Gloria & Thorn

Chapter One

Gloria sat at her kitchen table with her head resting in one of her hands. She wondered if Thorn would ever return since he had been gone a few months. He had quite a few names on the list of women he gave her and he would of course have to find them to ask forgiveness but she couldn’t help but wonder if she wasn’t worth the trouble and he decided to move on. It was so odd to her, the monster Thorn had professed to being. This kind, gentle man she came to know and love turned out to be a rapists who didnt just rape and leave, he would stay with the women he liked so he could rape them repeatedly. If anyone but him would have told her that she wouldn’t have believed them for a second. She knew she hurt Thorn when she ran away and didn’t come back for awhile but it was such a shock and a horror to her brain. The whole situation was painful and hard to deal with but she loved Thorn too much to stay away which is why she decided to give a chance if he would prove he was sorry.

Another part of her worried one of the women or their mates killed him for what he did in the past. She began to get depressed with worry so she concentrated on the part of their final talks that made her happy. Thorn loved her too. He thought she was beautiful and amazing in every way. He wanted to be her mate and stay by her side always just as she wanted to be by his side. She hoped he was coming back and came back with the forgiveness of each one of the women he wronged. She wanted to kiss him and be with him though what he told her still haunted her mind.

Gloria jumped as she heard a knock at her door. It was a male demon and one she didn’t know. She approached the door with caution and slowly pulled it open “Yes?”

“are you Gloria? Thorns Gloria?”

“I don’t belong to Thorn but I am a Gloria who knows Thorn.” The demon smirked but it wasn’t happily, it was more of an annoyed smiled. “don’t be smart with me”

“what’re you doing here?” she said in a cagey tone. “Thorns my son you little wench and stop talking to me that way. Women do not speak to me in that way! I heard my son…MY son is going around like a pathetic fucking puppy apologizing to the women he raped. My friends are laughing at me. You’ve caused my son to be ignominious. I was once proud of him but now I’m ashamed. How did you do it you little bitch”

“I’m not some weak little woman you can have your way with and push around so it’s you who needs to stop talking to me this way. If you don’t get off my property I’m going to make you leave you sick, twisted, odious man!”

“You little bitch.” He reached for her and his arm immediately burst into flames. He jumped back, slapping at the blue fire that climbed up his arm. When he had it put out he turned his venomous gaze back to her.

“No one can come into my house uninvited. Now leave before you do further harm to yourself.”

He growled. “I will be back and you will pay dearly for hurting me.”

She stared cooly at him, unafraid of this user of women and child abuser. She knew this is who had corrupted Thorn. Like so many male demons he had fallen prey to a sadistic, abusive father who expected him to rape and murder his way to power. Thorn’s father slunk away and she slammed the door, but watched from the window for a time to make sure he didn’t turn back around.

Thorn was happy to finally be back in a familiar world. The stab wund from the last woman had finally healed and he was glad it hadn’t been in a vital area. It would take him two days to get to Gloria and he was excited to see her more than anything. He hoped once she saw he had received the forgiveness of every one of his victims that she would finally be his. If she still chose not to be with him then he would beg and plead, he would do anything she asked. He loved her so much and didn’t want to lose her. He was worried about telling her he had a daughter, but he hoped the fact Rika had been the most forgiving and that she had not had the most powerful demon in the world kill him would count for something. He would even take Gloria to Rika to show her that all was well.

He finally decided to stop for a break and pulled out his canteen to drink some water. He ate some of the jerky he had bought, watching dragonflies flit by as they were chased by hungry birds. When he was finished he got up and started again, practicing the things he would tell Gloria when he got back so he hopefully wouldn’t make a fool of himself.

Gloria stayed alert until dinner time. He couldn’t come in without her permission but she could feel his power and knew he wasn’t a man to be underestimated. She decided to keep things simple tonight and make herself grilled cheese for supper. In a way she was glad Thorns father butted his ugly head. Him showing up angry told her Thorn was truly out doing what he promised. All the women were finally getting the sorry they deserved and she had proof that he was honestly a different man.

When Glorias dinner was finished she didn’t take her nightly walk, knowing he might still be nearby. She didn’t want to fight him if she didn’t have to. Instead she settled in her room to play flute. She played and played until she grew sleepy then relaxed into her bed. Gloria sighed, sending a silent prayer that Thorn would return to her soon. A knock at the door woke Gloria the next day around nine am. She excitedly got up, running to the window by her front door. She looked out to see Thorn and her heart leapt with joy for his return. She was so excited she didn’t even notice Thorn didn’t smell like himself.

When she pulled the door open she made sure to say “come in” so the magic wouldn’t hurt him. Thorn smiled but it was more of a triumphant smirk than the kind, loving one of Thorn. In that instant she knew she had just beckoned in Thorns father under the cover of an illusion spell. Thorns father shifted out of his sons image then lunged at Gloria who took the dirty frying pan out of the sink and smashed him in the face as hard as she could while she screamed out her chant to call demons from hell for assistance.

The creatrues came through a portal in the ground and Thorn’s fathe grabbed her by her throat. The demons froze, unable to attack while she was in harms way. “Do you see little bitch. They won’t touch me if it means your death first. It’s part of their pact isn’t it?”

“How did you know?”

“Because I did a little research last night with one of your neighbors. She is quite beautiful and told me what I wanted to know.”

“You bastard. Did you hurt her?”

“I didn’t have to, the little bitch became compliant instantly once I threatened to kill her newborn son.” He pulled her closer to him. “Now it’s your turn to do as you’re told. Tell my son you want nothing to do with him or I take you and make you into my new plaything.”

“I’m not scared of you. I’ll never give up on Thorn, I love him.” He squeezed harder, cutting off her air. She fought against him, her fingers prying at his hand as he vision darkened. She could feel her body going slack and used the last bit of consciousness she had to put a barrier on herself that would harm this monster if he tried to rape her. Thorn’s father threw her over his shoulder and grinned when the demons she had summoned had no choice but to go back to their home. He ran from her house, knowing his son would smell him the minute he set foot in the house and hoping he would come for Gloria so he could teach him a lesson.

Thorn walked across his homeland wishing he could get to Gloria any faster. Tomorrow morning just wasn’t quick enough to see her beautiful golden eyes, electrifying smile and flowing white hair. She was the very meaning of beauty and the only person who could make him laugh whole heatedly. He began playing through memories of their days together. Thorn could practically hear her voice in his head as he remembered conversations. It was a pleasant way to pass the day he had to reach her. He was almost done figuring out precisely what he wanted to say to her. He could be done if he wasn’t so afraid.

What he said had to be absolutely perfect so that she would be his. A childs scream caught Thorns ears, he knew Gloria would want him to stop and help so he ran to where the child was. A demon child who looked no more than five was in a tree and below him two large demon wolves that stood to Thorns chest were circling the tall tree at it’s bottom. Thorn easily killed them off and asked the child to jump down into his arms ‘thank you”

“No problem, where are your parents?”

“I’m almost home. You don’t need to escort me”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, mom would probably quit letting me go out by myself”

“alright, just go straight home please” The small boy hugged Thorn then set off in a sprint. Thorn started back on his path to hopefully his future mate, feeling proud of himself for doing somthing for another being. He had spent his life being so selfish and careless but Gloria had changed all of it. He was now someone he liked. He didn’t realize it then but he was miserable and hated himself back when he used to be selfish and cruel.

Gloria woke in a cold cell, her vision blurry as she slowly sat up. She rubbed her throat, wincing in pain. She knew it had to be bruised. She pushed herself to her feet, her vision clearing as she found her balance. She crossed over to the celldoor and grabbed the bars then gave it a hard shake. “Hey you coward, let me out of here.” She said as loud as she could. Her throat hurt and was raspy so she placed her hands where it hurt and pushed healing energy into herself. “Let me out right now.” She screamed.

“Oh Gloria, I can see why my boy likes you so much.” Thorn’s father said as he stepped from the shadows. “I bet you’re amazing in bed.”

“Go to hell before I send you there and leave Thorn alone.”

“No, no, no I have to teach my boy a lesson. He turned his back on his own father for a little bitch like you who has him running around asking for forgiveness like some weak beaten puppy. Once you are out of his life or at least a little less mouthy he’ll see what he is doing is ridiculous. I bet he’s been fighting dominating you.”

She gripped the bars and the metal began to glow red. He just laughed. “I will not let you try to corrupt him again. He’s a good man.” She said between gritted teeth.

“Oh I’m going to have fun shutting you up.”

“Nothing short of death is going to kill me you asshole”

“I’ve broken every woman I’ve ever come across. I will break you too. I love the ones who think they can hold out. It makes breaking them so much more fun. How many times have you fucked my son?”

“None, not that its any of your business.”

“Lieing whore! He has to be atleast fucking you.”

“I’m not lieing, we’ve never had sex” Pyrrhos got a look on his face that was both disgusted and horrified. “My son has turned into a pussy over a woman he isn’t even fucking?!” now he just seemed enraged. He began destroying his own home which Gloria just shook her head at. He was nothing more than a brat who needed his own way. Seeing this horrible temper made her feel for Thorn. It had to be horrible growing up with a man like this. When he was done destroying things in the house he flung open the cage door to take what was lef tof his anger out on Gloria “what the fuck did you do to my son!”

Pyrrhos slammed Gloria into the ground, she tried to get up but he proved much faster than her. He had her pinned by the throat once more and began to beat her. Gloria didn’t cry, whimper or make any sort of noise that would give Pyrrhos satisfaction in what he was doing. He would have to do a hell of a lot worse than he was doing right now to get even the smallest sound out of her.

The fact Gloria wasn’t crying or screaming seemed to only fuel Pyrrhos anger. “I’ll teach you how all women are taught!” He pulled out his dick and took off her pants but as soon as he tried entering her his manhood caught fire just as his arms did. He let Gloria go and began screaming at the top of his lungs. Gloria was in immense pain but made herself stand to run. She didn’t know where she was or if she was even in her world any longer but running was better than waiting for him to return to her.

Thorn decided not to rest that night, but continued to walk, wanting to get to Gloria as soon as possible. If he kept going at this pace he would reach her home a couple of hours after midnight instead of early in the morning. He hoped she would smile when she opened the door and saw it was him. He lived for that smile. It lit up his whole world and chased away the shadows of his past. He hummed as he walked, feeling lighter as he went along. Time seemed to pass quickly when his mind was on Gloria and before he knew it he was standing in front of her home. His smile faded when he saw the front door standing open and the lights off. He moved closer to the door, but did not enter, knowing Gloria had to let him in or he would be burned.

A familiar scent hit his nose and he heard a scream of denial in his head. His father had been here, had somehow gained entry and had taken Gloria. He started shaking and tossed his bag inside, knowing it would not burn. Rage moved through him and he clenched his hands into fists, wanting to kill something. He took a deep breath, knowing he had to stay focused if he wanted to get the love of his life back. He took off away from Gloria’s home, following the scent of his father.

Gloria managed to find her way to the front door and ripped it open. She could hear the stupid male demon coming for her and put up a temporary barrier on his door. She ran off into the woods, using magic to help mask her scent. She had to slow him down as much as possible. She knew he was in a rage after what she had done and if he couldn’t rape her he would torture her.

Thorn could soon tell that his father was taking Gloria to his home. If he had dared rape Gloria he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. It was true he had raped many women but his father wasn’t remorseful and would still do it to any woman he wanted. Thorn wouldn’t have blamed any of the women he went to apologize to if they had wanted to kill him as he wanted to kill his father right now. Thorn was going as fast as he could, not worrying about sparing energy. His determination would keep him going to save Gloria. For her, he could run and fight non stop for days.

Pyrrhus broke through Glorias barrier, even angrier than before. The landscape no longer wore colors but was drenched in red. He was going to make her wish that he had raped her instead of what he was planning to do now. He didn’t even know if it was worth keeping her alive to torment his son. He might just kill her and maim her body. That would still be punishment for his embarrassment of a son. He hoped none of his demon friends found out that Thorn had not even been getting sex to turn into such a weakling.

Gloria had to stop casting spells. She had used so much magic she was running the risk of not even being able to run any longer. She woudl much rather be able to kepe running than keeping casting what spells she was to keep he rpath better hidden from her pursuer. She just had to hope what she had cast was enough and that her home wasn’t too far away.

Thorn raced through the forest, jumping over downed trees and pushing through thick underbrush. He didn’t understand why his father had come. It had been years since the last time they met. He wondered how he had found out about Gloria. He wondered if one of his father’s friends had heard about him begging his victims for forgiveness and told him. It terrified him that he could be the cause of yet another woman’s pain and this time it was the woman he loved. He knew she was strong, but Pyrrhus was a devil of a man and wouldn’t give up so easily. He always got what he wanted in the end and that was complete and utter submission.

Gloria had to stop to catch her breath. She had used magic to scatter and cover her scent, to make her footprints go in different directions and to create the illusion of her running through the forest. She believed she could take at least a couple of moments to rest. She wiped at the sweat running down her face then took a deep breath and started running again. She just wanted to get home where she could hide until the real Thorn came back. She tripped and fell in her exhaustion and as she struggled back to her feet she could hear footsteps. She looked over her shoulder as Pyrrhus came tearing through the woods straight at her. He grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the ground then kicked her in the ribs.

“You stupid bitch. You think you can keep me from what I want?” He kicked her again and she clutched her side and gasped for air. “I have plenty of friends who can do the job. How about we go see one of them now since I’m sure your spell only works on me.” He grabbed a handful of her hair and hauled her to her feet then forced her to walk through the forest.

“Thorn is going to kill you, you sick bastard.”

“Watch how you speak to me or I’ll cut your tongue out.”

Gloria jerked in anger, not caring if she ripped her own hair out. She only stopped when she realized she couldn’t get away and that Pyrrhus was enjoying her sturggles against him. Even as a demon herself Gloria was¬†thunderstruck by just how demented this demon was that drug her wherever he was going. Once she knew this next demon Gloria hoped she had the strength to cast her spell to protect her form him too. Gloria was also confused that he had apparently been that close behind the whole time. All it took was one stumble for him to be right upon her though she thought she had a good headstart.

All that magic she used to evade him was for nothing which was devastating. In a situation like this she couldn’t afford to waste magic, not when she didn’t know how she was ever going to get away from Thorns father. Thorn made it to his fathers and burst inside. He saw the house was a wreck and could smell Gloria scent trognly in this room. He looked over at the cage and fell deeper into rage knowing he must have had her in it. He checked the house dfinding no sign of his father or love so he went back out to continue following the scent of his father. It became harder to track the two with all the magic Gloria had used but his determination kept him going.

“Let me go.” She screamed.

“Not this time little bitch. You thought that magic of yours could fool me didn’t you? I use illusions often and know when I’m being tricked.”

Chapter Two

When they finally made it to a house in the middle of the woods Pyrrhus banged angrily on the door. Another male demon pulled the door open, his eyes going from angry to lustful when he saw the naked Gloria. “What have you brought me this time?” Bune asked as he moved out of the way so Pyrrhus could drag her inside.

“This is the little cunt who has made my son into such a fucking pussy. She cast magic on herself so I can’t fuck her.”

“You’re just pissed because you almost lost your penis.” She kicked out at him and he slapped her.

“Since I can’t teach her what women are for, I thought I’d bring her to you.” He shoved her into Bune and he dragged her over to the kitchen table and pushed her face down onto it. She screamed and struggled against him, clawing at his hand that held the back of her neck.

“She’s a feisty one. I love fighters.” Gloria had enough energy left to send fire up his arm so he let her go with a scream of pain. Pyrrhus grabbed her and slammed her to the floor. “Hold her down.” Bune ordered.

Thorn now knew where his father was heading and his heart slammed against his chest in fear. Bune was the sickest of his father’s friends. He had been one of the many men to rape Thorn’s mother while Pyrrhus made him watch. He wanted him to know at a young age that women were nothing but toys and Bune had done the most damage to his mother. He knew he was close and prayed Gloria fought hard enough for him to get there in time

Gloria used all her strength to cast the spell against Bune aswell. She didn’t care if she passed out, atleast they couldn’t rape her. The spell worked but her vision began to darken. She struggled with all her might to stay consious but she failed, the last sound she heard was Bunes painful scream as her vagina set his dick on fire. She woke, unable to surpress her scream since she had been passed out. They had tied her down on her stomach to some sort of table and now had stabbed her in the back. “You’re about to wish we could fuck you” Bune growled as he drove the dagger into another spot in her back. This time she managed not to scream but a rageful tear lined her cheek.

Bune stabbed her again, this time in the hip. “if you wont scream any more for that lets see what a whip can do” Pyrrhus growled. Bune backed away as Pyyrhus began striking Gloria. She gritted her teeth painfully as she tried not to make any noise for them. The only thing that escaped her was silent tears. She actually passed out again from the exhuastion and pain which fueled their fury. Thorn ran as fast as he could. When he finally made it to Bunes house he ran inside and staright downstairs where he was sure they had her.

Thorn stopped when he saw Gloria tied down and naked. His whole body began to shake and he turned his death glare to Pyrrhus and Bune “there’s my weakling son” Pyrrhus said nearly matching his sons anger. “I’m not the same fucking pushover you used to know.”

“I know you’re not. You’re a fucking disgrace to all male demons”

“How dare you touch the woman I love. You sick, sadistic piece of shit.” His anger seemed to radiate out and the house above them started to shake. His eyes went completely black and his nails and canines lengthened to sharp points. “You wanted a monster for a son, you got a monster for a son.” Bune hit him in the face with the whip, cutting his cheek and making Thorn growl. He attacked Bune with the ferocity of a rabid dog. Bune screamed as Thorn tore into him then took the whip and wrapped it around his throat, choking him to death. He then untied Gloria and laid her gently on the floor, thank ful she was still breathing.

“Where is the boy I knew? What happened to my little monster or have you really fallen so low as to show that bitch compassion?” Pyrrhus said and Thorn turned his gaze on his father.

“You’re next.” They came at each other, his father grabbing him and throwing him through the ceiling then jumping out after him.

“That basement was too small don’t you think?” He picked Thorn up and threw him out a window. Thorn rolled to his feet, unfazed by the attack. It pissed Pyrrhus off to see his son so unafraid of him. He came at Thorn, but this time his son caught him by his throat and slammed him to the ground.

“I’m not going to kill you as fast as I killed Bune, oh no. I remember what you taught me, nice and slow for maximum effect. Terrorize your victim, make them beg for death.” He held out his hand and pulled a dagger out of the air. He grabbed his father by his throat and pressed him against a tree then drove the dagger into his shoulder so he was pinned to the tree. Another dagger followed to his other shoulder and then one for each hand. “You should have known better than to touch my Gloria.”

Gloria gained consciousness from the sound of Pyrrhus’s screams and Throns angry yelling. She had to struggle to stand but managed to with the support of the table she was once tied to. Standing she could see Bune laying dead on the floor, strangled with his own whip. The wounds on her back stung and her body ached from the abuse and over using her demonic magic but she tried to walk. The stairs proved difficult for her but Thorn was obviously torturing his father and she had to make him stop. The son of a bitch deserved it for all the women he had undoubtedly tortured in his lifetime but that wasn’t who Thorn was. She could understand him being angry but she couldn’t let him be the monster he used to he.

Gloria forced her way up the stairs and out into the yard where Thorn and Pyyrhus were. She was halfway over to them when Thorn noticed her. His appearance turned back to normal and he backed up from his father before running to her “you’re hurt, why are you walking?”

“You aren’t a monster like him Thorn. I needed to make you stop tortuing him. If he’s too far gone put him out of his misery and if he isn’t jut take me home. You’re letting him win by you torturing him. Pyrruhus gave a weezy, choked laugh “fucking bitch” Thorn growled so Gloria grabbed his face and kissed him. It gave Thorn a calm despite how far Pyrrhus had pushed him into the depths of wild lividness. “finish it if you must or just take me home” Thorn knew his father wouldn’t survive but just bleed to death if he left. Thorn wanted him to slowly die but he wouldn’t decieve Gloria by just leaving him to do it “just don’t watch me please” Gloria sat down and closed her eyes as Thorn walked over to finish the job. She heard only a few more screams of pain before all was silent.

Thorn walked over to Gloria and picked her up. She opened her eyes and said “I’m so glad you came back.”

“If only I had been faster”

“sh, you came and you saved me from those monsters. That’s all that matters. I just need the potions in my home to heal myself.”

“My dads home is closer and he has some the will seal your wounds. You’re loseing far too much blood”

“ok then, please hurry”

The bouncing from Thorn’s running hurt her, but she kept it to herself and just clung tightly to him. When they made it to his door Gloria was getting lightheaded and Thorn ran quickly to the dining room and laid her on the table. “Just relax here.” He said softly and went into the kitchen, throwing open the cabinet where his dad kept his potions and gabbing all of those used for healing. He went back to Gloria and handed her a potion for pain. She gulped it down and he turned her gently over. “Those bastards.”

“Shh it’s okay, I’m fine.”

He poured potions onto the wounds, breathing a sigh of relief when they closed up. He turned her back over and pulled her into his arms, wanting her out of this place and in the comfort of her own home. He was still shaking after what had happened and now he worried what Gloria would think of him after seeing the monster that lurked just beneath the surface. She fell asleep as he walked and he kissed her forehead. Even if she made him leave after they got back, he was still going to stay close to ensure nothing like this ever happened again. By the time they got back it was dark and he gently shook her to wake her.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” She said.

“It’s okay my love and you can go back to sleep as soon as you give me permission to enter your home.”

“Oh, of course you can go in.” He smiled and stepped into her house, kicking the door shut behind them then carying her into the bathroom.

“You should take a bath before bed, you’re covered in blood.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll bathe after you’re in bed. I want you comfortable and resting first.”

“Okay, but you have to sleep with me tonight. I feel like being held.”

Thorn smiled “I’d really enjoy that. You hungry? I’ll make somthing while you’re bathing.”

“Just somthing light, a fruit salad?”

“I’ll make us each one” Gloria walked into her bathroom, shutting the door behind her even though Thorn had just seen her nude for a long period of time. She thought about that while she showered. It showed just how different he was and how much he loved her. He could have tried being inappropriate or taken advantage of her vulnerable state but all he had cared about was her injuries and making her feel better. When she was clean and dry she pulled on pajama pants and a tank top then dried her bathroom floor even though Thorn would be behind her and wetting it again soon.

Thorn was sitting at her table, looking at his fruit salad bowl like it was breaking his heart “what did the fruit salad say to you? Do i need to teach it a lesson?” She japed. Thorn smiled, nearly laughing “No, I’m just worried”

“I’m all healed, still tired from blood loss and over magic use but I’ll be alright”

“Well, I was worried about that but also how you found me when you woke…” Gloria closed the distance between them then grabbed his hand with her left hand and his chin to make him look at her with her right. “I’ve now seen first hand what you grew up with. It’s going to be a long time before you truly and fully have that beast inside tamed. Regardless you’re a demon, our beasts are never one hundred percent gone. You have become a very good man, a sweet, reliable man. You didn’t do what you did unprovoked. You did it because they were hurting me and you know just how badly they would have if you hadn’t saved me. I don’t for one second see you as a monster for what you did but I don’t want to see you torturing anybody ever again.”

Thorn pulled Gloria down into a hug “never, you’ll never see that again no matter what happens. I’ve just never been so angry but then again loving someone is so new to me. I love you tremendously Gloria and it sent me into such a rage that they were hurting you.”

“I know baby, I understand.”

She sat down next to him and they ate in silence, him still feeling like a monster. A big part of him was glad she had stopped him. Slipping back into that dark part of himself had disturbed even him. When they were done eating she insed out their bowls while he dug around in his bag for the paper with the names of the women and their words of forgiveness. When Gloria came back he held it out to her, his heart thumping nervously in his chest. She took it and unfolded it, seeing the name of every woman he had ever wronged there.

“Your father told me you were doing this, I’m glad you went through with it.”

“I would do anything for you, I would die for you and I thought I was going to a few times, but in the end I was spared.” He swallowed nervously. “There is something else though, something that I’m afraid to say.”

She grabbed his chin and made him look at her. “Tell me.”

“There is a woman on that list named Rika, the kindest of them all. She and I have a daughter named Kandara.” He felt himself choking up as he waiting for her to throw him out.

“Are they happy?”

“They told me they wanted to see me again and meet you. We parted on good terms and Rika said she doesn’t regret our child even with the way she came into existence.”

“Then that’s all that matters.” She held up the paper and it burst into flames. “I’m very proud of you Thorn.”

“Will you please be my mate now? I really love and if you need more proof then I will gladly get it. Just say the word and I will travel to every corner of the world for you.”

Gloria hugged Thorn “I missed you so much while you were away, so much I was a fool when your father came here disguised as you. I should have known the scent was off but I was just too thrilled to have you back. I love you too and I want to be your mate. I do need to rest now though. Todays and this evenings events have¬†enervated me. Will you cuddle with me in our bed? Tomorrow I’ll change my barrier to always let you in” Thorn hugged her a few more moments, unable to speak he was so happy. Fighting off crying wasn’t helping him with talking either but he finally said “yes my love, lets rest.”

Thorn carried Gloria over to the bed and liad her down then asked “how should I cuddle with you?”

“The way you did when I was sick. You held me so sweetly” Thorn got into bed and pulled her against him the same way he had her when she was ill. He wasn’t even interested in his shower now. Gloria was his mate and he needed to hold and enjoy her warmth. “may I have another kiss?” He asked in a hushed tone. “I’m your mate. You don’t have to ask”

“I do, I’m different and would never hurt you but I dont trust myself fully. For a time I want to ask you before I do anything. I hope it wont get on your nerves”

“I trust you but if you’d feel better asking for awhile then you can. Just know you never need to so stop when you feel you can trust yourself” ¬†Thorn asked again “can I kiss you?”

“yes” Gloria answered and he gently pressed his lips into hers. It was the breaking point and he began to shake with his tears. When he pulled back Gloria looked concerned “you ok?”

“I was just so worried you still wouldn’t have me. I love you so much Gloria. I feel happiness when I’m with you…you’re the only person who has ever made me truly happy. I need you more than I need air” Gloria coudl barely keep her eyes open but stayed awake as long as she could to give him gentle kisses and comforting rubs on his back and arms. Eventualy she just couldn’t do it anylonger and drifted to sleep.

Thorn wiped his face and held her a little tighter, afraid of her being taken again even though the house was protected by very powerful magic. He stayed up all night, still wired from the events of that day. When morning came he kissed Gloria softly on the lips then slipped out of bed to take a shower. He checked the cut on his face, glad to see it was completely healed and all that was left was a smudge of blood. He switched on the water and pulled his clothes off then got in. He hadn’t realized how cramped his muscles were until the warm water ran over him and started to loosen them. He pressed his forehead against the shower wall and sighed. It felt so good to finally be home with Gloria. He scrubbed himself, making sure every speck of dirt from Bune’s house and every drop of blood from his father was washed off.

Gloria’s eyes fluttered open and she stretched, her arm hitting empty space next to her. She sat up, wondering where Thorn had gone. She knew he wouldn’t have just left without saying anything, especially after what had happened. The sound of the shower caught her attention and she gave a sigh of relief. She was glad he was still in the house. She got out of bed, deciding to make breakfast while he got clean. He deserved something delicious after going through with her request and then saving her life. She switched on the oven then started making the batter for blueberry muffins as Thorn was getting out of the shower. He quickly dried and peeked out into the room to make sure she was still asleep. His heart gave a leap of worry when he saw she wasn’t there until he heard noises coming from the kitchen. He took a deep breath as he stepped out and pulled on a pair of pants then moved quietly into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, making her jump a little.

“Making you muffins for being so amazing.”

“I am far from amazing, but thank you.” He let her go so she could pour the mix in a muffin put it in the oven, pulling her quickly back into his arms the minute the door was closed. She giggled and he looked embarrassed. “Sorry, I might still be on edge. I’ll calm down soon. I was just really scared yesterday, thinking I would lose you.”

Gloria gave Thorn a long, slow kiss then looked into his eyes lovingly. “I can understand. I was worried while you were away that I would lose you to one of the women or their mates killing you off.”

“I could never die when I have you to come back to”

“Oh, speaking of which let me fix my barrier. I have the energy now” Gloria closed her eyes and Thorn gave her silence. When she opened she said “done, you can come in as you please now. I’d like you to live here if you would” Thorn kissed gloria without even asking that made him so happy. He pulled back and looked away ‘I didn’t ask” Goria giggled again “I told you you don’t have to. Just kiss me and hold me when you want” Thorn kissed her again in his happiness then just held her until their muffins were done. Over breakfast they made plans to go visit Chthons castle so Gloria could meet Kandara and the wonderful people Thorn had met there. After those plans were made they just had a day of relaxation and cuddling, just taking comfort in the other being safe, healthy and theirs.

~ The End ~

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