Gloria: Age 17

Chapter One

Gloria sat on a large, smooth, gray stone by a beautiful, crystal clear river. She was filling the forest around her with the soft music of the light brown flute resting in her hands. Gloria soft fingers lightly tapping the holes to produce the notes she wanted to play. Nothing relaxed her quite like playing the flute. This was a particularly stressful time because her mother had a new mate and Gloria didn’t like him. She felt bad for disliking him and truly didn’t know why she hated his guts. Her parents were nothing more than fuck buddies so it wasn’t like she had hopes of a reunion for them. She wondered if maybe it was just because this was new. Neither of her parents had ever been mates with anybody. The most serious they ever got was fuck buddies and that wasn’t much atall.

She hoped that maybe if she was nice and relaxed when she visited again she could have a better attitude for her mother. Without just cause for hating him she felt like a brat and didn’t want to see herself in such a light again. Without warning Gloria felt a finger on her shoulder. As a reflex she punched at whomever was touching her but he dodged. She gave chase, each exchanging blows until she had him pinned down. ‘woah. jesus girl, I just wanted to compliment you on your singing”

“Is that truly so?”

“Yes” Gloria let the demon up ” Why did you give me no warning before touching me?”

“I dont know, do you often react that badly?” She eyed him for a time without speaking then sighed “sorry but you shouldnt just go touching people who are trying to lose themselves”

“why are you doing that?”

“My mom has a mate who I dislike and I have no reason to so I’m trying to relax before i go so that I may have a better attitude”

“Why try? If you dont like someone screw them. You dont have to like him because your mother does”

“i do because i love her and I want her happiness. It hurts her I dislike him”

“Why do you care” The male asked and Gloria huffed and rolled her eyes “I love my mother. Didn’t you just hear me?” The male shrugged “whatever, I dont care about my mom. She’s a bitch”

“well mine isn’t”

“You’ve got a lot of fire for a female”

“You’ve got a lot of assholiness for a man who isnt made purely of butt” He laughed “when are you seeing them again?”


“I’m coming with you”

“Nobody invited you and I dont even know you”

“I’m Aegaeon, now you know me”

“I’m Gloria I guess”

“Oh you guess, theres that female stupidity”

“God, fuck you, get the hell away from me”

“Jeez, do you not understand jokes?”

“Not offensive ones”

“Ugh, whatever, I’m still coming”

“No you aren’t” Gloria cast a spell of sleep, knocking the male out then she heading to her mothers home. When she arrived she greeted them both with hugs “you look upset sweetie” her mother pointed out “i’m fine, I just met a jerk along the way. How’re you?”

“we’re perfect as always’

“great” They had tea and desserts while talking, Gloria managing to make herself open up a little more to her mothers mate. A guilty stab of relief filled her when she left her mothers house. Gloria took comfort in the fact she did better this time. Her mother deserved more but she was trying her best. Gloria walked home without any worry that purple eyed asshole would bother her again. Upon entering her abode she made herself a mug of sleepy time tea then ran a lavender bubble bath to soak in while she enjoyed the hot tea running down her throat.
Gloria let out a happy sigh when her body was covered in the comfort of her bath water and she had taken a few sips of her delicious tea. She soaked until she was relaxed enough for sleep then settled in for the night. Pleasant dreams filled her head until the mornings rays woke her. Gloria gave a long stretch then pulled a bra and panty set on before entering the kitchen to grab some fruit for breakfast. She savored he grapes she pulled out since they were her last ones. She would have to travel to the valley they grew in again if she wanted any more.

When they were gone she made a bag for her journey before dressing. After double checking her bag Gloria left her home to collect more grapes. She wishes the valley wasn’t so far away but it was well worth the journey. Gloria pulled out her flute and began to play as her feet moved against the ever taller grass. Before long it would be up to her hips if she kept going this direction.

As always Gloria slowly accumulated a following of various wildlife as she strode. Gloria only halted her playing when the sound of Acenaths voice sounded in her ears “hey! Gloria! Where ya headed?!” Gloria smiled at her friend that was hurriedly dashing through the grass over to her. “I need more grapes. Would you like to accompany me?”

“Of course, I’ve been meaning to come spend some time with you anyway”

“Yeah, I’ve missed you. It’s been about two weeks”


“You know it’s fine”

“Would you keep playing as we walk?”

“Of course, I never tire of playing”

“I wish i had been better at it when you tried to teach me”

“You just gave up too soon. I could get you playing well if you’d be patient. Musical talent doesn’t appear over night”

“I guess, after the grapes?”

“after the grapes. This time I wont allow you to quit” Acenath laughed “I could totally seeing you blocking me into your house”

‘Glad you know what I’m capable of” Gloria answered making Acenath laugh again. Gloria lifted her flute to her lips and began playing another tune. Acenath hummed along as she often did when they were walking together while Gloria played.
On the second day of their journey Gloria played no music. “Have you heard of Pholiprious Jackson?”

“No, why?”

“He’s who my mother is with.”

“You like him?”

“Nope and I have no reason to not like him”

“Hm, maybe he’ll grow on you”

“Hopefully, I feel terrible I dont like him for no reason atall. My mom seems so happy”

“Are you jealous?”

“No, I can still see her whenever I want”

“Hm” Acenath said again. They spoke more on the subject and then moved on to happier topics until they were nearing the valley. “I’m so excited for some fresh grapes”

“Me too, I never make this trip without you and I didn’t come last time” They took off in a run until they were right before the grapes. Gloria took out two containers, giving one to her friend so they could both gather. They picked until all the containers Gloria brought with her were full. They found a nice place to sit down then opened one container to eat out of it together as they rested. “I wonder how these grapes grow so nicely on their own”

“I heard a fairy tends to them” Gloria answered then Acenath spoke again. “Fairies, you hear so much of them and never see them”

“They are more private creatures and mostly only in worlds that have a majority of faires. Can’t blame them though. All demon and humankind abuse them. People get greedy with their magic”

“Yeah” When they were done eating they refilled the container then started heading back to Glorias. “while we’re this way why don’t we go see what Kieran is up to?”

“Sure, sounds fun. I haven’t given him a visit in a few months”

“I miss him” Acenath said with a blush and Gloria nudged her with a wink. “stop Gloria”

“I think he misses you too when you aren’t around him”

“No he doesn’t. He would have said somthing”

“He’s one of your fathers friends and is terrified of asking you out and provoking your dads wrath”

“Dad wouldn’t do anything to him. Not with how old I am”

“I dont know, dads can be crazy. Especial;y when their friends end up crushing on their daughters”
“You should write a book with your imagination Gloria.” Gloria giggled, not doubting for a second she was right about Kieran. Getting to Kierans home seemed like it would be trouble free until something slammed into Acenath while another thing popped out of the ground and grabbed Glorias ankle. Gloria kicked the zombie in the face scenting that a vampire was attacking Acenath. This is what they got for traveling at night. Just as she had gotten the Zombie attacking her out of commission more starting popping up or just simply running at them. This vampire was obviously their puppet master.

Acenath, still warring with their vampire attacker slammed him onto his back and slammed her fist upwards into his nose to break it. He hissed at her and kicked her hard between the legs. It wasn’t on the same pain level as doing it to a man but he knew it would still hurt. He then grabbed Acenaths arms and pulled her down to sink his fangs into her arm. She bawled her free hand into a fist and began to slam it hard into the vampires skull but it didn’t make him stop.

Gloria threw up barriers all around them to atleast stop the zombies that seemed to come unendingly from the world around them. She then summoned up a few smaller demons to help her. She had faith in hers and Acenaths abilities but he had sunken his fangs into Acenath and Gloria wasn’t willing to be cocky until this vampire was dead or retreating. The smaller demons got on the vampire and began trying to pry his mouth open while Gloria unleashed an all out asault on the man. With the help of her smaller demons they got Acenath and the vampire apart. He began exchanging blows with Gloria until finally becoming frustrated and hissing “take down the fucking barrier and I’ll retreat. Her blood isn’t good enough for all this”

Gloria let down the barrier and he took off. When he left the zombies lost interest so the demons Gloria summoned left and she ran to Acenath “You ok?”

“Light headed from loss of blood. I’m a little embarrassed too”

“Why? Vampires are quick little bastards”

“still embarrassing”

“I say you put up an amazing fight”

“want to gather wood for a fire and rest? I wanted to get there tonight but resting is probably best’

‘yeah, if you feel too tired from your blood loss I’ll gather some myself”

“No no, I’ll come”
They made themselves a nice fire then ate grapes by it until they were ready for sleep. Acenath put out the flames while Gloria erected a barrier to keep them safe. The girls laid side by side in the grass and held hands. Acenath was doing this to lend Gloria some of her energy so the temporary barrier wouldn’t tax her as much as it would alone. Kieran whom hadn’t been home in some time was walking around in the night peacefully until he caught the scent of Acenaths spilled blood. His heart nearly stopped with fear then he took off in a run. He found the spot and noticed what he thought might be Glorias scent aswell. He knew Acenaths without a doubt but Glorias he didn’t know quite as well.

Kieran followed the two girls scents until he found them sleeping on the ground. He was going to walk all the way up to them but ran into Glorias barrier. He smiled, glad they werent just sleeping out here without any defense atall. He felt a little guilty wondering if maybe they had come to his house and they weren’t home. He had given Acenath a key but he wondered if maybe she didn’t want to use it.

“Gloria! Acenath!” he said loudly and both girls woke. Gloria took the barrier down and Acenath ran into Kierans arms for a hug. “Hey”

“Hey” he said softly with a large smile. To him it had been far too long since he received a hug from her. “why is it that I could smell your blood?” He asked when she let go of him. “we were attacked by some zombies and a vampire. We kicked their butts” he hugged her again, collecting the vampires scent off of her. “I’m glad you girls won. Why are you sleeping outside?”

“we were trying to get to your house but after that battle we decided to sleep”

“My home wasn’t that much further”

“you never know what can happen though”

“let me escort you two to my home then. I don’t want anything else happening” Gloria had a silly grin on her face that made Acenath want to punch her in the arm. Kieran had to keep stopping himself from lacing his hand in Acenaths. If he let himself do that he would want more. he was always wanting more and he knew if he gave in to even one desire he might not be able to stop himself from professing his love.

Chapter Two

They swiftly made it to Kierans house. He turned his lights on then showed Gloria a room she could stay in. Acenath always stayed in the bedroom right beside Kierans so she knew where her room was. “are you two hungry?”

“yes” Acenath answered and he smiled “well let me make you somthing” kieran began to prepare Grilled Turkey Cutlets With Olives And Almonds since it was one of Acenaths favorites. Acenath helped though he tried to protest out of worry since they had just fought with a vampire and zombies hours ago. Acenath wasn’t having it and helped prepare their late night meal. Gloria ate slowly, finding that she loved this meal too. When dinner was done they decided to sleep for the remainder of the night. Kieran was supposedly going to sleep too but he wanted to find the bastard who had sunk his fangs into Acenath.

Gloria knew this but didnt say it out loud. She waited and listened for Kieran to open his window and leave. When he did she left her room, went into his room then proceeded to stealthily follow him. She was impressed with how fast he found the vampire and gave him the lesson of all his lifetimes no doubt. As Kieran began to walk home Gloria let herself be known “So protective” her worlds startled him and he whipped around “how long have you been following?”

“The whole time. You know I know you love Acenath”


“I told her” kieran went pale and Gloria laughed “she didn’t believe me”

“Good, I can’t be with her as more than a friend. I dont even see her unless she comes to me which i hate but”

“her father” Gloria finished. “yes, her father. He would not be pleased”

“fuck her father Kieran”

“I might end up in a fight with him and I couldnt come to blows with her father. She loves him”

“She loves you and dont be bull headed”

“You dont know this for fact”

“I’ve been her friend a long time, I know”

“what am I to do about her father? Answer me that” Gloria shrugged “Nothings getting accomplished like this. I’ve seen you when she isnt here. You look so sad, like a piece of you is missing”

“I feel empty when she isnt here. Its why I cant bear to stay in my home. I think of her too much there. lets get home. No more of this talk” Gloria sighed but said nothing. They were adults and needed to get through this on their own. She knew Kieran was close to being overwhelmed and would confess his feelings and deal with Acenaths father eventually. The next morning Acenath woke first and ran to Kierans room to wake him. She jumped on his bed saying loudly “good morning Kieran!” He opened his heavy eyes and smiled at her despite how zombie like he felt after staying up so late and fighting with that vampire. “Morning Acenath”

“I’m going to make honey pancakes for breakfast”

“Thank you” he said as she got off of his bed and ran off. Gloria appeared by his door frame and winked, causing him to sigh.
At the breakfast table Acenath asked “what should we do today?”

“I don’t know, Kieran looks really tired”

“I am fine”

“she’s right, you ok Kieran?” Acenath asked. Smiling as he always did when she said his name Kieran answered “I’m more than ok. I’m happy to have company. I learned a new language recently, would you like to learn it from me Acenath?”

“When have I ever said no to that? Want to Gloria?”

“Of course, never hurts. Why’d you learn it Kieran” Gloria asked mischievously. Gloria knew he learned languages just for a reason to be around Acenath more. “It helps” he answered honestly. A majority of the day was spent learning the alphabet. This was a language unlike any Acenath had learned from him before and it was difficult to learn the letters so differently. The next morning over breakfast Gloria announced she was leaving “are you going to stay Acenath since you want to learn Kipomika from Kieran?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably stick around until I know it well. I always do. I’m lucky he’s so willing to teach me” Gloria left with a huge smile on her face. Gloria may have stayed longer but she needed space as she still struggled with her mothers mate. It was incredibly baffling for her suddenly to want a mate and Gloria just couldn’t shake not liking him. She decided she was going to talk to the smartest demon she knew and see what he had to say on the matter.

Gloria began to overthink the situation as she walked so she pulled out her flute again to soothe herself. It put her in a lighter mood until she heard the voice of Aegaeon, that prick she had never wanted to hear from again. “Gloria!” she removed the flute from her lips to answer “what do you want now?”

“That was harsh to knock me out when I only wanted to go somwhere with you”

“You were demanding to go after you were a jerk to me”

“You were being impossible from the start”

“I wasn’t, you called me stupid”

“Females tend to be stupid”

“Not all of us. Less females would be dumb if they werent raised to be toys”

“My mother wasn’t raised to be a toy and treated me like crap”

“Your mother was a bitch then but you can’t blame me for that”

“Oh, dont pretend you wouldnt treat a male child the same”

“I wouldn’t”

“Then how about this time let me come wherever you’re going.”


“I want to be around you”

“even though I must be a bitch because I’m a woman?”

“Prove me wrong”

“fine, whatever, come but you will talk to me nicer. I wont be talked down to”

“I can do that”
They walked only a little further when Aegaeon asked “so, where are we going?”

“My moms mate is still on my mind. I’m going to ask a wise demon if he knows why i can’t shake disliking him”

“Why do you care so much?”

“She’s my mother and she was a good one. I care because if I ignore my dislike and somthing is really off its my fault if somthing happens to her”

“That’s too much pressure for yourself”

“when you love people you want them safe and happy. I’d do anything for my parents” Aegaeon just stared at Gloria silently, honestly shocked by how much she cared. They arrived at a small house a few hours later and Gloria knocked on the door. Soon a demon with long black hair and purple eyes answered ‘Gloria, how nice to see you. Who is this?”


“welcome Aegaeon, any friend of Glorias is a friend of mine” They sat in his living room “would you two like a drink?” Gloria passed but Aegaeon accepted a drink. G√ľnther went into his kitchen and came back with apple juice “Now, this seems like a visit of an important matter”

“Yes, my mother has a new mate and I’m worried with no reason. I don’t like him with my mother”

“What’s his name?”

“Pholiprious Jackson”

“never heard of him.” G√ľnther answered but That name made Aegaeon think. It sounded familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. “Maybe since this is the first real time your mother has put her heart on the line you’re worried for her.”


“You’re a loving daughter so that would only make sense. I hate to disappoint you with not knowing him”

“You’re smart but I would be ridiculous to expect you to know everything on the planet G√ľnther”

“Aegaeon, do you have somthing to interject? You have been in deep thought since she said the demons name”

“I know him, just cant remember if that makes sense”

“did he use some charm on you?”

“Charms dont work on me” He retorted and Gloria called him out “my sleep charm sure worked”

“Only time somthing did”


“Hey, thats the truth”

“Ok, don’t get so defensive”
They changed the subject since Aegaeon seemed so easily sore. This was precisely why Gloria hadn’t wanted him to come along. She had met sexists before and they were so easily offended by the gender they were sexist against that she knew he would be annoying. It wasn’t much later when Aegaeon asked “can i meet him? It might hit me if I see him”

“Only if you can be respectful to my mother.”

‘yes, I will”


“I will”

“good, I hate to have such a short visit G√ľnther but I’m really uneasy about my moms mate and I’d like to let Aegaeon check him out”

“I understand, come back soon.” With goodbyes exchanged Aegaeon and Gloria left G√ľnthers home. “he was nice”

“yes, he’s been my friend a long time. I go to him for advice frequently. He is much older than I.”

“how old are you?”


“I’m twenty”

“Oh, interesting”

“How is that interesting?”

“I thought you were older, you seemed older”

“is that bad or good?”

“it isn’t anything. You just seemed older despite your childishness when it comes to women”

“I have every right to hate women”


“My mother and aunts were cruel to me growing up”

“doesnt mean all women are terrible. Maybe you just use that as an excuse for your mother. Its easier to think she was programmed to be mean so it doesnt hurt as much she abused you” Aegaeon wasn’t sure how to retort so was silenced. Gloria just hoped his silence meant he was thinking and maybe coming around.”You are the only female to be nice to me” he said some time later. “you are so abrasive when you first meet one that isn’t shocking. I guarantee you you’d have better experiences with women if you’d stop being such an asshole right off the bat”
“maybe, I guess I’m sorry for before”

“If you hate women so much it really makes me wonder why you’re helping me”

“I told you before I just like you and want to help you. You are beautiful so that probably helps”

“Theres lots of beautiful female demons” she answered making Aegaeon sigh “can we not analyze this? Jeez”

“Fine, fine” At sunset they found a nice place to rest for the night then Gloria took out her grapes for them to eat. They hadn’t spoken much since Aegaeon asked Gloria not to analyze his actions so he decided to break the silence “do you have a mate?” Gloria looked over at him but he was concentrating his eyes in another direction. “No”

“why?” She shrugged at his question and he looked at her, not saying anything. It began to make her uncomfortable “Aegaeon?” he reached out and touched her face so she grabbed his hand “what’re you doing?”

“Nothing, sorry, goodnight Gloria” He had barely eaten but climbed up a tree to rest. Gloria finished eating then just laid down in the soft grass to sleep. The following morning Aegaeon starting a fire woke her “oh, good morning.”

“Morning sleepy. I’m making us somthing to eat”


“No problem”

“Why didn’t you wake me to help?”

“I didnt need it” She smiled at his thoughtfulness. It was obvious she was changing him for the better and it made her feel jocund. She needed somthing to lift her spirits with how worried she had been lately over her mother. Aegaeon didn’t talk much over breakfast “why so quiet now?”

“I have nothing to say”

“are you embarrassed about touching me last night?”

‘of course not, that was nothing and you know it. Don’t spoil the morning”

Chapter Three

Gloria giggled then asked “so, do your ears feel like your hair?”


“They look like they are made out of your hair” He smiled “come feel them” Gloria moved closer to him and gently rubbed his ears before letting her hands slide through his hair. “I’m so jealous of your hair. So freaking soft.” Glorias face was inches from Aegaons as he slid his hands into her hair “my hair isn’t that much softer than yours”

“Liar” Gloria said then he smiled “I’ve never seen such golden eyes” he said “still, its much more rare to see purple”

“I thought you were a woman of more confidence”

“I am confident. Your hair is just softer than mine and your eyes are more rare. You are a beautiful yet handsome man”

“and who made you think male demons like being called beautiful?’

“Nobody, you just are” he pulled her face closer to his, their lips almost touching. He said nothing, just paused there as he did last night when he was staring at her. He was about to speak again when he smelled a demon coming. He pushed her away and the man laughed ‘don’t stop on my account”

“there was nothing to stop. We were just talking”

‘alright then. i’m just passing through. Have fun talking” he said with a wink causing Gloria to laugh.When the man was gone Aegaeon grabbed Glorias bag “lets go”

“you didnt finish your food” she protested and he said again “lets go” Gloria gave a small sigh and stood. Glroia kept looking over at Aegaeon, wanting to feel how soft his hair and ears were again but knew with how much he was obviously embarrassed by being attracted to her he wouldnt let her do it again. Gloria was far from full of herself but he clearly wanted her and couldn’t admit it.
On the final day of their journey she tried to lace their hands and he jerked away ‘dont do that”

“So you dont like touching me?”

“I dont want to hold your hand”

“You’re blushing”

“I’m not”

“are too” He blushed even more causing her to stifle laughter that almost burst from her. They arrived at her mothers house around dinner to find they werent home. She sighed and just let herself in. Mom wont mind if we’re here when she gets back. “I’m tired, where can i sleep?”

“On the couch or my bedroom floor”

“Where are you sleeping?”

“In my old bed”

“then I’ll be on the bedroom floor. Cant have them seeing a strange man in the living room” Gloria smiled ‘yeah, wouldn’t want that” Gloria gave a happy moan when she laid in bed. “Oh a bed” Aegaeon became half hard and uncomfortable “just sleep”

“aw, are you jealous I get a bed. Hop up here.”

“I’m fine down here”

“You sure?”

“yes, just sleep.”

“night, you’re welcome up here if it gets too uncomfortable down there”

“thank you” The next morning Gloria woke to find Aegaeon still resting. She quietly stepped over him then grabbed jeans and a tshirt to change into after she got the nice hot shower she had been dreaming of. She and Aegaeon stopped to wash in a pool of water on the way here but it had been frigid and uncomfortable. The sound of Glorias singing woke Aegaeon from him slumber. After stretching out his aching muscles he leaned his back against Glorias bed and listened to the sweet sounds of her voice. He hated they were already back at her mothers house because he didn’t want to have to leave her side. There was nothing about Gloria he wouldn’t miss once they werent together all the time like they had been the past couple of days. He wanted to tell Gloria he was falling for her but at the same time he didn’t want to admit to anybody he could actually love a woman.

It was too hard to say because he would grow embarrassed and he had also spent his whole life treating women like dirt and making a show of how horrible he thought they were. Now he had met a wonderful woman. So kind and absolutely stunning. Her voice was one of an angel despite her being of demonic birth and her flute playing was unparalleled. He hoped there was nothing wrong with Glorias mothers new mate but if there was he hoped he could figure it out before somthing happened.
When Gloria came out of the bathroom she smiled at Aegaeon, tugging a smile onto his own face “morning”


“want to shower?”

“I have nothing to change into”

“I have mens sweatpants” He smiled “thank you” She loved how easily he would thank her now when it seemed to be so difficult when they first started out together. Gloria took out the pants and handed them to him. Aegaeon succumbed to the temptation rising within him and kissed Glorias cheek. She flushed and stood there shocked as he walked into the bathroom. When Glorias brain started up again she walked into the bathroom “what was that?”

“I’m showering Gloria”

“what was that?”

“Nothing, a thank you kiss”

“Only husbands and boyfriends give thank you kisses”

“You have neither so theres no harm in a thank you kiss.”

“are you applying for the position?”

“why would I do that?” Gloria sighed “whatever” was all she remarked before walking out. She slammed the door shut with her frustration and he felt a sting. He frowned, disappointed in his pig headed nature. Aegaeon quickly finished washing and slipped the pants on he had been given. He loved that her scent was so heavy on these pants. He knew he had to quit being stupid and talk to her about his feelings. “Of all things” he said in his head.

“Gloria I” he started as he came out of the bathroom but she wasn’t in the bedroom anylonger. He walked out of the bedroom and didn’t find her so he looked outside where she was standing with her mother and Pholiprious Jackson. Aegaeon growled, knowing him the second his eyes beheld the demon. “why bare your fangs at me pup? I’m much older than you and a friend of your fathers”

“stop it right now! Does she really want to be your mate?”

“Of course she does. I make her happy, don’t I love? Tell him how happy I make you.”


“You have cast a spell on her Pholiprious!” He half smiled “and what are you two brats going to do about it? Sally, kill your daughter.” he said as if he were telling her somthing as simple as come here.
Sally went after her daughter and Glorias heart sank “mom” she yelled. “Pholiprous!” Aegaeon shouted angrily and began fighting with him. Gloria dodged attack after attack from her mother, not wanting to fight back. Especially since she knew her mother had no control over this. All Gloria did in return was plead with her mother “Mom, please, don’t listen to him. You’re strong. Don’t let him use you! Stop mom” Sally pinned her daughter to the ground with a blade pressed into her throat “mom” Gloria pleaded with tears streaming down her face. “Kill her” Pholiprious managed to scream again as he continued to fight with Aegaeon. “mommy, please” Gloria pleaded again. Sally didn’t move, her face looked tormented and Gloria hated the struggle she could see her mother having.

Sally began screaming and crying as she got off of her daughter and tucked herself into a ball . Pholiprious was so confused it gave Aegaeon a shot at getting the upperhand. Aegon caught Pholiprious in a stomach claw “fix what you’ve done or I’ll keep this hold until you pass out from it” Pholiprious spoke a few words “she’s free damnit”

Gloria was now laying on the ground with her mother crying. Aegaeon still waited until Pholiprious passed out to let go “Aegaeon” Gloria said and he looked over at her “don’t kill him. I don’t like death unless it is needed. Neither does my mother” Aegaeon wanted to kill him for trying to kill Gloria but he couldn’t go against that heartbreaking face of Glorias. “fine, I’ll just get him away from here”

As Aegaeon walked away Glorias manic mother wrapped her arms weakly around Gloria “I’m so sorry baby.”

“I know mom. It’s ok.” Gloria just let her mom cry into her shoulder until there were no tears left. “lets go inside. I’ll make you some hot tea then I’ll put a barrier up so Pholiprious can never enter this house again” Sally had no voice and just allowed her daughter to help her inside. Gloria started the tea brewing and sat with her zombie like mother “do you want me to run you a bath”

“I could have killed you”

“But you didn’t and I knew you wouldn’t. Nothing could make you do that” Sally started sobbing again though no tears came, she didn’t have any left. Gloria wrapped her mother in a hug “I love you mom” Sally nodded and it broke Glorias heart further. Mainly because she could have brought Aegaeon about a week before. Her mother had to put up with Pholiprious about an extra week because she didn’t allow Aegaeon to come with her the first time.
When the tea was ready she made a cup for herself and her mother then just sat at her mothers side, unsure of what she should do. “thank you sweetheart” Sally said as she placed her empty cup down. “your welcome mom”

‘I’m so tired”

“You should sleep then”

“will you help me change my sheets and pillow cases then lay with me?”

“Of course mom. Just wait here. I’ll do it myself. Want tea to drink while I do it? Theres more in the pot”

“No thank you honey” Gloria walked into her mothers closet to collect clean sheets and pillow cases. Gloria changed them as quickly as she could before returning to her mother and walking with her back to the bedroom. They laid down together and Sally said ‘I need to rewash these. He folded them”

“we can use my sheets”

“its alright”

“so he folded laundry?”

“Yes, I’m sure you expected he was cruel to me but he wasn’t aside from forcing me into a relationship with him. We’ve had sex multiple times and he knows I didn’t want a mate. He asked, I said no and he didn’t take it for and answer. I wanted so badly to tell you everytime you came that I was being forced to be with him but I couldn’t because he commanded me not to. Thank you for bringing that man here. Who is he?”

“a new friend. I really like him”

“me too now”

“sleep mother, I know you need it”

“You wont leave me?”

“of course not”
When Aegaeon returned he found both women asleep in Sallys room so he decided to rest after all that aswell. He went into Glorias bedroom and drifted to sleep in her bed. When Sally woke she had a throbbing headache from all her crying. She slid out of bed which woke Gloria “sorry baby”

“Its alright mom, hungry?”


“I bet Aegaeon is back. I’ll ask him what he wants and then we’ll eat” Gloria went into her bedroom adn woke Aegaeon the second she touched his shoulder to shake him. He grabbed Gloria and pulled her down to hug her. She blushed “Aegaeon?’

“I was afraid your mother was going to truly kill you”

“she could never”

“You’d be surprised the things that type of magic has made people do”

“Never my mother. She’d die herself before killing me”

“well, I guess she showed that today”

“What do you want to eat?”


“You’ll have to let me go so I can make somthing”

“I..I cant”

“why not?” she asked and he just laid there silently. “Aegaeon” she prompted. He let her go “just go cook”


‘what do you mean again”

“You come close to expressing how you feel about me then you clam up!”

“I have nothing to say”

“You do Aegaeon, tell me” He went to walk out of the room so Gloria pulled him down into the kiss he wouldn’t give her. Aegaeon lifted her up so her legs went around him as they kissed. When their lips parted he set her down. He blushed deeply “maybe I like you around” he said and she smiled “I like having you around too” They walked out of the room together and helped Sally make their late lunch. They stayed with her a few days until she was comfortable then went to Glorias home. “are you staying in my home since we’re mates?” Gloria asked when her house came into view. “who said we were mates?”

“all the kissing and holding”

“I mean, i guess if you want me to stay with you I can”

“yeah, because you totally dont want to stay here” she said in a mocking tone and he shrugged despite him being jubilant on the inside about staying in Glorias home with her. He had always been alone, had even felt alone when he was living at home since nobody loved him. It was terrifying to love Gloria and to have her love in return. He knew his attitude might ruin things but he hoped it didn’t before he could get better control over it. He loved her and he hoped Gloria knew it despite how he acted.

~ The End ~

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