Freya & Edmond 4

Chapter One

Thirteen year old twins Jayna and Desa could hear their parents screaming at eachother. As much as they loved their father and had fun with him when he was in a good mood they were always afraid of him when he was angry. Currently he was in a jealous rage over a new male friend their mother Freya had. They finally breathed easy when the yelling died down. They heard their mother walk out of their parents bedroom and slam the door of a guest room. Freya walked into the guest room with tears cascading, her tears were why the fighting stopped. He tried to apologize but she didn’t want to listen to it. He wasn’t really sorry anyway, sorry meant you weren’t going to do it again but she knew him better than that. It almost wasn’t worth having any friends.

Edmond wanted to follow but knew she needed space. He sighed, his anger now pointed at himself and laid down. He had someone to meet early in the morning and had to sleep for the job. Freya didn’t go with him often anymore due to the girls. He was hoping she would go with him tomorrow and planned when he got home to ask her when she saw him with that man. He wished he was better at controlling his temper. Edmond knew she would never cheat but it didn’t stop him from feeling jealous. He closed his eyes, hoping his wife would forgive him in the morning.

Freya tossed and turned, still very upset. She tiptoed out of the room she was in and went downstairs for her laptop. She needed a break from his temper. Edmond didn’t know but during the fight they just had the words “I’m sick of you and want a divorce” almost passed her lips. That was when she began to cry. She wouldn’t have really meant it but the fact she almost said such a thing made her heart heavy. She needed a break before she did or said somthing she knew she would regret later. The girls had been begging to go to egypt so she booked them a flight for tomorrow morning since she knew Edmond would be gone and unable to throw a tantrum and make them stay.

She hated to just go without telling him but for the sake of their marriage she needed a break. This would also be amazing for the girls. She knew their happy faces and laughs during their trip would bring her back into a good place, one where she didn’t almost say words she could never mean. She loved Edmond, she loved him for who he was. He was the only man for her even though he had the nastiest temper she had ever encountered. She sighed then printed her tickets. She shut the tickets in the laptop then carried it upstairs to slide under the bed so Edmond wouldn’t stumble upon it in the morning. The second he was gone she would write him a note then pack the girls up. Their flight would take off at ten am and she knew he had to be gone by seven.

Edmond woke the following morning feeling sad. His heart ached at the sight of Freya’s side of the bed being empty and cold. He found himself wanting to cry and took a quick shower and dressed. He had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, making sure to be quiet so as not to wake his girls. He snuck back upstairs and into the guest room where Freya slept soundly. He wanted to wake her and apologize, but decided he would just wait and let her rest. He gave her forehead a gentle kiss and then whispered that he loved her very much. He left quietly, hoping she would always remember how much he truly loved her.

Freya got out of bed after his car pulled out of the driveway. She forced back tears as she went to her room and packed her suitcase. She then woke the girls and told them to get ready, that they were going on a little trip to Egypt. She headed downstairs and made a quick breakfast and waited patiently for her girls to come down and eat. She tried not to think about the sweet way Edmond had kissed her or how sad his voice sounded. She needed some time to breathe and recharge. When they were done eating she scribbled a quick note and ran upstairs to grab their tickets. Jayna looked very excited to be going on a trip, but Desa not so much. She drove to the airport as quickly as she could and they checked in their baggage. She hoped exploring pyramids would help get her mind off of the constant arguing.

“So he comes on here, kills your chickens and then leaves?” Edmond asked the older woman as he inspected the coop. A werewolf had broken in and torn nearly all the chickens to shreds.

“Yes and it’ setting to where I’m afraid he’ll start on the other animals.” She answered.

“Let me modify your coop to turn it into a trap. Afterwards all you have to do is just watch and wait. He shouldn’t be able to get out when I’m done.” He asked her for some tools and wood. She had some wood left over from when the coop was built and he used it to board up the door. He left one of the smaller openings alone so the wolf could go inside, but made a trap door that would snap shut the minute the wolf entered. The sun was already beginning to fall by the time he finished. He wiped the sweat off his brow and studied his handiwork. “This should do.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, from his wallet he took a business card. “Just call this number and a man named Mark will come and pick the wolf up.”

“Thank you.”

“Should you have anymore trouble please feel free to call.”

The girls walked into the beautiful hotel excited. They had been begging their mother to take them for nearly a year and they were finally here. They worried about their parents though. They may fear their father when he got angry and knew how ridiculous he was but didn’t want their parents to separate. When things were good they were absolutely amazing. Their oldest daughter Jayna planned to talk to their mother. Maybe they could have a day or so alone since she understood her mother needing a break from their fathers tantrums but then she hoped maybe mom would let him come. Jayna and Desa both knew how much their parents loved eachother but they also knew if their father didn’t stop he may destroy their little family. She would work on her mother first then talk to her father when he arrived or when they got home if mom wouldn’t let him come. Jayne felt like it was up to her to make her parents talk things out. Jaynas thoughts were interrupted by Freya asking “Do you two still want your own room since your dad isn’t here?” They both told her yes so Freya bought two rooms.

Freya helped her girls get settled then went into her own room to get ready to go out for lunch. It was dinner back at home but lunch there due to the time difference. Like always she was long ready before the girls were. She never cared, she expected this when she had two girls. Soon they came out and apologized for all the time that took and went downstairs to ask the concierge where they should eat. He told them about a place called Egyptian Nights. They thanked him then walked out to go eat. Desa made them stop so she could take a picture of Jayna and Freya infront of the hotel. Desa had to take pictures of everything on trips.

Along the way Desa took many more pictures but quickly stuffed the camera in her purse when they walke din the resturuant. They were seated then were given menus. Once their food was over Jayna asked “Can I talk to you alone in your room for a bit when we return to our hotel?”

“Sure sweetheart” Desa didn’t like being cut out of the conversation but she had a feeling Jayna was going to have a talk with mom about dad. “While you guys do that I’ll look up some stuff for us to do tomorrow”

“Sounds perfect” Freya said with a smile even though the girls could hear the sadness in her voice. The food was just as delicious as the man at the hotel said. They decided they would definitely come back again. They left a nice tip and walked back to their hotel. Once they got upstairs Desa went into her room while Jayna went with her mother into her room.

“You should set down mom.” Jayna said and Freya took a seat on her bed.

“What is it sweety?”

“This whole trip is ridiculous. You know it, I know it! and Desa knows it. This has nothing to do with us enjoying some time away from home and everything to do with you running away from your problems.”


“Don’t mom, both you and dad have been acting ridiculous. He gets jealous over someone that you are just friends with like he’s some stupid high school boy and then you run away instead of talking like adults are supposed to. Me and Desa have to listen to this stuff, it sucks. You and dad are supposed to be setting a good example for us. Do want us thinking this is how relationships are supposed to be? If that’s what you want then you might as well just get a divorce and show us that all families are broken and that parents who argue all the time really hate each other. I don’t care if I get grounded and I don’t care if I make you mad, I shouldn’t even have to have this kind of talk with you. You’re supposed to be the one giving advice. All you left for dad was a short note without even an  love you. What’s he going to think when he sees it? He’s going to be so upset and he’s going to come here begging for your forgiveness.”


“Don’t mom, I’m not little anymore. I just want to go to bed and let you think about what I’ve said. We should go exploring tomorrow. Desa’s been wanting some pictures of the interior of a pyramid.” Jayna left before Freya could get another word out. She felt tears burning in her eyes and before she knew it she was crying into her pillow. Jayna went into the room next door and flopped down angrily on her bed. She knew she was probably in big trouble, but she didn’t care.

“You okay sis?” Desa asked softly.

“Yeah, just a little mad. We’re going exploring tomorrow.”

“What did you and mom talk about?”

“How stupid her and dad are being.”

“Did you actually call them stupid?”

“I called them childish.”

When Edmond got home he noticed Freyas car wasn’t there and figured the girls may have asked to go to the store or somthing. He got inside and went into the kitchen for a drink when he noticed a note sitting on the table and his heart nearly came to a complete stop. He lifted the note “I’m not leaving you Edmond but I need some time to breath. I took the girls to Egypt since they’ve been begging me. We’ll be back before you know it” Edmonds heart wrenched and he fell to the kitchen floor with sobs. “I’m doing it all over again. She’s going to leave me..why do I ahve to be so fucking stupid. I can’t lose her again…I can’t. I ahve to get her to forgive me for being an ass yet again” Edmond thought to himself as he cried. When Freya could get herself to stop crying she decided to give up having friends until the girls moved out. Jayna didn’t understand since they didn’t hear when they were just talking things out but Freya tried talking, all the time but Edmond would only be better for short stints. Freya knew how madly he loved her and that he tried not to be that way but it was still frustrating. She couldn’t do this to her daughters though. They were setting a bad example. Edmonds temper would never change so she decided as their mother she should just give up her friends until the girls were moved out and didn’t have to hear when Edmon snapped and lost his temper.

If she just gave up that their fights would stop by 80%. Edmond just wasn’t capable of sharing her time even when he wasn’t around to be with. Her daughters were enough. Giving up having friends was a small price to pay so her daughters wouldn’t have to hear yelling. Freya allowed herself to fall asleep. Shortly after she was asleep her phone began to ring. The second she woke up she knew who it was. Freya sighed, she didn’t want to speak to him but she would for her girls. She answered and heard Edmond bawling. “Thank you for answering, I’m so sorry baby. I tried not to call but I had to. I’m so sorry…please just let me come. I’ll make up for yelling. I’m so sorry..please Freya. Let me come and make thigns up”

Freya told him to get a flight and come. She told them what hotel they were in and her room number. Edmond was shocked at how willing Freya was for him to come. Freya sadly hung up, wishing she could have a breather but it would hurt her daughters for her to get a break so she decided to let him join them. He would be super sweet anyway and it would be easier to talk to him. Edmond quickly got a computer and booked a flight that would be leaving in two hours. Edmond printed the tickets and packed for his trip.

He was nervous as he boarded his flight. He wasn’t sure what to expect when he got there. He loved his wife and daughters and wanted to be better for them. Freya deserved to be friends with whomever she wished. He had no right to dictate where she went or with whom. He had to hold back more tears as he thought about all the times he had forced her into missing out on her friends because of his selfishness. He stared out the window, wondering how he was going to make it up to her this time.

Freya couldn’t sleep so sat staring out her room window. Edmond would be with her in a little over eleven hours. She worried about his reaction if another man so much as smiled at her. She decided she was going to go on a little walk while their daughters slept. She needed the fresh air to help her think. She dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater. She tugged on her shoes and she grabbed her room key. Since it was dark, there were not very many people out. It allowed her to roam freely without being bothered. She walked for hours, stressing and worrying and hoping everything would be okay. Jayna had practically called them cowards and had put extra emphasis on them being childish. She had never expected such a thing from one of her girls and Jayna had said it knowing there was a chance her mother would be angry. She headed back an hour before sunrise and climbed into bed. She wanted at least a couple of hours of sleep before Edmond showed up.

Edmond grew impatient as they neared their destination. Two hours and he would be at the airport then he would go to his beloved and beg for her forgiveness again and again until she believed he was truly sorry. He would do anything to make her always smile. He wondered what had made her let him come to Egypt. She had not sounded overly happy about the idea of him being there, but she had given him her permission without hesitation. He did not deserve her and if she left him for good he would not blame her. She deserved so much better than a husband who made her cry all the time. When his plane finally landed he hurried to baggage claim and grabbed his suitcase. He wanted to be with Freya, Desa and Jayna as quickly as possible.

When morning came the girls pounded on their mothers door. She answered and forced a smile for them “Your fthers coming girls. He will be here soon. Can you two be patient.” They both nodded and Freya said “I’m going to make up with your father Jayna don’t worry. Our fighting will be considerably less.”

“Thank you”

“I love you and would do anything I have to to make you happy” They hugged their mother and she gave them permission to order movies in their room. Freya went back into her own room and waited for Edmond. She didn’t know how she would tell all her friends to go away. She thought the best way was to send them all an email. She would simply tell them it was best for her marriage. She hated having to give up yet another thing but her kids were worth anything. When it came to anything else she just wouldn’t engage Edmond. If he wanted to yell and throw a tantrum she would just not respond or walk away until he learned to talk to her like an adult. Freya sighed and wished Edmond would hurry and get here so Jayna would be happy and see that she had fixed things. Jayna already seemed happier when she heard they were waiting on their father. When Edmond arrived at the hotel he quickly went up.

He had to see Freya first even though he was sure Freya was the one who wanted to see him the least. Edmond knocked gently on the door and Freya answered almost instantly. He lifted her into a tight embrace and began crying again as he stepped in the room and shut the door. “I was so frightened when i saw a note on our table. I’m so sorry Freya. All you were doing was talking with one of your friends and I came in yelling and threw him out. I’m such an ass..I cant believe I did that after I promised I would stop raging at every little thing involving who you hangout with. I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me. I don’t deserve you but I would be so miserable without you. I don’t want to sleep without your warmth. Even one night is horrible let alone every night for the rest of my life. Please forgive me.”

Freya began crying again too and was speechless. She finally said “we’re ok Edmond. I love you too and would never leave you again. We need to both try and stop crying and meet the girls. They are so excited about the pyramids. We can always talk tonight after they are sleeping if you want to talk more.” Edmond nodded and kissed Freya. It wrenched his heart again but he managed to dry up his tears. He did very much want to talk to her but didn’t want to ruin their daughters trip. H ehad heard them asking many times.

“Daddy!” The girls said in unison and jumped up when he walked in their room. He hugged them tightly to him, forcing himself not to cry. They always looked at him with complete adoration even though he was a piece of crap half the time.

“Are you and mom done fighting?” Jayna asked when he finally let them go.

“Yes sweety and I promise to try and be better for all of you. I’m sorry you two have had to hear us yelling at each other. That won’t happen again and if it does you two have my permission to put me in time out.” They both giggled and hugged him again. “Have you two eaten anything?” They shook their heads. “Then I’m going to treat you to something delicious called Umm Ali.”

Edmond laced his fingers through Freya’s as they headed out of the hotel. He kissed her cheek and she smiled, making him feel happy. They found a dessert stand and he bought them all a slice of the Umm Ali. The woman behind the stand handed it to them in wax paper and the girls took a bite. “This is so good daddy, thank you.” Desa said and took another bite.

“What is it made out of?” Jayna asked.

“That’s a secret.” He winked and they continued on. “So do you two want to take a jeep or camels to the pyramids?” He asked as he licked some of the sticky pastry off of his fingers. Freya had some on hers too and he grabbed her hand and sucked it off. She blushed and snatched her hand away. He grinned and kissed her lips.

“Camels!” They said excitedly.

“Of course they would want one of the most temperamental animals not he world.” Freya said with a small laugh as their daughters took off ahead of them.

“They might not get another chance so I can deal with camels if it means seeing them smile.”

“You are really very sweet.”

“Today I’m sweet, but I’m more worried about tomorrow and every day from then on. I don’t want to control you Freya. I’m breaking the promise I made to you and it kills me.” Jayna and Desa waved to them from a a place where they could rent camels. “I guess we’ll talk more later.” He kissed her again then they hurried over to their daughters.

Freya wished those words could comfort her but she knew nothing was going to change. She could talk herself blue and he could promise the world but he always reverted. In the end the only way she could have peace was to just finally give up whatever he was against. She hated the yelling but friends was the one thing Freya had desperately not wanted to give up. It was sad to think that now she would lose the last thing she had been trying to keep. She would have given up her friends sooner if she knew it bothered the girls so badly when she had to yell to have any hope of keeping friends. She came back into reality when her girls were laughing and having fun. Freya gave a genuine smile, nothing was more important than those two girls smiling. They were the most magnificent thing Edmond had ever given her. Edmond held Freya close, desperately wanting to talk more. He leaned down and kissed her cheek “you’re so beautiful, did you know that Freya?”

“You do tell me all the time”

“I dont want you to forget”

“The mirrors remind me, I walk by and go damn” Edmond laughed and kissed her head “Thank you so much for letting me come. You are much more than I could ever deserve Freya.” Freya allowed herself to relax into him. She loved the way it felt when she was in Edmonds loving arms. She could feel in his embrace how madly he was in love with her. It helped her to forgive him since she knew he didn’t act the way he did because he was an ass. It was just his personality, it was just who he was. She would get him to stop yelling though. Freya was sure that in time he could just scold her quietly in their room so the girls could have peace. Freya loved seeing them right now, so thrilled about everything. She couldn’t wait to see Desa once they were in the pyramid.

Once they arrived they hopped down and handed the camels off. Desa was practically bouncing which made a smile flow across Freyas face that floored Edmond. Desa got her camera ready as they walked inside with their tour guide. Jayna intently listened while Desa barely listened atall she was so distracted by the pyramid itself. Edmond had all his attention on his beautiful wife, giving her random kisses on the hand as they walked along.

Freya became curious of a rope that blocked off part of the hall. She just wanted a look to see what was on the other side. It was a deep pit, probably a hole that had formed during excavation. She leaned over to get a good look since her night vision was better than any human’s. Some rock on the edge of the pit gave out beneath her feet and she found herself falling. She actually screamed and felt some grab her wrist. It was Edmond and even as he thought he had her, more of the ground gave way and they fell in. Freya squeezed her eyes shut and clung tightly to Edmond. He twisted so she was above him right before they hit the bottom.

Edmond groaned and they both coughed as dust filled their lungs. “My god Edmond are you okay?” She asked as she pushed herself off of him.

“I think so.” He sat up and hissed as pain shot through his arm. “It’s broken.”

“Mom, dad are you okay?” It was Jayna’s voice. It sounded panicked.

“We’re fine sweetie. Stay away from the edge.” Freya yelled back up.

“We’ll climb back up.” Edmond said.

“The tour guide said the walls are to unstable and you might fall again. He also says to stay put.”

“For how long?”

“He has to alert emergency services.”

That didn’t make Edmond happy at all, but he kept it to himself. He told himself that at least Freya was okay. “Good thing we’re immortal because that could take hours.” He said to Freya and she cracked a smile despite their situation. “Are you okay baby?”

“Just a couple of scratches. I’m so damn stupid.” She almost started crying.

“That’s not true. You are the most beautiful and most intelligent woman I know.” He sighed. “Since we’re going to be down here for awhile, maybe we should talk. We might not get another chance to say what’s on our minds. Ladies first.”

“I’ve decided that the only way to stop us from fighting is to give up my friends. Since they are the one thing that seems to bother you the most then I will stop seeing them and talking to them.” A tear slipped down her cheek and dripped off her chin. “When we get home, I’m going to tell them we can no longer see each other.”

Edmond felt guilt slice through him and wiped her tears away. “I forbid it.” He said and she looked at his face. “I absolutely will not allow you to get rid of your friends.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I am a selfish, egotistical, bad tempered bastard and I will not allow you to throw your friends away. Never, ever. I get jealous and I lose my temper for nothing which is stupid and childish of me. Never in a million years would I think that you would cheat on me with another man. The truth is, I don’t know why I’m like this. All I do know is that I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Even if it means planting a whole field of flowers to remind not to be a dumb son of a bitch.”

“The girls can’t take it anymore Edmond. Jayna was so angry with me and said hurtful things. There’s no way for me to know this isn’t just more empty words, that you wont see me talking to friends and throw them out of our home or stalk me when I’m out with the girls and make it to where they are uncomfortable with me going places with them. I’ll be fine without friends until the girls move out and don’t have to listen to yelling.”

“Freya, no. I know I say things like this all the time but please don’t give up your friendships. I’m really sorry” Now Edmond was silently crying. Freyas lower lip quivered as she moved to hug him. It hurt Edmond but he needed the contact with her. “I’m so sorry baby”

“It’s ok, thank you for trying. I guess I’ll still keep my friends but I wont have the girls listening to yelling any longer. If you need to be angry please do it in our room quietly or have us go somwhere.” He nodded and cried a little harder. “Also, thank you for taking the brunt of the fall.” Edmond kissed Freyas head “I would never let you get hurt if there was anything I could do to stop it. You are my universe Freya. I know my word means nothing but I will make sure I don’t forget myself again and be cruel to you.” Freya pressed her head into Edmonds chest “is there anything else you need to say to me Freya?” Edmond asked softly and she shook her head. “I love you, I’m a little glad we fell so we could go ahead and talk. I can enjoy the day more now and I’ll try to trust that you will change.”

“Coming home to a note terrified me so badly I’m sure I’ll stay in line….when I saw it on the table I just knew you were going to” his voice cracked and he cried again. This time wrenching Freyas heart. Even though he was a selfish ass she felt bad now for taking off to eygpt since she had left him before. They had been back together so long she didn’t stop to think how much coming home to an empty house would frighten him “I’m sorry for leaving that way Edmond, I should have thought about how it would effect you”

Chapter Two

“I deserve to be punished a thousand times over. I hate myself more than you will ever know. I promise I will try to make friends with your friends. If I can make friends with Mark then I can make friends with your male friends.”

“You don’t have to do that Edmond.”

“Yes I do. Your friends mean something to you and the things that are important to you, are important to me. Lets have a barbecue when we get back. We can invite Mark and Shasta and Donnie, Desa loves Donnie. Then we can have a few of your friends and their families over. I can get to know them instead of instantly rejecting them.”

“If you want to have a barbecue, you are going to invite Edward. You scared him so bad when you threw him out and you are going to apologize.” He held her tightly to him, his nose in her hair. He kissed her neck, giving her goosebumps.

“Anything Freya. I will apologize a thousand times if I must.” He kissed her again and she giggled. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re turning me on, stop kissing me.” She said warmly.

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to.” She sat between his legs and leaned back against him, making sure to stay off his bad arm. It would heal a lot faster than a regular human’s, but it was still painful. He wrapped his good arm around her waist and kissed her temple. “Would you sing to me?” He asked softly.

She smiled and nodded. “Looking up, looking down, wrap my mind around the beauty of your sound. And when all else fails, I know a safe place to go. I turn you on, I am whole. Times like these, I’m so unsure. Of what it means, to wake once more, but when I have doubts of which way to go. I turn you on, I am whole. In this darkness I have found, the light to guide me out. It is you, your words bring me home, I’m no longer alone. Looking up, looking down. Wrap my mind around the beauty of your sound. And when all else fails, I know a safe place to go. I turn you on, I am whole.” He silently cried after she stopped singing and kissed her cheek. “Want me to sing another?” He just nodded and rested his forehead against her shoulder.

She smiled as she thought of another sweet song to sing to him. She wanted to make sure Edmond knew how deeply she love him despite their troubles.

It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heartWithout saying a word, you can light up the darkTry as I may, I could never explainWhat I hear when you don’t say a thingThe smile on your face lets me know that you need meThere’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave meThe touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fallYou say it best when you say nothing at allAll day long I can hear people talking out loudBut when you hold me near, you drown out the crowdTry as they may, they could never defineWhat’s being said between your heart and mineThe smile on your face lets me know that you need me There’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave meThe touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fallYou say it best when you say nothing at allThe smile on your face lets me know that you need meThere’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave meThe touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fallYou say it best when you say nothing at all

Edmond jerked slightly with his tears and could no longer be silent “I love you so much Freya”

“shhh, I love you too Edmond. Calm down. You don’t want to bother your arm”

“It’s almost healed baby. You know that I heal fast even for a vampire”

“still, I’m just letting you know how much I love you so you don’t think silly thoughts.”

“I just wish I knew why you loved me”

“Because you love me so deeply and I know you try. I’m really happy you’re willing to really give my friends a chance” Edmond kissed her again. “I should have sooner” Suddenly a man yelled down “Help is here!” A ladder was thrown down and held on each end by two men at the top who looked to be harnessed to somthing incase more of the floor gave in. They could only take one up at a time and Edmond was imoveable on the fact they take Freya first. One Freya was up the man helped Edmond. Jayna and Desa hugged their mother tightly “we were so worried”

“I know” They didn’t quit hugging their mother until Edmond was up. They ran to hug him then the tour guide told them to go outside so the medic could tend to them and make sure they were both ok. They all walked close together until they were at the entrance again. It was Edmonds turn to go first. Freya knew nothing was wrong with her, Edmond has ensured that while they were falling which moved her more than she could express to him. He may be a vampire but they didn’t know what was at the bottom. Edmond could have easily died taking the fall for both of them.

When they told him that his arm had only a severe bone bruise and that he could go back to the hotel as long as he took it easy they were all very happy. They were given a ride back and told by the tour guide the camels would be taken back to their owner. He held Freya close, running her hands up and down her arm as he allowed her warmth and scent to wash over him. He kissed her temple and whispered how much he loved her. “You girls go ahead and order room service.” Edmond said when they finally made it back to the hotel. He lifted Freya into his arms and took her to their room. She unlocked the door and he took her straight to the bathroom. They were both covered in dust and cobwebs.

He switched on the shower, making sure it was warm before turning back to her. He pressed his lips against hers, kissing her so gently she was almost in tears. He pulled her clothes slowly off, his hands skimming over her soft skin. She gasped and tangled her fingers in his hair when he bent to suck at her breasts. She pulled at his clothes, feeling his chest and down to his abdomen. She unhooked his belt and pushed his jeans down. He lifted her and pressed her against the wall, hooking his arms behind her knees and thrusting into her. She moaned loudly as he made love to her slowly,making sure she received all the pleasure she could stand. Even when she fell limply against him he didn’t stop. He wanted her to know how much he loved her in every way possible. Tears slipped down her cheeks when he finally released into her. She clung tightly to him and he to her. He stepped under the warm water lowered her slowly to her feet. Her legs shook and he held her tightly to him, washing the dirt and grime from her skin and hair.

“I love you baby.” He said and rained kisses down on her face. “I love you more than anything and I always will. You are so beautiful and bright and the only woman I will ever need. You make me want to be a better man.”

“Never take a stupid chance like you did in that hole again. You could have been killed.”

“I don’t care. All that matters is you Freya. I will never allow you to get hurt. As long as you are safe and happy, then that’s all that matters.”

She was almost in tears again. She probably would have cried if her body had the energy to. Once they were both cleaned and dried Edmond carried Freya to the bed. “Lets take a short nap together. The girls will wake us if they really want to go out again”

“I hate their pyramid trip got ruined.”

“We can try another one tomorrow.”

“Are you serious after today?”

“The girls have been dieing to come here. If they are brave enough tomorrow we will go back” Freya kissed his chest making Edmond sigh happily. Freya decided to text the girls quickly so they would know to just wake them if they wanted to go out again. Soon after it was sent Freya fell asleep. Edmonds phone dinged and he reached over to it and opened the message from Desa. It was pictures of Freya on the airplane. Edmond made Desa promise when he first gave her a cellphone to send him any pictures she took of her mother. So far Desa kept her word. Edmond smiled then set his phone back down. He was so relieved everything was fine between them, that he had nothing to fear when it came to loseing his family. He could be better, he could befriend her friends if he tried hard enough.

When Freya woke she realized they slept all the way to dinner. She got up which woke Edmond. “We slept a really long time. Lets go take the girls to dinner.”

“Ok” Edmond said with his adoring eyes making Freya smile. “Get up mister flirty eyes.” Edmond chuckled then put clothes on. They knocked on their daughters door. Freya was greeted by a hug. “you two ready for dinner?”

“Why don’t you and dad go on a date while we order in again?”

“Oh girls that’s ok”

“We’re serious mom, you two go enjoy yourselves” Edmond smiled “Thanks girls” Edmond shut their door and lifted Freya “well you sure didn’t need convincing”

“No I didn’t, I still have a lot of making up to do. I feel lousy even though you’ve confirmed we’re ok. A romantic dinner is the perfect thing for us. We’ll eat then relax in our room again.”

“are we going to relax or have sex?” Edmond chuckled “Both” That had Freya laughing in return. They walked into the nicest resturuant near the hotel and ordered. Edmond laid his hand on the table and Freya took it. She smiled at him and he melted. He was impatient for dinner so they could go back to the room. He wanted to slowly make love to her again. He decided that he would make soft and passionate love to her more often instead of always being so rough with her.

He made sure not to glare at the waiter when their food was brought out. He knew the young man couldn’t help how fast the chef cooked so he just let it go. The man smiled brightly at Freya and he looked at his plate. She squeezed his hand and he smiled. After the waiter left he let her go so they could eat. “That was very big of you.” She said softly and he looked up at her.

“I really want to try to be a good husband.” He replied just as soft.

“You are a good husband.”

“No I’m not. I’m a horrible husband. I was serious about planting a whole field of flowers. That way when I go out onto the back porch I will be reminded of my promise.”

“I really love you.”

“I’m glad. I don’t want to ruin this a second time. The first time it nearly killed me. I can’t let you go a second time.”

They finished dinner and Edmond decided he wanted to go to the beach. He found a rental place that was still open and rented a jeep. “Lets hope we don’t wreck it.” Freya joked. “That poor guy who owns those camels must have been confused when we weren’t the ones who brought them back.”

“I’ll be careful, I promise.”

She enjoyed the wind blowing through her hair as he took them down to the beach. The breeze from the sea, cooled her warm skin. She felt a burst of energy as the moon rose above the horizon and climbed high up in the sky. They pulled off their shoes and left them in the jeep so they could enjoy the cool ocean water on their feet. She tucked her hand into his back pocket and he draped his arm across her shoulders and pulled her close.

“This is so wonderful.” She said and gave a sigh of content.

“This really is, we should take family vacations more. The girls don’t have that many more years at home. Even after the girls are gone you and I should take vacations every year” Edmond said as they walked slowly on the beach. “I like that idea” They enjoyed the soft sand on their feet and the soft sounds of the ocean for a few hours before Freya suggested they go back so they would be ready for what the girls wanted to do tomorrow. Edmond carried Freya back to the jeep and set her inside. She kissed his cheek as he set her down making him smile. They returned the jeep and went back to their room. They both headed straight for the shower and got in once the water was ready. Once they were clean they relaxed into their bed. “we still going to make love?” Edmond was smiling again “You aren’t too tired?”

“Not if you can be sweet again”

“I plan on making love to you like that much more often. I’m not sure why I’ve always like it so rough but last night was really amazing. We should be doing it like that.”

“I don’t mind that you’re rough”

“I know” Edmond kissed Freya. The kiss long, passionate and seductive. He kept kissing her as he slid his hand down her body. Once he was low enough he slid two fingers inside of her while he rubbed her with his thumb. Freya began to moan into Edmond mouth making his kiss grow even more wild as she drove him crazy. Once she was hot and soaked Edmond pushed himself inside of Freya making her let out a cry of ecstasy. Edmond broke their kiss so he could really hear how much she enjoyed him as he slowly went in and out of her. Edmond began to kiss Freyas neck then let his tongue travel her supple breasts. “go faster please” Freya whimpered and he bit her bottom lip before making his hips go as a faster pace. Freya pulled Edmond away from her chest so she could bite and suck at his neck.

Edmond moaned deeply and lost control of how fast his hips moved. He went faster making Freyas moans grow louder and her tight inner warmth squeeze even tighter around him. He kissed Freya as he spent his seed deep within her body. He pulled out and Freya smiled at him “I love you starting so slow.”

“I could have stayed slow if you hadn’t started feasting on my neck”

“But you’re so yummy, how could I resist?” Edmond chuckled and got on his side then pulled Freya against him “goodnight beautiful”

“Goodnight sweetheart” They woke to their girls beating loudly on the door. They yelled they would be ready in a second then stood to get dressed. “what’re we going to do today?!” Desa and Jayna asked excitedly. “why don’t we sight see?” Edmond suggested and the girls agreed that would be great. “could we get souvenirs?” Jayna asked and Edmond nodded. They left their room and traveled around. Freya planned on buying another SD card once they found a store since Desa was taking so many pictures and videos. She knew Desa would run out of space on her camera soon.

They finally found one and Freya grabbed two cards just to be sure. Desas eyes lit up “I was actually just getting worried about that mom! Thank you!”

“I know how heartbroken you’d be if you missed any pictures. You need batteries?”

“No I charged them all last night”

“Good, make sure you tell us though if you end up on your last set. Videos drain your batteries”

“I know mom, thank you” Desa hugged her. The girls looked around but didn’t see anything they really wanted in this store. They walked out adn began to travel around again. They came upon what looked like a Flea Market and the girls got excited. They knew they could find somthing there. “can we run ahead?” Freya was a little nervous since they werent in the states and wasn’t sure how to answer. Freya looked at Edmond who told them they could. He could track them by their smell anyway so if somthing happened he could find them fast.

Jayna held Desa’s hand as they made their way through the flea market looking at all the beautiful items. Desa found a beautiful rug she wanted for her room and Jayna found an incense burner. Edmond immediately bought them and told Desa he would carry the rug. The girls took off again and both Freya and Edmond smiled happily. Jayna and Desa stopped at another stall and were immediately approached by a man who looked about thirty.

“What are two beautiful girls doing in the market alone?” He asked and Jayna glared at him.

“We’re not alone so go away.” Jayna answered.

“Come on, don’t be so rude and besides I don’t see anyone with you.”

Edmond clamped a hand down on the man’s shoulder and said, “Maybe you should try looking harder. I am their father.” The man swallowed at the look of pure malice in Edmond’s eyes. “Find a woman your age and leave teenage tourists alone or I’ll rip your heart out.” He leaned closer. “I have eyes everywhere so if you try something like this again, I will know. Now get out of here before I decide to kill you.” He let the man go and tried not to laugh as the creep ran away.

“Thank you daddy. That guy was so annoying.” Jayna said and rolled her eyes.

“Maybe next time we’ll bring Donnie to escort you guys.” Freya said and Desa blushed.

“I bet Desa would love that.” Jayna said with a giggle.

“Come on, let’s get something to eat.” Edmond said. The truth was that Donnie was the only boy he trusted around his daughters. He was respectful and extremely protective of them, especially Desa. They stopped at a food vendor and decided on Hawawshi. It was a meat pie with spiced beef inside, something the girls had never had. They talked about how delicious it was as they walked. Desa stopped to take a few pictures of her family next to a beautiful fountain. Freya took the camera from her and took some of the girls with their father then Edmond did the same.

“When we get home I need to buy a picture frame and print off some of these pictures” Freya said happily. “That’s a great idea” Edmond agreed. They spent a few more days in Egypt then went home to plan their cookout. Desa was excited that she would get to see Donnie again, which Jayna teased her for. Since Edmond had come separately they couldn’t ride home all together but Jayna rode with Edmond while Desa rode with Freya. Edmond told all the girls to go inside while he brought everything in. Freya started to protest but knew it was pointless. She was tired anyway so was happy to go inside. All three girls plopped down on the couch. Edmond chuckled when he got everything inside. He walked over to their fridge and got a bottle of blood for each of them and himself. Once they drank they all felt a lot better even though they were still tired. It was only six pm but they decided to go to bed anyway.

Desa and Jayna were just glad to be back in their own time zone. It was weird being in Egypt because it never felt like the time it was. Once everybody hit their beds they almost instantly went to sleep. Because they went to bed so early Freya was up at seven am. She looked through her contacts and decided who all she would invite. As she was writing their names down so she wouldn’t forget anyone Edmond hugged her from behind. Freya smiled “what day do you want to have everyone over?”

“We have to go shopping and your friends probably need a little notice so how about Sunday? That will give them two days notice. Do you think that’s good?” Freya smiled “really?” Edmond nodded “I want to make amends as quickly as possible” Freya finished figureing out who all she wanted to invite then showed Edmond the list. He nodded and she started texting, calling and messaging her friends on Facebook. All her friends said yes except for Rebecca, Fatima, Lombard, Rylan and Declan. Rebecca was sick and the latter four were working and couldn’t get away.

Chapter Three

“That’s to bad. Maybe they can come next time.” He kissed her cheek and she turned her head to smile at him.

“Next time? You actually want a next time? Maybe we should wait and see how Sunday goes.”

“Even if I don’t like it, there will be a next time. I want you to be able to spend as much time as your friends as possible.” She cupped his cheek and he slid his hand over hers, holding it in place. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the contact. “You are so soft Freya, so soft and warm and absolutely beautiful in every way.”

“Oh really? Keep going, I want to hear more about how amazing I am.” She teased, making him smile. He turned her chair around and she tipped her head back to look at him.

“How about I show you later.”

“Someone’s a glutton.”

“Just another wonderful part of my personality, but at least it’s not a bad thing. If I could I would spend all of my time making love to you, but I can’t do that so I have to spend what time I get doing so.”

“I love you, you silly teddy bear of a man.”

“Don’t you mean grizzly bear?”

“No, I mean teddy bear. Soft, warm, fun to cuddle with, a teddy bear.” He kissed her nose and she giggled.

“Alright, I’ll be a teddy bear for you. Lets go shopping.”

“Should we get the girls?”

“Nah, let them relax here.”

Edmond carried her down to the car and sat her on her feet so he could open the passenger door for her. She got in and buckled up as he shut the door. They went to the grocery store where they bought stuff for hamburgers and hot dogs. They went down the list, making sure they had everything they needed. They even got a back of cool ranch Doritos specifically for Donnie since he was the only one who ate them. He was a growing half werewolf and needed fuel or he’d be on the ground groaning in dramatic agony. Freya compared him to Rylan’s little brother who could eat an entire truck full of twinkles if given the chance.

When they got home Edmond grabbed all the bags and took them inside before Freya had a chance to grab one. “what should we do now beautiful?”

“Make sure the yard is clean.”

“well then you go relax and I’ll clean the yard”

“we can all do it” Edmond shook his head “I ahve a lot of making up to do Freya”

“Just doing this is wonderful Edmond. I want to be with you.” He smiled “If you’re helping the girls are helping. All you have to do is tell Desa it’s for Donnie and she’ll push us down to get outside”

“I heard that!” An angry tone came from the stairs. Desa was blushing and looking annoyed with her parents who both laughed. Desa blushed even worse “I’ll go get Jayna” Her voice growing soft again as she ran up. Edmond lifted Freya into a hug “Thank you for this, for the girls. I don’t deserve such a blessed life but you have given it to me anyway. I will forever love only you and our children” Jayna and Desa came down the stairs. Jayna grabbed trash bags, knowing there were water balloon pieces from when they had played with their mother a few days before they left. The yard didn’t take very long and then they relaxed until dinner time. The next days were uneventful. On the morning of Sunday the girls helped their parents set up.

Desa helped until Mark, Shasta and Donnie arrived. Edmond smiled as the two hugged. It was obvious how much they liked eachother but they would admit it to one another on their own time. Shastas pregnant belly now showed quite a bit at seven months. Mark was glowing as he always did while he walked over with his wife. Donnie started helping Desa with what she was doing to set up. Their guests started arriving one by one and Edmond felt nervous. He knew Freyas friends probably didn’t like him. Even if Freya didn’t say anything he knew how obviously he could be an ass.

It shocked him how warm and happy everybody greeted him. Mark took over cooking so Edmond could mingle. Shasta was right by his side like always. The only way for her to feel secure was to be by Marks side. All these years later she was still having social anxiety after her attack. Freya hoped now that Edmond wouldn’t be such a jerk about her friends that maybe she could get Shasta to go out with her since Shasta was comfortable in her presence.

Edmond forced himself to ignore the men talking to Freya. They were just her friends and some even worked at the school. Her warm, happy smile brought him a semblance of peace and allowed him to keep himself from snapping. He would not ruin this day for his family. He went back to talking to the couple in front of him. They wanted to send their teenaged son to their school because he was acting out. Edmond told them he would have to meet with the boy first as headmaster. He gave them one of his business cards and told them to make an appointment with his secretary. He also explained that if their snow as admitted that Freya would be doing a lot of his teaching and that he would be given a class mentor to help him with transitioning.

“He’s into vampires and werewolves and psychics. I’m sure he’ll love it there. We are just at our wits end. We’ve tried therapy and talking to him and trying to see the world from his perspective, but he just wants to argue every step of the way.” Sheila said a little sadly.

“If anyone can whip a boy into shape it’s my Freya. She doesn’t allow her students to slack off and she makes sure that even humans such as your son feel useful.” Edmond replied and gave her a pat on the shoulder.

“So he doesn’t have to be…gifted for lack of a better word?”

“No he doesn’t have to be a vampire or werewolf or psychic or zombie. Our school is about teaching children of many different races and species to work together as a single unit, as a team. We give them people they can rely on and make it to where it is easy to talk to the teachers about any problems they may have. We also believe that children have to make a choice as to whether they want to cooperate or not.”

“That sounds like a dream school. We will definitely be making an appointment. Thank you so much.” Michael said with a friendly smile.

Edmond felt a hand grab his and looked down into the adoring eyes of his beautiful wife. “Thank you for helping them.” She said softly.

“Of course, anything to put a family back together.” She smiled bigger and he pulled her into his arms. “You look like you have something on your mind besides just thanking me for be the most amazing host.”

She swallowed and looked away he grabbed her chin and pulled her face back so she was looking up at him again. “Can we have another baby?” She blurted out.

He smiled happily as his heart jumped for joy that she would want more children with him. “of course, maybe next time we’ll have triplets”

“Don’t curse me baby” Freya said with a light laugh making Edmond smile more. Edmond hugged Freya and whispered in her ear “we can start working on that when our guests are gone” Freya kissed his cheek excitedly. The rest of the cook out went amazingly. Edmond didn’t lose his temper once and Freya couldn’t have been prouder of him. Mark and Donnie stayed to help Edmond and the girls clean. Shasta started to help but everybody gave a firm no so she sat down inside. Desa and Donnie were sad when it was time to part ways so kept eachother locked tightly in their arms until Desa blushed. Donnie smiled and let her go “Can I call you when I get home?” She nodded “I would like that a lot”

Mark went inside to get Shasta and then left. Desa ran to make sure her cellphone was charged for when Donnie called. “Your mother and I are going to sleep” Edmond said as he lifted Freya. “Sleep, right” Jayna said knowingly then went to find her laptop. When Edmond and Freya got into their room Edmond sat on the bed “So I did good today?”

“You made me very happy, thank you”

“Don’t thank me, I was treating you poorly and being unfair. Thank you for staying with me even though I can be seflf centered”

“I know you don’t mean to be. I wouldnt stay if I thought you were just an ass” Edmond kissed Freya while he jerked off her pants. She was already getting excited even though he hadn’t done anything yet. Edmond ripped apart her shirt making Freya laugh “I liked that shirt”

“I’ll buy another.”

“Hopefully Rue 21 still sells it” He kissed her again then began to bite down her neck then chest. He then bit down in the center of her breasts where the bra connected the cups that held Freyas boobs in place. With one swift movement her bra was broken too making her giggle again. Edmond lifted Freya up and pressed her against the wall. He slowly moved a hand all over her body giving Freya goosebumps. “Let me ride you” Freya whispered needily. Edmond smiled and laid down with Freya on top of him. As she went to push down on him he thrust up hard and quickly making her relase a very loud moan. Freya hoped the girls didn’t hear that since they probably weren’t sleeping “Edmond, our girls are up”

“sorry beautiful” She started to ride him at a steady pace. When it became hard not to be loud she leaned down and began sliding her tongue around his mouth. Edmonds tongue danced with hers until they both hit their climax. Freya started to get off but he rolled her under him. Edmond was still hard so he kept kissing her as he kept the same pace she had before. They hit an intense orgasm together again and he once again flipped so she would be resting on top of him. “we can have round three when you want.” Freya kissed Edmonds chest with a smile. “I’m so happy you want more children with me”

“Who wouldn’t want more of you? The girls are amazing and beautiful just like their mother.”

“stop being so ridiculously sweet”

“I have to be to make up for being an ass. Besides it comes naturally when I quit thinking about myself all the time” They spent the night taking naps and making love in hopes they would be blessed with more children soon. Desa fell asleep talking to Donnie who just left the call connected with the phone on his face when he went to sleep. When Jayna was ready for bed she carried her ipod upstairs, afraid of what she might hear if she took her headphones out. She went to sleep happy that her parents were at peace.

~ The End ~

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