Fiora & Kaleb

Chapter One

Fiora sighed, feeling incredibly bored. She was about to get up and leave the river when she felt Kaleb land, his massive black wings somehow looking cooler in the setting sun. His long, wild hair was all over the place as usual but that was just another incredibly sexy thing about him to her. There wasn’t much clothing on him but that was normal for Kaleb. She didn’t mind, his every muscle was pronounced and she loved being able to glance every now and then. She’d stare if she was more confident and didn’t worry about coming across rude. She had never felt ugly but she felt plain next to a creature as attractive as him. “Fiora, are you alright? You look sad”

“I’m just bored”

“why didn’t you call on me then?”

“I bug you all the time”

“You are never a bother to me, I enjoy spending time with you”

“I’m sure you have other friends”

“and your point?” she felt her heart do a little flip in her chest “so…what were you over here for?”

“I tried contacting you and couldn’t, I was worried”

“what do you mean you haven’t” she had started digging around for her phone and couldn’t find it “damn, I’m sorry”

“so you just forgot it then, that’s good. I didn’t want to have to kill some foolish boy or monster”

She giggled. “You never have to worry about boys, I’d have already beat them up before you got here.”

“Still, I’m glad you’re safe.” He held out his hand and she took it, letting him pull her to her feet. “Since you’re bored, would you like to accompany me somewhere?”

“Sure.” Kaleb wrapped his arms around her waist and his powerful wings carried them both up. “I can fly.”

“It’s easier this way since I know where we’re going.”

She didn’t know why she was complaining, she was pressed against him and could admire him without him noticing. He took her away from the river and into the woods where he landed in a little clearing. He pressed his finger to his lips when they landed then pointed. Her eyes followed his finger and she had to press her hand to her mouth to keep from squealing. There was a litter of fox kits playing in the grass. “They’re so cute.” She finally whispered.

“I thought you might like them.” Kaleb said softly back. “I found them a couple of days ago.”

“what took you to long to show me?” she continued to whisper and he answered softly “I was waiting until you needed it. I know this last year of college has been hard” She smiled, it warming Kalebs heart. He had been worried out of his mind when he left his home today but now he had the woman he loved close and happy. Her comments in whispers here and there gave him goosebumps that he was glad she didn’t seem to notice. They watched together until she whispered “I have some home work I need to do so I better get back.” He took her back in his arms and flew quietly away. He didn’t set her down until they were in front of her college dorm “call me next time. I wish we could have spent more time together Fiora”

“I will, I’m glad I don’t ask you to come around too much”

“I could never be around you too much Fiora” she hugged him tightly “I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I’ll call you after classes”

“don’t forget to make sure your phone isn’t dead so you have it tomorrow”

“The first thing I’ll do when I go in is find my phone” He felt sad as he flew away without her. He wasn’t quite sure what he was waiting on to tell her how he felt. The timing just never felt right and she was so outspoken he felt like she would have told him if she wanted to be more than his friend. As she stepped into the dorms one of her friends was waiting “God he is sexy, how did you find him again?” Fiora laughed “Verena”

“what, seriously, I want to find myself a man that hot for myself. I’d take him but luckily for you I love you more than I want him.” Fiora laughed again “Thanks”

“you know you’re stupid to feel like he’s out of your league. You’re beautiful too”

‘nowhere near as beautiful as him though”

Fiora found herself looking out her dorm window, watching the sky and day dreaming about Kaleb. He was so perfect, she didn’t understand why he spent most of his time alone. If Verena had noticed how hot he was, then she was sure others had too. She sighed and turned her eyes back to her paper. She wished she was brave enough to just come out and tell him she loved him, generally she would be, but her insecurities always caused her to clam up. What if he thought she was a freak or didn’t find her attractive? What if she made things awkward between them?

“You’re going to explode.” Verena said, startling her.

She turned to see her friend leaning against the door frame of her open door sipping on some tea. “What?”

“I’ve been here for five minutes and you look about ready to burst.”

“Five minutes? Why didn’t you say something?”

“I wanted to see where this was going? You’ve been sighing a lot and it doesn’t look like you’ve made much progress on that paper.” She took a sip of her tea. “Thinking about that angel of yours?”

“He’s not mine, he’s…” she sighed. “We’re just friends.”

“well Emmett wanted me to ask you if you’d come to his goodbye party. I know you aren’t a party girl but I don’t want to go without you there so will you consider it since we’re almost out of college?”

“when is it?”

“Tomorrow night and it’s at his brothers mansion”

“and you really want to go?”

“yeah, please girl”

“I suppose I should hit one party before graduating”

“Maybe tall dark and handsome will come, he said we could bring plus ones”

“I’ll ask” before she left her friend said “I’d make my move before someone else does Fiora” Fiora sighed as her friend left, knowing Verena was right. Kaleb was amazing and one of these days some other woman was going to catch his attention. She decided to go ahead and call to see if he was free for the party. He answered near instantly “Fiora, hey”

“Hi Kaleb, Verena wants me to go to a party with her tomorrow night. It’s a goodbye thing since a lot of us are graduating this year. I figure what could it hurt to hit one party before I graduate since I never have before. She said plus ones are allowed so would you like to come with me?”

“Of course” He was glad she wanted him to come. He didn’t trust many of the boys at her college and was glad he’d be able to keep an eye on her and make sure she was safe. Fiora was a strong woman but she was at a college only for the supernatural so the boys were just as strong, some stronger.

“So, pick up tomorrow about seven?”

“I’ll get there early.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow then.”

They hung up and Fiora sat her phone down then covered her face. Now she had to think of what to wear so she looked nice when he came by. She felt her face heat up and let out a sigh. “Verana.” She called. “You still around?” Her friend walked in and grinned. “Oh don’t look at me like that.”

“I take it he said yes.”

“Yes. Can you help me with my hair and makeup tomorrow?”

“Oh yes, you are going to knock him dead.”

Kaleb set to cleaning his wings, mostly just to pass time until he saw her again. It took forever and he knew otherwise he’d obsess over what might happen at the party. He knew he worried a little too much, she had always been a smart girl and she would still make good choices at the party but he couldn’t help but worry about the other students. When his wings were clean he went to bed for the night, wanting to be well rested so he could stay out with her as long as she wanted to be out tomorrow. After her classes the next morning Fiora and Verena decided what to wear then fixed each others hair. Kaleb wound up being an hour early but Fiora was glad, she was ready and there was nobody else she’d rather be around.

Kaleb found himself staring at her, his eyes moving over to take in everything. “So, what do you think?” She asked, her cheeks hot with her blush.

“You’re…I mean wow.”


He cleared his throat. “Yeah, you’re beautiful.”

“She’s going to absolutely knock them dead.” Verena said. “All those boys aren’t going to know what hit them.”


“Maybe you’ll even get a boyfriend or just hook up.” Verena winked and Fiora glared at her, making her laugh.

“I’m no goddess, Verena, there are way prettier women.”

Kaleb had been wrestling with a sudden feeling of jealousy, but immediately pushed it aside when she started talking down about herself. “That’s not true, Fiora, you’re gorgeous.”

She blushed again, her heart feeling like it was stumbling in her chest rather than keeping it’s normal beat. “Th..thank you” his own heart stuttered but he didn’t regret what he said. He truly did want to tell her how he felt, it was just so hard to actually do it. His father had laughed at him on more than one occasion because of Fiora. He was half demon, descended from a great demon like Beleth and he couldn’t tell a girl how he felt. His father often said it was his angel side, the side he got from his mother that made him so much softer than his fathers line. Despite his fathers teasing when it came to Fiora he had a good relationship with him.

He could be rough along the edges like most demons but he had been a good dad and continued to be a good mate to his mother Samira. His mother talked to him often about Fiora too. She liked her and hoped that he would ask before another man did. Verena’s words had him worried and more determined than ever to convey his feelings to her, his beautiful fairy woman Fiora. He cleared his throat “so…this boys house we’re going to, have I met him?”

“No but you’ve met Emmet, the person who is hosting the party. He’s just using his brothers mansion”

“Have you been there before?” Kaleb was both curious and jealous at the thought of her being in anothers mans home. “Probably, boys ask her over all the time” Verena added and Fiora elbowed her, shooting another glare “I’ve walked Verena there but I’ve never stayed”

Chapter Two

“I see.”

“I’m not interested in them.”

“They could be doing handstands and she still wouldn’t notice.” Verena teased. “She’s so pure.”

“I’m just busy.”

“Oh sure.” Verena checked her phone. “Well I am going to head over there and see if they need any help. You’ll make sure she gets there right Kaleb?”

“Of course.”

“Good, see you there then.”

Fiora sighed once she was gone. “She likes to tease.”

“I can see that.”

“So, maybe we should get something to eat before we head over there. I mean I’m sure they’ll have stuff, but I don’t want to have to push through a bunch of people just to eat.”

“Sounds good.”

They went somewhere near by and ate, staying there and talking until it was time to head over to the party. “How much school do you have left anyway Fiora?”

“a little over a month”

“and you still plan on working nearby?”

“yeah. I’m not going anywhere”

“Good, I am not close to many beings..I’d hate for you to not be around one day” Kaleb was trying to make himself talk to her about his feelings. She was gorgeous and about to be surrounded by a bunch of men, some drunk and therefore more willing to flirt. “I’d miss you too. I may not be from this area but it’s come to be my home. Now, I don’t know where I’d live but I’m sure I’ll figure something out”

“where you’ll live?”

“well once you’ve graduated you have to stop living in the dorms’ It had never occurred to him before she couldn’t live in those dorms after school. An offer came tumbling out of his mouth “You could live with me. We’re close and I don’t want you rushed in making arrangements”


“yes…please live with me when you’re done with school”

“Thank you, I’d really like that” He couldn’t believe his ears, she’d live with him. Together or not he’d get to see her every day but at the same time if they weren’t together he’d have to see other men with her and that was too painful to even let his mind think of. He’d be happy and tortured at the same time so now he needed to confess even more. He took her hand to stop her from walking on “Fiora” her heart stuttered, not only because of the contact but because of the way he was looking at her “yes Kaleb?” she hated how breathless her voice sounded. “You mean the world to me” she swallowed “you’…you’re really important to me too Kaleb”

He tugged her gently to bring her closer but he had apparently waited to do this too close to the party. “Fiora hey! Kaleb right?” He either didn’t notice they were having a moment or hadn’t cared. Practically shaking from hormones and nerves, red from head to toe Fiora turned. She didn’t know him well so it took her a few moments to recognize him “Hey Beocca”

“You look especially beautiful this evening’

‘Um, thank you, it’s thanks to Verena”

“well come on, both of you” Kaleb kept her hand, walking close to her side. She’d give anything to know what he was planning to do after pulling her close. “damn it Beocca” she said sadly in her head. She wanted to get alone with Kaleb again but person after person kept talking to her and trying to include them. It was sweet but she had to know what Kaleb wanted to say to her. He had pulled her in for a hug many times but that wasn’t it, his intentions had been different that time. She kept thinking of his face and the way he had been talking to her.

She found a chance and tugged Kaleb outside. “are you alright Fiora?” Kaleb asked once they were alone, about the same distance from the party they were when he attempted to talk to her. “there was more wasn’t there? What were you going to say?” Their eyes met, her own urging him to continue where he left off. He had lost the nerve but he was trying to reclaim it. He just made himself think again of him having to watch her bring other men home. He took her hands in his again, hoping touching her would help him talk. He always craved to touch so much more of her when he’d get small contacts.

“I’d..I want to be more than your friend Fiora..I…I love you and if you live with me..I want it to be as my mate…I..I’ll let you live with me regardless but I want to be with you so badly” In the background it sounded like a vacuum the size of earth turned on, the ground shook and Kaleb grabbed her, flying up with her tightly in his arms. They could only see the top of the house “Verena!” Fiora yelled, starting to cry but before she could even finish her friends name the mansion was gone, a large, black and gold circle covering the ground where the mansion once stood.

“Kaleb we have to get down there, we have to save Verena.” Fiora said, panicking as she tried pushing out of Kaleb’s arms.

“Fiora, they’re not there, you have to calm down.” He held tightly to her. He didn’t want her near the circle.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

He took her slowly back down to the ground and sat her away from the circle. “Just stay here for a moment okay? I want to look at it, but I don’t want you getting caught up in whatever magic this is.”


“Just for a moment. I only want to make sure it’s safe. It’s better for one of us to be hurt than both of us.”

“Alright, just be careful.”

“I will.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead then moved cautiously toward the circle.

She hadn’t been able to give him an answer but his mind was fully on whatever had consumed the mansion. He knew it would break Fiora’s heart if she had just lost Verena. She had been acquainted with and cared about many people who had been at that party but no loss that day would hurt her more than Verena’s. To Fiora it would be like losing a sister. He hoped this was something fixable, some dumb students attempt to travel to a different world gone wrong that he could reverse somehow. He approached the swirling mass of gold and black. It looked like some sort of liquid up close but he wasn’t willing to touch it since he knew so little about it. He drew in air through his nose, hoping some sort of smell would help him but all his nose picked up was the lingering booze in the air.

‘damn” It didn’t seem to be getting any bigger or taking anything else with it which brought him relief. He considered trying to grab a twig and touching it but he didn’t know if that would set off another pull. For all he knew it would just take another thing touching it for it to get bigger or start sucking again. He returned to Fiora, his heart aching at the tears running down her face. he wiped them away “hey, I’m going to get her back if I can. It seems stable, I at least know that now. I fly faster than you so let me carry you to my parents. We’ll talk to them tonight then talk to the professors at your school in the morning. My parents are both highly intelligent, they may be able to help tonight”

“what if she’s drowning or something in that” he sighed “I can try actually touching it if you need me to” she shook her head “No…I don’t want to lose you too being reckless. We can go to your parents but we have to be doing something. If they don’t know how to help I know where at least one professor lives. I did extra credit at her house in my first year of school”

“alright, anywhere you want to go or anything you want to do I’ll help you do it”

Kaleb hated the look on Fiora’s face, how sadness and worry came off her in waves. He hated that what was supposed to be a night of fun had taken such a horrible turn and he hoped they would find everyone alive. He landed in front of his parent’s home and put Fiora on her feet, taking her hand as he they walked up the front steps and he knocked on their door. It was his father who answered and he studied both of them for a moment. “What happened?” He asked as he moved out of the way to let them in.

“Is mom here?”

“In the living room.”

His mother was reading when they came in, but put down her book when she saw the worry on their faces. “Are you two okay?” She got up, hugged her son and because Fiora looked so distressed she hugged her too.

“Something happened at Fiora’s classmates house. Something magical and potentially dangerous.” Kaleb replied.

“Tell us everything.” His father said as he sat down. “Don’t leave out anything if you can.”

Kaleb did all the talking since he was less emotional than Fiora. He cared but he didn’t personally know or hangout with anybody she went to school with so it wasn’t as heartbreaking for him as it was her. “I believe this is something I’ve encountered before with your grandfather. He is much too far away for us to fetch him but let me grab one of my books and a few other things then you two can guide me to where this event occurred” Kaleb was relieved his father truly might be able to help “thank you dad”

“don’t thank me yet, I was a child at the time which is why I wish I could grab him but I will do my best to get her friends back safely”Fiora still hadn’t answered him so he didn’t know if he was taking liberties but he just needed to comfort her. He pulled her into his lap and started rubbing her arms while they waited on his parents to be ready. Him doing this made her realize she hadn’t “Kaleb?”


“I want to be with you too. I’m sorry I didn’t answer sooner”

“You haven’t had much of a chance Fiora” his heart danced with joy though it felt weird since his heart was aching from pain at the same time. He would do anything to make her stop looking so distraught. He kissed her forehead again “I love you” he said each word gently. He held her a little tighter out of happiness when she said “I love you too” he had waited years to hear Fiora speak those words to him. He felt like an ass for being able to be so happy right now but he couldn’t help he had finally gotten the girl his heart had yearned for since he met her the very day tragedy struck for her friends.

When his parents returned he simply stood with her, walking out with Fiora cradled in his arms. He flew in front once in the air, taking them right to where everything happened. The black and gold was moving around in the circle but it hadn’t seemed to spread or suck anything else in the area down into it. “Yes, it is what I saw at my grandfathers side. This is a site you don’t forget”

“are they alive? Do you know?”

“They are alive but getting them back wont be simple”

“I’m so sorry to ask but Verena is in there, she’s my best friend”

“you are our sons mate now right? It seems so”

“yeah” she said as she wiped fresh tears away “then you’re family and in this family we help each other, you don’t have to be sorry or thank us” He had to hold back a chuckle at his sons look when she said out loud she was his mate. Faine looked in his book then started working on something with Samira while Kaleb returned to comforting Fiora. Her eyes stayed focused on the black and gold mass on the ground, her mind still consumed with worry over Verena. please be okay a few more tears fell as she silently pleaded for her friends safety.

When Faine approached them again he said “Fiora, you stay here with my mate to help her bring us back alright? My son and I will go in, she will need your help so you are being useful staying. It would be much harder for her if we left her to do this alone”

Chapter Three

“Is that safe, Kaleb…”

“I’m coming back, Fiora.” Kaleb said reassuringly. “You’ve only just become mine and I’m looking forward to forever with you.” He pressed his forehead against hers. “Stay here and help my mother.”

“Alright, just please be careful and bring them back.”

“I will.” He took her face in his hands and pressed a kiss to her lips, feeling her skin heat. “I love you, Fiora.”

“I love you too.” He pulled back and hugged his mother, then followed his father. They stood in front of the swirling black and gold ring.

“Remember, stay close and don’t take risks. We fight if we must, but our priority is to get everyone safely back.” Faine said.

“I understand.”

Once they were gone Samira showed Fiora a little stone “when this turns purple my husband is calling for us to do our part okay?” she set it down so Fiora could see it then told her precisely what they would need to do. With that taken care of she decided to talk to her. They were just waiting anyway and talking would keep them both distracted “so, how long have you and my son been together?”

“he asked me out just as the mansion vanished..I didn’t get to answer him until we were at your home”

“wow, it’s been quite a night for you then”


“You know, he’s loved you since the day he met you. Faine and I could see it right away”


“yeah, I’m happy you two are finally together”

“I hope I don’t get him hurt”

“He’s with his father, they’ll be fine. Kaleb is also more powerful than you probably know. He is his fathers son through and through” Fiora wiped at her face again :I’m so sorry, I’m trying to not be so emotional”

“I understand, it only shows me more you’re a good woman. My son has a big heart so if you hurt him you’ll really hurt him. I’m glad he’s picked a woman so sweet. Between you and me, his father is more sensitive than he lets on. I don’t know what Kaleb has told you about his father though”

“You guys have always seemed nice and Kaleb only has good things to say..how did you meet Faine?”

“I pissed his father off. It’s actually a funny story”

“I think I need a funny story right now if you want to tell it” The two men rushed through the chaos and confusion this place was, fighting only what they had to as planned. Kaleb felt like it was a struggle to breath but he didn’t let that hinder his movements. His father growled in frustration as he looked for at least the woman his son described. He would try to get everyone but he wouldn’t know who the others were if they didn’t find her.

“This place is dizzying.” Kaleb said as they stopped to take in their surroundings. It was as if everything melded together. “Everything seems so distorted and confusing. There are halls and stairs and buildings where they shouldn’t be.”

“Perhaps when it sucks things in, it integrates them, slowly twisting them until the fit within the confusion.” He reached out and touched one of the walls. “Feel the stone.”

Kaleb ran his hand over the wall. “How strange. It’s like it’s solid, but might give at any moment.”

“This place is unstable. We should press on.”


“If we end up having to leave without her friend I don’t want you to be angry with me son.”

“I wont, I know Fiora will understand too” They searched on, planning to stay as long as they could. “she’s there! She’s there look! Kaleb began screaming when he saw Verena. It was just her head and her hands as she struggled not to fall into yet another hole in teh make up of this place. Both men flew over but it was Faine who pulled her up and into his arms. She might have panicked but she saw Kaleb and assumed this must be a friend or some relative. “where is everyone else?”

“I don’t know…I really don’t…” his father sighed “should we keep looking or return Fioras friend?” Faine asked his son.

“Let’s look a bit more, now that we have Verena, we can identify some of the others.”

“What happened?” Verena asked. “One minute we were having a good time and the next…” she looked confused. “I don’t know, everything just went topsy turvy and I was falling.”

“It could have been a spell gone wrong.” Kaleb replied.

“Alcohol and magic can be a very dangerous combination. If one of your friends decided to show off or play with their magic, they could have caused this place to open.”

Verena suddenly grabbed Kaleb. “Fiora?”

“Safe. She was outside with me.”

“Thank goodness.”

They found all the others they could but there came a point the weird place they were in started shifting in a way that told Kalebs dad they needed to get out before none of them could they left. Fain took the stone out to alert his wife, wishing he could tell her just how hard this was going to be. They had found at least twenty others so he was glad she had Fiora to help her. The two women started right away and were both exhausted by the time they had everyone. Fiora couldn’t even stand anymore and Samira was obviously struggling herself. Fain took his wife in his arms and said “you two need to handle these beings on your own. I’m taking your mother home then I’m coming back to close this place”

“thank you” Kaleb said and his mother smiled “come to dinner sometime soon with your mate. That will be thanks enough” When they left Kaleb turned, seeing Verena and Fiora hugging. The two girls were crying as they clung to one another. Everyone else left, in good enough shape to go to their homes by themselves while Kaleb waited for the girls to stop hugging. When they parted he said “should I carry you both home?”

Verena wiped at her face “I can walk” with her assurance Kaleb just picked up Fiora and asked her “can I take you to my home or must I return you to your dorm room?”

“I want to go home with you”

“are you two together now?”

“yeah” Fiora answered and Verena smiled “finally, congratulations you too. So Kaleb, kindly point any man remotely as good looking as you in my direction okay?” Fiora let out a breath of laughter “we will, do you want us to at least walk you back”

“Nah, go ahead you two. Thanks for not just leaving us in there”

“I could never abandon you Verena. You’ve been such a good friend to me” Kaleb waited a few more moments to be sure the girls were done talking before allowing his massive black wings to push them into the air. Fiora shivered due to the cold, making him wish he had anything to wrap her in. She saw the worry in his face and assured him “I’m fine, you have to be colder than me”

“I’m your mate, it’s my job to take care of you now.”

“nobody could have planned for tonight”

“in any case I’m happy we found your friend. I was so afraid of letting you down” she smiled “I knew you’d find her”

“can I sleep with you tonight, as in hold you?”

“It would be a dream come true. I can’t believe you really want to be with me. I feel so plain compared to you”

“you are far from plain Fiora, you are gorgeous in every way, inside and out”

“But there are so many other women.”

“Yes there are, many women I am not attracted to, many women who couldn’t ignite even a single spark within me. There may be many women, but there is only one you and and you are all I have ever wanted.”


“I love you, Fiora, you are my everything.”

She felt like crying at the sincerity in his words, at how tender his voice became when he spoke to her. “I really love you too.”

Kaleb was relieved when he finally landed in front of his home and quickly took her inside so she could get warm. Her skin was icy from the air so he sat her down and went and retrieved a blanket for her. “Want me to make you some hot chocolate or something?”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

“Okay, sounds good. Thank you.”

He started some hot chocolate then started searching his cabinets and fridge for a snack he felt was suitable for her. All he could find was some chips. That wasn’t really fitting for hot chocolate but he wanted to give her something quick with it in case she was hungry. It had been hours since they last had anything. When he brought the hot chocolate to her in mugs he handed her the chips as well “sorry, it’s all I have that’s fast”

“thank you, that’s so sweet”

“we can go shopping together tomorrow if you’re feeling up to it”

“nothing really happened to me. That was just so draining, I can see why your father wanted me to help Samira”

“to be honest I just though he was trying to keep you safe. My mom is a strong angel but I could see it taxed my mother as well”

“yeah, I think she managed to take most of pulling you all back herself. I don’t know how but it seemed she was working harder than me”

“My mom has many abilities, that wouldn’t surprise me. She’s selfless so that would be something she’d do”

“it was nice just talking to her. She told me how she met your dad and a few stories about you” Kaleb chuckled “My mom still drives grandpa crazy”

“I’m sorry if it’s not okay to say but he didn’t sound very nice”

“No, thats why my dad spent a lot of time with my great grandpa. Most of my dads family are easy to get along with though, you’ll like everyone else I’m sure. Regardless, never be afraid to tell me what you think, it’s just us, you can say anything without me getting angry” she took a long sip of her hot chocolate “Oh my god, you seriously make the best hot chocolate ever”

“I’ll show you how I do it, it’s something I learned from my mother” He rubbed her arms, still worried about her being cold “I’m warming up, don’t worry”

“would you like a warm bath?”

“No, I want to hangout with you and I don’t think I’m ready to sit naked in a tub just yet with you there” he smiled, tucking some hair behind her ear “Okay” she blushed and he chuckled happily. The two sat there talking until both mugs were empty “would you like more? If not we can go ahead and lay down, my body could help warm you?” Her body had warmed enough at this point he could tell she was blushing. Her mind had suddenly filled with a million dirty thoughts even though his question had been innocent. He ended up chuckling though he had tried not to “don’t be a jerk” she said, her face showing him she wasn’t mad, just embarrassed. He picked her up “I wont even try anything, tonight we just cuddle”

He lovingly laid her in his bed then settled himself underneath the covers, immedietly pulling her close so he could hold her. He had imagined this hundreds of times but none of his nights of fantasy even came close to how it felt to be with her like this. His breath shuddered and he held her a bit tighter, causing her body to warm again “I guess I have multiple ways to warm you” he whispered in an amused tone “Kaleb” he chuckled “you’re so adorable”

“You hush meanie”

“are you comfortable?”

“yeah, I’m really glad you invited me to stay. I don’t think I would have had the courage to ask”

“I’ve been wanting you to lay like this with me for so long.”

“You picked a perfect night to ask me out. I mean, if we had already been together we wouldn’t have so happened to be outside when everything happened”

“I suppose it was fates way of keeping us safe.” she looked like she was fighting sleep so he kissed her head. He stopped talking to her and began gently rubbing her back to help soothe her into resting. It was only when he was sure she was sleeping that he stopped and went back to just enjoying having her in his arms. She was out but he couldn’t help but tell her again “I love you Fiora”

~ The End

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