Gaspare & Iom

Chapter one

Gaspare sat in the tree next to the castle, his eyes staring off into the distance as he tried to understand why Mabel had rejected his offer of being mates. He was confused by the mysterious, knowing smile she had given him as she had gently told him no. Was there something wrong with him? He didn’t understand and when he had pressed for a reason she had told him he would know why when it showed up and that it wouldn’t work between them. “Now that is a face I never thought I’d see you make.” The voice startled him and he nearly fell out of the tree.

He turned his eyes on Iom, glaring at him. “What’s wrong with you? You scared the shit out of me.”

Iom chuckled as he pulled himself up higher and slid onto the branch next to him. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear me with those big vampire ears of yours.”

“I was…preoccupied.”

Iom nodded. “I see, so what’s wrong then?”

“I’m confused.”

“We all get that way sometimes.”

“Oh really?”

“What purpose does putting mustard on pickles serve? Why would that cult worship rainbows? Are they alive?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Things that I’ve been confused by. You’re confused, I’m confused, we’re all confused. So don’t feel bad.”

Gaspare smiled and nudged him. “Jerk.”

“Awe come on, you know I’m adorable.” He shoved Gaspare. “Now, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Mabel told me she didn’t want to be with me. She said it wouldn’t work between us. What does that mean?”

“Who knows, but she must have her reasons. She’s old, she’s been around the block a few times, so I’m sure she just knows.” He reached out and tussled Gaspare’s hair, chuckling when he received another glare. “There we go, back to normal. Come on, you’re not allowed to sulk and brood, if you do that for to long you’ll turn into Alvah.”

Gaspare laughed “Hey, don’t take it that far” Iom just grinned, he had made Gaspare happy again and that’s all that mattered, well that and coming back to find out he was still single. He wanted Gaspare happy and would do anything to help him in the love department if he asked but Iom had fallen madly in love with him and wished he was gay so they could be together. A small part of him hoped that maybe Mabel saw a sign that perhaps he was and that gave Iom just a small ounce of hope that he could be with Gaspare someday. That was unless his human life span ended before Gaspare realized he was gay.

He couldn’t think of any other reason a sane being would turn a man like Gaspare down. He was handsome, charming, witty and hilarious when he wanted to be. He not only had those qualities but Gaspare was also smart and could summon bravery any time he needed it. Gaspare was everything either gender could want. Gaspare asking him about his latest travels pulled Iom from his head and he began telling Gaspare everything from the moment he left until just now. He however left out the parts where his heart was breaking at the thought of Gaspare with anybody else.

Iom was still talking when Gaspare decided to get Iom a snack and a cold drink to refresh himself from his journey. Iom followed, talking even as he was handed food and drink, pause mere moments and only when he had to. He had Gaspares full attention and he wanted to keep it. Iom was just finishing the last little but of story when Daray came down “Iom!”

“Baby brother!” Iom said as he got up and hugged his friend.

“We’re still the same age.”

“I’m still older.” He gave him a tight squeeze then let him go. “And how is mister tall, dark, and can’t take his eyes off you?” Daray turned around as Alvah stepped in behind him and Iom shook his hand. “There he is, how’s the sun treating you?”

“I got my first sunburn a couple of weeks ago. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.”

“Well when you’ve had your skin melt off, I would imagine most things are nothing.” He smiled. “I’m happy for you though.”

“How have you been?” Daray asked.

“Amazing, I did more traveling of course and brought all of you something special.” He went to the front door where he had deposited his pack then brought it back and flipped it open. “First, my baby brother.” He pulled out a folded up shirt and handed it to him. “I got this in a fairy village, the material is really soft.”

“Thank you.” Daray held it up. “I really love the color.”

“I thought you might and for Alvah, I found this book in an antique store, I thought you might like to add it to your collection. It’s poetry.”

“Thank you very much. The binding is old, but it’s held together well, amazing.”

“And of course for my dearest Gaspare…” he pulled out a small bag and handed it to him.

“What is it?”

“Open it.” Gaspare pulled it open and lifted out a red ribbon with black roses embroidered on it. “I know you’re a guy, but I saw this and thought it would look really good in your hair. It would really stand out.”

“Thank you, it’ll actually be incredibly useful. Sometimes I do have a need for it to be up” Ioms heart warmed when Gaspare in that very moments tied it into his long white hair. It looked as good on him as Iom envisioned when he purchased it. “Iom was right, looks good on you” Daray remarked “Iom does always bring the perfect gifts” Gaspare said, making Ioms heart flutter. He always truly tried to get something nice for each of them but he made an extra special effort for Gaspare. It was the nearest he could get to expressing his affection when the man who had his heart was straight or hopefully just in denial.

They all sat in the living room, Iom giving them the highlights instead of repeating everything he told Gaspare. Iom didn’t get any more alone time with Gaspare that day but he did also come to Daray so he didn’t count it as a bad thing. In fact he got a pleasant surprise that night when Gaspare knocked on his bedroom door “what’s up?”

“Want to go on a walk with me? I still feel a little down.”

“Sure, just give me a second.” He grabbed his boots and tugged them. “Alright.”

“No shirt?”

“It’s summer and I’m home, so no reason to keep my clothes on.” He said with a wink.

“So charming.”

“I know, I steal people’s hearts left and right.” They left the castle and Iom stretched his arms above his head, enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the trees. “It’s nice to be back.”

Gaspare glanced at him, his heart doing a little flip when he found himself taking in the line of Iom’s torso. “It’s nice to have you back.”

“Oh? Did you get lonely without me sweetheart?”

Gaspare cracked a smile. “Maybe a little. I love spending time with Alvah and Daray, but all of my best conversations happen with you, we have a lot of fun.”

“What’s on your mind? Still heartbroken?”

“Maybe I rushed things.”

“A beautiful, mysterious woman gave you attention, it’s understandable.”

“You should just call me an idiot and slap me in the back of the head or something. I was so excited that I didn’t see she didn’t feel the same way, hell I don’t even know if I was really feeling love.” He sighed.

Iom nudged him, knocking him off balance. “You’re an idiot. Happy?”

Gaspare laughed. “Thank you and thank you again for that ribbon, I might wear it out I love it so much.”

“Then I’ll just buy you a million of them.”

Gaspare was already feeling better. It was good to have Iom back, to have someone he could go to in the middle of the night to have company while walking. If he had tried to ask Daray or his Uncle, Alvah would have probably just yelled at him. Even though Alvah could be with Daray during the day now he still preferred to keep him to himself at night. He understood, he knew he might be the same way if he ever found love though he couldn’t imagine a time he wouldn’t want to spend all the time he could with Iom. There was just something about him, there had always been something about being around Iom that made Gaspare incredibly happy.

“can I make a selfish request?” Gaspare decided to ask “depends on what it is” Iom answered. “don’t leave for awhile okay? I finally feel better” Iom blushed, glad the night was cool to keep the tint down a little bit “I can fufil that request as long as we can sleep under the stars tonight”

“you aren’t tired of sleeping outside?”

“I could never grow tired of sleeping under the stars”

“Should we go back and get a blanket or something?”

“It’s warm, it’s perfect, no need for anything but us.”


Iom had the perfect place and guided Gaspare further from the castle and down to the river. The water made a calming sound and they both settled down in the grass, finding themselves staring up at the vast, open sky. “Look at that, it’s beautiful.”

“I’m sure you’ve seen many skies more beautiful than this one.”

Iom smiled. “Each world has it’s own sky and it’s always beautiful. This one is my favorite though.”


“Well you’re here, so why wouldn’t it be. Getting to see this with my second favorite person makes me happy.” He teased.

“Second favorite? How mean.”

Iom chuckled mischievously, hoping Gaspare was actually jealous. He sighed happily, gazing up at that gorgeous sky, enjoying the fact he was getting to lay out here with his love. They of course wouldn’t be cuddling but it was still nice to sleep together in such a romantic setting. Gaspare started to sort of ramble on so Iom just closed his eyes, smiling as he listened to his every word. Iom didn’t let himself fade until Gaspare was sound asleep “goodnight” he whispered, slipping into slumber and what felt like moments later opening his eyes to see a gorgeous morning sky. Iom sat up, stretching out his muscles. He then glanced over, happy to still see Gaspare laying there. He knew he needed sunblock to be out a long time so he decided to go ahead and wake him.

“It’s morning already?” Gaspare said as he rubbed his eyes and looked around.

“We’ll have to come out again some time.” He chuckled. “Your hair is a mess.”

Gaspare blushed as he ran his fingers through it, pushing it back. “Shut up, yours is too.”

“Ah, but it makes me look sexy. People dig it.” He teased as he ran his fingers through his hair, striking a pose and winking.

“Don’t make me cool your ego off in the river.”

“Come on, don’t pout.” He reached over and pulled a bit of grass out of his hair. “Let’s get back so you don’t get burned.”

“Alright and um…” he hugged Iom, making his heart stutter, “thank you again for being there for me.”

Iom hugged him back. “Of course, you know I don’t like seeing my friends in pain. I’ll stick around as long as you need me and we’ll do a lot of fun things until you can’t even remember why you were upset.”

Chapter Two

They walked back to the castle together, getting some breakfast then parting so they could both get dressed for the day. Over breakfast Daray had asked them if they wanted to go check out some new animals that had come to live nearby so they all met in the living room then set off to see and interact with the animals if they could. It was wild for Iom that Alvah was actually out with them during the day. He loved how almost ridiculously happy Daray seemed though. He had the kind of happiness you hope all the friends you care for get, especially now that Alvah truly could do anything with him.

The animals weren’t all that far so they were soon surrounded by them. “these are pretty” Iom noted and Daray said “yeah, have you seen these before in your travels?”

“a few times”

“And I really tried finding something you had not.”

Iom chuckled. “It doesn’t make it any less special. You thought of me and that’s what matters, so thank you.” Iom squatted down. “Come on then, don’t be scared.” He said to one of the smaller of the creatures. It was obvious it was just a baby. “Come on.” He patted the ground and the little one moved away from its mother and slowly approached. Iom held out his hand when it was close and it sniffed his fingers then ran away, making him laugh.

“I think you’re better with people than animals.” Gaspare teased.

“I do alright with you and Alvah.”

“Hey.” Both vampires said in unison.

“Oh no Daray, it seems the change has truly begun. Gaspare is metamorphosing into Alvah as we speak. I think we’re in real trouble, soon there will be two of them and we’ll have to lock them up to protect the world.”

“You may be right, Iom. We might be in real danger.” Daray teased right along with him, causing Gaspare to blush and Alvah to laugh.

They attempted being around the animals awhile longer before deciding to go for a swim. Gaspare found himself drawn to Ioms torso like he always was but he was finally questioning that “why do I always need to admire him when he’s shirtless” He might not have ever questioned it but Mabel knew or sensed something he didn’t and her first though of the two of them was a couple. He shook that out of his head, he couldn’t be gay. Why wouldn’t he know if he was gay. The Uncle that he lived with was so there was no need to feel shame. His mother loved his Uncle just the way he was so there would be no shame from their either. “Mini Alvah, get out of your head” Iom said.

“Stop calling me that.”

“Or what you’ll brood some more?”

“I don’t brood.”

Iom splashed him, causing him to gasp as the icy water drenched him. Gaspare let out a growl and pounced, making Iom backpedal even further into the water. Gaspare grabbed him and dunked him under then let him go so Iom came up sputtering and laughing. “Oh no, I’ve been punished.” He said and Gaspare blushed, feeling embarrassed as his sudden childish outburst.

“Sorry, you’re not hurt are you?” He reached down and Iom quickly grabbed him and pulled him all the way in. Gaspare tried pulling away as the cold water enveloped him, sending a shock through his system, but Iom held on, using gravity and the water to force Gaspare to stay.

Daray started laughing and Alvah even chuckled at his nephew’s predicament. “There, we’re even.”

“It’s cold, you jerk.”

“Awe, need me to keep you warm?” He teased.

Gaspare blushed again and his heart stuttered at the questions that caused in his head, did he like Iom as more than a friend? Was he some sort of freak in denial for no reason at all? He tried to stop dwelling and just have some fun. Iom was right, he was brooding and he didn’t want him to have another reason to call him Alvah jr or something of that nature. That night as he lay in bed he wondered how he could get to the bottom of what his feelings were. Maybe he didn’t realize because he hadn’t been intimate with a man. He wondered how Iom would feel about kissing him. If it would insult him or if he’d be happy to help him figure out if he had feelings for him beyond friendship.

He sighed, getting up and heading out of his room. His mind was too busy. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of Iom’s door, blushing. It was a habit he had developed when Iom was home since they spent a lot of time together. He took a deep, steadying breath then knocked. “He’s not in there.” Daray’s voice nearly made him bolt, but instead he turned to him, a look of embarrassment on his face.

“Oh, uh, I see.”

“He’s in the library, said he couldn’t sleep.” Daray studied him for a second. “Are you alright?”

“Fine, I just had something to ask him. I’m surprised you’re not asleep yet.”

“I was thirsty.” He held up his glass of water.

“You should probably get back to Alvah then before he comes looking for you.”

Daray smiled. “He can be so impatient, but it’s really endearing. I’ll see you in the morning, tell mister adventure to get some rest.”

“I will.”

Gaspare nervously walked to the library, taking a deep breath in then slowly letting it out before pushing the doors open. Ioms attention was drawn to him right away “Gasapre, still troubled by Mabel”

“sort of” he rubbed the back of his neck. How was he to ask Iom something so ridiculous, would a kiss really even give him an answer to the questions buzzing around his head. Clearing his throat Gaspare said “I heard you can’t sleep. Are you okay? Dealing with anything?”

“simply couldn’t sleep, one of those nights. How’re you sort of still struggling with Mabels rejection?”

“shes just got me thinking about thigns…questioning certain things”

“Like?” Gaspare decided just to come out with it. Iom was too good of a friend to simply beat around the bush with “I’m wondering if I’m gay and am in some sort of weird denial” Ioms heart stuttered “really?”

“its stupid…I’m sorry”

“No, it’s not” Iom took his hand “now you’re going to talk to me. Why do you think you’re gay?’ Nervously Gaspare answered “well for starters…I always have this need to check you out when you aren’t wearing a shirt….I am just realizing a lot of well” his blush was deepening “a lot of gay thoughts I have about you”

Iom grinned. “Gay thoughts, oh no, they must be incredibly embarrassing for you to be coming out to me.”

“Iom come on, this is hard for me.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Talk to me.”

“It’s just we spend a lot of time together, we’re really affectionate with each other, so much so that Mabel thought we were a couple when she first met me. Then she rejected me and I really didn’t get why, I mean her answer was so cryptic. Then when you tease I get all flustered and embarrassed and…and,” He sighed. “I don’t know, this is all so confusing.”

“What would you like me to do?”

Gaspare looked at his feet, feeling scared. “W…well, I was wondering if maybe you could kiss me?”

“Kiss you?”

“I’m sorry, is that too much? It’s just, well one I’ve never done anything with a man before and two it’s you and I trust you and I just…I just really need to know if I feel that way about you.”

Chapter Three

Iom couldn’t believe his ears as he struggled to keep down just how happy this conversation was making him. He didn’t want to reveal too much of his own feelings just incase Gaspare wasn’t gay. If he wasn’t he knew Gaspare would always feel guilty and he loved him too much for that. “you’re going to have to come closer to me if you want me to kiss you”

“so….that’s okay?” Iom moved ever so slowly, until he was just a movement away from kissing him. He wanted Gaspare to initiate it, knowing he might go in too hungrily if he did. He had been thinking and fantasizing about kissing Gaspare far too long. “what do you think” he whispered “stop teasing me”

“I’m not, kiss me, if you want to try kissing a man you barely have to move. I want you to be sure you want to kiss me”Gaspare summoned all of his courage, his heart thundering like a rapidly beating drum. He moved, pressing his lips into Ioms and in an instant it was like all the flood gates had burst open. It went from innocent to tongues mingling and hands feeling eachother in less than a minuet.

Iom moaned and Gaspare pulled back, his heart hammering against his chest and Iom smiled, his skin flushed. “So, gay or still confused?”

“I…I…I mean, you…that…” He couldn’t get his brain to work so he tried retreating.

“Now, now, no running.” He backed Gaspare up until he was pinned against one of the bookshelves. “Should I kiss you again?” He brushed his lips against Gaspare’s. It was barely a touch, but it caused the vampire to shiver and his eyes to fall closed in anticipation.

“Iom.” His voice came out in a desired filled whispered.

“I want you, Gaspare. Can’t you tell? Don’t you feel the same?” He punctuated each sentence with a kiss, grinning at how uncharacteristically vulnerable Gaspare was. It was almost like he had forgotten he was a vampire and could easily escape. “Tell me or do you need more convincing?”

“I do…I do, I need you, I…I’ve always wanted you. I love you.”

“I love you too, I’ve been so in love with you for quite awhile”

“but you didn’t say anything”

“You weren’t gay, well you didn’t know you were” They began kissing again, it even more passionate than before. Their started pulling at eachothers clothes, not stopping until they were both naked, not even considering anybody walking into the library. All they were thinking about was eachother.They made love right there, on the floor and surrounded by books and it was the best experience of either of their lives. “we should probably go to one of our rooms” Iom said with a chuckle, now finally thinking about the fact anybody could walk in.

Gaspare was on his feet in an instant, quickly pulling his clothes back on as Iom laughed. “This is the library, what was I thinking?”

“Well you weren’t, that was the point.” Iom replied as he pulled his pants on.

“What if Alvah had walked in or god forbid Daray, that’s the last thing I want them to see.”

Iom took his hand and brought Gaspare’s fingers to his lips, causing the vampire’s blush to worsen. “I love you.”

“You’re not playing fair. Can we go to your room please?”

Iom smiled as he pulled him out of the library and upstairs to his room, unable to keep himself from pulling Gaspare into his arms and pressing hungry kisses to his lips. He pushed him down on his bed, making Gaspare let out a little pleading moan. “What? No more tonight?” He teased.

“It’s not…it’s just…”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m just so happy to have you, I couldn’t help myself. Let’s take a bath and get some sleep.”

They were soon settled into the relaxing heat of a bath, Iom sitting behind Gaspare to hold him “How’re you feeling? I mean, I know you’ve had sex but how was your first time with a man?”

“I am definitely not straight in the slightest…I just don’t know how I didn’t see it”

“everyone tends to assume they are straight I guess. The world sort of push’s thats the natural order of things”

“so…you’ve had feelings for me for awhile?”

“Oh yeah, for a long time now”

“we need to make you a vampire as soon as possible. I mean, even if not just for me, for Daray so he’ll always have his best friend.” Iom grinned “I thought you’d never ask. I’d love to be a vampire”

“I always wanted you to be one, Now I have good reason to change you”

“we’ll talk to Alvah and Daray in the morning”

They stayed there until the water started to cool and then quickly washed and rinsed. Iom insisted on drying both of them and pulled Gaspare into bed. Iom’s arm wrapped snugly around Gaspare’s waist, his nose pressed into the back of his neck and he let out a soft little sigh. “I love you so much, Gaspare.” His warm breath caused goosebumps to cover Gaspare’s skin and he smiled, pressing a kiss to the nape of his neck. “Sweet dreams.”

“Sweet dreams, Iom. I love you too.”

The next morning when they woke, Gaspare realized he didn’t have any clothes and Iom got up, pulling out an extra pair of pants and a shirt. “We’re pretty much the same height.”

They got dressed, Iom finishing first then just standing there watching Gaspare until he was bright red. “Stop staring.”

“But you look at me all the time, it’s only fair I return the favor.”

Gaspare shot him a glare as he pulled the shirt over his head and Iom chuckled as he moved closer, planting a kiss on his lips as soon as the shirt was out of the way. “You’re such a jerk.”

“But you love it, admit it.”

“Maybe, a little.” He became suddenly nervous. “So how do we tell Alvah and Daray? I mean I’ve never thought of coming out so, it’s kind of scary.”

“You shouldn’t be scared of what they’ll think, they’re gay and the most open minded people we know.” He laced his fingers with Gaspare’s. “Come on, it’ll be easy, I promise.”

Iom tugged Gaspare to the dining room where Alvah and Daray were talking as they ate “good morning guys” Daray noticed they were holding hands but they had always been affectionate and close. “Gaspare is my boyfriend now. We realized he was gay last night. Well, I’ve been hoping it for awhile and Mabel nudged him into the realization. It earned me a hell of a kiss so expect me to pretty much be here all the time now unless I can drag this one off with me”Iom just announced it proudly, making Gaspare blush again. Alvah looked completely shocked and Daray got up, running over to hug them “that’s amazing news”

Iom laughed happily and soon Alvah was congratulating them as well. Gaspare was surprised at how truly easy that had been but Iom was right. They were gasy aswell and very open, easily accepting people. The next time Mabel was around she seemed extremely pleased and he thanked her for noticing he was gay and not dating him. “I’m glad it finally made you realize. You didn’t have forever to with this one being human”

“we’re going to be changing him soon.”

“May I be around? For study purposes?”

“That depends on how Iom feels about it.” Iom spoke after Gaspare “I don’t mind” It was only a few days later when Gaspare and Iom got ready for him to undergo becoming a vampire. Iom laughed when Mabel actually stepped into the room with a notebook and pen, she had seriously meant for study purposes. She seemed to be a pretty serious girl though.

For Iom the change felt like some had stabbed a hot poker into his stomach and he forced himself not to throw up, refusing to look that weak in front of everyone. He breathed through the pain, sweat dotting his skin with the effort it took not to whimper. Gaspare hugged him as his body changed and was near tears when the pain finally subsided and Iom’s body relaxed. “I’m sorry.” Was all Gaspare could say.

Iom chuckled, letting his fingers slide over Gaspare’s cheek. “Such a softy, you really love me huh?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I love you too.” He pressed a kiss to Gaspare’s lips. “I’m alright so stop making that face.”

“He handled it very well.” Alvah said. “He’ll need rest though.”

“I want a bath first, I feel like I just took a walk through the rain.”

“We’ll let you two have your privacy then.” Daray said with a happy smile. “I’m really glad you decided to become a vampire.”

“I couldn’t leave my baby brother all alone to deal with Sir Broods-a-lot and his twin could I?”

Daray laughed and gave Iom a hug before he, Alvah and Mabel left. “I’m not his twin.” Gaspare said as he helped him to the bathroom.

“I don’t know, you make a lot of the same faces. Especially the way you and he moon over the ones you love. Same face, same smile, he’s definitely rubbed off on you. It’s actually really cute.”

“You’re lucky you’re in pain.”

Iom chuckled. “Scary, are you going to punish me?” He rubbed his nose against Gaspare’s ear and pressed a kiss to his neck. “You smell really good.”

“Be good.”

“I wasn’t made for being good. You of all people know that now” Gaspare blushed, wondering how he could still be this flirtation after going through all that pain. He guessed Iom was Iom no matter what and he felt incredibly lucky to be chosen by him. As Gaspare helped Iom wash he thought about their amazing future and how nice it would be that Iom now would never leave his side, not to travel, not because his human life span was over, not for anything. They had forever and he would show Iom for the rest of his life what an honor that was to him.

~ The End

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