Fen & Saffron 2

Chapter One

Saffron woke earlier than normal, surprised that she was up to see the sun just peaking over the horizon through their bedroom window. Her boyfriend Fen was still sound asleep after a long day yesterday making sure everything with the villages mead business was going well. She carefully got out of bed, trying not to wake him. It wasn’t often she succeed but this morning she managed it and decided to get some fresh air. She walked out and saw one of her friends walking around with her new baby “you’re up early Saffron” she said with a bright smile and Saffron responded “the baby wouldn’t calm again?”

“No but at least coming outside always seems to do the trick. Your father write you again?”

“Not yet” Saffron walked out of their village so she could truly only smell the nature that surrounded them. She wouldn’t go far, she never did after how badly she had been hurt just before she met Fen. This was simply to get some air and peace before another day began. Somthing suddenly dropped from the sky which scared her at first but soon awed her. It was the most beautiful globe made out of different color crystal. She gasped a little, kneeling beside it to check it out “how peculiar” she whispered, unable to resist the urge to touch it. It had this pull that had her absolutely mesmerized.

When she picked it up she started to hear the most beautiful music and flashes of gorgeous landscapes filled her mind. It was a voice that pulled her out of her mind with a gasp “hey, don’t touch that” the voice was so small but so was the body it came from. “a pixie?”

“yes, please don’t touch that.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”

“my careless mistress is the one who let it fall from her satchel. What did you see?”

“So many beautiful things and I heard the prettiest music.” she giggled “I’m Aylara, what’s your name?”

“Saffron, why isn’t your mistress here to pick it up?” Saffron asked and Aylara sighed “she’s reckless and spoiled. I didn’t realize this is what fell so I’m going to need to get some help taking it back to her”

“I can wake my boyfriend and help”

“no, you wont be able to touch it without it consuming you. I’ll just need a few other pixies. I’ll be right back, will you sit with it so nobody takes it?”


“I’ll be right back”

Fen woke to the feeling of being alone and immediately reached for Saffron. His eyes snapped open when he realized she wasn’t there and he sat up, listening. She wasn’t even in the house. He let out a little sigh as he got up, stretching sore muscles. He didn’t like it when she wandered off without him. He sometimes worried she would wind up going to far and another group of wolves or worse would attack her. He got dressed, deciding to go look for her, but not to act like he was in a hurry. He didn’t want her to think he didn’t trust her alone. He waved at some of the villagers who were already out this morning, getting smiles in return. It amazed him how Saffron had managed to get these people to trust him. It wasn’t too long ago that he would have been seen as a threat, but now they treated him like one of their own. He had also found that with his presence, there were less predators. They knew that this village of rabbits was his territory.

Relief flowed through him when she came into view. He didn’t see the orb in front of her yet, just that she was kneeling in the grass and obviously looking at something on the ground. ‘Good morning Saffron” He said as he walked around and in front of her, now seeing what she was looking at. Her soft blue eyes looked up at him, those two beautiful pools of color sparkling as she smiled “good morning, I didn’t intend to stay out this long but this thing fell from the sky and I was asked to watch it. I hope you weren’t worried”

“I knew you wouldn’t be far. This thing didn’t hit your head or anything did it?” Her mouth moved like she almost laughed “No baby”

“what sort of creature asked you to watch it” he reached out to touch it as he asked so she grabbed his hand “No, she said not to touch it”

“Oh, why”

“said it would consume me or something like that. I saw such beautiful things when I held it though. I really want to hold it again but it isn’t mine so I’m trying to listen”

“Hm” he decided to ask again “so what asked you to watch it?”

“Oh, sorry, a little pixie, I don’t know what her master is though”

“Her master is coming?” Fen was far less trusting than Saffron. He was glad he was here since some stranger was coming for this weird object that apparently fell from the sky. “Yeah, I think, that or she’s bringing some other pixies”

“you normally have a better memory Saffron”


“well when you’re answering things you don’t sound entirely sure of your answer”

“I’m sorry, just keep thinking of that music and all those pretty sights”

Fen really didn’t like this, not a bit. It set his wolf growling and before he could stop himself he had moved her back and sat down between her and the shiny orb. He crossed his arms, glaring at it. “If you touch my Saffron, I will shatter you into a million pieces.”


“You are far too sweet and trusting my love, this thing is dangerous and that pixie just left you alone with it. It’s irresponsible to leave you here knowing what it could do to you.”

“I wasn’t going to touch it, it’s just…” her eyes moved back to the stone, getting lost for a moment in how the light glinted off of it.

“It’s just what?” He asked.

“Nothing, how come it doesn’t effect you?”

“My wolf won’t allow it.”

I really hadn’t touched it again though” He sighed “it doesn’t matter, I can tell it’s already had an effect on you. I just have to be sure you’re safe. Who knows what sort of being this pixies master is or if this even was an accident. I wont play chance with you so if anybody is going to guard it until the pixie returns it’s me. That master of hers better hope this was an accident” If this was some creature trying to do something to his beloved there would be serious hell to pay. Even if this was an accident he was going to give that pixie and whatever she served an earful for putting his mate in danger like this. Saffron took his hand to hold it this time “You’re adorable when you get protective”

“You’re everything to me Saffron. The greatest blessing I’ve ever received”

“I feel the same about you Fen”

“so did the Pixie say anything else my love?” He wanted to keep her talking to him and he wanted as much information as possible before anything came back for this.

“Just that her master was reckless and spoiled, careless. She just let that stone fall out of her bag.”

Fen huffed. “Unless it wasn’t an accident and she did it on purpose.”

“Why would she do that?”

“Pixies tend to be a bit mischievous, sometimes doing more harm than good with their little games. If she let that thing fall out on purpose, she’s not going to like what I have to say. Childishly toying with people’s lives is never okay, especially when it’s you.” He reached out and ran his finger over the surface.

“Fen, it’s supposed to be dangerous.”

“I don’t hear or see anything, but I can feel the magic, it’s powerful.”

Not a soul came back that day which only pissed off Fen more “what should we do?” Saffron asked so he scooped it up “we’ll take it home for the night but promise me, please promise me that if you even have the smallest desire to touch this again to wake me so I can keep you from doing it. I truly will break this damned thing if I have to. I might just do it tomorrow so it’s gone. If the owner cared about it she’d be back for it”

“what if you break it and something bad happens?”

“Then I’ll handle whatever happens. You haven’t promised me though’

“I promise” They took it back to their home where he put it in a box before sliding it under his side of the bed. “Lets take a bath, we sat in the hot sun all day waiting for those inconsiderate pricks”


“that pixie said she was coming back right? She even asked you to watch it.” he scoffed “just irritating, the whole damn situation” He ran them a hot bath then undressed with her, slipping into the water and managing to relax a little. “I love you Fen” Saffron said, trying to ease him a little “and I love you”

“I’m sure something just prevented her from coming back”

“Maybe, I’m sorry to be in such a foul mood over it”

“it’s not so bad, you’re still being as good to me as ever” he smiled, kissing her head “I love you too much to let my anger at the situation dictate how I am with you. No amount of frustration could alter my need to keep you safe and happy”

They sat there in the water for a bit longer, just enjoying the water and each other. They washed and rinsed then dried and Fen lifted her, carrying her to bed. He needed his mate, to let her know how truly loved and cherished she was. He held her close once they were under the covers, his lips pressing into hers as his hands slid over her. He kissed his way down to her shoulder where he gently bit her, making her let out a little moan. “Fen.” She whispered his name, sending excitement coursing through him. He rained kisses over her chest, his teeth biting down on the soft swell of her breast. Her fingers tangled in his hair, her breaths coming out in little gasps as he kissed his way lower. He nibbled at her hips, let his teeth nip at her thighs, teasing her until she was quivering. His mouth pressed against her, his tongue dipping into her heat so she cried out. “F…Fen, please.”

He kissed his way back up her, his lips finding hers as he slid slowly into her. He pulled back to watch her face, the expression of surprise and pleasure as he sank into her was a beautiful sight. “I love you.” He said as he took on a gentle pace, his fingers lacing with hers.

“Me too, I love you so much.”

They fell over the edge together, their mingled moans of pleasure filling the room. He pressed a kiss to her lips, smiling at how dazed she looked. She was so beautiful, it was hard not to get lost in her. He moved to her side, his arms wrapping around her as he pulled her close. “My sweet, Saffron. You’re so perfect.”

She cuddled closer, rubbing her cheek against his chest. “You’re no so bad yourself, my wolf.”

He chuckled as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head and they both settled down, falling asleep. It was the sound of music that woke Saffron, it was beautiful, soft. She sat up, looking around, trying to discern the direction of the music. It took her a moment to realize it was coming from under the bed. It called to her and she got up slowly, moving around to Fen’s side of the bed. Her fingers found the box and were opening it and before she could stop herself she was reaching for it. Her fingers slid across the cool, smooth surface and her heart leaped in her chest. “Fen.” She called out and he snapped awake as she lifted the stone. The magic latched onto her and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. The music drown out Fen’s voice, the beautiful images filled her vision, promising her anything she wanted.

Chapter Two

“Saffron! Saffron put it down!” this was the first time in their relationship he was yelling at her but he was terrified and he could see she wasn’t hearing him at all. He tried to pry it from her fingers, scared of hurting her but even more afraid of what this thing could do to her since he knew almost nothing about it. Internally he was angry at himself for falling asleep, he should have known this was too dangerous of an object to have in his house around the woman he loved. “Saffron please” it was like she now had more strength than normal because he felt he should be able to pry it away from her. He didn’t have the heart to pull harder and risk breaking her beautiful fingers. How could he live with himself if he broke a single bone in her body, even if the reason was to get her away from something like this.

“Saffron, sweetheart, let it go” now he was just pleading with her, hoping his words could somehow break through. He tried and tried for near a halfhour before scooping her up. He had caught the pixies scent and he was going to follow it. They would fix this, he’d make them one way or another. He had barely taken the time for clothes. She was simply in the nearest dress he could grab and he had just pulled his pants from the previous day back up, the basics so people wouldn’t get an eye full of their nude bodies and embarrass Saffron for life.

Saffron felt lost, her mind being pulled down deeper into the stone. She found herself standing in the middle of a valley, beautiful flowers bloomed around her in a bright rainbow of color. A river cut through the soft green grass, the crystal clear water moving gently. Music played softly around her, enticing her further. There were whispers on the wind, words telling her this was her home, this is where she belonged, all she had to do was give in and stay here. She would be happy here. “Saffron, hold on.” That voice, she knew that voice. It sounded worried, full of panic as it soothed her.

“Fen?” She said his name, but there was no answer. She knew it had been Fen. She looked around her, the soothing atmosphere of this place was trying to pull her back and she felt a sudden prickle of fear. Where was she? How had she gotten here? She didn’t understand. Where was Fen?

Fen angrily ran further and further away, just how far had this little pest gone and what had been the purpose of this? Hours passed and Saffron found herself succumbing to the stone, relaxing in the softest grass she had ever felt in her life as the beautiful music continued, changing ever so slightly as it played so she wasn’t listening to the same thing constantly. The scent led Fen to a cottage where he kicked in the door, soon met by an angry mage “what’re you doing here?!” she asked. “are you the one who owns this damned stone?!” he yelled back. Her attention was drawn to the girl in his arms “shit” her stance went from ready to attack to normal “I’m so sorry”

“fix this, fix this right fucking now”

“I don’t know if I can”

“You sure as hell better hope you can figure it out or your dead”

“How will I help if I’m dead?”

“If you’re not useful what does it matter. I’m not bluffing, help my mate or heads will roll” She was growing pissed but she did owe it to them to try. Her carelessness had possibly cost this woman her sanity forever. She had no clue this had fallen out of her bag and she knew even her father who never got angry at her would be pissed knowing she was doing tricks, not a care in the world if anything dropped from her possessions.

“Lay her down on my bed.” Fen did as he was told and she walked over, trying to take it from Saffron who had a death grip on it. “Damn.”

“Why didn’t you come back for it, she was told you were coming back for it!”

“I didn’t know I had dropped it.” She snapped back.

“What kind of person travels with something that dangerous? Did your servant even bother telling you?”

She shot him a glare then went and grabbed a book off of her shelf. “No, which servant?”

“A pixie, she said she would be coming back.” Fen brushed his fingers through Saffron’s hair. “Please come back to me.” He said, his voice sounding heartbroken. “Please, Saffron, I love you so please.”

“A pixie?” She thought about it for a moment then sighed. “Aylara, come here now!” She ordered.

Aylara flew into the room, acting innocent “yessss”

“did you know this fell from my bag?” The pixie noticed Fens death glare so decided to tell the truth since she wasn’t sure if her master would protect her right now “well I’m not the one who was doing flips with stuff like this in my bag”

“That doesnt matter, you should have told me”

“Hey, I told her not to touch it”

“You know this things draw”

“You know my nature, I couldn’t help myself but let it play out”

“I’ll deal with you later you little brat”

“I’m not the one your father will be mad at when you inevitably need to call him” she said in a singsong voice as she flew away. She yelled back “like you aren’t on your way to tell him right now! I hate you!” The pixie just laughed on her way out “good, I’m glad she’s getting your father” Fen said angrily “Hey, don’t be such an ass”

“This is my mate, my everything, you’ve put her in harms way. Pardon me if I don’t give a crap about your feelings right now” She sighed in frustration and began trying what she knew to help Saffron. She hadn’t made any progress by the time her father came “daddy I” she started and he just put up a dismissive hand “not right now. Do you realize how dangerous this thing is?”

“Yes, but Aylara knew and…”

Her father snapped his fingers and the pixie suddenly appeared, looking confused. “You knew?”

“Sir, I…”

He pointed a finger at her, her wings vanishing and he caught her as she started to fall. “You will not be allowed to fly or use your magic until you can learn when enough is enough.” He sat the pixie on top of the kitchen table then turned back to his daughter. “You are also grounded from using any sort of magic until you learn responsibility. Do not argue and force me to bind you.”

“Yes sir.” She said, looking down in anger and shame.

He turned to Fen, his eyes and voice softening. “I am truly sorry that this has happened to you and your mate. The stone draws weaker beings in, using that persons trust against them. Your little rabbit is being lulled deeper and and deeper into a false sense of security.”

“What is doing to her?” Fen asked.

“Feeding off of her. My daughter was supposed to bringing it to me after a friend asked me to study it. It should have never fallen into your hands. I’m surprised you yourself were not caught up in its spell.”

“My wolf is very strong.”

“I see.” He looked down at Saffron. “The only way to get her out, is to send you in. In order to do that, your wolf is going to have to allow me to do that. Do you think it would allow that?”

“She’s my mate so of course.”

“good, once again I am sorry. I have too big of a soft spot for my daughter. I know she is spoiled but this event has taught me I need to be harder on her. I’ll see to it she doesn’t cause anything like this again” he said mostly to his daughter. “Just tell me how to get in there”

“How she did but allow it to take you, just enough for you to get in and find your mate” Fen grabbed the stone. He relaxed, asking his wolf to let it happen. It instantly obeyed, wanting her back every bit as much as he did since they were one in the same. In moments he was in there, seeing how a place like this could draw his sweet Saffron “Saffron!” he yelled as he began tracking her scent. It was much harder in here but he could do it. He didn’t want her in here a second longer.

He ignored how almost plush the grass felt, ignored the lullaby in the air and the call of basically everything. He stayed concentrated, drowning it all out. He had a mission, the most important one of his life. He found Saffron sleeping and shook her “sweetheart” her eyes opened “Fen?’ she sounded so sleepy. “we have to go, you can’t stay here. This isn’t real”

“Fen, it’s so beautiful here, it’s so nice.” She started to go back go back to sleep so he made her set up and then stand.

“Saffron, look at me right now, focus on me baby.”

Her eyes looked up into his. “Fen?” She looked confused as she looked around. “Where am I?”

“Do you remember the stone baby?” She nodded slowly. “It trapped your mind in here and it’s draining you. We have to get out of here. Can you focus on me so we can get out?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have touched it, I’m sorry.”

“Shh, it’s okay baby, it’s not your fault.” He gently stroked her cheek.

“But, I’m so tired, everything is so foggy.”

He hugged her tightly, tapping into his wolf. The animals energy flowed out of him, appearing as a giant wolf curling protectively around them. The wild energy blocked out the calming effect the stone caused and helped Saffron focus. “Let’s get out of here baby, let’s go home.” Saffron clung to him, feeling the weakness in her starting to subside.

Soon they were both out, Fen almost crying with relief that he hadn’t lost her “wow, you’re an impressive man Fen. That only took you a little under an hour”

“I was in there that long?”

“Time feels different, even if you’re in there willingly”

“Is she going to be fine now?”

“Yes but she wont be herself for awhile, don’t get discouraged if she seems a bit off. I’ll have the pixie show me your village in a weeks time to be sure she’s alright” Fen nodded, holding Saffron tightly in his arms “I’ll be going then. I want to get her far away from that thing”

“I understand” Fen hurried out and Saffron just snuggled up to him, feeling embarrassed that thing has sucked her in. She would have been gone forever if she wasn’t mates with Fen. Fen couldn’t get her in their home fast enough, laying her down on the bed and removing what clothes he had managed to get on her. He had ruined the dress earlier, ripping it and tieing the ends together since she wouldn’t remove her hands but he knew she’d forgive him.

“I’m okay, Fen.” She said drowsily as his hands moved over her, his eyes searching.

“I have to be sure. I could have lost you, Saffron.”

“Fen, hey.” She grabbed his face in her hands, pulling him down to kiss him. She felt his lip tremble against hers and he crushed her to him, his entire body shaking. She was exhausted, her body wanting her to sleep, her head hazy, but she needed him to know she’s was okay. “It’s okay, I’m okay.”

“Saffron, I can’t lose you, it would kill me. You’re my mate, mine, and if anyone or anything took you from me I would go mad.”

“I know, I know.” His lips were back on hers, his fingers tangling in her hair, his other arm going around her waist. She wrapped herself around him, arms and legs pulling him close. “Love you.” She said softly. “My wolf, I love you.”

“I love you too Saffron, so much” He whispered, a single tear sliding down as he crushed her in his arms again. They were wrapped in one another the rest of the night, Saffron fading away while Fen struggled to rest for another hour. Fen was extra protective the following days until that witches father came to check on Saffron and confirmed she was absolutely fine. Saffron was truly his world and if he had lost her to that thing he would have probably let it have him too.

~ The End

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