Fiora & Kaleb 2

Chapter One

Fiora confirmed it one more time before actually believing she was pregnant with Kalebs child. “Oh my gosh” she said excitedly, her entire being warming with happiness. They hadn’t been trying for this to happen but she couldn’t be happier. She just hoped Kaleb would be happy. They hadn’t been practicing safe sex but they hadn’t discussed children either so she didn’t know how he would feel. She wasn’t going to overthink it though, she was just going to march into their library and tell him. This wasn’t news she could keep to herself, she could barely wait to confirm it before talking to him. She had only managed because she didn’t see the point of getting his hopes up or upsetting him without being sure.

She cleaned washed her hands then practically ran to the library where Kaleb was reading a new book he had found and brought home. Upon her entering he immedietly put it down “Hey baby, what’s up?” She only briefly paused before saying “I’m pregnant, I did multiple tests so I’m sure. I’m really happy about it and I hope you are too. I don’t” a half startled half amused gasp interrupted her sentence as she was suddenly in his arms, her feet off the ground as he hugged her to him “of course I’m happy Fiora. This is the best thing you could have come in here and told me.” he kissed her then asked “how far do you think you are?”

“about two months. I noticed when I missed my period last month but weird things happen but when I missed this month I knew I should get some things together to see if I’m pregnant. I did every one I know and they all came up with me pregnant” He kissed her again in his elation “can we go tell my parents? This will be their first grandchild. I know they will be excited too”

“I’d love to do that” she said in a touched tone. He was happy and seemingly abundantly so. His reaction touched her and made her even more glad she was with child. They left right away, going straight to his parents home to tell them the good news. They were both just as happy as Kaleb had been and it almost made her cry that her baby, her first little one would be brought into a world where it would be so wholly loved.

do you know how to tell if its a boy or a girl?”

“Its so early?”

“we angels have a trick that can tell on the very day the little one is conceived what gender they will be?”

“Oh please let me know then” Kalebs mother tugged her into another room and Fain chuckled “next thing you know your mother is going to want another baby.” Kaleb chuckled “well, hopefully her baby fever will be quelled when our little one comes”

“Eh, if she insists I wont mind. I am just selfish, I like to have your mother to myself. Though I loved raising you, I’m not saying anything like that. I was just a one and done kind of man”

“I’m excited”

“I can tell, being a dad is a wonderful thing. You’ll love it, probably even more than I did. I was just plain scared when your mother told me we were expecting”

“we have a good home, amazing family and a stable life. I’m not worried” When the girls came back Samira happily announced “you’ll be having a little boy! So start coming up with boy names while I take your wife out shopping” Fain chuckled “shopping for the kid already”

“I’ve been seeing so much adorable baby stuff. Yes, we’re going right now. You boys just sit here and think. This is mother in law and daughter bonding time” Samira didn’t let the men say much else, she just tugged Fiora out. Kaleb chuckled “Okay so maybe you’re right. You two might end up having another kid.” They didn’t pay much attention to the time until it was well into the night “the shops are closed by now boy, we need to hunt for our wives” Kaleb had been trying not to worry, Fiora had left with his mother, one of the strongest women he had ever known, they were fine, they had to be fine. His fathers nudging was all he needed to be out the door though.

Earlier, right after Fiora and Samira left

The two were flying to town when Fiora heard a growl like voice in her ear despite the fact there was nobody beside her “Your baby will be mine” Fiora stopped in her tracks “Samira”

“whats wrong?”

“someone whispered in my ear about the baby” Samira closed the distance between them, grabbing her daughter in laws hand “what did the voice say”

“it wants my baby”

“we need to get back home, We cant be too careful” They went to turn around and the world began swirling around them. Samira took off, straight up, bringing Fiora along with her in the air.

Fiora felt something grip her ankle, bringing them up short and Samira held on then moved down to wrap her arms around her daughter in laws waist. Fiora looked down as she kicked and struggled, her eyes meeting those of the creature who had her. Everything was spinning so fast that she could barely make out its face, but it was clear it had glowing eyes and sharps teeth. “Hang on Fiora.” Samira commanded and Fiora clung to her.

“If you won’t give her to me,” the creature grabbed Samira too, “then you can come as well.”


Kaleb flew as fast as possible, his heart hammering in fear. Where were they? They had checked at the stores where his mother had taken Fiora and also any cafe close by, but no one had seen them after they had left. Even Kaleb’s father was beginning to worry and that was saying something. His mother was more than capable and would not have been easy to take down, if that’s what had happened. It was terrifying to think they had been hurt and Kaleb had to force is mind away from the, or worse.

Samira was covered in blood, bearing a livid expression that previously Fiora would have never believed she could make. The angel was pinning the final demon that had been in that room by the throat against the wall. “I don’t know what you fuckers want with my grandchild but you wont have him. This place reeks of babies and death…unless you’re ready to die I’d show us the door”

“You you you” She threw him across the room as she yelled “stop stuttering!” The demon let them out and Fiora took his life anyway. Fiora ran to her side “I’m sorry you have to see me like this Fiora but we must hurry.” They walked through the door the demon opened only to find more. Samira sighed in annoyance “You really don’t want to mess with me. If you have any questions look in the previous room”

“but how” one started and she held up a hand to silence him “I’ve had enough, this stress alone could cause my daughter to miscarry and if she loses this baby you will all beg for death” Fiora could still not see a single trace of fear in her mother in law. Most of this time she spoke and acted as if she was dealing with petulant children.


Samira moved faster than Fiora could blink, her hand around the demons throat and she slammed him to the ground. “You will take me to the one in charge and I will take it up with him.”

Fiora could actually see the demon shaking. “Yes…yes of course.” It said.

“Do you feel that?” Fain asked as he came to hover in the sky. He turned, looking around. “Magic?”

“There’s a strange distortion here.” Kaleb said. They both inhaled, catching the remnants of Fiora and Samira’s scents as well as that of demons. “Dad, Fiora and the baby.”

“We have to stay calm, your mother is with her and you know she won’t let anything happen to them.”

His sons expression didn’t improve much so Fain added “she’s just as fierce as she’s always been”

“it was foolish not to worry about her becoming pregnant. I neglected to think about all the terrible things that can happen to pregnant women, all the things babies can be used for”

“They’d have to kill your mother and your mate to get that baby and I doubt anything could manage son. Don’t stress, it wont help anything. We both married strong women”

Samaria glared at the demon who merely looked amused “You two are the most unruly house guests I’ve ever had”

“well we don’t want to be here. I smell babies and death everywhere I go”

“but you don’t know why I wanted your daughter in laws baby”

“I don’t care”

“You must care, everyone has curiosity within them. You could really leave never knowing why?”

“Yes now if you like breathing I suggest you tell me where I am and how to get my daughter and grandchild safely out of here” He grinned and Samira scoffed before adding seriously “I’ve said nothing funny”

“I like you”

“good for you, I’m growing impatient”

“would you settle for me letting her and the baby go. I’m far more interested in you now. Samira right?”

“I have a mate, you must smell him”

“I do, it tells me you would swing for a demon”

“Not one like you, my mate is nothing like you”

“but you don’t know me”

“I’m taken and so is my daughter and my grandchild belongs to this family”

He chuckled. “How delicious you are, my dear. Come now, you stay and she goes, that’s only fair.” He shrugged. “Or we could keep her here until the little one is born.”

“I will kill all of you before that happens.” She held out her hand and Fiora was surprised by the whip that appeared there. The end was covered in razor sharp barbs and she knew that her mother in law meant to tear them all apart should they try anything.

The demon stood with a sigh. “You know, I would have preferred not having to break you, pets and slaves are so boring, but if I must then I will.” He snapped his fingers and two of the demons moved behind Fiora and grabbed her. When Samira turned to defend her, their leader rushed her, knocking her away from Fiora. “Your focus should be on me, my dear.”

It was then Fiora knew she couldn’t hide behind her mother in laws bravery any longer. She had to summon all her courage too. Samira was strong but she needed her to be more than dead weight she had to defend. It was as if two blue dust bombs exploded in the room, shocking even Samira who instinctively held her breath as she beat her wings hard to push it away from her. The demons, even their leader began screaming. It distracted the other two but it only angered the leader worse. He lunged for Samira who quickly used the opportunity to wrap her whip around his throat. He growled, grabbing the whip and ripping it apart with his claws. His hands and neck were bloody but he wasn’t done yet. Sores appeared on the three demons bodies but it didn’t effect Fiora, nor did it hurt Samira who had been smart and quick to react to her daughter in law.

Chapter Two

Fiora, run.” Samira said as she blocked the demon’s blows, getting cuts and torn clothing any time he managed to get past her guard.

Fiora turned and ran, heading back the way they had come and pushing through the door. The demon grabbed Samira as she turned and slammed her down on the ground. Fiora slid to a stop and started to go back, but Samira yelled at her to keep going. Fiora couldn’t just leave her and she knew Samira could see she wouldn’t so used all her strength to launch herself into the air and slam the demon against the ceiling. “Fiora hit him again.” She yelled and Fiora made another dust bomb appear. Samira wrapped her wings around herself as it exploded.

Kaleb and his father hovered where the distortion was, both of their hands outstretched. They wanted to try and recreate whatever doorway the demons had used to capture Fiora and his mother. He forced himself to focus, blocking out his fear. He had to believe in his mother, had to have faith in her ability to protect Fiora and their unborn child.

They were both incredibly skilled demons so managed to force open the door. Kaleb might not have much experience but his fathers more than made up for it. They found themselves in a basement and despite the bodies and blood Kalebs father smiled “I love my wife” he sounded so impressed “lets find them” Kaleb urged. The two hurried, happy to have such strong scents to follow now. Despite the many combined scents here there was no scent either of them knew quite like their mates. When they caught up to them Fiora was stumbling, having just been punched in the face by some back up the master had managed to call in to help him with these two women.

Kaleb caught her in his arms, spinning to kick the demon in the abdomen. Fiora struggled with him for a moment and he held her tighter. “Calm down, love, it’s me.” He said and she looked up at him, looking relieved and near tears.

“Your mom.” She said.

Fain was already past them, catching one of the demons by the throat and crushing his windpipe. Kaleb wasn’t worried about his parents, he knew they could handle themselves. Instead, he moved Fiora behind him to face the demon he had kicked. “Stay behind me.” He commanded gently.

“I can help.” She said.

“I know, but from behind me.” Fiora hit the demon with a dust bomb, causing him to scream and Kaleb attacked him while he was blinded, not giving him a chance to recuperate.

With the four of them they had the demons overwhelmed. Samara would love to be the one with her hands around the demons neck but she allowed her husband to do the honors. “just in case this is going to be something I need to worry about why did you mess with mine and my son’s mates?” The demon apparently had some fighting him still. It took they knock him around a bit more for him to answer. “We are always on the lookout for fairy babies. In fairy cities it’s damn near impossible to collect them so we lookout for mothers who aren’t with their kind. One fairy child to the right buyer can fetch more than 10 other children combined. Vampires have found it easier to keep their treats if they raise them without knowing what any other kind of life is like. The mother would have sold for quite a bit herself and your mate, well I ended up wanting her for me”

“Even though her baby will be demon and Angel as well”

“Even as a demon, have you ever tried fairy blood? Even when it’s watered down by other creatures? it’s not addictive to us like it is to vampires but it still incredible.”

“do your buyers come to you or do you meet them?”

“Do what you will, I know you’re going to kill me. I won’t sell out my clients.”

“Son, please take your mother and wife home. I made sure that passage would stay open so don’t worry about being able to do it by yourself” Fain spoke to Caleb then looked at his wife. “Please go, you’re hurt and this may take awhile”

“I love you” for a brief moment he smiled ” I love you to Samira. I’ll be with you soon.” Samira and Fiora went with Kaleb who took them both back to his parents house.

“I’m going to go bathe with Fiora, mom.” Kaleb said as they passed through the front door.

“Of course sweetie, she doesn’t need the scent of that place on her anyway. I’ll make us some tea and wait for your father.”

“Um, mom?”

“Yes sweetie?”

He hugged her tightly. “Thank you for watching over her.”

“You know I could do no less and besides, she made them regret taking us. She’s strong, Kaleb.”

“I know, but still, thank you. I love you, mom.”

“I love you too.”

He let her go and lifted Fiora, carrying her to the guest bathroom and shutting the door. He sat her on the counter and took her face in his hands. “Are you okay my love? You’ve hardly said a word.”

“I was so scared, Kaleb.” She wrapped her arms around her stomach. “I can’t believe why he wanted the baby.”

“I’m going to be glued to you until the baby comes so you don’t have to worry”

“I hope your dad gets information about the vampires that would actually buy from that demon”

“Me too, that demon may take his secrets to the grave. My dad can be…well persuasive though. My parents are both forces to be reckoned with”

“Your mom was amazing”

“and we will make sure this child can use all of his abilities properly. He’ll be safe”

“Is there any name you’ve always wanted for a boy?

“Not really, what about you?”

“I really like the name Jimoc”

“Then that will be his name”

“You sure?” He kissed her forehead “I’m just so relieved to still have you both” she put a hand on her stomach “I think he’s fine in there. I tried to stay calm. I think being blown away by your mother helped.”

“are you ready for me to get you cleaned up?”

“Yeah, your moms making tea so we should hurry” Once Fiora was clean Kaleb grabbed somehting of his mothers to put on her. They had a bit of a height difference but it still worked. When they came out Samira was tending to her wings “can I help?” Fiora asked and Samira said “Just relax for me. You’ve been through a lot today. You’re so early on in your pregnancy the best thing you can do for me is to think of your baby. I’m so excited to be a grandma”

“we’re naming him Jimoc” Fiora said as she sat down “I like that” Kaleb sat with his mother, helping her. The more Fiora relaxed the more exhautsed she felt. She was fighting off sleep so hard it almost startled her when the tea pot whistled “Kaleb, take her to your old room to nap” Kaleb didn’t have to be asked twice. He scooped Fiora back up and took her to his old room “I want us to stay here until my dad gets back. We’re safer inside and who knows if any bastard vampires are lurking”

“I don’t care where I sleep.” He tucked her in “rest as much as you can”

Fain arrived home a few hours later, relieved to see his son and Fiora were not in the living room. Samira greeted him and even though he was covered in blood, she hugged him. “How are they?” He asked.

“Good, resting.” She pulled back to look at him. “Did you get him to talk?”

“I did, sorry it took so long. He was tougher than I thought. I had to get meaner than I would have liked.”

She rested a hand on his cheek. “Why don’t you go get clean my love and I’ll get you something to eat and drink. We’ll talk when you get out.”

He kissed her and they parted, him heading to the bathroom and her to the kitchen. Kaleb woke as his father walked by and looked down at Fiora, relieved to see she was still sleeping. He managed to get out of bed without waking her. He found his mother in the kitchen making a sandwich for his father. “Is he alright?” Kaleb asked.

“Of course, just a little messy.”

When his father came out he sat down with a relieved, tired sigh “I still have my work cut out for me but my blessings are I can rid the world of some vile, selfish creatures and they weren’t supposed to meet until the day after tomorrow. I have where and I confirmed he was telling me the truth in some gruesome ways. Its been so long since I had to be one of the monsters. I intend to get a few of my old friends to help me. Kaleb, you’re only job now is your mate in there. Samira, I know you’ll be helping me”

“It sounds like just enough recoup time for me to be able to.” Samira replied then Kaleb answered “good, I trust you guys. I want to keep Fiora as near me as possible the rest of this pregnancy”

“are you two staying in our home?”

“you need to get up with your friends and I’m sure you want some time with mom.”

“we’ll take you three home in the morning then” Samira now spoke again when Fain stopped talking “they named their son.”


“Jimoc” Kaleb said and Fain nodded “I like it” Fiora slept through the night, not waking until Kaleb roused her for breakfast. “are you feeling okay?” he asked softly as she sat up “yeah, why?”

“It’s tomorrow”

“Oh, wow, well I guess my body got what it needed. I really do feel perfectly fine.”

“My parents are going to escort us home today then they are going to get ready to confront that demons buyers”

“they are going to make sure they don’t already have any babies right?”

“I know they will. They wont rest until they’ve stopped as many beings as possible that would be involved in something like that”

Fiora got a hug from both Samira and Fain, the latter looking her over. “Are you doing alright?”

“Yeah, thank both of you.”

“There is no way we were going to let our son’s mate be taken, nor our grandchild.” Samira said as everyone got seated.

They avoided the topic of what had happened as they ate, instead talking about Jimoc and how spoiled he would be. Samira and Fain told her stories about when Kaleb was little and by the time they were finished eating and ready to go, both Fiora and Kaleb were in high spirits. Kaleb held Fiora in his arms as they flew home, unwilling to let her be taken again. If it hadn’t been for his mother’s strength, he could have lost her. They gave each other hugs and they told his parents to stay safe.

“You don’t worry about us, we’ll be back before you know it.” Fain said. “Just take care of Fiora and that little baby.”

“I will dad.”

Once they were gone a little guilt washed over Fiora “I hate we aren’t helping”

“truly, they just want their granbaby safe honey. You’re doing precisely what they want, what I want as well” Fiora held a hand on her stomach and he knelt down, kissing her belly “I cant believe there’s really a baby in there” Fiora whispered. Kaleb looked up, his face bearing a loving expression “there is and I can’t wait to meet the little one. Fairy, demon and angel. He’s going to be interesting”

“I hope he’s lucky enough to be as handsome as his daddy” Kaleb chuckled “come, lets play one of our board games. I don’t want you worrying, even for a second.” Fiora decided to do hat everyone around her wanted, she would relax, for the health of her baby. It was made abundantly clear what this baby meant to Kaleb and his family and she didn’t want them hurt by a miscarriage caused by stress.

~ The End

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