Fino & Allon 4

Chapter One

“You’re late Nebi.” Fino said as his contact sat down next to him.

“Hey, I get busy.”

“You said it was important and then you show up late.”

“It is important, but so is my other work.”

Fino snorted. “Do I even want to know?”

“Probably not.” Nebi held out an envelope and when Fino reached for it he snatched it away, grinning. “You are going to tell your wolf right?”

“That’s not your business.”

Nebi shrugged and held it out and Fino snatched it away. “You still need to introduce us or are you worried I might take him away?”

“That would never happen, he’s mine.” Fino opened the envelope and pulled out the information he had asked Nebi to obtain. “You’re sure this is the same wolf?”

“Of course, he’s even missing an eye. Your wolf really did a number on him.”

Fino sighed and put the papers away. “Thanks, maybe I’ll call you and we can all go out or something. After I take care of this situation. Just keep your paws off my mate or I’ll kill you.”

“I don’t have a death wish and over a mate I think you would definitely kill me” They parted ways, Fino returning to his car to look over the information he had on the wolf that had attacked Fino and made him what he was. Fino knew he might have never met his mate nor would his mate be immortal if it weren’t for this creature but he still pissed him off. The good things he had set in motion in no way outweighed the fact this wolf had tried to kill Allon. He didn’t like the wolf was back in the area and Fino planned to take care of the situation before he even thought of coming after Fino again.

Fino looked at his name, Nathan Brooks. He memorized it and all the other information before driving home to his husband. He needed to calm down and more importantly he probably did need to talk to Allon about this. Fino hoped it wouldn’t upset him that Nathan was around. He hoped his wolf would know that he wasn’t going to let this bastard anywhere near him or to change anybody ever again against their will.

The two no longer lived in an apartment. Shortly after their wedding they bought a house together and Fino actually had fun decorating and filling it up with Allon which surprised him since domestic things like that normally would have bored him before the wolf entered his life. They had donated basically all the furniture from the last place so it could truly be both of theirs. Allon ended up most happy about the new bed they bought together. It was leaps and bounds better than the bed Allon had when they got together.

Allon was moving between writing an article for a marine magazine and cooking lunch. He was a little surprised when heard the front door open and nearly dropped the spatula. “Fino?” He called.

“Yes my wolf.” Fino came into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Allon, pressing their lips together. “Hello my love.”

“You’re home.” He felt his face burning. “I thought you’d be gone longer.”

“Oh? Were you planning something?”

He looked at the stove. “I wanted to surprise you with lunch and I’m working.”

Fino grinned as he rubbed their noses together. “I can go for a walk if you need more time.”


Fino gave him another kiss then let him go so the food wouldn’t burn. Fino leaned against the counter, watching Allon and he chuckled when he heard the wolf’s heart pounding. “So cute.”

“I’ll let you starve.”

“I’ll just have to eat you then.”

“That’s not fair.”

“I disagree.” He let out a little sigh. “We need to talk after lunch.”

“Why after?”

“Because you might not eat after.”

Allon would have pressed if he hadn’t worked so hard on this lunch. He really wanted to enjoy it with his mate so if Fino thought it would ruin things he’d finish cooking, enjoy their meal together then talk about whatever Fino needed to talk about. It obviously wasn’t about breaking up since he had come in the door and instantly wanted to hold him then sat there and flirted. Being it wasn’t that it most definitely could wait without him stressing. An unpropitious talk hanging over their heads was however enough to calm Allons speeding heart so he could cook without any more teasing from his mate.

Fino seemed to be enjoying the smell of their meal as Allon grew near to being done cooking it which made him feel happy. It made Allon even happier when he watched how much his mate enjoyed eating the lunch once it was on the table. His work had been neglecting ever since Fino said there was news but he could definitly do it later depending on what Fino had to talk to him about.

It wasn’t until the table was cleared and the dishes were clean that Fino pulled the folder out, hating he had to remind Allon of this beast “you want to talk about your new case?” Allon said. The suspense was now starting to get to him “yes?”

“is it really nasty or something?”

“It might be, just open it.”

Allon flipped the folder open and looked at the face of the man. He didn’t recognize him and found his eyes drawn to the missing eye. He then looked at the name. “Who is this?”

“That, my love, is the man who attacked you, the werewolf who attacked you.”

Allon’s eyes jumped back to the page then back to Fino’s face, his heart slamming against his chest. “What? You mean, you’re serious? Th…this is him? What happened to his eye? Did I do that?”

“Yes, when you stabbed him.”

“Holy shit.” He blushed. “I mean, why show me this now?”

“Because I asked Nebi to look for him and it turns out he’s back in town. I don’t know for what, I don’t know if he’s prowling or something else, but I thought you should know.”

“Wh…is he here for me?”

“I don’t know.” Allon paled and Fino took the file away and hugged him. “It’s going to be okay, I’ll protect you. You trust me, right?” Allon nodded, but pushed himself closer to Fino. “It’s okay, no one can hurt you. I’ll figure out what he’s doing here and if I have to I’ll get rid of him. So please don’t worry.”

“I..it just freaks me out. Why would he come back?”

“best case scenario it has nothing to do with you. Maybe he comes here frequently for other reasons and that was why he was here when he turned you. A creature like him, who turns people against their will, they don’t tend to remember victims because they just don’t care. You have to care a certain amount to remember.”

“and worst case he’s come for me..”

“and he’ll get his throat ripped out if the need arises Allon” Fino lifted his mate, taking him to their bedroom where he laid against their headboard and held him comfortingly. Fino didn’t bring up the contents of the folder again until Allon got the courage to reopen it and start reading. “He couldn’t find any connections here as to why he’d come”

“that still doesnt mean he came for you. He could be involved in illegal stuff Nebi just coudln’t dig up quite yet. Somtimes, if there is nobody with loose lips in a group of la breakers it can be harder to figure out what somebodies into”

“I dont know if I want to be alone while he’s here but…I don’t know if I want to investigate with you”

“If I need to, I’ll ask Nebi to find someone else.”

“No, you’re the best and at least I feel safe when I know it’s you looking for him.”

He gently tipped Allon’s head back. “Then how about this, you come with me and if at any time you start to feel scared or overwhelmed, I bring you home.”

“Are you sure?”


“O…okay, I’ll go then.”

“I’ll be right there and at the first sign of danger, I’ll protect you.”

“I’m sorry I’m such a chicken, it’s just…” Fino kissed him and he felt heat crawl up his neck.

“None of that, what have I told you about talking down about yourself? I’ll punish you for it.” He raised Allon’s hand and pressed a kiss to the gold band around his finger, making his heart skip a beat. “My husband should know better.”

“I won’t do it again.”

Fino smiled. “Good, I love you and I won’t let him touch a single hair on your head.”

“Thank you by the way, thank you for letting me know this was going on. We don’t always talk about your cases and with your need to protect me I know it might have been tempting to handle this without saying something…thank you for being so open and honest”

“Not that it was my only reason but you needed to be alerted, just incase he is here about you. I would feel like a the biggest piece of shit husband if you weren’t on guard and he nabbed you because you didn’t know to be careful. Regardless of that though I will never keep secrets from you. Sure we dont talk about all my cases but not telling you about this would be lieing because it’s information you have a right to. It would have been something I didn’t talk about on purpose so it would have been no better than lieing”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Fino pressed their foreheads together, smiling warmly at Allon. “You were working when I came in, you should probably get back to that.”

Allon grinned. “That’s got to be the first time you wanted me out of bed.”

“Hey, I have self control.”

“Oh yeah, I believe you.”

“I do, you’re just really tempting, I always need you, but I won’t interfere with the things you love. Finish your work.”

“Come sit with me? I don’t want to sit in the living room alone. All I can think of is him coming through a window and dragging me away.”

“Whatever you want.”

Fino and Allon walked out of their room. Fino went straight to the living room while Allon fetched his computer, taking it to sit with his husband. The wolf who had changed him being around made it hard for Allon to work at first but with his mate holding him, giving him random kisses and little massages here and there he was able to get into his work and finish up. “see, look how well I behaved” Fino said proudly as Allon shut his computer. “Maybe I should reward you for that” Allons face was already heated as he said the words, almost making Fino chuckle. He loved Allons shyness and was almost glad it hadn’t gone away with time. It was one of the more endearing things about Allon.

Fino’s lips pressed hungrily into Allon’s as he pushed him back onto the couch. Their hands pulled at each others clothes and Fino let out an appreciative moan when his fingers met bare skin. He took his time teasing his wolf and grinned when Allon whined and pulled at him, his eyes pleading. “My sweet wolf.” He kissed him as he sank into his heat, Allon’s loud cry parting their lips. He withdrew and rocked slowly back into him, causing Allon to let out a little whimpering moan.


“I love you.”

“Me too.”

Fino stayed slow and gentle wanting to savor his mate before they were out tracking another werewolf. Allon was limp by the time he finished and Fino lifted him and carried him to their room. He chuckled when Allon let out another one of his adorable little whines. “How does a bath sound?” He asked as he lowered him to the bed.


Chapter Two

Fino pressed a hard, loving kiss into Allons lips then spoke gently “Then I’ll be right back my sweet wolf” Allon watched Fino walk away, admiring his figure. He thought again how attractive his mate was and how for that and so many other reasons he was lucky to have the wereleopard not only in his life but as his husband. Fino soon returned and brought Allon to the already warm bathroom, relaxing with him in the tub. They let the rest of this evening be calm and romantic before starting to work in the morning on finding Nathan Brooks. “Remember, if you need to come home tell me right away. I don’t care how far we’re into something”

“Okay” Fino kissed his head then went back to putting his shoes on so they could leave. Fed, dressed and armed with the information Nebi had gathered they left their home and set out to mess with a dangerous individual who obviously didn’t care atall about others lives. Upon getting in the car Allon asked “so where were we going first?”

“The park where you were attacked.”


He reached over and grabbed Allon’s hand. “It’s alright and besides, it’s daylight. His file says he only attacks at night.”

Allon nodded as he opened up the file again. “Full moons.”


“It says on full moon nights.”

“I actually found that pretty interesting. It was full moon when you were attacked right?”

“Yeah, I remember because I didn’t bring a flashlight or anything that night, even though it was cloudy. I mean there were plenty of shadows along the trail because of the trees and when the clouds would move, but it was bright enough that I could see the path.”

“It’s like something out of a movie. A damsel in distress, a monster in the dark.”

“I’m not a damsel.”

“Well, you’re quite beautiful and you do have a beast that likes to follow you around and attack you.” He winked and Allon blushed.

“Shut up.”

“That’s my wolf, I don’t like seeing you stressed.”

They arrived at the park with Allon curious as to why they would come knowing Nathan wouldn’t be here but he didn’t want to question Fino the entire time they looked into the werewolf. Allon knew his husband wouldn’t mind answering and probably scold him for even thinking he could be a bother but he didn’t want to hinder Finos progress. He just wanted to figure this man out so that he didn’t have to worry about Nathan coming after him again or worse, coming after and hurting Fino. Fino was an assassin but that didn’t mean nothing could hurt him. Allon actually enjoyed just watching Fino work. The look on his face was so serious but still incredibly handsome. He wasn’t sure Fino could make an unattractive face.

“You know if you don’t stop looking at me like that, we won’t be getting any work done.”

Allon blushed. “Wh…what do you mean?”

“Like I’m the most perfect male specimen in the world.” He chuckled. “I mean it’s true, but I start getting excited when my mate his staring at me like that.”

“Oh hush.”

Fino laced his fingers through Allon’s. “Well, he’s not here.” He sighed. “Of course that would be too easy.”

“You thought he might be?”

“Yeah, maybe revisiting the area, but he’s not.” He pulled Allon over to one of the benches and sat down. “Let’s stay here for a bit and see what happens. If he doesn’t show we’ll move on.”

“Okay.” He scooted closer and Fino let go of his hand to slide his arm over Allon’s shoulders. He leaned in and rubbed his nose over his cheek until he turned his head so Fino could kiss him. “Hey, you’re supposed to be paying attention.”

“I am, you seem to forget that I’m very, very good at what I do.”

“but was sitting here more about being close to me or seeing if he shows up?” Fino grinned “you know me too well at this point my love. Looking at me the way you did made me want to just be close to you for a bit and we are still in an area he likes so I’m working too. He wont be getting anywhere near you, that’s a fact for me so I’m not as worried as you but you should also know that as a fact. Absolutely nothing will ever harm you Allon, I love you too much…I need you too much’ The look in Finos eyes had him wondering if he was going to undress him right there in the park so he moved Fino back a little “baby, I think you’re getting too excited” He kissed Allons head “I am, I suppose we should get some ice cream or something to cool me down.”

“I could shove you in the pond.”

“I’d love for you to try.” Allon started laughing and Fino pressed a kiss to his forehead before standing and pulling him up. “Come on, ice cream.”

“Alright, sounds good you bad kitty.”

“But I’m a sexy bad kitty so it’s fine.”

They left the park and headed to the closest ice cream parlor. Allon went with the mystery flavor ice cream which tasted like fruit loops and Fino chose moose tracks. They decided to walk a little while they ate, Fino always on the look out, his ears and eyes open just in case. “Do you think he attacked me on purpose?” Allon asked.

“I don’t know.”

“It’s scary to think about. If he did it on purpose then he’s just a bad person, but if he didn’t then what?”

“I stop him either way. Your safety and the safety of this city are more important.”

“I know.”

“You’re pretty brave though, you know that? You attacked and wounded him, that gives us a good chance at finding him.”

“My adrenaline was pumping pretty hard. I was definitely in fight mode to stay alive”

“I think you could be a good fighter in general if you were ever interested in learning some things from me. You have good instincts and now you have all the power of a wolf. I’ll always be here to protect you and I love doing it but seriously, I do see a lot of potential in you to be skilled fighter”

“Maybe when I don’t have to devote so much time to studies”

“alright” Fino kissed his head again. Allon blushed though Fino so often did just that. Fino seemed to need to be touching him or to kiss him in some way.

“Where to next?” Allon asked once they were in the car.

“Nebi made a list of places he was seen before your attack.”


“He hacked into some stuff.”

Allon nodded. “I should meet Nebi.”

Fino arched an eyebrow. “Oh really?”

Allon smiled. “Are you jealous?”

“Maybe…yes. He’s been talking about meeting you too.”

“You know you don’t have to worry. I love only you. I just want to get to know your friend. He sounds interesting, I mean he does all this stuff. Could I?”

Fino took his hand. “You don’t have to ask, I’m sorry for acting so immature. It’s just that you are my first and only love and I may be being overprotective. I promise to set up a day for us to all hang out.”

“I dont feel you’re being immature Fino. It’s a normal emotion when you’re in love to get jealous. How you handle that jealousy determines if you’re mature or not and the way you’re handling it is mature.” Allon brought Finos hand to his lips and kissed it. They spent the day checking out the places Nebi listed to little gain. They hardly knew more than they were already given in the folder but this was only the first day so Fino didn’t feel too down about it. “we might just have to wait for a full moon Allon..I’m not just going to do nothing until then but maybe I’ll call Nebi tonight and set up a lunch meeting tomorrow somewhere if you’d like to talk to him”

“I would” Fino gave him an intense kiss that left Allon speechless “I trust you, know that if my jealousy gets the better of me at any moment. It wont be because I think you’ll leave…I just love you so much. I promise to do my best”

They searched a little longer, giving a couple of the places they had already been another scan then headed home where Fino helped Allon cook. That night Allon went and checked his email, seeing that he his article had been reviewed and approved and Fino called Nebi. “I’m finally getting to meet him? What happened? Let me guess he made you feel bad.”

“Shut up and answer me, lunch tomorrow or not?”

“I’d love too, let’s go to that sushi place. Your wolf likes sushi right?”

“He likes food.”

“Good, meet you there then.”

Fino hung up and sat his phone on the coffee table as he flopped down on the couch. “So, are we on for lunch?” Allon asked as he came into the living room with his laptop.

“We’re having sushi tomorrow.”

“Was that a joke on his part? Marine biologist and sushi.”

Fino chuckled. “Nebi just likes fish. What’s that for?”

“Oh, I wanted to show you that my article’s going to be published.”

Fino smiled “because you’re amazing” He chuckled then sat down beside Fino so he could still see the email. When they were done looking at it the laptop joined Finos cellphone on the coffee table so Allon could get comfortable in Finos arms. When lunch came tomorrow they arrived a little early and Nebi was right on time. “Allon, aren’t you adorable” he knew that might ruffle Fino but he just wasn’t built to keep anything he wanted to say inside of him. “it’s nice to meet you”

“lets go in” they were able to quickly get a table since this particular place didn’t normally get incredibly busy until dinner time and began looking over their menus. Once their orders were placed Nebi asked “so what’s it like being with Fino? I can tell you mean a great deal to him but..he’s well, rough around the edges”

“He’s really sweet to me”

Interesting, he usually threatens to skin me.”

Fino crossed his arms and looked out the window and Allon laughed. “Well that’s not very nice.”

“I can’t help it.” Fino mumbled.

“It’s kind of adorable how worked up he gets, you should see him when I mention you. If he was in leopard form his hair would be standing on end.”

“When I first met him I was scared and I thought my heart was going to explode. I mean he was up close and personal from the start. I’d turn around and he would be nose to nose with me.”

“You being so cute and innocent only made me want to get closer to you.” Fino said as he turned his attention to Allon. “Those big blue eyes and how shy you are, then there’s your scent. I was hooked from the beginning.” Allon’s cheeks reddened. “See?”

“I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous.” Nebi teased. “I’ve never seen Fino look at someone the way he looks at you.”

“It gives me a lot of confidence.” Allon replied. “When we met, I didn’t really have any, but every time he looks at me like that I feel, for a lack of a better word, amazing.”

“See? Aren’t you glad I brought you that job?”

Fino rolled his eyes. “Yes, thank you oh great an powerful Nebi.”

“So um how did you and Fino meet?”

“We were introduced through one of our employers and I’ve been his go to guy for work ever since. Your case is pro bono though, I don’t charge Fino. He might act like I annoy him and maybe I do, but I consider him to be my best friend. He’s really the only one who can put up with my blunt honesty and need to tease.”

Chapter Three

“We should set up stuff like this more often. Maybe next time we can all do something. All three of us are busy, especially you two but I don’t see why we can’t do something once a month together”

“Yeah Fino, how does that sound?”

“Okay” He uncrossed his arms so he could taken Allons hand until their sushi arrived which they all enjoyed while they continued talking and getting to know eachother. When their meal was over Nebi said “I’m holding you guys to this once a month thing”

“Is a lake trip really good with you two next time?”

“Yep” Nebi answered and with that they parted ways. “Thank you Fino”

“He’s a good guy”

“He definitely keeps you on your toes.”

“And he’s one of very few that I trust with you.”

“Oh? It certainly didn’t seem that way at first.”

“Nebi is Nebi, he’s sarcastic and honest and he has a big heart, sometimes he gets on my nerves, but make no mistake if I asked him to watch over you he would not hesitate to pick up a gun and kill. He can go from sweet to deadly in an instant if need be.”

“You’re still jealous.” Allon teased.

“I can’t help myself.” Fino pressed their foreheads together. “You’re my everything, the only one who makes me feel this crazy, this madly in love. Just know I would never keep you from the people and the things you love, no matter how jealous I may be. Your happiness is the most important thing to me.”


“I love you more and more everyday and with that love comes the need to let everyone know you’re mine. I’ll try not to go overboard though, I promise.”

“You dork.”

“Hot dork.” He rubbed their noses. “The next full moon is soon, we should get home, form a plan.”

They both climbed into the car and Fino drove them home. Allon always enjoyed looking out the window when they were in the car but Allon was doing it now to keep an eye out for Nathan. Chances weren’t high they’d so happen to pass him but he still wanted to keep an eye out on the way home. Once insideFino began discussing what they’d do the night of the full moon “you’ll want to be by my side that night?”

“Yes, I’m a wolf, I can be your back up if you need any help” Fino grinned “To be honest with you I’ve never wanted to kill something more so if the need arises he will be wiped out like that” Fino snapped and Allon sighed “if he can’t help it is there any way we can help him?”

“we can look into what ways, if any we can help him until dinner if you’d like”

They were still reading when it was time to start cooking so Fino took the laptop into the kitchen and continued while he chopped peppers and onions for fajitas and Allon cut up the meat. All of the articles they had found were pretty interesting. “So it’s genetics?” Allon said.

“Assuming that was his reason for attacking you, yes. Some shifters are just born not being able to control the change during the full moon. All of these articles just say all you can do is lock them up on those nights, but it’s not like people just have cells in their houses.”

“And I tried that.”

“You handcuffed yourself, that’s not exactly a full proof plan. I never asked where you got those by the way.”

Allon blushed. “Nowhere, focus on Nathan.”

Fino chuckled as he deposited the vegetables in the skillet. “We might just have to run him around until he changes back like I did with you.”

“You mean act as bait?” Allon swallowed.

“Hey, everything will be alright and besides he only has one eye, that means his perception if off. He might not be able to judge distance well and he has to focus harder to catch us. We play cat and mouse, forcing him to look only at us. If he’s doing it on purpose, I kill him, if he’s not we’ll run him until he collapses.”

“I really hope it wasn’t on purpose and that we can just figure out a way to keep him locked up on full moons. Maybe someone on the police force could help him out or he could buy some sort of cage to hold him and just have a friend locking him up when he needs it”

‘Yeah, there really are many solutions” When the night finally arrived they went right back to the park and neither were surprised when the growling came. Allons heart leapt in fear but he stood with Fino, ready to run with him when the werewolf before them started moving “Nathan, can you really not control yourself?” Fino asked, seeing if he was willing or could answer. The only answer that came was Nathan starting the chase. The two shifted, needing to so they could keep out of reach.

Allon had nearly forgotten how big Nathan was. Compared to the larger werewolf, he was so small and petite. The missing eye and dripping jaws made him look almost mad. Allon felt terror shoot through him as he kept pace with Fino What if he was caught again? Fino lightly bumped him, bringing him out of his fear and Allon continued running. Nathan chansed them all night, the adrenaline keeping Allon moving. When morning finally came and Allon was able to shift back, all he could do was gasp. Even though he often played with Fino in the woods, he still wasn’t used to running so much. Fino helped him to his feet as Nathan lay unconscious on the ground.

“Are you alright?” Fino asked as he gently ran his fingers through Allon’s hair.

“Yeah, he just scared me, sorry.”

“It’s okay, as long as you weren’t touched.”

“I’m fine, really.” Allon looked at the sleeping Nathan. “I never expected to see him looking so peaceful. He looks so normal.”

“I still wonder why he came back”

“Maybe if he cant help his shifts he just ends up traveling a lot or he came back to find me and apologize” They sat down, Allon cuddled up to Fino in his lap. They watched over Nathan much like Fino had watched Allon during their first encounter. When Nathan finally woke up it was with a gasp and then terror as he looked at Fino and Allon. “are you going to kill me?” he simply asked as he supported himself on his hands and knees. It didn’t seem like he would even defend if they were planning to. “You dont shift like that on purpose do you?”

“No, I can’t stop it…I have terrible dreams about the people I chase during this time….I’m why you’re a wolf too aren’t I?”


“You did this to my eye?”

“Yeah, I was just trying to protect myself” he nodded “I’m sorry, I really am”

“If you can’t help these shifts it’s not your fault”

“I should have killed myself, especially after I started killing and maiming people”

“There’s ways you can keep yourself under control, let us help you”

“You’d want to help me?”

“Yes, for your sake and honestly for others too” Nathan nodded and Fino stood with Allon “come with us, we’ll take you home and help you figure out how you’re going to keep yourse;f from hurting people during full moons” Nathan stood, exhausted from the chase the two of them had set him on last night. Nathan was staying in one of the worst motels in the area. It was the sort of place that took money by the hour for men to bring prostitutes and for other illegal dealings to go on. Fino wasn’t really surprised he was staying in a place like this.

Allon moved closer to Fino when some guy eyed him and Fino glared at the man which made him take a step back. He really hated the smell of this place and was amazed Nathan could stand it. “Fino, maybe we should get him a better room.” Allon said.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that, not after everything that’s happened.” Nathan said as he reached up and touched where his eye used to be.

“Allon’s right, this place isn’t good for someone like you.”

“What about my problem?”

“I have a friend who can get the things we need and set you up a safe house while the full moon runs its course.”

“I don’t know how to thank you, I don’t deserve this.” Nathan swallowed down the knot in his throat.

“You do, it’s not your fault” They took him to a much nicer hotel then called Nebi to pick up everything he’d need and start working on finding a suitable safe house. Nathan really didn’t understand why they wanted to help him but he was grateful he’d never hurt anybody again, he carried so much guilt. Almost a week later when, with the help of Nebi, Nathan was taken care of Nathan apologized one more time to Allon who expressed not only forgiving him but a desire to be his friend which caused Nathan to hug Allon. “Hey, it’s all okay” Allon soothed. Once Nathan was out the door to start his new life with a permanent place to stay and a good job Fino took Allon in his arms, thankful to finally have him to himself again. “Lets take a shower”

“why, because someone else hugged me?”

“I’m sorry”

“No, it’s fine, I was just teasing you Fino”

“If I get too possessive, tell me. I don’t want to make you feel suffocated.”

“Hush, it’s actually pretty cute. I love when you rub your scent on me. I’ve even heard you purr.”

“That’s because being close to you makes me extremely happy.” He rubbed their noses, making Allon smile. “You have no idea what you do to me, how needy I am when I’m near you.”

“I think I have an idea.” He blushed.

Fino chuckled as he hoisted Allon over his shoulder and carried him into the bathroom where he sat him on the counter. He got the shower started then turned back to Allon, his hands pulling at his clothes. “I love the feel of you, how soft and warm your skin is.”

“The shower, Fino.”

Fino smiled and started undressing with his husband before getting under the hot spray of the shower. Fino squirted body wash into his hands and began to gently wash Allon. When both men were clean they dried and went straight to bed, enjoying just being skin to skin and absolutely alone. “I love you Allon”

“I love you too Fino” Things were perfect yet again. Nathan would never be a problem and his amazing little wolf only had their scents on him. More importantly they could just be like this, in eachothers arms with their skin pressed into one anothers. Fino sometimes just wished the world around them would stop so he’d never have to leave a moment as perfect as this.

~ The End

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