Freya & Edmond

Chapter One

Freya ran through the woods, her keen sense of smell alerting her that her pursuers were getting closer. She jumped straight up into a tree, hiding in the thick canopy. She focused calling nature to mask her scent. The three young men and two women burst through the trees. The full moon bathed them in silver light. She grinned, the younglings were making one of the biggest mistakes. She dropped down behind them, not making a sound. She buried her hands in the dirt beneath her and vines sprouted out of the ground, wrapping around the others.

“You always outsmart us Miss Black.” One of the male students said. He was a young werewolf.

She waved her hand and the vines released them. “Even though you may not see me, you must always be alert. Never walk out into the open. You must also work as a team. You vampires have the ability to control certain parts of nature. Whether you know how to call rain down, throw fire, or control earth and the plants within use it to flush me out. You werewolves have the ability to shapeshift and use all the wolf’s strengths to track me. As for you Vanessa, you have psychic abilities so used them find the echo of my thoughts or my aura.” She explained, her grey eyes looking at each of them.

“Yes ma’am.” They said.

“Remember, your parents sent you here to master your abilities because you have been having trouble. You must work as a unit if you wish to do that.”

“Yes ma’am.”

They headed back to the compound. There was a big sign out front the said School For the Preternatural. Freya told the kids goodnight as a man her age came running. “Miss Black, Edmond Aurelius called from Nevada. Another student disappeared and one of the teachers was murdered. He wants you on a plane ASAP.”

“These children still are having so much trouble but I guess this is more important than teaching. I’ll set up a flight for in the morning. I doubt I’ll be able to get out of here tonight.”

“That sounds good. Am I to come with you or to stay here? There’s plenty of teachers without the two of us.”

“Of course you’re coming. Why ask dumb questions?”

He laughed and she went to her room and made some calls then settled in for the evening. She had a really hard time falling asleep worrying about the children. What kind of sick person would kill students. She wasn’t looking forward to finding out.

The next morning she awoke tired. Traveling in the sun was possible for vampires like her, but it sapped the energy from them. She would be completely vulnerable during the day, her superhuman strength would be diminished and she wouldn’t be able to extensively use her nature magic. She dressed quickly and packed her bags. She wasn’t looking forward to seeing Edmond, not after how they had parted ways. She met the other teacher, Mark, out front. He was completely human and the only one employed at the school. His sister had been beaten to death because she was a telepath. Their taxi pulled up and they quickly loaded their luggage into the trunk.

Frey slept on the plane. She was going to give Edmond a piece of her mind when she got to Nevada. What if the plane were attacked or a monster hunter was waiting in the seat behind her. He could have at least waited for her to catch a night flight. He was so arrogant. Just because he was the founder of the school and had one in each state as well as many in Europe didn’t mean he could get away with making her vulnerable. Mark was talking excitedly next to her. He had never been to Nevada or even out of state.

His constant talking annoyed her. She tried to be nice even though she was pained but ended up being snippy and smart with him anyway. He then sat in silence until they arrived at their destination. She went inside as fast as she could. Even drained by the daylight her rage at him for making her travel so quickly fueled her to go at top speeds. Mark followed as fast as he could but even with her slowed he was no match for her speed.

Freya burst into his office and Edmond looked up from some papers he was reading. He still wore those damn glasses. The ones that made him look very intelligent and sexy. The first was obviously not true. He sat the papers down and took his glasses off. “You son of a bitch.” She snapped.

“How nice to see you too Freya.” She hated his accent, the way her name rolled of his tongue and made her weak in the knees.

“Daylight travel Edmond, really?”

He stood and moved around the desk to her. He was taller than her five foot six inches, standing at six foot three. She actually had to tip her head back to look into his chocolate brown eyes. He smiled at her and she resisted the urge to slap it off his face. “Forgive me my dear, but it was urgent you get here as quickly as possible. You see we have been experiencing some trouble as of late.” He said.

“I know, students disappearing and people dying and all that. Why do you need me here?” She loved that long black hair he kept pulled back in a braid. She mentally shook herself.

“I need you to go under cover Freya dearest. You look eighteen instead of two hundred plus no one here has ever seen you before. If anyone can flush out a kidnapper and killer it would be you.”

Edmond knew she was a lot angrier than she was showing. Her temper had not got better over time. She was still the same spirited young woman he had saved a hundred and eighty two years ago. She was still just as beautiful, her red hair cut to chin length. She had started keeping it short the day they had started training young men and women. He still loved her, still dreamed about her. He had ruined it for them. He was a vampire prince and in his arrogance he had driven her away. He had been to controlling, tried to bend her to his will. She had promptly asked to be transferred.

“Fine, sounds like a plan. We can’t let any more students be hurt. Just stay away from me!” She didn’t want him spending too much time with her because she didn’t want feelings to arrise again. She kept reminding herself how horrible he was. Mark was waiting outside the doors to Edmonds office. “I’m not sure if you’ll be needed here Mark but you can stay until I’m sure if I need you here or not”

Mark nodded his head. He never knew what to say to her. All the teachers scared him a bit but he was happy to be working with them and to lend a hand. In honor of his sister he’d do all he could to help.

Freya carried her suitcase to the girls dorm. She made sure the other students noticed her. She listened to all the whispers, but pretended like she was to engrossed in finding her room. She would sleep in the same room that one of the kidnap victims had stayed in. When she entered there was a young blonde who shot her a dirty look. This one would be trouble.

“Hi, I’m Freya your new roommate.” She said with a smile.

“Great the headmaster put me with another vampire. That’s all I need, another one of you stinking up my space.” She got up and walked out of the room. Freya rolled her eyes. She couldn’t wait until this was all over. She was going to ask Edmond to have that little wolf transferred to her school. Once the sun was down she would start her investigation. As a new “student” her training would begin. She could use her abilities to slip away.

It was still quite a long time until night would fall. It really wasn’t necessary to make her come so soon. She brewed over it thinking he probably did it just to piss her off. “He’s still the same self righteous dick he was when I left. How can I think a man so self centered is attractive!” She thought to herself. Another girl who she could tell was a wolf came in. “Welcome to our school. I’m Karina.” She held out her hand and Freya shook it thinking “This one is a sweetheart. Atleast there will be some decent girls”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Freya.” She gave the girl her warmest smile.

“I see you got stuck with Rose, sorry. She can be a real pain. She thinks because her parents are loaded she can push others around.”

“I’m not to worried about her, if she wants to fight she can spar with me in the gym tonight.”

Karina’s eyes widened. Freya guess no one had ever stood up to the little spoiled Rose. “Would you like a tour of the grounds before class starts.” Karina smiled.

“Yes please.”

She followed the girl out of her room. She knew the grounds well, but listened for Karina’s sake. The young woman knew the history of the place well. She would love to apprentice this one. Karina said her favorite place was the lily garden. She said Edmond had planted it himself four years ago. It was around the time Freya had left, before Karina and many of the students had arrived. She told herself it had nothing to do with her.

“Anyway, that’s it. Class starts at sundown in the gym. If you need anything just come find me.” She smiled happily and left her in the garden.

Edmond watched her from his office window. She was playing her part well. She still looked upset. He would have to observe her in the gym. As a new student many would want to test her abilities. They would underestimate her. He had not told the teachers she was more than a student. He hoped that in spending time with everyone she would be able to sniff out the killer.

She was glad she went on Karinas tour because it ate up a few hours. Now it would be no time until sunset. She started walking back to her room to get ready for the class. Edmond never taking his eyes off her. He was so filled with regret over how he acted but he was sure nothing could make Freya be with him again. He had indeed planted those because of her.

He had no plans of saying it though. It would probably make her bolt again if he expressed anything twords her. This all had to be professional. The killer needed to be caught swiftly. The parents were getting restless and considering taking their kids out of classes.

Edmond had plenty of money to insure the school stayed open, but an empty school was not what he wanted. This was supposed to be a safe place for people like him and Freya, people who were different. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. The sun was starting to fall and he could feel his strength coming back. He had not slept in a week and night time was all that was keeping him going.

Freya went to her room and changed into shorts and a sports bra. Rose wasn’t there and she was a little disappointed. She had hoped she would be able to talk to her. She stretched then jogged to the gym as the sun made its way to the horizon. The other students were warming up. Even though most of them could heal pretty quickly, pulling something was still painful. She noticed that the werewolves mostly stayed in one group. They were letting pack mentality rule them and at it’s center was little miss Rose. Edmond should have been making everyone work together. Rose spotted her across the room and whispered something to her fellow wolves before they all made their way to her. They thought to intimidate her with numbers.

Chapter Two

Rose said “Well here she is. The new little vampire they are making me share a room with. It’s absolutely terrible.” She was not intimidated by them standing around her. “How has it been terrible so far?! Money may have been able to buy you so called friends and respect but it has done nothing for teaching you manners and how to treat others.”

Rose scoffed “How dare you speak to me that way. I’m going to show you first chance I get. Right now the teachers would stop me. We wolves are much better than you lowly vampires.” This angered Freya and it took all she had in her to keep her cool and not just teach her a lesson right there. She had a job to do and couldn’t let this spoiled brat under her skin.

“Students is there a problem?” Edmond’s voice made her jump. She turned to face him, confused. What was he doing in the gym?

“Of course not sir.” Rose said sweetly.

“Why don’t we test your proficiency for climbing. You against the new student. Who ever makes it the rafters first wins.” The other teachers did not question him.

“As you wish headmaster.” Freya said. She walked over to the ropes, grasping one in her hand.

“You’re going down roommate.” Rose hissed.

“Go now.” Edmond ordered.

Freya climbed swiftly, allowing Rose to keep up with her. The woman saw she was going to tie so she swung at Freya, kicking out at her. Freya swung out of her way, taking her rope around Rose’s. She swung around and around, tangling the little upstart in her rope. She winked at her then completed her climb. She jumped from the rafters to land in front of Edmond, shooting him a dark look.

“May I speak with you Freya?” Edmond asked politely.

“Maybe later headmaster,” she said and waved him off, “I have hand to hand combat class then the chase.”

Edmond smirked as she walked away. He’d get her to talk to him later. Rose was just angrily yelling and trying to get out of the rope. She started making her way twords her next class when Karina caught up to her. “That was amazing” Glad to see a friendly student she said “Thank you” Cheerfully. Freya was happy she could put that snot in her place. She could tell that wasn’t the end though.

She expected trouble until she had wrapped everything up and could leave. Karina asked “Why are you joining this school year so late?” She didn’t want to hurt the girls feelings so she said “it’s too personal to talk about sorry”. Karina seemed a bit disappointed and said “It’s ok, I understand.” They arrived at hand to hand combat. Freya was hoping Rose wouldn’t be in this class too with her. It was a huge school so classes were broken up into 5 groups for each course.

“Sine our top student is a little uh tied up, we will need someone else to face our new student.” The teacher, a thirty something male said. He was neither vampire nor werewolf. Freya guessed he was a psychic, but didn’t exactly know his specialty. “Any takers?” There were a lot of murmurs.

“Why don’t you face me coach since they don’t want to. Might as well have some fun right?” She smiled and winked.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, I think I’m up to the challenge.”

She slipped off her shoes and stretched. She took a wide stance for balance, arms up and close to her body. The coach launched his assault, punching out at her. She blocked, back pedaling. She swung back, going low for a gut punch and he blocked her. His foot shot out and she dodged to the left. She gave a spinning back kick and he grabbed her ankle, twisting it so she spun in the air and hit the mat. She rolled backwards when he punched down, launching herself forward. She grabbed his waist, rolling with him. He tried to mount her, but she wouldn’t let him. She slipped out easily, planted her feet in his abdomen and launched him through the air. She used her speed to jump on his back as he got to his hands and knees, her legs wrapping tightly around his waist as her arms put him in a choke hold. She squeezed hard, instantly cutting off the blood to his brain. He tapped her arm and she let go, hopping off of him.

“Holy shit,” he coughed, “no on has ever beat me before.”

“Are you okay sir?” She asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I haven’t been choked like that in years. You were so in control of your movements even when I tried picking them out of your mind. They flitted by so fast I couldn’t get a good hold.”

Shit, she thought, he had been in her head. She hoped her moves was all he’d seen. She couldn’t risk being exposed. “I was trained by the best sir.”

“Maybe you can teach the rest of these students something. They hesitate too much, even Rose could learn some discipline from you.”

She smiled at the mention of her teaching Rose. She felt a bit ashamed at how much joy she was taking in putting Rose in her place since she was a teacher and was supposed to try to bring out the best in students not put them down. It’s not like this girl was sweet though. She was a full out bitch who needed to be pulled to earth. She first thought the teacher was joking but he insisted she lead for awhile in teaching the other students.

She practiced with them about 30mins before Rose came in. Her teacher said “What took you so long” She glared at him which made Freya angry again. Students should show nothing but respect for their teachers. Her own at her school wouldn’t dare glare at her. Rose looked at her teacher sitting down and asked “Why is she teaching?”

“She impressed me. You guys could learn a lot from her. I’m just letting her do this for today. Tomorrow you’ll be under my command again.” She scoffed like before when she met Freya and reluctantly joined the rest of the class.

Edmond watched from the doorway. Freya moved like an angel. She was graceful and light on her feet. She spun and countered, instructing each student on how to improve their stance to stay on their feet. She rolled on the ground with one young boy who seemed to be enjoy himself a little to much. He groped Freya while she was on her back. Before he could say anything she had head butted him in the face and rolled him into an arm bar. She would have broken something if the coach hadn’t said something.

“You run laps now. I don’t care if you’re puking later.” The coach snapped, lifting the boy by his shirt and shoving him away. “The rest of you get ready for the chase.”

Freya noticed Edmond and tried her damnedest to ignore him. She took the back way out to the chasing grounds, not wanting to get close to him. This would be just like back at home, only this time she would be doing the tracking and capturing of another teacher. “This is so exciting.” Karina said as she caught up with Freya.

“So I’ve heard.” She replied with a smile.

Rose was there, unhappy as always. She was going to follow her through the woods. If anyone was the killer it might be her. She was spiteful, angry, and disrespectful. She also didn’t seem to show any compassion when she was putting others down. The teacher for the chase was an older werewolf woman. She was beautiful for her age and looked strong. This is who the students would be tracking. The teacher headed off into the woods. Thirty minutes passed and a whistle sounded. They took off into the woods, Freya taking to the trees and masking her smell.

Edmond felt an odd sensation pass through him. The woods suddenly seemed ominous. He would follow Freya, to watch her back. He slipped silently into the woods, manipulating the shadows so they hid him. He didn’t get to close, knowing that she was adept at the chase. She was following Rose. He wanted to talk to her alone, to shake her out of the tree and force her to face him.

He followed her until he was sure they were compleatly alone and pounced at her. He knew Freya well so he caught her. Only he could do that. She looked at him angrily “What the hell? Get away from me!”

“I need to talk to you. Why do you refuse to?”

“You being out here with me is jeopardizing everything! What if the killer sees you with me you big stupid idiot!”

“You don’t need to be so hostile” She just glared and he said “Fine, please meet me after classes where we used to meet to make love. It will be private and secluded so we can talk. I really need to talk to you so can’t we both be adults?”

She sighed “Ok, I’ll meet you now please go away and let me do this!” He smiled and was gone in a moment. She hid herself again chasing the teacher. She decided not to do too good of a job. She didn’t want to look professional to whomever the killer was.

She had lost sight of Rose. She moved quickly, following her scent. An irony smell hit her nose. It was blood. She ran as quickly as possible, skidding to a halt at the horrid sight. Rose lay on the ground, a large beast on top of her. The girl’s eyes swiveled towards her, pleading. She rushed the werewolf, tackling it. The beast snapped at her face and she brought her arm up, grunting in pain as sharp teeth bit deep. She punched it in the face, trying to dislodge it. She looked at Rose. The girl was still alive, but would be no help. She had to get the animal off. She grabbed a hand full of dirt and smashed it into werewolf’s eye. It released her and she kicked it off of her. It took off and she would have given chase if Rose had not been bleeding out.

“Hold on okay.” She said calmly and lifted the girl in her arms. She had to get her to the infirmary and inform Edmond that the killer was a werewolf. She ran through the woods, forcing Rose to stay awake by making her talk.

“I suppose you think I’ll owe you one right?” She coughed, blood covering her lips.

“No, but I expect you to live. I don’t care if this changes your opinion of vampires or not as long as you don’t die on me.”

She got Rose to the infirmary with her barely clinging to life. Luckily the school had highly skilled and amazing nurses. They thanked Freya and asked if she needed any assistance as two nurses were rushing to take care of Rose. “No I’m fine, the wound I got will heal on its own. I need to go but take good care of Rose!” She may have not liked that girl but she still cared for all her students.

She rushed to Edmonds office. He could feel she was upset. He first took it as her still being angry at him but when she came in and he saw the blood on her he got serious “What happend?!” She explained the ordeal and he said “Well atleast we know what it is now.” Freya huffed “She may not have been hurt so badly if you hadn’t slowed me down.”

“I don’t think this is the time Freya but I’m sorry i stopped you but I wouldn’t have had to do it if you would have talked to me before instead of acting like this.” She rolled her eyes and asked “What should we do now?”

Chances are the beast is either a student or a teacher. You know how hard it is to get in here. The karate teacher and the nurses are all psychics and have erected a very strong barrier around the place. The only way a killer could get in here is if they were already here.” Edmond explained.

“If you knew this then why haven’t you been interrogating students and teachers?” She snapped and crossed her arms.

“I have gone through every file on everyone here. I’ve tried tracking the killer to no avail. He or she has been able to hide themselves.”

She really hated how wrong she had been about Rose. The girl was no killer, but did need to work on being nicer. She hoped this near death encounter would change her. “Tell me about the other victims.” She said.

Edmond was glad she was at least willing to hold some sort of conversation. He opened his desk and pulled out a set of files. “Come here.” He said and she moved to stand next to him. He opened the first file. “This was Hilda a vampire, she was kidnapped from her room and murdered in the forest. This next boy was Gregory a telepath, we found his body in the gym. Now Rose, a werewolf has been attacked and nearly killed.”

“So next would be a human, a regular human.”

“There are no humans here.”

“Yes there is, the man I brought with me, Mark. He’s the only human that works at the school you gave me.”

She dug in her pocket and pulled out her cell. She dialed Mark’s number and he answered. “Ma’am it’s late.”

“Get to Edmond’s office now please.” She ordered.

“Alright, I’ll be right up.”

“Before he gets here we need to talk Freya. No more putting it off.” Edmond said softly.

Chapter Three

“He’ll probably be here soon” She said really not wanting to discus much of anything with him. She was only discussing the case because she wanted to save students. As he sat there he looked so sexy. She hated being so attracted to him. “I’m sorry about how I acted when we were together Freya. You act like you hate me now.”

“I don’t hate you I just haven’t wanted to talk to you” She said not looking at him. He gently turned her face “Can’t you please even look at me when we’re speaking for more than just a second.” She was shocked at how gentle and non forceful he was being. She wondered if he was doing that on purpose to try to win her back. She felt a pang of the feelings she used to have for him as she looked into his eyes.

“Why did you plant those flowers out there?” She asked.

“Because I missed you so much. When you left it opened my eyes because you broke my heart. I deserved it, I was a controlling piece of shit. I planted those flowers to remind me every day of what I lost. I’m so sorry Freya for being such a monster, for hurting you.” He brushed his thumb over her chin. He had missed her softness.

She felt her lip quivering as a knot formed in her throat. “Why are you saying these things?” She found herself gripping his shirt.

“Because I love you, I’ve always loved you. From the moment I found you to this moment.”

He waited for her response. If she said she hated him it would kill him. She could tear him to pieces with her words. She had before. He would give her anything, drop to his knees and beg if he had to. He needed her that much. “Edmond, I never stopped loving you. I thought I could, I really tried, but it didn’t work. Just promise me that you’ll stay like this with me.” She whispered softly. He pulled her into his arms, his mouth finding hers.

Freya’s heart hammered in her chest. Her arms found their way around his neck. He had her lifted off the floor. She felt a dampness against her face and pulled back. He was crying. She brushed them away. What had she done to him when she left? He had not lied when he said she had broken his heart. “Am I interrupting?” A voice said and both of their heads snapped toward Mark. She blushed as Edmond lowered her to her feet.

She took a deep breath and said “We think the werewolf will attack you next which is why I called you here”

“Could you two really do any talking like that?” He joked. Freya turned red again which Edmond enjoyed seeing. He couldn’t believe he had his Freya back. He was certain she’d crush his heart again. He didn’t deserve this chance and he knew it. He was going to be sure not to chase away the love of his life again. With all he had in him he wouldn’t let his controlling side take over. He could finally breath, He knew he was finally going to be able to sleep.

He wanted it to be with her beside him but knew she would have to go back to the girls dorm to keep her cover. She had been talking to Mark the whole time he’d been just sitting there lost in his happy thoughts. Reyna noticed he wasn’t really in the conversation so she yelled “Edmond!” He shook his head “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” She smiled. This wasn’t the Edmond she remembered

“We’re trying to decide how to keep him safe.” She smiled.

“We have a panic room in the attic for daylight hours in case something happens. There’s a bed and food in there. Can you use a gun?” He said, slipping easily into the conversation.

“A shotgun.” Mark said.

“There’s a mossberg in there. If you need anything else there is an intercom that dials straight to this office and my bedroom.”

“I guess it’s better than the alternative.” Mark replied with a nervous smile. “I guess I’ll move my things.”

He quickly left, leaving them alone. Freya knew she had to get back to the girls dorm but she didn’t want to. She stood and he followed suit. The look on his face said he felt the same. “I have to go.” She said.

“I know.” Edmond moved around the desk and tugged her into his arms. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled her scent. She smelled of lavender and earth. He trailed kisses from her temple to her lips, his hands framing her face. She was so warm and soft and beautiful.

“I could stay.” She said softly and smiled up at him.

“People will ask questions. Nothing like untrue rumors to ruin this place.” He brushed his thumbs against her skin. “Now go before you wind up on my desk and be careful.”

She laughed and left his office. She began wondering how Rose was doing so she started walking to the infirmary. When she got there Rose was asleep. A nurse saw Freya enter and said “She’s fine, she only needs rest now.” Freya sighed with relief knowing she hadn’t arrived too late to save Rose. She walked out and continued on her way to her room.

She knew the sun would be rising at any time and she really needed some rest. She finally made it to her bed and settled in for the night. Her thoughts kept drifting to Edmond. How he kissed her, how sweet he had been. She was honestly suprised how much he missed her. She didn’t realize how much she ment to him before. It was hard to tell with how he used to order her around. She really hoped that this time around he really would be different.

“Wake up sleeping beauty.” Freya opened her eyes and glared up at the very happy Karina. The girl smelled strange, but she decided it was because she still smelled like blood and serial killer. She needed a shower.

“Karina, I’m a vampire in case you haven’t noticed. That means I’m as weak as a human in the day time.” She said and sat up.

“Where’s Rose, she didn’t come back last night?” The girls smile kind of creeped her out.

“You’d have to ask the headmaster. He might have sent her home.” She just wanted Karina to go away so she could go wash the smell off of her.

“Okay, I guess I’ll go eat breakfast then. See you later.”

Freya swung her legs over the edge of a bed, her body told her to go back to sleep but she wanted to be clean. She stood then went through her assigned chest of drawers. She pulled out her favorite pair of faded jeans and a spaghetti strap shirt. She pulled her bottle of soap out of her suitcase and ran to the girls showers, stripping off her clothes. She scrubbed the blood and stink off of her skin and out of her hair. The water helped to wake her.

When she was clean she just stood there in the water thinking. Why did she suddenly feel uneasy about Karina? She just didn’t trust her own thoughts after being so sure Rose was the killer. She turned the water off and grabbed her towel to dry off. Hoping she’d figure out who the killer was today before another student was harmed. She started putting her clothes on thinking how the faster she could wrap this up the faster she could be with Edmond.

She wondered what everybody at the school would think once this was over and she revealed she wasn’t just a new student. She figured the teachers wouldn’t be shocked since she had shown her skill yesterday. Then she wondered about her school. Who would teach there if she stayed here with Edmond? She’d miss her students but she could always teach at this school. She had to let go of students eventually anyway.

As Freya walked back to her room to drop off her dirty clothes she realized she hadn’t had a single drop of blood since arriving there. That was probably one of the reasons she was so tired. She tossed her clothes on her bed then made her way to the cafeteria. She asked the smiling lunch lady for something to drink. The older woman went to a refrigerator and came back with what looked like a soda bottle full of blood.

“Thank you ma’am.” She said as she unscrewed the cap and took a swig. That felt a lot better. A little cold for her, but it was still pretty delicious.

Karina screamed her name and waved at her across the lunch room. She waved back. She needed to go check on Mark and make sure he was still in the panic room. She walked upstairs, passing through the boys dorms to get to the stairs that led to the attic. She went up, pushing open the trap door. It was dimly lit inside. The large metal door that led into the panic room stood out against the wood. There was an intercom on the wall. She held down the button and said, “Open up Mark it’s Freya.”

The door slid open and Mark stepped out. “Any luck catching that killer?” He looked mildly irritated and bored.

“Not yet, but why don’t you come on a walk with me and get some fresh air. We can go down to the lily garden.”

“That sounds like heaven.”

Edmond sat outside in the lilies. His eyes closed he thought about all that had happened. Poor Rose had been viscously attacked. He had called her parents to pick her up. Freya had also been wounded. He wondered after all this was over if Freya would stay and teach here and if not he could always hire a new headmaster and move back with her. Home was where she was. He hoped the killer would be caught soon and until then he had issued a curfew. Everyone had to stay in the building once the sun had set.

When Freya and Mark got outside Mark took a deep breath in. “Oh how I hated it in there!”

Freya looked at him “Would you rather risk being killed off?”

They walked to the lilies. Edmond saw Freya immediatly and wanted to run up and lift her into his arms but he knew he couldn’t the students would see if he did. To avoid temptation he left. As he walked by her he smiled and she smiled back. With the day making him weak already her smile could have blown him over. All the happiness he felt having her near him again was almost too much to bare.

Mark and Freya walked around for a little while. Freya ended up sitting down. The sun was so bright today and putting extra strain on her. She wanted to give Mark a little freedom though. He eventually felt bad she was having to stay outside and asked “Want to go in somwhere or in the woods where the sun wont drain your energy as bad?”

Chapter Four

She looked toward the woods. She doubted the woods would be dangerous during the day. “We can explore the woods. It should be safe.” She said.

Edmond watched them disappear into the woods. He wanted to follow, but he had to stay close to the school. If anything happened he should be easy to find. He was sure Freya would sneak out after curfew to investigate the surrounding area. It was the only time she wouldn’t be questioned by students. He sighed and went back inside, needing to get out of the sun.

Freya hopped onto a large boulder and up into a tree. She always took the high ground. She jumped to another tree, grabbing a branch and swinging around it like a gymnast before launching herself into another tree. “That is so amazing.” Mark yelled up at her. “How do you do that stuff?”

“A lot of practice and a lot of falling out of trees and missing branches.” She dropped down in front of him. “I broke my arm and four ribs before I got that swing down and stuck that landing. Edmond made me practice every night for three months until my landing was flawless.” She said with a smile.

“I would love to do that.”

“I doubt you could to be honest with you. It’s a shame you humans miss out on all the fun stuff”

“It couldn’t have been fun to have to practice it every night for three months though.”

“Not atall but I’m better for it. I love being able to do that.”

“So I guess you and Edmond are together now?”

She shot him an ugly glare “Don’t talk about that out in public” That look terrified him. “I’m really sorry” She went back into the trees while Mark was on the ground longing to be able to do that aswell. Working so close with such powerful people made him feel jealous and resent being born human. It wasn’t fair that monsters could do such amazing things.

“How far in are you wanting to go?”

“I guess not too far with you being weak from the sun. Wouldn’t want us to be attacked. In fact lets just walk a little bit longer and turn back.” Thinking about the danger made him realy nervous even though he knew she still had plenty of strength during the day. They walked until he finally said “Ok lets turn around” She nodded and off they went.

Freya finally had to stop jumping between trees. She was far to weak. She dropped down and almost fell on her butt. She could see Mark trying not to laugh. She shot him a glare and he coughed, covering his mouth to hide his smile. It was a little past noon when they got back. The bright sun nearly blinded her. It was far brighter out in the open. “You should probably get back upstairs.” She said, then added in a whisper, “I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier, yes me and Edmond are back together. You have to keep that to yourself until this is over though.”

“I understand, thanks for taking me out. One night in that panic room and I was already feeling cabin fever.” He smiled.

She squeezed his shoulder and sent him on his way. She blamed herself for him being here. She could have come alone. He was a good guy with a big heart and didn’t deserve to be in the middle of all this. She needed to get inside and prepare for tonight. She was going out to sniff around.

She quickly started going to her room flying past the students when once again coming out of nowhere was Karina again. “What’re you doing?”

“Just going to my room for a little bit”

“You seem to always be busy. That’s odd for a new student.”

“There’s just a lot to see. I’m a curious person” She smiled. Karina was making her feel uncomfortable. “Well don’t make yourself too tired running around. You never know what you’ll need lots of energy for.” Freya couldn’t help but think that was an odd thing to say but then again she thought most werewolves were odd. “I’ll talk to you later Karina, bye.”


She went through her chest of drawers, pulling out a pair of black spandex pants and a black turtle neck. She folded them and tucked them under her bed so she could get them without making noise. She had brought a pair of hiking boots with her because they had better grip. She pulled them out of the closet and slid them under her bed. Someone knocked on her door and she pulled it open. It was Rose with a man and a woman that Freya guessed were her parents.

“I came to say goodbye and thank you and I’m sorry for acting like a spoiled brat.” Rose said, looking unusually nervous.

“You don’t have to thank me or apologize. I understand what it means for a werewolf to have money. Your people weren’t always respected.” She replied. “I have something for you.” Freya went to her suitcase and pulled out a business card for her school. She handed it to Rose. “The teacher here is excellent and always accepting new students.”

Rose looked at the card, her eyes widening then jumping to Freya’s face. “You mean…thank you.” She said and smiled. Freya winked and let them leave. The next stop was the cafeteria for another bottle of blood. She would take it with her just in case something happened.

She decided to walk. She felt compleatly drained at this point. She regretted trying to go so fast to her room. She had to pass Edmonds office to get to the Cafeteria. She was tempted to go in but had to make herself keep walking. She knew she could wrap this up soon and would be able to be with him as much as she wanted. She hadn’t realized the extent of how much she missed him until now.

She had burried her feelings as deeply as possible to keep herself from hurting. Now they all had jumped to the surface again.  She made it to the cafeteria and asked the lady for a drink. The lady handed it to her with a smile and then Freya turned around to leave.

She almost walked right into Karina. “Oh, uh hello.” She said and forced a smile.

“Wasn’t there a boy with you when you got here?” Karina asked.

“Yeah, a friend. He’s probably in the gym. He’s big on working out and trying to impress everyone.”

“Oh okay. Where are you going?”

“To my room, I just wanted to get something to drink before curfew rolled around. I plan on sleeping the night away.” She really needed to get going.

“Okay, guess I’ll see you later.”

Freya ran quickly back to her room, apologizing when she almost knocked over a student. She went in her room, locking the door behind her. She paced restlessly as she waited for the sun to go down. She looked out the window and saw students begin to head in. Hurry you stupid sun, she thought to herself. She pulled her clothes and boots out from under her bed. She removed her day clothes and pulled on her night clothes. She braided her hair then wound it into a bun. She opened her window and jumped out, landing quietly on her feet. She started to run when someone grabbed her, she spun going for an elbow shot. A hand caught her arm with lighting speed. “Whoa slow down.” Edmond’s voice said. She spun around, confused.

Edmond had nearly forgot how fast she was. He had helped her hone those reflexes. It was the only thing he was proud of being bossy about. He smiled down at her, resisting the urge to kiss her. She was beautiful in the moonlight. “What are you doing here?” She whispered.

“I’m not letting you go out there alone. This school is my responsibility.” He answered.

“What if someone sees us?”

“Then we’re caught.”

“Oh fine, just be good.”

The killer stood in the attic, looking at the metal door. He was in there, his scent had left a nice little trail. The killer pressed the button on the intercom. “Mark, Freya sent me up to check on you please open the door.” The door slid open and the killer grabbed him by the throat, choking him into unconsciousness then dragging him to the attic window. The woods were the best place.

Freya and Edmond were quietly going around the woods when Freya noticed the smell of the wolf and of her fellow teacher. Edmond noticed the change in expression and he also smelled the wolf. Freya darted in fear twords it. Hoping Mark wasn’t dead. She didn’t know if she could live with that guilt. She let him come along because she thought he’d want to but now she was kicking herself for it. They soon caught up to it.

The werewolf stared at Freya then growled at her ferociously. It was angry about how she had stolen Rose away. The werewolf would make Rose pay. It barely cared about Edmond. The werewolf dropped Mark to the ground and charged at Freya who jumped to a tree then on the back of it.

Edmond ran to Mark. The young man was bleeding from punctures in his throat. He checked his pulse. He was relieved to find he was still alive. Loud snarls filled the woods and Edmond watched as Freya tangled with the large beast. He wanted to help her, but couldn’t leave Mark. He put himself between the boy and the fight. The werewolf broke free, rushing Edmond who grabbed its head and threw it back.

Freya was on the wolf again the minute it hit the ground. Sharp canines snapped inches from her face as she held the beast by its throat. They rolled, the wolf coming out on top. She sank sharp fangs into its throat, tearing at flesh. The wolf screamed, trying to wriggle out of her grasp. The wolf managed to get free and tried to run. Freya grabbed it by its hind leg and when it turned to attack her she kicked it in the face with lightening speed, breaking its nose. It collapsed on the ground, still breathing. She grabbed the beast by its scruff and drug it over to where Edmond and Mark were. She dropped the wolf at Edmond’s feet and fell to her knees next to Mark. She pulled his head into her lap.

“Mark you have to wake up.” She said breathlessly. “Wake up.” She gave his face a light slap.

He opened his eyes slowly and looked up at her. He was so pale. “I knew you’d come, she tricked me.” He whispered.


“Freya you should look at this.” Edmond said.

She looked past his legs, her eyes widening at the nude form of Karina. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t followed her instincts. She used every ounce of strength she possessed not to reach over and snap the girls neck. “Cover her up please.” She said and Edmond pulled off his jacket and laid it over her. She looked back at Mark. “Listen to me Mark. You’re dying and there is only one thing I can do to save you.”

“You want to change me.” His voice was weak and shaking.

“You have to understand that I will be able to find you no matter where you go. My blood is like a homing device. If you do anything wrong, hurt anyone I will be able to find you and kill you. I will be here to guide you until you get the hang of being a vampire.” It was the same speech Edmond had given her. “Do you understand?”

“I understand and I’m not ready to die.”

She bit into her wrist, opening two wounds. She held it to his lips. “Old life to new life, let my blood usher it in.”

He writhed in pain. Yelling at the top of his lungs until the change was over. He felt so different. Now that the pain was over he was excited about all he knew he would be able to do but as soon as he stood up he fell back down. “You wont be able to do much right now silly you need to rest.” Edmond put Mark on his back and Freya picked up Karina to take her to the infirmary where they could deal with her in the morning.

When Mark was in his room Edmond wrapped his arms around Freya then lifted her till her face was infront of his then he kissed her. “I’ve been waiting since the last one to have another. I’ve missed your lips againt mine. Among other things.” He winked. She laughed and he carried her to his room and layed her on his bed. He asked “How do you feel? I’ve seen you take down stronger.”

“I’m fine” She smiled. She realized he was wondering because she knew he wanted to have sex with her. The Edmond she knew before was a sex addict. They had it all the time and every time it was amazing. He crawled over her and slowly lifted off her shirt. He then slid his hands in her pants and onto her butt where he slowly pulled down her pants too as he kissed her stomach occasionaly licking inside her belly button.

Amongst her pleasure she said “are you going to be gentle at this now too?” He smiled “Tonight I am. This time I want to really make love to you Freya.” He gently spread her legs apart and kissed down them lightly biting her. She was covered in goosebumps from it. With a swift movement he ripped off her panties and bra. They were now broken but she didn’t say anything. She was really enjoying this.

He then started to eat her out. He had missed how good she tasted. She gripped the bed her moaning only making him more excited. When he was sure she had all the pleasure she could stand he lifted her into his lap and slid himself in. He stood up on his bed and did her against the wall. Kissing her neck as her moans intensified with pleasure.

They stood under the warm spray of the shower. Edmond had a hard time not kissing her and touching her. He brushed his nose against hers and she laughed. It was so light and warm, like honey, like her lilies. He felt so whole and would do anything to keep from messing up again. He had made a promise to always see to her happiness first. Karina had been taken away for pack justice they no longer had to worry about anyone else being harmed.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked.

“Everything, you and me and how amazing you are.” He replied and tucked strands of wet hair behind her ears.

“You’re not so bad yourself my love.” A thought came to her and she bit her lower lip nervously. “What about our living arrangements?”

“I’m hiring a new headmaster and going home with you of course. I know how much you love the school and would never take that from you. You’re my home Freya, not this place.”

She was so excited. She went up on tip toes, her arms around his neck. She kissed him, nearly in tears she was so happy. This was a new beginning for both of them.

~ The End ~

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