Fino & Allon 3

Chapter One

Allon was nervous as Fino followed the GPS he had installed in his car. They were on their way to spend a week with Allon’s sister who had insisted she finally get to meet Fino. He wondered what she would think, if she would like Fino with how possessive he could be, and if he should tell his sister he was a werewolf as a result of an attack.

“What’s wrong my sweet wolf? You look and smell stressed.”

“That’s because I am. I don’t want her to hate you.”

“What if she does? Will it change your opinion of me?”

“No, I love you.”

“Then if she hates me, she hates me. All I need is you.”

“Yeah sure and then after this I’ll have to meet your sister and she’ll probably think I’m weak and useless.”

Fino leaned over and pressed a kiss to Allon’s cheek, making him blush. “You may be on the weaker side my love, but you’re mine, you’re perfect for me, and I won’t be giving you up.” He smiled. “I will pull this car over if you continue to talk bad about yourself.”

Allon’s face turned a deeper shade of red. “You have zero modesty. You’d get the cops called, it’d be like one of those scenes in a movie.” His heart was beating so fast. “I…I’ll be good so at least wait until we’re settled in and out of sight.”

Fino smiled smugly but those magnificent green eyes shown with adoration for Allon. He loved Allon near unbearably and wished his wolf knew how amazing he was and how much he needed him. He was as possessive as he was because he adored every moment he had with his mate and he never wanted anybody to steal even a moment of Allons time. His sister would be a different story. Fino wasn’t so self absorbed he’d try to keep them apart so this week was going to be new. He’d have to finally make himself share his new mate.

Allon was excited to be able to see his sister. It had felt like ages between school and Fino and dealing with his attack. He felt bad for not calling her more and he hoped she wouldn’t be upset. He had always had a good relationship with her, she was literally his hero. “You’re frowning.” Fino said.

“Sorry, just thinking about my sister. I hope she’s not mad at me. She didn’t sound mad, but I’ve been pretty forgetful when it comes to calling her.”

“The way you talk about her tells me she loves you and understands.”

“It’s just I should call her more, she’s always been there for me.”

“Hush, you’re a wonderful brother.”

“So, what about your job? Is someone covering for you?”

“Yeah, a friend, he’s a bit irritating at times, but he’ll get the job done.”


He rested his head on Fino’s shoulder, rubbing his cheek against his shirt and making Fino laugh. “I love you my adorable little wolf. Nap, we’ll be there before you know it.”

Allon allowed himself to relax. It took awhile to completely unwind and drift to sleep but the contact with his mate and the warmth he caused in him had him out for the rest of the trip. When they pulled into the driveway Fino gently took Allons face in his hands and woke him with a long kiss “good morning, I think we’re here. You should confirm for me though” Allon rubbed his eyes then looked, excited to see they were at his sisters home “we’re here” Fino chuckled and kissed Allon one more time to get a little more affection out of his system. He knew while they were visiting her it might be rude to be all over Allon so he planned to at least try to give his mate space.

Allon was out of the car and up the front steps before Fino could say much more. He just smiled and got out, popping the trunk and grabbing their suitcase then making his way up to stand next to his mate as the front door open. Reina was the spitting image of Allon, same blonde hair that was longer than Allon’s, same big blue eyes. The only difference was she was a couple of inches taller than her brother. “It’s been so long.” She said as she hugged him tightly. “My goodness, did you get some muscle?”

“I may have.” Allon answered with a laugh as he hugged his sister back. He then pulled back and too Fino’s hand. “This is my boyfriend, Fino.”

“Oh my god, he’s gorgeous.” She said and Allon blushed while Fino laughed. “Sorry, it’s just amazing.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, ma’am.”

“And polite. Please call me Reina.” She hugged him then let them in. “And you’re tall.”

“Come on sis.” Allon was so embarrassed.

“I can’t help it, I’ll try to stop.”

“So, which room is ours?” Fino asked.

“Upstairs, second on the right. Please feel free to make yourself at home.”

“Alright, I’ll just be a second then.”

“I can help.” Allon said.

“Spend time with your sister, I won’t take long.” He kissed Allon’s forehead, making his heart skip a beat then headed upstairs, leaving Allon with his sister.

“He seems really nice. I’m so glad you two drove here to see me. ”

“I feel like a jerk it’s been so long Reina”

“I really do understand. You have your own life and a lot to do. Things got busy, just try to see me more now. I’ll repay the favor and come stay at your place for a week soon after you leave here” He smiled and they sat down to catch eachother up on their lives since they last talked. When Fino rejoined them he silently listened, enjoying how happy his mate obviously was.

“So, do mom and dad know I’m here?” Allon finally asked. It was another thing that worried him, that he would cause his sister even more trouble than he already had.

“Yeah, mom called and asked if I was busy this weekend and I told her I wouldn’t be going anywhere until the week was over since you two were coming. She asked about you and I told her you were fine and that’s where our conversation ended.”

“If I’m causing you trouble, we can get a hotel.”

She punched his shoulder. “Don’t you dare start that, you two aren’t going anywhere. Just promise me you won’t get too loud.”

Allon turned bright red and Fino forced down his laugh. “We’ll try.”

“So, Fino, where exactly did you two meet? I tried getting a straight answer from my brother, but all he told me is he was out and he ran into you.”

“That’s pretty much the gist of it. We were both out walking around at night and bumped into each other. He was so shy and I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on him.” It was a partial lie. It had been more a game of cat and mouse with Fino distracting Allon, but it had been night and he had stumbled upon his little wolf. He would let Allon tell his sister the truth when he was ready.

“Are you two planning on getting married?”

“Come on, Reina, we’re already ma…practically married.”

“Oh come on, we could have a small ceremony and we could send and invitation to our parents.”

“You mean to rub their noses in it. I don’t care about them anymore, they can do whatever they want.”

Fino leaned in and ran his nose over Allon’s ear, making goosebumps rise on his skin. “I don’t know my love, getting married would be fun. I could get you a ring then you could show it off at school and everyone would think twice before hitting on you.”

“See, even your boyfriend thinks it’s a good idea.”

“Because he gets jealous. L…last time he…” Allon went blood red. “Never mind. Do you have plans? Maybe we could all go to the beach or ummm hiking or anything.”

HIs sister laughed “trying to change the subject huh? Nu uh mister. Come on, you know you want to marry him. This week would be perfect to start plans. I’d get to help you with them. I can do that from a distance too but it would be so much fun to do it together”

“Yeah, come on” Fino said and Allon somehow turned even more red. They teased him and eventually Allon agreed. That night after his sister had gone to bed Fino asked “so you really want to get married right? We didn’t pressure you?”

“Yeah, I do” Allon looked away in embarrassment and Fino chuckled “so freaking cute”

“You’re so mean” Fino bit his ear “don’t make me show you how mean I can be”

“fi fino” Fino picked him up and took Allon to their bed where he laid him down then began to strip him “fino” Allon whispered and Fino said “hey, she said just don’t be too loud. We won’t”

He let out a little whine, unable to say no when he was looking at him so lovingly. “Alright, just be easy, I don’t want to scar my sister.”

Fino grinned, his lips pressing into Allon’s as he finished undressing him. He tugged at his own clothes, impatient to be skin to skin with his wolf. His hands slid over Allon’s skin, his lips following, his teeth biting to mark his mate. Allon covered his mouth as Fino ran his tongue over his shaft, making him shiver and pant as he teased him. Fino’s fingers pressed into him as his mouth drew him in and Allon’s back arched off the bed, a whimper slipping past his lips. “Fino, no more, I can’t, I’ll get loud.”

Fino gave him one more lick before sitting back and pulling Allon onto his lap. He thrust into him as he pulled Allon’s hips down and Allon bit onto his shoulder to muffle his cry, making Fino let out a satisfied growl. He clung to him as Fino slowly lifted and lowered him. “I love you, my wolf.” Fino whispered as his fingers tangled in Allon’s hair and tugged gently until he lifted his head to be kissed. Allon’s eyes filled with happy tears and he trusted Fino to keep him quiet as they rode the waves of pleasure together. Fino pushed into him a little harder and held him tightly as they came together and sat there entwined, catching their breath for a moment. Fino gave him another gentle kiss then cleaned both of them before falling into blissful sleep with Allon in his arms.

Allon was woke by the smell of coffee, his nose picking it up even through the closed door. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up and smiled down at Fino. He looked do innocent in his sleep. He leaned down, kissing him softly so as not to wake him. “Love you.” He whispered then got up and pulled on some sweats and a t-shirt. He needed a shower, but he didn’t want to take one without Fino so he headed downstairs for coffee with his sister.

Chapter Two

He couldn’t help but smile when she looked at him and beamed. His sister always seems over flowing with happiness. He had loved that about her growing up. No matter how much his parents depressed him her warmth and cheerfulness despite everything managed to make him happy “good morning little brother. Were you comfortable?”

“Yeah, Finos so comfortable he’s still passed out”

“Good, do you still take your coffee the same?”

“yeah” She made him a cup and she invited him out to sit on her back porch. “so, wedding stuff” He almost laughed as he shook his head “uh huh”

“what? Can;t a sister be excited for her baby brother?”

“Of course you can, what sort of wedding stuff do you want to talk about?”

“Do you two want a flower girl?”

“as weird as it might seem I don’t know anybody with a little girl”

“Our Aunt and Uncle have a five year old”

“yeah but I havent talked to them much either”

“They miss you, I’ve kept in contact with them. I mean, are they open minded? No, but unlike mom and dad they can “hate the sin and love the sinner” they’d let her because they love you. They just don’t know how to approach you. If you reached out they’d love to be in your life still”

“Thats good to hear”

“I can set up lunch with them if you’d like”


“do you really want to?”

“yeah, I was just too scared. If you say they want to see me I believe you though”

“good, lets enjoy our coffee then I’ll call.”

They chatted a little longer, Reina asking more wedding questions, wanting to make the ceremony as special as possible for him. When they were finished, Allon took their cups to the sink while his sister went to call their aunt. Allon was startled when he felt arms wrap around him from behind and pull him back. “You didn’t wake me.” Fino whispered in his ear.

“I…I just wanted you to rest. You work so hard, you deserve it.” He replied as his cheeks flushed.

“I like waking up to you, it’s one of my favorite things.” He turned Allon and grinned when he blushed at his shirtless torso. “I look good don’t I?”

“You’re going to kill me with all this teasing.”

Fino chuckled. “I really love you, Allon.” He rubbed noses with him and Allon’s heart danced in his chest. Fino smiled and kissed him then hugged Allon to him.

“I love you too.” Allon replied as he enjoyed Fino’s warmth. “There’s coffee and I’ll make breakfast if you let me.”

Both sound good. Let me keep you close like this until your sister is off the phone. You should offer her something as well anyway if you’re going to cook” Allon felt tingles run through him. Fino was so incredibly sweet and affectionate. Allon once again couldn’t believe how lucky he was that he was mates with his wereleaopard. When his sister was off the phone, as much as Fino didn’t want to he let Allon go. “Hey sis, what did they say?”

“They’re excited about lunch and the wedding coming up. They’re happy for you”

“are they coming to your home or meeting us somewhere?”

“They are coming here so it’s a more laid back atmosphere.”

“Who?” Fino asked as he poured himself some coffee.

“My aunt and uncle. Reina wants me to have a flower girl so she asked about our cousin.”

Allon’s nervousness had Fino’s leopard on alert. “Are they like your parents?”

Allon looked at this feet. “Well, kind of, they still love me, but they still think homosexuality is a sin. They won’t make a big deal out of it, so you don’t have to worry.”

Fino gently tipped Allon’s head back and gave him a quick kiss. “I don’t like how they make you feel, you’re distressed, but if it makes you happy I’ll be nice.” He stroked Allon’s cheek, smiling when he saw a blush forming. “Just don’t push yourself too hard.”

“I won’t.”

“You two are just too cute.” Reina said, grinning. “I can’t believe my baby brother is getting married, it was just yesterday he was this quiet, shy little boy.”

“You’d be right about that, it was yesterday and the day before that.” Fino joked and Allon gave him a little glare. “Even his anger is cute.”

“Get out of the kitchen or I won’t feed you.” Allon said and Fino chuckled.

“If you don’t give me breakfast then I’ll just have to take it from you.” He kissed Allon’s forehead. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” Fino decided to give him a break and went to sit down in the living room, switching on the TV.

“Can I say I adore him?” Reina asked, her tone light and teasing.

“Only if you help me make breakfast.”

She continued laughing as she walked over to help him. They made omlettes then ate them in the living room with Fino. After they finished Reina pulled out a few movies “feel like watching some of our old favorites?”

“Yeah” She put one in and they watched and talked about movies until they needed to start prepping lunch. Fino hated how his mates light hearted, happy mood went uncomfortable again. Allon could tell it agitated Fino so he tried to comfort him “My sister says they are okay. I’m sure it’ll all be fine Fino. I can’t help worrying”

“You shouldn’t be worried. I’ll throw them out if they are rude to you”


“No, he should. I will too.” Reina added. When his Aunt, Uncle and little Niece arrived their Aunt hugged Allon “It’s been so long” she let go “you’ve changed, you look a lot more mature” she now looked at his boyfriend who was trying to look friendly despite his fiances nervousness having him on edge.

“Aunt Madge, uncle Mac, Sherrie, this is Fino, he’s my fiance.” He had to stop himself from saying mate again. “Fino, my family.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Fino.” Madge said.


Mac cleared his throat and held out his hand. “Good to meet you.”

Fino glanced at his hand then took it out of politeness. “You too.” He let go then squatted down so he was at eye level with Sherrie. “Hello little one, I hope you’ll be okay with me marrying your cousin.”

“Are you nice?” Sherrie asked.

“Fino looked up at Allon. “Am I?”

“He’s really nice.”

“Okay.” Sherrie replied and Fino patted her head before standing back up and taking Allon’s hand. “We should eat, I’m starving.”

“What’re we having?” Madge asked as they all walked into the dining room. “Home made mac and cheese. We wanted to make sure Sherrie would enjoy it”

“Yay!” The little girl said and she hopped excitedly over to her seat. Allon and Fino couldn’t help but smile. Fino was surprised such a small girl could eat so much as she finished her last plate and asked for dessert. “I think I have some ice cream sandwiches” Reina said as she got up from the table to check. They had spent most of lunch trying to catch up but they had hit a lul where Allon didn’t know what to say. “so, what color dress will our daughter need?” Madge asked to fill the silence. “we haven’t picked colors yet but she doesn’t have to coordinate”

“Believe me, she’ll love a reason for us to buy her a new dress. Add me to your Facebook so you can just message me when you know the colors. That or call”

“I’ll add you” Allon pulled out his cell to go ahead and do it.

“So Fino, what do you do exactly?” Mac asked.

“This and that, mostly contract work, freelance stuff.”

“Does it pay well?”

“Yeah, but I’m not much for it taking me away from Allon, but the money I bring in lets him focus on school so it’s worth it and someone needs to do the dirty work so might as well be me.”

“And what are you going to school for, Allon?”

“Marine biology, I’ve been told I’m at the top of the class so as soon as I graduate Adam, my professor, said he would write me a letter of recommendation to any establishment I choose to work in.”

“Sounds interesting. So, are you two living together?”

“Yeah.” He knew that his uncle was implying sex before marriage was bad.

“I find it hard to relax without him.” Fino added. “I get restless if he stays up late and wind up carrying him to bed.”

“Like a caveman.” Allon said with a smile.

Sherrie giggled and said “I don’t think Fred Flinstone carried his wife to bed”

“Other cavemen baby” Her mother said a bit awkwardly as Mac seemed to get a little more perturbed. “If you could excuse us” Madge said as she grabbed her husband and they walked out. Fino and Allon could still hear them though they didn’t know it “Mac this is important to me. That’s my baby nephew. You said you could handle this. Please, be nice and stop judging them. The lord tells us to love our neighbor. Love them and stop being a hypocrite.”


“I mean acting like you can judge them. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone Mac” He groaned and they bickered a bit more before they came in “sorry” Madge said as the two sat back down.

“Reina do you think maybe Sherrie could go and watch cartoons?” Allon asked.

“Sure.” Reina got up. “Come on sweetie, you can eat your food on the couch.”

“Can I watch Scooby-Doo?”

“Of course, whatever you want.” She got Sherrie settled then came back to mediate, not wanting anything to get out of hand.

“Now that she’s out of earshot, I think maybe we should settle a few things.” Allon said, trying not to let his voice shake. “Fino and I are gay, we had and still do have sex before marriage, we’re not going to suddenly stop being us because you pray really hard. You came here knowing that two men were planning on getting married and you’re still looking at us like we’re a couple of freaks. Fine, we’re freaks, I’m happy to be a freak, I’m proud to be a freak and I’ll keep on being a freak even if it makes your heads turn inside out.” Fino took his hand and he suddenly looked embarrassed at his outburst. “Sorry and if you don’t want Sherrie to be in our wedding then that’s fine.”

“We didn’t say that.” Madge replied. “Tell him Mac.”

“We’re not saying that.” Mac said.

Madge felt near tears. Mac was ruining this for her because he couldn’t keep himself in line. She had stepped out to try to talk sense in them and now her nephew was fussing at her. Sherrie wasn’t going to get to know the amazing young man she had seen grow up because Mac was going to alienate him. They didn’t stay too much longer because she was too close to breaking down after that. She told Allon how much she loved him and hoped he knew but guessed he probably didn’t given what he said to her. Sherrie stayed to spend the night since he still seemed interesting in having her there.

“Sorry I snapped.” Allon said as he sat on the couch with Fino, Reina, and Sherrie. “I asked you to keep your cool and then I lost mine.”

“It’s okay baby, your uncle was acting like an idiot and your aunt was making excuses for him.” Fino kissed his cheek and wrapped him in a hug.

“Are you mad?” Sherrie asked.

“No sweetie, not anymore.”

“Hey Sherrie, how does a blue dress sound?” Fino asked.

“Blue?” Allon said.

“Yeah, the same color as your eyes. It’s my favorite color.”

Allon blushed, but felt his heart flutter at how sweet he was. “Okay, blue then. Sound good Sherrie?”

“I love blue.” She replied with a happy smile.

They had a fun evening with their cousin and only Madge came back the next day, figuring it was better than losing her nephew because of him. It had been obvious yesterday it just wasn’t going to work having him there. She had hoped bringing him outside and reprimanding him like she did would help but Allon yelling at him too along with her had lead to a long night. She felt awkward still but spent the remainder of the day with them before taking her daughter home, reminding Allon to message her with anything she needed to know for their little flower girl.

“Well that was something.” Allon said as he flopped onto the couch with a sigh.

Fino sat with him and pulled him into a hug. “You showed them you weren’t going to take any crap, I’m proud of you.”


“I thought you were quite adorable with how worked up you got.”


Reina giggled as she joined them, setting cups of tea on the coffee table. “You two are so amazing together. Uncle Mac’ll come around I’m sure, he’s probably just feeling like his pride has been deflated. I don’t think he expected his shy little nephew to stand up to him like that.”

“Sorry if I cause you anymore trouble.”

“Don’t be, you were awesome.” She sipped her tea. “Oh, we need to work on invitations and you need to think of a date.”

“I think we should do it in the winter.” Fino said. “Seeing you surrounded by snow sounds like an amazing sight.”

Allon’s cheeks reddened as he took a big gulp of his tea. “Sounds good.”

“You’re so easy.” Fino smiled and kissed his temple. “What do you want?”

“Winter sounds wonderful, but I want the invitation to have ocean stuff on there like shells or dolphins. Can we do that?”

“I can make them for you.” Reina said. “Colors?”

“Blue and green.” Allon said.

“I can already picture them! They are going to be so cute!” The week flew by between wedding planning and going out and having fun in his home town. Even when they got home Allon and Fino were on Skype nearly every evening talking about the wedding. Reina was so excited she made a group on Facebook and filled it with the people that would be invited and all their ideas. Allon felt so blessed to have such an amazing sister and he promise her and himself he’d never let that much time pass again between seeing her. When their wedding came more of Allons family came than he expected but it still just consisted mostly of their friends and Finos family. It didn’t really matter to them who was there though. They had already been mates but being married meant so much, especially to Allon and he could barely stop crying.

~ The End

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