also willing to tell you when you are being ridiculous. He’s a kid so give him a break.”

“Fine, I’ll do it for you.”

It never stopped being weird to see Victor this way. He was always so calm, sweet and tender hearted but demons made him edgy and easily annoyed. The only ones who didn’t were her, their children and the rest of her family. Before they talked strategy she wanted to calm Victor down. “why don’t we take a nice relaxing shower Victor? I bet I smell terrible from the car.”

“You never smell terrible but ok. It’ll help me get in a better mood. I think better when I’m calm” Faline went into the bathroom with Victor following. They both stripped off their clothes and Faline got the water ready. Faline let Victor get in where the water was running since this shower was mainly to loosen him up. “Turn away from me so I can rub you Victor”

“Thank you” he said in a semi happier tone. She rubbed him until her hands hurt too much to continue then he said “Now let me do you”

“I don’t need it”

“Come on Faline” Victor gently grabbed her and changed spots “I’m fine and will be fine. Quit worrying about me. I’m sorry I let that kid bother me so much”

“what’re you going to do when our babies are teenagers?”

“I’ll handle it better because I love them. They also wont be snots like Kelta”

“Kelta isn’t that bad”

“Let me wash you” Victor said to change the subject. He got his hands soapy then scrubbed every inch of his wifes body. “You are so gorgeous Faline”

“Not after our two kids. They came in like a wrecking ball and this is what’s left” Victor laughed “you’re stunning, hush with that. The few stretch marks you have aren’t bad atall Faline”

“I’m glad you’re loosening up.”

“Who could be tense looking at you. I’m so glad we are immortal and that are kids are immortal. I will have you all forever.”

“You lucky son of a gun” Faline said with a wink making Victor laugh “That’s even better, your handsome laugh.”

“You always know just how to relax me. Can we cuddle some before talking about a plan?’

“Yeah, I want your mind at ease while we think. You’re such a good tactician and I need you at your best”

“You praise me far more than I deserve”

“No I don’t, you’re amaizng Victor” He smiled then Faline finished rinsing then scrubbed his body. Once they were clean they dried and got on the bed. “You need to put clothes on Faline or we wont do any planning tonight”

“You’ve been looking at this body for eleven years. I think you can control yourself”

“I keep telling you you’re still just as beautiful as the first day”

“The award for best kiss up husband goes to Victor! Come claim your prize!” Victor was laughing lightly. All his tension seemed to vanish making Faline happy. “come here and hold me.” Victor wrapped his wife in his arms and kissed her head. “I wonder how much sugar our kids have had?”

“They’ve been there for hours so probably multiple times their body weight”

“So I’m thinking that you should hide on the right side of the park and we’ll have Kelta hide on the left side. I’ll take the bench where we were eating yesterday. I’ll be able to see everyone from there and easily spot the demons. If they head off into the woods then you two can easily cut them off while I flank them. I’ll have one of my guns so I can win gone of them if I have to. Fresh blood will make them easy to track.”

“Sounds like a plan. I guess we can run it by Kelta early in the morning.” She said with a smile.

“I didn’t see any demonic features when I looked at him. You have your ears and I see other demons with horns! but he doesn’t have anything.”

“Neither do you. No wings, no horns, no sharp teeth. You look human. He may not have always been a demon or maybe he’s just one that looks very human.”

“Maybe you’re right.” He pulled her up so she was laying on top of him. “I don’t think I can sleep tonight Faline. I feel antsy.”

“Are you implying you would like to have sex?”

“I would like that very much.”

She grinned and started kissing and biting his chest. She moved lower, disappearing under the blanket. She gave him a slow, teasing lick before taking him into her mouth. He moaned, his fingers tangling in her hair. She took him deeper, swallowing him and increasing the suction. She picked up the pace, his moans exciting her. His fingers tightened in her hair as he released into her mouth. She swallowed and pulled back, giving him one more lick before climbing back up and laying next to him.

“Good?” He looked at her out of the corner of his eye and before she could even blink he had her beneath him.

“Very good, let me return the favor.” The seductive tone of his voice made her blush.

The next morning Victor woke Faline with a kiss. She groaned, still tired after the previous night. He had only meant to eat her, but her sounds and the expression on her beautiful face had driven him crazy. He had been rougher than intended and kept going until she lay limp, bordering on unconsciousness. “Come on baby, we have to wake Kelta and tell him our plan.” He said softly and she sat up. She had bruises on her wrists from where he had held her down and hickeys all over her. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Of course not. I would have pushed you off if it hurt. That demon blood makes you a real maniac in bed.” She teased as she stood and headed into the bathroom. She switched on the shower and stepped in. He followed, wanna to stay close to her. “Your angel blood makes you very gentle in bed though. I love both sides of you. It makes me happy.”

“I’m glad, last night was amazing” Victor said then kissed Falines shoulder. “I hope they go away quickly.”

“You know they always do Victor. They’ll be gone before tonight comes” They finished their shower then got dressed. Victor hoped he wouldn’t have to hear any dirty jokes about the hickeys that were still visible on Faline. He hadn’t even realized he left so many on her. He had gotten so lost in the euphoric feel of making love to his wife. Victor knew he shouldn’t even hope. A teenage boy would not be able to resist a sexual joke if it were made available to him. Victor went ahead and braced himself so he wouldn’t get in such a foul mood again when they walked over to Keltas.

Once they had their shoes on they turned everything off then locked their room. Faline wanted to call her children so she could hear their voices but this was too pressing of a case. She would call them tonight if they managed to catch even one demon today. It would be her reward for their capture or death. Faline didn’t even know if she was going to try and drag them to hell since it was cleared to just kill them if she needed to. She hated these kind of demons. They knocked on Keltas door and he didn’t answer so Victor banged on it constantly until he finnaly answered. He was still in pajamas so obviously had been woken up by the knocking.

“Geez, Old people sure get up early. Just give me a few minuets ok?”

“Fine” Victor said already feeling the annoyance of being around this man. Faline pulled Victor into a hug hoping to keep him from getting riled up this early in the morning. It did just what she was hoping it would. Victor went from fighting being annoyed to being putty in his wifes arms. “I love you so much Faline” he said softly. “and I love you” Faline said kissing his chest. They only had to wait a little bit longer before Kelta opened his door “come in you early birds”

“There isn’t time to waste with these demons” Faline said materafactly.

Chapter Two

“I’m sorry if I need so sleep after someone chased me and hit me with a cup full of ice.”

“If you don’t start acting your age, I will stop this childish behavior.”

She was dead serious, but he just rolled his eyes. “Whatever, do we have a plan?”

Victor explained to the boy what they were going to do. Kelta didn’t like the idea of having to lay in wait, but he didn’t argue. He wanted these demons stopped just as much as they did. They headed out and climbed into Faline and Victor’s car. Kelta sat in the back with his arms crossed, looking out the window. “Victor love, can we stop and grab something quick to eat?” Faline asked.

“Bagels sound okay? I think I saw a bakery yesterday.”

“That sounds perfect. Are you hungry Kelta?”

“Yes, I’m starving.” He answered, stubbornly refusing to look at either of them.

They stopped at the bakery and Victor bought them all bagels. Faline and Kelta ate on the way to the park, finishing before they got there. “Remember not to jump the gun Kelta. I know you want these guys too, but it will do us no good if you spook them.” Faline said as they climbed out of the car. Victor went around back and popped the trunk, lifting up the padding where the spare tire should have been and pulling out a hand gun. He checked to make sure it was loaded and slid a round into the chamber. He hid at his back in the waist band of his jeans.

“How come you’re only telling me not to spook the demons? What about your angel?”

“One, he’s only half angel which is why you couldn’t smell him at first. The demon blood obscures his scent. Two, if you don’t stop with the smart mouth and sarcastic bullshit I will let him punish you. The only reason he hasn’t punched you in the mouth is because I asked him to give you a chance. So stop acting like a child.”

“What’s with the hickeys?” He suddenly asked and she slapped him in the side of the head. “Ow okay, I’ll stop. I’m sorry.”

“I’m guessing your parents never disciplined you.”

“I don’t have parents, well I have a dad, but I haven’t spent any time with him or anything.”

“Is that why you’re so rebellious? Awe, now you’re just to cute. You’re like a little lost pup.” She patted his head and he glared, making her giggle. “Come on little man, lets get in our positions.”

Faline got into a tree at the right side of the park while Kelta did as he was told and went to the left. Faline hoped Kelta would actually listen and wait for the demons to head into the woods before moving. Victors plans always worked which is why she always followed them to a T. She hoped if Kelta did choose to be rebellious and stray from the plan Victor could quickly remedy the problem. Once they were aware demon hunters were after them they wouldn’t come to this park any longer and it would take them even longer and add to the death toll to get them taken care of. She just decided to relax and concentrate on the area around her. She didn’t want to miss them and let them go off into the woods with another defenseless child.

Victor seemed at ease, be it artificial or not. He was very good at keeping a calm demeanor even when his blood boiled due to demons being nearby or hunting them. He sat there like he was simply enjoying the birds and not tracking down malicious monsters that had left hell unauthorized. Kelta grew impatient waiting on his side of the park. He never stalked like this and was loathing every second. He wanted to be actively searching, trying to apprehend them. They could easily be inside of a home right now haunting a family and causing them misery before giving them the worst pain imaginable. Kelta wouldn’t say anything but he had always been jealous of how humans were with their children. His situation really wasn’t very rare. Demons typically didn’t want their children and even if they kept them around did not treat them kindly.

Kelta really liked human families because of the bond they shared and hated these types of demons for ruining it. victor was partially able to stay so collected because of the swat he saw his wife give Kelta. It was very satisfying even though he hadn’t delivered it himself. Victor knew executing this plan also needed him to be calm so he just concentrated on happy memories with his family and that wonderful little swat as he kept his senses open to finding their prey.

Time seemed to crawl by for Kelta. He watched as the small children, not even old enough to go to school yet, were called by their parents for snack time. He looked over at Victor who seemed totally at ease with his surroundings, eyes cast toward the sky as if he were thinking deeply about something. He climbed slowly up into a tree and stood on one of the branches, arms crossed as he surveyed the woods. Faline kept her senses open, searching everywhere with her eyes and breathing in the warm air. All she could smell were these families playing innocently in the park. Victor’s body suddenly stiffened and she stood as still as possible. His head dropped down and she saw his eyes fill with rage and disgust. She followed his gaze, her eyes settling on a dark skinned man with blue eyes that seemed out of place in his face.

Kelta watched as Victor came to his feet. The movement caught the attention of the demon who had been eyeing a little girl with pigtails. He looked shocked and terrified as he realized an angel had hidden itself from him. He took off into the woods and Victor signaled them to go as he took off running after the man. Kelta jumped from tree to tree as Faline ran along the demon’s right side. As soon as Victor was out of sight, he pulled the gun from the waist band of his jeans and fired at the demon. Bullet after bullet missed, imbedding themselves in trees. A shadow suddenly loomed up before Victor, a dark familiar called to defend its master. Victor pulled a sword out of the air and slashed through the shadow, growling in anger at being delayed.

Faline rushed the demon, slamming into him so they tumbled across the ground. The demon attacked her with the ferocity of a rabid dog, long sharp fingernails slashing across her abdomen and face, leaving behind a burning poison. He tossed her off of him and Kelta landed on his back from above! his arms going around the demon’s neck as he tried to subdue him. The demon grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him off and head first into a tree. Faline hoped the boy was okay, that this monster had not broken his neck. Victor burst through the woods and upon seeing Faline covered in blood and Kelta unconscious with a gash in his head, flew into a blind rage. Faline had only seen him this angry once and it had not been his choice. She pushed herself to her feet as he slashed his sword across the demon’s chest. She was in a lot of pain, but she had to stop him from killing their only lead.

“Victor!” she yelled loudly catching his attention. He still couldn’t think but his wifes voice had pierced through his chaotic, rage filled mind.¬†HIs angel blood wanted to attack her but he wasn’t letting his body move. “Victor I love you baby. Please calm down and loosen your grip on that mans neck. Don’t you want to save the children? We need him” The man on the ground struggled as he bled and fought for air.Faline kept walking closer until she could touch his face. The demon pinned to the ground thought Faline was crazy approaching an angel like that but Victors eyes softened and so did his grip. With a very rapid movement Victor let go of the demons neck and got a tight handful of his hair.

His angelic rage was still boiling but Faline had helped him gain enough control to let him live and ask where the other two were. “You ask what’s needed Victor while I check Kelta. He needs a doctor regardless.” Victor nodded, not wanting to speak to Faline in seething tone. He wasn’t in control enough to speak to his wife kindly so he wouldn’t speak to her atall if he could avoid it. Victor looked into the Agares’s eyes, making him so terrified he shook. Victors eyes told Agares how badly he wanted to mutilate and kill him. Victor couldn’t calm completely down seeing Faline the way she was.

“where are the other two?” Victor said in a menacing tone. “Alloces is a neighborhood over. He’s spent the last two days haunting a family. He plans to take their youngest daughter.”

“where’s the other one!”

“I don’t know where Andhaka is……she’s been doing her own thing mostly. The only place we haunt in common is this park. please, I swear I don’t know” Agares’s very voice shook in his fear of Victor. Victor knew the demon woulnd’t dare lie right now. Victor slammed the demon into a tree to render him unconsious. “He wont be running anywhere now. We need to get you and Kelta medical attention to make sure you’re alright. Is Kelta living?”

“Yes but he’s hurt pretty bad”

“Kelta, wake up.” Faline said, her voice full of authority and worry. He groaned and then fell silent. “Foolish boy, jumping on a demon twice your strength.” She tried lifting him and screamed as the cuts on her belly stung. “I can’t carry him.”

Victor crossed over to her and smiled as best as he could. He kissed her on the forehead then lifted Kelta and threw him over his shoulder. The boy was extremely light. He held out his hand to Faline and pulled her to her feet. He walked back over to the unconscious demon and gripped him by the back of his shirt, dragging him through the woods. By the time they made it back to the park, all the families had cleared out. He tossed the demon in the trunk then lay Kelta in the backseat. He used his belt to tie Agares’s arms behind him back then slammed the trunk closed. Faline managed to get in to the passenger side and Victor slid behind the wheel. He drove as quickly as he could to the hospital, pulling up to the emergency entrance. He got them both inside and insisted that Kelta stay close to them. When questioned if he was the boy’s father Victor said yes. Even though the boy was a brat, he wasn’t willing to leave him to wake alone.

Faline held Victor’s hand as the doctor cleaned the cuts marring her skin. They were not that deep because she and Agares had been rolling around when they were inflicted. She hissed in pain when they dabbed on some antiseptic and Victor squeezed her hand reassuringly. “What happened to you and your son?” One of the nurses asked her.

“Mountain lion. We came here for a vacation and were out climbing in the woods. A mountain lion startled us out of a tree. My son hit his head and the lion came after me. My husband saved us.” She answered.

“You were very lucky. You could have easily died. Next time you should make sure to take a walking stick or a machete or a gun.”

“We will, thank you.” The doctor and nurses finally left and they both took a deep breath. “How is Kelta?”

Victor glanced at the other bed in the room. “Still unconscious. The idiot could have been killed. How are your cuts, do they still sting?”

“Yeah, but only because the poison hasn’t been completely pushed out of my system. My blood will fight it off in no time. You should go down and check on our new friend, make sure he isn’t raising a ruckus.”

“I’m going to take him back to the hotel and tie him up. I’ll get you and our “son” some clean clothes.”

“You are so wonderful baby. I’m really lucky to have you.”

“I am the lucky one. Without you I would have gutted that disgusting troll.” She smiled warmly at him and he leaned down, giving her a soft kiss before digging in Kelta’s pockets for his room key and leaving.

He walked out of the hospital at a determined pace. He wanted to hurry and take care of the demon in the trunk so he could get his wife and Kelta somthing to wear. He also wanted to be by her side to make sure she was ok. He wished the poison would hurry and come out of her body so he wouldn’t have to worry so much. Victor decided just to be grateful that her skin would heal and the poison would come out soon enough. Hopefully before he got back. Victor was pleased when he returned to the car and their captive wasn’t making a sound. Victor got behind the wheel again and took off for their hotel. When he carried Agares inside he planned on telling whoever asked that the man was overly drunk and had gotten in a bar fight.

Victor was tempted to run stop lights and break speed limits but being pulled by a police officer would waste more time than obeying the law. He’d also hate for them to do a random check of his vehicle. In much more time than Victor wanted he arrived back where they were staying. He went to a gas station that was near the hotel to buy a beer to dump on Agres so it would be believable that he was passed out drunk. Once he made his purchase he walked to the car and opened the trunk. He dumped the beer all over Agres’s unconscious body then hauled him out of the trunk. Victor put one of Agres’s arms over his shoulder then walked with him inside.

From the disgusted way a few women looked at the man he could see they just assumed from the smell why Victor was supporting an unconscious and bloody man. Victor went straight for their room and laid the demon in the tub. He pulled some handcuffs from under the bed. They had brought three sets that were forged just for holding demons. No matter how hard Agares struggled he wouldn’t be able to break them. Victor put them around Agras’s wrists then grabbed one of their silencing bottles. This was one of the necessary things Faline used to help transport demon criminals without upsetting humans or the police force. Victor poured it into Agares’s mouth making him silent until they said the chant that broke the spell that was now on him.

He wanted to interrogate the demon on his own, but knew that Faline wouldn’t be happy and he probably wouldn’t be able to stop himself from killing him. He left the bathroom and quickly grabbed clean clothes for Faline. He went to Kelta’s room and pulled open his suitcase. He pulled out some clothes and a folded up piece of paper fell out. He knew he should put it back without looking, but his curiosity got the best of him. He unfolded it. It was an uncashed check for a large sum of money. The name on it was Oni Brimly. He wondered if this was from Kelta’s and if it was his way of paying his son off. If it was then Victor couldn’t really blame the boy for being a brat. The man who was supposed to be able to look up to, had simply thrown him away. He sighed and put the check back. He hurried outside and down to the car, wanting to get back to Faline.

Kelta woke with a splitting headache. He heard movement to his left and turned his head which made his vision swim. “Who’s there?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“It’s just me.” Faline answered and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Where am I?”

“We’re in the hospital.” He felt her brush his hair off his forehead, her cool fingers helping to alleviate some of the pain.

“Oh, where’s the old man?”

“He went to get us some clothes. If anyone asks, we are your parents.”

“Oh great.” He groaned in agony.

“We’re not that bad.” She gave a soft laugh and he looked up at her face.

“I guess you’re not, but Victor isn’t very nice.”

“You have given him a good deal of grief. Maybe you should lighten up.”

He frowned, unsure of what to say. “Is he nice to ya’lls children? Does he play with them and teach them things?”

“Of course he does honey. He’s an amazing father.” She didn’t like the sad look on his face. He was obviously insecure around older men and she had a feeling that it stemmed from abandonment.

“That’s good. I wish…” Before he could finish his sentence Victor walked in the room. He put on his serious face, not wanting to appear weak. “It’s about time “dad”, “mom” here and I are absolutely filthy.”

“Sorry, I’ll make sure to double time it next time.” He smiled down at Kelta, the boy taken back by his kindness.

Kelta spoke to Faline “why don’t you shower and get dressed first?”

“Thanks Kelta.” Faline took her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. She couldn’t wait to get under the water and clean herself off. Kelta looked a bit nervously over at Victor who even had a friendlier demeanor than he had seen at first. “what’s got you suddenly humming a different tune?” Kelta asked Victor. Victor smiled again “My wifes right, I’ve been too rough on you. You seem to be a good kid and I’m sorry you had a crappy dad. Falines dad used to be a real asshole. He’s nice now but to put in perspective how bad he used to be, he was willing to let a man rape Faline. I saved her before it happened but her father had a chance before me and didn’t take it.”

“are you serious?” Kelta asked sounding disgusted “sadly I’m not lieing. He eventually realized he was an ass though and we all get along well now. I hope one day your father changes his mind. It must have been terrible when you were growing up”

“I was fine, I didn’t need him”

“But I’m sure you wanted him” Kelta looked away “quit being sappy old man. I was fine and am fine” When Faline came out Kelta got up and grabbed his clothes. He too was eager to get clean. “I feel so much better already Victor.”

“I’m happy to hear that. I’ve got the demon handcuffed and silenced in our bathroom at the hotel so we can interogate him the second we get back. He has to know a little more than he’s letting on. If we don’t get anymore from him we’ll just start looking in that neighborhood he was talking about tomorrow”

“I’m glad you didn’t try to ask him questions without me present”

“I didn’t trust myself too. You’re all that keep me sain and reasonable when I’m among demons who aren’t you and our family”

“I hope earlier you noticed how unafraid I was” Victor smiled then kissed her neck “I did, thank you”

“Nothing to thank me for. I know you’d never hurt me. You love me way too much”

“I’m crazy about you. I’ve always been” Faline rubbed his cheek “I know, I’m just as crazy about you Victor.” Faline rested her head on his and they both smiled closing their eyes. They just enjoyed eachothers aura and scent as they sat there waiting for Kelta. The world fell away and all each of them knew was eachother. Victor loved doing this, just getting lost in how it felt to be near his wife. He coudl do this forever if they had the time. They finally broke up at hearing Kelta clear his throat. “I was a bit worried I’d see one of those hickeys get created” Faline laughed and Kelta smiled.

They went back to the hotel where Faline demanded Kelta go lay down. He had suffered a severe blow to the head and even though he was a demon, pushing himself could still cause damage. He complained the whole time, but did as he was told. She then followed Victor into their room. The stench of evil hit her like a mack truck, making her want to vomit. The smell had nowhere to escape so it just filled the hotel. Victor pushed the bathroom door open and the demon tried to scurry away. He wanted nothing to do with an enraged angel and the demon woman he knew very well.

“You smell of fear and evil deeds.” Victor said as he loomed menacingly over Agares. “Your first mistake was taking and devouring children. You vile piece of shit. Your second mistake was hitting my wife. Neither please me in anyway.” He grabbed Agares by the front of his shirt and lifted him so they were eye to eye. “I am going to inflict more pain on you than you can possibly imagine. You will be begging for death by the end of this night.” Agares already looked on the verge of peeing himself. Faline was still amazed that his angel blood made these monsters grovel on hands and knees.

“Are you willing to talk now or should I allow my husband to continue?” Faline asked and the demon nodded so hard she feared his head might pop off. It was no surprise to her that he was a coward. Anyone who would prey on children was a coward. “I’ll get the potion to give you back your voice, but if you so much as scream, I will have him rip your tongue out. Do we have an understanding?” He nodded again, shaking in terror.

Kelta lay staring up at his ceiling wishing that his father cared for him even a little. The bastard had given him money to go away, but he had not been able to cash the check. He didn’t want his father’s money. He had tried countless times to get to know Oni, but the man did not want him. He called Kelta his little bastard embarrassment, said he was nothing but a worthless weakling with no real power. Kelta did not possess the talents of other demons other than his inhuman strength, rapid healing ability, and immortality he was pretty normal. It was why he had become an Investigatior. He was highly intelligent, surpassing all in his class. He was the youngest member of the group at the age of seventeen. His mind suddenly drifted to Faline and Victor. They had children they loved and would never abandon. They were nice and loved each other very much. He played with the idea of asking them to adopt him. He would be happy to have a family and wouldn’t mind watching their children if they needed a break. He was amazing with kids. He sighed and turned onto his stomach, burying his face in his pillow and closing his eyes. He didn’t think they would want the burden of a little runt like him.

Faline quickly found the potion and walked back into the bathroom to pour it in Agras’s mouth. Victor stared down at him coldly, chilling the demon to his bones. “I’ll ask questions as long as you cooperate. If I sense a second of bullshit I’ll let me husband take over and you wont be getting me back. Do we have an understanding?”


“Yes what?” Victor said in his icy tone. “Yes mam” Victor nodded “I think you know more about where Andhaka is then you said outside. At first I thought. why lie but in the hospital it hit that maybe you have some sexual feelings for her which is why you wouldn’t say. Where is Andhaka Agres?”

“One of the Elementary schools. Sh she has been going between the two in this school district and taking kids. She calls school an all you can eat buffet.”

“You certainly didn’t take much to crack. Only the most pathetic eat children who can barely defend themselves. You three are disgusting and I wish I was the type of person to kill when it wasn’t needed because I would love for my husband to rip you three apart with me” Agres swallowed and trembled more violently. “Next question, we need you to be more specific about the house we’re looking for. What’s the house number?”

“II didn’t pay attention, I swear”

“Think hard if you want to get through this night pain free.” He laid there staring into Victors burning eyes for awhile then said “II think 2327, it’s a blue house.”

“very good, you are by far the most pathetic demon I’ve captured. I’ll call my father to have someone collect you so your rotten stench doesn’t keep filling this room. Be good for my husband. He doesn’t offer second chances” Faline walked out and Agres felt like begging her to stay so he wouldn’t ¬†have to be alone with Victor but he kept his mouth shut and laid there silently. Faline picked up the phone and called her father “Have you caught them?”

“We caught Agres and I need you to send someone to pick him up. It shouldn’t be long to collect the other two since we know where they are. I’m at the Starflow hotel in room 97.”

“I can have somebody there in an hour. I’m sorry it can’t be sooner”

“It’s fine dad. We can handle him another hour. He’s cuffed so isn’t going anywhere.” They hung up and Faline walked to the bathroom “he can have someone take him from our hands and into hell within the hour.” He nodded then she hugged him. His eyes softened but still held Agres in a hateful gaze. She pulled back and said “lets go sit in the room where you wont have to look at him until we hand him off. Dads probably sending Lovince, he always gets where I am quicker than dad estimates. He’s been helpful many times when I’ve been hunting multiple demons.”

Chapter Three

Forty-five minutes later there was a knock on the door and Faline pulled it open. “Hello there beautiful huntress. It is so good to see you again.” Lovince said as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Be good or my husband may have your head.” She laughed and pulled her hand away.

He looked over her at Victor who stood there with a very dark look on his face. He could not help but laugh. “The angel thinks he is so intimidating. I must be special if it doesn’t get to me.”

“Stop being such a weirdo and come inside.” She moved aside and he stepped in, giving Victor a happy smile. Faline quickly closed the door and directed him to the bathroom.

“This man hardly has a scratch on him. Amazing, I though for sure Victor would have torn his heart out.”

“Believe me I wanted to, but I can’t do that sort of thing and then look Faline in the eye.” Victor said as he sat down and crossed his arms.

“Well, I will be going then.” He gripped Agares by his hair and hauled him to his feet. “You have given a real good chase old friend, but it ends as soon as we return. You will be tried and executed.” He pulled him out of the bathroom and to the front door. “Perhaps we can all go out for drinks some time. Everyone misses you at The Devil’s Cat.”

“We’ll see, just get this scum out of here before I throw up.” He gave her a sarcastic bow then left.

“He’s a bit handsy.” Victor said and she turned to him with a knowing look. “What?”

“He made you jealous didn’t he?”

“Maybe a little. I know it’s stupid and childish, but I can’t help it.”

“He flirts with everyone, it’s just who he is. Man or woman, he doesn’t care. To him it’s all in good fun.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to like it right?”

She shook her head and he pulled her into a hug. He didn’t know when he had become so jealous of other men being around her. He didn’t think for an instant that she would do anything with any of them. She just got along with them so easily and he smile was always so warm that it drove him nuts. Upon spending more time with her in the demon world, he had found that many men knew her very well.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked. “And don’t lie.”

“About all the men that know you and want to hang out with you. I know that only a couple of them were lovers, but I guess I find it strange that you still hang out with them.”

“They were both mutual break ups so we never had any hard feelings. Stop being so jealous. Besides we need to check out that house and see about catching us another demon.” She kissed him then said, “Lets see if Kelta wants to go.”

They turned the water on in the shower for a little bit to run Agares’s scent out of the tub where he had been laying. Once they felt satisfied the smell would leave they walked out of their hotel room and over to Keltas. Faline gave a gentle wrap at his door “Kelta?” She heard him move in the bed. He opened the door and gave them a partial smile. “yes?”

“we know precisely what house Allocess is and are going after him if the family will let us in so we can drive him out and into¬†a solid form to capture. I’m sure they’ll allow us to with somthing as wicked as he is in their home. Even if they are skeptics about demons Allocess is enough to make anybody believe. I’ve dealt with him before.”

“Of course I’m coming then. I can’t let him hurt you” Kelta blushed at his own words and Faline said “awe, look who’s turning all sweet” She hugged him and he chuckled “let me get my shoes. You’ll have to deal with this messy hair. ”

“I think I can deal. What about you Victor?”

“You look ugly either way” Victor teased giving the boy a smile. Kelta slid his shoes on even though he was tired. He expected them to leave in the morning. Kelta understood their rush though. They actually loved their children so somthing like these demons running loose had to be terrifying. Kelta came out and put a hat on to help mask his untidy hair. They walked out of the hotel and hoped in the car. “we need to get somthing in our bellies to fuel us. Since he’s haunting that means he isn’t in a solid form right now so it’ll take a lot out of us to draw him out and then capture him. Burger King is coming up next so I’ll stop there.”

“Sounds good” Faline said even though she knew he was informing Kelta since they didn’t know how much he knew about this stuff. Kelta had already known but it felt good that Victor was taking the time to explain things to him. Victor pulled up to the drivethrough and ordered for everybody. They all ate on the way to the house Agares described for them. They found it and pulled into their driveway. Two cars were there and there was lights on in the house so they knew the family was home.

Faline knocked on the door and a woman answered. She looked both exhausted and scared, her face pale. “Can I help you?” She asked weakly.

“My name is Faline, this is my husband Victor and our son Kelta. We are part of a small group that investigates paranormal occurrences.” She hated lying, but knew she could tell the woman she was a demon.

“You mean like ghosts?”

“Something like that. We specialize in the removal of evil entities.”

“Shelby who’s at the door?” A man’s voice asked.

“Please come in, maybe you can help us.”

They stepped over the threshold and an aura of evil washed over them. It tainted every inch of this place. They followed Shelby into the living room where a man sat on the couch, looking just as tired as his wife. Next to him, sleeping soundly in a playpen was a little boy of maybe two or three. They understood now that the boy’s parents had been forcing themselves to stay up so they could guard their child.

“Who are these people?” The man asked.

“This is Faline and her husband and son. They said they are part of a paranormal group that gets rid of evil spirits.”

“I’m sure they are. How much are you planning on taking from us? We were ripped off before.”


“We do it free of charge. All we want to do is help you.” Faline said softly. “Just let us try so you and your wife can get some sleep.”

He looked so scared and sad, his hands clenched together and pressed against his mouth. He let his eyes settle on his son, his sweet innocent son who he would do anything for. “Okay, you can try.” He finally said.

“Shelby please hold your son and you and your husband sit in the middle of the room.” They did as they were told, Shelby holding her son close and Terry letting her set between his legs so he could hold both of them. “Kelta, draw a circle of protection around them. I don’t want this asshole trying to harm them while we force him out.” Kelta moved around the family, drawing symbols in the air and chanting. He had perfected some of the strongest safeguards. He made sure every line and word was perfect and would hold before moving away. He wouldn’t let another set of parents lose their child.

Victor, Kelta and Faline started moving around the house. It was hard to decide where Allocess was specifically since he had obviously been tormenting this poor family for so long. Their house was so heavily soaked in his evil aura that even when Allocess left it would still loom for a few days. It upset both Victor and Faline more that this was such a small child. Finally Victors angel blood helped him figure out where to find him. Allocess was in their childs room and was aware an angel had come in the house with the well known demon catcher Faline. They walked in and Kelta actually gagged from how thick the evil was in the room. It was a nauseating feeling and made it no wonder the family set their child up in the living room.

“Allocess, show yourself like a man, or are you too cowardly?” Victor said tauntingly. Allocess was angered and threw a dinosaur painting off the small boys wall at them. Victor easily hit it and sent the painting crashing to the floor. The frame Terry and Shelby had it in broke but they could replace it with another one. “so you can throw things and make an innocent innocent family live in terror of their own home but you can’t come out and face me. You are far more pathetic than I thought you disgusting lowlife.” Victors voice was turning darker and angrier by the word.

An errie voice sounded in Falines ear but didn’t shake her “You are the ones who are cowardly. Is three against one fair?” They felt Allocess leave the room and knew he was going downstairs to lash his anger out at the terrified family huddled in the living room. Kelta, Faline and Victor followed him angrily. Victor had already lost his patience. Alocess became completly enraged when he couldn’t go near the boy. As he shook with anger everything in the house rattled making Luis wake up and cry into his mothers shirt as he held tight to her.

“There is no way you can get to them, my barrier is impenetrable.” Kelta said and snow globe flew off the mantle. Victor caught it before it hit him on the face and sat it on the couch.

“He’s not happy about that Kelta. Will the barrier hold even if you are incapacitated?” Victor said.

“Yes, nothing can take it down but me. I have to reverse the safeguards and the incantation.”

“Good, try and stay conscious so you can do that.”

“Yes sir.”

“Come out, stop running because you don’t want to face me.” Victor yelled as he moved closer to the family. “You know what I am and what I am capable of don’t you? I guess you are far to weak to match my abilities.”

Allocess growled and attacked Victor, taking his physical form for a brief moment. It was enough for Victor to grab him as they hit the floor. Faline and Kelta pulled him off of Victor, holding tightly to him as he struggled to get back to him. He was so enraged that he wasn’t even worried about Victor being an angel. Victor picked himself up off the floor and punched Allocess in the face. The demon tried to bite him and he hit him again, knocking him unconscious.

“Get him out of here.” He ordered. Faline dragged Allocess out of the house, leaving Victor and Kelta with the family. Kelta took down his barrier so they could get off the floor.

“Was that the ghost?” Shelby asked.

“That was a demon.” Victor explained. “He won’t be coming back.”

“But, he looked human.” Terry said, looking frightened.

“Kelta, they need rest. Please help them with that.”

“Yes sir.” Kelta rested one hand on each of their heads and started chanting. Their eyes slowly started to drift closed and Victor took their son gently in his arms. Kelta situated Shelby and Terry on the couch so they were comfortable and covered them. Victor put Luis in his playpen and had Kelta put him to sleep as well. He made sure they would all wake feeling refreshed. “I’m so glad that didn’t last any longer than it did. This family has been through way to much.” Kelta said.

“They will recover. They were strong enough to stay awake every night to protect their son so they will be strong enough to bounce back from this. Put an emblem of protection on them so nothing can ever harm them again.”

Kelta used his finger to draw a symbol on each of their foreheads. No one would be able to see the emblem, not even this family, but they would be safe for the rest of their lives. He put an extra one on Luis’s chest, wanting the child the safest.

Faline got Allocess in the trunk and slammed it shut. Soon Victor and Kelta came out and got into the car with her. Victor drove them back to their hotel so they could handcuff Allocess and make him silent so they could sleep. They would need their rest to find Andhaka tomorrow. Once they arrived in their room Victor quickly handcuffed Allocess and silenced him. Faline called her father and he told her he would send another person to collect him and that they would be there before morning. When Faline hung up she laid down with Victor. She didn’t even bother taking off her clothes she was so worn out. They slept soundly until knocking woke them. “I’ll get it” Victor said half asleep. He slumped over to the door. “sorry to wake you, I’m here to take Allocess to be tried in hell”

“He’s in the bathroom” The man collected Allocess then went on his way. Victor locked the door again then looked at the clock. It was almost five am and he hadn’t had nearly enough sleep. Victor plopped down on the bed and was out cold. Kelta was also extremely worn out from everything he did. Those protection symbols took alot to make. Especially making so many. When morning came all three resembled zombies as they did their best to get ready. They had risen at seven am to spite what their bodies wanted. Victor had decided it would be smart to watch the children go into school because that’s probably when Andhaka would be watching them.

They stopped at Hardess to get biscuits and ate on their way to the nearest Elementary school. The three wished their weren’t two in the area. It would suck to be at the wrong school but atleast if this was the wrong school they’d have the correct one tomorrow. They sat in the car to watch the children go in then planned to go talk to the principle about them moving to the area and wanting to tour the school so they could get a look around.

The principal welcomed them with open arms, happy that they were considering moving to their small town. They followed him down the halls, pretending to be interested in what he was saying as they used their senses to search for Andhaka’s presence. They came to an art room, suddenly feeling the reverberation of evil. The principal pushed the door open and allowed them to look inside. There were many small children painting and drawing as their teacher moved around the class room. The teacher suddenly froze and looked up. Faline, Victor and Kelta made sure to stay in the hall so she could only see the principal. They didn’t want to push into attacking the children.

“Sorry to interrupt Andrea, I was just showing some prospective parents around. Please go back to what you were doing.” He said as he closed the door. “Andrea is amazing with the children.”

They were amazed that she was so bold. Andhaka walked openly among the children, acting as a loving and devoted teacher as she chose her prey. Faline grabbed Victor’s hand and felt him shaking. He didn’t want to leave the children, but knew they had no choice but to come back after hours when it was just teachers in the school. “This is an amazing school, thank you for the tour.” Faline said with a smile. “I’m sure our youngest children will love it here.”

“Yes, please consider us a your top choice. We are very hands on here and believe that having a comfortable learning environment is vital to the children’s learning.”

“We definitely will. We have to go tour the high school now, but we’ll get back to you when we get a chance.”

They left as quickly as they could. Victor pulled the car around to the side of the school where it looked like no one parked. They wanted to get in as soon as the children were gone. They waited impatiently, time ticking slowly away. Kelta bounced his leg as he stared out the window, arms crossed over his chest. Faline reached back and placed a hand on his knee, stopping him. “You’re bouncing the whole car.” She said softly.

“Sorry.” He replied and tried his best not to fidget.

“So what do you plan on doing after this Kelta?” Victor asked.

“I don’t know, go back to the demon world I guess.”

“Do you have a place to stay?”

“I have friends.”

“You could easily afford a place to stay with the money your father gave you and before you get all flustered, I found the check by accident while getting you clean clothes. You should take his money and use it however you want.”

“I don’t want anything he has to offer me. He’s a prick.”

Victor turned in his seat to look him in the eye. “Then give it away to an orphanage. You seem to care very much about children so cash the check and give the money to those who need it and instead of staying with friends come and stay with us. We have plenty of room. You could go to school and make new friends.”

“Why would you do something like that for a pain like me?”

“Because we like you Kelta and we care.” Faline answered. “My father was going to let a man rape me, he also sent another man to try and make Victor hurt me. I get along with him now, but he used to be a real monster. Victor’s dad was an angel who murdered a lot of demons. Victor never really saw him. He was abandoned too. We want to give you the chance we never had, the chance at a real life with people who will always be there for you.”

Kelta smiled “thank you guys, I’d love to be a part of your family if you really want me.”

“Of course we do. We’re happy to have met you and are sure you’ll get along great with our kids.” Kelta was happy beyond words. He now had no problems with fidgeting. All his concentration was in trying not to cry due to how moved he was that he finally had a family to love and to get love in return. Faline could feel how happy Kelta was and felt warm. Victor would’ve felt it too but hsi angel blood was still boiling from the demon and her boldness with these children. As a teacher she could get plenty of ooportunity to get them alone and eat them before anybody knew what was happening.

It made him want to go to Rowans preschool class and make sure no demons were hiding. He planned on it as soon as they were home. Victor knew Faline would want to aswell. Time still moved at a mind numbing slow pace until finally the bell rang. They watched the kids as they all loaded on buses and left. Once they were sure all children were gone for the day they got out of the car to find Andhaka. They had to refrain from running down the halls so nobody would get suspicious as to what they were doing. Neither of them wanted a human getting hurt trying to defend what they thought was another human.

They finally found the art teachers room and pushed open her door. Andhaka froze, wide eyed in her chair. She knew who was there. Kelta heard her heart race and smiled “Don’t make this hard Andhaka” Faline said sternly. Andhaka dashed to the window. She jumped through it cutting herself up. Faline, Victor and Kelta gave chase. They weren’t willing to let her get away. The only thing this demon was amazing at was speed so they only had to get her cornered.

Kelta wiped up some of her blood with his fingers. He used a spell he had read about to put a homing beacon on her. It would be tied to her DNA so there was no way for her to hide from him. Andhaka darted down streets and alleys, becoming frustrated when she could not shake them. They seemed to find her no matter what she did. She came out of an alley and slammed into a woman with a stroller. She pulled the baby out and faced her pursuers with the crying baby in her arms.

“Back off or I swear I will kill it.” She said icily. The babies mother screamed as she tried to get to her baby. Kelta forced her back and commanded her to stay put.

“Don’t make this any worse Andhaka.” Faline replied as she took a step closer.

“I swear Faline, I will spill this creatures blood if you take another step.”

“You will not harm another child.” Victor growled. Andhaka turned her eyes to him, feeling a sudden chill move up her spine. It was as if she were staring at death himself. She felt herself shaking, goosebumps covered her body and she took a fearful step back. She turned to run and he was suddenly standing there, looking down at her. No one had seen him move. He grabbed her by her throat and took the child gently from her arms. He handed the baby off to Faline and threw Andhaka. “How dare you play on a child’s trust. Acting as a teacher, someone who is supposed to mentor these children. You disgusting monster.”

Andhaka pushed herself to her feet, growling at the angel. She swatted at him with her long whip like tail, catching him across the face, cutting his cheek open. He held his hands out, grabbing two flaming swords out of the air. He rushed her in a rage, slashing at her so fast that she barely managed to dodge him. She wrapped her tail around his arm as he swung her, throwing him down the road. He rolled back to his feet and was back on her in an instant. She swatted at him again and he sliced through her tail, making her scream, a sound that was cut short as he drove his other sword into her solar plexus. She stared up at him in disbelief, coughing so blood splatter on his chest. His face reminded her of someone, a man she had fled from years ago. It was like seeing that angel all over again. It was the last thought she had as the darkness took her.

Faline handed the baby to her mother and slowly approached Victor as Andhaka’s body fell to the ground. A pool of blood spread out around her and stained her blouse. Kelta took the woman away from the scene of death, using one of his spells to make her forget what she had seen. “Victor honey, it’s over now.” Faline said softly, reaching out for him. He grabbed her wrist, startling her as he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to him with his face buried in her hair. “It’s okay baby, everything’s okay now.” She whispered.

“I’ve never been so angry. Did I scare you?” He said and she pulled back to look at him.

“Of course not. It was a little surprising to see you move so fast though. That bitch cut your face open.”

“I’ll heal just call your dad and get someone to clean up this mess.” He let her go so she could pull out her cell. Kelta came back and smiled nervously at him.

“That was…uh…terrifying.” He said with a little laugh.

“Sorry about that. I hope you’ll still stay with us.”

“I wouldn’t change my mind about that. You’re not always scary, just every once in awhile.”

Victor smiled and gave Kelta a pat on the shoulder. Faline got off the phone “There should be someone here within twenty minuets. He was already sending someone our way figuring we’d catch her quickly with how fast we handled the other ones. He’s not disapointed at all this ones dead. The person he’s sending will just clean it up so we’re done here.”

“Lets grab some lunch then and start home. That is unless you have things to take care of here before we leave Kelta.”

“No, I’m free to just go”

“Good, where would you like to eat?”

“Sonic if that’s cool. Faline made me want a slushie” They all chuckled then ran back to the car. Victor drove to Sonic and ordered what everyone wanted. They sat and ate where they parked. Once everyone was full they drove back to the hotel to check out of their rooms and gather their things. They made quick work of this and were on their way back to Rowan and Aftyn. Victor and Faline talked about their children and what they were like all the way home making Kelta excited to meet them. They called Falines mom when they were twenty minuets away. Laine asked them to spend the rest of the day there so they could get to know their newest family member. Kelta felt moved again that Falines mother was already accepting him. When Faline agreed she told her mother bye then turned to Kelta. “My mother is a very nice woman. She’s excited to meet you as I’m sure you heard since she’s a loud talker”

“yeah” The rest of the ride wnet quickly and they all got out. Rowan ran out of the house to hug her parents. “Aftyn is napping. He’s been grumpy” Rowan turned to Kelta and opened her arms “you going to hug me too?” Kelta smiled then lifted her into a hug “I’m Rowan”

“I’m Kelta”

“Yeah, grandma told me. Come in and see Aftyn. Don’t wake him though”

“I wont” When they were at the door Laine and Philip hugged them all “welcome Kelta” Laine said smiling at Kelta. Rowan continued tugging him away so he could see Aftyn. When they got to the door Rowan put a finger to her lips and Kelta smiled, doing the same. She lightly pushed open the door and tugged him over to Aftyns crib. “He’s cute” Kelta whispered and Rowan nodded. She pulled him back out of the room and downstairs

Chapter Four

“So you’re going to be my new brother right?” Rowan asked.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Kelta replied with a warm smile.

“Does that mean you’ll give me shoulder rides and play with me when I want?”

“It sure does.”

“How awesome. I’m so happy mom and dad brought you.”

“Me too.” She pulled him into the living room then let him got to jump in her father’s lap.

“You all look so tired. This job must have been a hard one.” Laina said. “Would you like some tea or water or maybe something a little stronger?”

“Tea would be great mom, you know how I get when I drink and besides the kids are here.” Faline replied.

“You’re not that bad when you drink.” Victor said.

“Am I the only one that remembers Mexico? You took me out drinking after I caught the Chupacabra and what happened? I beat up three guys and then I…” she looked around, blushing. “I’m not going to finish that sentence.”

“Why, what happened mommy?”

“Mommy didn’t leave my room for two days because she was sick and daddy had to stay with her the whole time.”

Kelta looked at Faline’s red face and knew the sick part was a lie. He started laughing and she shot him a death glare. Laina got up and went into the kitchen to get them some tea. Kelta lay on the floor, clutching his abdomen and catching his breath. “So mommy dearest is an aggressive drunk, how awesome.” He said as he wiped the tears from his face.

“Shut up or I’ll ground you.” She said between clenched teeth.

“Or throw a slushy at me. Now that would be scary.”

“Rowan, get him.”

“Yes ma’am.” Rowan jumped on Kelta and started tickling him. She was surprisingly strong and agile for such a small child. He finally lifted her into the air to get her to stop and she started giggling. He had never been so happy to have siblings.

Not too much later they heard Aftyn fuss to be let out of bed. “I’ll get him mom” Kelta said happily. He went to the room the small boy had been in. Aftyn held his arms up and Kelta lifted him out “hi there”

“Hi” the boy said mousishly since he didn’t know Kelta. “I’m alright, I’m your new brother” Kelta took him down and gave him to Faline. He knew it would take Aftyn a little longer to warm up to him since he was only a toddler. Aftyn buried his face in his mothers chest. Rowan rubbed her brothers back “He’s really great Aftyn. he’ll play with us.” Aftyns face wass till pushed into Faline and she said “It’s nothing against you Kelta. He’s very shy when he first meets people but he’ll be ok in an hour or so.”

“I’m fine, I understand. He’s just a little guy” They all talked and hungout for a few hours then Aftyn got out of Falines lap and walked over to Kelta and Rowan who were doing a puzzle on the floor. “Help” Rowan smiled at him “you can help”

“He can do puzzles?”

“Aftyn is smart though he doesn’t speak much. He understands perfectly though. You can tell him anything just dont expect long responses.”

“That’s cool little guy. Show us who’s boss with this 100 piece puzzle” Kelta was actually impressed with how quickly Aftyn was putting pieces together. He coudl see in the small boys eyes how busy his mind was. They finished the puzzle then Aftyn hugged Kelta and smiled at him before hitting his arm and running away. “You’re it Kelta” Rowan said with a smile. “Please play tag outside” Laina said and they ran out. When evening came Rowan, Kelta and Aftyn made a bed on the living room floor. Kelta asked Faline “Is he good out here?”

“Yeah he sleeps in a toddler bed at home. My mother doesn’t have one yet at home so he sleeps in the crib she has.”

“Okay, cool. Hey Faline?”

“Yeah sweety.”

“Thanks for taking me in. I know you think I’m a hard ass, but I’m really grateful.”

“We don’t think you’re that way at all. We’re happy to have you in our family.”

Faline headed upstairs wanting to go to bed. She had never been so exhausted in her life. Victor was in the adjoining bathroom already taking a shower. She went in and quickly stripped down then stepped in behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing his back. “How are you doing babe?” She asked.

“Fine, a little tired I guess. I wanted to wash the smell of those things off of me. I was also just thinking about unimportant ridiculous things.” He answered as he turned around and wrapped his arms around her.

“Like losing your temper and how you stayed a demon without mercy?”

“The way she looked at me as she died was like she knew me and that scared her more than actually dying.”

“It’s not surprising, she was probably there when your father attacked the demon world. You probably have his face.”

“I find that somewhat disturbing. I don’t want to be like him.”

“How many times do I have to tell you that you are nothing like him. You have never harmed anyone who didn’t deserve it. You have never gone on a killing spree or anything like that. You are so gentle and loving with a good heart. Stop doubting yourself.”

“I’m glad I have you.”

“I know, you’re pretty lucky.”

He laughed and tipped her head back to kiss her. She was and always would be the most beautiful thing in his life. He felt blessed to have her and his children. When she was done washing and he was done ogling her they got out and dried. He carried her to bed throwing her playfully on the mattress and jumping in after her. He pulled her close and rubbed his nose against hers. “Thank you for being my light in the darkness, the calm in my storm of emotions. I love you so much Faline.”

“I love you too baby, very much in fact. Never forget that.”

They fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms, happy that they had each other and their family. To them, the life they had worked so hard for, was something worth fighting monsters for.


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