Ghislain & Scipio

Chapter One

Scipio was now not only ignoring texts and calls but had deleted him off even Facebook when he tried to contact him there. So Ghislain was now pounding on his door. “Ghislain I know it’s you” he finally heard through the door. “So please let me in so we can talk”

“I can’t”

“please” Scipio wanted to keep saying no but he opened the door, not willing to let him stand outside with it being dark out. Ghislain walked in “why wont you even talk to me?”

“Because, I have no business being your friend”

“Why? We’ve had a great friendship until I foolishly had sex with you”

“thats just it Ghislain. I’m an adult and you are a child. I should have ended our friendship the second I started developing feelings for you but I didn’t, I wanted you with me, wanted to be with you as much as I was.”

“Me too Scipio. This isn’t your fault.”

“It is, drunk off my ass or not I am the adult. I should have said no. I didn’t even try to fight you off. I just kissed back, I just let that all happen!”

“I’m only a kid for two more months!”

“but you are still a child and what we did was wrong. It makes me such a disgusting bastard. What makes it worse is I love you even more now. I think about you all damn day. I want things to go back to how they were so I can be around you but we cant just pretend us having sex didn’t happen. I” Scipio stopped, covering his face a moment in an attempt not to cry. “Your parents trusted me, you trusted me and I”

“You nothing, if anybody is the bastard its me. You were drunk and I knew it and I initiated things. If anybody took advantage of anybody it was me”

‘But your” Scipio started and Ghislain yelled “am not a child!”

“the floodgates have been opened Ghislain….I love you so much and I can barely control myself even now. I just want to hold you. I can’t be your friend and behave the way I need to so I’m sorry but you have to go, go home”

Ghislain balled his hands into fists, feeling irritated. “No I don’t. My parents let me make my own choices. You ignoring me is hurtful Scipio, it feels like I’m being stabbed in the heart. So stop treating me like a child.”

“Your parents would not be happy if they knew what I did, they would be furious, especially your father.”

“Why do you have to be so stupid.”

“You have to understand.”

“I do and your fears are unfounded. You are not disgusting and you are not to blame. I did this to you, I made you uncomfortable and now you want me gone. I didn’t seduce you because of some childish whim, I did it because I love you. I won’t apologize for loving you.” He swallowed down his anger. “If you really want me gone, then I’ll leave and I’ll do my best not to talk to you.”

Scipio’s heart twisted in agony. “Ghislain, I’m…”

“It’s fine, but know you mean the world to me, that you make my wolf dance with joy when I am in your presence, that I don’t regret sleeping with you. I really love you.”

Scipio felt choked up and practically jerked Ghislain into his arms, wrapping tight around him. Ghislain sighed and hugged back, loving being this close again after a couple days of total silence. It had been trult crushing his heart after he had finally achieved the closeness of making love. It had been truly that too, making love. Even drunk Scipio had been so sweet, rambling about how much he adored him. Saying so many things Ghislain had no idea he felt too during that night. It had reduced Ghislain to tears finding out the attraction wasn’t as one sided as he thought. “I’m sorry” Scipio started as he sniffed from the crying. “You’re just the last person on earth I want to hurt and once I sobered up I felt like I had taken advantage.”

“I’ve been trying to tell you it was me though. I knew you were drunk, hell that’s part of why I had the courage to try. If anybody was an ass it was me. My parents would be disappointed in me if they knew because they’d be upset I made love to someone whose judgment was impaired. It was selfish and it’s even more selfish I don’t regret it Scipio but I’ve fallen so hard for you. I know I have nobody to compare to but sex with you was astounding. You touched me so much with all the things you said to me and how adoringly you touched me. I’ve never felt so good as I did last night. I’ve never felt so loved and needed. I’ve never felt so complete Scipio.”

Ghislain swallowed before continuing “don’t send me home tonight. Don’t crush me by telling me I can’t talk to you” Scipio held him just a bit tighter as his mind fought with what he wanted and what he thought was right. “if I don’t push you away you have to help me just be your friend until you’re eighteen. Please, as you said it’s only two months. I love you enough to wait until what’s between us is right. Can you help me behave?”

“Scipio, I’m not a child so stop worrying so much. It sucks you’re so disgusted with yourself and it really makes me feel like you hated touching me.”

Scipio could clearly see the hurt in Ghislain’s eyes and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I loved it, really and that makes feel even worse. I shouldn’t have enjoyed it so much, it makes me feel like a creep.”

Ghislain let out another sigh. “How will two months rid you of the regret you feel now? I’ll be eighteen, but you’ll still fell like a creep for taking a seventeen year old’s virginity right?”

“It’s just…”

A third sigh slipped out and he pressed his lips against Scipio’s, causing the older man to hold tighter to him as their tongues dueled. Ghislain pulled back, feeling breathless. “Hopefully that’ll hold me over for two months.”


“Since you won’t just believe that everything is okay now and that no one would be mad, yeah really. You’d just push me away again and I don’t want that, it hurts too much.”

“Ghislain…I feel much better about us having sex now that we’ve really talked about it and I know I should have listened more from the start. I just got freaked out and upset that I had hurt and taken advantage of you. I love you, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have worried for a second about the possibility I was taking advantage. I just want to pin you down right here in front of the door and kiss you until you can’t even form sentences. I..I want so much. I wont carry guilt about it forever but give me time to feel better. I can’t just snap out of instantly being so upset with myself.” Scipio stroked his cheek “you are a handsome, amazing man that is wise beyond his years. I’m sorry for pushing you away and calling you a child when you aren’t one in your soul. However, in the laws eyes you are a child and we can’t have sex. We can’t take back our night but we can behave until your eighteenth birthday and everything can be how it was. You can even spend the night if you want”


‘yes, please. I’ll let you borrow a shirt tomorrow and you know I’ll get you to school on time”

“Just let me call my parents” Ghislain began to walk away but paused “I can’t sleep in your bed can I?”

“you can but I’l be on the couch. I want to behave and I wont have the control laying in bed with you”

“But I’m sad, you held me in your bed and let me sleep there when my dog died”



Scipio rubbed the back of his neck. “Damn it, you don’t play fair, not at all. All I want to do is spoil you and you’re playing on that.” Ghislain just smiled at him. “Not even denying it, have you no shame?”

“I guess not, so can I sleep with you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Awesome.” He called his mom who picked up on the third ring and explained to her where he was and that he wouldn’t be home until after school the following day.

“So, he finally gave in then?” Penelope asked and Ghislain gave a small sigh.

“Well…the thing is…” he sighed, “I did something bad, something selfish and it’s kind of made him feel bad…I…we…I took advantage of him and made him feel like he did something bad so we’re just kind of friends until my birthday.”


“I’m sorry mom, I know it was stupid, it’s just…” he sighed.

“You’re in love and one thing led to another.”


“Well it’s over and done with, just try and be good for his peace of mind and tell him not to worry, that your father and I are not going to rip his throat out, you’re nearly eighteen.”

“Thanks mom, I love you.”

“Love you too baby.”

“so they know then?”

“yeah but as I told you they aren’t angry. They know we’re in love. They don’t think anything of our age difference. We’re immortal, thinking about age difference is kind of silly when you think about it but I am going to do my best to keep things PG between us until my birthday if that is what you want to do Scipio. I love you and I’d wait years if it took years for you to be with me.” Scipios heart had apparently taken gymnastic classes judging by how it was behaving while Ghislain so genuinely spoke to him. Ghislain hugged him again “are you hungry?” he asked while still pressing Ghislains body into his. “yeah, I dont think I’ve eaten since breakfast”

“what do you want?”

“would you make me Black Forbidden Rice with Shrimp, Peaches, and Snap Peas?”

“Um, let me check to be sure I can” Scipio looked in his kitchen, glad he had what he needed to fulfill Ghislains stomachs craving. “I can, just relax and I’ll have it done as soon as I can” Ghislain sat on a clear area of counter to watch Scipio cook and talk to him. “its still hard for me to admit such freakish looking rice is good” Ghislain said as Scipio measured it. “good thing I’ll try anything.” Scipio said with a smile, glancing briefly at the red headed man that had completely taken over his heart.

Ghislain smiled back, still just happy to be around Scipio again. He had been so terrified and angry. It was surprising they were finally sharing an evening together again. “what’s going on in school tomorrow?” Scipio asked and Ghislain shrugged “nothing big unless we get another surprise test from Mr Benson”

“Aren’t those just the best?”

“They’re not so bad. I think he thinks they’re hard or something.”

“Never for you right?”

“His aren’t.” He kicked his feet, still smiling happily. “Hey, we should go to a movie this weekend.”

“Isn’t that kind of like a date?”

“Friends go to movies together all the time, come on let’s go this weekend, it’ll be fun. Since I can’t do anything else, I have to find ways to spend time with you.”

“Alright, this weekend then. Think about what you want to see and I’ll take you.”

Ghislain’s smile widened and Scipio had to look away from him before he wound up kissing him. He finished cooking then made both their plates and sat them on the table. Ghislain hopped down from the counter and gave him a hug before sitting down. “Thank you Scipio, you’re the best.”

“You’re welcome.”

Chapter Two

They talked over dinner about all the movies currently playing but still couldn’t settle on one before it was time to go to bed so Ghislain wouldn’t be tired in school. “I didn’t bring pajamas because me being here tonight was pretty far from what I expected to happen when I came”

“wear one of mine. I just washed that pair you like so much” Ghislain pulled that pair out then went into the bathroom to put them on. He would have felt comfortable changing infront of Scipio but he felt that would be mean and unfair. When Ghislain came back Scipio was changed aswell and sitting in the bed. He could tell Scipio was nervous and maybe even a little stressed about them laying together tonight. “I wont try anything Scipio” Ghislain said to hopefully relax him “hm, oh, somtimes I forget you’re a wolf and are sensitive enough to pick up on things.”

“just relax” Ghislain got in bed beside him and asked we can cuddle right?”

“yeah” Ghislain smiled, his eyes dancing with happiness. They both laid down and intertwined. Ghislain opened up his hearing enough to listen to Scipios heart rate and melted at how excited and nervous it was. It felt incredible to have such an effect on the man that drove his wolf wild. “I really really love you Scipio” Ghislain said blissfully. “I love you too Ghislain”

Ghislain smiled and snuggled closer. “You have no idea how happy I am.”

Scipio couldn’t believe how great the desire to give into temptation was, but he held himself back, knowing he could make it until Ghislain’s birthday. He lay as still as he could, listening to Ghislain’s breathing as it evened out and his body relaxed. Scipio took a deep breath and closed his own eyes, trying not to feel the warmth of his love pressed against him, trying not to get lost in the scent of his skin. It was unfair not being unable to touch him and kiss him, but even so he was overjoyed having Ghislain laying in his arms. He let himself relax completely, sleep finally finding him. The next morning, his alarm woke them and Ghislain gave a little groan of annoyance before grabbing the pillow and putting it over his head.

“Come on, you have to get up for school.”

“No, I’d rather spend all day cuddling.”

“Ghislain, up.”

“Oh alright, if I must.” Ghislain moved the pillow and sat up, stretching. “Stupid morning.” He yawned then gave Scipio a kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

“Alright, want me to make you breakfast?”

“Yes please.”

“how does spicy scrambled eggs sound?”

“Oh the ones you add cheddar and diced jalapeno to!?” Ghislain smiled with a small chuckle “those would be the ones”


“alright, get in the shower and I’ll get breakfast started” When Ghislain came out he was wearing one of Scipios shirts “nobody will notice the same jeans but I wanted to wear a different shirt”

“Okay, I’ll wash the one you wore yesterday. I have a lot of laundry piled up anyway”

“I noticed, you are always putting it off”

“says the boy who doesn’t have to go through the horror that is washing clothes?”

“mom has talent? It could be insulting to try and do it on my own. You cant interfere with a master”

“uh huh” Scipio said as he served Ghislain his breakfast. Ghislain in his pure happiness laughed “yep, my mom, the master painter and laundry artist” Ghislain ate his breakfast then hugged Scipio bye, glad he’d have his shirt so he could be wrapped in his scent while at school. Scipio actually felt his heart crumble a bit as Ghisain drove off. He felt utterly empty every time Ghislain left his side. To occupy himself Scipio took care of the dinner and breakfast dishes before grabbing Ghislains dirty shirt and washing it with some of his own laundry.

Scipio was just watching some TV when Max called him. He recognized the number and froze “oh god they aren’t okay” he feared as he answered “hey” he said a bit shakily. “Hey, I wanted to invite you over Sunday to hangout and have some pizza with the family”

“Oh” he started with relief. “yeah, I’d like that”

“So how was your night brother?” Rainer asked from the locker next to Ghislain’s.

“Good actually, not too good mind you, but nice.” Ghislain replied with a happy smile.

“He was upset wasn’t he?”

“Yeah, but it’ll be better once I’m eighteen.”

“Just two months brother, so just stay happy. You know I’ll know if you’re not.”

He chuckled. “Being loved by him will always make me happy.”

“Good, oh and mom and dad are going to ask him over for dinner on Sunday.”

“I’m sure he’ll be nervous even though they’re fine with everything. It’s not like dad is some blood thirsty killer or something.”

“can’t blame him for being a little scared though. I’m looking forward to seeing him again and seeing him look all dopey every time he looks at you” Ghislain punched his brother on the shoulder “shut up” Sunday came before they knew it and Scipio showed up just as nervous as Ghislain had predicted when Rainer opened the door “Ghislains in the back yard messing around with Aldo and Basile.”

“thanks” Scipio stepped in and Rainer said “don’t ever ignore my brother again. I had to listen to him try to silently cry every night you wouldn’t speak to him” Scipio frowned “I’m sorry…”

“he explained, I’m just warning you never to do it again. There isn’t any reason to ever push him away. He loves you and our parents are fine with it, they are happy for you two and so am I.”

“I know now, I’ll make it up to Ghislain for making him cry”

“Kiss him”

“kiss him?” Scipio said with a blush “yeah, get him alone tonight and give him a real kiss”


“a kiss wont hurt anything”

“okay, I will give him a kiss tonight and apologize for making him cry”

“You better.”

“I promise.”

Seeming satisfied with that answer Rainer let him go and he headed to the backyard where Ghislain was wrestling with Aldo. Ghislain managed to pin his brother down and then he looked up, his eyes glowing with happiness. “Scipio!” He said excitedly and Aldo rolled him, making a look of surprise cover his face. He started laughing and pushing at his brother. “You win, you win, get off.” Aldo just chuckled and let him up and Ghislain ran to Scipio, hugging him.

“Well hello to you too.”

“I’m so glad you’re here. You look so nervous, everything’s okay.”

“It’s just awkward is all.”

“I have two months left Scipio, two. It’s not like I’m fourteen or something, I’m nearly an adult so please don’t look so worried.”

“He is right you know, mom and dad don’t care, he’s not little anymore.” Aldo chimed in.

“Where are your parents anyway?”

“Napping, I’m sure Rainer woke them though.” Ghislain replied.

He looked over at Basile “and Bettina?”

“she went to buy some more soda for tonight. We could order it with pizza but she insisted on getting some variety” Max and Penelope soon came out and despite the comforts he had gotten he was still surprised when Penelope hugged him and Max shook his hand as they normally did. “we’re so glad you came” Penelope said with a smile “thanks for inviting me over”

“If you don’t relax we’ll throw somthing at you” Max said as he sat down in a lawn chair. Ghislain smiled ‘dad”

“what? He’s fine and we don’t want him suddenly turning into a weirdo because you two had sex. You love eachother. Anybody around the two of you that didn’t notice it before what happened a few days ago happened would be idiots. We were obviously fine with the attraction and think you’re a good man who would be good for our son so relax and act as you always have with us” Scipio blushed from head to toe and had been since Max uttered the word sex.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush so much.” Ghislain whispered in his ear before taking a seat.

“You’re enjoying this.”

Ghislain shrugged and gave him a heart stopping smile. “Hey you said I had to be good about the physical stuff, you never said I couldn’t tease you or let you be teased.”


“At least I’m a cute brat.”

Rainer, Aldo, and Basile started laughing while Penelope did her best to hold her own in and Max just smiled. “Yes, at least there’s that.” Scipio replied, his voice warming. Bettina soon returned and gave Scipio a hug after setting the soda in the kitchen.

“It’s so good to see you. Is my brother being good?”


“Sounds about right.” She tussled Ghislain’s hair and he gave her an amused smile as she sat in Basile’s lap. “So did everyone already tell him we aren’t planning on lynching him or anything?”

“Of course.” Max answered. “Though I think I may have embarrassed him a bit.”

“What would this family be if they didn’t embarrass at least one person a day.”

“go crazy” Aldo added. Scipio felt himself slowly loosening back up into the man he normally was around Ghislains family. He was glad none of them hated him for having sex with Ghislain and were happy at the thought of them being in a relationship. Comments and nudges throughout the night made him even question if he was being ridiculous or not by making Ghislain wait for them to be together until his birthday. They were fine and he wanted to be with Ghislain more than anything and show him just how much he loved him too. When he knew the night would be ending soon because Ghislain and Rainer would have school the next day he got Ghislain by himself in his bedroom “wh” before Ghislain could finish asking why Scipio wanted to be in here Scipio had lifted him, pressing him against the wall in a needy, passionate kiss.

He still didn’t know yet if waiting or not was the right thing but he had atleast told Rainer he would apologize to Ghislain tonight and kiss him. Scipio planned to kiss his brains out so he was nothing but a babbling, adorable idiot by the time he put him down. Ghislains legs wrapped tightly around Scipio, filling with emotion over being kissed like this again. The last time Scipio had kissed him like this was the night they made love and Scipio spilled his feelings to him.

“Oh Scipio you have to stop, you can’t kiss me that way and expect me to keep my promise.” Ghislain said softly, his voice filled with his desire.

Scipio pressed his forehead against Ghislain’s. “I really love you, more than anything and I’m sorry for hurting you. I was scared and I’m sorry. I’ll never make you cry again.”

Ghislain gently took Scipio’s face in his hands and kissed him. “I love you too, with all my heart.”

“And I do want you really, really bad. Last night, being so close to you, I couldn’t help but be tempted. It was hard to keep myself from indulging in my fantasies. If you don’t want to wait, then we don’t have too.”

Ghislain was speechless at first, his heart skipped a beat at Scipio’s words. He sounded so sincere, his eyes shining with all his love and lust. He swallowed. “No…no I want to wait. I know you love me, but I don’t want you to push me away again. I want you to make love to me, I want to get lost in you and have you get lost in me, but I don’t want you to start having doubts again.” He felt himself tear up at the idea and Scipio kissed him again, letting his hands slide under Ghislain’s shirt so he shivered.

“I was a fool, I love you, I love touching you and kissing you and being completely connected with you. You’re everything to me so anytime you want me to make love to you, I will. If you really still want to wait the two months then we can do that too, but I don’t want you to feel obligated.”

“Let me think about it.”

Scipio put him down “I understand fully. My fear that I did somthing wrong to you and hurt you ended up hurting you because I tried to protect you from myself. Its pretty ironic and it crushes me I made you cry..I’m sorry I got so scared for you”

“Scipio, I understand. You didnt abandon me selfishly or to make your life easier or anything, you thought you were protecting me because you felt you took advantage of me since your a legal adult and I’m not. It was out of love and I don’t hate you for it. I just don’t want you thinking like that again…life is unbearable without you in it. Just those few days were torture. I was so angry and sad.”

“I swear I wont, like I said, after talking to you you made me see I hadn’t hurt you by making love to you and I had in no way taken advantage of you. You deserve so much, I want to give you so much. You know I worked as a teachers assistant for awhile and it was drilled in how damaging it is for children when they are in relationships with adults even if they think they are willing. All I could think about was that and hated myself to the core for possibly hurting you but you’re right, it’s two months and your whole family agrees that a relationship with me isn’t harmful to you”

Ghislain rubbed Scipios cheek and kissed him again “I know, you are the least selfish person I’ve ever known Scipio. I know you’d cut of limbs for me if you thought it would somehow help me and I know you don’t talk to your cousin any longer because he bad mouthed me and said I wasn’t welcome in his home.”

“How do you know that?”

“My friend Angels father is his best friend so I found out pretty quick that right after I went home you told him if I wasn’t welcome in his home for foundless reasons he wasn’t welcome in your life and same would be for any family member that tried to make you choose between a friendship with me and them. It meant so much to me but I knew you didn’t want to tell me you loved me yet so I didn’t bring it up.”

“I really would, nobody in this world could make me give you up because you are whats most important. Knowing I’m not hurting you makes it so I will never shut you out again. I wish I hadn’t gotten so scared for your well being before”

“leaving me is never the answer for my well being”

“I know, I’ll let you think though okay”

“I’ll see you after school tomorrow”

“so soon you think?”

“As I said, you didn’t leave me because your family pressured you or you didn’t want to stand up to somebody who didnt like me or things got rough so you took a hike or anything like that. You thought you had taken advantage of me and were trying to protect me from you because you felt like a predator. You know you’re not some monster now so I’m sure I can gather the courage to date you before I’m eighteen.”

“goodnight Ghislain, take more time if you need it”

“Night Scipio, may I call you if I need to tonight?”

“Of course, I’ll have the phone right by my pillow” Scipio was disappointed that night when Ghislain never called and waited anxiously for school to end the next day. He sat on the porch, only going inside for a drink or to use the bathroom until finally Ghislains car pulled up. Ghislain walked up and Scipio braced incase it was bad news. “You promise on my life you know you aren’t a predator and us being together wont hurt me?”


“then yes, lets be together now. God I don’t want to wait another second”

Scipio was so excited he pulled Ghislain into his arms and started kissing him, his hands pressing into his back so they were pressed tightly together. “I love you.” He repeated between kisses and pulled him inside, pushing him up against the door. They tugged at each other’s clothes, hungry for the physical contact. Scipio lifted him, carrying him into his room and pressing him into the mattress. Scipio slid open the drawer to his nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube and rubbing some on and in Ghislain, wanting him to be as comfortable as possible.

“Hurry, I need you now.” Ghislain begged and Scipio tangled their fingers together as he thrust himself in. He found Ghislain’s lips with his own, pouring all his love into it. Ghislain quivered beneath him, his eyes filling with tears of happiness.

Scipio let his hips move wildly, his moans mingling with Ghislain’s. “I love you baby, I love you so much.” He whispered all the things he knew his love wanted to here, all the things that made him feel happy and cherished. He sat up, taking Ghislain with him. They both cried out as they found their release and Scipio pressed their foreheads together as they fought for air. “You okay?” He asked softly when he saw the tears in Ghislain’s eyes.

“Yes, perfect, just happy.” He clung tightly to Scipio and Scipio laid down with him, pulling him close and running his hand up and down his back.

“I love you, never forget that.”

“I won’t, I’m sorry I’m crying. I feel so childish, but I’m so happy I can’t help it.”

“It’s okay.” They laid there a few moments longer then got up and showered. They ordered Chinese for dinner, cuddling with each other on the couch while they watched a movie. When the movie was over and the leftovers were put away, they climbed into bed, both of them finally feeling content.

“Love you Scipio.”

“Love you too.” He kissed his forehead. “Forever and ever, I promise.”


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