Gloria 106 & Thorn 346

Chapter One

Thorn was covered in blood after slaying a group of males that tried to avenge the rape of their twin sisters. He had collard the two girls with chains and spent a little over a week raping and taunting them by the time he set them free. It wasn’t even a full two days later their brothers came after him, not knowing what a powerful demon he was. The five of them may as well have been human children to Thorns strength and abilities. If he didn’t enjoy his rape victims remembering what he had done to them he may have gone after the girls and slain them too for punishment because they told on him. He stood over the dead men, spitting on them then saying “stupid bitches, getting so worked up over worthless women” he decided to call on some of his necrophiliac demon friends to rape the corpses for causing him so much trouble and ruining clothes he liked very much.

Thorn ran until he was at an elderly womans house he had been seeing for many years. He had beaten her the first time he visited when she refused to make clothing for him and would beat her again if she ever stopped. He had no care she was an old human woman in her eighties. She turned pale as he broke down her front door. “I’m going to take a shower. Make me new clothes. I’m staying until they are done” he said coldly and the woman got up and hobbled to her room. She could never walk right after his original beating.

He ripped off his clothing and threw it in her garbage before washing in the shower. When he came out she was already offering clothes “I made them ahead of time for your next visit.” she said shakily with her hoarse voice. She had recently become ill but Thorn couldn’t have cared less. He snatched the clothes from her, pulled them on then left. The old womans heart beat painfully with how terrified she had been of him beating her again.

Thorn was glad he didn’t have to breath the horrible air in that house for any longer than that. he hated how elderly humans smelled but he enjoyed the fear he instilled in her so always watched as she would make his clothing. Gloria still had a love for traveling and was visiting a world with that consisted on nothing but the vampire race. It was Avasets home world and she wanted to show her new found friend her roots. “this place is astounding. Creepy, but astounding”

“You know how us vampires enjoy gloom” she said with a smile. “thanks for bringing me here”

“when you expressed you loved traveling I had to show you my home world”

“Why did you leave?’

“You are a good friend Gloria but it can be hard for me to talk about. Can we not?”

“Thats fine, if you’re ever ready I’m here though” Avaset kissed Gloria cheek “I know you amazing creature. Shame you don’t like women” Gloria gave a chuckling smile “If i did you’d be on my bed right now” she gave a playful wink that caused a wide smile in Avaset. “Come, I must take you to a gorgeous lake. Be mindful though. Its deep purple waters are poisoned and can evil kill a demon on the spot. Do not touch the water no matter how much you want to. There are beautiful creatures that live in it and it can be tempting.”

“I wont”
They walked and talked until they were in front of an almost incomprehensible scene. The lake was almost too gorgeous to be real and Avaset could already see the temptation in her eyes. She grabbed Glorias hand “do not Gloria”

“I wont”

“Too many have died in this lake. i wont have you added to the toll. It looks too pretty to be dangerous but it is”

‘I am over a hundred years old. I’m fine Avaset” Thorn was walking along when he caught sight of an appetizing, nude angel woman laying sprawled on the ground. She seemed unconscious and it made him lick his lips in hunger. This one wouldn’t be hard atall to make his bitch and take until he had all he wanted. Calixte had to fight off her smile when Thorn had seen her. She was trapping him and planning on torturing him as she had enjoyed watching him do to women. She had been following him for quite some time, watching his cruel acts and getting off on them. Now it was her turn to have a toy and his turn to suffer as he made women suffer.

She could over power Thorn but she wasn’t called the angel of deception for no reason. Tricking him into thinking he had found another victim was part of her fun. She couldn’t wait to hear his angry snarls when he realized he was being duped. Thorns shaft was throbbing hard as he lunged himself on top of her and pinned her wrists down before licking her neck. Calixte feigned jerking awake with surprise and horror “No!” she screamed, feeling his shaft grow harder with her cries.

She cried out a few more times then smiled her wicked smile. Just before Thorn slammed himself in her she kicked him in the nuts then rolled with all her strength to be the one doing the pinning. Laughing manically she head butted Thorn repeatedly until he was out cold.
Calixtes head hurt from her assault but she still felt that rush that always came when successfully deceiving and trapping someone. She felt her twin brother Cassius watching and glared up at him ‘what do you want? I’m having my fun!”

“Just watching sister dear.”

“get! He’s mine!” he shrugged “sorry, have fun” he walked away, planning on having some fun of his own. he was more selective of his victims though and tended to want to be their friends for a short time before showing the other, sadistic side of him. Avaset and Gloria left the lake and decided to enjoy the local cuisine one more time before heading back to Glorias world. Avaset ordered for them both again since she knew what was best around there.

Gloria felt the stares again but brushed it off. They just werent accustomed to see any race that wasn’t vampire so found her interesting. They ate and talked happily until they had their fill. Gloria wanted a milshake but all the milkshakes there were mixed with blood and that wasn’t somthing Gloria wanted to try. Avaset on the other hand ordered one on the go for their trip home.
“They are good Gloria, you sure?”

“I’m sure. I don’t want any”

“Suit yourself” They safely traveled back to the portal and into Glorias world. “you going home or spending more time with me?”

“I still want to hang around if you aren’t tired of me” Avaset answered then Gloria spoke again. “It’s nice having you over. I somtimes find myself feeling sombody is missing when I’m home and you help me not to feel that way”

“Maybe you want a mate?” Gloria shrugged “I dont know, I just feel like I’ve lost someone important somtimes”


“I know, I’ve never had a mate and my moms perfectly well”

“Maybe you want your father”

“Please, that jackoff, no” Thorn woke and felt chains on his arms and around his ankles. His head still hurt and he could feel the dry blood. When his eyes were focused he saw Calixte smugly grinning “Morning” she said in a victorious sort of way that made him growl. “uh uh uh, you thought you were the one who got to do the raping but not this time. I’ve been watching you, enjoying your sadistic, black soul. Now I get to practice everything I’ve learned from you on you. How fun for me and how unlucky for you. Should have passed me by demon spawn” he growled and jerked violently. His wrists and ankles began to bleed he was jerking so hard.

She just laughed, enjoying the show as she sat in her comfortable chair. Even when Thorn stopped trying to jerk himself free he growled “what have you done to these chains”

“Blessed them to trap any demon. Doesn’t matter what you do those aren’t coming off unless I let you free”


“Thats your favorite word isn’t it. When you were violating those girls and stripping them of any self worth as you dominated them you said that alot. Called them worthless bitches. Well I think you are worthless. I despise demons” Thorn growled again wishing he had strangled this bitch before he raped her,
Calixte calmly stood and walked over to her whip. “you know what the nice thing is about this? I’ve enchanted it so it shuts the wound when i hit you. You will feel all the pain without marring that sexy body. I do give attractive people this one grace.”

“Fuck you” he seethed. Calixte whipped him mercilessly. Loving his screams and curses. She whipped him for most of what remained of that day. “I’m hungry now. See you later my wonderful new toy” Thorn jerked again, still growling even now. He promised himself he would get this woman back somehow if she didn’t end up killing him. He knew nothing of this angel so had no idea what to expect from her.

He could feel the stings as he hung there, wondering how he could hurt this bad without a single scar to show of it. He scented many people had been wherever he was now. All demons and one other angel. The male angel scent was similar to Calixte so Thorn knew they were related but couldn’t deduce what relationship they had. With how close it was it had to be a sibling, child or parent. He couldn’t imagine she had children so he crossed that out of his mind. He deeply took in the scent to punish her when he was free by going after whomever this male angel was and torturing him in similar ways.

Thorn wasn’t sure when sleep had taken him but he woke to electricity surging through his body. She had pieced through his shoulder with an electric blade after placing both of his feet in buckets of water. His screams were almost a lullaby to her. When she finally stopped she rubbed some green substance where the blade had previously been and the wound closed itself “you know i can heal my fucking self” he said in a weak tone that he was trying to fight off.
Thorn also realized he was naked from head to toe. His brand new clothes laying in ruin on the floor. Calixte bent in front of Thorn, taking him in her mouth. He growled and she bit him, almost hard enough to draw blood. She slid him out “I’ll bite you with every protest” She took him back in, he holding his tongue before she bit his favorite part of himself off. He grinned smugly “thats right, fucking suck my dick bitch” he said, and was soon full of regret. “Fine” she said as she grabbed her blade again. She stabbed Thorn multiple times, grinning at every scream. She just let him bleed until panic set in “fucking..fucking heal me!”

“I thought you could do it on your own”

“Not with” he started but was getting too weak. Calixte didn’t help until he was barely alive. She healed his wounds and he fell limply asleep. Weeks passed and while she wasn’t breaking him he began to actually feel remorse for things he had done. Most of this he had done himself and now he knew what it felt like. He still felt better than women and wasn’t sure what he would do when released but he did carry a little more empathy for his victims.

Thorn began to lose track of time, not certain atall he had been at this angels mercy. All he knew was he ached from the torture, his bottom hurt from the things she’d shove up there to mimic the sexual abuse Calixte had seen him do to women. Tonight she was given him a harder lashing than normal. He was actually crying though he hoped his father would never know of it. This didn’t stop until a male angel came in “sister” he said sternly. She ceased ‘what!”

“we are needed at Highends”

“I’m not done with him”

“set him free sister or Galius will have our heads. We can have more fun when we aren’t needed. maybe we can go to a human world and cause havoc there.” she sighed “whatever, I don’t know why you fear Galius”

“You fear him too sister”

“Fine, just let me whip him into unconsciousness” he gave her a wave as if to say go on but hurry. Her vicious beating only became worse and he willed himself to pass out so he could wake to being free.

Chapter Two

Gloria was walking home from Avasets home when she smelled blood. She ran incase sombody needed help since she could tell it was demon. When she came upon Thorn she gasped in horror. Blood matted his hair and collected all over his body. Calixtes whip may not leave marks but the many dagger cuts did. Gloria picked Thorn up and ran him to her home. She set him down in her bath tub then went into her kitchen to fetch a rag. She wet it then returned to Thorn who was still knocked out in the tub.

It was as she started to clean him that his eyes snapped open. he snarled and grabbed her wrist painfully tight “stop that you bastard! Thats no way to treat sombody who saved your ass and is now cleaning you! You’re lucky nothing ate you! Let me go before I kill you” Thorn was taken off guard and grateful to look around and see a bathroom instead of his torture chamber. He let her go and she went back to cleaning him “got yourself into trouble huh?”

“None of your business” Gloria sighed “you’re lucky my mom taught me to help even people that dont deserve it” Thorn didn’t answer. he began to just enjoy the feeling of the rag. Gloria stopped and he honestly felt disappointed ‘since you’re awake you can shower. I’ll make you a herbal soup. It’ll help you” she stood and looked at him expectantly. “what?” he asked ‘wheres my thank you?” she said pointedly. “I dont say thank you” Gloria shook her head “I’m going to chalk this up to the hell you obviously went through but I expect a change of attitude since I’m helping you out.”
He frowned when she left, truly feeling a little bad for treating her that way. He turned the water on and started scrubbing off all the blood. He thought of Glorias beauty as he washed, how even the anger in her eyes over his rudeness was sexy. He kept thinking about her until he shocked himself. He was thinking about a woman without thinking about screwing her. He whispered to himself “what the hell is going on” not sure how even to answer himself or what to think. He did decide to play nice until his body felt better. He didn’t have a home and looked forward to being pampered until he felt better. Somthing told him Gloria would tend to him while he stayed there and he wanted to lap it up.

Gloria took calming breaths as she prepared her guests soup. She kept reminding herself that he had been tortured in some form and anybody would be moody upon first getting away. This man needed her kindness so she would try to hold her temper until he felt better. Over the next week Thorn tried to be nice and Gloria stayed patient. It soon became easy to be nice to this woman who had saved him. With her was the first time he laughed out of joy or about somthing funny instead of laughing evilly as he did somthing despicable. He was truly feeling happy and he didn’t have to hurt anybody to feel this way, not when he was with Gloria.

~ The End ~

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