Faye & Uther

Chapter One


They stood at the top of the cliff, Uther between Faye and the angry officers. Guns pointed at them. “Just give us the little harlot Uther and you can go free.”

Uther glared back defiantly, dark eyes spitting at these men who would hang her over lies. “You’ll have to kill me first.”
Faye grabbed his arm, not wanting him to die for her. The priest had caught her dancing naked in the forest, had caught her casting spells of protection and good fortune, had twisted her good will into lies. “Uther, it’s okay.”

He looked at her, eyes loving as they always had been. “I won’t let them.”

She wanted to say she was immortal, that she was protected by her magic, but she could see his resolve. The officers saw an opening and rushed them. Uther shoved them back and a shot rang out. She nearly screamed when she saw him clutching his stomach, blood soaking his white shirt. She grabbed him and he wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her to the edge of the cliff. He kissed her, surprising her and the officers. “Uther.”

He smiled. “Find me in the next life.” He shoved her over the edge and she saw the men grab him as she fell toward the waiting river.

Present Day:

He tossed and turned, sweat dotting his brow as he dreamed of her again. Her fear, her pleading eyes. She was Faye. That name bounced around in his head constantly, made his heart clench in unreasonable pain. He jerked awake, his breath coming out in panting gasps. Since he could remember, he had dreamed of her. At first it had just been her eyes and smile, but now it was all of her. Her brown curls, her bright eyes, the way she moved and spoke. He had tried finding her when he was in high school, thinking maybe he had seen her somewhere, but the only account of anyone named Faye was a witch who had been presumed dead. He had hoped the dreams would stop, but they seemed almost insistent. She was Faye and she called him Uther.

Faye was traveling again, searching for Uther though she didn’t know what this incarnation would be named. He had lived for her, making her days happy before she was found to be a witch and when they found out he died for her. She owed him so much, she wanted to be with him again, to slap him for not saving himself, to fulfill his only request of her to find him in the next life. No matter what she needed to find him, if not just for herself to pay back the man who had paid for her life with his own. It had been so many years but she could still see him perfectly in her head. She could still remember all those amazing little moments they had shared. She sighed, hating herself for it taking this long to track him in his next life.

“Yo Nile, you up?” It was the knocking and the voice of his roommate that woke him the next morning. He was exhausted, but he made himself get up and open the door.

“Yeah sorry, long night working.”

“I can see that, you look pretty haggard.”

“I’m fine, my brain just doesn’t feel like drawing or painting or anything, I’m blocked.” It wasn’t the complete truth. All he could think about was Faye, her eyes and smile, the way she danced under the moonlight and talked to spirits. He could see every curve, even feel the softness of her skin. She was all he could think of and he had found himself drawing and painting her. “Thanks for waking me, give me a few minutes and I’ll make breakfast.”

“You sure, I can manage.”

“No way man, you’re eggs suck. Just wait.”

“Jerk at least hurry, I’m starving.” They both laughed and he gathered clean clothes then went to wake himself up with a shower.

Once showered and dressed he went into the kitchen to start cooking. “You sure you’re okay man?” his roommate asked as he a to scramble eggs for them. “Yeah, all artists get blocked. I’ll be fine” His friend didn’t really believe him and Nile could tell but he wouldn’t fess up to more if his friend didn’t push for it. It would be weird to explain and he didn’t much feel like talking about it at the moment. At the table his friend mostly talked about the upcoming weekend which was a relief for Nile.

They took Nile’s car to school where they parted ways. A shiver ran up his spine as he headed for the front doors and he paused, looking around. A slight breeze blew through and he focused his eyes off into the distance. Something was coming, he could feel it. It was a strange sensation, almost like he was being pulled. He shook his head, believing it was just his exhaustion. He headed inside, pulling his hair up as he headed into class. They were working on sculptures as they had been all week. As usual, his was of Faye. It was of her in motion, her hands held up to the sky. He had dreamed of the moment, of her whispering words he didn’t understand as her feet moved.

Faye could feel the pull of his soul, feeling like she was getting closer. She wondered what he did now, what he loved and hated, if his life had been good. She was ready for him to not recognize her, it was extremely common for reincarnated souls not to have any idea they even had a past life. There was even the thought that he had found someone else, that maybe he was married and had children. It hurt to think of never being with him again, but if he was happy she wouldn’t interfere.

The pull lead her to a school so she went inside. Faye doubted it would be a problem for her to enter since it was a college. The pull lead her straight to his art class. It was so strong now she knew he was on the other side. All there was between her and seeing Uther again was this white door. It had been such a long search. She had thought of a million different ways this would be and she’d finally see what outcome it was. If any of her predictions were going to be spot on or if he’d react in a completely unexpected way.

Faye took a deep breath in and out for some courage and attempted to open the door. Regretfully she had pulled and it apparently only worked when you pushed it. The biggest moment of her life so far and she was making a fool out of herself. A couple students walking by laughed at her but their opinions were as insignificant to her as what the weather was in a world she’d never visit. She tried again, this time pushing the door as she ought to.

Nile didn’t look up at first, used to people coming in and out of the classroom. He continued to work, his fingers and tools forming the clay to look like her. “Excuse me, can I help you?” His instructor asked and he paused.

“Sorry, yes, I’m looking for Uther.”

He froze, his heart stuttering at the familiar voice. He had heard it so many times in his dreams it was easily recognizable. “I’m sorry ma’am, there’s no one by that name in this class.”

He turned, his eyes widening at the sight of her. His head was spinning now, his stomach churning. She had to be real, his instructor was talking to her. Her eyes locked with his and he dropped the tool in his hand. It took him a moment to find his voice. “She means me.” His legs were shaking, but he managed to stand. “It’s a nickname.” He swallowed. “We’ll step out.”

Faye couldn’t believe it was him, those eyes, his face, even his hair. He walked up to her and she felt her heart stop. He recognized her, but there was confusion and disbelief in his eyes. “Hey.” She managed.

“Come on, we’ll disturb the others.”

They stepped outside and he couldn’t resist the urge to hug her. Somthing deep inside him needed to. His soul cried to have her close. She hugged back “do you remember Uther?” She asked hopefully. “I’ve had dreams about you. I’ve been having them since I was a small child. You calling me Uther, it sounds far more right than Nile. That’s my name but” he didn’t finish and she said “You’re living your second life. In your past like your name was Uther..we..we were dating back then…do you dream about how you died?”


“so your soul remembers vividly. That’s pretty rare. I mean, souls always carry the memories of their past lives but its rare for the new incarnation to know it” Uther stopped hugging her and just stared into those now real eyes. She was here, right here in front of him. She was just as real as he had always felt she was.

“I missed you.” He said softly, his fingers brushing her cheek. She was so warm, her skin soft, and without thinking he pressed his lips into hers. His arms tightened around her, pressing her closer. He knew this feeling, this need for her. It heated his body, bringing a flood of memories.

“Uther.” She said softly against his lips and he pulled back, shocked.

“I’m sorry.”

Faye could see he was embarrassed. Even though he remembered, he was still getting used to the idea of her, of their past. “It’s okay, I’m happy that you still want me.”

“I can feel it in my chest, the tugging in my heart, but I’m overwhelmed by all of this. You were burning into my soul Faye so I would never forget and now that you’re here and real, I don’t know what to do.”

She smiled lovingly at him. “Whatever you want.”

He laughed, his hand coming up to rub his neck. “Some of my thoughts aren’t exactly appropriate.” He felt his cheeks redden and she giggled.

“You were like this the day we met, though I was…”

“Naked and in the woods alone, you had been swimming, I remember.”

“The look on your face was adorable.”

He sighed. “I just stood there staring like an idiot.” He gently stroked her cheek. “You’re still so beautiful Faye.” He sighed again. “I need to get back to class, will you stick around, I’m sure you could set in.”

“Okay” she was happy to do anything as long as it was with him. She walked back in with him and he asked his teacher if it was alright. “As long as she doesn’t disturb class you know I don’t mind guests” Uther had Faye sit down next to him as he continued his work. She smiled when she noticed he had been making her. Shje wondered if this was his first piece of her or if he had done more. Her sweet, amazing Uther. He had been such an amazing and loving man in his past life and it seemed as though he was precisely the same in this one.

Whatever she had done to deserve a man like him she was glad she had done it. Faye sat in the class silently, not wanting to get herself kicked out or disturb him. When it was over she asked “Is that your first art piece of me?”

“Oh no, I’ve done so much. You have consumed my mind for so long. We must have really had a strong relationship in our past life. You are all I can remember and even now. I feel like I need you”

She smiled, slowly taking his hand. “We spent a lot of time together, you drawing and helping me find the plants I needed. You were so talented, I’m happy that you got to keep your gift.”

“I remember feeling the urge to create at a very young age. My parents would buy me all the art supplies I wanted. It’s why I’m a student here. They have a very good art program.”

“You were always a natural.” Her smile had his heart dancing. “Do you have more classes?”

“Yeah, but I want to spend some time with you, getting to know you again. Having you here is so much better than a dream.” He sighed. “That sounds so lame.”

“It sounds perfect, you’re still so sweet.”

“That’s good. I need to give my roommate my car key, unless walking to my place sounds unappealing. I kind of need the air.”

“I love walking. Lets go find your roommate” They searched out his roommate and Uther took the opportunity to introduce Faye. He didn’t introduce her as his lover from a past life but he tried to give the best introduction possible. “do you plan to let him know later?” Faye asked as they walked away “Yeah, for now he knows enough though”

“are you two good friends?”

“Oh yeah”

Chapter Two

“I’m so happy for you. How about your parents, do they know?”

Luther shook his head. “I didn’t want to worry them and I might just keep it from them still. They shouldn’t have to think their son is crazy. I want to just be Nile to them.”

“You’re such a good son.”

“They’re good parents, they don’t deserve the stress.”

“I wonder what they’ll think of me.”

Uther smiled, his eyes resting on her and she felt butterflies brush her insides. “They’ll love you, you’re so perfect and my mother has wanted me to go out with someone. She was worried I’d get so caught up in school I’d be lonely.” He laughed. “My mother’s an incredible lady and my dad is just the most amazing person. He’s a war hero.”

“It’s cute the way you talk about them.”

He blushed. “I just really look up to them.”

“My sweet Uther, I love you so much.”

“I love you too…I’m so glad you’re real…that my dreams are real”

“I’m relieved you know who I am and aren’t married or somthing. I was going to let you be happy if you were with someone but my heart ached every time I thought about it.” He squeezed her hand “I know I’m being corny as hell but I don’t think our souls could ever forget eachother. We could die twenty more times and our souls would just want eachother.”

They talked non stop all the way back to his apartment. He gave her a tour of the place, wanted to be sure she’d feel at home there and not have to ask him where every little thing was. “I like it” she said and he said “we’re almost done. I’m going to show you all my art”

Uther was a bit embarrassed as he guided her into his room and asked her to wait on his bed. He went into his closet, half of which had been converted to hold all of his canvases and sketch books. He had a lot and he hoped the amount he had of her wouldn’t creep her out. He started with the paintings, some of them landscapes he had dreamed of.

“Oh wow, that’s the lake we used picnic at and we hiked up this mountain.” She said as she admired them. He pulled another out, this one of a grey cat. “That’s Spark.” She said happily. “You named him.”

“Why Spark?”

“Because he was always charged with static.” She said with a laugh. He then went for the paintings and drawings of her, both nervous and excited to show her how much she had truly consumed his thoughts.

She looked touched by all the pieces he had of her “wow Uther, these are amazing..I can’t believe I was on your mind this much. I was and am extremely lucky to have you”

“Thank you for looking for me”

“You gave up your life to protect mine and your only request was for me to find you in the next life…I never would have stopped searching you out.” He sat down next to her on his bed and took her hand “You are truly the most beautiful woman in existence” Faye kissed him. It started out sweet but slowly turned passionate. His hands were drawn to her body, the body he had painted and sculpted countless times.

He felt that small, sexy stomach then cupped those beautiful, plump breasts. Faye began taking his shirt off, letting him know she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Eager to be with her that was all the signal he needed. They quickly stripped and got lost in eachother. Faye was a little surprised just how much sex was the same. She knew in this life he was still a virgin but he had all his skill from his past life.

“I love you.” Uther’s husky voice gave her goosebumps and his lips feasted on hers as he filled her, his hands sweeping over her as he savored her quivering heat. “You look so beautiful.” He ran his fingers through her hair, loving how soft it was.

“Thank you for waiting for me.” Faye replied softly and the smile he gave her made her heart stutter.

“For as long as I can remember you’ve been all I ever wanted. I would have waited multiple lives for this chance.”

Faye teared up and he moved to her side, his arms pulling her close. “Sorry, I’m just happy I found you. I love you Uther, I love you so much and I felt alone without you.”

“I love you too Faye, so much”

“I’ll never let you die again” she teared up and he kissed her head “Don’t cry my love. If I die again you can just find me again okay?”

“No ifs, I mean it, I wont ever let you die again” He held her snugly against him. Faye held him back, burying her face into his chest. They spent most of the remainder of their day cuddling, only briefly coming out to eat dinner with his roommate. The next day Faye said “so we’re staying here right? I mean, I can still take you to where we are from occasionally but it might be nice to continue living out this life you were born into. Do you want that? Honestly it’s all up to you. You…” she sighed “I don’t know how to truly put into words what you mean to me, what your sacrifice meant to me. Very few women get men like you and you deserve to walk whatever path in life you want Uther”

He brought her fingers to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss against them. “The only path I need to walk, is the one that keeps me by your side.”


“I mean it.”

“Then I want to stay.”

“So we’ll stay.”

She giggled. “You’ve always been so easy, now you’ll have to decide what you want to be. There are so many ways to give you immortality, species of creatures and sub species. Of course then I’ll have to find someone trusted to change you so things don’t go wrong. I really do hope your friend takes everything well, he seems happy for us.”

“He’s a good guy, bit of a jock, but I’m sure once he wraps his mind around all of this he’ll be excited. He’s a pretty smart guy, unlike some of the meat heads.”

“well when you’re ready I’ll help you explain everything to him since I have all my memories. We’ll work on yours. Your soul knows so much it probably wont be hard to fully jog your memory” They talked excitedly about their past, their future and now. Faye felt so blessed to have found Uther again and no matter what it took they were going to have forever together this time.

~ The End

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