Geoffrey & Tiffany

Chapter One

Geoffrey and Tiffany had stayed up all night studying again. An exam that would account for a majority of their grade was coming up in a weeks time. He and Tiffany were in college to become Anesthesiologists. He had met Tiffany when they became dormroom companions at the start of the year. He was worried about sharing a room with a woman, especially one as gorgeous as she was but he had quickly realized she was laid back, fun and everything you could want in someone you were sharing a dormroom with. They had become quick friends and now, ever more slightly over their days together he was falling in love with that vibrant smile, that glorious laugh and just about everything their was about her. Just about the only thing he didn’t like was her tendency to dress him. He liked picking out his own clothes but nearly every day she was trying to tell him what to wear.

Sh wasn’t controlling by any other means and didn’t know why one day she suddenly began to have opinions about his wardrobe. He feared mentioning his dislike for this since he didn’t want to upset her, he loved everything else about Tiffany after all so what was it truly to deal with that one thing? He was aware their might be a million things about him that bothered her. He knew well that he always annoyed his two older siblings growing up but he mostly waved that off since he was sure all youngest siblings annoyed their older siblings. To his knowledge she had never been asked to be placed in a different room so he felt even if somthing did bother her it was somthing she could live with as he lived with her need to pick out his clothes.

It was four am, only two hours after they had fallen asleep from their study overhaul. Tiffanys phone rang, then it rang again, then again and again. He groaned, she was obviously in a deep sleep so he decided just to answer it. Tiffany was an open person and didn’t seem to have any need for privacy so Geoffrey didn’t feel he would upset her by doing this. “Hello” He said in a whisper “Hello Geoffrey, long time no see. You’re big now” An eerie, inhuman voice spoke through the phone in a whisper that matched his. “excuse me, who is this and if you wanted to talk to me why didn’t you call my phone?” He asked confused “you left it in class today” Geoffrey looked around the room. He hadn’t noticed until now that he didn’t have his phone “how do you know me? What class are you in and when did I first meet you?’

“Don’t play coy Geffers. You know mommy doesn’t like when you lie to her” The voice on the phone turned into a precise replica of his mothers and he dropped the phone, his heart pounding at the odd, apparently changing voice. He wondered if he was having a hallucination from lack of sleep until he heard that creepy voice yelling on thephone “pick up the damn phone geffers!” He shakily picked it up and put it to his ear “You know me, you know this voice” Whomever was on the phone said “I don’t” Geoffreys voice shook even though he had tried to keep it strong. “Night little Gef, tucked in his bed, night little gef, rest your head. The monsters and ghouls can’t harm you here, not when mommy and daddy are so near”

Geoffreys eyes grew wide with terror. That was somthing his parents used to say in a sing song voice as they chased out what he called the boogeyman when he was little. Around four he felt someone watching him in his closet every night. His parents tried to keep the door closed but it was always opening on it’s own. He never saw eyes, nor did he see anybody when he was brave enough to jump out of bed and turn on lights. “You know who I am? You gave me a name when you were little. I’ve found you again Geffers, I’ve found you and a sweet little girl too. She’s a virgin you know. I like virgins” Geoffrey looked over to the closet he knew should be closed. It had cracked on it’s own, just as it did when he was a child.

He dropped Tiffany’s phone, the sound rousing her from her sleep as he flipped the lights on. “Geoffrey?” She said his name, but he stood horror struck in front of the closet door, his hand shakily reaching for the door knob. “Geoffry!” She said louder and he jerked his head around towards her. The fear in his eyes was enough to get her out of bed. “What happened?” He looked at her phone and she picked it up, holding it to her ear. “Hello, is anyone there.” Silence followed and she hit the end button. Geoffry’s eyes were back on the closet that was barely cracked open. For as long as she had known him he never left it open. It was a night time ritual from his childhood. She walked over and jerked it open, quickly flipping on the closet light. Sitting there in the middle of the closet floor was a little car, an old hotwheel. She picked it up and turned to him and he quickly backed away.

“Th…that’s mine, but why now? Why come after me again?” He said, his voice shaking and his face pale.

“What do you mean, who’s after you?”

“Him or it, I don’t know.” He ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes frantically searching the room.

“Hey just calm down and tell me what’s wrong.” She sat the car on the desk they shared and reached for him.

“Stay away from me Tiffany. It wants you because of me and if you get to close so just stay away.”

She grabbed his hand and he gripped onto it like it was his only lifeline. “It’s okay just calm down and tell me what happened, what has you so scared?”

He shook his head. He knew she would think he was insane and that would be the end of their friendship. She’d avoid him, would say he needed help, but the thing that had plagued him in childhood was real and breathing. Even if he never saw it or touched it, it was real. “I can’t, I’m sorry.”

“Yes you can. We’ve been dormmates for almost a year now. You can tell me anything. I know you never leave the closet open and some stranger called my phone. I’ve never seen you this scared Geff. Tell me so i know what’s going on. I swear to listen fully and not judge. Men can be scared too.’

“not of this. You’ll think I’m crazy and want to be transferred so you aren’t living with a whacko.” Tiffany grabbed his face to make sure he was looking her in the eyes. “I wont change roms, I promise. Talk to me. I thought we were better friends than this?”

“We’re the best of friends Tiffany”

“Bets friends don’t keep secrets from one another. Tell me.” Geoffrey paused for a few moments then said “I’ve been afraid of my closet since I was a little kid. There was a monster in it and I know most little kids end up thinking just that but mine was real. He’d terrify me every night. He looked like he came straight from hell and he’d taunt me. I was always so scared. He’d come every night at four am.” Tiffany looked over at the clock and saw it was four in the morning. Her eyes widened a little and she looked back “is it in here?” Geoffrey was shocked by her question, she seemed to be beliving him so he continued. “It just called me saying it found me again…it knew I left my phone in class…maybe its in every closet which is why I’ve been afraid no matter where I am. It knows things, things it shouldn’t know”

“what do you mean?”

“Well…I don’t know if it’s true but..it said you were a virgin.” Geoffrey couldn’t tell what she was thinking or pinpoint what emotion Tiffany was feeling but that seemed to resonate with her. “nobody knows that” she said in almost a whisper. She now looked confused ‘this does sound crazy but holy shit… this is a lot to wrap my head around but how the hell does whoever or whatever know I’m a fucking virgin. I don’t think you’d make somthing like this up but I dont know what to think of this situation right now”

“It’s insane, I know, but it was here before I turned the lights on. It left that stupid car to taunt me. I just want it out of my life for good. It searched for me which means it’s not something that’s literally attached to me. I want it gone.” He sat down on the edge of his bed and buried his face in his hands.

“What did it say?” Tiffany asked as she sat down next to him.

“It said this little rhyme my parents would say to help me sleep, it goes: Night little Geoff tucked in his bed, night little Geoff rest your head. The monsters and ghouls can’t harm you here, not when mommy and daddy are so near. They would say it to me every single night and close my door. One time they even use a chair to keep it closed, but it didn’t work. After that it told me that it knew you were a virgin and that it likes virgins. I don’t know what it plans to do to you, but it wants both of us.”

Even though Tiffany’s head was spinning and telling her this couldn’t be true, she knew in her heart that Geoffrey wasn’t lying to her. He looked and sounded so terrified, he was pale and shaking. She rubbed his back then pulled him into a hug. He rested his head on her shoulder, his face pressed into her neck. “We’ll figure it out Geoff.”

“How, I don’t even know what it is or why it’s here? I don’t know if it wants to kill me or possess me or what. When I was a kid it would just harrass me, talk to me in my parent’s voice. It just said I belonged to it, that it would take me. I asked it so many times what it wanted, but it would just laugh and taunt me more. Now I’ve brought you into this madness. I’m so sorry.”

“Let me grab my laptop and we’ll reasearch it.”


‘I dont know. I’ll just type in crazy, creepy demonic thingy living in my closet” Geoffrey couldn’t imagine smiling t a time like that but he coudln’t help smiling at Tiffany when she said that. “crazy, creepy demonic thingy. Good description” She smiled back and hugged him before reaching under the bed for her laptop. She opened it and researched. They read about different demons and rituals until they came upon a group of people who helped with this sort of thing. “why don’t we give them a call?”

“They could just be crazy people or rip off artists”

“but they do it for free.”

“which is why they might be crazy”

“lets give them a call.”

“We’ll have to do it tomorrow. I’m sure” he looked at the screen “I’m sure Faline, Victor, Kelta and Rowan don’t appreciate calls at this hour”

“Yeah, I’m too scared to sleep though. Want to go for icecream to get out of this room and away from whatever is in our closet.”

“yeah, I guess. Do you really think it could be a demon?”

“Maybe, who knows. Demons are real you know”

“I’ve never believed in them but maybe…” Geoffrey answer solemnly. Tiffany grabbe dhis hand again ‘we’ll get through this. I’m glad I’m involved so you aren’t on your own. This is the sort of thing best friends face together” Geofrrey gave a small chucle. “because best friends face closet monsters every day side by side”

“You betcha” They stood and took turns changing in the bathroom before taking Tiffanys car to the icecream shop. her car was much more reliable than his so if they went somwhere together they typically took her car.

When they had their ice cream they went to a nearby park and walked around, just enjoying the silence. Even though Geoffrey had wanted her gone, he was truly glad he still had Tiffany. He knew if he had to do this alone he might very well shut down and let the thing have him just for some peace. Tiffany reached out and took his hand, making his heart stutter in his chest. “So nothing can take you from me.” She said without looking at him.

“What about you, what if something tries to take you?”

“You have my hand too, so lets just hold tighty to each other and not let go no matter what happens.”

A smile tugged at his lips and he found himself wanting to kiss her, but knew it would be inappropriate so he just squeezed her hand and tried to enjoy his ice cream. They stayed out until Tiffany started to uncontrollably yawn. Geoffrey still didn’t want to go back to the dorm, but he couldn’t for her to stay awake. He drove back since she was so tired. When they got back to their room Geoffrey could feel something ominous waiting on the other side of the door.

“Stay back.” He said and Tiffany took his hand.

“I’m not letting it take you from me.” Tiffany held tightly to his hand as he pushed the door open and quickly flipped on the light. She gasped when she saw their room in disarray. Pictures had been tipped over or torn from the walls, the desk was flipped over and her laptop lay still on on the floor. Geoffrey’s pillow and blankets were shredded so scraps covered the floor. They went inside and started picking things up, both of them shaking in fear. “I’m calling those people right now. What if this had happened while we were here?” Tiffany said and found her cell phone.

“uh uh uh” The demonic voice said as soon as she put the phone up to her ear. It was a demonic voice but it sounded soft as if it were a mother scolding a child. The light bulbs in the room suddenly burst. Tiffany screamed like a woman being hacked into by an axe and Geoffrey felt pointed teeth sink into his arm so that his scream accompanied Tiffanys. He tried with all his might to hang onto her but the demon was too strong, tugging, pulling and biting until Tiffany was wrenched from him. She was gone. Geoffrey screamed her name and ran around in frantic circles screaming for her. “you thought you were a clever boy” The demon growled into Geoffreys ear as if it were right there beside him but when Geoffrey threw a punch it hit only air.

Chapter Two

The next thing he heard were other people from the dorm asking “what the fuck? People are trying to sleep you asshole”

Geoffrey ran to them, knowing where the door was even in the dark “I need a fucking cellphone give one to me!”

‘woah man, what drug are you high on?”

“I need one now!” Now that the hall light illuminated him they truly thought he was made. His arms had long cuts in them that were bleeding. His shirt and pants had stains all over them “where’s Tiffany Geoffrey…did you hurt her?” The girl standing beside him asked “I didn’t! It took her” A man who had been listening from his own doorway and could see Geoffrey from his room called the police as Geoffrey wrenched a cellphone away from the people he deemed idiots fighting with him.

He went back to his room and quickly dialed the number then took off running from the dorm. It rang and rang and then a male voice finally answered. “I need your help, it took her. I can’t talk for long, but I’m about to be arrested so please you have to come here and get Tiffany back. My name is Geoffrey and I’m going to the University of Washington in Seattle. It took her from our room so please hurry before it kills her. They think I hurt her, but I swear I didn’t.”

“We’ll be there soon and we’ll get you out of jail so don’t worry.” The male voice said and Geoffrey hung up then threw the phone. He was suddenly caught by some of the other male students and he struggled against their hands. One punched him in the gut, knocking the air out of him.

Victor woke Faline and told her what was going on. She jumped out of bed and started packing while Victor bought tickets and called Kelta. He managed to get them a flight for three hours from then. He called Kelta and told him to get to packing, that they had another victim of a demon attack and an innocent man in jail. Kelta immediately got up and started dressing. He kissed Axana when she jerked awake and explained what was happening. She got up and helped him pack, making sure he had everything. He apologized for having to so suddenly leave and she just kissed him and wished him good luck.

Geoffrey cried as he was loaded into the back of the police car. He kept looking at the college, wondering where the thing had taken Tiffany. He prayed that she would be okay, that it wouldn’t hurt her. He needed her or he would die. She had come to mean everything to him and he had not even been able to protect her. He knew the police would never believe him and hoped the man on the phone was able to get him out of jail. He wanted to help rescue the love of his life and defeat the monster than had plagued him for so long.

Axana went to check on their newborn, thankfully she was still sleeping. Axana knew Edea would be up soon anyway so decided to stay up and wait for her to be hungry. Tiffany woke in a what felt like a cage only just big enough to house her. She heard the demon laughing eerily. it was pitch black so she couldn’t see him though she heard him too clearly for comfort. Her arms stung from all the places he bit her and how violently he had to jerk to get her out of Geoffreys grasp. He had truly fought hard to keep her and she hoped he didn’t feel guilty. “You’re really a coward aren’t you? Not showing yourself! Let me see you!” Tiffany yelled into the darkness with manufactured courage. ‘Oh, you don’t want to see me. You’ll scream and hurt my ears. You women have such shrill screams” She heard him whispering in his ear but knew he wasn’t really that close.

“I wont scream”

“You wont be able to help it. I’m an ugly beast. Hideous even”

“I guess you are a fucking scardy cat who hides in the dark” Faster than her mind could process his face was in hers and light filled the room as he spoke in a demonic voice straight out of a horror film. “No I’m not’ She screamed painfully loud and hated herself for it. He was truly hideous, worse than any monster she had ever made up in her head. He had eyes in an oval all around his oval face. Some of the eyes were red while other were black. They were about the size of hamster eyes. He had a long mouth that reach from edge to edge of his oval face, every tooth sharp and pointed. His skin was white as snow in some spots while in others it reminded her of zombie flesh with how it rotted.

It loved how her fear tasted and ran its tounge across every sharp tooth. His tongue looked as sharp as it was black and his breath smelled of bile. “I todl you you’d scream. I love appearing in peoples faces. He didn’t move but appeared back outside of the cage. As he stood she realized he had three smaller faces on his stomach and he stood at 7ft tall if she had to guess. His legs weren’t straight as you’d imagine them being and if they were he’d be taller. They more formed Z’s than a straight line.

“Let me out of here.” She screamed, barely holding back her tears.

“Oh no, I can’t do that. You see he’ll come for you that little idiot because he thinks he’s a hero and when he does I’ll gobble you up in front of him. You little virgins always taste the most delicious, especially when you’re begging and crying.”

Geoffrey tried as hard as he could to explain that he had not hurt Tiffany and that she had been taken. He knew he looked horrible, smeared in blood and his clothes torn, but he begged them to believe he loved Tiffany and he would never hurt her. They just looked at him suspiciously and after awhile they left him alone, hoping to drive him into a confession. All he could think was that he really had hurt her by becoming her friend. If he had ignored her she would have moved to a different room and she would be safe, but he hadn’t been able to help himself. She had captivated him with her smile and her gentle, understanding nature. An hour passed and an officer brought him a cup of water that he refused to touch. He didn’t want anything from them. Another hour and the officers who had been questioning him came back. This time he just stared at the table knowing no matter what he said they wouldn’t care.

“Do we have fellow demons in the Seattle police department?” Victor asked as they drove to the airport.

“Yeah the police chief. His name is Franklin, upstanding demon. He’ll let the Geoffrey go.” Faline replied.

“Thank heavens for that.” Kelta said as he sent a text to Axana telling her he loved her. She sent one back saying the same with a picture of their little girl. He showed the picture to Faline and Victor and all they could do was smile at their granddaughter. Kelta put his phone away and they got back into serious mode, knowing they would have to be at the top of their game to rescue the girl Tiffany.

Faline and her family wished there was any way to make the plane fly faster. These two young people were in a hell only they could help them escape from. Tiffany was trying not to look at the demon so the demon came closer to the cage to mess with her “why are you still a virgin in this day and age? You’re in college, you should have lost that in High School. No men wanted you?”

“I didn’t want them. It was never right”

“Right? You’re a prude then. They weren’t good enough for your golden vagina. Stuck up bitch”

“I’m not stuck up. I just want my first time to be with someone I love. I haven’t loved anybody up until now”

“Now” The demon said in a chuckle “oh how perfect. You love Geoffrey don’t you? Hmmmm. I bet that’s so”

“what of it?”

“he wet the bed until he was nine you know”

“And?” he didn’t like Tiffanys tone so he broke her finger, once again he moved faster than her brain could register. She finally couldn’t keep from letting a few tears fall but she still held it together “what was that for”

“don’t get a smart tone with me bitch. I can break much more than those fingers and you’ll still taste just as good. I could kill you now if I wanted”

“But you wont, you are hell bent on torturing Geoffrey. Why? Why are you targettig him?”

“shut up or I’ll break another”

“why?” she insisted through her pain. He broke another and through gritted teeth she asked again. He broke a whole hand of fingers and she still asked through her tears and pain “why?”

“Only because you’ve impressed me will i tell you why. No human has ever been so hard to make submit. You break somthing and they turn into puppies but not you. Suddenly the grotesque demon shifted into a human form. He was a dark haired man, about 6’1 with grass green eyes “because he’s mine. I own him! His father or so he calls it isnt his father. I wanted his mother and she said no so I took her and I loved it. She’s still fucking mine, she’ll always be mine and he’s mine. He’s my son, not that pathetic humans”

“But…how….why” The demon chuckled “he can’t use his power because he denies it. You can have all the power in the world but if you dont acknowledge it it’s nothing. He thinks hes a fucking human but he isn’t, he’s mine and he’ll pay for that bitch, he’ll pay”

“Why punish him and not her?”

“I can’t punish her and she foolishly thinks he’s safe too but not anymore. He doesn’t believe in magic so no magic can protect him from me. His mother and father had an angel bless them and their home. her magic makes it so I can’t touch them but I can touch my son because he’s closed off to believing in anything that isnt human. His childlike wonder at the world protected him up until now. He’s not a child any longer and hes far from his mother”

“He’ll remember again, you wait and see.” She said, actually glaring at him now. She didn’t like the way he talked about Geoffrey. He was the sweetest person she knew and she loved him. She hadn’t said it out loud, but she really did love him. Helping him look his best every day was just a little way of showing him how much she cared.

“Oh I doubt that, he’s much to scared of the unknown to open his heart and mind to the idea.

Geoffrey sat in a jail cell with his knees pulled up to his chest and cried. He didn’t care what anyone else thought. He just wanted to get Tiffany back. She had been the one shining light in his life. She kept him grounded and was always so nice. He didn’t deserve her in his life, especially after this and he would do anything to make it up to her.

Faline, Victor, and Kelta made thei way quickly to the police station. When they arrived they asked to speak with the police chief and were promptly escorted to his office by the obviously intimmidated receptionist. When Franklin saw them he dismissed the receptionist and quickly closed his door and drew the blinds. “Faline, what’s going on?” He asked.

“You have a young man here whose friend was kidnapped by a demon.” She answered.

“Shit, he was telling the truth, he really didn’t hurt her. So we put the poor kid through the ringer for nothing. Damn it.”

“These things happen, just have him released so he can explain everything to us. He wasn’t able to give Victor many details on the phone.”

“Sure, follow me. Poor fucking kid. I feel like a bastard.”

Geoffrey was still crying when they reached his cell “you’re free to go” Geoffrey walked out and looked at Faline, Victor and Kelta “are you three who I called? Where’s the fourth?”

“Come outside and we’ll talk. Our daughter works with us a lot but has too much going on in school right now to come on jobs so she’s home.” Faline answered. They went outside and climbed into Falines car “so what’s going on?” She asked “It sound so crazy and stupid but a monster has been following me and watching me in closets since I was a little kid. I was about four or five but maybe he was always watching me and I didn’t notice until then. When i went away to college it stopped but he or its back and it took my roommate away. I couldn’t fight him off. The craziest shit is he can be in the room with you but you can’t see him. How can you fight somthing like him? I think it’s a him. I just don’t know. I failed her, i failed the woman I love. I tried so hard not to let him take her but he ripped her from me”

“Don’t feel bad. You’re only a half demon and he sounds like he has to be a full blooded demon” Faline comforted, knowing from his scent he was a half demon. Geoffrey looked up at her like she was crazy even though he had felt like the crazy one up until now “No I’m not. I have two human parents. I know my parents are human. You must be confused” Faline was shocked he didn’t know and wasn’t sure what to say. Maybe one of his parents were demon and didn’t want anyone to know including him so he didn’t know. “Umm…ok” was all she said and Geoffrey asked ‘what made you think that?”

“You smell like a half demon…” She answered truthfully. “but how is that” Geoffrey paused, his eyes getting bigger “he…he’s always said I was his…what if….what if he was being literal…what if I’m that things offspring…but why would my parents”

“calm down buddy. Just breath” Kelta said worried about Geoffrey. “I need to call my mother. Please give me a phone. My phone is lost somwhere”

“Tell us first where your dorm room is so we can start figureing out what to do” Victor said. Geoffrey told them his room number adn which building then Faline handed Geoffrey her phone. His mom didn’t answer the first time he rang the house phone, nor the second or third but the fourth time he roused her ou of bed “hello’ She said sleepily. “Mom, am I really yours and dads kid?”

“Why are you asking such a thing, especially at this hour”

“Mom, I love you but if you’re lieing to me you need to stop now. Tiffanys in trouble and it’s the monster in my closet that has her. Is that thing that used to taunt me my real father mom? Am I human?” There was a long pause at the other end of the line and soon he could tell his mother was crying. She was silent but he knew anyway. “It is, a demon raped me and what was worse he was demanding me as his mate. I had to get an angel to protect us and this house. She blessed everywhere but his magic was strong enough to let him into your closet. The angel tried to bless it again but she couldn’t overpower his magic. We didn’t want to scare you and my husband loved you as his own. We didn’t want to tell you i was raped by a demon and your father is what lurks in your closet, only wishing he could step further into the house”

Geoffrey felt like screaming. Everything went silent and it took him a moment to realize his mother was still speaking. “Geoffrey I’m sorry.”

“He haunted me my entire childhood and all you had to do was tell me the truth. Why do parents always have to lie?”

“I just wanted you to be happy and safe, but you’re not and it’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“Am I like him, you know do I look like him?”

She sniffed and she didn’t even have answer. “But you’re not him, no matter what you might think you’re not him Geoffrey. You’re so much better than he is and I never for a moment regretted you and neither does your father. We both love you very much.”

“I know mom, I love you guys too, but you should have told me. I’m completely powerless againt him.”

“Oh honey that’s because you’ve blocked out your powers. The day our house was blessed the angel told us you would be strong. I never thought hiding things from you would take that away. You just have to open yourself up honey and you’ll be able to fight him.”

Chapter Three

He sighed. “I’ll call you when I have Tiffany. I love you mom.”

“I love you too baby.” They hung up and he gave Faline her phone back.

They were now pulling up to his college and nobody knew what to say to Geoffrey. “that thing is my father” He said in a whisper as they were walking to his and Tiffanys room. Victor not always having the best tact said “well that will help. He has a similar scent to you then” Geofrreys frown deepened and Kelta chimed in “you have to figure out how to use your power. I bet you can do a lot of things your father can do. Just try, believe you can do miraculous things and you’ll do them. You’re strong and have better senses than you realize. I bet you anything you use some of your demonic powers and you don’t even realize it. Tell me, when you get separated from Tiffany in school and to find her how do you do it?”

“I just do, it’s always effortless”

“You don’t, you follow Tiffanys scent. Everyone has a unique scent and you follow hers without realizing it. You’ve always been able to find anybody you’ve met once before if they meant somthing to you haven’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I have”

“You can help us fight him and get her back once we figure out where he is”

“I’ll try”

“Just be careful” Faline added. Victor walked into the closet, asking everyone else to let him in alone. He stayed in there for a time then called Faline in “doesn’t that smell like Beshmial?”

“It does, Geoffrey does bare a resemblance too. He may have taken Tiffany to his home. He might be trying to lure Geoffrey to his home.” Victor started feeling around for where Beshimal entered. They found it and reopened the gate. “Come!” Faline yelled and both boys came running. “I don’t know if you’re a homophobe but it’ll be best to hold my hand for your first time crossing one of these” Kelta said to Geoffrey. Geoffrey didn’t care about anything right now aside from getting Tiffany back so he held hands firmly with Kelta and they jumped through after Faline and Victor.

Tiffany sat shivering in her cage. Her fingers were sore and swollen and she was scared as she heard him pacing around in the dark. “Where is that little brat?” The demon asked himself then he was suddenly in front of the cage. “Where is he?”

“I don’t know.”

The demon laughed. “Maybe he doesn’t care about you nearly as much as he let on, maybe he decided to save his own skin.”

“He’d never do that. He has a good heart.”

The demon glared. “I’ll change that. He’ll have no choice but to submit to me. I was thinking of eating you, but maybe I’ll keep you as collateral. I’ll hurt you if he disobeys.”

“He’s not going to give in to you. He’s way to strong for that.”

The world around them was pitch black, but Geoffrey found that he had no trouble seeing. It took him a moment to realize that his night vision had always been this amazing. He kept telling himself that these abilities were a natural part of who he was and that they were necessary or he’d never get Tiffany back. “I can still smell her.” He said as they moved through the darkness. “His scent is strange though, it’s like it’s part of this place.”

“He spends all his time here, only coming out to feed so the smell of this place has become part of him.” Faline explained.

“Do I smell like that?”

“There is a subtle hint on your skin, but for the most part you smell like Tiffany.” Kelta assured him.

“He should have just taken me. I wouldn’t have fought if it meant Tiffany’s safety.”

“He took her so you would come without question. He’ll kill her if you don’t listen.”

Geoffrey stopped, his mind filling with a very dangerous idea. “That’s how we’ll stop him. I’ll pretend that I’m going to stay with him, I’ll tell him I’ll do whatever he wants and while he’s distracted Kelta can sneak up and rescue Tiffany. Then once he has her, you two can attack him.”

“that’s a really risky idea”

“I don’t care. I need her safe” Victor sighed then looked at his wife “it is a good plan. Together you and I have done many things. We can save them both. Tiffany is just a human and does need to be saved first. It’ll be a lot easy for the demon to kill her”

“You sure thats the plan you want Geoffrey?” Faline asked and he answered “yes”

“Then that’s what we’ll do. You go up to his house first and alone. We will sneak in” Geoffrey approached the house alone and knocked on the door. His father immidietly left Tiffany and shut off the lights, knowing humans couldn’t see in the dark and it would inspire more terror in her beautiful face. He answered “You came”

“Of course I did father”

“So you know?”

“Yes, I’m angry at my mother for not telling me who my true father was sooner.”

“Its good to be angry at her because you belong to me and will stay here. You will do whatever you’re told or I hurt Tiffany”

“There will be no need to hurt her. I will do as I’m told”

“first things first. I want that picture of your mother you keep above Tiffanys picture in your wallet. Such a sentimental boy” geoffrey couldn’t help but wonder if Tiffany just heard he had a picture of her in his wallet. He took his mothers picture out so there was just Tiffanys there and gave it to his father.

“She should be mine too, the stupid bitch. She is you know, choosing that other man over me and birthing his children. It’s sickening. Maybe I’ll have you kill her since it’ll be easy for you to enter her home.” He ripped it in half and the two pieces burst into flames. “You won’t need her anymore. Women make you soft.”

“What of Tiffany?”

“She’ll stay in her cage and only come out if she’s a good little girl. She already knows what happens to those who don’t listen.”

Tiffany wished she and Geoffrey could see each other so he knew she was alright. She knew he must be worried. She felt close to her face and before she could react and hand was slapped over her mouth. “My name is Kelta, I’m here to save you so stay calm and quiet. Nod if you understand.” A male voice whispered and she nodded. She felt herself being lifted and had the sense she was being carried through the dark. She was suddenly put down and Kelta said, “Stay here and don’t make a sound.” She wanted to protest, but kept her mouth shut. Kelta wove spells around the house that would trap Beshimal inside. The only exit would be the front door.

“I want to see Tiffany to make sure she is still alive or we have no deal.” Geoffrey said.

“Do you think you have the right t bargain with me boy?”

“Yes, I do. Now take me to her.” He had to get this monster further inside so he couldn’t escape and waited impatiently for him to move. When he finally did, Geoffrey nearly breathed a sigh of relief and followed his father across the room to a lamp.

Beshimal pulled the small cord and the room lit up. He looked at the cage angrily “Tiffany!” He said in an angry yowl. Kelta grabbed Tiffany and ran for the door as Faline and Victor came barelling in “Bishmial, You’ve been tormenting this man, your own son for his whole life and have now kidnapped the woman he loves. You are no longer allowed to walk among humans. You are banished to hell” Faline said sternly and Bishmial growled in a deep rage “you fucking shit. I should ahve known the son of such a bitch wouldn’t come so willingly. You will not take me Faline!”

They rushed him and he tried to burst through a wall but couldn’t do it. Geoffrey didn’t know what to do to help. He didn’t know what he could do. Outside Kelta noticed Tiffanys hand and sucked air through his teeth “damn”

“I’m ok, how’s Geoffrey”

“He was fighting his father. I ran you past too fast to see”

“Does Geoffrey know?”

“Yeah, you know?”

“The demon told me.”

“I wish i could heal your hand”

“so you’re a demon too?”

“Yeah, you aren’t scared right?”

“No, not if Geoffreys a demon like you. He’s the nicest man I’ve ever known” kelta smiled, relieved for Geoffrey. he became worried when he realized Geoffrey loved Tiffany. He didn’t want his heart to be broken like he knew it would be. Kelta remembered his fear all too well when he told Axana the truth about what he was.

Faline kicked Beshimal in the face, sending him rolling. Victor attacked with his sword, slashing the flaming blade across the angry demon’s chest. “If you take me I will not go alone.” He growled and attacked Geoffrey, lifting by his throat and squeezing. “Go ahead and try another fucking thing. I’ll rip his head off.”

“Let him go demon.” Victor commanded, his voice angry. He had changed into something terrifying since Geoffrey had met him. There was the promise of death in his eyes.

“Fuck you half breed, he’s the only thing keeping me alive. Come closer and I’ll make sure he never sees that little virgin bitch again.”

Geoffrey’s heart gave a leap of fear and sorrow moved through him. He wanted to see Tiffany again, even if it was only for a moment. He needed to know she was okay and tell her himself how much he loved her. He gripped his father’s fingers and started to pry them open. “You will not take me from her.” He said angrily. He let that emotion power him, give him the strength to break loose from his father’s grasp, breaking the demon’s hand in the process because he refused to let go. He dropped Geoffrey on the floor and kicked out, catching his father in the knee and shattering it. He then kicked him in the face and broke his nose. His father transformed into a grotesque beast and attacked him again, using the healing power he had to try and regenerate his bones.

“You little bastard, I’ll eat you alive.”

“i know what i am now and am not afraid of you anymore” Geoffrey snapped back angrily. Still regenerating Beshimal couldn’t move as fast as normal while Geoffrey had only just found his speed. Faline and Victor were surprised to see how fast the demon within Geoffrey arose once he was aware it was in there. Beshimal tried to swipe at Geoffrey with his good claw but Geoffrey fearlessly grabbed it and crushed those fingers with a single movement. Geoffrey kept the upperhand in the battle until Beshimal regenerated enough to pin Geoffrey down. Victor wasn’t going to stand back and let the young demon be eaten so just as the words “I’m much older and wiser in fights” Slipped out of Beshimals mouth Victor stuck his blade through the demons back and into his heart.

Blood soaked Geoffreys clothes and he quickly got from under his now dead father. Geoffrey was panting, horrfied by all he had seen. Faline sighed, not quite feeling guilty for killing this one but always preferred when they just took them in. She understood Victors judgment call though. “Faline, you take them where they need to go and I’ll take care of the rest with this demon”

“alright, I love you”

“Love you too. I’m sorry”

“No, he may have killed the boy like that.” Geoffrey ran after the trail of Tiffanys scent. When he found her and saw her hand he held it in his to send what healing he could through it. Tiffanys hand instantly began to feel better. She barely waited for the bones to fully mend to hug Geoffrey. “I’m so glad you’re ok”

“I’ve got blood on me Tiffany”

“I don’t care, please just hold me.”

“Alright.” He tightened his hold on her, feeling his worry slipping away.

“Come on, lets get you two out of here.” Faline said and Geoffrey lifted Tiffany off the ground, holding her close.

“What about Victor?” Geoffrey asked.

“He’ll follow later. Lets get her to a hospital. I’m sure there are some demons or angels working there who can better heal the damage to her hand.”

They walked through the darkness, Tiffany feeling scared again when she could not see. “It’s okay Tiffany, I can see just fine and won’t let anything take you from me again.”

“So you’re a demon too huh?”

He sighed, sounding upset. “A half demon and I’m sure you already know that that monster was my father. I hope you won’t hate me now. I really love you Tiffany.”

Her lip quivered and she buried her face in his shirt. “You have no idea how good it feels to hear those words. I really love you too, so much and I always will.” He wanted to kiss her, but decided to wait until after they were out of this dark world. Kelta and Faline grabbed onto his shirt and stepped through the portal, appearing back in Geoffrey’s and Tiffany’s dormroom.

“I’ll wait here for Victor, you go ahead and take them to the hospital.” Kelta said.

“Alright and if any of the other students give you any trouble tell them we work for the police chief.” Faline replied and he nodded as he pulled out his phone, wanting to talk to Axana.

Axana answered quickly “you ok?”

“Yeah, everythings taken care of. We saved the girl and they are on their way to the hospital”

“I’m so glad. Want me to put you on speaker phone so you can talk to Edea?”

“yes” Axana put him on speaker phone so he said ‘I love you sweetheart. Daddy will be back as soon as he can catch a flight” At the hospital Faline quickly found an angel and asked for her help. She mended Tiffanys hand the rest of the way then tended to Geoffreys wounds from fighting his father. “Your room is still a mess. Let me pay for a hotel room for a few days and I’ll make sure your dormroom at the school gets fixed in that time. I know some demons who would love the work” Faline offered. “thank you” Tiffany said. They drove to their dorm just to get some clothes that were stillin one piece and then went on to a hotel. Faline bought them a room and said “I need to return to my husband now. If you ever need our help again don’t hesitate to call”

“we wont, we’ll have to think of some way to really thank you someday”

“I was literally born to do this job. I love helping people” Faline handed them their key then left. Geoffrey carried Tiffany up to their room, still needing her safely pressed against him. Inside he sat her down then gave her the bag of clothes “do you want to shower first?”

“You have blood all over you. Go first”

‘you have blood on you too” Tiffany smiled “alright, I’ll go first but I’ll be quick” She grabbed some clothes then closed the bathroom door to strip down. Her skin wasn’t that dirty so she was able to wash off quickly then pull on her clean clothes. She tossed the dirty ones in the trash, not even planning to bother getting all that blood out. When she came out Geoffrey wanted to hug her again but then her new clothes would get messy so he just quickly went into the shower. Tiffany crawled into the bed they were going to share, glad they would get to cuddle tonight. When she laid down she opened and closed her hand, amazed that somthing worked so well that was so broken hours ago.

Geoffrey walked quickly to the bed when he came out in nothing but sleep pants. She loved when she got to see his sexy form shirtless. He got in close and started holding Tiffany as he gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “could I have a real kiss please?’

He tangled his fingers in her hair and brought his lips gently against hers. They were incredibly soft and warm and he couldn’t help but get lost in the feel of her pressed against him. A lustfulness he had never felt took ahold of him and he deepened the kiss, moaning into he mouth and making her heart slam in her chest. “Slow down Geoff, please.” She said against his lips and he pulled back.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” He was suddenly worried. He didn’t know much about his demon heritage and he wondered if this had anything to do with it.

“It’s okay, just slow down. You already know I’m a virgin so I’m a little nervous.”

He hugged her tightly to him and kissed her cheek again. “I’ll go as slow as you want. I guess I should take you out on a date or two first.”

She laughed and kissed his lips. “You don’t have to do that, you loving me is enough.” She traced her fingers over his chest, leaving goosebumps in their wake. He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his chest and she smiled at his thundering heart. “I had no idea I had that effect on you.”

“You have since the day we met. You’re so beautiful and intelligent and you’re always taking care of me. How could you not make my heart race? Just your smile is enough to melt me completely.” She sat up and kissed him. He grabbed her face in his hands, holding her in place. “You are so beautiful and your skin is so soft. I love everything about you.” He kissed down her neck to her shoulder. “Your taste, your smell, and the feel of you against me excites me.”

Tiffany blushed. “I love everything about you too.” She said in a breathy tone, that sent a thrill through Geoffrey.

Geoffrey bit her shoulder then asked “Could I taste you?” Tiffany knowing what he was asking blushed even more deeply “ok”He slid off the shorts she had put on then took off her underwear. He licked from her left ankle up her thigh then licked up her right “I’ve loved you for so long Tiffany” he said before covering Tiffany with his mouth. She began to jerk, moan and writhe as his tongue slid over and in her. He was starving for her, feeling a deep need to hear her moans and pleasure Tiffany. When his tongue found Tiffanys sweet spot that’s where he stayed, loving how she reacted to his mouth between her legs.

He gave her orgasm after orgasm then asked in a husky voice “please can I have you”

“ye..yes” she could barely say she was so weak from the climaxing. He slammed into her harder than he intended to. She let out only part of her yelp and held back the rest. He pushed in and pulled out of her depths as slow as he could make himself go. Geoffrey found he had very little control of his lust now that he had awakened the sleeping demon within him. When he was spent Geoffrey spooned with Tiffany, kissing the back of her neck. “Thank you for that” He said softly. “thank you for making my first time feel so good Geoff”

“Can we share a bed when we have a dorm again?”

“Of course, I want to be held by you every night” Geoffrey held her tighter, her words almost bringing him tears. They fell asleep feeling happier and more secure than ever before despite the events that occurred since four this morning. They had overcome probably the biggest obstacle they would ever face and were finally with eachother, no longer having to hide their love.

~ The End ~

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