Freya & Edmond 5

Chapter One

Desa and Jayna were playing Star Fluxx in their bedroom and talking while their mother napped. If their father wasn’t home she would take an afternoon nap every day. They had gotten two very important jobs at once and didn’t want to turn either down so they had each taken one and went off to do it. Freya came home last night but their father was still away on his job. Jayna wondered if they would ever be allowed to help. Desa didn’t seem to want to but Jayna longed for the chance to prove she was a woman and not some child to be protected. Suddenly the two felt pressure on their necks and somehow a man was now standing in their bedroom.

They hadn’t seen, nore heard this man come in and now they couldn’t scream for their mother. Not only that but they could barely breath. He walked over soundlessly. “I will let you talk but only if it’s quiet. You scream, you die” He said in a cold tone. “Ok” Desa forced out and suddenly the pressure was gone. “Mother!” Desa screamed even though she agreed to the mans terms. Gossamer moved his hand so fast Jayna could only tell it had moved when her sister went crashing through a wall. “Desa!” Jayna screamed and she felt the pressure on her neck again.

Freya burst in the room and pounced at Gossamer. He attempted to cast her back but she, unlike her daughters could see his movements from the intense training she had received from Edmond when she first became a vampire. He threw Jayna out the window and tussled with Freya. He laughed as he finally pinned her by the neck “Impressive Freya, I’ve never fought a female so skilled”

“What do you want?” Freya growled, not a hint of fear on her face as she assessed how she could escape this hold. Gossamer laughed again “My brother back. We were close until you came along. We got close again once you crushed his heart but you come back and he doesn’t have need for me yet again, says I’m not a person he wants around the ones he loves. Edmonds never been a nice man but it still pisses me off. I was having a little chat with one of my friends about Edmond and he asked me what I thought was so special about you. Since I didn’t know I thought I might get to know you and your daughters and maybe punish my brother a little for only coming to me when he has nothing else.”

Freya got out of the hold and began to tussle with Gossamer again. Her daughters laying unconcious where they had fallen. They burst through a wall and were now fightign outside. They ran, punched and slashed at eachother and were getting further and further away without Freya noticing. Gossamer was leading Freya into a trap he had set up since he knew Edmond had trained her so well in fighting. Even though he had come into this knowing she was skilled he was still impressed by her.

Desa pushed the pieces of wall off of her and struggled to her feet. She found Jayna unconscious on the floor and shook her. She was alive, but would not wake. Desa felt herself tearing up. She looked out the hole where her mother and the vampire had gone, but didn’t see either of them. She calmed herself, thinking of what her mother would do. She would get Jayna out of the house and away from harm. Desa lifted her sister and tossed her over her shoulder, grabbing her cell and heading out of the house. She had to get far enough away that the vampire wouldn’t find them.

Gossamer jumped up into a tree and whistled. Three more vampires jumped down from above and landed on Freya. She called on her nature magic and vines grabbed at the three vampires. Gossamer was suddenly on top of her, his fangs sinking into her neck. He gripped her wrists painfully hard, holding her down as he drained her. She became weaker and weaker and fought until her body fell limp. “Did you really think I didn’t have a plan?” He laughed and licked his lips. “You taste delicious.” He lifted her off the ground and over his shoulder. “Lets get the girls and then we can go.”

Desa finally stopped when her side started to hurt. With all the adrenaline rushing through her body she had not realized two of her ribs were broken. They would heal quickly if she stopped putting pressure on them. She lay Jayna in the grass and sat down, crying. Her sobs roused Jayna who looked around confused. “Where’s mom?”

“I don’t know, I just grabbed you and ran.”

“Are you okay?”

“A couple of my ribs are broken, but other than that I’m fine.”

“We have to call dad.” Desa handed her her phone and Jayna speed dialed his number.

Edmond had just captured his target and was taking him in when his phone started to vibrate. He would always turn it to vibrate when hunting so a ring wouldn’t give away where he was but his family could still reach him if they needed him or just wanted to call. He had been looking out for this call because he was missing Freya. She had called him briefly when she got home but aside from that they hadn’t talked much since taking their jobs. He preferred when they could take jobs together but they weren’t going to turn down one just because he wanted to be with her. He went faster so he could go ahead and dispose of this man and hopefully call back his wife if it was here. If it was a request fro another job he just may strangle sombody for getting his hopes up.

Jayna was frustrated when her dad didn’t answer and called again. She refused to let him not answer the phone. When it started vibrating a second time it made him worry. He had beaten the shapeshifter pretty badly and knew he could drag the man with one hand. He was also almost there so took a hand off him then answered his phone. “Yes?”

“Moms gone, this man came into our bedroom and we couldn’t speak. We promised to be quite if he let us talk but Desa screamed for mom. He threw Desa through our wall and into the ground. He made me pass out when he returned the pressure on ym neck so I’m really not sure where mom is but he’s gone too and the house is a wreck.

Edmond’s heart hammered hard in his chest and he felt panic creeping in. “Where are you two right now?” He asked.

“I don’t know, Desa carried me here.”

“Call Uncle Mark and stay put until he comes for you, I’m sure Desa can give him directions. I will be home soon.”

“Okay daddy.” He hung up and pulled the shapeshifter the rest of the way. He handed the unconscious creature off to one of his fellow hunters.

“Tell Bruce not to call us for awhile.”

“Yes sir?”

“Do you by chance have a helicopter? I need to use it.”

“Yes sir, we have a private helipad at the airport. The keys are inside.”

He jumped in his car, angry that someone would come to his home and attack his family. Whoever it was, he was going to kill them. Gossamer growled in anger when they couldn’t find Edmond’s daughters anywhere. “Fuck!” He screamed and smashed his fist through the bedroom wall. “Fuck it, we still have his little wife. She’ll have to do.”

Chapter Two

Edmond ripped through the parking lot of the airport, not caring how many people honked at him. He parked then got to the helicopter as quickly as possible. His blood only boiling more as each second passed. The girls got in contact with Donnie who growled when they finished telling him what was going on. He got off the phone then got his father. He told him the directions Desa gave and they sped off to reach them before someone else did. Shasta stayed home with their daughter and began a pray for their friends. Desa and Jayne waited nervously. Desa hoped she gave Donnie good directions and they weren’t looking for them in the wrong place.

When Donnie and Mark arrived they didn’t even need the directions. Donnie found Desas scent and told his father to follow. They ran through the woods until Jayne and Desa stood happily. Donnie about slammed into Desa and hugged her. He then set her down and evalutaed her. He frowned “you will have quite a few bruises”

“they wont last long. You know that”

“doesn’t matter. Lets get you two at our house until Edmond comes and tells us what to do” Jayne didn’t want to go. She wanted to fight for her mother but knew these were direct orders from her dad and she knew better than to disobey him. They hurried back to Marks car incase whoever attacked them was still nearby. They all breathed easier when they made it and were able to speed off down the road.

Freya woke feeling sick and dizzy. She had lost far to much blood. She sat up and found her wrist handcuffed to the old metal headboard of an even older bed. The whole room smelled musty and she could see it was very dusty like it had not been cleaned in ages. Wallpaper curled off the wall and there were small bits of it on the floor and chest of drawers. If she had not been so weak she could have easily broke the cuffs and escaped. Her mind jumped to Jayna and Desa, her thoughts becoming instantly worried. She hoped they had escaped and were somewhere safe. They did not know the man who had attacked him, but Freya knew him very well.

“Gossamer why don’t you grow a pair and face me.” She screamed angrily. There was no response, not even sadistic, ammused laughter. She gripped the handcuffs and pulled on them. She becamed increasingly frustrated and wanted out of this room. The harder she jerked, the dizzier she felt until her stomach was churning. She slapped her hand over her mouth and willed herself not to vomit.

Donnie took Desa to the bathroom when they got home, setting her on the counter and pulling a wash rag out of one of the drawers. He soaked it in warm water and wrung it out before wiping the dirt off of her face. “I’m fine Donnie.”

“I should have stayed over this weekend like I planned.”

“Donnie, you got busy helping your dad. It’s okay, Jayna and I are okay.”

“I’m going to help your father track this bastard down. No one hurts you and your family and gets away with it.”

She pulled him into a hug. “Please don’t leave me, I need you here.”

He hugged back tightly and sighed “You know I can’t say no to you.”

“I know and I want you to stay with me. My mother and father can handle this. You know how strong my dad is” Donnie knew how strong her father was all too well. Donnie knew that Edmond wouldn’t let anyone date his daughters unless they could beat him in a friendly fight. Donnie wasn’t sure he could beat Edmond. He couldn’t imagine anyone able to beat him but maybe that was the point. He had asked Freya what Edmond would think if he asked Desa out and she told him what Edmond had said the day the girls were born.

“I guess if I stay I can make sure nothing else happens to you” Donnie finished cleaning the dirt off Desa then they went downstairs to join Shasta, Six year old Elsie, Jayna, and a very angry, pacing Mark. Shasta stood “are you thirsty Desa?” she nodded and Shasta went into the kitchen. Shasta didn’t ask because Desa seemed to live on Root Beer. Shasta came back with one and handed it to her then giggled “you going to put her down son?” Donnie blushed and set Desa in a chair where Jayna didn’t even try to conceal her laughter.

Edmonds anger only grew when he arrived at his home. The scent of his brother is the first thing that hit his nose and all he saw was red. That monster had come, attacked his family and took Freya somewhere. He ran, tracking both his wife and brothers scent to where he had taken her. Edmond would be panicking if he didn’t know how tough his wife was. It still terrified him what he may be doing to her and what his plans were.

The bedroom door opened and Freya glared angrily at one of the vampires who had brought her here. “Where is your cowardly master?” She asked and he glared at her.

“He’ll be in later. He asked me to bring you something to eat.” He held up a plate with a sandwhich on it. He crossed the room and she reading herself.

“I don’t feel like a sandwhich so fuck you.” She spat. He growled and grabbed her by her throat.

“To fucking bad, you aren’t getting anything else.”

“Oh really?”

She kneed him in the balls and flipped him beneath her. She sank her fangs in his throat, his warm blood filling her mouth and energizing her. He tried pushing her off, but he grew to weak. She drained him dry, pulling back and wiping the blood off of her lips. “Never underestimate a woman you fuck.” She grabbed the handcuffs and broke them, glad to be free. She wrenched part of the headboard free and moved silently across the room to the door, listening for anyone else. The dead man had obviously come alone, it was an amateur move and had cost him his life.

Freya would go out the window but breaking the headboard or the mirror would alert the other vampires. She would have to face them all head on. She knew she needed to anyway so they wouldn’t come again and hurt her daughters. She still didn’t know if her daughters were safe either so she knew she needed to search wherever she was for them. She tried to push open the door silently but it was such an old house it let out a loud sound that she knew anybody in the house would have heard. She didn’t stress about it though because she knew they expected the other vampire to leave the room. They would think it was him coming.

She crept down the hall until she heard the other vampires. They were bragging to themselves about catching her and talking about how sexy she was. She wanted to shake her head as she said in her mind “men” she listened for a few moments, hoping to hear if they had her daughters. She couldn’t smell them but that didn’t mean anything. They could be keeping the girls somewhere else.

She only moved when one said “hey, Ezil hasn’t come back. Maybe he’s screwing her without letting us in on it!” Freya burst through the door and used the headboard as a weapon. Even though they were ready to go into the room she took them by surprise since they expected her to be handcuffed to a bed. One managed to get on her back and attempted to penetrate her skin with his fangs but Freya grabbed him by the back of the shirt and flung him off. He slammed through the wall causing debris to hit the floor.

She slammed the piece of headboard into the head of the other vampire then drove the sharpened end into his back and through his heart. The one she had thrown through the wall pushed himself to his feet and rushed her. She backpedaled, dodging his punches. She shifted into a crouching position and kicked up into his stomach then twisted her body and kicked up into his chin with her other foot. She spun on her hands and pushed herself into a standing position. The vampire lay unconcious on the floor, his jaw disloacated and his ribs broken. She felt the presence behind her rather than heard it. Something slammed into the back of her head, knocking her to the floor.

“You’re a tough little bitch. I expected more from my men.” She started to push herself up and he slammed his foot down between her shoulders. Her head bounced off the floor, fracturing her skull. “Me running before was just a game. I’m a lot stronger than you think. Who do you think taught Edmond everything he knows? Who do you think gave him his powers?” He stomped on her again the pulled her up by her hair. She spit blood in his face and he punched her in the stomach so she gasped for air. “You are always taking him away. It was just us before you came along and it was just us when you left.”

“Maybe if you weren’t such a sick piece of shit, he’d have something to do with you. You use humans like they are cattle.”

He punched her again. “They are cattle, he was just like me you know until you came along.”

“Yeah I know, a real monster, but that’s in the past. Well, the killing for pleasure part at least. He’s still a monster, my monster.” He threw her across the room and picked up the piece of headboard. He lifted her up and held her against the wall then drove the piece of metal through her shoulder so she was pinned to the wall. She screamed and was unable to pull it out. Blood seeped out of the wound and down her arm to drip off of her fingers.

“Just stay there and be good.” He went over and kicked the unconcious man. “Get up you sorry piece of shit.”

Chapter Three

Edmond was still running, he hadn’t stopped for even a second though he had just tirelessly chased down that shape shifter. He had barely slept trying to finish but rest was far from his mind. It was frustrating how far Gossamer had taken her away. He wondered how much further his Freya was from him. He started to have horrible thoughts but then just kept saying to himself “she’s tough and a fighter. She can hold her own against him and whomever he has helping until I get there” Donnie wanted Desa to stop looking so worried. She kept claiming she wasn’t but he knew she was. “want to play Pokemon Battle Stadium?” Desa actually smiled “could we play the mini games on Pokemon Battle Stadium 2?”

“Ok, come on” He would have invited Jayna to distract her aswell but she seemed to be brooding and didn’t care for video games anyway. He was glad he had an excuse to just be with Desa anyway. He had one until Elsie ran over “I want to watch” Desa smiled “then come watch” Elsie grabbed Desas hand and they went to Donnies room. “How can they play at a time like this?” Jayna ask Mark. He looked over, trying to soften his face so it wouldn’t be in so contorted with anger at the situation.

“They are just trying to pass time and get their mind off things while your parents handle the situation”

“Shouldn’t we help?”

“No, Edmond would have told me to do somthing if there was somthing for me to do. He obviosuly just wants me to keep you girls safe here.”

“I should be able to help. I’m 19”

“Jayna, this isn’t the time and you need to discuss that with your father, not me” Jayna huffed and went back to brooding. Donnie had a little trouble getting the N64 to work but he managed. “what’s up with it?” Desa asked and he said “Elsie here decided to shove playdough in it” Elsia frowned “sorry”

“I know you are. It’s ok.”

They played for awhile, Donnie admiring Desa’s face as she smiled and laughed. “You’re staring again Donnie.” Elsie said and he looked away, blushing as Desa turned her eyes on him.

“It’s okay Elsie, I don’t mind.” Desa said with a sweet smile. “Can I tell you a secret?”


“The truth is, I really, really like your brother a lot. So it’s okay for him to stare at me.”

Donnie’s blush got hotter and he swallowed nervously. “Elsie can I have some alone time with Desa please?”

“Are you going to kiss her?” Elsie got up and ran away giggling.

“Little brat, being embarrassing like that.”

“Awe, don’t go all wolfie on me. She’s just being a sister. Jayna embarrasses me all the time when I talk about you.”

“You have no idea how wolfie I want to be.” He cleared his throat. “Sorry that was inappropriate, I haven’t even passed your dad’s test yet.”

“You know you can’t win against him, but that’s the point. You’re not supposed to win, you’re just supposed to fight for what you want even in the face of defeat. There have been plenty of boys who wouldn’t even try because they are scared of my dad.”

“I’ll always fight for you Desa even if it kills me, I love you that much.” Her smile widened and she kissed his cheek.

“I really love you too Donnie.”

Donnie hugged her. He was over joyed to hear she loved him too. When things settled down he would challenge her father for the opportunity to be with Desa.  He didn’t care what Edmond did to him. It would be worth Desa. He wanted to challenge Edmond right away but with everything going on he knew that wouldn’t be appropriate. He would need to give them time once he got Freya back and fought whomever had done this. When he pulled back he wanted to really kiss Desa but knew her father might take his head off if he found out. He would wait until he could challenge Edmond. Donnie needed to be distracted though so he said “why don’t we play Battle Tanx?”

“well if you just feel like loseing horribly.” Donnie laughed and changed the game. She beat him every round like always. “How is it you alway win when this is my game and you only play it here?”

“I’m just that amazing” Desa said with a smiled and Donnie pulled her into another hug before whispering “yes you are” As Freya stayed pinned to the wall it only hurt worse and worse, especially her head. She hoped her body would hurry and heal it soon but knew it was having to work really hard with all the injuries she had. If she were human she knew she would have probably died at this point.

Freyas scent got stronger, giving Edmond new speed since he knew he was getting close. Without even catching Gossamers scent getting nearer suddenly his brother came out of nowhere and tackled him. Since Gossamer knew Freya wouldn’t be able to get herself out of where he had stuck her he went ahead to meet his brother.

Edmond threw him off and rolled to his feet as Gossamer was dusting grass off his shirt. “Give me my wife.” He demanded angrily.

“I don’t think so baby brother, I think I’ll keep her. She’s quite the catch, I can see how she so easily stole you away.”

“Don’t fuck with me Gossamer, I’m not someone who follows your orders anymore. Give her back now.”

Gossamer laughed. “Always the insubordinate little brat.” He was a foot from Edmond and punching him in the face in the blink of an eye. “Remember who you are talking to brtoher dear.” Edmond spit blood out of his mouth and pushed himself onto his hands and knees. Gossamer kicked him in the ribs, sending him rolling. “All that training and you still can’t keep up with me. That woman has made you weak.”

“She’s made me into a better man than I was before.” Edmond got to his feet and wiped the blood off of his face.

“Look at you, you’re bleeding.” He pounced on Edmond and they wrestled with each other.

“See what happens when you mess with us.” The vampire said as he moved closer to Freya.

“Why don’t you go find your boss and suck his dick, I’m sure he’d like that.” Freya shot back and he slapped her. She laughed and he hit her again. “Please, Edmond taught me everything I know and his punch is way worse than your little bitch slap.” The vampire grabbed the piece of headboard and pushed it further in. She gritted her teeth and glared at him.

“Stupid bitch.”

“Me? I don’t think so.” She grabbed the back of his head and slammed her forehead into his nose. He jerked back, grabbing his face as he collapsed to the ground. “Idiot, never let your guard down.” She grabbed the metal sticking out of her shoulder and pulled it slowly out, hitting the ground the minute she was free.

Freya searched the house and saw that nobody was there but her. It would be a relief to see her daughters weren’t there if she wasn’t worried he just had them somewhere else and at the mercy of other vampires. She ran out of the house, following Gossamers scent that almost stung her nose it was so terrible. Even his smell was evil. Edmond had good reason not to want this man anywhere near them. Freya hoped her husband had come home and was searching for Gossamer too. She knew as a team they could take him down and make him tell them where the girls were if he had indeed taken them or had his minions do it.

His scent was growing stronger fast and then her husbands also hit her nose. She could tell he was bleeding but now could also tell Gossamer was. She pushed herself as fast as she could go so she could aid him and take down Gossamer. “wow, your little bitch is coming. She hasn’t stopped impressing me. I just may steal her from you and force her to be mine. She truly is sexy. You are not a strong enough man for her.” Edmond let out an animalistic growl and started viciously attacking his brother.

“This is the fight I want to see” Gossamer said as they tumbled around. Edmond just kept growling, unable to speak with how enraged he was. Nobody could piss him off quite like Gossamer. Freya caught up and joined the brawl. Gossamer managed to seperate himeself from them “Not fair Freya” Freya just glared ‘You knew I was coming. Don’t play dumb”

Chapter Four

“You want to double up, fine. I’ll take both of you.” Gossamer went after Freya first since she was the weaker of the two. She dodged and blocked his bunches and kicks, wincing in pain as she put strain on her wounded shoulder. Edmond was at his back, but Gossamer was faster than anticipated. He hit Freya in her wounded shoulder, making her scream and grabbed it then he back kicked Edmond in the stomach, knocking him back. “You two can’t win.”

“It’s not about winning brother, it’s about fighting for what you care for the most.”

“Where is the old Edmond, the blood hungry, takes what he wants Edmond? This honor crap is pathetic.” He was suddenly behind Freya, his fingers in her hair. “Will it take her dying to get you to start acting like a real vampire?”

“Don’t worry about me Edmond, just kill him.” Freya said. Gossamer pulled a knife out of his back pocket and flicked out the blade.

“She makes the best screams Edmond.” He stabbed her in the stomach and she cried out in pain. He di it again and again then tossed her in the grass. She curled up and put pressure on her wounds, trying not to lose consciousness. Edmond started shaking and jumped on his brother, using all of his years of training to gain the upper hand. Gossamer went from amusement to fear in a millisecond, really having to fight for his life now. Edmond kicked his knee, shattering his kneecap so he fell to the ground then kicked him in the side of the head and jumped on top of him.

“You should have left my family alone.” He growled and sank his fangs into his brother’s throat. Gossamer struggled against him, but found his little brother to be to strong. Edmond pulled back as his brother went limp, leaving him barely alive. “Death is to good for you.” He hurried over to Freya, dropping down beside her and pulling her into his lap. “You have to take my blood Freya or you’ll die.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

Freya sank her fans deeply into her husbands skin and let his blood flow into her. Edmond was still slightly shaking with his rage and worry over Freya. Getting such strong blood from her husband alot of her wounds started to shut and mend. When she stopped she was still in pain but it was a lot better than before. “you don’t want any more?”

“you have to heal too babe. I’ll be ok. You know how much I can endure.” Edmond stood and began walking home. He wasn’t worried about Gossamer returning since he knew how ashamed his brother must feel for being beaten by his little brother. With his wounds and how little blood he had it would take Gossamer a very long time to heal anyways. He didn’t want to make Freya hurt worse with faster movement so he was content to walk home even though he was in pain himself. He had to get Freya into their house. Once he was there and had her as comfortable as she coudl be he would call Mark and have him buy supplies to fix the damaged parts of their house. He also planned to ask if the girls could stay there until their rooms were fixed.

Edmond knew Mark would have no problem. With the girls not at home he could give his full concentration to his wife. It took a long time to get home but they did finally arrive. Edmond got a few bottles of blood out of the fridge then took Freya to their room. He set all but one on the nightstand beside her then opened one for her. She quickly downed it then asked ‘are you going to drink one?”

“These are for you. I’ll get more from the kitchen” Freya smiled “come here” He moved closer and she kissed him. “I’m glad you made it home so fast. Where are our girls?”

“Mark has them. Desa carried Jayna away and hid so Gossamer and his men couldn’t find them”

“smart girl”

“I know, you’ve been training them well my love. It shows all the time” Freyas smile got a little bigger then Edmond kissed her head “I need to call Mark. I’ll be right back”

“alright” Edmond dialed Mark who answered almost instantly. Edmond asked for what he needed then they hung up. Mark kissed his wife then told her the girls would be staying until their room was fixed. When Shasta said that would be fun Mark left to get the supplies for Edmond. Mark would go over tomorrow and help mend the house if Edmond and Freya felt up to it. Edmond drank some blood and brought more back to the room so he could lay with Freya.

“Can we take a shower, I’m covered in blood and dust.”


He lifted her slowly so as not to jar her shoulder and carried her into the bathroom. He lowered her feet to the ground and switched on the water, making sure it was nice and warm before turning and helping Freya out of her clothes. She winced as he slipped her arm out of her shirt. There was so much blood he wondered how she had been able to help him fight. He took his clothes off then pulled her gently into the shower. “This is my fault.” He said sadly as he washed away the blood.

“Hush, no it’s not.” She lifted her good arm and wiped some blood off of his cheek.

“You still look pale. You need more blood.”

“You are looking pretty tasty.” She teased and was happy when she received a smile.

“That may not be a very good idea. You feeding off of me is very arousing.”

She giggled. “It wasn’t back in the woods.”

“That’s because I was to angry to feel anything else.” She pouted and he sighed. “Those puppy dog eyes are completely unfair. Fine.”

She gave him a sexy smile then leaned closer to lick his chest. He inhaled sharply, becoming hot. She laughed softly, her warm breath giving him goosebumps. She sank her fangs into his chest and he moaned, tangling his fingers in her hair to hold her to him. Her wound closed and her color came completely back. “That’s enough beautiful.” He whispered. He pulled her head back and kissed her hungrily, making her smile.

“I love you so much Edmond.”

“I love you too angel.” They finished washing then stepped out and dried. Edmond carried her to bed, getting under the covers with her and holding her close. They fell quickly asleep, their exhaustion getting the best of them.

The next day they were both almost fully healed of any injuries. If they hadn’t received any broken bones they would have been fully better today but they knew they’d be better before the day was out. Freya had to see her girls so they went to Marks. They stayed their visiting until Edmond and Freya felt they could patch up their home with the help of Donnie, Mark and their girls. It actually turned into a fun project when it really got going. Donnie let a few weeks pass before he approached Edmond one day. He was terrified to ask but said “I would like to fight you for the right to date your daughter. She loves me too and I know I have to fight with you to be with her. You are back to normal right?” Edmond smiled “Of course to both. Come outside with me” When they got outside they let distance be between them and Edmond said “you can fight me to your full potential. Become the wolf”

Donnie took off his clothes before shifting. Once he had fully transformed Edmond could have surprised attacked but wanted to grant Donnie the first move. Donnie ran straight at him in full force. He pounced on Edmond making him stumble back slightly. Edmond almost effortlessly cast Donnie off making dirt spew everywhere as Donnie hit the ground.Donnie got right back up and attacked again. They kept going until Edmond had Donnie pinned down in a way he couldn’t get out of no matter how hard he tried. Edmond smiled, proud when he still kept trying anyway. Edmond spoke “enough” then let go. Donnie shifted back then slid on his clothes. He looked nervously at Edmond for his answer since he of course hadn’t won.

“You fought hard for her. I was impressed many times. You can date Desa but I want you to let me train you once a week. One day you’ll want your own house with my daughter and youll soon have her and children to look out for. My daughter is no weakling as you know. Freya has been training the girls since they were 13 but I want to know my Desas husband can protect her if need be. Will you take lessons from me once a week?”

“I would appreciate it.”

“Good, now go in to my daughter” Donnie ran excitedly to Desa even though he ached from fighting her father. Most of his blows he hadn’t made lighter as they fought. He wrapped Desa in a tight hug and kissed her cheek “your father has given me permission to date you.” Desa hugged him excitedly then grabbed his face to pull him into a kiss. It was brief since Desa knew her father was coming in but it was amazing all the same. Edmond came in looking happy as he sat down next to Freya and wrapped an arm around her. Edmonds and Marks family spent the rest of teh day just enjoying the warmth and chatter of eachother. As they crawled into bed that night Edmond thought of how blessed he was that Freya had saved him from still living like his older brother.

He could still be filled with evil and doing monstrous things but she had saved him even though he hadn’t been very kind to her. He wrapped her tightly in his arms now that he could again and kissed her lovingly “You will never know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me Freya. I love you so madly” Freya smile “I love you too. Show me how much you appreciate me by us working on a baby tomorrow. We keep getting busy and not trying. We talked about more when the girls were 14” Edmond licked her neck slowly “sounds good to me” Edmond laid his head down on Freyas chest and they drifted into a peaceful rest.

~ The End ~

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