Faline & Victor

Chapter One

Faline and Victor are a young couple very much in love. They’ve been together nearly 5 years but Victor still didn’t know a very important detail about Faline. She was really a cat demon. What most humans didn’t realize is that in the volcano Antofalla if you jumped into the lava you just end up in the demon world. She had met Victor after she had been sent on a mission in the human world to catch an escaped demon people were calling the chupacabra.

She fell head over heels for Victor while she was there and just never left after her job was done. She actually started her own resturaunt so she’d have income in that world. She was living what she felt was a dream. Thankfully humans couldn’t see demons for what they really looked like. Atleast not certain ones and cat demons fall into that category. Only another demon could see and feel her ears and tail.

Her dreams may soon be crushed. Another demon had gotten out and was causing havoc in the human world. Her father came to her and ordered her to kill it. Her father was not a man to say no to. Besides she was a guardian of the human world and even though she left protecting humans from horror they didn’t know was still her duty. She just hoped she could get this wrapped up without Victor knowing. She didn’t even want to know how he’d react if he knew what she really was.

“Everything alright, you seem distant?” Victor asked.

“Fine love.” She said and kissed him. She was reading the paper and had not realized she was ignoring him.

“I was saying that mom and dad want us to come and visit next week. Is that okay?”

“Of course honey, tell her we’ll be there.”

Victor couldn’t help but feel she was hiding something from him. They had always been so open, but lately she had seemed so far away. He loved her more than he could ever say. He wanted to make her tell him what was going on. He kissed her on the cheek and she didn’t even smile. “It’s late,” he said sadly, “I’m going to bed.”

“Okay baby, I’ll be in soon.”

Faline waited until he had disappeared into their room and fallen asleep. She grabbed her jacket, slipping out the front door. The paper had said another murder had been committed and the body strung up by its entrails. The demon doing this was a sick bastard who fed off the suffering of his victims. She ran down the sidewalk, moving quickly and quietly. She had to get to Mingus Park.

Victor jumped out of bed, grabbing his shoes and jacket. He snatched the keys out of the little bowl by the door and ran outside. He had to know what she was up too. If she was cheating on him or leaving he had to know. He couldn’t find out second hand what was going on. He knew she was a fast runner so he hurried, following her. He didn’t get to close and he left his headlights off. It was really late so no other drivers would be out.

Her father had told her where the demon would be that night. Her mind was consumed with Victor. Hoping this wouldn’t rip them apart. She did have to tell him about all this one day though. He would start to notice she wasn’t aging at some point in there life and she had a strong suspicion he had been thinking about proposing to her. She went into the woods and Victor parked the car and followed.

Before Victor knew it he heard a scream unlike any he heard before. It didn’t sound human. When he caught up to Faline she was standing face to face with somthing he had only seen in old art. The beast laughed “Oh Faline, I remember you. Long time no see. I hear you’ve gone soft.”

“Perhaps but I can still kick your ass any day. You need to go back to our world and face your punishment.”

It laughed “Please, I have no fear of you. A demon who lives in this world because of some human. You are an embaressment to your kind.” He lunged at her and she doged jumping up in the air into a tree. Victor couldn’t believe what he just heard. He was in shock and didn’t understand. He was terrified for her too. He sat there not knowing what to do.

The demon sprang up into the air, whipping his tail at her. She back flipped off the tree, throwing fire at him. He laughed, his tail wrapping around her throat and throwing her into the ground. Dirt spewed upwards. She pushed herself to her feet, glaring up at the demon. He jumped down, laughing at her, taunting her. She rushed him, punching and kicking. His hand was suddenly around her throat and he slammed her into a tree.

Victor was shocked and enraged. He had not had this feeling since he met Faline. He picked a large stone and rushed at the man pinning her against a tree. He smashed the rock into the back of the man’s head. The man threw Faline and turned on him, grabbing him by his shirt and punching him in the face. Victor’s head throbbed, but he couldn’t let him hurt Faline. He slammed his fist into the man’s face over and over, actually growling. The man lifted him and threw him. “What creature is this.” The demon spat. “I have not seen one in centuries. An half angel, it cannot be.” Victor had no idea what he was talking about. He pushed himself to his feet, feeling angry and ready to kill. The man hissed and disappeared in a tornadoe of fire. He collapsed to his knees. He saw Faline, but it wasn’t what she usually looked like. A furry black tail hung behind her and black tufted ears sat on her head. He blinked and the image disappeared. He had not seen things like this in years.

She ran to Victor and hugged him “Why are you here! How long were you over there?”

“You’ve been acting like you’ve lost interest in me. Like you don’t love me anymore. I had to see what you’ve been doing. I thought if I figured out what was taking you away i could fix it and make you love me again.” Faline felt terrible and was mortified he heard what the demon was saying. “Lets go home and talk Victor.” He agreed and she lifted him in her arms saying she’d get the car tomorrow. When they got to the apartment she said “what did you hear and see Victor.”

“I honestly don’t know. You’re a demon gone soft? That doesn’t make any sense Faline” She sighed and began explaining her last mission and how she ended up falling in love with him and staying. She began crying. He held her “Why are you crying?”

“You’re going to leave me now. You probably think I’m crazy or are just afraid of me.”

“I could never leave you Faline. I love you so much and am just happy you aren’t cheating on me or somthing.” She giggled “You really thought that.”

“I just didn’t know what to think.”

“Oh Victor I would never do something so horrible.” She grabbed his face and kissed him. She loved him so much.

“I see things Faline, too many horrible things. I saw you, but not you.” He said, holding her close. He was shaking. “He said I was an angel. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Shush now love. We’ll figure it out later.” She was suddenly very afraid. Angels and demons didn’t usually mix. If he was what the demon and said he was then there may be trouble in their future. Would he flee from the darkness in her? Would he want to kill her? She was not an evil being, just of the underworld. She loved him to much to lose him. She still had to find the demon and now she had pulled Victor into it. She felt so guilty, so sad. “Your poor face.” She looked at the scratches and bruises. “That son of a bitch could have killed you.”

“He was hurting you, trying to kill you.”

“I would have simply gone back to my world. It’s not hard to get back here.” She looked up at his face. He looked so confused. “Lets go to bed.” She stood and held out her hand.

“You aren’t going to eat my soul are you?” He asked as he slid his hand into hers.

“I’m not that kind of demon.”

They got in bed together. He kissed her again passionately. “What was that for?”

“It’s just relief you aren’t leaving me. I’ve been so miserable with worry about losing you. I’m really confused right now but no matter what I’m not leaving you. You are the only woman for me Faline.” She was so touched and she grabbed him, wrapping him in a hug. They fell asleep holding one another. Victor woke up first. When he looked at her he saw her ears again. He rubbed his eyes but they were still there. He gently touched them and to his amazment they were really there. She felt his touch and got up. “You can see them now!?”

“They’ve always been there? I wasn’t imagining them?”

“Maybe what the demon said was right.” She looked sad.

“What would be bad if I had angel in me?”

“Angels and demons dont generally mix my love”

He grunted “I don’t care Faline. I just told you last night. There’s nothing in the world that will take me away from you except death or you refusing to be mine.”

He really loved her. Her heart swelled to nearly bursting with that fact. “I am so lucky.” She said as she cupped his cheek.

“I’m luckier. You make me feel whole, like I belong.” He said softly and smiled. “Tell me about last night. What was that guy? I kept seeing him in two forms.”

“A demon. He’s sick in the head. He’s been murdering and evicerating people. I meant to stop him last night, but he was stronger than I anticipated. We have to find him and stop him. He can choose any form he wishes. Last night he was a big ugly guy with no hair and today he could be a handsome businessman deceiving young women.”

“It’s my fault he escaped. I should have stayed back.”

“No, he was so strong. His darkness is powering him. There is so much evil for him to feed off of, so much pain.” She brushed her thumb over his cheek.

“What can we do. I want to help. I felt so angry when I saw him hurting you, like I could rip him to pieces. I have this blinding urge to kill him.” He said. He hated that feeling. He remembered his mother sending him to private school because she feared what he might do.

“That’s the angel talking. You have to control that rage and only use it when you must.”

Victor understood. It was hard. The anger swirled in him, demanding he spill the blood of a demon. The only thing that kept him from going out and tracking down the beast was Faline. Her beautiful face and softness pushed away that feeling. It was strange that he could want to kill one demon while loving another. “We have to track him down, we have to stop him.” He said.

“It’s not that easy. He will be hiding because you are here. He fears you and your kind.”

“How does your face feel?”

“Don’t worry about it Faline. It doesn’t really hurt.” She kissed the bruises. Each of her kisses relaxing him even more. In a sweet tone he said “I’m so glad to have my loving girlfriend back. I was getting so depressed. It made me realize even more how much i need you. Thanks for staying in this world for me.”

“I shoudn’t have gotten like that. I’m sorry.”

“Do you have to hunt him more today?”

“I have to wait for night. There will be no way to locate him until then. It’s why I’ve been making you go to bed alone.” She frowned and he pulled her into him. “No more sadness.” He held her tightly. he suddenly couldn’t see her ears and tail. “Where did your ears go?”

“You aren’t a full angel so your sight comes and goes. People can’t see most the demons among them. A lot of demons actually end up living here. I’m not the first one that’s for sure.”

“How many people that we know?” He couldn’t believe he had been walking among such terrifying and fascinating creatures.

“The mail man, the young cashier at the deli down the street, and your boss.” She answered.

“Well at least now I know why he’s not my biggest fan. He probably doesn’t know. I guess when the weekend’s over I’ll let him know.”

Faline wanted to laugh. “You’ll probably scare the jerk. Be sure to take pictures.” She didn’t want to get out of bed. She loved being wrapped in his warmth. She was so relieved he had not gone running to have them both committed. She would have to talk to her father about Victor and see what he made of all this. At least she knew his angel blood had nothing against her. Maybe just like his sight, his urge to hunt her kind came and went.

“We should go back to the park.” Victor said. “You never know if he left something behind.

“I guess you’re right.”

Chapter Two

She went to get up but Victor didn’t let her go “Now who said I ment right this second” He smiled and held her tighter. She lightly laughed, the sweet sound going through his body and filling him with happiness. “It’s better to get this done sooner than later before sombody else gets hurt. It’s my job to protect humans from the demons who leave their world.” He gave her a long, sweet kiss and said “I guess lets go.”

They got ready and headed out the door. The car was still at the park so they’d just walk there then drive back. They held eachothers hands the whole way. They finally made it to the park and started looking around. Victor looked at the spot on the tree where the demon had slammed Faline. It made him angry again and he clintched his fist. He wished he was as tough as Faline so he could help her. He couldn’t bare to see her hurt. Especially by that disgusting creature.

Faline saw him standing there and noticed his clintched hands. She got behind him and hugged him “Stop staring at that. It’s just making you angry.”

“How many times have you had to fight things like that?”

“Things have actually been good up until now which is why you didn’t have to find out before.”

He turned around and hugged her back. “I hate you have to put yourself in such danger.”

“You should be thanking them. I met you on a hunt.” She smiled up at his surprised face.

“We were both in Mexico that year. You said you were out to take photographs of the wildlife.” He couldn’t help but feel a little upset that their meeting had started with a lie.

“Chupacabras are wildlife. I had to drag it back to the demon world kicking and screaming. It had been attacking people walking alone at night.”

“Chupacabra? Next it’ll be unicorns and giants.” He rubbed his temples.

“Giants are very real, but they tend to stay in the wild, away from humans. I’ve never seen a unicorn.” He looked like his head might explode. She tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled his head down, kissing him softly. “I’m sorry about all of this. I know it’s a lot to take in.” She massaged the back of his neck.

“It’s like I’m stuck in a dream even though I know it’s not. I love you so much and I am really trying to wrap my head around this. It’s terrifying, confusing, and exciting all at once.”

“Lets keep looking.”

They split up to cover more ground Faline walked around the hole her body had made in the ground while Victor searched around the tree. He spotted something brown covered in debris and picked it up, shaking the dirt off. It was a wallet. He flipped it open and the demon’s human face stared back at him.

He ran to Faline to show her. “Hm, Javon Hendricks. Atleast now we know what human to look for” She smiled at him again. It was the only thing she could think of to do to lift his spirits. “Knowing him he’s bound to have ended up arrested a few times in his human form. Lets go back to the house and I’ll look him up online to see what I can learn.” he nodded and they walked to the car. When they got back to where they lived they ran up the steps and into the door.

Faline went straight to the computer and typed his name in. Victor just watched her for awhile. He was glad he actually found somthing to speed things along. He wanted to be able to do somthing else. “Can I do anything else to help while you do that?”

“You can stop looking so handsome so it’s easier to think.” She winked turning around to face him for a second. He laughed “I’m serious”

“Me too” She turned back around. He walked over and kissed the top of her head

“Found him.” She exclaimed. “He’s got quite the record. Breaking and entering, rape, arson, and now murder.”

“He’s violent. Look there’s an article about one of his victims. He tried cutting her open.” Victor was very disturbed by this. If Hendricks was willing to do that to a human woman then he might do worse to Faline. The monster got off on hurting people. “I don’t like this at all. You shouldn’t be hunting these things.”

“I have no choice, dad gave me an order.” She reached up and squeezed his hand.

“Your father? That son of a bitch.” Victor walked into the living room and picked the phone up. He was dialing her parents home number as she came out of the computer room.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Calling your dad and giving him a piece of my mind.”

Faline tried to take the phone but he batted her hand away. He looked angry. “Please don’t do this right now, please.” Victor’s finger hovered over the call button. He had never seen her look so scared. Her father had always been a problem. He didn’t like that Faline was with him. He sighed and set the phone down. “Thank you.” She said.

“Stop being so afraid of him.” He pulled her close.

“I know I should, but he’s very intimidating. He demands respect and has this air about him. You’re the only one not afraid of him.”

Victor wondered how her dad would react if he knew he planned on asking Faline to marry him. He had the ring already, had had it custom made just for her. He almost hoped the man would have a heart attack. He doubted that would happen though. He had never worked for her father’s approval and knew that no matter what he did he would never get it. He loved Faline with all his heart and that’s all that mattered.

“You need to stop being so afraid of me doing this. I may be out of practice because I’ve just had a normal life with you but I can still take him down. My father knows that wich is why he told me to take care of this. I hope he doesn’t lose faith in me or he might send Archer to help me and I hate him.”


“He’s a real asshole. He’s a very strong demon who thinks he’s the gift to the world. He makes me very uncomfortable. It’s probably mainly because he always wanted me to be with him.” That was the main reason she was hoping he wouldn’t have Archer help her. He’d be brazen enough to flirt with her in front of Victor. She didn’t want him under any more stress than he already was.

“I dare him to do it. I triple dare him. Besides I’m supposed to worry. I wouldn’t be a very good person if I didn’t worry. If something happened to you I’d lose it plain and simple.” He brushed her hair back and kissed her. “I have to protect you, even if it’s from yourself. You’re so headstrong. You went chasing after that demon without a thought.” He grabbed her hand and placed it in his chest. “Do you feel how happy you make me, how excited. If you die my heart would stop in an instant.”

Faline became choked up, her lip quivering as she looked up into his navy blue eyes. How could he still love her? She had lied to him about what she was, about what she did. She had made him feel unloved because she had been so absorbed in finding a killer. He made her feel like she was the reason he lived and breathed, like she was the only woman in the world. She kissed him, fiercely and with need. He lifted her so she could wrap her legs around him and he carried her into the bedroom, pressing her back into the mattress. She gripped his shirt, tearing it open so she could get to his skin. She loved the feel and smell of him.

She ran her hands across his chest. It was firm and she loved the feel of his muscles. He pulled back from the kiss to take his pants off and what remained of his shirt. He slid her pants off then drug her underware off with his teeth. His soft breath going down her legs excited her even more. He tore her shirt off quickly and snapped off her bra. He pushed her back down into the bed, kissing her and squeezing one of her boobs.

She let out a soft moan. The only noise he enjoyed more was her laugh. He kissed down her neck and all the way to her legs kissing down each one and then back up again. He then started licking her as he held one boob in each hand. Her moans became heavier and he quickly thrust himself inside of her. He always stayed close to her. His face right beside hers when he was inside of her. She wrapped her arms around him and between breathy moans she whispered in his ear “I love you so much Victor.”

They stood in the shower, her forehead resting against his chest. She wished she could stay with him like this forever. She was exhausted but happy. She yawned and closed her eyes. She swore it was for just a moment, but when she opened them again Victor was carrying her. “I’m awake.” She said, startling him.

“You fell asleep standing up. I hope you don’t do that while I’m at work. I would hate for you fall and hit your head.” He lowered her to her feet and grabbed a towel. He dried her, then himself.

“I would never do that. I can’t rest anyway, not yet. We have to go to Hendricks’s house and investigate. If I don’t stop him soon dad will send Archer then we’ll have two problems. He’d drive you crazy.”

“You mean jealous and I doubt it. I know you love me. If he comes and tries I’ll just pull you into my arms, grab a little ass, and shove my tongue down your throat.” He said with a very boyish grin that had her laughing.

“You would start trouble, but I have to admit seeing that ass squirm would make me happy. Anyway, we should get dressed and head over toHendricks’s. I’m sure he’d want his wallet back and we wouldn’t be good samaritans if we didn’t return it.”

Victor had to tear his eyes away from Faline as they dressed. She was far too sexy when she would bend over and step into her panties. Her tail and ears shimmered into view and even those were sexy. She looked at him and smiled. He cleared his throat and pulled a t-shirt on, using that momentary loss of eye contact to get himself under control. She was such a distraction and with one look could melt his heart and arouse him.

When they were dressed he could still see her ears and tail. “Why am I seeing your ears so much now Faline?”

“Probably because the demon told you that you had angel in you. You didn’t know before so you pushed it out of your head. Now that you know the truth you’re accepting more of what you can do. Do they bother you?”

“Of course not.” He hugged her. She grabbed the mans wallet and they went to his home. His house was in a farm area. No neighbors for miles. When they got there nobody was home. She picked the lock and let them inside to look around. Victor was nervous. He was so afraid for her. “Aren’t you afraid he’ll come back?”

“I think you’re forgetting I have to fight him my love.” he sighed “You shouldn’t have to! This is ridiculous.” She grabbed his face “Calm down and lets get looking around while we can ok?” They heard sombody walk in. They turned to see Javon. “How in the fuck did you find my house!?” She held up his wallet. “You call me soft and careless” He snatched it from her filled with rage.

“I’m going to kill you bitch and your half angel pet.” His tail whipped out, knocking them back. Javon screeched, the sound slicing painfully through Victor’s head. He clamped his hands over his ears. The demon was out the door and Faline followed. He pushed himself to his feet, feeling slightly disoriented. He grabbed a butcher knife out of the kitchen and followed them.

Faline rushed Javon, swiping at his face. He back handed her, sending her flying. She was back on her feet and running at him. She ducked his tail, forcing herself through his guard, jabbing him in the face and kicking at his knee. He grabbed her by her throat and hit her in the stomach. All the air left her lungs. He threw her on the ground and kicked her.

Victor was in a rage. He ran at Javon, slashing at him with the knife. He wanted the monster away from Faline. He stabbed at the demon, catching him in the shoulder. Javon grabbed him by the throat and threw him. He tumbled across the ground and didn’t think he’d ever stop. He raised his head and saw the demon moving toward Faline.

She was having trouble catching her breath and had a feeling Javon had broken something. She tried standing but fell back down again. There was blood in her mouth so she spit it out. She looked up at the demon as he jerked a knife out of his shoulder. She watched his tail rise up, the tip pointed at her. It flew through the air like a javeline. She squeezed her eyes shut, but nothing happened. She opened them again and Victor was standing between them, the tip of Javon’s tail sticking out of the top right side of his back. The demon threw him off then ran. She crawled to Victor and put pressure on the wound. “You idiot, you should have stayed back.” She was crying, hot tears dripping off her nose.

“You don’t mean that, the idiot part.” Victor had never felt such pain.

“We have to get you to dad. He’ll know what to do.” She helped him to his feet and to the car.

Chapter Three

She drove as fast as she could. She needed to hurry. She couldn’t stop crying. Victor looked at her “Please stop crying.”

“How can you expect me to. I’m so frustrated with myself. I’m so slow. I used to be really fast and strong. You shouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

“I’m glad you’re not as fast and strong as you used to be because it was caused by you staying with me.” He shot her a smile but he could only manage it for a moment. They arrived at her fathers house. She quickly unlocked the door with her key and rushed in carrying Victor. She yelled for her father who came down in a rush “What! What is it Faline are you hurt? I smell blood!”

“No Victor is! You need to help him! What do we do?” Her father may have hated Victor but he also hated her being sad. “I want you to spit some of your blood in his wound Faline.”


“Just do it and do it now.” She did then her father placed her hand where he had gotten stabbed then started saying somthing in a language Victor couldn’t understand. He suddenly felt a rush of pain. He couldn’t hear anymore he hurt so badly. He could barely make it out when Faline screamed “What’re you doing to him?”

“Stop screaming.” Her father said.

“Fuck you, this is all your fault. You should have sent Archer instead of me.” She wanted to hit her father.

“Just keep him calm. I can smell the angel in him. It’s fighting me binding it.”

Victor screamed, begged him to stop. “He has to do this baby, just breathe okay.” She whispered and kissed his forehead. “What do you mean bind it?” She looked at her dad.

“I’m tying part of you to him. His angelic blood won’t let me help him so I’m giving him demonic blood. His body is trying to fight it off. I’m forcing your blood to be a natural part of him.” He pressed harder and kept chanting. Victor’s screams were almost to much for her to bear. She cried harder than she ever had. She whispered to him, telling him he had to live. The pain finally took its toll on him and he passed out.

Victor felt like he was floating. It was so bright around him, a yellow warm light washed over him. He drifted slowly, coming down and landing on his feet. He could hear whispers. Out of the light a woman walked. She was beautiful, dark hair hanging to her waist and amber eyes lighting up as she smiled. She held out her hand and he took it. They walked through the light. “Are you an angel?” He finally asked.

“Yes, I am.” She said softly.

“Am I dead?” He feared the answer.

“You are at a crossroads. Right now Faline’s father is trying to save your life. What he is doing is dangerous.”

“He said my blood was fighting him. What can I do to stop it?”

“You have a choice to make. You can either remain as you are and die or be caught between two worlds and live. You must understand that you may never be accepted by angels or demons as one of them. You would be seen as an outcast.” She said.

“I can’t leave her. I have to be with her.”

The angel stopped walking and looked into his eyes. “Love is the most powerful force in all worlds. Because you love and do so unconditionally, because you were willing to sacrifice yourself for that love you will be blessed.” Images flashed around him of two children running and playing. Faline chased them, her eyes alight with love. “This is what will come of your choice. You beat the odds and fell for a woman that your blood should have rebelled against. Go back to her Victor and help her stop that monster.”

He woke up with Faline crying into his chest. He gently placed his hand on her head “Didn’t I ask you to stop that?” She got up quickly. Her eyes didn’t believe what she saw and she kissed him “Oh I was so afraid you wouldn’t wake up!” he hugged her tightly not realizing he had more strength now that he had demon blood. Faline choked out “Victor you’re hurting me.” He let go “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. You have a lot more strength now. I’m not sure how much though. You have to be careful while you adjust ok.” He smiled. His first thought was excitement over being able to help her. She got up and ran to her father. “Thank you daddy.”

“Please don’t thank me. I did it for you but I didn’t want to.” She kept hugging him anyway. “Night will be coming soon you two. Go home and get ready. He will be in the park again with his next victim. Go there as soon as the sun is starting to set.”

“Yes sir.” She went over to help Victor up who was just sitting there. They went to the car to drive home and rest for the coming nightfall. He stared at Faline the whole way back. He was glad he had done what he did. Now he really could be with Faline forever. “How do you feel Victor?” she asked as they pulled up to her house. “Happy” She laughed “That wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“Also like I got in a boxing match with Mike Tyson and Brock Lesner at the same time and then they pitched me into traffic.” He let Faline help him out of the car. His body was still in a lot of pain, his muscles stiff. He was covered in blood and he couldn’t stand the smell. Faline opened the front door and helped him inside. “I need a shower.” He said and she walked him into the bathroom.

Faline helped him out of his clothes, wincing at the huge bruise she could see under all the blood. He would have no scar, but it still made her feel guilty. She pulled her own clothes off and switched on the water. She washed the blood and dirt from his skin. Air hissed out from between his teeth when she touched the massive bruise. “I hate that this happened to you.” She said sadly.

“I don’t regret it, not for a second.” He tipped her head back and smiled down at her. “I’m exhausted and we still have to kill Jovan tonight.”

“Lets get you to bed then.”

Victor lay with his back propped against the headboard. It hurt to lay flat. He watched Faline brush her hair, admiring her cat ears. He really loved them. If anything they would make her adorable if she ever got mad at him. She smiled at him, that beautiful smile that lit up the room. He really wanted to spend forever with her. “I need you to get something for me.” He said.

“What is it?”

“There’s a small box in the top of the chest of drawers under my socks, bring it here.”

Faline opened the drawer and rifled around until she found the small, square box. Her heart nearly stopped and she already felt like crying. She cleared her throat and crawled onto the bed, handing it to him. “I was hoping to do this in a more romantic way, get down on one knee, but I don’t think I’d be able to get back up.” He smiled and opened the box, pulling out a silver ring with a tigers eye as the center stone. There were small fairies etched in the band. “Will you marry me?”

A couple tears went down her face as he smiled at her. She said yes and kissed him. He grabbed her face as they kissed. Even though he was in a lot of pain he couldn’t have been happier. She pulled back, tears of happiness streaming down her face. “I love you so much Faline.”

“I love you too. I wish I could hug you again but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It’ll be worth the pain” He held out his arms and she clung to him. He held her close giving her a kiss on her head. “We should get some sleep Victor. I’ll set an alarm to tell us when it’s sunset.” He nodded and he layed his head against the headboard. Faline got up and set an alarm. She crawled back on the bed and layed her head in his lap. He rubbed her hair and ears. He liked he was going to be able to see them all the time. He couldn’t believe how cute they looked on her.

He slowly drifted to sleep. As much as he wanted to enjoy the moment with her he wanted more to be able to make sure she dind’t get hurt fighting tonight. Faline jumped up tot he sound of the alarm and rubbed her hand against Victors cheek whispering in his ear it was time to get ready.

They dressed, Victor still a little sore. The bruise on his chest was receding and his muscles didn’t hurt nearly as much. They heard banging on the front door and Faline ran to answer. He followed in case it was the murderous psycho come for his revenge. It was another man with dark eyes and blonde hair. He had a pair of horns that swept over his head and curled at the tips.

“What are you doing here Archer?” Faline asked angrily.

“Now is that anyway to greet your future husband?” He smiled, his eyes moving over her.

“No,” she said and turned to Victor, “this is how I’ll be greeting him.” She pulled his head down to her and kissed him. His arms locked her to his body, his hands sliding to her bottom. She pulled back breathless and turned back to Archer. He looked angry and it felt good. “Now, what do you want?”

“Your father sent me.”

“How nice, he’s such an ass.”

Victor placed a calming hand on her shoulder. “We’ll take all the help we can get of course. We were just about to leave. We’re going to walk so we don’t draw attention. Please join us.” Victor’s politeness seemed to infuriate Archer more, but the demon agreed anyway. He saw no reason to start a fight with this idiot who thought he had a chance with his fiancĂ©.

They walked and Victor held Falines hand. Archer was glaring at him but Victor acted like he didn’t notice. Then he noticed the ring on Falines finger. “What is that on your hand!”

“The ring Victor gave me. We’re getting married.” He grunted in disgust. He would make sure to handle that later. Right now they had business to take care of. Fighting somthing would give him the chance to impress her again anyway. He knew he could win her over. He felt Victor was beneath him. Falines dad wanted them to get married and he was sure they would. They made it to the park and looked around for the beast. They heard him laughing and a woman screaming. Faline took off and the men followed

He had the woman tied to a tree. He was taunting her, telling her exactly what he was going to do. He grabbed the woman’s face and kissed her then slapped her. “Leave her alone.” Faline screamed. Jovan turned his gaze on her. His eyes looked passed her, his eyes widening in shock. “He should be dead.” He growled.

“I’m not you monster, now let her go.” Victor yelled.

“No half breed will tell me what to do.” He attacked, going straight for Victor who yelled Faline to get the girl. He grappled with Javon. Archer grabbed ahold of the beast’s flailing tale while Victor punched him in the abdomen.

Faline wanted to help, but she couldn’t leave the woman. She ran to the crying woman, grabbing the ropes and ripping them loose. She lifted the woman in her arms and ran into the woods where she watched from the tree line. She comforted the crying woman as best as she could.

Victor punched Jovan in the face over and over. He kneed him in the stomach then uppercut him in the chin so he was pitched backward. Archer pulled him by his tail, swinging him into a tree. Victor jumped on Jovan and started choking him. He was so angry, the urge to kill this man taking over. “Victor stop.” The feminine voice said. He felt arms wrap around him. “Victor it’s over, let him go.” He knew that voice. Faline’s name echoed in his head, a breath if fresh air. He realized what he was doing and released Jovan’s throat. He stood, backing away. He had almost killed someone.

“What just happened?” He was shaking.

“It’s alright now.” Faline pulled him into her arms and his arms wrapped around her. He rested his forehead on her shoulder and she stroked his hair. “It’s okay, it’s just the angel blood. You’ll learn to control it.”

“You have to be kidding me.” Archer said angrily. “He could turn on you Faline.”

“Shut up Archer.” Faline turned on him, hand raised. Victor grabbed her wrist, stopping her from slapping him.

“It’s okay love. You know I love you, that there is no way I could hurt you.” He pulled her back. “We’ll call the police and let them know we’ve caught their murderer and then we’ll go home.”

They called and started on their way home. Archer was seething. How could she choose Victor over him. When they were almost home Faline said “Bye Archer”

“There’s no goodbye because you’re coming back with me!”

“You can’t be that much of an idiot Archer” She said annoyed

“Why him! He’s not half as good as me! plus there’s no chance of me ever wanting to kill you.”

“Victor would never hurt me you ass so stop saying stuff like that” He could see in her eyes nothing he said would get through to her. He decided he’d leave it alone for now but he was definitely coming back to claim her at sompoint. She was his and that is that. He didn’t care if he had to force her to be his. “I’ll let you do this for now.” He said as he took off.

Faline was now angry. “I hate him so damn much” Victor grabbed her hand “Come on sweetie, lets just go on home.” She relaxed a little bit and they continued walking. Faline was relieved to be home and for Archer to be gone. She took off her pants and shirt then let herself fall backwards on the bed. Victor took off his clothes then crawled on top of her to give her another kiss. “I love you Victor” He smiled “and I love you”

She moved up on the bed and got under the covers. Victor got beside her and wrapped his arms around Faline. Victor was happy to be resting again. He was pretty sore. He was especially happy to be laying next to his future wife. Visions of the two children he saw danced in his head. He wanted to hurry and marry her. Hopefully she’d go for a small wedding but if she wanted a big one he’d do that for her. After hours of envisioning the future and admiring his soon to be wife he fell asleep.

~The End~

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