Ghislain & Scipio 2

Chapter One

Scipio was reading the news online when he saw it again, savage attacks on people vacationing in Ireland. As much as he wanted to ignore it he opened the most recent article and yet again it looked like something one of his species would do. He knew most Dobhar-chu’s were highly aggressive. They didn’t even have to be provoked they just had a foul temperament and would attack because it felt like it. Dobhar-chu’s killed without any remorse and most he had known were complete sociopaths. He didn’t know how he had become so normal, especially considering his parents were just as savage as most of their kind was. He had left Ireland when he did because he was nothing like his family and wanted to break away from them but now, now they seemed to be more vicious than ever and he couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Scipio needed to return to Ireland and if it was the Dobhar-chu doing this to tourists for fun he was going to confront them. He left the article open, needing to talk to his fiance about this when he was home. About tenty minutes later Ghislain was walking through the door and Scipio greeted him with a hug “Hey sexy”

“Hey gorgeous, I need to show you something”

“Oh, sounds bad” Scipio just tugged him along and stopped at the computer. Ghislain looked a few moments before saying “Yeah, I’ve been hearing about this. What does it have to do with us?”

“well we’ve talked about what I am, what I descended from”


“I think my kind is doing this. I want to go to Ireland and confront them”

“And you want me to come?”

“I’d rather you stay where it’s safe honestly…” He held up a finger when Ghislain opened his mouth to protest. “But I know you won’t, so if you promise to stick with me I won’t tie you up and leave you here.”

Ghislain gave a mischievous grin. “You just want an excuse to tie me up, perv.”

“This is serious.”

“I know, I know, sorry and I promise. Can I have my welcome home kiss now?”

How did Ghislain do that? Make him smile and let out a breath of laughter in such a serious situation. That had to be one of his favorite things about his mate, that he could make him feel happy regardless of what was going on. Scipio pulled Ghislain into a long, passionate kiss, feeling him up a little before letting him go “Hey now, one second you’re saying this is serious and the next you’re teasing me”

“You know what you do to me”

“I do it on purpose” Ghislain managed to say seductively. The two ended up on the floor by their computer, getting lost in eachother bodies. When they were done Scipio worked on getting them tickets while Ghislain started packing a small bag for their trip. “I managed to find a plane that leaves tonight at eleven pm”

“That’s fine with me. I’m going to call my parents quickly. My mother would be pretty pissed with me if I didn’t let her know the situation I was going into” Scipio gave him a gentle kiss and sat down beside him, pulling Ghislain into his lap, causing his mate to laugh. Relaxing against Scipio he called his mother who offered to come but he told her she should stay. Once he was off the phone Ghislain asked “so have you had any time to think about adopting a kid with me Scipio?”

“Oh yeah, sorry, damn, you asked me that awhile back. I let this whole thing in Ireland consume my mind. ”

“but you’;ve thought about it right?”

“Yeah I just didn’t get around to answering you. Yeah, we can do that. Right after we take care of this okay?”

“Thank you Scipio”

“It would be nice to have a family with you baby, I’m glad you brought it up. Don’t let me being a horses ass and forgetting to give you the answer make you think otherwise”

“It’s okay, you got busy, I understand.”

“As long as you still love me.”

Ghislain shrugged, giving him a mischievous smile. “Maybe.”

“Come on that’s not fair.”

Ghislain wrapped his arms around Scipio’s neck and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I love you very much and now I’m excited to get this over and done with, I can’t wait.”

They made sure to leave early that evening and grab something quick to eat on the way to the airport. Ghislain couldn’t believe he was actually going to Ireland and wished it was under happier circumstances. He was going to try and take as many pictures as he could to show his family and friends when he and Scipio weren’t busy.

When they landed Ghislain made sure his camera had a card and battery in it then wore it as a necklace so if he had a moment he wouldn’t waste it looking for the thing. They walked out of the airport then hailed a cab, asking it to take them to the hotel Scipio had looked up for them. Once there and checked into a room Scipio said “I love you and I want you to have fun but I don’t want you to forget how dangerous my kind are baby”

“I won’t Scipio” Scipio kissed his head “I just couldn’t bare for you to be hurt. If you see anything you want to take pictures of make sure to tell me to stop okay?”

“OKay, relax, lets try to get some sleep.”

“I’m not tired, are you?”

“No, I was just assuming my old man of a boyfriend would be exhausted. How many hours have you been up now”


“what, you’re almost 50 right, dang” Scipio pushed Ghislain against the wall and began to passionately kiss him “stop it, I’m not an old man”

“and I’m horny so I’m going to tease you until we’re both naked”

Scipio let out a growl as he pulled Ghislain’s shirt off then lifted him so he laughed and wrapped his legs tightly around Scipio’s waist. “I’ll make you beg for forgiveness.”

“Do it, old man.”

Ghislain got his wish as Scipio pressed him into the mattress and stripped both of them. He teased him until he was shaking and whimpering, his hands and mouth setting fire to every part of him, but keeping his just on the edge of his release. He whined and Ghislain rolled him over, lifting his hips and pushing slowly into him. “Am I still old?” He asked as he held Ghislain still.

“Please, hurry.” Ghislain whimpered out. “You…you’re not old.”

Scipio slammed into him and Ghislain’s moan bordered on a scream. He leaned down and kissed his shoulder as he took on a tortuously slow pace. Ghislain was limp by the time they finished and laid there catching his breath while Scipio got the shower started. He felt fingers brush up his spine and he shivered. “Can you move?” Scipio asked as he bent down and kissed his temple.

“No, you broke me.” Ghislain replied with a smile. “Carry me?”

“Sure.” He lifted Ghislain and received a kiss on the cheek. “Sorry I got out of hand.”

“Don’t be, I’m happy, I’ll have to call you old more often.”

Scipio chuckled “You better not brat” Ghislain laughed and they both got into the shower. The next morning they started off with a quick, room service brekfast then went to see if Scipio’s parents still lived in the same place they did when Scipio left. “Do you think they’ll be bitter?” Ghislain asked. Scipio shrugged “Much like demons Dobhar-chu’s don’t normally have close family relationships. I doubt they care.”

“I’m sorry” Scipio glanced over at his mate with a small smile “I have you and your family has made me feel a part of it. I’m not worried about them” Ghislain took his hand “I’m glad, it’s their loss.” It didn’t surprise Scipio to see his mother answered the door. They had lived here hundreds of years before he was even born so chances were good they’d always be there. “Scipio?” There wasn’t happiness or anger in his name, only confusion. “I have to talk to you and dad”

“Alright” she let the two of them in, still seeming to feel nothing atall. It was a bit jarring to Ghislain. His family was so expressive. To go from that to almost no emotion made him feel weird. “Ron, our son has returned”

“which one?” He looked over “Hello Scipio, what do you want?” Neither parent was acknowledging Ghislains presence which only made the situation weirder for him. He might aswell not be there atall. It was then Scipio put his hand on Ghislain’s shoulder “Don’t be rude to my mate. This is Ghislain, say hi to him”

“hi” still flat, not even the slightest hint of emotion. Ghislain had to wonder how Scipio was Scipio when he came from this.

Scipio sighed as they took a seat in the living room. “I need to ask you a few questions?”

“About what?”

“The attacks on tourists. It’s all over the news.”

“We’ve heard, but if you’re thinking it was us, you’re wrong.” His father said. “We’ve kept to ourselves other than work.”

“Do you know who it could be then? It’s important I find out and stop them.”

“Scipio, you’ve been gone far too long, you smell of the city. Many have moved into the area, it could be any of them or all of them.” He studied his son. “How long has it been since you shifted?”

“Awhile, I haven’t had a need.”

“Exactly, you became lazy.”

“Because of the aggression.” Scipio replied as he squeezed Ghislain’s hand. “Our nature is too wild and unpredictable.”

“Then you might as well go home. You won’t be able to fight a killer if you can’t be a killer.” His father came across the coffee table, a sudden burst of aggression that caught Ghislain off guard, but Scipio sat there still, staring into his father’s eyes. Scipio’s father’s teeth were gritted and a savage growl rumbled in his throat. “You see, you don’t even leap to defend yourself.” He sniffed and pulled back, reclaiming his seat as if nothing had happened. “You’ll die, but if you want to know about the creature doing those things, I would go sniffing around the crime scenes. It hasn’t rained in a couple of days so you should be able to pick up something.”

Chapter Two

Scipio stood “well thank you” Ghislain still expected hugs or somthing but his parents didn’t move and Scipio walked right out the door. Once they were in their rental car Scipio said “I’m sorry, I get so absent minded. I should have told you just how unemotional it is. Your family is so loving that had to make you uncomfortable”

“It’s okay Scipio”

“No, it’s not. i keep telling you I’m going to do better and since then I’ve forgotten to get back to you on kids and I didn’t really prepare you for my parents. I love you and I know it’s just words but I do want to be better about not just getting in my own head” Ghislain set is hand on Scipios leg “Hey, now that I’ve seen the people you come from I get it so much more. It’s honestly a bit wild you’re as normal and thoughtful as you are”

“It’s because I love you, I’ve always loved you and I really do try to be a good mate”

“So where to now?”

“The last attack happened out on the moor, some hikers were out photographing castles as far as the authorities could surmise. They found the bodies just outside one of the old keeps, looked like they had tried to escape.”

“Do you think the killer is still out there?”

“I doubt it. He or she or they probably left right after they died.”

“I’m sorry you have to deal with this. You would think your family would help police their own, that’s what wolves do.”

“Wolves tend to run in packs, Ghislain, they have alphas that watch over packs and organize hunts for rogues. Even your father has that mentality.”

“But dad wasn’t always like that, it took my mom awhile to boost his confidence, so I was told. He grew into an alpha.”

“It was probably in him from the beginning, he just didn’t know it until he met your mother. I don’t see many wolves trying anything with him, he’d just have to look at them and they’d tuck tail and run. He’s a teddy bear with his family, but if anyone hurt any of you, he’d go all grizzly.”

Ghislain laughed and kissed his cheek. “I bet you’ll be that way too.”

“I can’t wait to adopt a kid Ghislain. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I know it’ll be hard too but it’ll be worth it” They were almost to the moors when Penelope called “are you okay?”

“Yes mom”

“I’m sorry, I know you’re capable and you’re with your mate, I just can’t help worrying. Your father and I can still come”

“If things get out of hand I’ll call but we can handle this. Every time something happens you can’t just run to help me”

“Of course I can”

“Mom” They talked until Scipio parked the car then they said their I love yous and goodbyes. “My mom says she loves you too Scipio”

“I bet you fifty dollars she’s going to come anyway”

“I’ll take that bet” The two chuckled and started walking towards where they needed to be.Ghislain knew Scipio was probably right and they had nothing to fear now but he still stayed as close to Scipio as possible. If an attack happened he didn’t want to get separated from him. Scipio was glad, he didn’t want to be the aggressive monster that he was but he’d become it in a heartbeat to protect his mate.

“I smell something like you.” Ghislain said as they neared the ruins of the old castle. He decided to go ahead and take a quick picture. “I also smell blood, but I don’t see any.”

“It probably soaked into the ground.” Scipio said as he squatted down where the first hiker had fallen. “I think they heard the attacker and when he or she revealed themselves, they ran. The first person went down here, probably attacked from behind.” He reached down, touching the grass where an innocent victim had once laid.

“I can’t imagine how terrified they must have been.” He placed a hand on Scipio’s shoulder. “You’re not like them, you know that right?”

“I know, but I could’ve been. I got lucky.” He breathed in the scent of the attacker, committing it to memory then standing and moving over to the other spot a body had been found. “The second person didn’t get far, he must have stopped, probably to help. I know he was found on his back.”

“What about the other attacks. Did anyone survive?”

“Yeah, a couple of people, but they’ve already gone back home I’m sure.”

“where I shine is internet stuff though. Tonight, when we’re back at our room I’ll try to find them. Maybe we can get them to skype with us or something”

“Okay, that would help a lot if you could manage that”

“I wish I hadn’t left my tablet home. I could be of more help right now. I wouldn’t have to wait until we’re back in the room with our laptop”

“Nonsense, you’re plenty of help. You’re helping me talk through what happened and I’d miss you if you had stayed home. You being home or in the room without me would be a distraction. Plus, if you had a tablet and were searching for people you would miss picture opportunities I know you want. You know, maybe after we adopt a child we could come here on an actual vacation. I know all the best spots from growing up here. I’m sure the kid we’d adopt would too…I mean, I was thinking of us actually adopting a kid, not a baby”

“Oh yeah, me too Scipio. I was thinking at youngest five. We could go to a few orphanages and see what kid or…you know…kids we click with” Scipio smiled and Ghislains words trailed off “Ghislain you can have as many children as you want. Your happiness is everything”


“yes” Scipio adored how much Ghislain lit up but they had to get back to the serious matters at hand.

When they got back to their room, Ghislain pulled his laptop out and stuck it on its charger while he looked for contact information for the surviving victims. He decided the best thing to do was send them an email and give him his contact info so they could call him if they wanted too. He didn’t want to be too pushy, he knew they had been traumatized. When he had the emails sent, he flopped down on the bed and laid back with a little sigh. “When this is over, we have to stay a couple of extra days to explore. I want pictures, but I feel like a jerk taking them when others are in danger.”

“You’ve never been here before so it’s only natural you’d want to look around.” He climbed onto the bed and pulled Ghislain into him.

Ghislain snuggled as close as he could, his nose pressed into Scipio’s neck. “You know, it was pretty weird watching your dad go from zero to a hundred in two seconds.”

Scipio huffed out a laugh. “That’s how easy it is for most of my kind.”

“You said you don’t shift because of the aggression. Is it enhanced?”

“Yeah, for some of us anyway, I just try not to risk it. I don’t want to scare you.”

It was Ghislain’s turn to laugh. “Oh yeah, you’re so terrifying.”

Scipio sighed and laid down with Ghislain. They cuddled as they waited for responses. A couple hours latet Ghislains phone rang “Um, hello? Is this Ghislain Tulfer?”

“Yes mam”

“You wanted to talk about my attack?”

“Yeah, on the phone or skype or however you’d like to do it.”

“I’d just like to do this over the phone”

“No problem at all. Can I put you on speaker so the person I’m looking into this can hear?”

“That’s fine” They interviewed her and a few other people. One of the men who called back was willing to Skype which lead to a more in depth interview because they could actually see his scars from the attack. It lead to them talking to him the longest. At the end of the call they thanked him again and like the others they asked he call again if he thought of anything else to tell them.

“It seems to be a small group doing all the attacks. Maybe three different ones tops”

“How can you tell that?”

“we’re all different, we attack different and look a little different etcetera”

“I know we’re only working with a small sample of people but I’ve been paying attention to the news too. Now that I’ve heard them I really think it’s only two or three doing everything”


“yeah, well, like I said, we’re a mean, viscous breed”

“How are we going to find them? They never seem to strike in the same place twice.”

“Animals have a hunting ground, a territory they patrol where they hunt and sleep, even we shifters are like that. From the reports, they’ve stayed around this city and the outer territory. We’ll need to patrol.”

“Alright, when? Tonight?”

“We’ll start after dinner, I may need to use your nose.”

“If I shift, people won’t make a deal out of a wolf wandering around will they? I mean we could buy a collar and a leash so they think I’m your pet.”

“There won’t be a need for that as long as you stay by my side and away from any livestock.”

“It’s going to be fun. I haven’t let my wolf out in quite awhile. I’ll behave though, the people here don’t need any more scares”

They enjoyed eachother until dinner time then Scipio took Ghislain to one of his favorite restaurants when he still lived here. “I see why you liked this place. This tastes so good”

“I’m glad you like it too. I figured we may aswell have something nice before we work all night and possibly get ourselves in trouble”

“When do I get my 50? My mom hasn’t come yet”

“Oh we haven’t gone home yet. You get it if we get on the plane home and she didn’t come”

“Can’t wait”


“Hey, my mom loves me but she won’t come if I want to do this on my own”

“we’ll see” They leisurely ate their food, paid, left a tip and headed out. They waited until they were far enough out that nobody could see for Ghislain to strip and hand Scipio his clothes. “You better hurry and shift baby”

“what? Like what you see too much?” Ghislain started making seductive poses.

“It’s not safe out here, later, please.”

“But outside is so exciting.”


“Alright, alright, calm down old man.” Scipio gave him a look and Ghislain laughed as he shifted into his wolf. Scipio couldn’t help but reach out and run his fingers through the soft fur. Even is this form, Ghislain was beautiful.

“You know the scent, lead me okay and if anything tries hurting you, please get back. They won’t even bother trying to injure you, if they attack, it will be to kill.”

Ghislain gave a huff then put his nose to the ground. Scipio couldn’t really expect him to just sit back and do nothing. He was a wolf who knew how to rely on his instincts and he wouldn’t be able to just stand there and let his mate fight alone. Scipio was so protective and while it was sweet, it could also lead to him over worrying. Ghislain trotted on, letting his nose pull him over the moors.

They had gone pretty far when a whistle like sound confused Ghislain. It didn’t confuse him long because his mate shifted and that meant they were coming. He knew it was they because his nose told him two. Unless these creatures had a particularly strong scent it was two. Scipio collided with one and it’s mate jumped on Scipios back. Ghislain growled and bit down on the creature, jerking it off Scipio. The taste was revolting, a mixture of rotten fish and spoiled chicken but Ghislain didn’t care as he tried to force his jaws down to at least break it’s spine. The things skin was tougher than Ghislain had expected and aside from that it was stronger, managing to get out of his mouth.

It jumped at him, going for his throat and he rolled with it, using his paws to kick it off and over his head. He was back on his feet, teeth bared as he growled at it. He had to keep it away from Scipio so he wouldn’t be overwhelmed. He could feel he had blood in his fur, but he ignored it. If his father could pull through a car accident then he could ignore a few cuts. Scipio and the larger dobhar chu rolled across the ground, growling at each other as they left bites and cuts in each other’s flesh. He was slick with blood when he finally wrestled the male off of him. He wanted to check on Ghislain, but he dared not take his eyes off the one in front of him. He was covered in more puncture wounds than his enemy, still hesitating. He knew his father had been right. To kill this murderer, he would need to tap into the savage part of his nature. He could hear Ghislain growling at the female, the wolf having sprung up to completely protect him. The male came at him again and he refused to hold back any longer.

Chapter Three

He tapped into the animal, what he was, let it consume him. He had to trust himself, he had to trust himself to calm down and be him again when he shifted back to human. Scipio didn’t know if it was that much of a shock to him since he hadn’t shifted in so long and never until now let himself fully be what he was but he was suddenly standing on the bloody, dead body of the female and saw only a little bit away the dead body of the male. He had no recollection and his first instinct was to look for Ghislain. His wolf was now human again and low, his arms outstretched to him “It’s okay Scipio, come on, please” He wondered if he had been pleading with him for awhile. He walked slowly to Ghislain, not trusting himself. He still felt so much anger, so much aggression. He wanted to shift back to human but he couldn’t.

Once in Ghislains arms the wolf sat and hugged him tightly while petting him”it’s okay Scipio. I love you. You just need to calm down. Please shift back” His words were so gentle, so comforting that Scipio felt like crying. It upset him to be this, to be a Dobhar-chu, to be capable of doing what he had done to those Dobhar-chu that had been attacking them. Their bodies were torn to shreds. In Ghislains arms he was able to calm and he shifted back.

“I’m sorry.” He choked out, his arms locking Ghislain to him.

“Everything’s okay now, we’re okay.”

“Did I hurt you?”

“Just a small bite, but it was my fault, I tried touching you before you knew it was me.”

“Sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Hush now, I’m fine. I knew you’d come back to me.” He took Scipio’s face in his hands, raising it and kissed him. “I love you, let’s get out of here.”


Ghislain helped him up and they got back to his clothes. He pulled them quickly on and they went as fast as they could back to the car. It was dark and starting to rain. He wanted to get Scipio back to their room so they could wash the blood off of them. He could see Scipio was upset at what he had done. He himself couldn’t even begin to describe the rage he had seen when he had attacked the other Dobhar-chu. He had been like a rabid dog.

Once back in their room Ghislain ran the shower then took Scipios hand to guide him to it. He could tell he was still struggling not to break down sobbing “Scipio, you did what you had to do. You saved so many lives tonight. You finally stopped them. You did the right thing by shifting and becoming a Dobhar-chu.”

“I’m so ashamed I hurt you though”

“I’m fine, really” Scipio pulled Ghislain into another hug “Scipio, you did a good thing tonight. If the cost of saving lives was me getting bit by you so be it” They stood there silently until Scipio let him go and they began scrubbing. Once out Ghislain said “let me call my mom real quick and tell her we fixed the problem” Ghislain gave Scipios cheek a comforting rub “I’ll tell you you made a good choice tonight as many times as I have to Scipio. You protected me, that female was ready to kill me and you killed her instead. I could have died tonight if you hadn’t let yourself go to your animal. Remember that and forgive yourself”

Ghislain pulled out his cellphone and let Scipio hold him while he called his mom “Hey, sorry it’s so late. I figured you’d want to know right away we killed the two Dobhar-chu’s doing this and we’re back in our room”

“Did you get hurt? Is Scipio okay? If you need me I’ll make your father give me the keys.”

“We’re fine mom, I promise, thank dad for me.”


“Sorry, I love you and I think we’re going to just relax for the rest of this trip.”

“Alright baby, just call if you need us and stay safe.”

“I will, love you.” He hung up then set his phone down and turned to wrap his arms around Scipio. “Hey old man, talk to me.”

“I hate you had to see me like that. I hoped you never would. Where did I bite you anyway?”

“My hand, but look, already healed.” He held up his hand and Scipio took it and pressed a kiss to it.

“I’m glad you’re okay. Do you hurt anywhere?”

“Nah, but I’m used to wrestling with my siblings and dad, I’ve gotten my fair share of bumps and bruises.”

That was far more than wrestling Ghislain” Ghislain kissed him “I’m fine worry wart” They laid down together and got some much needed sleep. In the morning Scipio said “I want to talk to my parents one more time. I want to know if it’s normal to black out like I did. From the time I decided to completely be a Dobhar-chu up until you were pleading with me, trying to pull me back I can’t remember anything. I wasn’t in control. I need to know if that’s going to happen any time I decide to become the monster.”

“I get that. Lets go” Scipio reached out and held Ghislains cheek “I love you so much. Thank you for being so understanding with me last night” Ghislain smiled and put his hand on Scipios “It really wasn’t that big of a deal. You were scary as heck as a Dobhar-chu, I’ll be honest but you’re my mate. You’re wonderful to me and there’s so much else about you I appreciate so much more now that I know more about your kind. I have my own quirks as a wolf that you deal with. I love you and nothing will ever change that. I would have sat out there all night trying to calm you down and bring you back to yourself if I had to”

They stared lovingly at eachother a few moments before they left to see Scipios parents again

“Oh, you’re back.” His mother said upon opening the door and letting them in. “Our son is back.” She said as she passed by the living room to the kitchen. Scipio’s father was sitting at the coffee table scribbling something in a notebook and didn’t bother looking up even when he and Ghislain took a seat across from him. Scipio waited in silence and Ghislain wondered if maybe it was policy not to interrupt his father when he was working.

“What’s he working on?” Ghislain asked softly.

“Physics notes.” His father said as he shut the notebook and looked at them. “You killed them.”

“I did.” Scipio said.

“You look traumatized.”

Scipio swallowed. “I know, I ripped them apart. I need to ask you about something.”

“The blackouts.”

“How did you know?”

“We’ve all had them.”

Scipio clenched his fists. “Why do you have to say that like it’s nothing, I could have killed my mate.”

“He’s right there so you obviously didn’t.” He opened his notebook again and started writing. “The difference between you and the rest of us is that we have been at this for a long time. With practice comes control and with control there are no blackouts.”

Scipio frowned at the conformation from his father that he either needed to practice or he’d always have black outs when he tried to tap into his power as a Dobhar-chu. Ghislain took Scipios hand “it’s okay, you can practice with my family. With all us wolves around to keep you contained you can work on controlling your Dobhar-chu safely”

“Good, let your mate help. You should be able to control yourself at your age son” Scipio stood, having the information he needed he left. Once back in the car Ghislain asked “are we ever going to come see them again?”

“Probably not”

“it’s just so weird”

“I know baby but they don’t care and I honestly feel no connection to them. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t of my kind but I’m odd. Most of my kind don’t have emotions”

“Like sociopaths”

“Thats a perfect comparison actually”

“see, not so hard…I guess I can understand it that way. I’m glad that you’re different though Scipio”

“Me too” They stayed in Ireland a couple more days then flew home to get everything started for them to adopt a child. Ghislains family was over joyed when they told them their plans and eagerly waited for them to be able to adopt. They also talked about Scipios need to become his animal every now and then so he’d be able to control it when he needed it and his family was happy to help. Everything was changing but it was staying the same in all the right ways.

~ The End

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