Gloria: Age 26 ~ Aegaeon: Age 29

Chapter One

Aegaeon was making omelettes for their breakfast when Gloria ran into the kitchen, dripping wet and covered in soap since she had been washing in the shower before getting an idea that she needed to share right then. “Gloria, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, while i was bathing I’ve been trying to think of somthing fun for us to do since we’ve been homebodies the past couple months. It’s so unlike us and I want to go out. I thought of the perfect place just as I was about to rinse off” Aegaeon chuckled, loving when she had ideas and had to stop whatever she was doing to tell him “and where is that?” He asked as he took the omelettes out of the pan. “I want to go to Presbina. My mother took me there as a child. It’s a different world than ours. have you traveled between worlds before?”

‘No but I will if you want to visit another world so much” She ran over and hugged him, her sopping wet body soaking him. Bubbles stuck all over him when she let go and she blushed “I forgot I was soapy” Aegaeon kissed her “I’ll just change. Rinse, dress and we’ll talk more about where you want to go” She gave him another kiss then ran off to the bathroom. Aegaeon set the plates on the table, poured grapefruit juice then wiped up the water and soap from the floor. His bad attitude had mostly gone in the nine years they had been together. He still got his ass on his shoulders every now and then and he felt terrible when he did. Gloria had always been patient and kind, just what he needed to soften that ice heart he had upon meeting her.

He didn’t realize how miserable he was until she had melted his heart and helped him become a better person. It was as if she had given him life when he had none. If there were any way to pay back such a gift he would but she asked for nothing in return but his love. When she came back out she was dressed and dry save her hair. Aegaeon had changed aswell and was waiting at the table. “so, I do have to tell you somthing about that world though”


“It’s ruled by queens. Men are considered lesser beings and unfit to rule. Mind you they aren’t abused or anything but only women rule and the queen, she’s a nasty one if its the same queen. She has a harem and it’s disgusting. It’s an amazing place aside from that. Do you still want to go?”

“Of course, If you say it’ll be fun it will be”

“Lets not pack. It’ll be fun just to buy new clothes everyday. They have such weird clothes there” Aegaeon lifted Glorias hand to his lips and gave her a loving kiss “alright, will our money work there?”

“Yep, they use the same as us”

“Great, I’ll just get a bag of gold and silver together”

“I’ll clean up breakfast then”
Gloria cleaned up quickly and it didn’t take long for Aegaeon to ready a bag of money so the two left shortly after breakfast. They walked hand in hand, Gloria guiding since she knew the way. Aegaeon noticed Gloria looked uncomfortable “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, still sore from last night.” Aegaeon got a smug grin then lifted her into his arms. If you could resist me and stop coming back for more this wouldn’t happen. Gloria gave him a look “don’t act like you didn’t initiate any of those rounds” Aegaeon kissed Glorias head. ‘Maybe I did. I’ll just carry you and you can tell me where to go” Gloria rested her head on his shoulder. “I like being in your arms anyway. The way you hold me is so sweet”

“In comparison to who? Do I need to kill anyone?” Gloria laughed “down my handsome wolf demon. It’s sweet with nothing to compare it to. Nobody else has held me and you know that” Aegaeon gave her a kiss on the lips then walked with Glorias guidance until night came. They made a fire, caught dinner then laid together under the starlit sky. “Aegaeon” Gloria said in a question like tone as her head rested on his chest. “yes my love” Aegaeon said as he began to stroke his hand through her hair. “what do you think stars are?”

“I’ve never considered it”

“You want to know what i think?”


“They are our ancestors watching over us. They are people who lived before us that live on up there to help their descendants along their way. I know that sounds dumb but it’s what i think”

“Maybe that’s how I was lucky enough to find you My ancestors sent my savior to play on that rock and draw my bitter soul out” Gloria kissed his chest then crossed her arms over it “stop calling me that. All I did was show you the joy in life”

“You pulled me out of anger and despair and gave me a place to belong Gloria. You’re my savior weather you choose to accept that or not” Gloria kissed him on the lips, a slow, seductive kiss. She couldn’t resist him when he spoke so sweetly to her. Their lips and tongues were wild but their hands calm, slowly undressing one another. When they laid there nude they felt one another as their mouths still moved together. Gloria felt how excited she was start to run down her leg so she straddled Aegaeon and began to ride him.
They held their moans in, not wanting to attract other demons to them. It was a struggle but they both remained silent until Aegaeon had released and she rolled off of him. “Lets go to sleep before I want you again” Aegaeon whispered as he placed a gentle kiss in Glorias hair. “night”

“Goodnight” They slept hand in hand, just as they had started their day that morning. The following day Gloria jumped on Aegaeons back. He held tightly and ran in the directions she gave. As a wolf demon he had almost endless energy and loved to run. It worked out nicely since she had the time of her life when he ran with her on his back. He carried her this way until they were where they needed to be. “lets rest so you aren’t taxed passing through. I don’t want anything to go wrong” Gloria suggested so he sat and pulled her inbetween his legs.

“is the time the same there?”


“Ok, so we’ll wait until dinner, get a room then eat some local food. You’ll have to tell me what’s good to eat there”

“I know just the place” Aegaeon nibbled at her ear “no more baby”

“aw, ok” he whispered then rested his forehead on her shoulder. They cuddled as she told him about things they were going to do and things she felt he should know before entering their world. When the time came they stood and held hands as Gloria called the portal to open. Like a rip in thin air a hole appeared, black and deep purple mixing together. Aegaeon looked apprehensive so Gloria assured him “I’ve done this so many times before. Trust me”

“I do, I’m sure you were a little surprised the first time”

“yeah, just dont let go of me”

“I wouldn’t think of it” They stepped through, Aegaeon getting a vice like grip on Gloria. The sensation he got made him sick to his stomach and he had to spill his stomach contents when they got through. Gloria rubbed his back ‘sorry baby”

“I’ll be fine” he only just said as he hurled again. Aegaeon straightened himself, wishing he had somthing to wipe his mouth on. “lets get a room and get you clean”

“I’m so sorry”

“Honey, it’s fine. Some demons have trouble passing between worlds. I’ll kiss you on the mouth to show you its fine”

“Please don’t” Gloria gave a small laugh then walked into town with him.
Aegaeons eyes drifted around this gorgeous world as they walked. All the buldings were made of precious stones of stunning colors. The more frequent colors being a medium shade of purple, sky blue and crystal. The side walk of the city was made of black, perfectly smoothed crystal which was amazing in itself. The people here seemed to be of only three skin tones, pale, green or a dark brown. Their eyes were all the same color though, a deep orange with no iris. Gloria spoke with a whisper “honey, please quit staring, atleast not at the women. You’ll get yourself in trouble”


“No, I forgot to mention it” They arrived where Gloria wanted to stay and purchased a room. They went up quickly due to how much Aegaeon hated to smell like throw up. “do you want me to purchase you some clothes while you start your shower?”

“That would be amazing of you”

“Ok, I’ll be right back” She went to kiss him and he pulled back “I love you adn know you love me. Let me clean myself first”

“alright” Gloria went back down then out to the nearest clothing store. Gloria looked around until she found somthing she thought would look handsome on him, purchased it and went back to where she was staying. Aegaeon was still in the shower so she brought his clothes in the bathroom. “I’m setting them on the toilet”

“Thank you”

“No problem”

Chapter Two

Gloria laid on the bed and waited until he came out. She sat up with an electrifying smile “I knew those would look good on you”

“You weren’t kidding when you said they dressed differently”

“You don’t like it”

“Not really but if you think I look handsome thats fine with me” Gloria frowned and he felt bad, thinking he might should have lied. “I’m sorry Gloria. It’s not like they are bad. I’m glad I look handsome to you” Gloria gave him the kiss he had been stopping her from. “I’m glad you were honest about it. Don’t worry, next time we’ll bring our own clothes”

“we don’t have to. It’s good to blend in anyway. I love you and I want you to be happy. I’ll wear these clothes the rest of my life if it makes you happy Gloria” She smiled and cupped his cheek “sweet man, come on, lets go have dinner” They slid their shoes on then walked out into the evening bustle of this world. The place they were going to eat wasn’t far atall which Aegaeon was grateful for since his stomach was still bothering him.

He ordered a soup she suggested, fearing eating anything too heavy after coming here. “we’ll go home right after we eat and just cuddle. I’m sure you’ll feel better tomorrow”

“me too, don’t rush eating for my sake though”

“You would for me” When their food came she cleared her plate as fast as she could without looking like she had been raised in a barn. Aegaeon noticed how properly she was trying to eat but decided it would be best to ask questions when they weren’t in public. After paying their bill and heading back to the room he finally asked “why were you so concerned with looking proper?”

“all the women here are raised to be lady like. I just don’t like to rock the boat when I go to other worlds. Anyway, are you ready to cuddle?” Aegaeon gave her a soft smile then lifted Gloria, carrying her over to the bed. They found a comfortable position then stayed that way until morning rose through their window.
Aegaeon woke first, holding Gloria just a little tighter. Her slow breaths were soothing and put him in almost a state a meditation they relaxed him so much. When she woke he spoke “good morning. What would you like to do first”

“Keep cuddling. I slept way too good and am far too comfortable.”

“fine by me”

“You havent been awake too long have you?”

“I’m not even sure. I’ve just been relaxing”

“How does your stomach feel?’

“Like normal”


“do they have normal waffles here?”

“Yeah, lets compose ourselves and get some” Aegaeon was in awe yet again as they walked through the streets. It was unbelievable how beautiful this place was. He’d want to come here often if they didn’t feel the way they did about men and expect Gloria to be proper. She was wild and that was just how he liked her. The place they went for breakfast looked much nicer than the place they went for dinner. Everything in sight was made of crystal or beautiful red cloth of some sort. They were seated by a woman with green skin and red clothes to match the room she was in.

When she was off getting their drinks Aegaeon asked “why did you bring us somwhere so fancy” Gloria giggled. “This is normal for them. The place we ate last night was a low low end establishment but I like their food.”

“You’re kidding”

“Nope, we’re leaving the city today unless you’d like to see the rest of it. This is a truly beautiful place.”

“lets go have some fun outside the city and we’ll tour it later” The waffles tasted a little different here than what he was used to in his own world but they were still good. With full stomachs they left the restaurant and began walking out of town. Gloria getting a few looks since her clothing was weird to them just as theirs were to her. “Have you ever heard the story of Hansel and Gretel or the story of candy land?” Gloria asked about three hours out of town. “yes”

She smiled and let them walk a little further until Aegaeon stopped in his tracks “O my god” he said in disbelief and she laughed. As far as Aegaeon could see there was nothing but candy. Everything was made out of some form of sweet. “is this real?’ He asked and she nodded “yep, taste somthing”
She let Aegaeon go crazy for awhile before saying “can you imagine how exciting this was for me as a little girl?’

“Look at me and I’m a grown man” They climbed up a chocolate tree then jumped down into a large boulder of yellow jelly. They laughed and then laughed harder at the sound of their laughter within the jelly. By the time the sun was going down they were a sticky mess “that was so much fun” Gloria said and Aegaeon answered “I know, I want to come back to this place just for this part of their world”

“we could bring our kids somday” Gloria blushed “I mean, I f we have kids”

“You want to have kids with me?” Glorias blushed deepened “well yeah, you’re my mate” Aegaeon moved her chocolate soaked, mint covered, jelly filled hair out of her face and kissed her “that would make me really happy”

“so i can stop using my protection?’

“Yes, never again. We’ll have a citys worth of kids”

“woah there, maybe five” Aegaeon laughed happily and spun Gloria around in a hug,. “Lets get cleaned up and relax in our room” They went back to the city, purchased new clothes and simply threw their old ones away in the rooms bin as they entered the bathroom. It was hard to get some of the stickier candy off of them but they managed to get clean. They were both tired from all their play so Aegaeon didn’t try to seduce her like his mind wanted. They just slipped into bed and cuddled as they did the night before.

Upon finishing breakfast the next day Aegaeon told Gloria he wanted that tour of the town so she began one. They walked slowly so he could take it all in. They were admiring a very fine crafted fountain when everyone began bowing. Gloria bowed and jerked Aegaeon down with her to be sure he did. Not bowing in the queens presence was the worst offense you could make if she didn’t give you permission to stand straight.

Chapter Three

The queen stopped when she was about to walk past Aegaeon. “stand’ she commanded, arousal evident in her tone. Aegaeon straightened and the queen smiled “what are those things on your head?”

“My ears”

“wow, how interesting. I’ve never seen any like them”

“You’ve never seen wolf ears?”

“wolf?” The queen said confused and Gloria spoke, still bending “they don’t have wolves in this world Aegaeon”

“Oh, so you are from somewhere else. Now you make much more sense with that gorgeous hair and those eyes. However did you come about purple eyes”

“I’m a demon”

“Demon, I do know that word. Here we all have powers and queen is blessed with special power far beyond the rest. I love your skin, so tanned but not as dark as other skin I’ve seen. You are perfect. Those ears are odd but your body makes up for that.”

“I dont want to be rude but the woman who spoke only moments ago is my mate”


“It’s a term we demons use. She’s my wife”

“Oh, wife, stand girl” Gloria straightened. “have I met you?’

“Yes, you knew me as a child. I played with your son”

“Oh, sorry, he plays with lots of people.”

“Don’t mention it your majesty”

“it’s nearly lunch time. Join me in my castle” If it was a real choice Gloria would have said no but they went because there was no saying no to the queen. Aegaeon took Glorias hand, not caring if he should or if he shouldn’t. It angered him she kept that lustful tone even after he informed her he was mates with Gloria. Aegaeon contained his amazement at her beautifully crafted castle. It was obvious long labor and only the finest of materials were used and they weren’t even inside yet. Upon entering three men approached the queen, raining her in kisses and sweet words. she laughed ‘go now my good boys” She turned to Gloria “I’m sure you remember my harem boys”

“I do”

“Is your boy that good?’

“In our world he is my equal. I don’t own him but he does shower me in affection all the same” An amused, ever lustful sound came from the queen “I bet you are a wild one Aegaeon. A mess to handle but worth it in the bedroom i presume”

He shrugged and Gloria blushed. They followed the queen into an ornate dining hall where the queens harem boys had to all scoot two seats down so Aegaeon and Gloria could sit next to her. Gloria had already explained this just incase they ran into the queen but she could see it greatly upset him these men were all collored. The other men in the kingdom were treated fairly but the queens harem were little more than sex slaves.
They ate and talked with the queen until well after dessert was served. “I guess we will be going” Aegaeon suggested and the queen laughed “You need a tour of my castle. It’s much more decadent than than the rest of this world.”

“I guess but then we must leave we have plans”

“Of course, boys, go get yourselves bathed then wait in my bedroom.” They all stood and walked away in almost a mechanical manner. Aegaeon growled unintentionally “Hmmm, I love the wolf in you.” Gloria hated her flirting but was glad she wasn’t angry. The queens interest in Aegaeon disturbed her and the second they had the chance they were leaving this world. If she would have known the queen would find herself attracted to her mate she would have never come.

They followed the queen as she talked incessantly about the rooms and her gargantuan amount of wealth. This place was gorgeous but the ugliness of the queen dulled it. Dinner time came and they were yet to finish seeing every room. Aegaeon wanted to scoop his mate up and run until they weren’t in this world any longer but didn’t know if Gloria would be mad at him for pissing off the queen. He couldn’t discuss it with her either since the queen hadn’t given them a second of privacy.

Aegaeon noticed the men didn’t come to dinner “queen , where is your harem?”

“In my room like the good boys they are”

“Arent they hungry?’

“They would starve themselves before disobeying me”

“Don’t you think it’s cold not to feed them?’ he said, unhiding his irritation. Gloria choked briefly on her bite of food while the queen stared shocked he would speak like this. “Your majesty, please, in our world men can speak against women if they chose. I agree with him anyway. You should let them eat” She sighed angrily “this is my kingdom, you are guests”

“We’re leaving” Aegaeon said and grabbed Glorias hand. “You are not!” the queen said icily. “you don’t own me and i don’t take orders” Aegaeon retorted through a snarl. Glorias heart beat fearfully in her chest, afraid of what was about to happen. This had been a terrible, foolish mistake.
Aegaeon lifted Gloria and took off running “Guards! Servants! Stop those defiant imbeciles!” she screamed. Aegaeon tried to use demonic magic when guards came up in front of him and when nothing happened, only then did he remember Gloria telling him that within the castle walls only the queen has power. He set Gloria down and they used brute strength to get past them. The queen sealed the doors and put protective barriers on the windows, trapping them like mice. Unable to escape anywhere they were over powered without the use of their demonic abilities. The queen laughed maliciously as Aegaeon was forced unto his knees by the guards queen Ufaye had temporarily granted power in her home. “You will be my new play thing. I will break you no matter what it takes.” she turned to Gloria and the guards who had her restrained. “take that bitch to the dungeon before she tells my subjects what has happened”

They began forcing Gloria to walk which only made Aegaeon fight harder and become more frustrated. “I’m so sorry” she said just before she was forced out of the room. Aegaeon growled at Ufaye as she turned to him “now now mutt” she zapped him, messing with his heart so it beat painfully. “You will learn to be just as my other pets”

“Never you heartless, ugly bitch” she slapped Aegaeon “bind the bastard!” She ordered. He was quickly bound with magical bindings, fit for keeping him so he couldn’t escape or fight. Once bound she ordered ‘take him to my room and tell my good boys to go to theirs. They don’t need to see this bad example”
He struggled in vain as they took him to the queens room. He was thrown on the bed then left alone with her. Gloria was thrown in a cell with another women about her height and blonde. Gloria shook at the bars, screaming her mates name. When the servants and guards were gone the lady spoke up “that isn’t wise. They’ll punish you”

“I deserve it. I just, my dad and other friends came here with no problem. I didn’t think for a second she would take interest in my mate and actually steal him. I didn’t know she was that crazy’

“None of the women out there know. She puts to death or imprisons all who know. My husband is a part of her harem now and shes bound me here for eternity because I refused to give him over and find another.”

“she’s got my Aegaeon but we aren’t staying here. We’ll get out”

“I’ve been trying for fifty years. Theres nothing we can do” Gloria sat down and cried. The woman walked over and sat with Gloria “I’m so sorry, the sadness will never go away and sadly we are immortal”

“I just…I just want to go home with Aegaeon”

“I’m sorry, but thats just not in the future for either of us” two months passed before guards came for Gloria. She bucked, kicked and made moving her as hard as possible until she saw Aegaeon laying on the ground, clutching his side. His attention turned to her and he got up into a sitting position. The queen had a smug look on her face that Gloria wanted to rip off. Aegaeon was covered in scars, some markings had fresh blood flowing out of them. His face and ribs were covered in bruises and as tough as Gloria wanted to be, tears streamed down her face at the sight of him. “Please don’t cry baby” Aegaeon said sadly and faye pushed him back on the ground. “stop” Gloria said in a breaking voice.

“stopping isn’t why you’re here. Two months I’ve had the two of you and he wont break no matter what I do. He’s still the same defiant little shit he was the first day. This is why i kept you. Lets see how absolute he is in his stance when it’s you getting hurt”

“don’t you dare” Aegaeon tried to get up but was surged with electricity . He yelled out in pain but tried to get up again when she stopped ‘you damn idiot” The guards bound him so that he was imovable then turned him so he could see Gloria. They began to beat and torture her the same ways they did him. “please, stop” his own eyes now spilling tears. “will you be a good boy?” Ufaye asked as another one of Glorias screams filled the castle “yes…yes…just stop hurting her.”

“I wish i could trust you. I think the bitch needs to be dead’ One of the guards pressed a knife into Glorias throat. “No! no you can trust me. I’ll do whatever you ask. Just let Gloria go”

“No baby. I dont want to leave without you” Gloria said in a weak voice. “silence” Ufaye commanded, snapping her fingers and making it so Gloria couldn’t speak. The queen knelt down beside Aegaeon. “I’ll make a deal with you and it’s your only offer.”

‘anything for her freedom”

“First things first, slam her head into the floor until shes unconscious” They did as she ordered, Aegaeon crying harder with each time her head was slammed. “good, put your blade back at her throat so this mutt knows whats at stake” she turned her attention back to Aegaeon, all defiance was out of his face and she couldn’t feel more triumphant.
“You are going to wear your collar and become a member of my harem. You’ll serve me in whatever way i wish for all eternity.” Aegaeon swallowed back his tears “I will, just let her go home.”

“She wont be coming back to save you so that better not be what you’re hoping for. One of my servants can edit memories for me. We’re going to tie her up and erase all memory of your existence from her mind. Every memory she has with you will be altered so that you were never there atall. She wont be trying to remember a thing because to her nothing will be forgotten. He will also enchant her for me so that everyone she encounters that has ever met you will forget your existence too the second she comes near them. To her she would have never met you or spent any time with you atall”

Aegaeon jerked with his tears “Ok, can I just hold her one more time…one last time. i wont run, I swear it. Unbind me so that i may hold her for a second” Ufaye rolled her eyes ‘fine, cut his binds” the servant did and he scooped Gloria up off the floor. “I can finally pay you back for saving me. These have been the most amazing nine years Gloria and even if the day i met you I knew this would be how it ended I would still follow you and make you mine. Living in hell for the rest of my days is more than worth those nine years I lived in paradise as your mate. Even though you’re going to forget me I will always hold you in my heart and cherish all the moments we shared Gloria. There isn’t a day I wont hold dear to me. I just need you to do one thing for me” he started even though she was unconscious.

“I need you to live a happy life…find another mate, have those kids we talked about. Do everything we always talked about Gloria” His sobs became hard, his breath coming in heaves. It would kill him to think of her in another mans arms but he wanted her happiness above anything else. The servants jerked her away from him “thank you for everything Gloria! I love you until the day I die”

“shut up, I gave you your moment” the queen said coldy. A servant handed her Aegaeons collar that she had tried many times to put on. He just sat there, as obedient as she wished. “go to my room Aegaeon, you know the way. Just know, if you go back on your word I can always hunt her down and give her the slowest, most painful death i can think of”

“I’ll never run from you. Not as long as shes alive and needs me here to be free and happy”

“good boy, I’ll be with you once shes altered and sent home”
As Aegaeon walked to the queens room he wished he had quickly kissed her. Just knowing he could never touch Gloria again was going to be agony. Once Gloria was tied down and prepared Ufaye granted her servant access to his powers. He placed his hands on the sides of Glorias head then let his eyes roll back. He started to sweat and groan with the effort and actually ended up pulling out. “what is it?” Ufaye snapped, knowing it wasn’t done. She had done this to many people in her time. “she’s fighting me”

“what do you mean she’s fighting you? She’s not even conscious”

“I don’t know, nobodys ever fought me before. She refusing to give up her memories of him”

“Try harder or be put to death. She will forget!”

“Yes mam” It nearly a day of strain on the servants body to alter all the memories Gloria had of Aegaeon. He now didn’t exist in any corner of her mind. He fell to the floor unconscious with all the effort which angered the queen “you arent done! You haven’t enchanted her!” She kicked the man a few times but he didn’t stir so she took his power away again before finding another servant “That lazy bastard didn’t finish the job and wont wake. Cast a spell of deep sleep on Gloria to make sure she doesn’t wake until we are done with her”

“Yes mam” She granted him his power and walked with him, keeping watch until Gloria had been put into a deep sleep. She took his power back “get to work” He ran off as she went to her prize. When Ufaye entered here bedroom Aegaeon was sitting on the bed, hunched over and still crying. “dry it up and stand for me” Aegaeon walked over to her and stood, ceasing his tears. She took off what little clothing he had on and let her hands travel “Oh, just look at you” Aegaeon closed his eyes, picturing when Gloria would do the same thing. He needed to think of her if he was going to make himself let this disgusting woman touch him.

When the servant was awake that had altered Glorias mind he finished the job by ensuring anybody she saw that knew Aegaeon would forget, just as she had. They would see their memories but he would be taken out of them and replaced in whatever way it was possible. With that done Gloria was taken home and laid in her bed. She slept two more days unknowingly. Gloria only woke then when she heard a knock at the door. She jerked awake and walked to her front door. She opened it to see her mother “Mom, hey”

Sally wrapped her arms around Gloria tightly “you’ve been driving me crazy with worry! Where have you been?”

“Vacationing, I’m sorry mom”

“It’s fine, I’m just glad to see you alive and well. Can i come in for tea?”

“sure, let me see if.” Gloria paused “if what honey?” Sally asked. Gloria grabbed her head “I don’t know, sorry, my heads throbbing really bad.”

“Do you have any herb for it?”

“No but I’ll live. I got drunk with the queen of that female ruling world. I passed out. I guess she had servants take me home”

“Oh, I hope you didn’t anger her”

“atleast she just sent me home”


“well come in” As Sally sat down she dug through her bag and looked strangely at the snacks she brought. “That’s weird”

“what’s weird mom?”

“I prepared three snacks before coming here in hopes of tea. I guess with my old age I’m becoming daft” Gloria giggled “we’ll share the extra bag”

“I guess it wasn’t a terrible mistake” Gloria held her head “Oh this headache”
“maybe we should have tea at my house”

“No it’s fine mom” over time Gloria kept running to tell someone everytime she had an idea but would find nobody since she lived alone. She decided to never drink again with how badly it had messed her up. To her relief in years she quit running to that non existent person, quit pausing before answering people because she felt like asking nobody if they wanted to do that, quit crying and becoming depressed for what she thought was no reason atall. In years the evil queen Ufaye succeeded in making Gloria forget and not a soul knew.

~ The End ~

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