Gavin & Kota

Chapter One

Kota did a double take when he handed the cup of coffee over to the young man. Their eyes met for just a moment, but he knew them, that strange pale shade of green he had only ever seen on one person. His eyes followed him until the other barista nudged him with her elbow. “Sorry, I’m going to take a break.” He said.

“It’s breakfast time on a Saturday.”

“I’m not leaving, just taking a break.”

“Alright, go then.”

He pulled off his apron and hat, ran his fingers through his hair and went around the counter. “Hey.” He said and those pale green eyes looked up at him, nearly stopping his heart.


Kota sat down across from him. “Do you remember me?”


“How sad, I’m Kota, we met at the college, I ran into you. I was goofing around, you were there with your class?”

Recognition dawned. “Oh yeah, it’s good to see you again. I’m…I’m Gavin.” He nervously turned his cup. “So you work here?”

“I have to pay rent somehow.”

“No school loans?”

“Uh no, I got a scholarship, football actually.”

Gavin looked nervously at his cup. “So you’re like a jock then?”

Kota smiled. “No, I’m actually majoring in graphic design, sports is just a means to an end.”

“That’s cool, I want to be an architect.”

“So does that mean you draw?”

Gavin blushed. “Sometimes, just house plans and stuff mostly.” He looked out the window. “It’s raining.”

Kota looked out the window. “Just a light drizzle.”

“I was planning on going to the park today.”

“Does that mean you’re free?” Gavin’s cheeks grew hotter.

“No, that just means I’ll go to the library instead. They have a lot of amazing books on architecture.”

“Maybe I could join you?”

“Well, I guess. I’m not going until this afternoon, that’s when I planned on going to the park. If you want you can meet me at the library.”

“Which one?”

“The one on Solman.”

“Can I put my number in your cellphone so you can text me when you’re heading over?” Kota asked and Gavin handed over his cellphone. Kota quickly put it in and handed the phone back. Not wanting to make Gavin change his mind Kota decided to get working again. “I’ve got to get back to work, I’ll see you later”

“I’m surprised I made such an impression that you actually remember me.”

Kota smiled. “Don’t see guys like you every day.”

“You don’t know me.”

“From what I see so far you’re someone worth getting to know.” Gavin blushed as Kota walked away. Feeling a little awkward from nervousness Gavin walked out with his coffee, needing to catch his breath. He wasn’t sure where to go so he just walked back home. Kota was disappointed Gavin didn’t stay but maybe it was for the best so he didn’t end up staring.

Gavin’s heart was hammering hard in his chest as he hurried home. Kota was incredibly attractive, his eyes a beautiful shade of blue that seemed to brighten when he smiled. He was surprised he had not noticed him working there before since he often frequented that coffee shop. His face was hot the whole way home, not even the cool drizzle of rain helped. His father was sitting in the living room when he walked in, actually surprising him. “I thought you’d be working today dad.”

“I thought you’d be at the coffee shop for a lot longer.”


“Did something happen?”

Gavin’s blush deepened. “No, just felt like coming home. I’m going to go up and study till I need to go to the library.”

“Alright, oh and I’m not working because painting a house in rain is impossible. We finished restoring that house and all we had left was the paint and then bam, rain.”

Gavin smiled. “It seems like it might let up.”

“It’ll get bad tonight, just you wait and see.”

“Pessimist.” Gavin teased.

His father grinned. “Called realism.” Gavin didn’t do much with his time up to the text he sent to Kota. He swallowed nervously even though they weren’t even in the same room yet. Gavin tugged back on his shoes, made sure his wallet and phone were in his pockets then asked his dad for a ride to the library. “Nothing better to do anyway but I’m not staying.”

“No problem.”

“If you need me to come back and pick you up you know you can call.”

“Goes without saying dad.”

“It’s my job to say it.”

Gavin smiled as they loaded into his truck, glad that he had parents who loved him. It worried him a little though since he feared coming out to them might ruin the good relationship they all had. Kota waited excitedly on the steps of the library, keeping a lookout for Gavin since he didn’t know what kind of vehicle he would arrive in. He jumped to his feet when a truck with the name of a construction company on the side pulled to a stop and he could see Gavin sitting in the passenger seat. He jumped over the three steps to the sidewalk and approached the passenger side of the truck as Gavin was getting out.

“You’re pretty punctual.” He said with a boyish smile that made Gavin’s cheeks redden.

“I didn’t think you’d actually be waiting.” Gavin replied softly. His dad cleared his throat and he felt embarrassed at being so rude. “Sorry um Kota this is my dad Rodney, dad this is Kota.”

“Nice to meet you sir.” Kota reached around Gavin and shook Rodney’s hand and Gavin felt himself grow warm at the close contact with Kota. “Now I see where he gets his eyes.”

Rodney smiled. “It’s run it’s way straight through my side of the family, at least one child gets them. Well, I’ll let you two head on in. If you plan on staying out for dinner tonight give us a call so we won’t have to worry about setting any aside.”

“I will.” Gavin closed the door and Rodney pulled away.

“Your dad seems pretty nice.”

“He is, so is my mom and my grandma. My whole family is pretty loving actually.” He shifted awkwardly from foot to foot. “Are you sure you’re okay with me reading to myself?”

“Of course, in fact we can read together.” Kota smiled at his nervousness, finding the fact he was looking anywhere but at his face adorable. “We should get inside before we get soaked.”

They hurried inside and Kota followed Gavin until he had his books and found a comfortable place to sit. “I’m going to find something to read now.” Kota said softly and Gavin nodded, having already open a book on the way to his spot. He had been nervous and needing to do something with himself. Now he was kicking himself and hoping Kota hadn’t taken offense. If Gavin could read Kota’s mind he would know it was just yet another thing he found adorable and he in no way had to worry about it.

Kota found a thriller that seemed interesting then returned to Gavin, sitting down right beside him so there was minimal space but enough not to be smothering or come off weird. Kota enjoyed the fact there weren’t many people filling the library today. It wasn’t a ghost town or anything, but with more people came the increased likely hood of shushers if he got Gavin to have conversation with him

After a few minutes Gavin glanced at Kota, wondering if maybe he was getting bored. He couldn’t really tell from his expression. His lips were slightly upturned in a small smile and his eyes looked only at his book. Gavin gave a little sigh and Kota looked up from his book. “You okay?” He asked.

“I’m not boring you am I?”

“Why would you be? I’ve done my share of studying, mostly alone though. I don’t mind the quiet.”

“Are you sure?”

Kota sat his book down and propped his head up with his hand so he was looking right at Gavin. “Want me to look through that book with you so you don’t feel like I’m being excluded?”

Gavin blushed. “Well, I mean if you really want too.”

Kota’s smile widened and he leaned a little closer so he was looking at the book Gavin had in front of him. “These pictures are beautiful.”

“I love Victiorian era homes.”

“Would you like to live in one?”

Gavin nodded. “Someday, when I’m out of college and can afford it.”

Kota let his eyes rest on Gavin’s face again. His messy brown hair made him look even cuter, like a boy who didn’t find much use for a brush other than a quick run through, but it was mostly his eyes. They were incredibly beautiful and reeled him in. “Do you have a girlfriend Gavin?”

Gavin’s whole face turned cherry red and he stared down at the book. “N…no, I don’t really want one.”

“Why not? You’re pretty cute, you could have one pretty quickly if you wanted.”

“I just don’t.”

“Alright, alright, don’t gut me. I was just asking.”

“Sorry, it’s just…” he glanced at Kota, wondering what he would think about being in the company of a homosexual.

“It’s just what?”

“Nothing, it’s nothing. I’m sorry for snapping. Can we just get back to studying?”

Kota felt bad for being so persistent. “I wasn’t trying to make you uncomfortable. How about we go out for burgers for dinner, my treat?”

Gavin willed a blush not to darken him. “Sounds good, I was being over sensitive.” They checked out their books then went out to Kota’s car. Gavin felt oddly comfortable in the passenger seat since this was the car of a stranger. On top of that an extremely attractive stranger. He should be a bucket of nerves but he felt safe in this car and with Kota, even if he wasn’t willing to admit he was gay. Kota flashed Gavin a warm smile just before he started the car and left the library parking lot.

Gavin couldn’t help but smile and think about what it might be like to hold Kota’s hand as he drove. He caught himself glancing at it a few times and forced himself to look out the window before he looked like a creeper. Straight guys don’t stare at other guys hands with thoughts of holding it. When they arrived and were inside they made their orders quickly then were left alone, now dependent on conversation skills which Gavin suddenly wasn’t sure he had.

“So is there anything you’d like to ask me since I made you uncomfortable?” Kota asked, his chin resting in his hand.

“I told you I was just being oversensitive.”

“It’ll make you feel better if you know more about me, go ahead and ask.”

Gavin thought about what to say. “Um well, do you have a girlfriend?”



Kota chuckled. “Just oh? You’re not a big talker are you?”

“Well, it’s just I spend most of my time studying. I have friends, but they’re all nerdy like me.”

“Are you implying I’m not nerdy?”

“Well…” He looked at the table and Kota reached across and tipped his head back, making his entire body burn. He loved the feel of his fingers as they touched his chin.

“Well what?”

“I mean I know you said you’re not a jock, but you know you just don’t seem like the nerdy type.”

“Would it help if I told you I’m a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who? I’m pretty good at quoting the shows as well. Maybe I watch too much Netflix.” He shrugged. “Oh well, maybe you could come over some time and we could binge watch something.”

“Sounds fun.”

“Good, when can I have you over?’

“I guess tomorrow if you want.”

“Tomorrow it is then. Ask me anything until our food comes.”

“When was the last time you had a girlfriend?”


Gavin looked adorably confused. “Never?”

Kota smiled, wanting to kiss that uber cute face. “Gay men tend not to have girlfriends. I’ve always known I was gay.” A look of relief filled Gavin’s face and Kota wanted to, but decided against questioning why.

Chapter Two

“So your teammates don’t have an issue with you?”

“Not really, I told them up front. I didn’t want them to think they were being deceived.”

“None of them tried picking on you or anything?”

“They actually thanked me for being honest. Things were a little awkward in the locker room at first, but I explained to them that I didn’t find any of them attractive and even if I did I wouldn’t be trying to get into their pants.”

“And that smoothed things out?”

“Well that and my awesome ability to run down any guy on the opposing team.” Gavin smiled, feeling less nervous. “I really like your smile Gavin, you should do it more.”

“I’ll try.”

“Good. You’re okay with me being gay right? I wouldn’t want make you feel weird.”

“Of course, I’m glad you told me.”

They both felt happy as they ate and Gavin felt more at ease. He was planning on telling Kota he was gay as well, he just had to work up the courage. He decided the best time to tell him was when he went over to watch movies with him. He didn’t think Kota would judge him, it’s just the only person he had told was his grandmother. It made his feel guilty he had not told his parents. He let a little sigh slip out, knowing he would have to tell them too, especially if he and Kota were going to be spending more time together.

“You okay?” Kota asked.

“Yeah.” Gavin said with another smile that caused Kota’s heart to flutter. Kota smiled back, moving the conversation on until their food came.

When their meal was gone Kota said, “You know the banana splits here are really good. Want to share one?”

Gavin’s cheeks tinted. “Uh, sure.”

“I’ll buy you your own if you don’t want to share. I just never finish them on my own.”

“No, um, sharing is great.” When the waitress came back to check on them Kota ordered a banana split and asked for the check. He wanted to have paying out of the way and he knew they were done after this.

Gavin was so nervous about sharing dessert with Kota that he ate a lot slower than he intended. He became embarrassed and picked up the pace which made Kota crack that heart stopping smile. “Stop laughing at me.” Gavin said as he put his spoon down.

“I wasn’t trying too, I was just thinking about how cute you look when you’re embarrassed. Your cheeks and ears turn the brightest shade of red.”

“Sh…shut up.” Him being flustered made Kota chuckle and Gavin’s heart was beating unreasonably fast.

“Sorry, so what now?”


“What do you want to do now?”

“Oh, uh…I don’t know. I didn’t really have much planned today. I wasn’t planning on going home until after dinner. I think my parents deserve some alone time.” He looked at his hands. “Do you maybe want to go visit my grandma with me? I kind of need her advice about something.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to go alone then?”

“Well there are other rooms in the house I can talk to her in, plus you’ll have to drive me. She lives outside of town.”

“Alright then, If I get to spend more time with you I’m all for it” Gavin tried not to act weird as they left, loaded into his car and began their drive over. His sexuality had never been something he was comfortable with and the prospect of telling his parents terrified him. They had never been horrible, unreasonable people but if this caused them to react horribly he didn’t know what he would do.

Gavin’s grandmother stepped out on her porch when she saw Kota’s car pull up and a big smile pulled at her lips when she saw Gavin get out. “Hey grandma.” Gavin said as he stepped up onto the porch and hugged her.

“It’s so good to see you my little bear.” Gavin blushed. “And who is this?”

“Oh uh grandma this is Kota, Kota this is my grandma Everly.”

“It’s nice to meet you ma’am.” Kota said as he held out his hand. Everly wrapped him in a tight hug, surprising him with her strength.

“Call me Everly or grandma and we hug around here dear.”

Kota gave a laugh and hugged her back. “Alright grandma.”

“Well come in, I just got done making your favorite cookies.”

Gavin’s face turned a deeper shade of red. “Thank you, but I need to talk to you about something…” he glanced at Kota “important.”

“Well lets at least get Kota some cookies.” She smiled as they walked in. “I think I’ll call you Kota Bear, then I’ll have two cute little bear cubs.” Kota’s face warmed, but he found himself smiling at her endearment. She pulled out a plate and put a couple of white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies on it. She handed it to Kota then filled a glass with milk and handed that over too. “What did you want to talk about sweetie?” She asked as she turned her attention to her grandson.

“Can we maybe talk in another room please?”

Everly’s face became serious. “Has someone hurt you?”

“No, I promise. I just want to talk to you alone. Please?”

“Okay. Make yourself at home Kota.”

“Thank you.”

Kota took a seat in the living room while Gavin and Everly went into the laundry room and closed the door. He shifted nervously from foot to foot as he gathered his thoughts. “You know you can tell me anything sweetie.”

“I know, I’m just trying to put things together so I don’t sound like an idiot.” He took a deep breath. “Today I found out that Kota is gay like me and I really like him and want to tell him about me.”


Gavin smiled. “But I feel bad because I haven’t told mom and dad. I just don’t know how to say it and I don’t want them to hate me. A lot of parents disown their kids because of their sexual orientation and I don’t want to lose them. I’m so confused grandma.”

Everly gave him a warm smile and hugged him. “Just tell them sweetie. Just say hey, mom, dad, I’m gay. I promise everything will be fine. You can even have Kota there when you tell them.”

“But that means I have to tell him first. What if he’s mad at me for not be up front?”

“Oh hush, I’m sure he’s been where you’ve been. Just tell him. Take him out back to the greenhouse, it’s nice and quiet in there.”

He sighed “This is just so hard”

“I know baby but once it’s done its done. Your parents love you and Kota will be understanding. I promise it will all work out” Gavin nodded and hugged his grandma tightly. She softly said “I wouldnt have you any other way Gavin. You’re an amazing man and might not be my same Gavin if you were straight. Never be ashamed of who you are” he held her just a bit tighter before kissing her cheek and returning to where Kota was eating. Kota smiled and Gavin nervously smiled back “when you’re done with your cookies do you want to see grandmas greenhouse?”

“Sounds good to me. My day is all yours” Gavins heart rate sped up and he sat down quickly, making himself a bit light headed. Kota ate and talked with Everly, finding her to be a hilarious and interesting woman. When he was done Gavin asked ‘you ready?’


Everly smiled warmly at her grandson, giving him a reassuring wink before he and Kota walked out the back door. Gavin thought about what he would say and how he would say it as they walked across the back yard and into the greenhouse. “This is pretty cool.” Kota said as he examined the many beautiful flowers and delicious looking vegetable Everly had growing there.

“Yeah, grandma loves gardening.” He reached over and plucked a couple of cherry tomatoes off one of the plants. He handed one to Kota. “She lets me eat as much as I like, so it’s okay to pick them.”

“Thanks.” Kota popped it in his mouth and bit down. “Amazing.”

“Everything she grows tastes good.” He stood there feeling nervous then said. “Um, I need to tell you something.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?”

Gavin sighed. “I was going to wait until our movie night tomorrow night to tell you, but after we talked today, you got me to thinking about things.”

“What things?” Gavin looked at his feet and Kota grabbed his chin and tipped his head up. “Tell me.”

“I…I’m gay. You and my grandma are the only ones who know and I was hoping maybe you’d…” Kota kissed him, making his heart slam against his chest and his knees grow weak. He jerked back in shock, nearly tripping over a stack of empty pots. Kota grabbed his shoulders, keeping him on his feet. “Why’d you do that?”

“Because I’ve wanted too, you were just so damn adorable I couldn’t help myself.” He pulled Gavin into a hug. “Did I upset you?”

“No, just surprised me.”

“I think I’ll keep you, you’re far to cute to give up.”

“Okay.” He actually felt overjoyed that Kota wanted him and hugged him back.

Kota pulled back and kissed him again. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you lips.”

“I don’t mind I…I like your kisses.”

Kota chuckled. “So what were you saying before I interrupted you?”

“Huh? Oh um I haven’t told my parents and I wondered if you would be there when I did. I feel guilty for not telling them and I’m scared so will you please be there when I tell them?”

“Of course I will” Gavin felt relief “thank you” Kota smiled and held him tighter “well you’re mine, I’ll be here for anything you want or need of me” Gavin blushed “god, you’re so bold and straightforward”

“I don’t know any other way to be. I wish I could say sorry for embarrassing you but I enjoy how much cuter it makes you.” They stood out there for a short time then walked out of the greenhouse to return to Everly. Kota took Gavins hand with a soft squeeze. When they walked in Everly was beaming “I see it went well”

“Yep, your grandson is mine now. Hope that sits well with you” Kota said with a glow that matched hers. She hugged him “it does, it more than sits well with me.” Kota chuckled happily while Gavins blush deepened. “when are you going to talk to your parents baby?” Everly asked and Gavin sighed “let me collect myself from telling him and then we’ll go home. Is that fine Kota?’

“Of course”

“My little bear’s always been the nervous type. When he was little, he would recite what he wanted to say in front of the mirror before asking for anything.”

“Grandma.” Gavin said, feeling even more embarrassed.

“We could always pass the time looking at your baby pictures.”

His eyes jumped to her face. “No way.”

“Not even for me?” Kota asked, his eyes pleading.

“Fine, I mean if you’re going to pout about it.”

Everly just laughed as she got to her feet and pulled a couple of photo albums off her bookshelf. She sat down on the couch between Kota and Gavin then flipped the first one open. Gavin spent the entire time red faced and embarrassed as Kota remarked on how cute he was and Everly described each day a certain picture was taken. The one of him in his kiddie pool with his first puppy was particularly embarrassing. He thought he looked like such a dork, his hair soaking wet, eyes squeezed closed as he smiled up at the camera, showing the gap where his two bottom front baby teeth had been.

“See a little embarrassment gets us over our worries.” Everly said when she finally closed the last photo album.

“You’re pretty good at it grandma.”

“Well you’re just too cute not to share sweetie.”

“We should get going then, I think I’m put it off enough.”

They all got to their feet and both Gavin and Kota gave Everly a hug. She told Kota he was welcome back anytime and stood on the front porch as they left. “I really like your grandma.” Kota said with a warm smile.

“She likes you too, I mean she must since she’s letting you date me. I’m her oldest grandchild.”

Kota laced his fingers through Gavin’s. “You ready?”

Gavin sighed. “Not really, I’m scared.”

“Well just know that I’ll be here for you no matter what and you can always come live with me.”

“I don’t think I’d ever get any studying done.”

Kota laughed. “I don’t know, I’m sure I could find some way to incorporate studying into other things.” Gavin couldn’t help but crack a smile. Kota knew just what to say to help ease the tension. It was like magic. “That’s what I want to see, your smile is one of my favorite things.”

Gavin knew in that moment that if he could ever do it now was the easiest time. He had Kota and while if he lost his parents he couldn’t replace them it would soften the blow to have him around. He tried to remain calm as he rehearsed what he’d say when he sat down with his parents. When they arrived Kota looked over at him “we wont walk in until you’re ready”

“I’m ready now, I’ve thought all the way here. If we wait until I’m 100% ready we’ll never do this”

“Okay” They got out and walked inside Gavins home. “hey there” Rodney said cheerfully as he shook Kotas hand “hey” hearing the new voice in her home Gavins mother came “hey, whats your name?”


“Nice to meet you, I’m Genova and my husband is Rodney”

“Nice to meet you too”

“You’re a new friend of Gavins?’

“well, um, sorta”

“sorta?’ she asked as she looked at her son “yeah..I..I need to talk to you and dad”

“want some nice tea to calm you while you talk?”

“I’ll be fine without it mom. The longer I wait the more afraid I’ll be”

“Baby, you never have to be afraid to tell us anything.” Genova said as she took a seat next to her husband. Gavin stood in front of them, his heart beating so hard he thought it might explode. Kota took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Mom, dad, I really love you both a lot. You are the most amazing parents a kid could ask for that’s why I feel so guilty for not being completely open with you.” He looked at their faces then down at his feet. “I…I’m gay and Kota’s…he’s my boyfriend.” He waited, afraid to look up.

“Is that all?” Rodney said and Gavin’s head snapped up.


“Honey, we already knew you were gay.” Genova replied.

“Wh…what? How?”

“It was pretty obvious from a certain age. Did you think we’d be upset?”

Gavin felt himself tear up. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh baby.” Both of his parents got up and hugged him. “You’re our son and we’ll love you no matter what. Never think you could disappoint us or disgust us.”

“I’m sorry, I love you both and I didn’t want to lose you.”

Genova stroked his hair. “You never will.”

Rodney looked at Kota. “Just know, you ever hurt my boy, you’ll have me to deal with.”


“I wouldn’t dream of it, I love him too much. Besides, making him smile is my top priority.”

They pulled him into the hug aswell, warmth spreading through all of them. When they let eachother go questions started pouring out of Gavins parents so they could get to known Kota. He was more than happy to answer anything they asked, especially when they answered in turn with a story about Gavin. He was still there when dinner time rolled around “please eat with us tonight” Genova insisted. Kota agreed and they all sat down together. Though they had already talked for hours there was still no lull in the conversation. By the time Kota was heading out the door it was ten.

He gave Gavin a long hug and a kiss on the forehead “I’ll see you tomorrow” Gavin didn’t want to let go. His tight embrace pressing him into Kotas hard body felt so amazing but he knew he couldn’t stand there all evening so eventually eased his grip and allowed Kota to walk out.

“He’ll be back.” Genova said as she hugged her son again.

“I’m actually going over to his place tomorrow night to watch movies.”

“Will you be staying over?”

Gavin blushed. “Probably.”

“I don’t know how we managed to raise such a shy kid.” His mother teased then pinched his cheek. “Just remember to use protection.”

“Mom!” She laughed and he frowned at her. “I’m going to bed.”

“Genova stop embarrassing the boy, he’s been through a lot to day.” Rodney said as he hugged his wife from behind. “Good night Gavin, love you, see you in the morning.”

“Love you, see you in the morning.” He went up to his room, red faced, but feeling extremely happy as he tugged his shoes and jeans off then flopped down on his bed. He never imagined he’d feel so liberated once he told his parents he was gay and it made it so much easier that they had already known. It made him feel like an idiot for doubting their love.

The next morning Kota woke with a smile. Since it was Sunday, he didn’t have to work and that meant he could spend as much time with Gavin as he wanted. He decided to surprise him with breakfast and quickly showered and dressed then grabbed his keys and hurried out of his apartment. He went to The Railroad, a nice little breakfast and lunch place he sometimes ate at and ordered them both biscuits and gravy with bacon and eggs. Once he had their food, he stopped by work and got them both coffee, then headed to Gavin’s. Rodney answered the door when he knocked and smiled then looked around.

“Well I was right about the rain, it’s soaked out here. Come on in.”

“I brought breakfast for Gavin, I hope that’s okay. It won’t offend Genova will it?”

“Of course not.” Genova said as she stuck her head out of the kitchen. “Gavin’s still asleep, his room is the second door on the right, so go ahead and wake him up.”


“you two can eat in his room if you want it to be romantic” she called as he headed for the stairs. His smile grew wider “as long as I dont offend you two”

“we’re hard people to offend, especially when you’re making our son happy” Rodney added. Kota quietly opened the door then set the food down on the small desk Gavin had in his room. Kota slipped off his shoes and slipped into bed with Gavin. He was going to wrap his arms around Gavin and kiss his lips softly to wake him but he accidentally woke Gavin with a start. Gavin shot up, looking like a little crazed with his messy hair and surprised face. Kota couldnt help but start to laugh.

Chapter Three

“What are you doing here?” Gavin’s face was bright red and he was frozen in place.

“I bought us breakfast.”

“I mean in my room, I’m…I’m a mess.” He finally managed to get himself to move and started to get out of bed when Kota grabbed him and pulled him back down. He pressed Gavin’s head against his chest then let his hand drift up and down his back. “Um what are you doing?”

“Holding you, I thought it was obvious.”

Gavin became slightly irritated. “Stop teasing me.”

Kota chuckled and moved so Gavin was laying flat on the bed and Kota was above him. “You’re just too cute, I can’t help it.” Gavin crossed his arms, hoping he looked mad, but Kota just grinned and kissed him. His whole body warmed and his arms moved of their own volition to wrap around Kota’s neck. It wasn’t fair the effect his kisses had. “Still mad?” Kota asked once he parted their lips and Gavin looked away.


“Then why won’t you look at me?”

“Sexy.” He mumbled.

“What, I couldn’t hear you.”

“You’re sexy, it’s unfair. Besides, didn’t you say you got us breakfast.”

Kota smiled. “But I want Gavin for breakfast.” He kissed his neck and Gavin shoved him off, making him laugh. “Alright, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I love you.”

“Shoo, get away with that face and give me my food…please.” Kota got up to grab the two takeout boxes and Gavin said, “I love you too.”

Kota smiled, glad he finally said it back. They messed with eachother a little more over breakfast then Gavin grabbed some clothes “care if I shower?”

“Can I come?” Gavin blushed and looked at the floor :even if my parents were okay with that I…I dont think I’m ready for you to see me….um…”

“Naked?’ Gavin went a deep crimson “yeah”

“Its okay, I’ll clean up our mess then sit with your parents.”


“We just started dating, jeez, I’m not an asshole. It would be ridiculous of me to be upset so don’t worry about it. I was only teasing” Gavin walked out and to the bathroom while Kota gathered up their trash. When he walked in the kitchen he was glad to find Genova making lemonade “wheres your trash can?”

“right there in the laundry room” Kota tossed the trash out then asked “anything I can do while Gavin showers?”

“I have some friends coming over in a little bit to scrapbook with me. Would you mind getting my supplies from my bedroom closet. You’ll find them in a really big blue box in the right corner”

“No problem”

He went happily back upstairs, quickly finding the box Genova had specified and flipping it open. He gathered her supplies and walked out, taking everything downstairs and into the kitchen. “Where do you want everything?”

“Just on the kitchen table.” Genova replied and he sat everything down. As soon as he turned around, she was handing him a glass of lemonade.


“So how did Gavin take to being woken up?”

“I managed to embarrass him.”

She laughed. “And by the look in your eye, you seem to enjoy doing it.”

“Your son is cute, I can’t help teasing him. He even got a little mad, but that just made him even more adorable.”

“He’s never been good at getting angry. He’s a real teddy bear.”

Gavin could hear his mom talking about him when he stepped off the stairs and turned to go into the kitchen. He tried to keep himself from blushing as he walked past them and opened the cabinet to get a glass, but feeling their eyes only made it worse. He felt arms around his waist and was pulled back into Kota’s rock hard body. His heart gave a little leap as Kota turned his head and kissed him. He was frozen to the spot one hand on the counter and the other holding his glass, his legs threatening to give out. He pulled back. “My mom.”

“She left.”

“Oh, um…” he just stared into Kota’s eyes, trying his best to get his heart beat under control.


“Mom’s friends are coming over.”

“So, are you worried about them seeing us?”

“Not really, since my parents already knew about me then I’m sure my mom’s friends do too.”

“Then what?”

“Just needed something to say and that’s all I could think of. You make me extra stupid when you kiss me so I couldn’t think of anything else to say.”

“You’re such a dork.”

“Shut up.”

“But you’re my dork so it’s okay.”

“You’re kind of mean” Kotas already amused face became even more so “in all the best ways” he winked and a blush crawled up Gavin neck. “what’re we going to do until we go over to your house?”

“you could give me a tour of your home if you’d like. I havent properly seen it.”

“Okay” Kota kissed Gavin one more time then took Gavins hand in his. Gavin assiduously showed Kota around, making his last stop his bedroom. “this will be a hands on part of the tour” Kota announced then let go of Gavins hand “wh what do you mean”

Kota grinned as he leaned down and kissed him, his arms sliding around Gavin’s waist and pulling him tightly against him. He could feel the heat radiating off of Gavin’s body and let a little laugh escape before he could suppress his amusement. “Stop.” Gavin said breathlessly as he turned his head.

“Sorry, I’ve gone deaf.” Kota replied and let his lips travel Gavin’s neck.

“Liar, you just want your way.” Kota smiled against his neck then started sucking on his skin. “Jerk, don’t leave a hicky on my neck, everyone’ll see.” He shoved against his chest, wishing he was stronger. Kota was like a wall of stone, absolutely unmovable.”

“Then maybe I should leave them somewhere else.” He backed Gavin up to his bed and pushed him down, smiling mischievously as he pulled his shirt up. His lips were once more against Gavin’s skin, sending goosebumps crawling over his skin and causing a moan to slip past his lips. He slapped a hand over his mouth and Kota chuckled.

“You’re more than kinda mean, you’re evil.”

“Don’t be mad, I just love you.”

“I don’t think you even know what the word fair means.”

“Not when it comes to you.” He kissed Gavin’s chest. “There see, I just left one.”

“Not nice.” Gavin had never been so embarrassed, he was sure his whole body was red.

“I’ll let you pay me back later.” He grabbed Gavin’s chin, making him look him in the eye. “You have a nice room by the way.”

Gavin’s lips twitched and before he knew it he was laughing. He hugged Kota, not knowing how he always managed to bring happiness into ever situation. “You’re such a jerk, but it’s okay as long as you keep loving me.”

When Genovas friends came over they socialized for a few hours before Kota asked “you ready to come to my house now?” A small blush tinted Gavins cheeks at the thought “uh sure”

“You should pack an overnight back” Kota suggested with a redolent smile. His eyes even held an evocative glint. “yeah, you’re grown, we dont care Gavin” Genova said. It embarrassed him more now that it sunk in everybody else could hear this. Gavin just stood and went to his room, too sheepish to speak. Kota followed, glowing with the pleasure of teasing him and knowing he was about to spend the night in his home. Gavin pulled out a bag he had gotten from the Disney store since he didnt need a suitcase for one night.

“Is that Groot?” Kota pointed at the bag and Gavin’s blush got worse.




“Everything about you is cool.”

Gavin’s heart did a little flip and he smiled happily. He had never been called cool before. “I just need to grab my toothbrush then I’ll be ready.” Kota pressed a kiss onto his forehead then moved out of his way and followed him to the bathroom. Gavin quickly grabbed his toothbrush and they went back downstairs. “I’m going now mom and dad.”

“Alright sweetie, you two stay safe.” Genova replied with a big smile.

“Love you.” Rodney added.

“Love you too.” Kota grabbed his hand and lead him out to his car. Gavin stared out the passenger window of the car, feeling both nervous and excited. Kota grabbed his hand as he drove and brought it to his lips to press a kiss to his fingers. Goosebumps crawled up his arm and he gave a little shiver. He had to admit he loved the way Kota made him feel, he was just too shy to ask for more and even though it somewhat flustered him, he liked that Kota did as he pleased.

When they pulled up Kota snatched Gavins bag to carry it inside. “I can carry it”

“I can too” Kota said with another one of his handsome yet annoying winks. Gavin followed Kota to the door and inside “I’ll give you a tour after I put your bag in my room”

“Yo….your room?’

“well yeah, thats where your sleeping”

“I dont know”

“well, thats later anyways. I’m just setting it in there for now. Don’t worry, I wont tie you to my bed. We’ll save that for later in the relationship” Kota added that last part just to see Gavin blush again. He got the reaction he was looking for. Gavin was frozen and unable to follow Kota as he walked to his room.

When Kota came back he started laughing at Gavin’s nervousness. He crossed the room and grabbed his hand, pulling him close. “Are you okay?”

“Well…I guess.”

“I was just kidding.”

“Didn’t sound like it.”

He stroked Gavin’s cheek. “Come on, let me show you around so you know where everything is.”


He let Kota pull him around the apartment, all the time trying to keep his heart under control. He looked at his feet when he pulled him into his bedroom, feeling the blush once again creeping up his neck. His place was nice, with two bedrooms and a nice sized kitchen and bathroom. “So, what do you think?”

“It’s nice.” Gavin answered quietly.

“Hey, please don’t be upset, I was just playing around. I won’t do anything you don’t like, I promise, in fact why don’t you make a list of things you dislike and I’ll do my best to avoid them.”

“I’m fine, I’m just not used to being in a relationship with someone, especially someone so straightforward. I really don’t want you to change, I like you the way you are.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Anything’s fine as long as it’s you. I mean you fluster me, but I love you for you so…you know…don’t change please.”

Kota relaxed again “good, I love you too. I’m aware I can be a bit much which is why I’m worried. Especially when I’m teasing about tieing you down. I might do what I want but I’d never force anything that you really didn’t want atall.” Kota hugged him “so um, want to rent some movies through my PS4?”

“Sure” Kota grabbed a controller then they both sat down. “want to start with The Returne?” Gavin read the description then said ‘yeah, sounds interesting” Kota quickly paid then handed the controller to Gavin “I’m going to make us some snacks. Anything else you find go ahead and rent. It’ll give me the movie for 24 hours. Get as many as you want”

“What if I get too many?”

“You saw how cheap it is, it’s not a big deal. I want you to pick a few things while I’m getting us drinks and snacks”

“Okay.” He went through the movies, deciding on Godzilla and Army of Darkness. He loved them both and hoped Kota would too. He waited patiently and smiled when Kota returned with drinks, chips and cheese dip.

“Did you get what you wanted?”


Kota held out a Pepsi. “Figured you weren’t the beer type.”

“I wouldn’t know, I’m underage.”

Kota smiled. “Hmm, being of age has nothing to do with drinking. I had my first beer when I was seventeen. You proabably wouldn’t like it anyway, it’s an acquired taste.”

“Is that a nice way of saying you drank it until your tongue was desensitized?”

“There are actually good beers out there, it just depends on the brand. Even so, some people like it and some don’t.”

“Could I try a sip of yours then?” Gavin asked as Kota got The Returned started.

“Sure.” He twisted the top off his bottle and handed it to him. Gavin smelled it, shrugged then brought it to his lips. He immediately jerked it away, some running down his chin.

“Not good.” Kota started laughing and took the bottle from him. He leaned in and licked what was still on his chin off, making him blush. “St…stop.”

“Just cleaning up. You should probably take your shirt off, you got beer all down the front.”

“You just want my clothes off.”

Kota smiled then pulled his own shirt off and tossed it on the floor. “There, now we’ll both be shirtless. So come on, off with it.”

Chapter Four

Gavins mind nearly turned to mush at the sight of Kota. His body was impressive to say the least. He could now see why his body felt so hard. Kotas smooth skin was pulled tight over a well defined body that Gavin wanted to run his fingers over. Never had he wanted to touch a man as much as he wanted to touch Kota right now. Eventually his mind began functioning a bit again and he realized he had been ogling . He jerked his attention to the floor, hot with his blood rushing. “come on” Kota said, trying not to sound too pleased.

“with all that going on? This must be a joke” Gavin mumbled only just intelligible to be understood. Kota grabbed Gavins shirt and pulled up just a bit “please” Gavin made a noise that was somwhere between a moan and a groan then allowed Kota to take his shirt off.

Kota stared at him, making him feel self conscious. He finally said, “Pretty disappointing right? I’m just an awkward little bean pole who couldn’t throw a punch to save his…” Kota kissed him, stunning him into silence.

“I won’t have you talking down about yourself Gavin, not for any reason.” Kota replied seriously. “You ever say anything negative about yourself again, I’ll be forced to show you how wrong you are.”

Gavin swallowed, his heart hammering out a nervous tune. “Sorry.”

Kota seemed pleased with his apology and leaned back against the arm of the couch. He grabbed Gavin’s hands and pulled him over so he laid between his legs. Gavin rested his head on Kota’s chest, his eyes widening slightly when he heard Kota’s heart beating just as fast as his own. He stared at the TV, too nervous to look up at him. Kota’s fingers drifted slowly up and down his spine, the rhythmic movement helping him relax. He stayed like that until his stomach grumbled at him and Kota laughed at them forgetting about the chips and dip. Gavin sat up and they both ate as they enjoyed the movie and each other’s company. When The Returned ended they switched over to Army of Darkness and Kota pulled Gavin back into his arms. Kota grabbed his chin and tipped his head back and Gavin just stared into his beautiful blue eyes, completely entranced.

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to be good for you?” Gavin shook his head. “From the moment our eyes met, I was consumed by thoughts of you. Everything about you drives me wild.”

Gavin could see in Kotas eyes he was telling the truth but it was hard to believe. He might have even said as much if he didn’t know it might tempt Kota into “showing him” how attractive he thought he was. Kota gave a charming smile then slowly moved in for a brief kiss before letting Gavins chin go so they could continue the movie. Kotas heart mirrored what he had just said. It was beating fast, faster than it was before as Gavin laid on his chest.

Halfway through Army of Darkness Kota’s breathing softened and Gavin raised his head, smiling when he saw he had fallen asleep. He couldn’t help but think he looked like a cute little kid, his face deceptively innocent. “Kota.” He he said softly and he didn’t even budge. He did his best not to laugh, not expecting Kota to be such a heavy sleeper. Since he was asleep, Gavin felt braver and found himself running his fingers over his chest. His thought was, if Kota was sleeping then he wouldn’t remember so it wouldn’t be as embarrassing. He pressed a kiss to Kota’s neck, his fingers moving lower to drift across his abdomen.

“That’s a good way to get yourself in trouble.” Gavin froze at Kota’s voice, his face burning with his blush. He forced himself to look up and his heart leaped at the smug smile on Kota’s face.

“I was just…I really…were you faking?”

“No, well not until you touched me anyway. You kissing me woke me up.”


“Me?” Kota grabbed Gavin’s hand and pulled it against his groin. “See what you do to me?”

“I barely did anything.”

“It doesn’t matter, having you touch and kiss me on your own excites me.”

I’m sorry”

“Don’t be sorry, keep going if you’d like” Gavins blush deepened and Kota spoke again “you know I like it” Gavins hand was still against Kotas groin so he could still feel just how much he liked it. “you wont like…um…do anything back right?”

“if you dont want me to I’ll just stop you if I cant take it any longer” gavin pulled his hand away from Kotas only hardening length and said “maybe continuing the movie is best” Kota kissed his forehead “okay”

“I..I feel a bad for exciting you…I just thought you were sleeping”

“well i was, don’t feel bad. Getting me all the way up was easy to do since I’ve been half hard since I saw you”

“Don’t make me find tape.”

“If you want to tie me up I suggest rope, tape would pull the hair off my arms.” Gavin covered Kota’s mouth with his hand.

“No more talking, you’re hereby banned from words.” Kota said something against his hand and Gavin moved it out of the way. “What?”

“I said if I can’t talk then I’ll have to do other things to express myself.”

“I just can’t win with you.”

“You’ve already won Gavin, I’m yours and you can do whatever you want to me, you are one hundred percent the boss.”

“You’ll still do what you want though.”

“Well yeah, but if something genuinely bothers you I won’t do it anymore, I promise. Tell me what you like and don’t like.”

Gavin thought about it then sighed. “Well, I like it when you kiss me and how straightforward you are about how much you want me, I like when you tease me, and how even when you make me flustered you still make me happy. As far as things I don’t like, I don’t really know since you’re my first boyfriend.”

“First and only boyfriend.”

“Well obviously. I don’t have any experience at all and I’m sure you do, I mean you’re so handsome there’s no way you didn’t have at least one boyfriend before me.”

“Don’t compare yourself to other people, I only want you and honestly, I’m happy I’ll get to be your first so don’t worry about it.”

Gavin pressed his forehead against Kota’s chest. “Why do you have to be so sweet and charming? It’s not even a little fair.” He groaned. “You really won’t do anything to me?”

“Not until you give me the okay.”

Hearing that made it a bit easier to relax so when it came time to go to sleep and Kota asked “you’re going to sleep with me right?” Gavin had no problems saying yes. He liked the idea of cuddling with Kota through the night. Kota let Gavin change first then they brushed their teeth together. Gavins nervousness tripled when it was actually time to lay down but he found the courage to relax. Kota gently situated Gavin so they could wrap around eachother before sighing contentedly “night Gavin” Gavin held tightly to Kota “night” he was a bit surprised that there was no jokes or attempts at anything. They were really just going to cuddle the night away.

Kota wanted to do more but he had decided just to let Gavin get a night of just cuddling before he even attempted more. Last thing he wanted was to scare him into not sharing a bed. Cuddling was amazing and more would come. There was no sense in rushing him. Tonight they just enjoyed the bliss of eachother and the promising future they both felt they had.

~ The End ~

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