Fen & Saffron

Chapter One

Saffron ran as fast as she could, her heart beating fearfully in her chest as she listened to the wolves pursuing her. “Here little bunny, don’t be afraid.” One of them growled out and she let out a whimper. Why did she choose to go on her walk alone today? She always went with her brother, there was safety in pairs, but he had been busy and she had become restless. She looked behind her and that’s when the world fell out from under her and she was tumbling and sliding. When she hit bottom, she just laid there, her entire body hurting. She didn’t know how she had survived, she could see the drop off from where she lay and the wolves at the top pacing back and forth. She slowly sat up, pain radiating through her. She had cuts and scrapes all over her. She had to get out of sight before another predator came for her. She managed to get up and limp away, not daring to stop in case the wolves had decided to come down after her. She started crying when rain clouds moved over her and it only got worse when drops of rain fell on her. She was soaked by the time she found a cave and she sat down, pulling her knees up to her chest and shivering. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Excuse me, miss?” Saffron hadn’t remembered falling asleep, but the unfamiliar voice startled her awake and she quickly scrambled away. “Whoa, easy.”

“What do you want?” She asked. It was too dark to see him clearly, all she could make out was his silhouette.

“It’s okay, you’re injured right. Let me help you.”

“Just leave me alone.”

“It’s okay, I promise.” He gently lifted her and she just froze in his arms, afraid if she did anything something bad would happen to her. He sat her down in the grass and she took a moment to study him in the moonlight. He was tall and had a concerned look on his face. His hair was hidden by a cloth wrapped around his head. “Wow, you look like you took a real beating.”

“I fell, my arm hurts the worst.”

He gently touched her, slowly rotating her arm and probing it. “It doesn’t feel dislocated or broken, but we’ll put it in a sling just in case.” He reached up and removed his head wrap and she nearly screamed when she saw the pair of ears sticking out of his hair.

“Wo…wolf…you’re a wolf.”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, I’m not here to eat you.” He reached for her arm and she slapped him away with her other hand.

“No, go away.”

“If I do that then others will come and might eat you or worse so let me help.” He reached for her again and this time she didn’t move, too afraid. What if he pounced on her for trying to fight him? He made his head wrap into a sling then lifted her.

“Where are you taking me?”

“My home.”

“Y..your h home?”

“I know you’re wounded and have obviously been through quite a bit today but I am only trying to help you, truly I am.” he felt her slightly shake in fear as she fell silent again. He simply continued walking, knowing she needed time. He couldn’t talk her into trusting him, she was obviously too terrified for that. He would just have to keep showing her that he meant her no harm. “May I know your name little rabbit?”


“I am Fen” the gentle sway as he walked lulled her back to sleep before she realized it and this time he wouldn’t wake her up, she clearly needed the rest. Once at his home he laid her in his bed then went to the living room to sleep on the couch. He slept lightly, not wanting her to try and sneak out. She was too weak to protect herself and he knew she wouldn’t consider that. He was a wolf and nobody trusted a wolf.

Saffron woke to the smell of wolf. It was all around her, permeating the air and the blankets covering her. She tried setting up and let out a little whimper as pain shot through her. She remembered her fall and the wolf who had rescued her. Putting the words wolf and rescue together were strange to her and she couldn’t help but think maybe he had taken her for other reasons. Maybe he would kill and eat her, maybe he would do worse. She had heard many stories about wolves destroying whole villages just for the fun of it. She knew she was helpless, she could barely even move. She knew she had no choice but to hope this wolf would let her go. “He…hello?” She called out, her voice betraying her fear.

Fen jerked up as soon as her voice hit his ears. He could sense how terrified she was as he made his way to his room. She was sitting half way up, her entire body shaking, her eyes wide with fear when they rested on him. “You’re awake, that’s good.” He moved slowly as he drew closer, only stopping when she let out a whimper. “Hey, it’s okay, I just want to take a look at your wounds? Could I do that?” She shook her head. “Okay, but what if something’s broken that I didn’t notice before? I promise, just a once over and then I’ll run a bath for you. Sound good? It’ll help with the pain.”

He didn’t rush her answer, knowing the silence that hung in the air was her considering his offer. If he came off as pushy that would only scare her further. “I..I guess. Um…”

“um?” she shook her head and he asked “so I can approach you and make sure you’re okay?” she nodded and he slowly moved closer to her. “good, you are no worse off than I thought you were. I shall run you a bath” Millions of horrible possibilities began flying through Saffrons mind. Was he trying to get her naked? Was he going to put something in the water? Would he ever let her leave? Was he merely making her think she had options and if his questions weren’t really questions what might happen if she told him no too many times. Her mind was still working over time when he returned to the room. “I dont have anything that will really fit you sadly but as I said, the heat should provide you comfort”

“I…I can’t really get up.”

“I’ll help you.” He slowly pulled back the covers and reached out for her. She reflexively flinched away and he stopped, waiting. He started moving again when some of the tension eased from her body and lifted her. Her constant shaking was heartbreaking. He hated what his fellow wolves had put her through. “Okay, here we go.” He said softly as he carried her out of his room and to the bathroom. “Are you going to need my help with your clothes or do you have them?” A look of horror passed over her face and he could only imagine what she must be thinking. “I tell you what, I’ll help you without looking and once your safely in the tub I’ll leave.”

“R…really? You won’t l…look?”

“Not even a peek, I promise. I’ll make you something to eat while you bathe, sound good? You like vegetables right? I could make you some soup.”

“B…but…you eat meat.”

“And vegetables, I really like potatoes and all of my meat comes from cows or chickens, not rabbits, I promise.”

She nodded, her terrified mind clearing just a little bit. He could have already done so much to her and she truly was too weak and heavily wounded to leave. All this wolf was seeming to do was try and help her so she let him help her undress and help her into the tub without fighting. Once she was settled in and he was out of the room she paid close attention to the water, smelled it, moved her fingers through it and came to the conclusion it seemed as normal as any other water she had used in her life, he truly hadn’t done anything to it.

She still wasn’t willing to trust him but she was slightly less afraid than she had been when he first woke her up. Now that she wasn’t being quite so paranoid about her host she allowed her tense muscles to relax and let the heat of the bath do it’s work. When she first let go the pain seemed to triple but that of course was the way it always worked, the second you started to relax when your muscles ached the pain worsened. Once that passed the water started to feel incredibly good.

Fen kept himself completely alert as he cooked for Saffron, wanting to hear her if she needed his help. A part of him hoped she saw he was no danger to her, but he could still sense her fear. He wished he could comfort her, hating how hard her heart seemed to work when he was near her. When he had the soup boiling, he covered it and decided to check on her. He didn’t want her slipping and falling when she was sore and could barely move. Her heartbeat spiked when he tapped on the door. “Sorry, I’m just checking on you. Do you need anything?”

“Um…I think I’m ready to get out.” She replied nervously.

“Do you need my help?”


Fen slowly opened the door and grabbed a towel, making sure to keep his eyes slightly averted. He waited for her to pull the plug then offered his hands to help her up. He could feel her shaking as he pulled her to her feet and quickly wrapped the towel around her so she wouldn’t feel so exposed. He looked at her and she ducked her head, clutching the towel to her. “I’m going to lift you out okay and take you to my room. I have some shirts you can wear like a nightgown if that’s okay. I’ll have to make a run into one of the villages to get you clothes.”

“O okay” He continued to do things slowly to scare her as little as possible. After he sat her on his bed he quickly retrieved a shirt she could wear “I’m going to serve your soup. I’ll be back to help you into the kitchen. You need to rest your body as much as you can.”

“when are you going to a village?”

“after you eat and are tucked back into bed” she sighed “thank you…I can’t find it in me just yet to trust you but if you really are just helping me as it seems you deserve a thank you…I know…I know anything could have happened to me out there and I’ll feel like a really horrible person when I’m better if I’m not a little grateful for what you’re doing”

“I understand” He could see that took a lot for her to say and it meant a great deal to him. Fen left her to serve them both some soup then returned, carrying her to the table as he said he would. He never had a huge appetite when he first woke but he ate some as soon as it was cool enough to show her he hadn’t done anything to it.

Chapter Two

Once her bowl was empty and Fen had cleared their dishes away, he slowly lifted her and took her to his room. He couldn’t help but notice how nice her legs were as he sat her down and he silently reprimanded himself. The last thing she needed was to be ogled by him, especially when he was a wolf. He pulled the blanket up then grabbed a clean scarf out of his drawer and wrapped it around his head. “I’ll try to hurry so you won’t be alone, please make yourself at home.”

“Can anyone get in?”

“I’ll lock up and my scent is so strong around here it should be hard for others to smell your scent.”

“You don’t have a pack or anything that might come by?”

“No, even if someone comes looking for me just ignore the door because nobody should so I can’t vouch for anybody who might try.”

“alright” Fen left her, locking up as he said he would and hurried off to a nearby village. He was truly worried about her well being and didn’t want to leave her alone any longer than he had to. Saffron knew she should stay in bed and truly ached from head to toe but she wanted to look around. If she was going to be here with him for awhile she would feel better if she knew the small house. She thought his home was beautiful and noticed great care had been taken in building it. She wondered if he had made this himself and why he was apparently alone.

She had only seen wolves in packs until now so it was odd to her that one lived by himself like this. In any case she started really looking around his kitchen and was impressed at the large spice collection he had “He must cook quite well..I did like his soup” she often spoke out loud to herself when she was alone.

“Fen, what brings you into town today?” The store clerk said when he walked through the door. “You already bought supplies didn’t you?”

“There was an emergency, I need women’s clothes for someone.”

“An emergency? Is everything alright?”

“Yes, at least for now.”

“Do you know her size?”

“She’s small, about a foot shorter than me and petite. She was alone and her clothes were ruined. I think a about a weeks worth should be good.”

“Does she have a preference in color?”

Fen thought about what she had been wearing when he found her. “Pink and blue.”

Desean woke to a loud banging on his bedroom door. He answered to see his father looking incredibly worried “your sister is still nowhere to be seen. She wouldn’t stay out all night without telling us what she was doing. She knows how badly we’d be scared. Something must have happened and she can’t get back home” Desean didn’t even bother putting himself together. He rushed to put on his shoes and he left with his father to look for her.

“I don’t even understand why she left without me” Desean said to his father as they set out. “Hopefully she’s okay and we can ask her when we see her” Desean didn’t know what to say to that. His father was right, she wouldn’t have made them worry like this on purpose. Something had happened to her, the only question was how bad was whatever happened to keep her from coming home. They may never have an answer and it caused his heart to already feel mangled in his chest.

It startled Saffron when the locks on Fen’s front door started turning and she nearly ran and hid in his room. She felt a little relieved when he was the one who pushed the door open and smiled warmly at her as he carried a couple of bags in and sat them on the couch. “Shouldn’t you be resting little rabbit?”

“Uh…I…I was just getting acquainted. I can go back.”

“It’s alright, I’m actually glad you’re up.” He pulled the scarf off his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “I got you some things, I hope you like them.” He opened one of the bags and pulled out a pastel pink dress. “Pink seemed like your color.”

“It’s pretty.”

“Really? That’s good. There’s a lot more, but you don’t have to worry about that right now. How are you feeling?”


“Let me check your injuries then you can change if you want to.”

“O…okay.” He was so gentle as he examined her bruises and scrapes, his fingers cool against her skin as he made sure everything was healing properly. She actually felt herself start to blush as she watched his face, trying to catch any emotion she might display. Now that she was actually taking the time to look at him, she found he was incredibly handsome.

“Looks like everything’s healing nicely.”

“So how long will I be here?”

“Maybe a week, maybe less. Just try and take it easy.”

“Um, my brother and father will be worried.”

He reached up and gently patted her head. “You’ll see them again, I promise so don’t worry.”

“Okay, th…thank you.”

Fen showed her the rest of the clothing he bought then helped her take it back to the room so she could change into what she wanted. He hoped she might come back out and show him what she looked like in them but if she decided to just lay down and rest that’s what she needed anyway. He perked up in excitement when he heard his bedroom door opening again. She looked beautiful but he wished she didn’t seem so nervous. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, you guessed my size pretty well and the material feels good against my skin. These seems to actually be better quality than the clothes I was wearing before”

“I’ll have to introduce you to who I buy clothes from so you can buy what you want from there in the future. He’s a good man and an honest businessmen. You can be assured when you buy anything from him it’s good quality”

Thank you, I mean it. I’m sorry if I’ve been jumpy, I…”

“Stop that, no apologizing. I don’t blame you. I’m just glad you’re feeling better.”

She looked at her feet and he chuckled. “You know, you’re awful cute.”

Her head snapped up. “Wh…what?”

“I mean it, you’re probably the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen.”

“Have you seen many?”

“Only in passing. I tend to keep my eyes off of them, don’t want them thinking I want to eat them. They get pretty scared when I walk by.”


“For what?”

“I…I’m still not completely sure, but I…I shouldn’t have judged you and neither should anyone else. You’ve been so kind and I’ve been scared and wanting to run even though you haven’t done anything.”

“I promise you’re safe with me. If you want me to sit across the room to feel comfortable, just say the word and I will.”

“I can tell, you’re a good wolf. Thank you so much for all this.” he could tell she was in pain “you need to lay back down so your body can better heal. If it’s okay with you I’ll sit in there and we can talk. I’d like to get to know you and let you get to know me. If you knew me better it might make it easier for you to be comfortable with me”


“you’re really fine with that?” a handsome, obviously kind man wanting to sit and talk with her? She was more than fine with that. They returned to his room where she got comfortable under his covers and he sat on top of them. He decided to get the conversation going, hoping it would just naturally get momentum. “so your family, what are they like?”

“I live with my brother and my father. I’m pretty close to both of them. My brother would have normally gone on a walk with me but I was restless and impatient. They both are incredibly loving people” He was curious why no mother but in case it was a touchy subject he diverted from it for now “I’m a loner which is why I live alone like this but I have a good family. I don’t see them much but my family is just sort of like that. We love each other but we don’t feel the need to see each other often”

“I couldn’t imagine not seeing my father and brother much. I’d miss them”

“What do they do?”

“They make mead.”

He chuckled. “I expected vegetable farmer.”

She cracked a smile and the way her face lit up had his heart tripping over itself. “That’s what everyone says. It was my mom’s idea and everyone in the village thought it would be a waste of time, but it actually got more traders coming through.”

“Your mother sounds like an amazing person.”

“She is.”

“Is she not around?”

“She left when I was fourteen. She didn’t like how everyone’s terror kept them cooped up in the village. She and my father had a pretty big argument the day before she left. She wanted to see the world, she wanted something new, but he didn’t. He still loves her, but he didn’t chase her.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I really wish I was more like her. She wasn’t afraid of anything, but I’m such a coward.”

“Hey, that’s not true.” He reached over and gently stroked her cheek. “Look at how brave you are, letting a wolf this close, I bet she’d be proud.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“Do you think my dad will come for me?”

“I do because losing both of his girls would be too much and maybe one day he’ll get up the courage to go after your mother too.”

“I hope so.”

“Just know that even if he isn’t brave enough to come for you I will make sure you get home safely once you’re better.”

“Thank you, I honestly don’t know what he’ll do. My brother is more likely to come for me but I still don’t know for sure if they will since they don’t know at all where I am”

“Do you ever think about looking for your mom?”

“Oh yeah but I wouldn’t want to go alone so thats whats been stopping me”

“Maybe, if you ever trust me enough to do so we could look for her together. You don’t have to wait for your father and if he never decides to try and find her I think you’ll regret never going yourself”

“Maybe, I’ll keep that in mind, okay?”


“Have you ever had a mate Fen?”

“Nothing that serious. I’ve been in a relationship before though”

“I’ve never had one.”

“Not even a date?” Saffron shook her head. “That’s surprising, you’re so beautiful, are the men in your village timid?”

“I don’t know, maybe I’m just bad at picking up on signals. I spend most of my time with my father and brother.”

“I have to say someone like you deserves only the best mate, so if no one has asked that means they are not the one.”

“You’re actually really sweet. It’s strange finding a wolf like you.” She yawned and he gave her an almost amused smile. “What?”

“You should sleep, you need it.”

“I can stay awake.” She yawned again. “I’m a bunny after all, we tend to have a lot of energy.”

“You’re not convincing at all, Saffron, sleep for a bit, you’ve been through a lot. I’ll be on the couch so if you need me just yell and I’ll come running. Even if it’s just because you’re scared or lonely, I’ll be here in an instant.”

Chapter Three

“Thank you so much Fen”

“I’m happy to help you Saffron and I’m actually enjoying your company to be honest. You should take that as a high compliment, I don’t enjoy many others company” Her smile made him smile and he left her. Fen was incredibly happy she wanted to talk to him like that and he found himself hoping she would come see him or allow him to go see her once she was better. He was growing incredibly fond of this little rabbit and he knew he’d miss her if he never saw her again. Desean and their father searched until the sun began to fall “we need to go back son”

“we haven’t found her”

“she might be home”


“what? She might be”

“Go home dad, I’ll look for her”

“I can’t lose you as well….then I wont have anybody”

“Dad, I’m finding my sister and you’re going to hate yourself if you go home and she ends up dead or at least I hope you do. I love you dad but when you love other people they should come before anything. You just let mom go, didn’t even follow her so much as out the door and now you just want to say well the suns setting, guess shes gone with Saffron. No, I’m looking for her and you need to look with me. If not, sure, maybe she’s at the house, go wait on her and cower”

“What do you think I’m doing out here at all? I never leave the house but I had to look for her this morning. I’m trying to be brave and find her instead of just thinking about myself and hiding. It’s just….”

“dad, we’re wasting time talking about this”

“I’ll..I’ll keep looking with you”

“good, if she goes home the village will take care of her and probably send someone after us” His father nodded and they continued on.

When Desean finally caught a whiff of her scent, he switch directions, honing in on it as he ran. It wasn’t strong, but she had definitely gone in that direction. The cliff took him by surprise and if his father had not grabbed onto him and pulled him back, he would have fallen. “Are you okay?” His father asked.

“Yeah, that’s a long way down, but…”

“I can smell it too, she fell.”

“We have to go down.”

“I know, just be careful.”

Saffron jerked awake, a small whimper passing her lips as the nightmare faded away. She was being chased again, the wolves right on her heels. She could feel their breath and the brush of their fingers as they reached for her. “F…Fen?” She called, her voice shaking. She knew it was strange to call a wolf to comfort her over her fear of wolves, but Fen was just so different. “Fen?” She yelled again and that’s when she heard him get up and the sound of his footsteps on the wood floor. He pushed the door open, giving her a warm smile as he crossed the room.

“Sorry, I wasn’t sure if I actually heard you or if it was just wishful thinking.”

“Wishful thinking?”

“I’m enjoying my time with you.” He yawned. “Everything alright?”

“I…I had a nightmare, could you maybe stay in here, please?”

“Are you sure?” She nodded, her cheeks burning with her blush. “Alright, where do you want me? I can sleep on the floor or shift and curl up at your feet.”

“Um, could you maybe hold me?”

His wolf perked up and he couldn’t help but feel happiness at the prospect of having her in his arms. “Of course, anything you want.”

He approached the bed and asked “How would you like me to hold you?”

“Could I lay my head on your chest?” Fen happily got into bed with her and relished the feelings it caused in him when he was holding her. “Thank you Fen” He sighed happily “anything I can do to make you feel better Saffron” She had never been held like this before and wondered if it just felt like this with him or if it felt this incredible in general to cuddle with someone like this. The comfort she felt in his arms had her sleeping soundly again in minutes. Fen on the other hand couldn’t sleep. He perhaps could have but he didn’t want to.

She was letting him hold her and this felt far too good not to cherish. She was making the thought of her leaving harder and harder. As he laid there that night he realized he was falling in love with Saffron and he wondered if maybe she was unknowingly falling in love with him aswell. He had felt how warm she was against his chest and saw the subtle signs of attraction earlier that day.

“This is Saffron’s blood, father, there’s no doubt about it.” Desean said as he studied the drops that had been caught on rocks and grass.

“I smell wolves. You don’t think she was…”

“Don’t say it, we have to think of her as alive. The scent of wolves was at the top as well, but the wolf that was down here was not with them.”

“Smells male.”

“He must have found her and taken her, but why?”

“You know wolves, Desean, you know how they are, what they want.”

Desean felt his heart drop. He hoped his sister had not suffered too much. He would never forgive himself if she had been hurt by her captor. He told himself he should have dropped what he was doing to go with her. She loved her walks, it was something she looked forward to every day, but he had let himself be too busy and she had wandered off by herself. “Come on, we have to find her. She must be frightened.”

The sun was near rising by the time they found Fens home and pounded on the door. The loud sound of them bellowing her name startled Saffron awake. “does that sound like your family?” Fen asked her and she said “yes, that’s my father and brother” she felt incredibly touched they had actually went looking for her, especially her father. “I should answer, I don’t know how they’ll react to you Fen” the knocking was getting louder, making her wonder if they’d break down the door if they took too much longer to answer. Fen let her answer but stayed close behind “Saffron!” her brother pulled her out of the home and into his arms the second Saffron opened the door “I’m okay thanks to this wolf”

“Thanks to this wolf?” Desean looked up into Fens eyes. His stare was intense and untrusting “what do you mean?” her father asked. She explained all the happened to her on her walk and how Fen had been helping her recover. It was just then they noticed she was wearing different clothes than they remembered her wearing the day she left. “and he truly hasn’t done anything bad to you?” Desean now looked at her again as he asked “he’s done nothing but take care of me”

“Unlike those who chased her, I don’t have a habit of hurting defenseless women. You can think of my home as neutral ground, violence against any species will not be tolerated.” Fen explained. “If those wolves had come here for her, they would have left with their tales between their legs and maybe missing a few teeth. They were lucky they didn’t follow her off that cliff.”

Saffron blushed. “Fen.”

“You’re far too sweet to be treated so roughly.”

She felt her heart quicken. “Th…thank you.” She looked back at her father and brother. “Please be nice, he’s been so kind. He wouldn’t hurt anyone without reason.”

“Please come in a relax for a bit, I have food if you’re hungry.” Fen suggested.

“He makes a really good vegetable soup.” She took both her brother and father’s hands and pulled them inside. “Did you two even rest?”

“We couldn’t, we wanted you back.” Desean replied.

“We were terrified.” Her father added.

“Fen, would you get the bowls for me please?” She asked and he went into the kitchen and pulled down a couple of bowls for her family. The two men were amazed at how he so easily obeyed, not expecting that from a wolf. “Thank you.”

“Would you like anything to eat? I can run to the village if you need me too.”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“I’ll make some tea then.”

She could tell her father and brother were struggling with what to think but she was glad she had them sitting in here peacefully. They sipped at the stew they were soon given, eventually deciding to ask her “so are you ready to come home?”

“I hurt myself really badly during the fall. It hurts to even exist but Fen says I’m welcome to rest here as long as I want”

“I could carry you home Saffron” her brother offered. She blushed as she responded “I..I want to stay with him. I want to get to know Fen”

“are you talking about staying until you feel better or a longer arrangement?” her father asked, pain gripping his heart. Saffron was an adult weather he liked it or not so she didn’t have to go home. Fen walked in with the tea “she is welcome as long as she likes, even when she’s better”

“Then…as long as he continues to welcome my presence here I want to stay” Her father nodded, seeming sad. She knew how badly he just wanted everyone to stay in that village forever with him but she had longed for more and now finally had it. She now understood her mother leaving more than ever. She didn’t think anybody was really made to never leave where they were born.

“Hey dad, have you ever considered maybe taking Desean and finding mom?” She asked.

Her father looked at his cup, a hint of shame on his face. “I have, but…”

“But what?”

“It’s been so long, she may not even love me anymore. Letting her walk away was such a betrayal. How could she ever love a coward like me?”

Saffron huffed. “You know how stupid you sound sometimes?” Her father raised his head in disbelief. Saffron had never called him stupid, she never even cursed.

“What do you mean?”

“Mom is out there waiting and all you can do is say she won’t love you anymore. You could ask for forgiveness if you find her. I know she’s waiting, she has to be.”

“What about the mead, it’s how we make a living?”

“I’ll do it, I’ve helped both of you enough to know how to do it. Fen, you’ll help me won’t you? I mean if you don’t mind staying with me in the village for a bit.”

“Do you think they would want me there? I know how rabbits can be.” Fen replied.

“Once they see how gentle you are with me, they’ll accept you, I know they will. So will you?”

“If they wish to go then yes, I will.”

She turned back to her father. “See? So won’t you consider it?”

He had no excuses to hide behind anymore now and his daughter looked so determined. Jerold knew he had to stop being such a pansy and look for his wife. He had never moved on or stopped thinking about her and he knew he never would stop thinking about her. Despite what it may look like since he wouldn’t travel with her he did love her and he hoped maybe she could find it in herself to forgive him if she hadn’t moved on to someone braver than he was. It had been many years since she walked out so it wouldn’t be an unreasonable thought that she had moved on but he knew he had to try “I guess we’ll go look for your mother then”

“I know she’ll forgive you. She loved you so much, I think it’s the only thing that kept her in that village as long as she stayed”

“I’m honestly more afraid of her not loving me anymore than I am of traveling at this point”

“even if she wont come back you’ll have tried and trying is really going to help you grow as a person dad….please write me when you can so I know you’re alive”

“we will” her brother chimed in, happy his sister had convinced their dad to find their mom. Desean wondered if Saffron knew just how much like their mother she was, strong, beautiful and courageous. She was a bunny who had somehow managed to befriend a wolf and Desean had never respected his sister more than he did right now.

“Are you sure you won’t be coming home with us tonight?” Jerold asked before they left for the evening.

“I am, but don’t worry, I’ll come and see you soon, I promise.”

Jerold hugged her. “Stay safe baby.”

“I will.”

He then turned his attention to Fen. “We rabbits don’t tend to be fighters, but if anything happens to my little girl, I will come for you. Even if you kill me, you can bet I won’t leave you unscathed.”

“I swear she will be safe, nothing could take her from me.”

Saffron blushed and her heart danced happily in her chest. “Good, don’t let that change.” He looked down at Saffron. “Love you sweetie.”

“Love you too daddy.”

Desean took his turn hugging her then both he and Jerold shook Fen’s hand, thanking him once again for watching over her then left. They couldn’t help but glance back and she waved to them, smiling so they knew she was alright before closing the door. “They really love you.” Fen said.

“I know, sorry my dad threatened you.”

“I’m not worried, he’s your father and wants to protect you. I would gladly let him have me if any harm came to you.”

“You truly don’t mind going to my village to help me make Mead when I’m better?”

“I really hope I’m not making a fool of myself by reading signals wrong but I am falling in love with you. As long as I get to be around you and get the honor of getting to know you better I’ll go anywhere. I’m brave enough to admit this so soon because it seems you are falling for me too” Her heart was racing “I…I am…you’re incredibly handsome and sweet” he moved a little closer “I think our feelings will become more clear to one another if we could kiss. May I kiss you Saffron?” she swallowed “ye yes” Fen moved in to kiss her, a moan almost escaping his lips when they connected.

Those fabled fire works were going off for him and he hoped with all his heart she was feeling the same thing. “I love you Saffron” he whispered when their lips parted and she responded “I love you too” he lifted her up and laid her back down in his bedroom “you still need rest”

“How can I rest now?”

“:easily” he said as he pulled her into his arms “I’ll be right here” she was heating up again with an intense blush and he smiled, his wolf wagging it’s tail.

She pushed her face into the blankets and he chuckled, the sound making her heart beat even faster. “You’re making this incredibly hard. Such a wolf.”

“Was that a compliment? Should I be more wolfish then?”

“You’re evil.”

“I could be more evil my sweet little bunny, but I’m trying to be good for you.” He tilted her head back, wanting to see her beautiful eyes. It felt like he was falling into their beautiful blue depths. “You need rest and to heal completely before we go any further.”

“Okay.” She said softly, not knowing how much her heart could take. He pressed a kiss to her forehead then pulled the covers up and ran his fingers lightly up and down her arm, lulling her to sleep. He smiled when she relaxed completely into him and her heart and breathing slowed. She was truly the most amazing creature he had ever laid eyes on and no matter what she said, the bravest. She touched parts of him he had never thought to share with another person.

He continued to care for her in his home until she was better then he packed up what he needed from his home and traveled with Saffron back to her village. It was time for her to take over making the mead so her father and brother could start their journey to find her mother. “I’m so proud of you dad” Saffron said as they stood in front of her childhood home. “You shouldn’t be, I really should have followed her”

“well thats in the past, you’re going now and thats what matters. I love you and I’m going to be mad if you and Desean forget to write me”

“we wont forget, we swear” they assured her before they all exchanged final hugs. Jerold had already told the people of the village Saffron would be living with a wolf and had been telling them how wonderful he was so the adjustment wouldn’t be so hard when they actually moved in. Saffron wasn’t concerned regardless though. She knew they’d come to love Fen every bit as much as she did. He had a good heart and was already turning out to be an incredibly good mate.

~ The End

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