Fino & Allon 2

Chapter One

Fino waited impatiently in the park, his senses open, his eyes watching pedestrians as they moved about. “Damn, someone feels pissed. Your frigid aura is keeping everyone away.” The voice came from behind him and he didn’t move as the other man hopped over the back of the bench and sat down next to him.

“You’re late.” Fino said, his eyes shifting too his contact.

“You do realize you’re not the only one who works right?”

“Just give me the info Nebi.”

“Alright, calm down.” He reached into his pocket and held out an envelope. “Something’s got your tail all twisted in a knot.” He leaned in and sniffed at Fino who shoved him back. “Oh I smell a wolf.”

“None of your business.”

“Has the mighty Fino finally met his match?”

Fino glanced at him then back at the copied police reports. “So young men, early twenties, kidnapped and assaulted for days before being released. They didn’t get a look at his face, but he has a long scar from his sternum to his belly button. Probably from a surgery. I’ll definitely find him.” He looked up at the sky. “Shit, I need to go, I promised I’d meet him after class.”

“The wolf? I’m surprised he’s able to walk or have space.” Fino growled and Nebi laughed. “Oh, I am going to have so much fun telling your sister about how the assassin has turned into a little kitten over someone.”

“I will kill you Nebi, I’ll kill you and take your tail as a trophy.”

“Be nice or I’ll find your boyfriend and tell him how mean you are.”

Fino walked off in a frustrated huff which had Nebi laughing. If he wasn’t already going to be late for meeting Allon he would have turned back and showed Nebi why he wasn’t funny at all. Allon’s class finally ended and he gathered his things, excited to see Fino. They had a fun evening planned that Allon really needed. Class’s had been so taxing lately a fun night was long overdue. Allon was almost to the door when his teacher called him back “sir?”

“This is college, seriously, stop with the sir.”


“Your paper was really good. You always go above and beyond in your work. I still think you should take on that class we talked about.”

“I really can’t take on another class. I want time to spend with Fino, but thanks. It’s good to hear I do well. I really need to be heading out though”

“Your education is now, you have the rest of your life to have a boyfriend but I understand. Young love is the most passionate”

Allon blushed. “Yeah…well…bye sir, I mean Adam.” He was sure he heard his professor laugh and he walked quickly away, embarrassed by his teasing. He went to his locker and put away the things he didn’t need then headed out of the school. He didn’t see Fino when he came out which was a little surprising since he had made it a point to pick him up after school every day. He sat down on one of the benches, flipping open his book on marine life.

“That stuff will rot your brain.” Fino’s voice next to his ear startled him and he wound up dropping his book. He tipped his head back, frowning at Fino’s grin.

“You’d think as a cat you’d appreciate sea food.”

Fino leaned back down, his lips pressing into Allon’s, making him blush. He could feel people staring and he knew Allon could too. He pulled back, rubbing noses with him. “Sorry I’m late, you look starved.”

“I…I’m fine, just a little tired.” He retrieved his book and stood, glancing around at the people who had paused to watch them. “You’re usually on time.”

“I had to go pick up some information on my next mark.”

“Oh.” Fino pulled Allon closer to him, grinning at the bright red blush that tinted his cheeks.

“I missed you little wolf, it’s always so boring and lonely without you around to tease.”

“You’re such a jerk.”

Fino Guffawed happily, only Allon could make him laugh that way. “so who are you after now?” Allon asked as Fino started the car. “A rapist again. He keeps them a few days, does what he wants then lets them go.” Fino could feel Allons disgust and anger at the rapist. Allon had been scared of Fino at first when he found out what he did but it hadn’t taken Allon long to get comfortable with it. These were people the world was better and happier without. Fino stopped them from continuing to ruin the lives of others. With rapists the justice system was laughable at best so the world really needed men like Fino to keep them safe. When Allon became fully comfortable with what he did it had lifted a huge weight off his chest.

“Can we get pizza, I feel like it’s a pizza day.”

“That’s what you said Monday, I want a big juicy burger, rare with lots of ketchup.” He took Allon’s hand. “It’ll be easier to spend time together if we’re not carrying a pizza box around.”


Fino went Yeong’s where they both ordered a bacon cheese burger and root beer floats to go. Fino continued to tease Allon as they waited for their food, finding any reason to make him blush. He really couldn’t help himself when it came to Allon. He needed to touch him, to kiss him, to see his embarrassed face as he tried to run away. Once they had their food, he drove them to the park, wanting fresh air and green trees. “This is the life, you, the woods, and a half cooked burger.”

“I still can’t do the whole raw meat thing.”

“Then don’t eat it.” He took a sip of his float. “So, how was your day?”

“Pretty good, Adam keeps trying to get me to take an extra class.”


“My professor, he’ll probably ask again next week to see if I changed my mind.”

“Adam huh?”

Allon looked up at him. “Um, are you jealous?”

“Maybe I am.” He took another long drink of his float then tossed it in a garbage can. “That’s what happens when you have a mate, you get jealous sometimes. It makes me want to leave bite marks all over you so everyone knows you’re taken.”

“He really is just a teacher.”

“I know, I trust you implicitly. You have too good of a heart to be a cheater. If a man tried to force himself on you you’re a wolf so unless he was a being like us he couldn’t and if you’re using your senses like I taught you you’d know if he was. Why do you call him Adam though?”

“He asks me too. Doesn’t like us being formal. Before you ask I’m pretty sure he’s like that with everyone, not just me. College is a mostly laid back experience. I don’t take it that way but most do. I mean, theres a guy who comes to class every day in suit pajamas” Fino laughed, about choking on his burger “what?”

“Yep, they make those”

“Remind me never to go to college, ever.”

“It wouldn’t be so bad, we’d both be there together.”

“I suppose I could just harass you at school then. They have showers in the locker room right?”

Allon blushed, about dropping his burger. “N…never mind, stay away.”

“Then no one could get close to you, we could make all your exes jealous. They go there right?”

“One does, but word has already gotten around. You always needing to kiss me and stuff has definitely caught the attention of everyone.”

“Good, have to mark my territory so none of them try anything stupid. I’d hate to break some guys legs over you.”

“You’re such a meat head.”

Fino moved in front of him so Allon bumped into him. He looked up and Fino bent down, surprising him with a kiss. It wasn’t fair how easily Fino melted him, his entire being warmed and his heart thundered loudly in his chest. The wolf danced excitedly, wanting more from his mate. Fino pulled back and rubbed their noses together. It was something he always did and even though Allon found it incredibly endearing, he had a feeling it was him marking him with his scent. “The look on your face, somewhere between turned on and lost.”

Allon snapped out of his haze and glared at him. “You’re just so evil.”

“Hurry up and eat, I want to go running before we go home.”

“Are you going out tonight?”

“Yeah, so hurry, I want to play with you in the woods.” Allon started to smiled and Fino thought about his words. “That did sound slightly serial killer-ish didn’t it?”

“yeah” Allon chuckled then scarfed down the rest of his burger. They made sure they were out of sight and took of their clothing to shift. The leopard smiled at his wolf. They rubbed against eachother, the cat purring making the wolf happy and excited. They ran around together, playing blissfully until Fino knew he had to get going. He shifted and Allon shifted aswell ‘already?”

“yeah, I’ll make it up to you in our room later” Allon blushed again and Fino kissed his cheek, hoping Allon felt how much he meant to him. The two returned to their clothes and dressed before walking hand in hand to the car. Fino dropped Allon off in front of their building “Lock the doors”

“I can’t believe you’re still reminding me to do that”

“Just lock them for me once you’re inside”

“I will Fino, you be safe too. I love you”

“I love you too little wolf”

Allon locked the door as he was told and then went to take a shower. The warm water loosened cramped muscles and woke him up a little. He got out, dried and put on a pair of sweats then went to do his homework. He was supposed to be writing a research paper. He had chosen the topic of hybridization in sharks and how it effected the ecosystem. He had it half done and now that Fino was out of the apartment, he could actually finish it. He had to admit that moments like this were too quiet. Fino was always attached to him when they were home and even though Allon was still shy, he had to admit he loved the constant affection.

Fino walked along the dark street, his hood pulled up, hands in his pockets. This was the rapist’s hunting ground. He knew he himself would not be a prime target, but he hoped if he kept his senses open he would catch the man in the act. He couldn’t get the description of the victims out of his head. Young, twenty somethings who were obviously viewed as weak. From what he remembered on the police reports, none of them were even close to six feet tall. All of them reminded him of Allon. His mate was a potential target and he wouldn’t let him be victimized. That was never something he should ever experience. He didn’t know how long he walked around, but he started to become annoyed when his prey didn’t show his face. That meant no one was out for him to hunt and that he would have to spend more time away from Allon.

Fino got back in his car and headed home. Allon got up from the couch, pausing his movie to find something to eat. If he could help it he didn’t go to sleep without Fino. After awhile of having him there it felt weird to get into bed without him. Allon was too sleepy to cook so he hoped they had something fast and easy he could just microwave or simply open. The fridge didn’t pan out so he checked the pantry. They had little debbie cakes but he didn’t want somthing sweet. The soup cans they had caught his eye and he decided just to go with that.

All he had to do was boil the soup and the stove pretty much took care of that on it’s own. Allon was about halfway done with his bowl of soup and not sure how much longer he could wait on Fino when his leopard walked through their front door. Allon set his spoon down and got up to greet him. Fino smiled both inside and out, he really loved that Allon always waited. Fino lifted Allon in the hug, still uncomfortable with that man running loose. “I’m so tired Fino. Are you ready to rest?”

Chapter Two

“I’m actually wide awake, I didn’t find my target.” He sighed. “Not only is he a violent dangerous pig, but he’s taking me from you and until he’s caught I have to worry about you.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Fino rubbed his cheek against Allon’s. “You’re so submissive, you probably wouldn’t see it coming. You trust people too easily, I mean you let me in your home.”

“You’re hardly a danger to me.”

He grinned mischievously. “Oh I’m definitely dangerous.” He rubbed noses with him. “Sleeping next to you every night is such a temptation.”

Allon blushed. “Bed.”

Fino chuckled. “Are you really tired or are you running from me?”

“Both. I was wrong, you’re more than dangerous.”

Fino hoisted Allon over his shoulder and switched off lights as he took him to their room. He dropped him on the bed then pulled his clothes off, giving a satisfied grin when he saw Allon staring at him. He was shy, but the wolf was not. He was on him in an instant, Allon didn’t even have time to yelp he was so surprised. Fino pinned his arms down, his smile widening when he saw the scared look in his mate’s eyes. He was more prey than predator. “You’re too cute you know.”


“Tired, I know, I just wanted to have a little bit of fun. You were ogling me and the look you get on your face is just adorable.” He kissed him then laid down and pulled Allon against him and buried his nose in the wolf’s hair. “Sweet dreams.”

Allon smiled, feeling secure in Finos arms. He easily drifted off, glad that even though Fino wasn’t tired he was willing to lay with him. Fino was such a good mate and Allon knew he was lucky to have him. An hour later Fino still couldn’t get himself to pass out. He hoped maybe looseing his muscles in a bubble bath would help him rest. He knew after this long Allon was in a deep enough sleep he wouldn’t be woken by him leaving. Fino silently went into the bathroom and began filling the tub. He couldn’t find the bubble bath so guessed Allon had used the last of it at somepoint.

He checked where the next bottle would be if they had one and was glad to see two there. He opened it and poured some in the tub, the scent would help. They always bought calming ones since Fino had such a high stress job and college wasn’t a picnic either. When it was ready Fino checked on his mate one more time before getting in. Fino would hear somebody enter no matter how quiet they tried to be but there would be no relaxing without seeing Allons peaceful face one more time.

After the bath Fino dried then stretched in the living room before cuddling back up to Allon. Less than ten minutes later he was out.

Allon’s alarm going off in the living room had Fino tightening his hold on him while Allon slowly woke up. He had been so distracted by Fino he had forgotten it. “Come on, I have to get up.”

“No, I’m too comfortable.”


“It’s college, take the day off.”

“I can’t I have to turn in my report.”

Fino nibbled at his neck and down to his shoulder where he bit him, making him moan. He covered his mouth, his face flushing with embarrassment. “Stay.”

“That’s so unfair, my schooling is important you know?”

Fino huffed. “Spoil sport.”

“It’s not my fault you’re always, you know.”

“It’s not my fault you smell and taste so good. Besides, is it really just me? I can smell you want me.” He nipped at Allon’s ear, giving him goosebumps. “See?”

“You’re mean.”

“Don’t get mad, I love you.” He kissed his cheek then let him go. “Go on then before I change my mind.”

Allon sighed and gave Fino a kiss before getting up, feeling a little guilty. “I love you too, thank you.”

When Allon was out the door Fino went back to sleep for awhile. When Fino finally got up he turned on their desktop computer to see if there was anything else to read about his current target. He didn’t have anything better to do until night came and the rapist hunted again. He found a couple more articles, a clip from one of the survivors on TV, a few mom blog posts about it and read some of the chatter back and forth on different crime chat sites. He didn’t really learn anything new like he had hoped which left him frustrated again. He wished his wolf was home so it wouldn’t be so annoying to wait for night.

Allon let out a long sigh when he finally made it to class and sat down. Some times he felt like he was teasing Fino, but he couldn’t help being nervous. He wasn’t worried about Fino being a wild lover, that was something he was okay with, that would just be Fino, he was wild by nature, but he had been laughed at enough that he felt like he’d be a disappointment. He was also easily overwhelmed by Fino’s teasing. It was frustrating the constant battle between his fears and the wolf’s want of its mate.

“You alright Fino?” He looked up, a little surprised to see Adam.

“Yeah, what are you doing here?”

“I saw you walking down the hall looking all upset and debated whether i should check on you or not.”

“Oh, I’m fine, it’s personal.”

“Everything’s alright at home right?”

“Oh yeah, it’s not that big of a deal. Sometimes I get to overthinking and depress myself. I’m okay, I finished my paper last night, I hope it’s as good as the others.”

“I’m sure it will be. I’ll see you later then, keep your chin up okay, whatever it is will get better I’m sure.”

“Thanks.” Allon knew he was right and when class finally started, he felt much better.

Allon was happy when his final class of the day came up. Adam was a nice teacher and it was the last period before he got to be with Fino again. Even though he was after a target he had to hunt in the evening they got to spend some time together before hand. Adam let his class end early this evening, telling everybody to use the time at home to study for the finals. Allon was excited, he was going to use the time for Fino, he reached into his pocket for his phone to let his mate know to go ahead and come.

Fino was happy he didn’t have to be late today and waited outside the school for his wolf. His thoughts bounced between his mate and his target, his worry about the former being attacked at the front of his thoughts. When Allon finally came out, he pushed aside his worries, not wanting the wolf to sense it. “I’m surprised you got out early today.” He said.

“Adam let us, I still have to study though. Maybe you could help me.”

He grinned. “I could definitely make it interesting.”

Allon’s heart did a little flip and he felt his cheeks burn. “You like embarrassing me in front of others too much.”

“True, I can’t help myself.” He leaned in and kissed him. “Stop being so lovable and I won’t do it anymore.” He teased as he laced their fingers and pulled Allon away from the school.

“No car today?”

“I needed the walk to think.”

“Is everything okay?”

He smiled. “It is now, you always make everything perfect.”

“You should teach me how to hunt too so I can shoulder part of the burden.”

Fino huffed out a laugh and brought Allon’s hand to his lips and brushed a kiss over his finger tips. “Never in a million years would I allow you to spill blood. You are far too innocent for such work. Let me be the angel of death, you just be my guiding light.”

“I want to help.”

“You do help by allowing me to come home to you. Seeing you, touching you and kissing you is all I need. You make every moment worth living.”

Allon looked up at Fino smiling “You’re so sweet. You always make me feel so good Fino”

“Good, just be home for me when I’m done hunting, thats all I need. I’ll be done with this job before you know it and you’ll have me pestering you twenty four seven again” Allon smiled, holding his mates hand a little tighter. He really wanted to make love to him and hoped he could get himself to try soon. Fino had reacted differently than anyone ever had to him being a virgin and seemed to love him unconditionally. He couldn’t really help how he felt but he knew it was ridiculous to worry about having sex with him.

At home Fino cuddled with Allon on the couch, refusing to let him do any school work or study. Allon didn’t put up much of a fuss, knowing without him saying it, that he got just as lonely when they were apart. Fino didn’t want to leave when the sun fell, but he forced himself up and gave Allon a quick kiss before leaving the apartment. Tonight he would catch him, even if he had to sniff every corner of the monster’s hunting ground. He wasn’t going to leave it to chance that Allon might be walking alone one night and get attacked.

Allon didn’t feel much like studying, but he knew it had to be done and he wanted it out of the way for when Fino returned. He grabbed his book, flopping down on the couch and flipping it open. Finals were the most stressful even though he always managed to ace his tests. He was sure he didn’t have to push himself so hard and he knew Fino would agree, mainly because it would give him more time to love on him. Allon gave a small laugh at the thought of Fino playing with him like he would a ball of yarn. Cats loved yarn, they never got tired of it and that made Allon feel happy.

Fino was determined when he arrived back at the rapists hunting grounds. He would stay out until dawn before he gave up but he hoped it didn’t come to that. He walked slowly, his senses wide open to the world around him. This wasn’t a pleasant area to do that but not much really bothered the leopard. Fino had been at this job too long for much to phase him or for any particular scent to really get to him. His serious green eyes scanned around for any hint of something wrong around him.

It wasn’t so much a sound that alerted him to danger, but more his cat’s sensitivity to changes in the air. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he took off running, his senses narrowing as he followed the reverberations. The sound of scuffling coming from the alley helped him pinpoint the location of the attack and he pulled his knife loose, the leopards screaming startling the two men who were fighting. He pounced on the bigger of the two, knocking the smaller man back. He had his knife pressed to the throat of the fearful man beneath him and he allowed his eyes to move to the other. He was built a lot like Allon, much weaker and smaller than the man who had attacked him. “Leave, you saw nothing so you understand?” He didn’t need to be told twice and he sprinted out of the alley with nothing more than a few bruises and scrapes. Fino’s eyes moved back down to the man pinned under him. He was shaking, his eyes wide, sweat dotting his brow. This couldn’t be him. “Who are you and what were you doing?”

“He…he told m…me to do it.”

“Told you? You’re helping him?” He punched the man in the face and let out a growl. “Pig, I should gut you right now, it would be so easy to paint this alley with your intestines.” The man swallowed. “Unfortunately I need you. You will take me to him now.”

Chapter Three

“Okay but don’t let him hurt me”

“Fine, just take me” Fino gripped the back of the mans shirt tightly, almost making it choke him as they walked along. “It’s that house there. Can I go now?”

“No, I need to be absolutely sure you aren’t lieing”

“Please, I’m not I swear. If he gets away from you and he knows I brought you he’ll kill me”

“You’d deserve it helping him. You’re just as bad”

“But I was only trying to stay alive”

“at the cost of others you fucking coward” Fino forced the man forward and he began to struggle. Fino groaned. He wouldn’t have any surprise if this carried on.

“If you think anything he can do will be worse than what I will do, you are wrong. I suggest you get moving or I’ll kill you myself and it’ll be slow and painful. You think that man is a monster, wait until you see what I am capable of. Now, move or lose your tongue.”

The man was shaking, but he managed to put one foot in front of the other and walk. Fino kept a tight grip on him, wanting very much to snap his neck. When they were on the front porch Fino stopped him, pressing the knife to the man’s throat. “What n…now?”

“You take me inside and once I’ve confirmed his identity, you leave, you go to the police station and you confess what you’ve done then you give the police this address. He’ll be dead and I’ll be gone before they get here. You don’t tell them about me because I will find you and fillet you if you dare speak of my existence. Do you understand me?”


“Is there anyone in there other than him?”

“No, I…I was bringing an…another.”

“Good, I don’t need him hurting an innocent bystander.”

They went in and Fino had let go of the man he had for the one in this home before the rapist knew they were there. The first man ran out, planning to do as he was told so Fino wouldn’t come after him. He had a feeling he’d rather be in jail than mess with that man. Fino pulled up the mans shirt, checking for the scar to confirm he had the right man “I hope you burn in hell” was the last words the rapists heard before Fino slit his throat and left. Fino rushed away, needing Allon. He felt so much relief. The job was done and his mate would be safe.

Allon was sleeping on the couch when Fino came in, a book resting on his chest. Fino grabbing the book and putting it to the side woke Allon, but he didn’t have time to say anything before Fino was kissing him. It woke him fully and he found himself blushing, his heart beating excitedly in his chest. He turned his head and pushed against Fino’s chest. “Whoa, are you alright?”

“Yes and no.” Fino picked him up and carried him to their room and ;aid with him on the bed. “I want the smell of that man out of my nose. I want only your scent on me.” He buried his nose in Allon’s hair and inhaled his woodsy scent. “His house, I hated the smell. All I could think of was you and how thankful I was he hadn’t found you.”

“Hit a little too close to home then?”

“Yes and he had another man bringing him victims, the coward.”

Allon sighed and let himself sink into Fino’s warmth, his nose pressed into the leopard’s neck. “I missed you.” He pressed a kiss to Fino’s collar bone then his neck, hearing his heart skip a beat.

“Stop it, I already want you bad enough.”

Allon’s face flushed and he swallowed down his nervousness. “I was thinking about that and um…I…I guess it would be okay. I mean, I…I want you too, I’m just…I don’t know…” He felt like he was already failing and he let out an exasperated sigh. “You’ve been so patient and gentle with me, I want to give something back. I’m all I can give.”

“Allon, I told you it’s okay, that just having you here makes me happy.”

“But you want to, I can see it when you look at me and feel it in the way you kiss me and I want you too, I just get so overwhelmed and I want to run away. My exes never understood and they would get fed up and put it all on me. They laughed at me and brought my self esteem down, but you make me feel so special.”

“You are special, you’re my first and only love.” Fino brushed a kiss to Allon’s forehead then tipped his head back to get at his lips. “Maybe just touching and then you can see how you feel. I don’t want to scare you, I can be a bit…”



Allon’s heart sped just a bit “Touching sounds like a good place to start…do um…should I”

“Be naked?”


“It would make it easier to touch you and I’d love to admire you. Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yeah, we need to at least take steps” Fino gave Allon another gentle kiss before starting to undo his pants. Once they were pulled off he had Allon sit up so he could slip off his shirt. “I’ll leave your boxers on so you’re less likely to get overwhelmed.” Allon could already sense Fino’s lust intensifying. He actually really liked what he saw. Allon had always felt like the less attractive of the two but the way Fino looked at him was nothing less than adoration and aw. Finos hands started slowly traveling his lovers skin. He swallowed, wanting desperatly to take his mate but his love kept him in control. Allon meant the world to Fino and his feelings came far before his lust.

Allon could see his struggle and it tugged at his heart “I love you so much Fino”

“I love you too”

Fino kissed Allon’s cheek, down his neck to his shoulder where he nibbled at his skin. He smiled at Allon’s little moan and let his hand slip into Allon’s boxers. “F…Fino.”

“Good?” Allon nodded and he smiled as he brushed a kiss over his lips. Allon’s moans were embarrassingly loud as Fino stroked him. He was both scared and excited, needing his mate, but scared to ask for more. He wanted so badly to let go, to let his leopard dominate him like he knew he wanted. He clung to Fino, his entire body shaking. “Touch me too Allon, please.”

Allon pushed at Fino’s clothes, his hands sliding over the leopard’s torso so he shivered. He was nervous, but he wanted more of him and undid his jeans so he could slip his hand inside. Fino moaned loudly and it was exhilarating knowing he had so much control over the leopard and that made him feel more confident. “F…Fino, I need you, please I…”

“You have to be sure Allon, it’s okay to wait longer.”

“Please, I’m nervous, but I really want you to make love to me.”

The leopard grew excited within him. It felt like it danced with joy. Fino quickly tugged off what was left of his clothes and pulled of Allons boxers. He still wouldn’t let himself be the completely wild lover he normally was, it would be too much for Allons first time but he could finally let himself enjoy his mate in this way. Fino bit and licked up and around Allons torso, neck and arms before using his fingers to work Allon loose. He was now struggle with control more than ever but he knew he would hate himself in the morning if he hurt his wolf. When Fino knew Allon was ready he lifted his hips and plunged into his depths.

Finos moan was almost a yell as he sank in and Allon clung to him, moaning and breathing heavy. Finos hips found a pace and when his heated seed started to flow into Allon it excited him so much Allon came aswell. Fino caught his breath a moment before slipping out and pulling Allon against him. “Thank you my beautiful wolf” he whispered into Allons hair. “That was amazing Fino”

“wait until I really have you” The words making Allon blush. Fino smiled and said “I’ll start a shower” he let his lover go then went into the bathroom. When the water was ready they cleaned eachother then settled into bed for the night. Neither Fino or Allon could be happier. For Allon it was the relief that Fino hadn’t laughed at him and sex had been so amazing. For Fino he had finally gotten to be with his mate in the way he had been craving since they first met and it had been earth shattering. He couldn’t wait for next time, when he wouldn’t have to hold himself back atall. He wanted to make the wolf feel and see just how wild he drove his leopard. He loved Allon more than his wolf would probably ever understand.

~ The End

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