Freya & Edmond 6

Chapter One

Freya and Edmond had been going on camping trips yearly with their sons since they became ten years old. Their boys were sixteen now and Freya was thankful they still liked going camping every year with their parents. Desa and Jayna haven’t lived at home for many years now and were missed but Freya and Edmond were happy for their girls. Donnie and Desa were living happily together in their own home while Jayna was enjoying work as a marine biologist. The girls went camping somtimes with them but they had busy lives right now and couldn’t come this year. Desa was too busy with her own twins while Jayna had too much work to do. This year like most they didn’t camp in their own world. The boys wanted to be around demons again so they settled on a camping trip in one of the mountain ranges of Tresnia.

Today they were hiking, well more like walking and stopping repeatedly for Edmond to scratch his ankle “are you sure you’re ok honey? Why don’t we go back to our campsite and let the boys finish this trail on their own”

“Would you mind boys? My ankle is killing me” Edmond said still leaning down. “we’re fine, how long can we stay gone?’ The twins asked then Freya answered ¬†“You are sixteen year old men. Just know if you don’t show up for dinner I’m not cooking twice”

“alright we love you” They said at once and each kissed one of their mothers cheeks “Love you too boys” Edmond was becoming drenched in sweat as they returned to the campsite. Freya was getting deeply concerned that he was sick. She helped him lay down in the tent and he almost instantly passed out. Freya deeply frowned with her worry. She grabbed a rag and bucket then walked away from their tent to collect cool water from the beautiful collection of clear water near their campsite. It was so pure and clean they had been using it to drink from. When Freya came back with her bucket she sat down and dabbed at his skin to help with the fever and clear away the sweat ‘you should have told me you were burning up you stubborn man” Freya said in a sad voice.

Edmond heard Freya yelling his name in an annoyed, drained sounding tone. He jerked awake in his office chair. H elooked around in a confused state, this looked to him as if he were in his office at his Nevada school but that wasn’t possible. He was camping with his family and he hadn’t been back to this school since he had won Freya back here. “Edmond!” Freya snapped again, sounding even more angry. He turned to her and saw Mark standing by her side “what are we doing here? Where’s Shasta Mark?’

“how do you know me?” Mark said with a bewildered face. “Control freak here has probably been spying on me. He did a lot of spying when we were together. Stop with the games and showing off how much you still control things and lets get down to business. As i understand people are dieing here right? Fill me in and I’ll get to work finding out who the culprit is”

“Nothings happening here any longer. We fixed this already” Freya sighed impatiently at his fake ignorance and games. “so you are either being an ass right now or you’ve started taking drugs. You called me wanting my help to stop whoever is tormenting your school. I’m here so fill me in on what we’re doing. I’m tired from you making me travel in daylight but I guess as always it’s all about Edmonds wants and needs. Just call me when you’re done playing games and truly want my help. I’m staying in the hotel where we had our fifth anniversary. before your head explodes it isn’t nostalgic, it was the only nice hotel with vacancy” Freya stormed out, pissed beyond belief she suffered through daylight travel for absolutely no reason other than Edmond playing games and exerting his power of her.

Edmond stood there unable to think or move. He didn’t understand any of this. Nothing about this moment made since. It had been so many years since this day. A teacher came in and asked ‘so is she going to help?” Edmond didn’t answer and the teacher sighed “You had that dmned dream again didn’t you? No wonder you havent left your office in days. You’ve been sleeping this whole time haven’t you?”


“You have to stop living in the dream world. Freya isn’t coming back to you.” The teacher walked over to Edmonds desk and found prescription grade sleeping pills “God damnit Edmond look at me” The teacher now spoke in an angry voice. Edmond turned as the teacher shook the prescription “you promised you’d quit this. I can’t believe you’re still drugging yourself into long periods of sleep because you dream of a life where Freya forgave you and you’re happy. You ruined things, permanently. Don’t you see she hates you? I’m taking these and I will not hesitate to report you if I catch you one more time abusing prescriptions”

Freya couldn’t believe how hot his skin was and he seemed to be mumbling in his sleep. She looked him over, checking every inch of his skin she could get to. She found that his ankle was swollen and red and immediately took off his shoes. She wondered what could have bit him. It scared her because she didn’t know enough about the creatures of this world to help him and didn’t know if his vampire blood was strong enough to fight off the venom. She needed help, but didn’t want to leave him alone for too long. “Edmond love if you can hear me please wake up. I need you.” She whispered in his ear.

Edmond picked up his phone and called Freya, wondering if maybe his coworker had been right. She answered on the third ring. “What do you want?”

“Please come back, come and help me protect this school. I’m sorry for acting like an idiot.”

“Mark and I will be there in a few minutes then.”

“Could you just come for now until we get you intergrated into the school. Adding two new students would look a little strange, especially since it’s in the middle of the trimester.”

She sighed. “Fine, just me then.” They hung up and held his head in his hands. This couldn’t be happening to him and even now a part of his mind rejected it. He felt a sharp pain in his ankle and pushed back away from the desk to look at it. There was nothing wrong with it, but he rubbed it anyway.

“Edmond my love, please wake up.” He heard her voice in the room and looked up, surprised when he saw no one.

“Freya?” He said, but no more words came. He was so confused his head hurt.

Edmond nearly cried with the thought he could just be hearing things as a side effect of abusing sleeping pills. Those were just the words he desperately wanted to hear from Freya. He remembered how things worked in his dream world and hoped just showing her how non demanding he could be would truly win her. They had started on a terrible foot thanks to his fantasy but he hoped he could make that fantasy a reality and be with the woman he loved again. It was heartwrenching to wait on her and Mark to return, to know she wouldn’t look at him with love but with hate and anger instead. The hate and anger he deserved from Freya with how he treated her when they were together.

When Freya returned he apologized again for how he was before “It’s fine, I didn’t expect any better anyway. What’s going on here?”

“I need you to go under cover Freya dearest. You look eighteen instead of two hundred plus no one here has ever seen you before. If anyone can flush out a kidnapper and killer it would be you.” It was odd to him that her hair was as long as it was in his dream world. he expected it to be short like the last time he saw her. It was odd to him he’d dream her as the way she was now instead of how she looked while they were still together. It’s not as if he ever wished her to have long hair. Freya was gorgeous enough to be stunning with no hair atall so it didn’t matter to him what length it was.

“Fine, sounds like a plan. We can’t let anymore students be hurt. Just stay away from me! I’m here because of them, not to be bossed around by you”

“Freya I wont be doing any bossing around. i know you can figure this out on your own. I’ll offer my help though, you’ll be the lead on everything” Freya shut the door angrily to go back to the hotel and bring her bag to stay in the girls dorm rooms. In reality Freya was still dabbing sweat away as she tried to hold herself together. She was in panic and wanted her boys to hurry and get back so they could find somebody who lived in this world. She didn’t know if there was anything else she should be doing or what it was and hoped a demon, human or monster from here would explain things and be able to recognize his symptoms.

She leaned down and kissed his lips, begging him to wake up. She couldn’t imagine life without him. Their relationship had been rocky at times, but never once had he hurt her or their children and he had made a huge effort to be better for their family. “I love you so much baby and as soon as the boys get back I’ll get you help.” She kissed him again and rested her head on his chest.

Edmond felt the pressure of her kiss against his lips and stopped watching Freya in her class. He touched his lips, swearing he could taste her. He felt himself tear up as he watched Freya and wanted to drag her away and make her see he was different. Freya looked up and saw him, frown crossing her face as she excused herself. “Why are you here?” She whispered angrily.

“Because I wanted to see you again.”

“Yeah right, don’t you mean because you own the place and the school I work at you can do whatever you want.”

“That’s not what I meant, please just listen to me.”

She crossed her arms. “Fine, I’ll talk to you tonight so just go so I can work.” He nodded and walked away, not feeling any relief.

Freya hurried out of the tent when she heard the boys talking. Their smiles of happiness faded when they saw how upset she was. “Mom, what happened?” Jovani asked.

“I think your father was bit by something. He won’t wake up and he’s running a really high fever.”

“What do we do?” Alvaro asked.

“I want you two to stay here while I find help. There has to be someone around here who can shed some light on this situation. Stay close to camp and don’t let anyone near him. You boys stay safe.” She hugged them and they watched worried as she ran off into the woods.

Freya ran across the landscape as the sun was setting. She would talk to everyone she passed until sombody helped. She found a blonde woman walking with a black haired man. She ran in front of them so they’d have to halt “Please, I need help.”

“what is it? What’s wrong?” Stacy asked Freya. “My husband was biten by somthing while we were hiking. We are merely visitors to this world so i have no idea what it was or how to help him. It looks like a snake bite and his ankle is so swollen. He passed out and hasn’t woken for hours” Gulliver and Stacy looked at eachother, making a good guess as to what had bitten Freyas husband. “we’ll check him out. My name’s Stacy and my husbands name is Gulliver. What’s yours and your husbands name?”

“I’m Freya and He’s Edmond. Our two boys are with us. Their names are Alvaro and Jovani.”

“let me fly you back to your camp, just guide me. I’m a demon in a human form right now so please don’t be alarmed when I shift”

“Thank you, thank you so much” Gulliver shifted and was happy when Freya didn’t look at him like he wasn’t any different atall. It wasn’t exponentially shocking though since she was a vampire, they could be even more fearsome than demons. Gulliver cradled Stacy and had Freya climb on his back. He flew swiftly with her direction and landed right beside the fire the boys had made. They went ahead and started on dinner knowing their mother probably didn’t eat yet.

Alvaro who wasn’t cooking stood “Dads still passed out” Freyajumped down as Gulliver set his wife down and shifted back “your real form is kick ass” Jovani said “thanks” Gulliver said in a questioning, shocked tone. Stacy went inside the tent and pulled up Edmonds pants to see the wound. She sighed “yep, just as we thought Gulliver.”

“what is it?” Freya asked him.

“A keltern bite. I’m surprised he didn’t notice.” Stacy said worriedly.

“He’s a very strong vampire and tends to block things like that out until it really starts to hurt.” Freya replied. “What’s going to happen to him?”

“He’s going to dream of something terrible. No one can say what it is except for him. Some people dream of loved ones dying, or their homes being destroyed or like a friend we had named Charles who dreamed he was no longer with the woman he loved. It’s horrible ad in their minds real.”

“How long will he be out?” Jovani asked.

“We don’t know.” Gulliver answered. “If you like you can all stay in our house until he wakes up. He’ll be easier to care for.”

Freya was terrified for her husband and wanted him to wake up so she could tell him what he was seeing was all a dream. She could only imagine what he could be seeing and she prayed he would accept her explanation when he woke. “What do you boys think?” She asked.

“I say we go.” Jovani answered.

“I agree with Jovani. I think we can trust these two.” Alvaro said.

“Alright, we’ll go then.”

“I’ll get him out of there. Stacy would you help them with packing up?”

“Yes love.”

Gulliver effortlessly picked up Edmond then waited for the boys, Freya and Stacy to gather the camping supplies. When all was gathered Alcaro and Jovani carried everything even when the girls insisted on helping. They walked together until they reached Stacy and Gullivers house in the mountains. Gulliver took Edmond to one of their guest room then showed the boys each to a room. “come with me Freya. I need to teach you how to make the food you’re ging to give him so he doesn’t starve. Do you have blood to mix in it? Vampires need blood for real nourishment right?”

“Yes we have some, let me get it” Freya went into their cooler and grabbed a bottle of blood. Stacy was already preparing ingridients when Freya returned to the kitchen “just watch what I add for now and then next time you can try” Freya stood, watching intently to learn so to burden these kind people as little as possible. Gulliver walked in the kitchen saying “we haven’t eaten dinner and you thre didn’t get to eat yours so I’ll get started making somthing. Is there anything you or your boys don’t like?”

“we’re fine with anything”

“good, if you’d like to sit with your husband I’ll just call you for dinner”

“we are so grateful to you two”

“It’s no problem. What would this world be if nobody helped others in need?” Stacy finished the drink then walked with Freya into the bedroom to help her and explain the general care she would have to give her husband over the time period he lay passed out. Freya listened intently, wanting to remember it all. ‘any questions?” Stacy asked when she was done with the explanation “no, I’m good” Freya answered.

Edmond paced back and forth as he waited for Freya. When she finally came in he had to foce himself not to hug her. “Make it quick Edmond, I’m busy.” She said and crossed her arms.

“First let me apologize to you again. I know it means nothing, but I needed to say it again.”

“It’s fine, apology accepted.”

“Thank you. Now down to the most important thing. Freya, I need you in my life. I know you won’t believe me, but I really truly need you. I know I hurt you and I know I chased you away because I was a dominating ass, but I’m not like that anymore.”

“Edmond stop.”

“Please Freya, please believe me. I hate myself for the pain I caused you.”

“Stop.” She said louder, a hurt look passing ove her face. “You’re too late Edmond, even if you are telling the truth. I’ve moved on.”

His heart sank. “With who?”

“With Mark. He’s always there when I need him and he never loses his temper over little things. He loves me just the way I am and doesn’t chase away other men for fear of me sleeping with them. I’m sorry Edmond.”

She turned to leave and he grabbed her hand. “Do you love him Freya?”

“I guess so.”

“So you don’t know. What about me, do you still love me?”


“Answer me Freya, I need to know.”

“Yes, damn it, yes I do. I hate you and I love you, you asshole.” She jerked her arm free and stormed out of his office.

Edmond sat down at his office chair with his head in his hands and cried. He didn’t want her with another man. Even if she still had love for him and wasn’t sure she was in love with Mark it hurt worse than any injury he had ever endured. Edmond wasn’t sure where to go from here. She confirmed she still hated him for how he treated her and with how she stormed out he knew she had no desire in the slightest to let him mend things between them. The only thing that gave him comfort atall is that Freya did feel hate. Hate meant there was emotion here and maybe if he kept acting nicely around her she might leave Mark and come back to him. Edmond just prayed he didn’t have to endure them kissing or holding hands in front of him.

Edmond wasn’t sure if his heart was strong enough to still beat after such a thing, the very thought making him cry harder. Edmond also didn’t know if he had the self control not to maim a man touching his wife that way. If he lost control and beat the life out of Mark it would only prove to Freya he was the same monster she remembered from way back then. One hundred years was too long to be without her, forever would be unlivable.

Edmond left her alone to study the students the following day but took glances at her every chance he found where he wouldn’t be noticed. That night he called her into his office again under that mascarade of the case. He started with that so she wouldn’t leave right away. “I suspect Rose to be the killer. She bitchy and thinks her life is worth more than anybody elses. I’m going to start tailing her when I can. I should be doing that now so can I go?”

“I have another question”

“Hurry, Marks waiting” He felt another knife lodge into his heart. “if you see that I’m different would you come back to me? I truly am, I would never treat you like i did before or try to change who you are. I love who you are”

“Edmond, this is really pissing me off. You said when we got together you loved me and who I was but that was as true then as it is now. If you loved who I was you wouldn’t have wanted to change me. All you did was try to modify my behaviour and make me into a fighter. Some anniversaries were even spent with you training me until i was puking or just couldn’t force my body to move. Furthermore I may still love you but I would never hurt mark by dumping him for you. He is a good man who treats me kindly, maybe I love you because I’m a gluten for misery. It’s the only explanation when I’m not sure about a sweet man but love a self centered asshole. I have too much respect for myself to ever be with you again. I have no desire even though i love you. The thing about truly loving someone is you never stopped so I’m stuck loving you forever if I want to or not. Please, just this once can you not be self centered and let me be with Mark? I wont tolerate you trying to win me from him. I don’t hate myself and I would have to to be with a monster like you”

“Yes Freya, I’m a monster. The worst kind, but I will never stop telling you how much I love you until you believe me. I have loved no other since you left and I never will. If you tell me right now that you love Mark with all your heart and soul then I will stop.”

She swallowed, opened her mouth then closed it again. “I really hate you right now.”

“Good, you deserve to hate me. I hate me.” He reached out and grabbed her hands in his. “You are my heart and soul Freya, the very air I breathe, the reason my heart beats. You may hate me for this, but are you not just as horrible as me for being with someone you don’t love?” She wouldn’t look at him and he tipped her head back. “I love you Freya, just remember that.”

“I have to go Edmond.”

“I know, stay safe.” He let her go and she hurried from his office. He sat down in his chair, his heart still aching.

Freya fed and washed Edmond. She made sure to flip him over so he wouldn’t get sores, not that it would matter with his ability to heal so fast, but she didn’t want to see any wound on him. Her sons helped her when she was too exhausted, not complaining even a little at the work. Freya lay next to her husband and sang softly to him, hoping he could hear her in his sleep. He looked so pale and upset and she wished she knew what was going on in his head. She started crying when she saw a tear roll down the side of his face and quickly wiped it away. “Please wake up Edmond, please.” She begged.

Chapter Two

Edmond could hear Freya in his ear again, she was crying and asking him to wake. He got a headache, hating himself for abusing prescriptions so long his Psyche had been messed up. He hoped with long enough of not abusing the pills he would quit hearing voices from his made up world. It was only adding to his torture. The next morning in reality Freya refused to eat breakfast no matter how much anybody urged her to come eat. Her sons¬†finally¬†quit saying to Gulliver and Stacy “she’ll¬†atleast¬†it lunch if we have to shove it down her throat”

Freya just laid at her husbands side, rubbing him and making pleas for him to rise every now and then.Gulliver and Stacy had assured Freya that Edmond would wake and be perfectly fine as long as she did what they told her to do but Freya couldn’t help but worry. She didn’t know if creatures actually from this world had a better resistance to the posion. It could be different for creatures of other worlds to be bitten by their snake.

At lunch Freya didn’t want to leave her husband but the boys drug her out. She could have over powered them but could tell how badly they wanted her to eat from them forcing her out of the room. She ate with Gulliver and Stacy, even staying to get to know them a little bit “I want to return to my husbands side now’ She said and Stacy answered ‘we understand, I hope he wakes soon”

Freya burst into Edmond’s office covered in blood and shaking. He came to his feet and crossed the room in the blink of an eye. “Freya my god.”

“It’s not my blood, it’s Rose’s. She’s dead, the murderer is a werewolf. I tried to stop the bleeding, but…”

He pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly as she cried into his shirt. He blamed himself for distracting her. If he had not been so selfish, she would have been focused enough to save Rose. “I’m sorry Freya, so sorry.”

“You should call her parents.”

“I will, why don’t you shower.”

“Okay. I have to get back out there tonight though, I have to find the culprit.”

“He or she will be gone by now, please wait until tomorrow night so I can join you.”

She wiped at her face and pulled away from him. “Fine I guess. See you tomorrow.”

Freya jerked awake the next morning and started cleaning and feeding Edmond. She had not remembered falling asleep and promised herself as soon as Edmond was awake and well she would get a good nights rest. Jovani brought breakfast up for her and she ate because of the look on his face. She didn’t want to worry her children any further. “How is he?” Jovani asked.

“Still the same. He keeps mumbling, but it’s incoherent.”

“He’ll be fine mom, he’s strong. I brought my violin, would you like me to play for you?”

“Let me shower first and then you can.”

“Okay mom, I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

Freya lingered in the water, wishing Edmond was there to wash with her. She wanted his loving arms around her again, she needed to hear his voice and see the look in his eyes when he talked to her. Freya only got out when she did because she knew her son was waiting to play for her. “you ready mom?” He asked when she came out “yes, thank you for doing this for me when I know you’d rather explore” Jovani hugged his mother “I’d rather comfort my mother in anyway I know how. I hate to see you so upset”

“Play for me and I’ll no longer be” Jovani grabbed his violin then stood up straight to play. The sound that escaped his violin was so soothing it honestly did make her feel better. His playing was always so beautiful. It caught Gulliver and Stacys attention which made them come in the room. Jovani was so lost in his music he didn’t notice them, not that he would ahve cared to have them as an added audience. He was proud of his playing and played for anybody who wanted to listen.

Jovani played on and on, feeling his mother finally at ease. He was going to play until sombody asked him to stop or his arm hurt too bad to continue filling this home with his music. Alvaro heard it outside even though he was a good distance from the house. He came back in and leaned against the wall of the living room to listen to his brother.

Edmond hated hanging up after talking to Rose’s parents. Hearing their crying and screaming tore at his heart. The violin music startled Edmond and he came to his feet and looked around. He was hearing things again. He covered his ears, but the sound wasn’t even muffled. “Stop it, stop it, it’s not real.” He said over and over again. He hated he couldn’t sleep, but had told himself no more pills. He flopped down on his bed and buried his face in his pillow, wanting the noise to stop. He stayed that way until early morning light began to seep into his window then he got out of bed and took a shower. He got out, dried and dressed then headed to his office. As he looked over paperwork, trying to focus on something other than his sanity Freya came in looking like she hadn’t slept a wink.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Yeah right, it’s not even close. Did you call the girls parents yet?”

“Yeah last night. It didn’t go well even a little. I let them scream at me as much as they needed. They’re supposed to be here today to retrieve her body.”

“I feel horrible for blaming her because of her attitude. I should have known better.”

“It wasn’t your fault Freya.”

“Keep on saying that, it won’t change a fucking thing.”

“Sorry.” He pulled his eyes away from her and went back to doing paperwork.

“What time do you want to head out tonight?” She asked.

“As soon as the others are sleeping.”

“Fine. I’ll be bringing Mark, he’s good with a gun and can watch our backs.” He just looked at her for a moment then away and nodded. “I guess I should get to class, don’t want anyone thinking I’m sleeping with the headmaster.”

“Alright, see you tonight.”

When Freya was gone Edmond reflexively scrunched up the paper in his hands. It had been a ¬†struggle to be so formal with her when he wanted to feel her kiss and her touch. She still had nothing but hatred in her eyes and it was killing him ever still. Tonight would be the ultimate test. He would have to see Freya with her boyfriend. It didn’t help she didn’t love him. Mark was still getting ¬†the kisses that were his, the hugs that were his. Mark she didn’t look at with hatred but attachment. He almost started crying again at the thought of her even being attached to another man in a romantic way atall.

In reality it was lunch and the boys asked their mother “please take a short walk with us. You need fresh air” Freya kissed Edmonds cheek and whispered another I love you before agreeing to a short walk. She hugged both her boys “I love you two so much”

“we love you. Gulliver and Stacy swear he’s going to be fine mom.”

“I know” She stayed out there a long while with them. Knowing she would be called if her husband woke. Camping trips were about their children anyway so she needed to spend some time with them. She didn;t return to Edmonds side until Alvaro said “go on back in mom. We know you’re worried about dad. We just thought you should get some fresh air”

“Have fun boys”

“we are, this is only the second time you’ve taken us to this world so theres so much to see”

Stacy handed Freya an apple when she came back in and she gladly ate it then went and grabbed a bottle of blood and gulped it down. After she had thrown her garbage away she made Edmond’s food and went up to feed him. He had a pained expression on his face and she talked to him about how much she loved him as she poured the liquid down his throat. When it was all gone she took the cup downstairs then went back and rubbed him down. “I guess this is payback for taking care of me while I was pregnant.” She tried to smile, but felt herself beginning to choke up. “Damn it when you wake up we’re going to have a long talk about the value of looking down.”

Edmond could here talking again, but made himself ignore it. It wasn’t real, not even a little. The constant I love yous were driving him crazy and he wished to hear the real Freya say it. He stayed in his office until the sun began to fall and stood when Freya walked in with Mark. The younger man had a displeased look on his face and Edmond knew if he looked at him long enough he might jump over the table and take his anger out on an innocent man.

“Are you ready Edmond?” Freya asked and he could tell she was feeling awkward about having them in the same room especially after the conversation she and Edmond had had about her not loving Mark.

“I’m always ready.”

They headed out into the night, Freya tracking the werewolf by scent. Edmond stayed close to her as they moved through the woods which made Mark sigh, but he said nothing. “I think we should split up. The wolf’s scent is everywhere and we’ll be able to cover more ground.”

“I don’t think that’s safe.” Edmond said.

“She knows what she wants and is smart enough to choose the best course so let her be.” Mark replied.

“Enough.” Freya said then turned to Edmond. “Please just trust me.”

He sighed. “I do trust you, more than you know. Just stay safe.”

They took off, Edmond wanting to follow Freya but kept himself from it. In reality Edmond started sweating again so Freya found a rag to soak in cold water. In the Kelterns false reality Edmond began to wonder why the temperature was dropping so suddenly again. When it would go from hot to cold it baffled him and once again made the question tug at his mind, is this reality or am I married to Freya and this is fake. His ankle ached and itched again but it still looked perfectly normal. In the other world it was red a swollen. So many things kept tugging at his conscious telling him this couldn’t be what was real but he played it off every time as his hopes and deep desire to be with the only woman he had ever loved.

In reality, Stacy walked in the room and Freya said sadly “It’s been nearly a week…why is he still sleeping?”

“He’s a stubborn one I guess. The only way he can escape is if he realizes that’s not reality. He must be determined that’s what’s really going on”

“I’ve always hated how stubborn he is”

“Try telling him over and over that what he’s living isn’t reality. I had a friend named Sophie whose husband got bitten by one. She whispered in his ear frequently that he was in a dream and to wake up. It worked so try that Freya”

“I will”

‘Dinner will be ready soon”

“ok” In the Kelterns false reality Edmond heard the¬†blood curdling¬†scrams of Freya then complete silence. He could smell blood, a ton of it. His eyes widened as his body filled with rage and sorrow. Before him laid Freya and Mark dead and ripped apart on the ground with a blood drenched werewolf standing over their bodies. His Freya was gone before he had the chance to win her back. He longed at the wolf, his fangs showing with his rage. Killing this creature wouldn’t save his love but he could atleast avenge her. He owed Freya that much.

Chapter Three

The werewolf was a lot stronger than he anticipated, its teeth tore into his arm and ripped at his clothes. He grabbed it by its head and threw it into a tree. It let out a loud yelp and he jumped on it and broke its neck. The werewolf’s form melted away, revealing that of a teenage girl named Karina. As far as he knew she had always been friendly and it horrified him that a child could murder so easily. He turned away, his eyes filling with tears as he dropped down next to Freya and pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry, so sorry. Please come back, I love you so much.” He said as he sobbed. He pressed a kiss against her lips, held her tightly to him and willed her to wake.

Freya could see Edmond was upset. He was crying in his sleep and begging for her. “Edmond you have to wake up.” She grabbed his shoulders and shook him. “Please wake up, whatever you’re seeing isn’t real.”

The sound of her voice filled his head and he pulled back to look at her face, pale and covered with blood. “Freya?”

“Edmond, I’m right here. Please wake up, you’re dreaming baby.”

“Dreaming?” The word seemed to echo around him. “I’m just dreaming?” The more he said it the more he realized the truth of the word. He looked down and Freya was gone, the blood was gone, there was just blackness. He gasped, his eyes flying open as he sat up. Freya had her arms around him in an instant and he shook as he hugged her back, afraid he was still asleep. “Please tell me you’re real.”

“I am baby. You were bitten by a snake while we were hiking. It’s called a Keltern. It makes you live a horrible altered reality. You’ve been out for nearly a week. We’ve all been worried sick about you.” Edmond was so happy to be back in the true reality he didn’t notice they were in someones house rather than their tent. He just held her tightly and sobbed. The word the Kelterns made him live in had ripped apart his heart. It had been painful beyond words to know Freya was with another man and have her not want him to be near her. Edmond didn’t know if he’d ever return to this world after this. His heart couldn’t bare that torture a second time.

Stacy and Gulliver heard that Edmond was awake so Gulliver called their boys from outside so they could greet their father. Alvaro and Jovani ran in and burst into the room. Freya let go for the boys to hug their father but the moment the boys let go Edmond tugged Freya back against him, not able to let her stray too far after going through that. “we’ll let you have some more time with mom. We’ll see you two at dinner” both boys said at once then left.

Edmond kissed Freya, crying just as hard as the day he had won her back. Freya wiped his tears away just as she did then. “what did you dream?”

“You were with Mark and didn’t want me. I went back to the day I asked you for help with the werewolf”

“I’m glad I finally pulled you out of that. I’ve been trying¬†so hard to coax you awake”

“Thank you” he said with fresh tears on his face so Freya kissed him again. “I’m incredibly sorry for how I was the first time we were together. I can never make up for the bastard I was then and the bastard I can be somtimes now”

“Edmond, you’ve made up for it and more. As for now you only get better as the years pass. I’m not perfect either”

“How I was wasn’t a question of perfect Freya. I was a selfish prick”

“shhh, that was then and this is now. You’re now my amazing, wonderful husband who I have four magnificent children with” Edmond rested his head against Freyas “I want to see our girls”

“Then we’ll see them as soon as we go home.”

“I love you five so much”

“and we all love you Edmond. You’ll never be without me again” Edmond lip quivered which he stop by pressing his lips into hers. When they were called for dinner Edmond realized they were in a house “where are we”

“I found some kind demons who explained what was wrong with you and gave us a place to stay so I could better care for you”

He kissed her again then just looked at her beauiful face. “You have no idea how much I love you Freya. Never leave me for any reason.”

“Hush now love, the nightmare’s over and I’m not going anywhere.” They went downstairs and Edmond thanked the two demons who introduced themselves. He was very grateful they had been so kind to his family and helped Freya and the boys take care of him. He ate like he was starving and they let him know he had been on an all liquid diet for a week so it was understandable that he’d be ravenous.

“I need a shower and a shave.” Edmond said as he and Freya headed upstairs after dinner.

“You did get a bit scruffy didn’t you.” She replied as she ran her hand over his jaw.

“Would you come with me, I need you close.”

“Of course.” They got their clothes and went into the bathroom. Freya got the water ready while Edmond pulled his clothes off then pulled her back against him and kissed her. “Edmond you just woke up, you’re still weak.”

“I don’t care, I need you.” He pulled at her clothes, allowing his hands to slide over the softness of her skin so it was covered in goosebumps and grew hot. He kissed her as he reached between her legs, making her moan loudly into his mouth.


“I’ll be quick, just stay quiet.” He turned her around and lifted her off the floor so she wrapped her legs around his waist. She marveled at how strong he was even after a week of being in bed. He pressed her against the wall and thrust into her and she had to bite onto his shoulder to keep her moans muffled. “I love you Freya, so much.” He whispered in her ear as he slammed into her harder and faster until he spilled his seed into her. He kissed her, lingering there for a moment before lowering her to her feet and handing her into the tub.

“sorry’ Freya said with a smile when she noticed Edmond was bleeding where she had bitten down. Edmond smiled in return “I liked it beautiful. Lets get clean so I can hold you” They cleaned eachother, dried then Edmond shaved as Freya sat on the toilet watching him.When his face was clean of hair Edmond picked up Freya so they could kiss again. “you seem to feel better”

“You are always quick to make me feel better”

“I hope I’m also quick to teach you the wonderful new thing called looking where you walk”

“Believe me Freya, I’ve learned it” Edmond walked with his wife over to their bed and laid down with her pulled against him. Edmond became unpriable from Freyas side for the following months. He felt better but at the same time ti haunted him and he needed to have Freya right next to him and be touching her in some way to be fully alright. Freya was patient and understanding of his troubles, it honestly made her feel incredibly loved with how much he needed to hold her. Eventually Freya slowly brought Edmond back to his old self but returning to that time had sank in once again just how much Freya ment to him, it motivated him to keep improving so that he would always have her. Freya was his everything and he would do anything to make sure she never forgot it.

~ The End ~

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