Fino & Allon

Chapter One

Allon was terrified. Even though he had taken every precaution, he was still afraid of hurting someone. He checked handcuffs that held his arms behind his back, making sure they were secure. When he had first been bitten, he had not believed the creature that had attacked him. It had been the single most terrifying experience of his life and he just wanted to believe it had been a regular dog, but once he had come to terms with his attack he admitted to himself that it had indeed been a werewolf. He remembered the sharp teeth piercing his flesh, the claws slicing at his stomach. He remembered screaming and reaching for the knife in his pocket. His survival instincts had taken over and he had managed to stab the beast pinning him down. The animal had run away and he had found the strength to pull his cell phone free from his pocket and call for help. It wasn’t fair this had happened to him. He had walked through that park many times and had never been attacked. That night, he had been unlucky.

“Please don’t let me kill anyone, please.” He said to his quiet apartment. “Please, I beg you, please.” He glanced out the window. Soon the full moon would show its face and he would make his first change.

Fino ran across the roofs of the buildings, jumping from one to the other with ease. His cat like reflexes took over, allowing him to land gracefully on his feet. He was on the hunt this night, his contract stating that he had to kill a man name Roger Harrison. As soon as the sun had set, he had been on the prowl. He had been brought proof that the man was more than what he appeared, a predator in disguise, a rapist who tortured his victims. He knew the man would not be out this night, that he would be at home. Roger Harrison hunted in spurts, each month he would attack exactly six women, then he would stop. Fino’s colleagues believed it was some kind of OCD. He had to kill him tonight, had to save the world from his corruption. Finding the man’s apartment complex was easy and sneaking in was even easier. He found himself standing in the darkness of the man’s room, his nose taking in the man’s scent.

“Wake up.” He hissed out and Roger Harrison’s eyes snapped open. He fumbled for the light and nearly fell out of bed when he saw Fino standing there.

“Who are you?”

“May Hell do to you what you did to so many.” Fino jumped on him, a knife suddenly in his hand. He raised it high, Roger Harrison screaming. It came down hard and fast, drove through the man’s chest and into his heart. “Piece of shit.” He ripped the knife out and was about to jump out of the window when he heard a howl sound from the floor above him then the sound of a struggle and glass shattering. He looked out the window, seeing a werewolf climbing up the side of the building and jumping to the next building. It was on the small side and he could tell by the way it looked and moved that this was a first change. “Shit.” He said in irritation. He had to stop the wolf before it killed someone.

Fino crawled up the building quickly then began jumping after the werewolf. It was effortless but stressful. If the werewolf killed anybody while he had it in his sights he would feel responsible for the death. When he was close enough Fino pounced on the wolf, taking two tight fistfulls of fur. He growled, jumping down off the building into the city street below. Luckily he didn’t hurt anybody since these roads werent busy so late at night. It tried to grab at Fino but was missing each time. Some of it had to do with Finos agility, some of it had to do with this being a new changeling.

Fino eventually hopped off, doing everything he could to keep the werewolfs attention on him. He guided it out of the city, further and further, both wearing the creature out and keeping everyone else from harm. In the end Fino had more stamina and the wolf collapsed, falling asleep. The safest thing for everyone would be to kill him but Fino couldn’t. Instead he planned on sitting there and waiting to meet whoever this creature really was and find out how he had gotten this way.

The first thing Allon heard was a heart beat. It was loud, but steady. A smell reached his nose, unfamiliar. He felt he was laying face down as his body began to wake, his face pressed into the cold, damp earth. He groaned then slowly opened his eyes. His head ached, as well as the rest of his body. It felt like he had been beaten. “Good morning.” A voice said, startling him, but when he tried to raise his head, a wave of dizziness hit and he wound up laying back down. “Here, let me help.” He felt hands slide under his shoulders and he was being rolled over. Sunlight hit his eyes and he had to squeeze them shut. When he opened them again he was staring into a pair of green eyes. “Hello youngling.”

“Who…are you?” His mouth was dry and his throat sore.


“I feel like I got his by a truck.”

“That would be from you bones reforming.”

Allon felt panic set in. “Did I…did I…”

“You didn’t kill anyone, I distracted you.”

Tears of relief sprang into Allon’s eyes and before he knew it he was crying. “Oh thank you, thank you.”

“I was going to kill you.”

“You should have.”

Fino smiled. “I was curious.” He helped Allon set up. “This thing will not happen again. It only happens the first time, when the beast is taking over your body.”

“I can hear everything and smell, I…I don’t want this.”

“Come, let’s get you home, you’re practically naked and I would like to know what happened to you little wolf.”

They didn’t talk much during the walk to Allons home. Fino understood what Allon had just gone through was a lot to process so was giving him time to be in his own head. When they arrived Fino suggested “why don’t you shower”

“with a stranger in my home?”

“well look if I was going to do something to you I had all the opportunity I needed when I wore you down. Waiting until you’ve woken up and I’ve walked you home would just be stupid”

“I dont know what kind of psycho you are. Maybe it’s a part of your thrill. You could” Fino held up his hand “wait wait wait wait….before you continue this absurd thought you watch Investigation Discovery or are just a crime show fan in general..only a crime show addict would be thinking of something like that” Allon blushed and walked away. Fino chuckled and took the nearest seat, Allon was sort of adorable flustered.

Allon was shocked at how wrecked his room was and groaned at the broken window. He had made this home after escaping his parents and now it was ruined. Fresh tears filled his eyes as he pulled clean clothes out of the chest of drawers and went into the bathroom. He stopped to stare at himself in the mirror for a moment. He was a mess, his hair disheveled, his eyes seeming even bluer due to the tears. He felt like a kid again, trapped and all alone. He wanted desperately to call his sister, but he wouldn’t be able to handle being called crazy by her. She had been his only friend for a long time and she was the only family he had. He dropped his stuff on the counter and pulled off what was left of his clothes then switched the water on. He hated that his plan had failed, but was thankful no one had been injured. The water felt good on his skin and it eased the aching in his bones and muscles. He closed his eyes, taking a few moments to calm down from his shock and fear.

Fino walked around the apartment, looking things over. There weren’t that many pictures and the ones he did have were of him and a woman. Studying there features, he concluded they were siblings. She was taller than he was by at least a couple of inches and it made Fino smile. The kid was definitely cute. “That’s my sister, Reina.” Fino turned, trying not to grin at how unkempt the wolf looked.

“I figured. That was a quick shower.”

“I caught my breath.” He walked over to the picture and lifted it off the wall. “She’s older, eight years older.”

“You look a lot alike.” He studied the wolf, taking in every detail out of habit. “So how did you get changed?”

Allon put the picture back then went over and stared out the living room window. “I was walking home and I was attacked.” He turned and lifted his shirt so Fino could see his stomach. “It left scars.” He then showed his shoulder. “Mental and physical.” He turned away again. “So what now, what do I do?”

“You learn, you adapt.”

“I just want to be normal.”

“That’s really not an option.”

“I know.” Flashing lights caught his attention and he moved his face closer to the glass. “The police are here, why are the police here?” He looked over his shoulder. “You said I didn’t kill anyone.”

“You didn’t, but I did.” Allon turned completely around, feeling suddenly terrified.

“You lied.”

“No, I said I wasn’t going to hurt you. I killed the man downstairs.” He swallowed and started to bolt, but Fino was much faster. He had Allon pressed against the window, a hand over his mouth. “Calm down, I’m not some psychopath, I had my reasons. So please, don’t freak out. I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” Allon nodded and Fino dropped his hand. He caught a whiff of the wolf’s scent and leaned a little closer.


“Sorry.” He pulled back. “You have a nice scent.”

Allon blushed, his heart flipping in his chest. “Oh, so you’re…”

“A shifter.”

“Oh, so could you maybe help me then? I don’t know anyone else like you.”

Fino didn’t usually stick around after a kill, but there was something about Allon’s big, innocent blue eyes that drew him in. Maybe it was the tears, maybe it was the fact he was nearly jumping at his own shadow, but either way it made Fino feel protective and a tad bit responsible. “Oh alright, just stop looking like you’re going to cry.”

“i need to know why you would kill my neighbor”

“after the month you’ve had you don’t need to hear all the details about that disgusting man but what I will tell you is he was a rapist. Worse than that, he couldn’t just rape them, he tortured them. He was doing this to six women every month. I only kill the truly evil people, there isn’t one person that didn’t deserve it.” Allon swallowed “so you’ve killed more than just him?”

“yes and I can give you a list and all the reasons why but I think you need to come to terms with yourself before we get deep into that.”

“Can I ask you why you don’t trust the police to handle these people?”

“That in itself could be a long explanation. One reason I know you can understand is that the prison system is overloaded. Do you know how many sickos get released early simply because there just isn’t room for all the people getting locked up? There are just some people that need to be removed, not just removed from society but removed from existence so there is no chance they can hurt another human being again. Even with this last guy. If you knew in detail the horrific, twisted things he did to those women you’d be thanking me for doing what I did.”

Chapter Two

Allon wanted to avert his gaze, but he was afraid. “What if the cops come here asking if I heard anything? What if they see the window?”

Fino shrugged. “I’ll tell them I’m your boyfriend and we didn’t hear anything last because we we were preoccupied.”

Allon felt heat creep up his neck. “Th…that’s a stretch.”

“Do you not like guys?”

Now he did look away. “I do, but…it’s personal. You can tell them you’re my boyfriend, but can you just leave the rest implied?”

Fino looked him over. He was hiding something. “Fine, for now, but I do deserve to know a bit about you since I’m sticking around.”

“Like what?”

“Your family, what you do, your age, anything you’re willing to share.”

He swallowed and raised his gaze, shivering when his eyes met Fino’s. “Will you tell me things about you too?”

“Alright, we’ll trade info. Tomorrow we’ll get started on your training. The first thing you have to master is your nose.”

“Alright…thank you for staying”

“thank you for not running to the police and telling them I’m in your apartment.”

“I’m not sure why you even admitted it to me”

“I’m not ashamed and I’m not a liar. You asked me a question so I answered. I just don’t want to go to jail. There shouldn’t be evidence but it would save me a lot of trouble if you didn’t try to turn me in.”

“I guess as scary as knowing all this is it’s pretty comforting at the same time you’re THAT honest” Fino chuckled “people think lies help them in life when really all it does is make your life harder. Even if it’s just lieing by omission, still causes you more trouble than it’s worth” Allon rubbed his neck ‘depends on the situation..”

“Something else that’s too personal to talk about?”

“My parents are Christian Scientists, so I’m sure you can do the math.”

“So, disown the gay son who believes in doctors instead of faith?”

“Yeah, my sister is all I have and because of me, it’s been hard for her to get along with our parents. To them, I’m nothing but a useless mistake and my “lifestyle” is a black mark on them.” Fino wasn’t sure what to say so he just patted Allon on the head, receiving a blush and a slightly perturbed look. “Hey I know I’m a dog now, but do you have to pet me.”

“You’re kind of cute.”

Allon swatted his hand away. “Just, stop.” He wished Fino wasn’t so honest. It was more than embarrassing. “So, I should clean my room, it’s pretty wrecked.”

“Would you like help?”

“No!” He blushed. “I mean, I can do it, you just sit or something.”

“You haven’t told me nearly enough about you, let me at least sit in your room.”

He didn’t want anyone in his room, he had never even invited another person in there. “I…”

“I’m not going to kill you or take advantage of you or anything.”

“Fine, I guess, just don’t touch anything.”

He huffed in mock frustration “but my plan was to touch everything, dammit”

“you really are an ass” Allon said curtly before walking into his room. Fino forced his laughter down before he went too far with his teasing and actually upset him. Allon began cleaning so Fino began questioning “How old are you?”


“I’m 27, so the age difference isn’t bad”

“for what?”

“well dating of course” Allon was beet red again, not saying anything to Finos response. Fino then asked “how’d you get so short?”

“Will you just get out of my room until I’m done” Fino chuckled “I’m sorry, I’ll really stop teaseing. I’m honestly surprised I feel like playing with you so much.”


“I just dont get close to people really. I’m tight with my family but aside from that I keep people at arms length.”

“So you picking on me should be a compliment?”


“I think you’re just a jerk who likes messing with people smaller than him.” He bent down to pick up the handcuffs that he had broken and when he straightened back up Fino was right in front of him. He yelped and backed up and Fino grabbed him.

“Easy, there’s glass all over the floor and and open window, I wouldn’t want you getting hurt.” He let go. “I mean the fall wouldn’t kill you, but you’d definitely be in a lot of pain.”

“I can’t die?” His eyes were wide with shock.

“You won’t age, being stabbed and shot aren’t that big of a deal unless it’s in the head or heart or an artery and a fall would have to be pretty high to kill you on impact. The body of a shifter is very resilient.”

“This is all just so much to take in.” He looked about ready to fall down so Fino grabbed his shoulders and bent down to make eye contact.

“Just breathe, everything’s going to be okay.”

“This sucks.”

“It’s not all that bad, immortality, fast healing, heightened senses and a killer sex drive, it’s actually pretty good.”

“Sex drive?” He felt himself getting nervous and pulled away. “What does that mean, am I going to be running around like some horny teenager or something?”

Fino chuckled and shook his head. “Out of all the things I listed, that disturbs you most?”

He blushed and shoved him. “It’s none of your business. Why am I even talking to you, you just make me want to hit you.”

“Because I’m charming?”

“As a rattlesnake.”

“Alright, alright I’m sorry. What do you do all day? There, subject changed.”

“I go to school.” He started cleaning again. “I want to be a marine biologist.”

“Nice, I hope that works out for you”

“Do you think this will hurt that?”

“Not at all and now you have a lot more time to try. If you fail a few classes and ahve to retake them what does it matter to an immortal?” Allon let out a breath of air that was almost a laugh “I guess that is one major perk. I’ve spent most the time so far terrified”

“Well now you have me. I’ll make sure you know how to take full advantage of what you are now. It really isn’t all bad” Allons stomach began to grumble. He ignored it until Fino offered “why don’t you let me go get us somthing?”

“Chinese would be good”

“Chinese it is, be back”

“Okay, be careful.”

Fino chuckled. “Careful is my middle name.”

Fino opted for the window since it was faster and Allon watched him as he climbed down. He wondered if he would ever be that agile, or if it was just a cat thing. He sighed and went back to cleaning. He was embarrassed by the claw marks in the wall where he had struggled to get himself loose. He couldn’t even remember that first change, it was like everything had gone red. He had to hold onto the hope that Fino was telling the truth and he would be able to control this. Fino kept a slow, casual pace as he walked the streets. It had been a long time since he had actually walked among the pedestrians. Going from roof to roof was so much faster, but he preferred not drawing any attention to himself until the death of his latest victim was no longer being investigated. He sniffed out a good Chinese place and ordered a lot. Allon would be hungry after his first change, it took a lot out of the body.

Knocking on his apartment door startled Allon and his heart hammered against his chest as he waited. It came again, a bit more insistent and he swallowed as he went to check the peephole. It was a couple of police officers. His hands shook as he unlocked the door and he took a deep breath before pulling it open. “We’re sorry for interrupting your day, but we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions about the man who lives below you?”

“Mr. Harrison?”

“Yes, we were wondering if you heard anything last night, anything strange?”

“No, not really. He was always pretty quiet, kept to himself. We never really spoke.”

The officers nodded. “We got reports of howling coming from here and we noticed your window is broken. Did something happen last night?”

“The only howling was the TV.” Fino was suddenly standing right behind him and Allon looked up, blushing at how close he was. “The window happened while we were…” he smiled, “it’s private, but I’ll be paying for the damage.”

“And you are?”

Fino placed his hands on Allon’s shoulders. “His boyfriend, Fino.”

“And did you hear anything last night coming from downstairs?”

“No, but I was preoccupied so I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“Alright then, if anything comes to mind that you feel is important to the case just let us know” Allons heart was racing as he quickly shut the door. Fino could see Allons was red and tried not to chuckle as he followed Allon to eat. “did you come back in through the window?” Allon asked “yep”

“that doesn’t draw attention during the day?”

“Not with how fast I do it. I don’t leave a lot of time for people to notice. I didn’t want to come in the normal way and risk the cops knowing I wasn’t here all night”

“Yeah, that was smart.”

“well lets just eat”

Allon ate like he was starving. He had never known hunger like he was experiencing now and found himself blushing when he noticed Fino staring at him. He forced himself to slow down and Fino grinned. “Stop laughing.” Allon said.

“You have little bit on your face.” He grabbed a napkin and wiped it off, making Allon’s heart beat faster. He couldn’t help but mess with him, he was just far too cute.

“Maybe you should teach me something.”


“Please, I learn fast and I feel so scared, so just anything.”

Fino sighed. “Alright, try smelling me.”

“Smelling?” He started to lean closer and Fino chuckled.

“Not that I don’t like having your close, but I meant from where you were sitting. Trying finding my scent over all of the others.”

Allon sniffed. “I can’t smell you at all.”

“It takes focus at first. Take in everything and then start isolating each smell. Ignore the food, your body wash, the smell of your home, and find me. You’ll know it when you find it.”

“Wh…what do I smell like?”

“Woodsy, like fur, like predator. You have a really nice, attractive smell. There’s not an ounce of dominance in it.”


“Shifters can both smell and feel energy. You’ll be able to tell who is dominant and who is submissive before you even see their body language.”

“I don’t need my senses to tell me what you are. You like to invade space and you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind, no matter how embarrassing it is.”

Fino smiled. “So, get to smelling and make sure you eat all your food.”

Finishing his food was no problem aside from trying to keep himself from scarfing it all down too fast and embarrassing himself. When it was all gone Allon had his full concentration on sorting smells. At first it seemed impossible to even smell things normally again. Everything just seemed so strong and almost overwhelming. Fino was patient, which surprised Allon a little. His voice remained calm, cool and instructive until Allon could control how strong everything came in a little bit more and could work on sorting. “You’re doing well” Fino praised and Allon sighed “doesn’t feel like it” Fino shrugged “You are, you already know I wouldn’t lie.”


Chapter Three

Fino chuckled. “The hardest part is shifting, it’s a whole new world.”

“Shifting, like before?”

“No, you were out of control and in a half beast form. I’ll show you how to become a full wolf tomorrow.” He reached out and patted Allon’s head. “I bet you’re beautiful.”

Allon felt heat creep into his face. “St…stop. Why are you teasing me?”

“Because your embarrassment is cute.” He leaned closer, his nose nearly touching Allon’s. “You look like you’re about to run away. Have you never had anyone get this close?”

“Not your business.”

Fino let out another chuckle. He was beginning to suspect something about the newly turned wolf and wanted to tease him a bit more. He rubbed their noses together and Allon looked about read to fall out of his seat. “I really, really like your smell.”

Allon came to his feet, his heart hammering much to loudly for his liking. “I…I think I should rest. Will you be staying?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I have blankets.”

“Most people do.”

“Shut up, they’re for the couch.”

Fino grinned. “The couch? Are you saying you’d force me to sleep on the couch after lying to the police? Shouldn’t I sleep with you?”

“No!” He felt even more embarrassed at his outburst. “I mean…I…I’ve never…” Having the attractive cat in his bed would be more than he could take, but he worried he was right. What if the cops came back and saw they weren’t acting the part. In his panic he didn’t see Fino was merely teasing him and wound up agreeing. “Fine, just stay on your side.”

“I’ll do my best, but who knows what could happen, you’re so cute.”

“I mean it.”

“Alright, alright, but it’s still early, let’s finish eating then I’ll cover your window.”

Allons heart was still racing. All he could think about was wanting to go into his room by himself but he didn’t want to embarrass himself any more by letting Fino know he just wanted to be away from his overwhelming presence for a bit. Fino was right, it was too early for bed so Allon stayed in the living room for awhile longer. Fino laid off the teasing for the rest of the evening, knowing when it was time to stop. His sister punching him countless times since their childhood had taught him when to stop. “show me your spare blankets so I can use one to cover up this window”

They decided on one then Fino quickly got it covered “I’m serious about fixing this for you, just at a later time”

“thank you”

“Just remember, it’s not your fault.”

“I walk that way all the time.”

He grabbed Allon’s shoulders and turned him so they were facing. “When predators hunt they go after the weakest. Whether it be someone smaller or someone sick. You were attacked because the werewolf sensed vulnerability. You’re short and you look like someone who tries to make himself look smaller.”

“So I’m just a weakling?”

“If it wasn’t you it could have been someone else, another man, a woman, a child, even an animal. That wolf was on the hunt and he found you. You looked and smelled like food.” He grinned and winked. “Not that I could blame him, you definitely smell good.”

Allon pulled away. “I’m not food.”

“Depends on who you ask.” Fino stepped closer and Allon stepped back until he was against his chest of drawers. Fino bent down, his face right in front of Allon’s. “Why do I make you so nervous little wolf?”


“Private, I know, but I’m curious.”

“Curiosity killed the cat you know.”

“Not many cats as skilled as me though, so I think I’m safe.”

Allon got a panicked look in his eyes. “I’m thirsty, aren’t you?”


“Well, I am so move.”

Fino leaned in closer, his lips close enough to kiss and Allon froze, his heart dancing uncontrollably in his chest. Fino grinned and pulled back. “Go on then.”

Allon wanted to bolt into the kitchen but managed to walk like a normal person. Fino wasn’t really doing anything aside from messing around, he probably wasn’t even really attracted to him so Fino being so close shouldn’t make him so nervous. Allon kept telling himself to calm down, Fino just liked to mess with people and these interactions were nothing but a game to him. As Allon walked back into the room he was still repeating in his head “Just relax, he’s just playing around. He’ll teach you what you need to know then leave to probably never be seen again”

Allon stopped and became wide eyed when he saw Fino under the covers, only his lap covered with his chest out bare “te….tell me you’re wearing pants….” Fino chuckled again “No but I’m wearing boxers. This is how I sleep little wolf”

“I…maybe the couch then…you know for me.”

Fino patted the bed. “Don’t be shy, just act normal.”

“Normal, it’t hard to act normal when…when…” He gestured to Fino’s partial nudity. “That, all of that.”

“I won’t do anything weird.”

Allon swallowed. “Promise?”

“Of course.”

He shakily pulled off his clothes, leaving his boxers on. He hazarded a glance up and turned bright red at Fino staring at him. He crawled under the covers and immediately turned his back. He felt the bed shift behind him and an arm go around his waist, making him nearly jump out of his skin. “It’s your smell, there’s something about it that’s just so tempting.” Fino whispered in his ear. “I also can’t help but mess with you. Every time you make that panicked, nervous face it makes me want to tease you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” His voice was a nervous whisper.

“Tomorrow I’ll teach you everything I know, it’ll be fun.”

“Okay.” Allon bit his lip. “Fino, do you like me?”

“Sure, I wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

“But that’s because you feel responsible.”

“I feel something.” He snuggled closer and smiled at Allon’s accelerated heart beat. “Calm down, I just like cuddling, a lot of shifters do. Get some rest, okay, tomorrow’s a big day.”

“okay” It was easier said than done but Fino was honest and if he said he wouldn’t do anything Allon trusted he wouldn’t. Allon drifted off to sleep with Fino soon following. In the morning Fino was still holding him close when Alon woke. He laid there, amazed at how warm and comforting this felt. Allon felt so rested and for some reason secure. He swallowed and decided to get up before Fino woke and teased him for feeling this way. Allon only had to move the slightest bit to begin getting up to wake Fino “so soon” Fino asked sleepily “we…you have a lot to teach me and we need to repair the window”

“Excuses, just say you hate cuddling with me.”

“I didn’t mean…”

“I’m kidding, I’m up.” He let Allon go, letting out a little huff. He was comfortable, more comfortable than he had ever been. It was also nice having the wolf’s scent everywhere. He stretched and Allon stared at him for a moment. Fino looked at him and he quickly looked away and grabbed some clothes. Fino did his best not to laugh as he got up and pulled his clothes on. “I am not big on mornings.”

“You, the mighty hunter?” Allon replied as he left the room to make breakfast.

“Did I just hear you tease me?” Fino asked as he followed him and he could see Allon’s ears turn red.

“No.” He got a pot of coffee started then pulled out bacon and eggs. He felt Fino behind him and turned around. “I…I…”

Fino reached around him for the cabinet door and pulled out a couple of coffee cups. “I take it you’re a cream and sugar man.” All Allon could do was nervously nod. “I’m a black coffee man myself, the sugar makes my cat act weird.”

“How did you know they were there?”

“My nose.” He leaned closer. “And just so you know, cats are night hunters.” He inhaled then pulled back with a smile. “I think I’m going to enjoy teaching you.”

“Oh and why is that?” Allon turned his back so he could start breakfast.

“I get to see you naked.”


“You’ll tear your clothes if you don’t take them off to shift.” Allon could feel the smile, he wasn’t sure how, but he knew Fino was grinning. “You’ll get to see me too.”

“I will throw an egg at you.”

“I don’t think that’s true, you admired me stretching” Allon felt feverish “I was hardly admiring anything” Finos laugh sounded so happy it made Allon feel like smiling. “get your breakfast ready before you overheat” Fino said then started getting the coffee ready. When they finished eating they continued to sit and just sip their coffee “Does your family know you’re a shifter?”

“Of course, will yours?”

“I’ll tell my sister after I know more about what that all means. She’ll have questions and I wont have answers right now” Fino nodded “I’m sorry your parents are apparently asses”

“They love me, their minds are just warped by their religion.”

“so I’m assuming they aren’t okay with the whole gay thing”

“No, I’m a disappointment. When I was a kid, they thought they could pray anything away and I almost died, I would have if not for my sister. She’s always accepted me without question. I wish things were different between my parents and I, but I’m not going to pretend for them. It’s hard sometimes. No family gatherings for me.”

“It’s not your fault they’re idiots and I would apologize for name calling, but anyone who would call you a disappointment is stupid.” Allon’s heart skipped a beat and Fino hid his smile behind his coffee cup. “Any boyfriends?”

Allon blushed. “Yeah, but nothing that stuck.”

“And why is that?”

“Because, there was something they didn’t like about me that made them feel like I wasn’t worth the time so they left.”

“Was it your parents?”

Allon shook his head. “They don’t even have my address.” He traced the table nervously and Fino grabbed his hand, making his heart leap.

“They certainly didn’t deserve you then.”

“We should go out right?”

“Do you hate me being here?”


“Then stop running. I’m here to help, so let me. I like you, I really do and you look so distressed.”

Allon pulled his hand away. “It’s better if you don’t know, you’d just laugh at me.” He finished his coffee. “Let’s go out.”

Fino sighed. “Alright, fine.”

“I’m a pretty disappointing wolf right, I’m such a wuss.”

Fino stood and leaned across the table, making Allon swallow. “Lesson number two, never talk down about yourself, always be confident. All shifters are good at reading body language and we can hear fear and worry. Be proud of who and what you are. You are such a unique and wonderful individual so walk tall, there’s no reason to be ashamed of anything.” He grinned, getting a devilish look in his eyes. “Don’t think I won’t show you just how fantastic you are.”

“Uh…um…out, we need out. It’s hot in here and I need air.”

Allon went between embarrassment and liking the feel of Fino holding his hand. He told himself to stop thinking about it, it was all fake so Fino didn’t get arrested. He clutched his keys in his other hand hard enough that they bit into his skin and left indentations. It helped him focus on walking. He was a little nervous when Fino pulled him into the woods, that same fear of something bad happening creeping back in. He knew Fino wouldn’t harm him, but the man was tall and powerful, he towered over everything.

“What are we doing?”

“Getting far enough away people won’t see two naked dudes playing in the woods and call the cops.”


“For shifting shape.”

“Oh…yeah.” Allon looked at his feet and Fino bumped him, making him look back up.

“There you go, I like seeing your face, especially those big baby blues.”


Fino pulled him to a stop and he nervously raised his head. “Is it wrong to be attracted to you?”

“No, but you don’t even really like me right?”

“It’s more like I don’t know why. I just can’t describe it. It’s like animal magnetism. There’s something about you that’s pulling at something in me. I want to jump your bones and spoil you and tease you. Yesterday, while I was waiting for you to wake up, I thought you were the most adorable thing I had ever seen. You were so vulnerable and you looked so innocent, I just wanted to eat you up. It’s an animal thing, a hunger I can’t explain and you’re the first to ever make me feel that way.”

Allon felt butterflies at his words. “I…I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything, I just like you, even if you don’t believe me.” He looked around. “This spot is good.”


“For shifting.”

“Oh yeah, sorry.” He let go of Fino’s hand and grabbed his shirt, but couldn’t bring himself to pull it off. He could feel Fino watching and it was embarrassing. “Do you have to stare? You could turn around right?”

Fino chuckled. “I’ll be naked too so no worries. Nudity is common among our kind. In wolf packs people don’t usually notice they’re naked since they often shift shape to teach their young or fight.” Fino started taking his own clothes off to show Allon it was okay, but that just made it worse. He just stood there gaping like some teenager. “I know, I’m gorgeous, but this is about teaching, nothing sexual, I promise. Just leave your clothes somewhere easy to find. After this, we’ll go and get someone to replace your window.”

Chapter Four

Allon took a deep breath in and out before tugging his shirt off. He then tried to pretend that insanely gorgeous man wasn’t standing beside him as he undid his belt. When Allon had managed to remove all of his clothes Fino gave him the up and down but did it brief and quickly so not to bog Allon down with nervousness. He wanted Allon to love this part of him and be comfortable so teasing would have to wait. “You ready to shift?”

“I’d like to hurry and do so” Allon said, not looking directly at Fino. “Allon”

“yeah?” Fino had wanted to say how handsome he was but instead began telling him how to will the change. Before Allon even realized it he was standing on all fours. Now Fino really was staring, Allon was a gorgeous white wolf with the same stunning eyes he had in human form. Fino truly hoped Allon was good enough with the use of his senses to know just how breathtaking his wolf form was.

He wanted to bend down and run his fingers through his fur, but he refrained and shifted shape. Allon had that same wide eyed, unsure look and Fino comforted him by rubbing against him. He knew he would be blushing if he was in human form, but he wanted him to know there was nothing to fear. He bounded a little ways away then jerked his head to indicate he wanted Allon to follow. The wolf did, tentatively at first. He tried to make the experience fun by showing him how easily he could now move through the underbrush. He was happy when he started to enjoy playing in the woods. He playfully swatted Allon’s face then ran off, glancing over his shoulder to see Allon looking a bit confused at first. When Allon realized he wanted to be chased, he ran after him as fast as he could.

Allon couldn’t believe how fast Fino was, but his wolf urged him to chase the large cat. It was exciting and he found himself being tugged along by his senses. It wasn’t long before he lost sight of the cat and he had to stop. He turned this way and that, smelling Fino, but not seeing him. He became confused and a little worried. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he looked up just in time to see Fino jumping down from a tree. The cat landed on top of him and he yelped, involuntarily changing back to his human form. Fino shifted back, unable to stop himself from laughing. Allon couldn’t move, not with Fino naked and on top of him. He opened his mouth, but no words came out he was so surprised and nervous.

Fino smiled down at him as he leaned down and rubbed noses, unable to help himself. “You’re incredibly sexy.”

“M…me?” Allon finally found his voice. “You…you’re…”

Fino wanted to kiss him, to show him how beautiful he was, but stopped just before their lips met. Allon was shaking and he was unsure if it was excitement or fear. “Allon, I won’t hurt you, I just…” He was truly at a loss which was new for him.

“I’m sorry.” Allon covered his face. “I should be flattered, but…I…” He was afraid, afraid of more rejection. He didn’t want to be laughed at again. He tried to play it off, but it actually hurt to be made fun of.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Fino felt bad for upsetting him so bad and moved off of him and pulled him up and into a hug. “I shouldn’t have pushed you so far, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s me.”

“Hush, you’re perfect the way you are. Let’s find our clothes and get that window replaced.”


“No need to apologize. I got out of hand and I should have known better.”

Fino made himself let Allon go then walked beside him, feeling like a crappy person for coming so close to kissing Allon. Allon could barely handle them being close, why would a kiss be okay. Allon was sheepish at his side. Fino was a knockout, a knockout that was attracted to a puny thing like him and all he did was freak out. They dressed then went to home depo. Fino got what he needed then returned to Allons apartment. They hadn’t spoken much and Allon didn’t want things to be like this so he hugged Fino as soon as he set the stuff down. It honestly surprised him but he happily hugged back, glad that almost kissing him hadn’t made Allon not want him around.

“we’re okay?” Fino asked and Allon answered “I can’t believe you’re asking me that…”

“I’m the ass who tried to kiss you”

“and I’m an idiot, an annoying idiot”

“what did I say about putting yourself down, stop it” Allon ended the hug and sighed. He rubbed his right arm with his left hand and looked sort of to the side of Fino “I’m…” he wanted to be honest but the words hadn’t even left his mouth yet and he felt like crying. A guy like Fino could easily bed anybody he wanted, what would be the point in waiting around for him to be ready. “you’re? Please talk to me”

Allon tried to take steady breaths again then said in a small voice “I’m a virgin and…well…thats why the men I date keep breaking up with me..they get fed up with me…and I…um” It looked like Allon might cry and it made Fino feel panicked. He grabbed Allons face “I guessed that already little wolf. I don’t care, I can wait. I’m sure asshats have said that before but I truly mean it. You’re worth so much more than just sex. You’re amazing, I can see it in just this brief time I’ve known you. Your exs are complete morons and when they’ve caught an STD from someone easy to bed they will regret being morons. I dont want easy, I want amazing, I want a good relationship with somebody and that means I want you Allon”

“You’re just saying that. You can have any man you want and I’m just…I’m…” His eyes filled with tears and Fino kissed him. His tears spilled over, sliding down his cheeks and off his chin.

“Don’t cry, I mean it. Believe me, I’ve never been so captivated by anyone.” Fino brushed the tears away and gave him another gentle kiss. “Everything about you has captured me. I feel so content in your presence. I feel so lucky and blessed to have stumbled upon you.”

“I’m so plain.”

“Stop lying or I’ll have to punish you.” He backed him up until he was trapped against the living room wall. “I want you Allon, I want to hold you down and dominate you, I want you to be mine and only mine. I’ll kill any other male who dares touch you.”

“Fino, I…”

He kissed him again, letting his tongue delve into the warmth of his mouth. He was amazed at the effect those lips had on him. He was almost feverish with his need and didn’t know he had Allon pinned against the wall until he pulled back. “I’m sorry, I lost myself.” He pressed their foreheads together. “I’m practically your slave.” He said with a breathy laugh. “Be my mate, only mine, don’t let anyone else have you.”

Allon forgot how to breath a few moments before answering “Okay” weakly. Fino kissed him again, barely containing his passion. He would have loved to show Allon physically how he felt but they would have plenty of that when Allon was ready to give himself that way. For now Fino got to work on the window, feeling utter bliss to have a mate. He hadn’t even known he wanted one but now he didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed the hole in him Allon was already filling.

~ The End

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