Freya & Edmond 3

Chapter One

Freya sat next Shasta and her son Donnie as they watched Edmond and Mark wrestling. She rested a hand on her large belly, feeling their twin girls kicking. She was a week from her due date and would need a c-section. Edmond had forbid her from doing anymore training with Mark. She knew he had tried to hold his tongue and let her do what she thought was best, but his need to protect her and their children had got the best of him. After another long, hormone filled argument that ended with her in tears she had relented. She laughed when Edmond flipped Mark onto his stomach and pinned him down.

“Alright you win.” Mark said and Edmond stood. Mark pushed himself up and brushed grass off his bare chest. “There is no way I could ever beat you.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. It took Freya a long time before she could get behind my guard.” Edmond slapped him on the back then started dusting himself off.

Mark sat down next to Shasta and took Donnie out of her lap. “Hey little man.” He said as he cradled the boy. He leaned over and kissed Shasta then started playing with the baby.

Edmond helped Freya to her feet and kissed her as he rested a hand on her abdomen. He couldn’t believe he was going to be a father of twin girls. He sometimes told her that he hoped both of them had huge warts on their noses to keep the boys away. He knew his daughters would be beautiful and it scared the hell out of him. “How are you feeling?” He asked, his eyes glowing with warmth.

“Like I have two really big jumping beans inside me. I think Desa’s jabbing me in the ribs and Jayna’s got her head pushing on my pelvis, but I’m not sure.” She answered with a smile.

“Maybe you should go relax on the couch with Shasta and the baby while Mark and I cook dinner.”

“You are such a good husband.” She kissed his cheek and he lifted her into his arms to carry her inside. “Could you get me a drink. The girls are hungry and blood is just about all I can keep down.”

“Sure and we’re going to make something light for dinner to see if that helps.”

“Thank you so much.” He sat her down on the couch and disappeared into the kitchen. The phone rang next to her and she picked it up. “Hello.”

“Uh hey Freya it’s Bruce.” A familiar voice said.

“I think you have the wrong number Batman.” She replied.

“Ha ha very funny and the Emmy goes to Freya for her amazing sense of humor. Anyway, I have a job for Edmond. There has been an outbreak of vampire attacks in Alaska. People are being changed against their will. I was hoping that husband of yours and your protege could investigate.”

“Who’s on the phone?” Edmond asked as he came back with a bottle of blood.

“Batman, he says he has a job for us.” Edmond reached for the phone and she batted his hand away. “Where at in Alaska?”

“Juno.” Bruce answered.

“We’ll be there tomorrow night. Talk to you later.” She quickly hung up and took the bottle from her husband.

“You’re not going.” He said, his tone daring her to argue and dare she did.

“Yes I am. I’m not staying home again. I’m tired of staying here doing nothing. Shasta would you like to go to Alaska?”

“Yes, I’ve always wanted to go.” Shasta said nervously.

“Then it’s settled.”

“it’s not settled Freya.” Edmond said slightly angrier. He was doing his best to collect himself. How difficult Freya had become in her pregnancy making it very hard for him. He just kept reminding himself of how much he loved her and how it would hurt if she was to ever be gone again. “Come on, I’ll take it easy. I’ll rest whenever the needs arises. You wouldn’t let anybody hurt me so what’s the problem?” Edmond went into the kitchen saying nothing. She would go no matter what he said so he just decided to get some space so he wouldn’t lose his temper.

He didn’t want her or his babies in danger atall. He was strong and fast so he knew he could keep them safe but that wasn’t the point. Mark didn’t speak as they cooked. He could see that Edmond needed to collect himself as he often did during these months of Freyas pregnancy. Shasta looked really nervous. Edmond still scared her even though he had been very kind towards her. “Don’t look so afraid he’ll be alright. We’re going and it will be fun”

“You are a brave woman Freya” Freya laughed. The sound helping Edmond relax a little bit. He took a deep breathe¬†and¬†his anger was gone. Now it was only worry about her. She was far too pregnant to travel but he knew she wouldn’t listen. When the food was ready Mark got the girls. After Edmond got finished serving it Freya hugged him. “I love you.” He lifted Freya into his arms and kissed her “I love you too. Please don’t come.” His voice and face showed how worried he was.

“Edmond, I don’t want to argue about this. I’m not staying here. There are hospitals in Alaska just like everywhere else. I promise I won’t follow any strange men into alleys. I’ll stay inside unless I need to go out. Shasta will be with me the whole time.” He sighed, defeated.

“I just don’t want to lose you. I need you.” He lowered her to her feet and pulled out her chair. She smiled and sat down. The baked lemon fish looked and smelled amazing. She hoped her stomach agreed. Mark fed Donnie as they ate. The baby seemed particularly excited about the mashed potatoes. Freya couldn’t help but smile at how happy Mark looked. He had stayed in Hawaii with Shasta, had been there when Donnie was born. He was the only father the boy had had. Shasta had let him take on the role of father willingly. He was the only man that didn’t scare her. She hoped the twins made Edmond that happy. Before she knew it she had cleaned her plate. Edmond grinned and she blushed as she sat her fork down.

“You better get that smile off your face. I can’t help but be hungry. Our girls haven’t been letting me keep anything down.” She glared at him and crossed her arms.

“I guess I need to have a little talk with them.” He placed a hand on her tummy and finished his dinner.

Mark helped clear the table while Freya relaxed on the couch and Shasta took Donnie upstairs. “I can tell you’re worried, feel and smell it actually.” Mark said as he rinsed dishes and Edmond put them in the dish washer.

“I’m scared Mark and I don’t like it. Freya is so damn stubborn. It is like pulling teeth to get her to listen, but I don’t want to argue with her. She has pregnancy hormones flooding her system. I don’t like making her cry.” He stuck the last dish in the washer then filled it with soap and closed it, switching it on.

“She’s tough, she’ll be fine. Just let her and Shasta go with us. You know if you don’t she’ll just catch the next flight and throw something at both of us.”

“I know, but sometimes I wish she’d just do as she was told. She used to, but that was another time and I will never force her to do anything again.”

“Just trust her. She’ll only do something if she has to. You know she’ll keep her word.”

Edmond nodded and went into the living room. Freya was asleep on the couch. He smiled and lifted her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he carried her up to their room. He lay her on their bed and covered her. He would shower then pack everything so she wouldn’t have to. She needed as much sleep as she could get. He kissed her cheek, still worried but willing to try and let go of his overprotective nature.

Edmond took off his clothes and stepped under the hot water. It relaxed his muscles so he stood there just letting it hit him. His mind busy with thought of Freya. How happy and bright his home and life was with her back. She had been with him a very long time now but a hundred years of her being gone made it to where he never forgot what life was like in her absence. He hadn’t lost his appreciation for her in the slightest. The smell that wafted through the house, her laugh, how care free and fun she was. The list went on and on with reasons she made his life better.

He hoped his girls would be just like their mother. He finally started washing then got out. He dried his hair as he stepped into their bedroom and couldn’t help but smile again at his sleeping wife. He walked over to her and sat on the bed. He placed a hand on her head and looked at her lovingly. He eventually made himself get up and pack before he forgot to and found his wife doing it in the morning.

Once he was sure they had all they needed he laid by her side wrapping his arms around her. He gave her a gentle but quick kiss then let her scent wash over him and relax him to sleep. Freya woke before Edmond, she could hear Shasta and Marks baby crying. She wasn’t ready to get up yet but she could never sleep when he cried. She was happy when she noticed her husband was holding her. For such a beast of a man he made her feel very loved. Always giving her kiss, looking at her with those adoring eyes and holding her every chance he got.

She slipped quietly, but not very gracefully out of bed. He rolled onto his back and mumbled in his sleep. She smiled a left him to sleep. It was early morning and she felt drained. She made her way into the kitchen and drank an entire bottle of blood in what seemed like one gulp. She decided to make everyone breakfast. Both Edmond and Mark had been waiting on her hand and foot since she started to show. While she cared for them both very much and was thankful for everything, she had started to feel useless. “Need any help?” She heard Mark ask behind her and she turned to him with a smile.

“I can manage on my own. You should help Shasta with the baby.” She replied happily.

“She’s just changing his diaper then she’ll be coming down. I heard you walking down the hall so I though I’d make sure you weren’t getting yourself into any trouble.”

“You’ve grown quite bold with your words since I got big. Just because I have a beach ball growing out of me doesn’t mean I can’t put you in a headlock.” She winked and he laughed. “So how is Shasta doing?”

“She still has nightmares about her kidnapper sometimes or gets scared when I touch her. She keeps telling me I should find someone else, but I don’t want anyone else. I love her, she’s my family and so is Donnie.”

“Just give her some time. She went through something horrific, something no one man or woman should have to go through. She’ll always have scars, but you can help heal the wounds he left behind. It’s obvious she loves you very much.”

He nodded, knowing she was right. “I want to ask her to marry me, but I’m afraid of what she might say.”

“She’ll say yes, just ask. Now, I need to cook breakfast. If you want to help chop me some chives and grate me some cheese. I’m making some amazing scrambled eggs with ham on the side. Come on, hop to it.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Edmond woke to the smell of something delicious. He stretched and got out of bed. He could hear Freya’s musical light voice coming from downstairs. He smiled and made his way down to everyone else. Shasta was sitting at the dining room table and talking to Mark and Freya as they cooked. He smiled at her and she smiled nervously back. “May I hold him?” He asked and she looked unsure at first, but lifted her son up to him. He cradled little Donnie and brushed his finger gently over the tip of the baby’s nose. Donnie cooed happily and smiled. “You are so cute.” He felt himself being watched and looked up to see Freya staring at him. “What?”

“You were using the baby voice. It was, how did you put it, so cute.” Mark started laughing.

“Hey you use that voice all the time Mark so stop laughing.” Edmond said, but it only made him laugh harder.¬†Freya grinned at him then turned to finish her eggs.

Edmond was a little embarrassed but was very excited to be a dad. He enjoyed having Shastas baby around to help tide him over until he had his girls. He could see how it would seem silly to everybody else him speaking in a baby voice. After all he was a very big man. Something he was very proud of. It would prove work to whomever wished to be with his daughters though. He had already decided that for him to approve the man must be able to beat him in a fight. It was the only way Edmond would be sure his little girls would be taken care of.

Freya went to serve the food and Mark grabbed the pan from her “I’ll do it”

“Mark I’m going to strangle you” Mark laughed and continued doing it for her. Freya rolled her eyes and Shasta laughed. “You’re so sweet Mark.” Mark smiled at Shasta and everybody sat down to eat. Edmond wanted to ask Freya one more time to stay but knew it would make her angry and probably make it to where she wouldn’t hold his hand on the plane ride. He didn’t want to chance it so he held his tounge.

When Mark finished he stood “I’ll load the car”

“I’ll help if the two of you will watch the baby.”

“I’d love to. Thanks Shasta.” Shasta smiled and helped Mark get bags. He only let her get the small ones for the baby. Edmond was once again holding Donnie. “He really like you. You’re going to be a hit with our girls”

“I hope so”

“You know you will so don’t worry.”

“I’m just so abrasive” Edmond sighed “and they’ll love you anyway. You’re not always a jerk though. Most the time you’re sweet and wonderful. You dont give yourself enough credit for the amount you’ve changed.” Edmond smiled very sincerely. “I’m so glad to hear you say that. I try hard.”

“I know you do” She smiled then kissed him. It made the baby laugh. She took him from Edmond “let see how funny me giving you kisses is” She kissed the little one over and over until she was sure he’d pass out from lack of air. Edmond enjoyed watching her. He knew she’d be great mother. That she’d make up for it when he failed as a dad.

When Mark and Shasta came back in Freya noticed he was frowning. She handed Donnie to Shasta and got up, grabbing Mark’s arm and pulling him through the kitchen and into the walk in pantry. “Are you alright?” She asked.

“I chickened out. I have the ring right here in my pocket and I didn’t ask.” He answered sadly. He ran his fingers through his hair.

“It’s alright. Ask her in Alaska.”

“I don’t know if I can. I just get so nervous.” She hugged him then kissed his cheek. He smiled and they went back into the dining room. Edmond looked perplexed and Freya shook her head as a way of telling him they would talk about it later. Mark joined Shasta in the living room, smiling briefly at Edmond as he passed by.

“We still have some time before we have to leave. We should go on a walk or something.” She said to Edmond.

“Or something?”

She shrugged. “I’m not sure what the or something would be. I’m not really allowed to do much.”

He frowned at her choice of words. “I’m not your master Freya, I’m your husband. You can do what you like.”

“You and I both know that’s not true. I can’t climb trees, teach students, spar with Mark, use my gift to shield my presence because you’re afraid of not being able to find me which is ridiculous because we are bound by our blood, oh and I’m not allowed to drive.”

Edmond didn’t remember becoming so controlling. He was just trying to protect her, but maybe he was forcing her into a corner again. He felt guilty. He held her tightly against him, his lips moving against hers in a loving kiss. “I’m not trying to outright force you to quit doing the things you love or are capable of. I’m sorry.” He said softly.

“I’m not angry, I’m just pointing out how masterly you can be. I know you care about me and our children, but loosen your grip please. I’m not going to purposely put myself in harms way.” She ran her fingers through his hair.

“You will if it means saving someone. Even pregnant you wouldn’t let someone get hurt and that’s what I’m so worried about. You will fight to the death for an innocent person.”

“Hush now, everything will be alright. Have faith in me.”

“I do, more than you know.” She smiled up at him. He was the most wonderful person in her life. He was her world and he had given her the gift of twins.

“Lets walk.”

He smiled a little sad that he had gotten masterly without even knowing it. It didn’t matter that Freya wasn’t mad. Edmond was mad at hismelf. He wanted to pick her up and hold her but he knew she wanted to walk so he let her. He didn’t want to take yet another thing from her. When they came up on a bunch of trees Edmond stopped “please climb if it will make you happy.”

“It’s day time. I’m too tired but thank you. It’s really fine. I knew you weren’t really meaning to be that way. I gave into you because I knew you were just concerned about me and the babies.”

“You cant let me do that though Freya. Don’t let me be the man I was. The man that made you run away” He said in a sad tone. “Edmond” she said hugging him again. He lifted her up “I love you so much. It’s because I love you that it makes it so hard not to hold you too tightly.”

“I know.” Freya said looking into Edmonds eyes. He kissed her again like he had in the house.”You are nowhere near the man I left Edmond. You are a great husband and I know you’ll be a really good father.”


“I promise. Lets keep walking unless you’d rather just tote me around outside.” Freya smiled and Edmonds eyes lit up “I can really carry you?” Freya laughed “that was a joke but sure if it means that much to you.”

“You’re sure”

“Yeah, I know the plane ride is going to make me feel terrible like it did last time so I may aswell relax while I can.” Edmond walked around outside almost giddy. The girls started to kick. Edmond saw his wifes stomach moving “be nice to your mother girls. She puts up with enough from me as it is.” Freya laughed again and Edmond smiled. “You know you’re my everything right?”

“Of course I do.” Freya said as she laid her head down on him.

Mark yelled their names as it came time to leave. Edmond carried her to the car and lowered her to her feet so he could open her door. She smiled warmly and allowed him to hand her in. Shasta buckled Donnie into his car seat and then around to the other side so she could sit in the middle right next to him. Edmond and Mark checked the doors and windows before coming out and getting in the car. Edmond drove, feeling drained enough to fall asleep at the wheel. He asked himself why he didn’t let Shasta drive. She was still human and not weakened by the sun. He stared at the road, surprised at how much traffic there was. They reached the airport without an accident and quickly checked their baggage in. Their flight number was called and they made their way to the plane. Everyone was asleep before the plane even left the ground.

Edmond dreamed that Freya was dead. She lay in his arms, lifeless and cold. He cried, begging for the lives of his wife and children. He jerked awake, his heart in overdrive. Freya was sleeping soundly next him. He looked out the window. The sun was starting to go down. They would be in Juno just before the sun fell past the horizon. He slipped his hand in Freya’s and kissed her temple. He wasn’t going to let anything hurt her or his daughters. “I love you so much. You you have to stay safe for me. If you die, I’ll go mad with grief.” He whispered and kissed her again.

Freya woke as the plane began to descend. She could feel her energy coming back as the sun fell. She stretched and smiled at Edmond when she noticed him watching her. “I can’t believe I slept the who time.” She said. “You should have kept me awake.”

“I slept too so don’t worry.” He replied and tangled his fingers in her hair. He kissed her as the plane hit the runway. He didn’t want to get off. He wanted to take her home and let Mark handle this, but he knew that the younger man wasn’t ready to do something like this on his own.

They all got off the plane together and made their way to luggage claim. The bags seemed to take their sweet time getting out to them. After about an hour everybody had their things, so they exited the airport and hailed a cab. They just asked the man to take them to a nice hotel. The driver nodded and soon they arrived. They got two rooms and handed Mark a key for him, Shasta and Donnie.

When all was in the rooms it was time to talk to the police. Even though they never seemed to truly know what was going on with things such as this, what they did know was always helpful. “You wont care if I come for this right? It’s just talking.” Mark responded for Edmond “Why don’t you hangout with Shasta and Donnie. She gets scared when she’s alone.” Freya looked at Shasta “Could the two of us go looking around the shops right by here. We wont go far.”

Even that worried Edmond but both him and Mark said “have fun.” Freya hugged Edmond “I love you”

“Love you too.” Edmond was just glad he didn’t need to protest. When they were far from the girls Edmond said “Thank you”

“Not a problem, Shasta really does need the company” Shasta bundled up little Donnie and held him close. It was very cold although not snowing at the moment. The stores were filled with all sorts of interesting things. Donnie like always was trying to grab at and eat everything in sight. After awhile Freya said “want me to take a turn?”

“You’re already carrying two babies Freya.”

“but I’m a vampire, I am stronger than you. It’ll be ok. Don’t go by how much Edmond babys me.” Slight fear raced across her face but was gone shortly. She handed Donnie to Freya. They walked a little more then went back to the hotel. They got in and Shasta sang her baby to sleep. She layed him on the bed and put pillows all around him. Shasta looked at Freya “can I ask you somthing?”


“Will Mark make me become a vampire?”

“Does he make you do anything?”

“no but”

“Mark wouldn’t make you do a thing that didn’t make you happy. He loves you with all his heart. If you wanted to become one he’d do it but he’d never do it against your will. He’ll stay with you forever even as a human. It’ll pain him to see you die eventually but if you wanted to live out your days human he wouldn’t mind.”

“That’s right, you guys don’t die. I could live forever if I was. I just couldn’t imagine being…well being like you”

“You wanted to call me a monster didn’t you?”

“No no no not atall” Shasta said a bit panicked obviously worried about hurting her feelings. “It’s alright Shasta. After what that werewolf did to you being afraid is normal. One day it’ll be so far in the past it wont haunt you any longer. All three of us understand completely.”

“Thank you. I really like you Freya. I really love Mark. He’s so good to me”

“He only wants to make you happy. His happiness is fully dependant on yours I think.” Shasta smiled. “anything else you want to ask?”

“Did it hurt when you changed? I can’t bring myself to ask Mark.”

“Yeah but it doesn’t last more than a few hours.” Freya wondered if Shasta was considering becoming one to be with Mark forever. Maybe Mark didn’t have to worry so much about asking her to marry him. The girls started going wild again. Shasta giggled seeing her stomach move “can I feel?”

“Of course” Freya said with a smile.

“Can I ask why we didn’t take a cab?” Mark said as he zipped up his sweater.

“Because I felt like walking.” Edmond answered, seeming not to notice the cold bite in the air.

“You’re still worried about Freya.”

“Especially now that we’ve walked into the lion’s den. Shasta is a potential target since she is human and Freya would do anything to keep her and Donnie safe.”

“They’ll be fine. From what I was reading the night Bruce called, the vampires have only been taking people off the streets that are vulnerable and alone. Freya knows better than to walk alone while she’s pregnant and Shasta is to afraid to go anywhere alone.”

Edmond sighed. “I don’t want either of them to be victimized again. Shasta was raped and Freya came close. Having your mortality taken from you by force is a serious violation that no one deserves.”

They made their way to the police precinct and asked the receptionist to tell Captain Reagan that they had arrived. They waited impatiently, worrying that someone else could be in trouble right now while the police were dragging their feet. The captain finally came out into the hall dressed in uniform. He shook their hands and invited them into his office. Mark closed the door behind them and both he and Edmond took a seat across from the captain.

“So who do you guys work for anyway?” Captain Reagan asked. He was young, maybe about thirty with an almost arrogant, but kind air about him. Edmond knew he had to be that way to be a top authority figure. He was the same. He inhaled the man’s scent. There was a very familiar smell hiding under his cologne.

“We’re on retainer with a lot of government branches. We go where we’re asked.” Edmond answered.

“You mean told.”

“No he means asked. No one tells him what to do.” Mark said with a half smile.

“Then I guess I should tell you what I know. Six people have been taken so far and at random. There was no connection between them that we found. They never hung out together, all are from different backgrounds, run in different social circles, and race varies. The last of the six was killed in what looked like a very violent struggle. He had puncture wounds in his neck, scrapes and bruises on his arms, legs, and torso. Cause of death was strangulation.”

“You would think if a vampire wanted to kill a human he or she would have drained the man to death.”

“I agree. If I were to murder someone I would shift and kill them. That way it looks like a wild animal attack. This vampire is acting extremely impulsive. You would think that would make him easier to catch. We found saliva on each victim that says the person is male.”

“Is there any way we can talk to the victims?” Mark asked.

“I did you boys a favor. The five surviving victims are in our conference room. Every single one is one hundred percent vampire and scared out of their minds. If you’ll follow me I’ll take you there.” Captain Reagan answered.

Chapter Two

“Thank you” Mark said as he and Edmond stood to follow Reagan. When the doors to the conference room opened. Edmond and Mark could see how terrified they were. When the two of them were noticed by the survivors even more fear seemed to surge through them if that was even possible. It was mainly of Edmond even though they feared Mark too.

Mark leaned over to whisper to Edmond “Maybe I should talk to them alone. I don’t know if they can form words with you in here.”

“That probably is best” Edmond said then walked back out. Reagan pointed out the large window that looked into the conference hall “You can watch from there and they wont see you.”

“Thanks” Edmond was still trying to figure out where he recognized the mans scent. He pushed it out of his mind and waited for Mark to finish. They were all very reluctant to talk to him but he was so charismatic that he managed to get a few to open up to him and tell him what they remembered. The terror of the event had caused most of them to forget almost everything.

One woman got hysterical as she tried to describe her attacker. Mark had to comfort her for around twenty minuets which annoyed Edmond. He felt really bad for all these people and wanted to hurry and catch this man before another person got attacked. He wanted Freya back home and safe with their two little girls. He knew Shasta definitely didn’t need another violent encounter with a supernatural creature either. He had grown fond of her like a sister and didn’t want her to suffer any more.

Freya stared out the window, feeling bored and useless. It was starting to snow. She wanted to be out there with Edmond catching the bad guy. She rested a hand on her stomach and smiled. At least she got to spend the day with her daughters. “Hey Shasta, I think I’m going to go out and find something good for us to eat.” She said and Shasta looked up from her book.

“Are you sure Edmond would want you to do that?” She asked.

“I promise I won’t go far. How about some soup since it’s cold. Soup is always good on a cold night.”

“Okay, I’ll just wait here with Donnie.” Shasta pulled her lots and sweater on. She took the key card and headed out the door. She hated being so cooped up. She smiled at a young couple she passed. They looked really happy, in love and oblivious to the dark things that sometimes creeped out of the shadows to hurt people. She took the elevator down to the lobby. Edmond always got rooms off the ground so nothing could sneak up on them. She stepped out into the cold night and took a slow pace. She knew if Edmond found her outside alone that she would have some explaining to do, but she wasn’t willing to make Shasta wake a baby so they could get food when she herself was totally capable of doing it on her own.

Captain Reagan came into the room with Edmond and handed him a cup of hot coffee. “So, anything useful yet?” He asked.

“A description and lots of horror stories. None of the women were raped thank god, but they still suffered a horrible trauma. Every single one of these people should receive counseling.” Edmond answered and breathed in the man’s scent again.

“Unfortunately we don’t have anyone in town capable of handling the victims of a preternatural attack.”

Edmond reached in his back pocket and produced a business card. He handed it to the captain. “Tell them to contact this number. She’s the counselor at one of my schools and very good with trauma. He knew that scent. It dawned on him that it reminded him of the young werewolf that had been murdering students, Karina. “Excuse me, but are you by any chance related to Karina Ross?”

“Yes, I’m her half brother Nathanial.”

“She went to my school.”

“Oh my gosh, you’re that Edmond. I’m so sorry about what she did to those students.”

“It wasn’t your fault. She made a choice, a poor one. She was one of my brightest students.”

“She is smart and has kept herself out of trouble since then.”

“Good to hear” Mark came out. I think we’ve got all we can get for now. The majority are just inconsolable at this point. I feel guilty. Like I pushed too much. Nathaniel patted him on the shoulder. “It’s not you it’s just the situation. All the people in there want you to find who did this.”

“We need to get busy now.” Edmond said and started walking. Mark quickly followed. “Are you going to walk around?”

“Lets check on the girls first.”

“That’s a good idea.” Mark wanted to make sure Shasta was doing ok. Freya followed the scent of what smelled like the best soup in existence. She felt like something was watching her so she picked up the pace and made it to the dinner. She ordered and kept her eyes glued to the window looking for signs of the vampire who had been attacking people. She prayed she was just being paranoid. If she ended up sparing with it Edmond would be furious.

“You look like you’re about to pop” an elderly woman said. Freya was tired of hearing that but the old lady looked so sweet “Yeah, I’m due very soon. It’s twin girls”

“You must be one proud mom. What about the dad?”

“Very proud, excited and protective.”

“All the best dads are” The old lady gave her a kind smile so Freya smiled back. Her order was up so she grabbed the bag waving at the old lady before walking back into the cold. She went as fast as she could without spilling the food. She felt eye spiercing her again and felt a very unfriendly presence. “oh please be paranoia”¬†she begged in her head

Edmond turned a corner and saw Freya across the street walking as quickly as she could. He felt anger sweep through him so fast he was crossing the busy street without looking. Mark was close behind him, waving at angry drivers. He was so mad he almost didn’t catch the malicious presence that was close by. He looked around, but didn’t see anyone that struck him as evil. He reached out and grabbed Freya’s shoulder, spinning her around.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked angrily.

“I’m being followed.” She answered.

“I noticed.” He took the bag from her and handed it to Mark then grabbed her and pulled her back to the hotel.

Freya was actually scared right now. She had not seen him this angry in a long time. They all three rode the elevator in silence. Edmond angry, Mark disappointed, and her very scared. She opened her mouth to speak and he glared at her. She closed her mouth and looked at her feet. The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open. He grabbed her arm and stepped out. He used his key card on their door and started to pull her in. She reached into her pocket real quick and handed Mark his key card. Edmond pulled her in then slammed the door.

“You said you would be good, that you wouldn’t put yourself in harms way.” He snapped as he paced back and forth.

“Edmond please calm down.” She said.

“No, I’m not calming down this time. You could have been hurt.” He grabbed her shoulders, wanting to shake her. “I’m tired of you not listening because you’re so damn stubborn. It isn’t just you that’s at stake anymore.”

“I was just getting some food.” She screamed and started crying. She hated being so hormonal. “I was hungry.”

He pulled her into his arms. She tried pushing him away, but he didn’t let go. “I’m sorry, I was so scared and angry when I saw you out there. You should have called me or Mark.”

“I know, I just didn’t want to interrupt you while you were working and I hate being cooped up.” She wiped at her face. “Did you see who was following me?”

“No, everyone looked normal.”

He lifted her and sat down on the bed holding her close. “What did you find out?”

“Just what he looks like really. Atleast we’ll know him when we see him.”

“Yeah” Freya said still crying slightly. “Can I have my food?”

“Yes stay here.” He left her on the bed and went to Marks room. Mark could guess why he was there and quickly brought the bowl Shasta wasn’t eating. Without a word between them Edmond took it going back to the room. ‘Here” She grabbed the plastic spoon sitting on top of the container and had it cleaned in minuets. Edmond smiled, between her tears and how funny it was to see her eat so fast he had lost his anger. Fear was still gripping his heart though.

Freya was still afraid of him yelling again. As much as she loved him and knew he loved her his temper was absolutely terrifying to her. She was glad to see a smile but just sat there looking down. She knew in an instant he could go back to yelling. He put his arms around her again and felt her jump. It hurt him deeply that Freya would get so afraid of him when he was made. “I’m not angry, still can’t control my heartbeat from the fear but I’m not angry.”

She rlaxed slightly “I wish I could take you out with me. I don’t know if I trust you to stay in here now. We can’t leave Shasta here alone though.” Freya wasn’t sure if she should speak. He had every right to be upset and not to trust her to stay. “I love you” She said sadness slightly in her tone. “I love you too, so much Freya” He held her tighter and his girls moved “Yes I love you girls too.”

“Mark and I have to go back out tonight, but we’ll be back in the morning. We have to find this guy as quickly as possible.”

“I want to help you.”

“I know you do and you can do that by staying safe and waiting for me to come back to you. If you want to go out tomorrow then I’ll take you.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“Good.” He kissed her softly and brushed away left over tears. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting him to stay. He knew he needed to get back on the street, but he couldn’t make himself pull away. He pushed her back, pulled at her clothes and his until they were both naked. He rolled, pulling her on top of him. He flexed his hips, thrusting into her so she gasped. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” She whispered. They made love as quickly and as quietly as they could. They lay together, catching their breath when there was a knock at the door.

“It’s Mark, I have to go.”

“Okay, just be careful please.”

“I am the epitome of careful.” Edmond dressed and opened the door. Mark looked up at him and rubbed his neck awkwardly. He stepped out of his room and closed the door behind him. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah, sure. Sorry to interrupt.” He gave a half smile that made him look more embarrassed.

“You didn’t. Shall we go?”

“Yes sir.” They left the hotel and went back out into the snowy night. “Can I ask you something?”

“You could always just ask the original question instead of asking to ask it, but yes you can.”

“How do you ask someone to marry you?”

He stopped walking and arched his eyebrow at Mark. “Is that a rhetorical question?”

“No, it’s a real one. How did you propose to Freya?”

“I didn’t really. We just both decided we wanted to get married so we did.” He rubbed his neck. “Just ask her. Maybe use a ribbon to tie the ring to her favorite flower and give it to her.”

“That’s a good idea. I keep trying to ask Shasta but I chicken out every time. I’m afraid she’ll say no or get upset.”

“I’m sure she’ll say yes. She let you take over fathering her child without hesitation didn’t she?”

“Yes she did” Mark said with a smile. “I love that little boy. I feel like he’s mine.”

“You’re an honorable man Mark.”

“Thank you” Freya just lay in the bed relaxed. No matter what she wasn’t leaving again. She was amazed yet again at how fast she could calm Edmond. She felt so loved, he really did try his best for her. He honestly couldn’t help he had such a temper. She felt lucky to be loved so much by such an amazing man. Aside from his temper he was a very good person. She had fun with him and she knew he’d be great with their daughters.

He would probably drive them up the wall like he does her but he’d love them and play with them like any good father would. She felt so sleep after crying and having sex. She closed her eyes softly and hugged a pillow. She hoped Edmond would be laying next to her when her eyes opened again. In her dreams her daughters were toddlers running around their home. Edmond was chasing them and making the two girls laugh.

Freya was sitting just listening to their laughter thinking about how lucky she was. It was the best choice she ever made to take Edmond back. It was painful to leave him like she did but their relationship needed it. Now everything was perfect. She smiled in her sleep in a blissful state. Shasta was sitting up worried. She didn’t want Mark to get hurt. She also worried some creature might try to hurt her little boy. She had never once thought of him as a burden of what happened to her. She saw him as a blessing from it.

She had atleast gotten one good thing from her ordeal. Donnie was such a beautiful boy. Mark was his dad and such a good man. She was so lucky to have him even though she felt selfish for making him put up with her. She sometimes felt she should just leave with Donnie so he could find a girl that wouldn’t sometimes jump at his touch or go hysterical at a moments notice. She just loved him too much to leave and he kept refusing to leave her.

Edmond went back to where he had found Freya. Someone had been following her with malicious intent. He didn’t know if it was to capture of kill her and he didn’t want to know. He just wanted whoever or whatever it was captured and possibly killed. If it was the vampire who had been forcefully turning people then it would be executed. He tried picking up a scent, any scent, but his nose wasn’t nearly as strong as a werewolf’s.

“We need help.” He said as he stood in the middle of the sidewalk.

“From who?” Mark asked as he turned this way and that, watching every face that walked by.

“Captain Reagan.”

He took off, heading for the precinct. He could call in a favor after what Karina had done. It was her family’s duty to try and make amends. He didn’t hold anything against Nathanial Reagan, but it would make his parents proud if he helped with something like sniffing out a killer. He went in through the front door, completely bypassing the receptionist. He walked to the captain’s office and knocked on the door. Nathanial looked up from his computer and gestured for Edmond and Mark to enter.

“Hey, what can I do for you?” He asked.

“I need your nose.” Edmond replied.

“My nose?”

“We vampires have an incredible sense of smell, but it’s nothing compared to yours. So I need you nose.”

“Give me just a second to finish this report then we can go.”

Edmond waited impatiently while Mark just seemed to be deep in thought. Edmond figured he was thinking about his proposal again. Nathaniel finally stood and followed Edmond out of the precinct to where Edmond had seen Freya. Nathaniel took a long slow smell of the air. I only smell one other vampire besides you, Freya and Mark.”

“Lead us”

“yes sir, do try and keep up.” Edmond laughed “I could outrun you any day.”

“Boys lets not measure right now” Mark said grinning. Nathaniel took off without another word. Mark and Edmond quickly followed. Edmond stayed by the wolfs side while Mark struggled to keep up. He wasn’t aware Edmond was that quick. The two of them stopped on a dime making Mark almost run right into them. Nathaniel took in a long breath of the air again. “Maybe you arent so skilled” Edmond teased.”

“You want me to be sure don’t you”

“Of course, I mean we do have all day.” Edmond said mockingly. Mark really couldn’t tell if they were playing or were semi fighting due to the stressful situation. He hoped it was playing to help keep calm. If Mark could read minds he’d know it was simple playing to keep Edmond calm and focused. Seeing Freya out had thrown him. He couldn’t let worry over her make him mess up. They all started running again until they were out of town. “we must walk now. Wouldn’t want to let him know we are coming. He’s not far”

“I don’t care if he knows.” Edmond said with a chill to his tone. “we must do this right my man. I have no doubts the three of us can handle him but all in good time.” They crept through the woods. Nathaniel growled “he’s found our presence. He’ll run so hurry” Edmond and Nathaniel took off leaving Mark in the dust. He had their scent though and could catch up.

The vampire paused, cocked his head to the side. Someone was following him. He could hear at least one person. The vampire growled and climbed up into a tree, watching. Three men came into view, one in a police uniform. He crouched on the branch and waited until the man in back got close then jumped out.

The vampire slammed into Mark, driving him to the ground. Mark screamed as they tumbled and the vampire sank his fangs into his neck. Mark gripped the man’s hair, trying to dislodge him. Edmond and Nathanial followed them as they went down a hill and bounced apart. The vampire was back on Mark, biting and draining him so he became weak. Edmond pulled the vampire off of his friend and threw him. Nathanial jumped on the man’s back, pinning him to the ground.

“Mark, you have to stay awake.” Edmond said.

“Just worry about him.” Mark said. “I’ll be alright.”

Edmond turned to the vampire as Nathanial jerked him to his feet. He grabbed him by his hair and forced him to lift his head. “This is not our guy. Who are you?” The vampire grinned and then started laughing. “Answer me now.”

“He’s already at the hotel where that pretty little human is. You’ll never get there in time.” He answered.

“Shasta, no not her.” Mark pushed himself to his feet and took off at a sprint.

“Can you lock him in a cell then call one of the elder vampires. Give them my name and that I need someone to pick up a rogue vampire.”

“Of course, it shouldn’t be an issue.” Nathanial said as he cuffed the vampire then slammed his head into a tree to knock him unconscious. Edmond ran after Mark, knowing he couldn’t fight in his weakened state.

Chapter Three

Shasta heard a knock at her door. She started to run to it excitedly but then paused. Mark had a key. He’d have no reason to knock for her. The knock was more persistent. She guessed he must have lost his key. He was chasing a rogue vampire after all. She also needed the knocking to stop before it woke her baby who had rolled over threatening to cry. She opened it “Mark?” It knocked her down hissing at her. She let out a blood curdling scream. Freya woke and threw clothes on as she ran.

She attacked it from behind as it straddled Shasta. It turned its attention to Freya and began fighting with her. The baby started to wail. Shasta tried to get up to soothe him but the vampire got away from Freya grabbing Shasta and bursting out the window with her. Mark was close enough to now hear her cries.It helped him run faster. All he could think was “not again, she can’t go through somthing like this again”¬†

Edmond appeared by Marks side and was past him just as fast. Edmond followed Shastas screams. He worried about what this would do to the already timid woman. He hoped she’d be able to bounce back. Humans had a harder time bouncing back from such things than vampires did.He feared for both her and Mark.

Freya wanted desperately to follow the vampire, but she couldn’t leave Donnie. She scooped up the crying baby and rocked him. “It’s okay sweety.” She said softly, taking him to her room. She was so worried, her heart beating overly fast. She took a deep breath and felt her daughters kicking. They knew she was scared. Donnie finally started to calm down and she was allowed to lay him down on the bed. She put blankets and pillows around him like she had seen Shasta do and he fell asleep. She paced, her hand resting on her stomach.

“Lets calm down girls. Mommy can’t go into labor right now because Daddy and Uncle Mark are trying to save Aunt Shasta. So at least wait until they get back.” She said softly.

Edmond and Mark stayed on the vampire’s trail, making sure to never lose his or Shasta’s scent. He could see the fear and exhaustion on Mark’s face. Adrenaline and losing the woman he loved was the only thing keeping him moving. The vampire led them back out of town and into the woods. The cold bit into their flesh, turning it right red. The terrain was rough, but they managed. They were getting closer, Edmond could feel it.

Shasta screamed when the vampire put her down and crab walked backwards. He grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. She kicked out at him, struggled. He pinned her down, straddling her waist. She started crying, feeling helpless and alone like before. She could feel his breath on her neck and then he sank his fangs in. She fought as hard as she could even has she grew weaker. She couldn’t die here. She wanted to see her son again, wanted to hold him and sing to him. She wanted to be with Mark, feel his arms around and his lips kissing her. She needed his love and understanding, his patience when she was scared to let him touch her because of the flashbacks. She started to go limp and hoped Mark and Donnie would forgive her. The vampire’s head suddenly jerked up and he took off, leaving her there to bleed to death.

He had run because he heard Edmond and Mark coming. Edmond didn’t let the vampire escape. Mark followed the scent of Shastas blood, crying with his worry. When he saw her laying there he would’ve broken down if he had the time. He quickly went to her glad to see she was still conscious. “Mark” she said in barely a whisper. “Shasta” He said with tears pouring. “You aren’t going to let me die are you?”

“I can’t get you back to town in time.”

“No my love, you know what I really mean.” He was actually taken a bit by shock. Without questioning her he did the same thing Freya had done for him. ¬†He prayed it hadn’t been too late and she wouldn’t die anyway. He sat there and held her as Edmond subdued the vampire. Edmond threw the vampire over his shoulder and asked “Can you carry Shasta Mark? I will if you need me too.”

“I’ve got her” He said still crying. She had passed out and he was terrified of her dieing on him. He hadn’t even got to ask her to marry him. They walked back since Edmond knew there was no way he could run with Shasta. Edmond hoped it had worked and Shasta would wake in a few hours. “I’ll meet you at the apartment ok Mark?”

“Thank you”

“I did my job, nothing to thank me for” Edmond said patting Marks shoulder. Mark took Shasta to their room and laid her down. He figured Freya had Donnie so he walked next door. “I’ve got him Freya.” She saw how beaten done and tormented he looked “No I’ve got him for the night.” She wanted to ask what happened and if Shasta was alright but she decided to ask Edmond. Mark didn’t look like he could handle talking in that moment.

“Thank you” He said then turned to leave. Freya stopped him “Let me get you two the room on the other side of us. Yours has that broken window now.”

“Thank you” It seemed like that was the only words the poor man had. She bought the other room and had the hotel take the first one off their bill. Mark moved Shasta then held her close “wake up my love..please” The police men thanked Edmond and he set off for Freya. He needed her close, he needed to press his lips against her and hold her. He opened their door and saw Freya half asleep holding Donnie. The little boy sleeping in her arms. Edmond kissed his wife making her fully wake up. “og good you’re back. What happened?”

“We stopped him in changing Shasta but she was so far gone Mark had to do it. Shasta asked him to. He’s worried it still may have been too late and that she will die regardless of his efforts.” Freya looked sad and Edmond took Donnie from her. “Sleep Freya, I’m sure all will be well in the morning.”


“No buts, sleep for me please.”

“Alright, goodnight.”

Mark held Shasta tightly to him. He heard her gasp and then whimper as pain tore through her. She screamed and he kissed her to muffle the sound. She clung to him, her nails biting into his flesh and drawing blood. He felt tears on his face at the pain he was causing her, but he had no choice. Time seemed to crawl by at an alarmingly slow pace. When the change was finished she lay limp in his arms. He pulled back to look at her. She was unconscious, but breathing. He could hear her heart beating steadily in her chest and her color was coming back.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.” He whispered and kissed her again. She was covered in dirt and blood from her attack. He undressed her gently and then himself. He lifted her and carried her into the walk in shower, switching on the water and sitting down on the floor with her cradled in his lap. He washed her, taking his time to make sure every drop of blood and every speck of dirt was gone before switching off the water and grabbing the towel off the shower door. He dried her and carried her to bed. He lay with her, holding her close. He cried himself into exhaustion and fell asleep as the sun started to rise.

Edmond woke to the sound of crying. It was Donnie, cradled in his arms. He looked down at the little boy and the baby grew silent. “You must be hungry little man. How about we go downstairs and see what they have for breakfast.” He stood, checking to see if Freya was still asleep before leaving. He passed Mark’s and Shasta’s room, hearing two heart beats. He sighed with relief that Donnie didn’t have to be motherless. He took the elevator down and found his way to the buffet where the hotel served breakfast. He made a plate of eggs and sausage then headed back upstairs. Donnie squirmed in irritation as they got back to the room and Edmond realized he had forgotten the key card. He kicked the door with his foot.

Freya jerked awake at the sound of knocking she hurried to the door, checking out the peephole before opening it. She smiled up at Edmond and moved aside so he could come in. She took Donnie from him and checked the baby’s diaper. He was wet so she quickly changed him and gave him a kiss on his nose which made him smile. “Did you two get breakfast? How sweet of you.” She said as Edmond sat on the edge of the bed and she lifted Donnie into a sitting position on her lap.

“I figured eggs would be okay for him since they’re soft and then you can make him a bottle.” Edmond said, a little unsure. He had never fed a baby so he didn’t know.

“Eggs are perfect dear.”

Edmond was very pleased with himself. Freya could tell and thought it was really sweet. Edmond fed the little boy and then Freya made the bottle. She held Donnie as he drank. Edmond just watched loving seeing a small child in her arms. He couldn’t wait to have his little girls and this be a normal thing. “Shatas alive.”

“I’m so glad. Imagine poor little Donnie without a mom, I don’t even want to think what would become of Mark. I’d miss her too. I wanted to chase after them when that vampire took her but I couldn’t leave the baby.”

“I’m glad you didn’t, you could’ve been seriously hurt aswell” He leaned over and kissed her head. The baby finished the bottle and went back to sleep. She laid the little one down again propping herself up on her side to watch him. Edmond got on the other side but was watching her instead of Donnie. “I just can’t wait for our girls”

“Me too” Freya fell back asleep without meaning to. The girls were making her so tired this late in her pregnancy. Edmond grinned, he decided they’d stay one more day so Shasta and Freya would be better up to leaving. He wasn’t sure how well Shasta would do with the change. Was still shocked Shasta asked for it. He hoped she’d remember she asked and wouldn’t be angry at Mark. He wasn’t sure if the sensitive man could take her anger after everything.

Edmond saw the girls moving Freya belly again. “I guess you two are impatient to get out here too huh? Don’t worry, it’ll be very soon.” He whispered smiling. He was so happy and grateful for this life he had. He was with the girl of his dreams and was about to have two beautiful little girls. The only thing that could make him happier is if they got a little boy too. He’d talk to Freya about more children once his girls were sleeping through the night.

Shasta woke to Mark wrapped around her, his head resting next to her so his breath tickled her ear. She turned her head too look at him, frowning at the sad look he had on his face even in his sleep. She could hear his heart beating out a steady slow rhythm, could smell his blood just below the surface. It made her feel hungry. Any other person would have found the sensation odd or frightening, but Mark had explained what it meant to be a vampire many times. She didn’t have to drink blood every day, but every now and again was a good idea to make sure she was able to function properly in the day time. She shifted onto her side and his eyes flew open. He looked so scared.

“You’re awake.” He said, his voice breaking and tears forming in his eyes.

“It’s okay, I’m okay.” She smiled at him and he kissed her softly.

“I should have been here. You could have died, Freya and Donnie and the twins could have died.”

“No one knew it was a ploy to lead you and Edmond away. Don’t blame yourself.” She realized her son wasn’t in the room with them. “Where’s Donnie?”

“Edmond and Freya have him. They kept him for us last night.” He answered and ran his fingers through her hair.

“They are so sweet. I’ll have to get them something for being so helpful, especially Freya. She tried fighting the vampire off and then stayed with my son. She must have been so scared not being able to help me.”

Mark loved how she was only thinking of others. Since he had met her, she had always been so selfless. She put aside her fears so easily when it meant helping someone else. He really loved her with everything that he was. “You are so wonderful, a true blessing. No matter what I will always love you, never forget that.”

“I don’t know why you love me so much. You can’t even have sex with me because I get so scared.”

“Hush now. I understand. We’ll take our time, get you used to being touched. We have centuries to replace all the bad memories with good ones.”

She frowned. “I know it frustrates you at times. I’ve seen it on your face. I want to be normal for you”

He silenced her with a kiss, holding her tightly against him. He ran his hands over skin, reveling in how soft and warm she was. “You are exactly what I need just the way you are.” He smiled and she blushed.

After about an hour Shasta really wanted her son. “I’ll get him, stay here.”

“Thank you.” Mark went next door and knocked. It scared him how fast Edmond answered. It made Mark jump back slightly “Freya is sleeping.”

“sorry, Shasta is up and wants Donnie.”

“How is she?”

“Good.” Mark smiled again. “I’m glad to hear it.” Edmond gently lifted the sleeping little boy and handed him to Mark. “When are we leaving” mark whispered. “I’ve got us tickets for seven am tomorrow.”

“alright so we need to leave here at six right?”


“alright, see you then.” Edmond got back on the bed and held Freya. Donnie had stayed up late so he was pretty tired now that the sun was up. He relaxed then faded to sleep so he’d have energy when Freya woke. She got up a little after lunch with the girls thrashing in protest because they were hungry “Fine girls I’m up.” She whispered then noticed her husband. She kissed him, he smiled and kissed her back. “The girls are hungry.” Edmond looked at the time. It was one thirty four. “I’ll go buy you something from the dinner.”

“Alright.” Edmond got up making sure to grab the room key this time. Freya sat up stretching. She hummed to her girls until their dad came back with lunch. “I bought somthing for Mark and Shasta too. I’ll be right back” He left again and was back in moments. “That was so thoughtful of you” They ate together and then Freya asked “Can we go looking around town now please.”

“Just say you want to look around town. When you ask it makes it too easy for me to control what you do. I do not want to become controlling again. Lets shower then go.” Freya smiled going into the bathroom. They undressed and Edmond froze for a second looking at his incredibly sexy wife. She noticed those hungry eyes traveling across her body “You can have me real fast if you want.” No sooner did the words leave her mouth did he have her on the counter.

They were fast so they wouldn’t both Mark and Shasta. Edmond carried Freya into the shower and cleaned the two of them. They dried and dressed warmly. “Lets check on Shasta before we go.”

“Mark has her, don’t worry”

“I guess you are right.” Edmond took her hand and they left the hotel to look around the town. He loved how happy and excited Freya was looking at everything. They spent the entire day out and slept like rocks. Morning came quickly and they met Mark and Shasta outside. Edmond had arranged for a cab. Everything went smoothly getting to the airport and boarding the plane to go home. Shasta looked more at peace than she ever had before.

They all slept on the plane, the sun draining them. Donnie woke them when the plane started to land. They disembarked, finding their luggage and going to their car. Mark pulled out his cell and called a flower shop. He whispered that he wanted a bouquet of yellow orchids delivered in an hour. He thanked the woman on the other end of the line and hung up. He noticed Shasta was watching him and he smiled.

“Orchids? I love orchids.” She said.

“Shit, I mean shoot, I forgot you have vampire hearing now. Don’t worry about it okay. It’s a surprise so just forget what you heard.” He replied.

She nodded and grabbed his hand. He kissed her knuckles and stared out the window as Edmond drove. They arrived home in record time and Edmond quickly helped Freya out of the car. She frowned at how her large belly made it hard to do anything. “Get that look off your face, you’re far to beautiful to be frowning.” Edmond said, making her smile. He helped her into the house and carried her to the couch so she could relax. He went back out and helped Mark unload the trunk. Shasta took Donnie upstairs and lay him in his crib. The flowers arrived while she was upstairs and Mark quickly took them.

“Hey Freya, do you have some ribbon?” He asked, listening for Shasta.

“In the basement. All my arts and crafts stuff is down there.” She answered and he hurried to get it. He found some purple ribbon and went back upstairs. “Can you help me tie this to one of the flowers?” He held up the ring he had bought for Shasta. “I’m not good at making bows.”

Freya gladly helped him. She made a really elegant bow and made sure the ring could be easily seen. She handed him the bouquet and he kissed her on the cheek. He waited patiently for Shasta to come back downstairs. She froze when she noticed everyone looking at her. “What’s going on?” She asked nervously.

“Shasta” Mark began, his voice already shaking in fear as she came down the stairs and stood in front of Mark “I love you so much. Since the day I met you I knew you were special. You’re so kind and sweet. An absolutely wonderful mother. I want to spend the rest of my days with you. Will you marry me?” Shasta started to cry. He couldn’t tell if it was leading to a yes or no and grew even more scared. “That would make me so happy” she said before sobbing really hard.

Mark hugged her and Freya smiled so brightly she glowed. Edmond now wished he had proposed to Freya properly so she could remember somthing like that. They had just discussed it in bed after sex. What a great memory that must be for her he thought feeling bad. Shasta and Mark looked so happy. They went upstairs together leaving Freya and Edmond alone.

‘That was sweet. I knew she’d say yes” Edmond wrapped his arms around Freya “are you hungry or anything?”

“No, my back really hurts though.”

“Well turn so I can rub it for you.”

“Thank you” she said turning. He began to rub her back, enjoying her sighs of relief. “I love you indescribably, you know that right Freya?”

“Of course I do. You show me all the time. Why ask a silly question like that?”

“I didn’t ask you to marry me like Mark did. All you got was a hey we should get married.” Freya laughed “that’s who you are Edmond. You aren’t super romantic but you do show your love for me. Just now you did when you asked me if I needed anything. Then you rubbed me to make me feel better. Your actions tell me you love me on a daily basis. I don’t need stuff like that.”

“It just doesn’t seem fair is all. After all I put you through, you at least deserved something wonderful like a proper proposal.” He pulled her into his arms and tipped her head back to kiss her.

“Oh Edmond, you are the most loving man in the world. Never doubt that. You planted me an entire garden of lilies because you loved me. That was one of the sweetest things you ever did. They were so beautiful.” She rubbed her nose against his.

“I just want to make you happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“And you do. You put up with my stubbornness, apologize when you start to get controlling, help me in and out of the car. You make me so happy.”

He kissed her again then rested his forehead against hers and a hand on her abdomen. He smiled as his little girls rolled and kicked. They would be here soon and then their whole world would change. He was looking forward to it. He wanted to help her change diapers and feed babies. He counted on her to make sure he never hurt them in any way. He had a horrible temper and never wanted to lose it with his children.

“I’m scare of you having a c-section.” He said with a frown.

“Don’t be. We both know I have no choice. Jayna’s on her side. I’ll be fine and you’ll be right there.”¬†They sat together until dinner time and Edmond insisted on cooking. “Mark get your skinny ass down here and help make dinner.” Freya yelled and she heard him come running.

“Sorry, I was distracted. I guess I didn’t realize how late it was.”

“distracted by what?” Mark blushed and Freya laughed “You finally got a little more of Shasta huh? Freya winked. It made Marks face go a darker shade of red. He quickly turned away from her and began to help Edmond. Edmond seemed to be holding back a laugh “how old are you people?” He said in a frustrated tone. “we’ll quit teasing you.” Freya said laughing. The two men made dinner in silence. When it was ready Shasta came down with the baby. Freya smiled at her. She didn’t think Shasta could handle the teasing so she decided against it.

The bay was very happy through dinner. He stole all the attention. When they were done Edmond took Mark outside. “Why is Edmond wanting to talk to Mark?” Shasta asked Freya. “I’m not sure.” Mark was looking confused up at Edmond “I just wanted to ask you, now that you two are getting married would you like your own house. I can get you one near here so Freya and I can still train you. I’m not pushing you out, I just thought of it as a wedding present.”

“That would be great”

“Good, I’ll start looking around for one. If I can’t find something suitable I’ll have one built.”

“Thanks Edmond” The two men went back inside. Shasta excitedly told Shasta. She hugged Edmond “That’s so kind of you.”

“It’s not as kind as you think. I can easily afford it.” Soon Freya got tired. Edmond lifted her up then took her to their bedroom. Edmond rubbed Freyas stomach until she had fallen asleep. “I love you Freya.” He said just laying there. He wanted these last two days to hurry up and pass so the girls would be here.

Freya woke up feeling wet. She frowned, confused at why that was. Her heart slammed in her chest as realization dawned. She sat up, shaking Edmond. “Wake up now.” She ordered and he looked up at her. “Hospital, we have to go to the hospital.”

“Hospital? What are you talking about?” He was confused and half asleep.

“Unless you want to give me a c-section on your own then I suggest you get up and get me to the hospital.” She snapped and his eyes widened. He practically fell out of the bed and searched frantically for his keys. He ran out of the room and down the hall, banging on Mark’s door. Mark pulled it open. “Have you seen my keys?”

“Is everything alright?” He asked.

“No, I mean yes. The babies are coming, where are my keys?”

“Oh my god, uh, oh you sat them on the coffee table.”

Edmond ran back to the room as Freya was throwing things on her suitcase. He lifted her and the case and made his way down to the car. He put her in the passenger seat as Mark was exiting the house with the two car seats they had bought for the twins. He pulled Donnie’s out and buckled the other two in. “We’ll take a cab, you two just get to the hospital.” He said, leaning through the open passenger window and kissing Freya’s forehead. “Good luck and don’t forget to breathe.”

Edmond sped away, his heart threatening to beat out of his chest. He gripped the steering wheel to keep from shaking. Freya balled her hands into fists as pain moved through her abdomen. She whimpered in pain, squeezing her eyes shut. She felt Edmond take her hand and she laced her fingers through his, drawing strength from him. “I’m scared.” She said through the pain.

“It’s okay to be scared. I’m right here baby and we’ll be there soon.” He replied.

When they got to the hospital he carried Freya in. They quickly took Freya to the Maternity Ward and got her ready for an emergency C Section. Edmond couldn’t watch them cut Freya open. He just stared directly into Freyas eyes and held her hand. He jerked his head up when he heard little cries coming from his daughters. They were so cute and small.

When the two girls were clean a doctor brought them around for Freya to see. She smiled then a few tears went down her cheeks. “They are so beautiful”

“Would you like to hold them sir?”

“Yes” The doctor brought them over and helped Edmond situate each girl in his arms. They closed Freya up and took her to her room. “Your doctor will be in here in a little bit to talk to you ok Freya?”

“alright, is anything wrong?”

“No sweetheart just about recovery from a C Section” Freya had to hold back a giggle. She knew she’d heal much faster than they expected her to. It would be one for the record books she was sure. She could tell Edmond was thinking of the same thing. The nurse left and Edmond asked “would you like to hold them?”

“Very much.” Edmond gently passed off the girls. Freya looked down at them lovingly. Overwhelmed with joy to see them. She heard Edmond sniffle and looked up, he was crying. “aw Edmond”

“I’m so happy. Look at how beautiful they are. I’ve got a gorgeous wife and two sweet girls…thank you so much Freya. Thank you for being with me and giving me two precious babies.”

“I love you Edmond, do you want one back?”

“Can I hold Jayna?” She smiled and let him take her. Freya loved how happy Edmond looked. Freya hoped she’d be healed by morning so she could go home and show the girls their new room. They had bassinets for their room for the first month but she wanted them to see the beautiful room she had worked so hard on with Edmond.

~ The End ~

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