Gregory & Kifa 2

Chapter One

Dania, Isa, Ella and Kifa had just come back from town and were now taking a peaceful walk together. Kifa had grown extremely close to Dania and Ella but was only just getting to really know Isa. Isa had been shy and timid when she first started dating Sebastian but he along with his family had been bringing Isa out of her shell over the years and she was only just now comfortable leaving his side to spend some girl time with her family members. Dania laughed again and Kifa said “stop laughing about my slip in the mall”

“I can’t help it. The way you scrambled.”

“I’m going to remember this when you make a fool of yourself”

“I’m Gregorys twin sister. If I can handle his teasing all my life I can handle yours”

“I know, he is the king of teasing. Thanks for all those embarrassing stories you told me over lunch. I can’t believe you still haven’t run out of stories to tell me”

“We lived a long time before he stumbled upon you.” Isa cleared her throat “so where are we walking to?”

“Nowhere really, have any place in mind?” Kifa responded. Ella grabbed Isas hand “yeah, we’ll go anywhere you want” Rylan was away at her piano lesson. She had taken them up a few months ago and was really enjoying the classes. Declan had bought a gorgeous piano for the house which she practiced on daily. With her gone that just left Gregory, Sebastian, Declan, and Atticus relaxing in the living room of Declans house. Atticus took a sip of Green Apple Smernoff then said “I think we should have a friendly fight. My abilities are nowhere near you guys and since you all are here I’d like to learn a few things.”

“sounds fun to me” Gregory quickly answered then Declan and Sebastian agreed. Sebastian had never been an amazing fighter so he was happy for any practice. They went outside and began sparring. As the girls walked along Ella asked “have you ever gone back to your childhood home and seen how it is? If those vampires still have it we could take it back. You deserve to have it and they have no right there.”

“I’ve never been back. They’ve probably left the home in ruins anyhow”

“You don’t know that. Maybe we could all go see” Isa tensed, not sure if that was a good idea. “I say we go and check it out. Is it far Kifa?” Dania interjected. “Sorta but we all can fly and I know the way.”

“But, the men will worry wont they” Isa said, not wanting to tell them she was just scared to go. “We are all grown women and we dont need them to chase away some vagrants. We are all strong in our own rights, even you Isa”

“If you’re scared we can let Dania and Kifa go. I’ll walk home with you Isa.” Ella offered.
“No, it’s okay, I’ll go.” She replied nervously.

Kifa hooked an arm through hers and smiled. “We’ll be okay and if anything happens we can always run and get the guys.”


They walked to a nearby park where they wouldn’t alarm anyone and took to the sky. They flew quickly through the air, giggling as they played a game of tag. When they grew closer to where Kifa’s home was they slowed down, not wanting too alert any vampires that may be lingering around. They descended and crouched down in the woods, watching the house. There was a man and a woman sitting on the front porch and the front door was open so they could hear loud music blaring. The front yard was completely overgrown and there were dead leaves and moss covering the roof. Kifa teared up at the disarray her home was in and knew the inside was probably worse. She felt anger boil up in her and she found herself standing and walking out of the security of the trees.

“Hey, this is my home get out.” She screamed and the two vampires on the porch stopped talking and looked at her.

“Look Wayland, a little fairy.” The woman said and inhaled the air, a look of bliss crossing her face. “It’s been ages since I’ve had one.”

“Would you like me to capture her for you?” Wayland asked.

“Oh would you my love, I desire too drink from her.”
Dania and Ella quickly came from the trees, leaving Isa there frozen and afraid. Wyland gave a confident chuckle “Just go away now while you still can girls” he snarled. The female seemed to almost be getting off by Kifa scent alone. The men laughed as they went inside to rest from their practice fighting. Atticus grabbed another round of drinks for everybody which they all thanked him for he sat down “I wonder when the women will be back”

“They always stay gone so long. There isn’t any telling” Gregory said, used to Kifa and Dania going off together and somtimes not returning until late in the evening. “Kifa sure is a long way from the woman you introduced us to son. I could tell she was a little afraid when she first met us.”

“Yeah, I told you what happened to her when she was a kid though”

“Makes me sick” Declan responded angrily. Kifas vision wasn’t as fast as vampires but thankfully she had two on her side. Wayland attempted to dig his fangs into her to weaken Kifa but Dania stooped him, breaking one of his wrists in the process. It was barely helpful since he apparently regenerated exceptionally fast. The female vampire on the porch joined in to help her husband since it was now three against just him.

Hungering after Kifas blood she went straight for her but Kifa sent her flying into the house with a gust of wind. Sanchi slammed through the wall and the music stopped, five other angry vampires coming out with her. Ellas heart slammed in her chest, thinking this hadn’t been such a good idea.
“Isa, run.” Ella screamed as the vampires attacked them. Isa was jolted out of her frozen, terrified state and took off running as fast as she could. One vampire slipped past the group and went after the younger woman who screamed when she realized she was being chased. Kifa knew there was no way they were going to beat these vampires, but used her magic too hold them off for as long as possible. She felt like a fool for coming here and knew she should have just let her old home go. The vampires broke through their barriers and jumped on the women, sinking their fangs in or beating them into unconsciousness. Isa was dragged back, kicking and screaming and backhanded so hard she went immediately limp.

Gregory grabbed his head as pain shot through him, wrenching a scream from his lips. “Gregory, what’s going on?” Declan asked as he came to his feet and went to his son.

“Da..Dania…trouble. She’s hurt.”

“Where son?”

Gregory closed his eyes. “Old house, vampires, she’s weak. The other women, they’re in trouble.” His eyes flew open. “Kifa.” He struggled too his feet. “We have to find them dad, we have too get Kifa and the other’s back.”

“Sebastian, call your mother and tell her I need her home, tell her the others are in danger.”

“Yes sir.” Sebastian said and hurried inside, grabbing his cell and calling Rylan. He would have used his psychic connection with her, but the phone took less focus. When she answered he said, “Mom, dad wants you home. The girls have been attacked.”
“I’m coming” she quickly answered. Rylan told her teacher bye then flew off. “we don’t have time to wait for mom” Gregory protested. Declan grabbed him “as long as they aren’t too strong of mind your mother can help the girls with just her words. We’ll be following your connection to Dania so you need to wait here too.”

“Just let me go. You’ll be able to follow my scent. I need to go get Kifa and the girls”

‘I’m just as worried as you son but be patient. Rylans teacher doesn’t live far”

“the girls are so far away dad.”

“How far?”

“I can’t tell that. I just know they aren’t close to home” The girls were thrown into a room where Wayland and Sanchi were to guard over the unconscious girls until they had enough blood to feed on. One of the males that had come out to help fight flew off to tell Damascas about the fairy they had. He favored fairies blood just as Sanchi did. He had been the one to claim this home for them and he deserved some of the red headed fairies blood aswell.

Sanchi licked her lips as she looked at Kifa. “calm down baby”

“Fairy blood is so delicious”

“I know but its better to let her replenish so we can feast. If we drain it all now she wont make more for us”

“I’m just glad she’s a foolish fairy. She’s one blessed with deeper magic than just control over elements. She cloud have easily summoned animals or a blade to aid her but she only put up barriers. Lucky for us she has no idea how to use her power. A tasty, foolish girl. The older blonde vampire has quite a bit of strength in her too but she hardly used it. Yummy little cretins.” Sanchi almost crawled towards Kifa but Wayland stopped her “wait my love”

“she can give a little more” Sanchi said then sunk her fangs into Kifa briefly. Sanchi moaned “that taste was only a tease”

“I told you.”
“How come Damascus gets too have these creatures and we don’t?” She whined.

“Because he’s the boss and the most powerful of us.”

“But baby, you’re powerful too, you could take over.”

Wayland grabbed her threateningly by her throat. “Watch your mouth Sanchi, he is family and I always stay loyal too family.”

“Fine, whatever, let your brother have his way. What if he tried too take me, would that get a rise out of you?” Wayland glared at her and stopped himself from slapping her.

Kifa’s head hurt and she felt dizzy and sick too her stomach. She groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. Sanchi licked her lips and Kifa’s heart rate spiked. “No, leave me alone.” She whispered as she tried too push herself up. Her arms shook and she found herself stuck on the floor.

“Oh little fairy, you’re ours now. I want too drink more.” Sanchi said.

“If you can’t control yourself Sanchi, then you’ll have to leave.” Wayland said, sounding irritated.

“Let us go.” Kifa’s voice was weak and she was tired, but her fear kept her awake. Her voice roused Dania whose bruises were starting too vanish. She glared at the two vampires and grabbed Kifa, pulling her close.

“I will not let you touch her again vile creatures.”

“That’s not something you get too decide bitch, Damascus will have her if he wants her and so will the rest of us.”

“Shut up Sanchi, that little vampire nearly killed a couple of the men so try not to instigate too much. Besides it’s annoying so keep your mouth shut.”

“Why don’t you make me shut it.” Sanchi replied flirtatiously.


Chapter Two

Ella and Isa still laid unconscious but Ella was young and Isa was feint at heart. Isa never trained and Ella barely did. Now both Kifa and Dania wished they had trained more. Gregory was always willing to fight with Kifa and Declan was invariably available to help hone any of his family skills. Dania felt almost embarrassed she hadn’t done better from her training and the times she helped her parents on jobs. Regardless this wasn’t the time and she knew it. She needed to relax and let her body heal so she could fight and try to get away with Kifa, Ella and Isa.

Dania looked into Kifas eyes, trying to express her regret at talking her into coming here. She had honestly thought they could handle whatever vampires lurked in her old home. Soldrick approached and bowed to Damascus who was laying in a lake not incredibly far from the home. Damascus snarled ‘what?”

“We have a fairy” Damascus was instantly in front of Soldrick. “where?”

“That house you took over. I heard her yell this is my home before Waylan and Sanchi attacked them.” A demented smile crossed Damascus’s face “if she tastes anything like her parents or looks the way i foresaw her to grow you all have gotten me a wonderful gift indeed’
Kifa felt a tear slide down her cheek. She felt that their only hope was for one of the guys to realize they had been gone for quite some time. She reached up to try to give dania a hug to let her know it was alright but she was too weak from being an appetizer.
“Dania, if I didn’t think it was a good idea I wouldn’t have gone along with it. We all know that soon there is going to be a rescue team coming in and kicking these vampires asses for what they did to us” kifa let a tiny smile show on her face which faded as she looked over to the unconscious Ella and Isa.
“shut up. Nobody can beat my brother” Wayland hissed. They didn’t say anything more, not wanting to antagonize while they were weak. As they soared through the air with Rylan all the men regretted their practice. They had gotten the opportunity to rest but it still would hinder them slightly since they had expended so much energy. Sebastian worried how much this might set Isa back. This was only the second trip she had been confident enough to go on with the women and they were in trouble. He loved having her at his side but didn’t like that she was scared to leave it.

Rylan was just worried about them all. Both her daughters and her sons loves were in trouble. The loss would be tremendous if anything happened to all of them. Declan nor Gregory were able to have much of a thought process through their anger. Other vampires were threatening their family and they were both ready to let heads roll. Atticus’s heart just ached. He wasn’t as connected to Ella as Gregory was to Dania but he could still practically feel Ellas wounds. Atticus knew a part of him would die if Ella did.
Damascus could smell the fairy before he even landed on the front porch of the house. He remembered her scent, her fear, and it was intoxicating. Soldrick told him which room their captives were being held in and he headed upstairs. When he opened the door Kifa’s eyes widened and her heart hammered fearfully against her chest. “Well, well, well look at this. The one that got away.” Damascus said as he squatted down in front of her and Dania. “What a beautiful creature you grew up too be.”

“Can we have her Damascus?” Sanchi asked hungrily. Damascus came too his feet and grabbed her by her hair.

“Your gluttony nearly killed her you stupid bitch.” He shoved her at Wayland. “I told you too keep control of her. Did you think I was joking?”

“No sir, I didn’t.” Wayland answered.

“Then get her out of here before I drain her dry and punish her for her stupidity and gluttony.”

“Yes sir.” Wayland grabbed Sanchi’s arm and pulled her out of the room. Damascus turned his attention back to Kifa.

“You grew up just as gorgeous as I thought you would.” He smiled and bent down too touch her.

“Leave her alone.” Dania yelled and he backhanded her then ripped Kifa out of her arms.

“Watch your mouth bitch or I’ll slit the throats of your other little friends while you watch. Maybe I’ll let the boys have a little fun with them before they die.” He stuck his nose in Kifa’s hair and breathed in her scent. “You’re mine little fairy for as long as I want you and it’ll be centuries believe me. I’ll never tire of drinking such powerful blood, your parents had a mere fraction of what you have.”
Kifa wished she could fight more but she didn’t have enough blood. She hated herself for getting so angry and not thinking clearly. She should have fought better, she had so much power but used it stupidly. Now it was even harder to think. All Kifa could hear was her parents screams. She could still see the blood everywhere. She wanted to cry at the memory but knew tears would only give this monster more pleasure.

Just as Damascus was walking out with Kifa, Ella woke “no! Where are you taking Kifa!?” She exclaimed. Damascus turned angrily. “None of your damn business so shut up before i give you to one of my men”

“Ella” Dania said. Ella began to cry but she kept her mouth shut. Damascus went into another room with Kifa and without warning growled angrily. He smelled their family coming. He ran outside with Kifa, knowing they wouldn’t hurt him as long as he was holding her. Damascus and the clearys arrived in the front yard at the same time. Damascus smiled dauntingly “this is my turf.” He snarled. Gregory saw all the bite marks on his limp girlfriend and clenched his fists.

Chapter Three

“Give her too me now.” Gregory demanded angrily.

“Oh was she yours, well that’s too bad. You see, she and I go way back and I’m afraid I won’t be handing her over. If you want a woman, I have others upstairs you can take instead.”

“Just give her and the others to us and we’ll leave.” Declan replied.

“I don’t think you’re in any position too make deals.”

Everyone glared at Damascus and Gregory said. “Do you have any idea who you speak to? My father is a Steg and my mother the Matron and I am their son. Now give me Kifa back.”

Damascus laughed. “I was like your dad once, all loyal to the cause. It’s a bunch of bullshit little man.”

“Just take the others Gregory, I’ll be fine.” Kifa said.

“I’d listen too the girl or I might make you all watch while the women are tortured. My men have been pretty lonely with no women too play with, even with Sanchi around, not that they’d touch her. So either take the vampire whores or they become our new toys and you die.”

“Not happening.”

“Wayland,” Damascus yelled, “you and two of the others bring out the others.” They waited and Wayland, Sanchi, and Soldrick brought out the others. Soldrick had Isa, who had finally woke, by her hair. “Soldrick, show them what we do when people don’t listen.”

Soldrick started ripping Isa’s clothes off and Sebastian screamed at him too stop. Kifa felt her anger coming back, hated they were doing this to Isa because of her. “Stop, just stop.” She screamed and the ground beneath their feet shook, pitching Damascus and his friends to the ground with their captives.
“Run away and stay gone. Never touch these girls again.” Rylan commanded. All vampires aside from Sanchi and Damascus instantly obeyed, unable to ignore Rylans command. “why the hell are you listening to some bitch!” Damascus called angrily. Sanchi was just confused Wyland would leave her like that. She now hungered for Rylans blood since she had such power in merely her voice. Sanchi tried to run for Rylan but Declan was on her in an instant. Isa was terrified and couldn’t move so Sebastian ran to her, lifting his girlfriend into his arms to take her away.

His father hadn’t commanded it but Isa couldn’t handle this and Sebastian knew they all could do this now. Damascus flew back up towards Kifa and she used what little was left of the sun and focused it into him. Damascus let out an eardrum bursting scream at the pain since he couldn’t tolerate the sun as she and the Clearys could. She couldn’t hold it long but it was enough to weaken him.

Atticus decided to help Gregory and Kifa with Damascus since their parents were dealing with Sanchi. Ella was slowly gaining her energy to try and help. Atticus was glad Rylans voice had worked on all but these two so he no longer had to worry about her and could just concentrate on beating the crap out of this bastard.
Damascus shoved them back with a growl then held out his hand. “Shadow come, defend your master.” A long dark tendril filled his hand and he whipped it out at his enemies. “Drain their life force.” He caught Atticus across the chest and he gasped as some of his energy was pulled away.

“What the…” Atticus said.

“Shadow magic.” Declan said as he dodged the black whip. “Don’t let it touch you.”

Kifa rubbed her head, having trouble focusing on what was going on. She blinked, bringing the fight into focus and slowly pushed herself off the ground. She knew she had too stop Damascus or he would drain her whole family. She held out her hand and called to the shadow whip in Damascus’ hand, asking it too convert to light. Damascus hit Atticus again and the vampire dropped to his knees. “Please, please give me energy earth, give me the strength.” She gripped the grass hidden under the dead leaves and could feel energy move up her arm. She saw the whip begin too change color, the darkness fading away to be replaced by a white hot light. Damascus screamed and dropped the whip which was immediately absorbed by the ground. Kifa pushed herself to her feet. “You won’t hurt my family you disgusting monster.” She said angrily.

“You little bitch.” He jumped back away from the group of vampires. “Sanchi, come now.”

“But we can’t just retreat.” She yelled as she backpedaled away from those fighting her.

“Yes we can and if you don’t follow me then you can fucking die, it’s not like a tramp like you is any good for Wayland.” He snapped. “We’ll come back for the Steg and his little clan.”
Sanchi gave a small hiss and ran away. Rylan didn’t want to let them retreat but was more interested in making sure all the girls were alright. Gregory lifted Kifa and kissed her while Atticus offered to carry his sister “don’t be prideful Ella. You’ve been through a lot” Atticus said and his sister gave a small smile “thank you” They quickly returned to Rylan and Declans home where they grabbed bottles of blood then went to rooms to rest until they were fully healed with a good amount of blood pumping through their veins.

Declan was seething, especially since now he had had time to think about Damascus’s words. He was the vampire who killed Kifas parents. That house must have been her childhood home. He killed her parents, destroyed her home and was now attacking her again. This was unacceptable and he couldn’t wait for that bastard to come back so he could teach him and whoever else he brought a lesson.
Kifa clung tightly to Gregory, so happy to be with him again. “Why would you go there without us?” He asked and she could hear the reprimand in his voice.

“I’m sorry, I guess we thought we could handle it. We were wrong, I should have just let it go and not thought about it. I’m so sorry.” She answered.

“Shh, it’s okay. I shouldn’t be so harsh, if it had been my family’s home I probably would have done the same. I just wish you would have come and told me.”

“I know, I won’t ever do something so foolish again.” He ran his hand up and down her back as she sat in his lap on their bed, doing his best to soothe her. “Can we please take a shower?”

“Of course baby, anything for you.” Gregory stood up and carried her into the bathroom, setting her on the counter and turning to switch on the water. “Are you sure you want me in here, I know you still get shy.”

“Yes, please, I need too be held.” He switched on the shower then turned back to her, lowering her to her feet and giving her a soft kiss. He pulled her clothes off and then his, smiling at her red face. She stepped into the tub and he got in behind her, immediately wrapping his arms around her and resting his forehead on her shoulder. He was so relieved she was alive that he very nearly started crying.
The skin to skin contact was soothing to Kifa and helped her body heal faster. They stood under the water like that until Kifa said airily “We need to clean ourselves up now” Gregory let her go and she began to rub herself with body wash. Gregory watched her with adoring eyes until she was cleaned and rinsed. Kifa got out then Gregory began washing himself. When both were dry they decided to go see what Gregorys parents were doing. They found them at the dining room table drinking coffee mixed with blood instead of sugar.

“You ok?” Rylan asked with genuine concern. “Yeah, I’m sorry”

“Danias already told us it was her idea”

“She didn’t make any of us go though” Rylan smiled “true but there is no need for nay of you to be sorry. You are all safe and thats all that matters to me. Come sit with us unless you need to rest. Everyone is napping aside from Atticus who went to get Zander and Caroline. They are going to stay with us until whenever that group comes back. I do have a question for you though.”


“we’re guessing thats your home.” Kifa frowned “yes..well,whats left of my parents home. They’ve ruined it” Declan now spoke “We can all fix it. When everyone is strong and rested we can go check out the house and I’ll figure out what all I need to buy for us all to repair it.”

“But they’re coming back”

“To attack us and they wont win. They especially wont win with the added help of Zander, Caroline and their children” Kifa ran over and hugged Declan “thank you”

“You’re welcome. Just please, never go into a situation like that without atleast Gregory. It would kill us all if we lost you or had lost any of the other girls”

“I wont be so foolish again” It wasn’t much longer before Atticus came back with Zander, Caroline, Ollina, Henry and Parrnell. This was the first time Kifa was meeting them in person so she was a little shy but she was no longer terrified of every vampire that approached her. They all introduced themselves and hugged before sitting in the living room.

Chapter Four

“I remember Damascus.” Caroline said. “He was far too hot headed and he had to be removed from his position as a Steg because he liked too do things his way.”

“He was never around when I started working.” Declan replied.

“You were eight years old when his title was stripped. He was an amazing tracker and fighter, but a disgrace to our family. He was a blood thirsty tyrant.”

“So what can we do?” Kifa asked softly.

“It seems he has taken a particular interest in you dear and I don’t blame him. You have quite a bit of power in your blood, like those of royal descent. Drinking from you would be like taking a really good drug for humans, the high, the euphoria, it would be like floating in a dream.”

“That’s sick.” Gregory said and held tightly to her.

“The only thing we can do is prepare and fight off Damascus when he comes which he will. Especially you Kifa, you need too tap into that power you have and use it.”

“I don’t know how, I mean I can use some of it, but I was just a child when I lost my parents.”

“I’ll show you, I mean I wasn’t amazing at my psychic abilities at first, but once I understood what I was doing I could use them without a hitch.” Zander replied with a friendly smile.
Rylan interjected “she needs to eat and rest first. She cant just drink blood like us. I’m sure you’re hungry anyway Zander so let me cook.” Dania was just coming in and said “let me help” Rylan smiled at her daughter “thanks, come on. Kifa, sit down please and rest so you’ll be ready for Zanders help in the morning” Everyone found a comfortable spot in the living room to relax. Soon Ella and Atticus joined aswell which only left Sebastian and Isa not in the room. Everyone guessed Isa was probably too freaked out to leave the bedroom if she was awake.

Danias sad face was bothering Gregory so he kissed Kifas cheek and left her to keep talking to his family. Rylan, Declan and Dania looked at Gregory as he entered the kitchen. “yes?” Rylan asked. “I just wanted to make sure you didn’t feel bad Dania”

“Of course i do”

“Don’t, you are all safe and that’s all that matters. Everyone thinks that and you all have minds of your own. You made a suggestion and they all followed it” Dania smiled “I thought you’d be angry” Grgeory hugged his sister “You wouldn’t have suggested it if you would have known the outcome. None of us can tell the future. I love you sister”

“I love you too” Gregory walked back out to sit with Kifa and Dania felt tremendously better. Now she just had to hope Sebastian felt the same way and wouldn’t be angry over her leading Isa to Kifas old home. When dinner was ready Parrell went to get Sebastian and Isa. He came back alone and said “they are getting dressed”. The two had joined before Rylan and Caroline were even done serving plates.

Dania looked at Sebastian until he noticed. He gave her a smile to tell her she was not to blame and she smiled back. After dinner Zander said ‘Right after breakfast we start since we don’t know when he and his lackeys are coming”

“sounds good.” kifa answered then went to her bedroom with Gregory.
“How are you feeling?” Gregory asked as they started undressing.

“Better, still a little tired.”

“Well blood loss will do that too you.” He found himself staring at her standing there in her panties and bra and she blushed as she felt his gaze moving over her. “Sorry, you’re just really beautiful.”

“No, it’s okay. I like when you look at me, you should know that by now.” She crossed over to him and pulled him down into a kiss. He slid his hands down her back and to her bottom, pressing her tightly against him. “Make love too me.” She whispered shyly against his lips and his heart stuttered.

“Are you sure, I mean you’re exhausted. We can always wait.”

“I’m sure, I want your touch too wipe their’s away.”

He pushed her back onto the bed and climbed over her, his lips moving gently over her neck and down her chest. He unhooked her bra and pulled it off, his mouth sucking and biting at her breasts. She moaned and covered her mouth, not wanting everyone else in the house too hear her. He kissed and bit his way down her body, his hands moving lovingly over her, a moan finding its way past his lips as her taste and scent and the wonderful noises she made filled him with need. He hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them down, his mouth immediately covering her and his tongue moving over and in her so she was struggling too keep silent. Tears filled her eyes as her back arched off the bed and her insides quivered.

“I love you baby.” He whispered in her ear, giving her goosebumps. He pulled her legs around him and thrust into her hot depths, cutting her response to him short. She clung tightly too him, biting onto his shoulder too muffle her cries. He leaned back, pulling her into his lap and holding her tightly against him. Tears slid down her face as they climaxed together and he pulled back too kiss her. “Shh, it’s okay. I love you so much.”

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s just been a really stressful and terrifying day.”

“It’s okay, I understand baby.”
They laid down together then Gregory wiped away Kifas tears. “Thank you for letting me have you that way” Kifa gently pressed her lips into his. “It was truly amazing. We shouldn’t have waited so long” Gregory smiled then rested his head on her chest. He needed her heartbeat to sooth him if he was going to rest atall. Gregory wasn’t planning on fully going to sleep until Damascus, Sanchi and whomever else attacked again but he still needed to get himself resting. Declan and Zander had the same idea and only let themselves half sleep that night to insure in an attack they would be able to think and properly fight off the threat to their family.

To all relief the night was peaceful. Caroline, Ollina and Declan made breakfast while Zander talked with Kifa about what they’d be doing. When breakfast was served they all ate quickly. Everybody went outside because Declan and Rylan were going to work with Atticus, Ella, Dania, and Sebastian while Caroline trained with her children. Kifa felt nervous with everybody else outside even though her and Zander were far from the others and they wouldn’t be watching anyways.

Isa just made sure cold drinks, snacks and blood was readily available to all training. She felt a little guilty for her meekness but knew Sebastian nor his family didn’t care that fighting was somthing she never wanted to do. She only trained minimally so that if somthing attacked her she wouldn’t be as weak as a human. Besides, she knew everyone appreciated the fresh lemonade and having snacks along with blood brought to them.
“So, what do I do?” Kifa asked.

“Using psychic or magic powers takes a lot of focus, mine tend too activate when I’m angry or need to protect my loved ones. The first time my powers manifested I was a toddler and I knocked a painting off the wall of my parent’s house.”

“When we were at my old home, I made the ground shake and changed Damascus’ whip change, but I was worried. I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt because of me.”

“Hey, this wasn’t your’s or anyone else’s fault. Damascus is sick in the head and so are his cohorts. I can see what he did.” Zander tapped his temple.

She blushed. “Oh, so you can see everything?”

He laughed. “Don’t worry, I only look for the important things. Anyway, you need to reach down deep and grab a hold of your power, use your emotions too give them strength. Love, hate, rage, fear, use them to channel that power where you want it. You fairies are also very connected to the earth, draw energy and strength from her, especially when you are at your weakest. So lets try something simple, call on the wind, make it blow as hard as you can. You are also very connected to all of the elements, not just one or two, but all of them so use that.”

She took a deep breath and focused on the air around them. She allowed that part of herself connected to the elements too fall in tune with the slight breeze moving around them. She pushed her power into it, making it pick up and shake the tree leaves. “Good, now focus it in one area.” She grabbed a hold of the wind and directed it into the yard, imagining Damascus standing there and causing the slight breeze to turn into a dust devil. “Good, now release.” She calmed herself, allowing the wind to go back too its natural state. “Good job, now we’ll try the other elements as well as putting up psychic barriers.”

Chapter Five

Since Kifa already understood her abilities to control nature these first lessons were easy. She and everybody else stopped at lunch to eat and take a break. Isa, Ella and Atticus worked on lunch while everyone else rested in the living room. “How’s it going?” Rylan asked. Zander smiled “good, I started her off easy to gain confidence.”

“Thta’s good. I think the rest of us are just going to relax in the house to make sure all our energy is up when he attacks” Zander nodded. Grgeory pulled Kifa into his lap and held her close. She relaxed into him until lunch was ready. They ate slowly and talked. When lunch was over Declan said “Dania, why don’t you come with me to check out Kifas old home so I can get a good idea of what all it needs. You and Gregory are connected enough that we’ll know if Damascus comes here.”

“Let Henry and I come too, just incase you two are ambushed” Caroline offered and Declan nodded. The four went off as Zander and Kifa went back to helping her delve deep into what her abilities could really do. Zander took Kifa far from the house and said “I want you to try and cause a real earthquake. Not a huge one but a small on”

“You think I can?”

“I know you can” Kifa smiled “you have such faith in my abilities”

“It’s deserved. You are more amazing than you think Kifa. I’m sorry it wasn’t your parents that taught all this to you”

“I just try not to think about it. They would want me to be happy, not think about what could have been. They were always such happy people. They deserved a burial, not for me to just run away.”

“You would have died trying Kifa. For Gregorys sake I’m glad you just got far away” Kifa blushed and Zander laughed “you mean a lot to my nephew. I’m glad to have finally met you. With your fears we were a little afraid to rock the boat even though you’ve gotten along with everyone else. Now that i’ve seen for myself what happened that night…I can’t blame you for being scared. You were such a little girl to live through such a nightmare.”

“Zander says you and Rylan had it tough as children too”

“we were certainly older than you were when you’re parents died”

“still, we all have our scars to bare. I’m just glad I met Gregory and he helped me move on”

“well, lets see about that small earthquake” Kifa channeled her anger at Damascus and her sadness from the loss of her parents. Suddenly she felt the ground quake and opened her eyes to see she had indeed cracked the earth. Zander gave an approving smile “now close it”

“I can close it?”

“I’m sure you can, try” Kifa closed her eyes to concentrate. She didn’t hear anything but soon Zander said ‘great!. I Saw in the attack you already know how to use barriers but lets practice them to make them stronger. After that we’ll break.”

“we just had lunch”

“Yeah but who knows when Damascus will return. You’re accomplishing new things so it’s more of a wear on you”

“I can handle a lot. I make a lot of things happen just to make children smile. The only thing that really taxes me is transporting live things”

“You can transport live things?”

“Yes, I can do somthing small as an example”

“That would be amazing to see” Zander said excitedly. Kifa made a butterfly appear in her hand in an instant. “wow, cute”

“Yeah, It’s fun. The boxes I make for the children in the hospital take a lot too because I enchant them to be whatever the child is most hoping for”

“Yeah, my sister told me about that. That’s a really kind thing”

“anything to make them happy. I love children”
They practiced a little longer and each time she was able too complete a task the more control she got over her magic. She was very happy with her progress and Zander called a stop too their practice. “Come on, lets go get something to drink.” The minute they stepped onto the porch of Rylan and Declan’s house the sky began too darken. Zander turned his gaze up and spread his psychic web out. “Get inside, they’re coming.”

“How do you know?”

“I can feel them, their leader is using his magic too darken the sky. I need you too set a barrier around the house that allows only our family to come in and out.”

They hurried inside and Zander alerted the rest of his family. Isa swallowed, a look of fear passing over her face. “Isa, why don’t you go and hide in the basement.” Sebastian said softly.

“I’ll stay with her.” Ella said and grabbed Isa’s hand. “Come on sweetie, it’ll be safer.”

Declan, Henry, and Caroline arrived back and went inside, glad to see everyone was okay and preparing too fight. Zander, Gregory, and Dania set up psychic barriers alongside Kifa’s electrical one, double checking them too make sure there were no holes. If someone tried to force their way in they would be in excruciating pain.
It was pitch black outside when Damascus landed with all the vampires at his command. Kifa quickly asked the owls to lend her their sight since she couldn’t naturally see in the dark like Gregorys family could. Kifa shut her eyes and opened again, now able to see perfectly. “Just give her too me. Why is she so important to you lot?” Damascus said in a steely stone. “she’s our family and we wouldn’t pass up anyone to you just so you can torture them.” Damascus smiled ‘Oh, I’d make her feel really good” he licked his lips as he finished and Gregory pulled Kifa closer.

“last chance” Damascus said and then attacked when no response was given. Ella held tight to Isa in the basement. “I’m sorry I’m such a coward” Isa whimpered. “Oh Isa, it’s ok. Not everyone can be brave. We love you very much and don’t care. Fighting just isn’t for everyone and we have plenty of strength between the rest of us.”

“I want to be braver”

“You’re getting there. You’ve been going out with us girls from time to time”

“I should go more”

“You’re always welcome, though, I doubt we’ll be going off anytime soon”

“It’s a shame what they did to Kifas home”

“My dad will make sure it’s fixed”

“I’m really glad this family found me and the other orphans”

“Me too” They heard a scream and Isa clung to Ella. Atticus had thrown a vampire into the barrier to knock him out. Just as Atticus did this one of the other lackys slammed Ollina into the ground then bit into her neck. She screamed and Parrell went by Atticus’s example and threw the vampire he was fighting into the barrier to get to his sister. Henry was fighting three so was glad when he saw Parrell going to aid Ollina. Parrell grabbed a handful of hair then snapped the vampires neck. Ollina had shameful tears in her eyes as Parrell picked her up and flew her in the house. “stay” he said with firm command, knowing she might try to come back out. Ollina nodded and Parrell went back out to fight with their family.

Rylan commanded as many as she could to stop but these vampires had a strong will and barely any heart. It was like talking to stone. She got a good portion to go but Damascus had brought more than they expected. They were shocked and appalled at just how many were following him. After Rylans command Caroline tried to turn the blood of the vampires left against them. This took out all but five more of his lackys. Caroline actually paused for a moment in shock. She didn’t even understand how any of them could have defense against that. It actually scared her.

Damascus finally got close enough to Kifa to punch her in the face, pissing Gregory off even further than he already was. Kifa lit him on fire then swiftly kicked him between the legs. She went for a punch aswell but one of the lackys tackled her. Kifa sent a surge of electricity through the vampire as Gregory kept throwing punches with Damascus. “Kifa! Try to electrocute Damascus!” Rylan screamed at her. Rylan hoped maybe a surge to Damascus’s brain would make it weak, therefore susceptible enough for her commanding voice to control him.

Kifa pushed the limp vampire off of her then flew back up. She worried she’d hit Gregory so just paused in the air. Gregory tried to fly away but Damascus grabbed him “Kifa, just do it!” he screamed as Damascus sank his fangs in. Kifa really didn’t want to but Gregory couldn’t get away now and was resistant to electricity. She surged it into them, hoping it wouldn’t hurt Gregory too badly. When Kifa stopped Rylan said in her most commanding tone ” Damascus! Stop this now and never come back!”

Damascus groaned with a yell as he held took his fangs out of Gregory. “Go” Rylan continued and he groaned again. Declan came over, grabbed Damascus’s hair then flung him away. Damascus got up and ran off in obedience to Rylan. Kifa ran over to Gregory and helped steady him on his feet “I’m so sorry” she said with tears forming. “It’s what we had to do. Don’t worry about it” Rylan came over and hugged them both ‘you two go in while the rest of us take care of the dead and unconscious” she then turned before continuing “if any of the rest of you are badly hurt please go in aswell. If you can help, then help”
Ella and Isa came out to help while Gregory took Kifa to their room. He held tightly too her, relieved that she was safe and this day had gone better than expected. They had not lost anyone and she was safe. Damascus had to listen too his mother’s command or he would be severely punished. He sat down on the bed with her in his lap and she cried. “Are you okay baby?” He whispered.

“I just can’t believe he’s gone and I can reclaim my family’s home, it’s such a relief.” She wiped at her face and he stroked her back and brushed soft kisses onto her cheek. “I’m sorry, I know it’s stupid to cry.”

“Not at all, cry all you need.” She smiled and kissed him, happy he was with her. His presence always calmed and warmed her.

“I really love you and I’ll try not too shock you again if I can help it.”

“Didn’t I say not too worry about it. It wasn’t all that bad, I mean I walked through one of your barriers.”
Kifa smiled ‘yeah, I still can’t believe you did that just to speak to me”

“You are worth anything Kifa”

“You didn’t know that then”

“My heart knew it and was waiting for my head to figure it out” Gregory kissed her then asked “What do you want to do with your old home? I’m happy for us to move into it when it’s built if you’d like that”

“I think it would be nice to raise my own family in my childhood home but are you sure? Your house is bigger than my old home” Gregory laughed “Like i care, how much time do we spend at home anyway? My dad can give my home to one of my siblings. Ella and Atticus will move out one day. Maybe they can go ahead and do it once we move out.”

“Then I would like that. I’ll be emotional at first over what happened but I would like us to live there.”

“then we’ll raise a family there. Now that you mention it, when can we start that?” He asked with a playful grin and Kifa blushed “whenever you want. I love children”

“when we are both feeling better from the fight we can start” Grgeory said causing to make Kifa go a deeper shade of red.To get away from the subject Kifa asked “do you think Atticus and Ella will want to stay living together? One of them can have the home I lived in when you found me.”

“They probably will but we can offer it when we mention my home being available. Unlike Dania and I they are the type of twins that do pretty much everything together. Of course Dania and I are close but we did separate things all the time growing up. Ella and Atticus may as well be joined at the hip. The only time they’ve separated is for your girl outings when you’re tired of me” Kifa laughed “Girls need girl time” Gregory kissed her “I know”

“Do you think Dania, Ella and I ruined things for Isa? I kinda feel bad this all happened when she was just warming up to the idea of going out alone with us”

“Dont fret over that, please. I want us to be happy.”

“ok, we need to go visit Kiminia and Rodrick soon to let them now what has happened. Mom will be mad if she finds out through someone else and believe me, she can find out anything. It’s not a matter of if but when”

“Why don’t you call on them. They’ve never met Sebastian or Isa.”

“True, what if my mother and brother scare Isa though? They are dragons afterall.”

“Part of Isas problem is nobody pushes her. Yeah you girls have been pushing for her to get out but Isa needs to face the things that scare her or she’ll always be scared. I brought the point up to Sebastian once and it made him mad but it’s true. Call on them tomorrow.”

They only left their room too eat dinner then went right back up and took a quick shower. They fell into bed and into each others arms, falling quickly asleep. The next morning they woke too warm sunlight filtering through their bedroom window. Gregory smiled adoringly at Kifa and kissed her, making her smile brightly. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sight as beautiful as you my love.” His words made her heart flutter and her cheeks turn a light pink. He kissed her and snuggled closer, not wanting to get out of bed.

“You know we can’t stay here all day.” She said softly and he pretended he didn’t hear her, making her laugh. “Gregory, I have too call for Kiminia and Rodrick and then we have to see how much work the house is going to take. Your dad already went and looked at it so I’m sure he’s made a list of supplies.”

He sighed. “If we must, but once we’re home we are definitely going to be spending some time in bed, just us, no guests.”

“Okay, I promise.”
They dressed, brushed their hair then went down for breakfast that was already being made by Caroline and Rylan. Zander looked starved as normal. “so, um, Declan”

“yes?” He answered. Kifa still got nervous at times addressing him “Did you figure out what all we needed?”

“For the most part but I want you to have final say in what I order. It’s your home and I want it to be as close to what it was as possible.”

“Grgeory and I actually want to move into it once it’s fixed” Declan smiled “well then we’ll have to work hard to finish it. What do you want done with the home I made you Greg?”

“Last night Kifa and i discussed giving it to Atticus and Ella if they wanted to move out on their own. If they dont want to live together one can take the home Kifa was living in when we met.” Gregory answered then Declan looked at the twins, expecting an answer. “what do you want brother?” Ella asked. “We do so much together and neither of us have mates yet so for the time being we may aswell still live together. Thank you for your home Gregory” Atticus answered and Greg smiled. Kifa spoke again “ok, when one of you gets a mate you are still welcome to mine”

“Could i have it? Your old home is so cute” Ella asked then Kifa answered. “Of course” They all chatted like yesterdays war hadn’t gone on until breakfast was served. They ate and then Kifa excused herself to call her adoptive mother and brother. Isa already seemed afraid but they went all the same. It didn’t take them very long to arrive and Kiminia tensed at all the blood around the property “what happened?” Kifa explained and her mother gave Kifa a fearful hug “why didn’t you call for me sooner?”

“We had it momma”

“still, I swear you try to wear out my heart child”

“Declan is going to help Gregory and I restore my childhood home.”

“We can help too, right Rodrick?”

“Of course.” Kifa and Gregory took Kiminia and Rodrick inside to introduce them. Zander was thrilled to be meeting dragons. It almost caused Rylan to tease him. After introductions they all went to Kifas childhood home to explore it. Gregory wasn’t sure what Kifa spotted in the closet but he saw her expression turn deeply sad. She approached her bedroom closet slowly and lifted up two pieces of what looked like beautiful material to the rest of them. Kifa fell to her knees and cried. Kiminia rushed over “what’s wrong” before her question was answered Kiminia was close enough now to be able to tell what Kifa was holding. They were small fragments of her parents wings. Gregory noticed what they were aswell and frowned.

When she stopped crying Declan said “maybe you and greg should let us all clean up”

“no, I’ll be fine. I can’t believe bits of their wings are still here”

“Fairy wings last a long time, even after death” Kiminia answered solemnly.

“Will you hold them mother while I make all the dirt and destroyed things vanish?”

“yes” Kiminia said as she took the bits of wings from Kifa. Everyone aside from Gregory, Kiminia and Rodrick were astounded when suddenly the ruined house was free of all dirt and broken bits of furniture. “holy crap!” sebastian exclaimed and Kifa laughed. It was a laugh of mixed emotion since she was so sad but truly, it was hard to stay sad around such an amazing family.
“Sebastian, take Isa, Ella, Atticus, and Henry and get too work on the yard. There is a shed out back that has tools in it.”

“Yes sir.” Sebastian replied and they headed outside. He decided too clean the roof off while the others worked on raking up the leaves and picking up debris.

“Zander I need you too come with me so we can buy the wood we need to make repairs. I think we’re going to have to knock out the wall they broke a hole through.”

“That was more my fault than the vampires.” Kifa said and blushed when they arched questioning eyebrows at her. “Well I sent the female uh Sanchi through the wall.”

They started laughing and Gregory hugged her from behind. “I thought you didn’t have control of your powers.” Zander said with a smile.

“I didn’t, it just comes in bursts. I mean I have good control of some of it, but other things I wasn’t as good at.”

“He’s just teasing love, he knows.” Gregory said and kissed her cheek.

“We’ll repair it so don’ worry, this place will be looking as good as new in no time.”
Everyone helped day after day until the house was just as beautiful as Kifa remembered it when she lived there with her parents. Kiminia saved the small bits of wings in a bag so now they could have a funeral for them. They went into a spot in the woods where she played with them as a child then dug a small hole before letting their wings fall into the soft, red dirt. Kifa did her best to say her goodbyes to them without crying but she didn’t even make it through half of what she wanted to say before her words were inaudible.

Gregory lifted her up and the whole family took turns hugging them. They all decided to go home while Gregory took Kifa back to their newly furnished home. “they were such wonderful people” Kifa said in a whisper as Grgeory walked across the threshold. “I know, you’ve told me so many wonderful stories about them”

“I’m glad some part of them was just returned to nature instead of being trapped in the place they died.”

“Me too’ Gregory held Kifa until she said “we didn’t buy groceries yet” Gregory laughed “dad bought us pots and pans and all that so i just need to go hunt us food. That or I could go home and snatch some. Let me go hunt” He winked and Kifa laughed. Gregory kissed Kifa then left to ask his parents for some of their groceries. When he was out of sight Kifa walked around her old home, loving how similar it looked to what she remembered. She could already see her children playing here and doing the things with them her parents had done with her. Life was going to be perfect, especially since she had such an amazing man at her side. Her mother had always told her she didn’t need a man but Kifa didn’t see that as true. It was much better to have someone to face the world with than be alone. She felt bad for anybody, male or female who didn’t have love and someone to turn to when things were hard. Gregory pushing her to talk to him was the luckiest day of her life. If he hadn’t she wouldn’t be in this home again today and wouldn’t have nearly as bright of a future ahead of her.

~ The End ~

~ Stacy Meyer contributed to this story.

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