Gregory & Kifa

Chapter One

Gregory had this inexorable urge just to walk when he woke up that Sunday morning. He stretched and put two toaster struddles in his toaster. He waited for them to pop then enjoyed his breakfast. When he was done he set his dishes in the dishwasher, finally having enough to run the load so he filled it with Cascade then let it start before he showered and put on some pants and a hoodie. Last thing he had to do was pull his sneakers on before he walked out the door. Gregory decided to let the world direct him. He just walked along, following his instinct on where he should go. Whatever guided him had Gregory walk through the wood and onward until he reached town. He kept walking, past the toy stores, pharmacies, restaurants and clothing boutiques. He kept going until he found himself in a nice looking suburb.

He noticed a snow cone truck giving away free snow cones and decided to approach. The side of the van read Fairy Ice which amused him since he could tell the woman giving out the free snow cones was a fairy hiding her wings. She would ask what flavor they wanted and he could smell the magic as she went where the couldn’t see and made it appear. When all the kids were gone he approached. She jumped, and he could taste fear “I wont hurt you”

“Please go away” She said in a shakey voice, far from the way she spoke to the children. “I promise I wont hurt you, why are you scared?”

“what flavor do you want?” she whispered. Gregory frowned, sad to have upset such a seemingly sweet and beautiful woman so much. “Could I have cherry” She used her magic again then handed it to him. A second later the whole truck vanished. “I’m sorry” Gregory said to the air. Kifa reappeared in front of the woods she lived in and began flying as fast as she could to her home. It had been many years since she saw a vampire. Kifa never wanted to see one again or ever have to see one drain the life out of helpless victims. It brought her right back to the morning she woke to see a man standing at the edge of her room. A man with blood already on his mouth, it was the blood of their dog Trixie. He smiled maliciously then sat on the bed. “Who do you want me to drain first? Your mother or your father?”


“Don’t be annoying or I’ll drain you too. Choose little one”

“Neither” she said then screamed for her parents. They came in and she had to watch the life slowly fade from each of them. They had barely been a match for the vampires strength. She shook and cried on the bed, knowing she was next but he left. She never knew why the vampire didn’t drain her too but he had decided to spare her even though he took the lives of everyone she loved at the time.

Gregory didn’t feel much like a snowcone anymore. His heart hurt from the look of fear that had passed over the beautiful fairy’s face. He wanted to find her and do whatever he could earn her trust. Since she had taken the trouble to make it he decided to eat the snow cone. He took a bite, finding it to be amazingly delicious. He ate the whole thing, his mind only on her. When he was finished eating he walked slowly back home, hoping to catch her scent again. It wasn’t until he made it to the edge of the wood that a slight breeze blew his way and her scent filled his nose.

Kifa sat in her shower, her knees drawn up to her chin as tears slipped down her cheeks. She wanted the memoies to go away. She knew that even though the vampire had seemed nice that underneath that kind mask lurked a predator that knew only how to kill. She raised her face to the water, allowing it to wash away the tears on her cheeks. She stood, quickly washing herself then rinsing and getting out. She dried and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then flopped down on her couch, feeling exhausted from crying. She stared off into space until her eyelids became to heavy to hold open then fell asleep.

Gregory walked along the edge of the wood trying to pick up her scent again. It was hard when the wind kept blowing and stirring up every smell there was in the forest. He was sure she had chocen this location for that exact reason. He smiled when he finally picked it up again and stepped into the woods. He focused on just her, on her face and her smile as she handed snow cones to children. He had loved that smile and the instant it had vanished he had felt a sadness take ahold of him and twist his heart in pain.

Gregory very nearly lost her scent a few times as he traveled the woods but thankfully he had inherited a strong sense of smell from his father. Even the powerful nose he had from his line of ancestors was just barely enough to keep on her trail. He went over in his head how to apologize for frightening her and how he would explain that he was harmless. He didn’t know why but he needed her to understand and not fear him. He wanted to get to know her and be her friend if he could get her comfortable being around him. He wanted to cause the smiles she was giving the children. Truly he wanted her to look at him in any way other than how she was before. He finally found a small cabin in the woods. It was made of materials in this very wood and most likely added to the trouble he had finding her. He took only two more steps forward when his body was filled with an electric current. He gritted his teeth and suppressed the growl that tried escaping, knowing if she could hear him it would only scare her further.

Upon building her house Kifa had set up an electric barrier that would only shock vampires coming near her house. She had been careful and sure of this spell so that her friends and the wildlife wouldn’t be harmed by her sphere of protection from the monsters that plagued her nightmares. It would keep them in a constant shock until they reached her door. Gregory backed up from the electric current panting. His muscles were tense and his teeth hurt from how tightly he had clenched his jaw. He sighed, realizing this was a barrier meant to keep his kind out. He didn’t know how long it would shock him but he needed to get to her door and talk to her. He would do it even if it meant enduring more current. He knew his body could handle it since he had trained himself before with tolerating electricity. It had only been so bad the first time because he wasn’t expecting it.

He took a few more breaths then mentally prepared himself for the pain that would ensue. When he was mentally ready for the pain he walked in. His legs were heavy as the muscles didn’t want to function but he forced the forward, praying this would stop when he reached her door. On and on he trudged through the unrelenting current until finally he stepped foot on her front steps. He let out a sigh of relief when the electricity quit coming.

Kifa heard footsteps on her front porch, her eyes flying open. A knock sounded at the front door and her heart leapt in her chest. She didn’t know who would be here at this time without calling her first. She got up and walked slowly over to the front door and looked out the peephole. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw the vampire standing there, covered in sweat from the effort it took to force himself through her barrier. “What do you want from me?” She asked, her voice squeaking from fear.

“Please, I just want to talk that’s all. Can I come in?” He replied.

“No, just go away.”

Gregory cleared his throat. “I swear I won’t hurt you.”

“Please, leave me alone.”

He sighed. “Fine, if you won’t let me in then I’ll just sit out here until you do.” He slid down to her porch, resting his back against her front door. “I’m serious, I’ll sit right here until you open up and actually talk to me.”

Kifa backed away from the door, her heart thundering loudly. She knew he must hear it and was probably just taunting her. She knew he could easily break the door down. She knew if she tried to run he would just give chase again so she curled up on the couch, scared out of her mind. Gregory stared out at the woods, watching as blue jays flew by, harrassing each other over who got to sit in what tree. He hummed softly to himself and closed his eyes, allowing the peace of this place to wash over him. He had always loved the woods. Even when his stomach grumbled he refused to move from his spot, he wanted to see her and hoped if he waited long enough she would come out.

As noon passed and night fell Kifa got up and peeked out her window. She saw that he was still sitting there and wondered what he was doing. She knew tonight was going to be cold, she could feel it all the way to her core. She sighed and sat back down, feeling more and more guilty the longer he sat out there. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up and pulled her door open, causing him to fall backwards, a look of surprise on his face. “Just come in already.”

She walked away and sat on her couch as Gregory got up. She tensed and waited for him to harm her or do whatever else he planned next to torture her. Having him inside was causing her body to rattle in fear. He shut her door, the sound making her jump and whimper even though he did it gently. His heart sank in his chest. He had known she was afraid as he sat outside but right now she looked more afraid than he had ever seen a person before and he had been on a few jobs with his parents. “I haven’t hurt you have I? Please stop rattling and tensing. I swear i wont do a thing to hurt you.”

“Then you’re just having fun scaring me and wont require anything more? How long are you going to stay in here? The night or do you want my home because I can move if you want this place.” Her voice was small and as shakey as her body but it had a hint of anger was in it ¬†from him making her let him in. “it’s nothing like that. I don’t want to scare you. It hurts my heart that you’re so frightened of me. I don’t want your house either. I would never take anything from you. I’ve got my own home. I just want you to talk to me and get to know me so you wont be afraid. I want us to be friends. I’m Gregory by the way. Can I know your name?”


“Why are you afraid when I’ve done nothing to you?” Gregory inquired and¬†Kifa sighed. She didn’t want to talk about it but knew he’d probably force that too and she’d only be subjecting herself to further torment if she tried not to tell him. Kifa sat there silently as she tried to force the words out but her fear was paralyzing her. He moved closer and she involuntary whimpered again. “Ok, I’ll stay over here” Gregory sat down on the floor where he was standing though his muscles ached and he wanted to sit on the couch with her. When she still didn’t speak he coaxed ‘Please tell me why you’re afraid. Maybe I can work on it so you’ll like me”

“You don’t have vampire friends?” She responded. “Yes I do, I have friends of many races”

“Are you collecting then? You need a fairy? I’ll claim to be your friend if you’ll leave me in peace” Gregory sighed patiently ‘No, I’m not collecting friends of different races Kifa. I don’t normally make friends this way either but I know you wont speak with me any other way and I have to know what’s scaring you so badly if I’m going to work on being your friend. I just feel a need to be with you and I’m sure we can work on whatever reason you’re afraid of me. Please let me try” Kifa was surprised that he had instantly sat when coming towards her had made her whimper and how kind and gentle his voice was. He wasn’t acting at all how she expected a vampire to act in her home aside from the fact he was forcing his presence on her when she had made it clear she wanted him gone.

Kifa looked at his face. He looked like he was in pain, both physical and in his heart like he was claiming. She knew it had to have been excruciating to walk through her barrier. He must have been really determined to talk to her. In a more stable voice than he had heard her speak in Kifa offered ‘You can come sit on the couch if you stay on the opposite end of me. I’m sure you’re aching” He stood ‘thank you”

Chapter Two

He sat down slowly on the other end of the couch, giving her a friendly smile and keeping his hands in his lap so she could see them. Gregory wished she would relax. He could tell how tense her muscles were like she was ready to spring up at any minute and run. “If you don’t want to tell me why you hate me, you don’t have to. We can just sit here in silence.”

“Wh…when I was little a vampire killed my parents. He tried to make me choose who should die first, but…but…” her lip quivered and tears filled her eyes. He wanted to hold her and comfort her, but he stayed put. “I couldn’t so I screamed and he killed them both right in front of me. Then he just left.”

Gregory frowned. “I am truly sorry for your loss. I would be devastated if either of my parents died. I can only imagine how you must feel, but not all vampires are like that. My family are all very nice. We protect people all the time from monsters like that.”

“How do I know you’re telling the truth? How do I know that this isn’t some kind of trick?”

“You don’t, you’ll just have to trust me or at least open yourself up to the possibility that I’m not some kind of raging psychopath out for fairy blood.”

She did want to trust him, he seemed so sincere and had even done as she asked and stayed at the other end of the couch, but her mind was still having trouble wrapping around the fact that he wasn’t a blod crazed maniac. “I just don’t know.”

“Let me prove myself to you. I’ll do anything you ask. If you want me to help you with the snow cones I will, if you want to just talk we can do that too. I just want you to see that there are good vampires out there.”

“I was going to the childrens hospital tomorrow. I promised them all a stuffed animal. I can create pretty much anything I want with my magic and I mainly use it to bring children happiness. Their smiles make me happy, especially those of sick ones. I go there once a week with somthing to make their lives a little happier. You can come with me but please, if you aren’t being sincere just hurt me and not the children. I can’t handle children suffering.”

“I wont hurt anybody I swear. Thank you for inviting me. I’ll show you that I’m nice if you just give me your time. Can I stay here tonight or do I need to go home? I don’t mind your couch.”

“I’m very intune with nature and can predict weather. You should stay here tonight. It’s going to be frigid and I couldn’t send you out in that cold. It’s why I let you in.”

“Thank you. Could you make me clothes for tomorrow so I dont have to wear these again?”


“So are you a royal fairy? I know only royal bloods have magic like yours.”

“My great grandpa was a prince who decided to leave the fairy world. He didn’t want to be a royal. So yes, that’s why i can make what i want to.”

“Can I ask you another question?”

“we can talk until I get tired” Gregory smiled as he felt her relax a little more. She was still tense but she was heading in the direction he wanted her to. “Since you were a child when you lost your parents did you raise yourself?”

“For a few years, then Kiminia found me. She could never replace my mom but she’s been a second mother to me. Her son is like a brother to me. I lived with her until i fell in love with these woods. She and her son helped me build this home. I see them both frequently and they’ll be here for dinner tomorrow. I actually forgot about that until just now.”

“You’ll let me meet them?” Gregory asked and Kifa nodded “yes, I will give you a chance. You’ve been nice so far and done what I’ve asked of you so you deserve a chance. I can’t help that you still scare me but I’m willing to try and let you calm me.”

“I wont let you down and look forward to meeting the kind woman who raised you. So has she ever had a husband?”

“No, she was fuck buddies with a man for awhile and then he got serious with a girl and they quit seeing eachother. He has no interest in his son but his son has no interest in him so it doesn’t much matter. Your parents are married?” She asked and Gregory felt her relax just a tiny bit more. His heart was finally rising back up from the depths it had plummeted to “yes, they are madly in love.”

“That’s sweet”

“Yeah, I want a love like they have some day”

“I’m sure you’ll meet a really nice vampire girl” No girl had ever caught Gregorys interest like Kifa had. he had met plenty of gorgeous women but he was drawn to Kifa, felt a connection with her and honestly cared if she was sad or scared. that was why it hurt that she was afraid of him. He wouldn’t say it out loud but from the second he saw her smile he wanted to be the one causing her happiness.

“I doubt it.” He replied and to himself he said, ‘Because I’ve already met you.’

“So do you have any siblings?”

“Yeah, my sister Dania and my brother Sebastian. They’re pretty cool. Maybe you can meet them some day.” He smiled hopefully.

“We’ll see.”

“You’ll love my whole family, I promise.”

They sat in silence for a few moments then Gregory asked, “Would you like me to cook for you?”

Kifa was still scared of having him out of her sight, but she wanted to try and trust him even a little. “Sure, if you want to. I don’t know what all I have though.”

“I’m sure I’ll find something. Why don’t you join me so I have someone to talk to.”

He stood and went into the kitchen and she hesitantly followed, sitting at the table so she could watch him. He went through her pantry and refrigerator and decided on parmesan chicken with salad. He pulled two pieces of chicken out of the freezer and stuck them in the microwave to defrost. He sat down at the table across from Kifa, smiling warmly at her as he waited for the microwave. She had to admit he was extremely handsome, especially when he smiled like that.

When the microwave beeped to tell them the chicken was ready Gregory stood up slowly once again so he wouldn’t upset Kifa. He was happy when no panic came from her. While he cooked there was silence again. He started humming again, just grateful she was allowing him to stay the night with her. Kifa found herself enjoying the sound of his humming. Gregory smiled when he felt her tenseness fading and her going into a relaxed state. He hummed a softer tune, to hopefully get her at full ease. He knew he was far too happy when he actually relaxed her, he would now hum more often if that’s what it took to get her to loosen up around him.

He kept humming until the food was ready and on the table. Kifa took first bite as he looked at her, wanting to know if she was pleased. “you like it?” He asked when she swallowed. “yeah, it was nice of you to make me dinner” He smiled that charming smile again. “anytime” he began eating with her and wished he could hum while they ate. He felt her tenseness rise a little more but not quite to how it was before. It still bothered him though. When they were done Gregory offered to do dishes and she smiled as she waved her hand. The dishes hovered over to the sink where they washed themselves then put themselves away “wow!” Gregory said and she responded ‘we should sleep now. I’ll get you a blanket for the couch”

She walked into her bedroom, grabbing her extra blanket and pillow. She handed them to Gregory and he took them as gently as he could. “sweet dreams Kifa. I will not enter your bedroom i swear so please don’t worry yourself tonight”

“ok, goodnight” Kifa walked into her bedroom quickly, locking the door behind her. He heard the door lock and sighed. He laid down, loving his blanket and pillow smelled like her. He really enjoyed her perfume like scent. He buried his face in the covers, sighing at the comfort it gave him. He wondered how much more amazing it would be to hold her. Grgeory knew he was a long ways off from that if he could ever get there with Kifa atall but it was a pleasant thought. Kifa tossed and turned in her room. She couldn’t get the picture of the vampire that killed her parents out of her head and she knew she was going to dream of him. She dreamt of his horrible face every time she encountered a vampire.

Chapter Three

Kifa was so tired from being scared that her exhaustion finally took its toll and she fell asleep even though she fought with all her might to stay awake. His face appeared before her, his mouth and teeth covered in the blood of her parents. Her mother lay crumpled on the ground like a lifeless doll, eyes wide with horror. He drained her father who had fought for his family as hard as he could. Now he gasped and twitched in the vampire’s grasp as the life was sucked from him. She felt tears on her face and heard herself screaming, the sound loud and bonechilling.

Gregory jerked awake when he heard her wail of despair fill the silence of the house. It sent a chill up his spine and his heart slammed fearfully in his chest as he tossed the blanket aside and scrambled off the couch. He grabbed her door knob, wiggling it as he banged on her door. “Kifa wake up!” He yelled, his fist pounding against the door. “Kifa, wake up!” He pulled back and kicked her door in, not caring if she was mad about him breaking it or coming into her room uninvited. He rushed to her side, pulling her into his arms where she fought like a trapped animal. She hit him in the face, busting his lip so he grabbed her wrists in one hand while keeping her close with his other arm. “Kifa, it’s just me.” He said close to her ear.

She froze, hearing a familiar voice through the terror she was feeling. It said her name over and over again, asking her to wake up, that it was just a dream. She told herself to wake up, echoing the words that sounded softly in her ear. “It’s not real.” She said over and over again. “I’m not here.” She jerked awake, her heart pounding so fast she thought it might burst. She found herself looking up into Gregory’s eyes and her heart stuttered.

“Kifa? Oh thank god, you’re awake.”

She noticed his lip bleeding “your lip..”

“It’s ok.” He released wrists and she looked up at him not knowing what she was feeling. She then remembered her door had been locked. She looked over to see her bedroom door laying on the floor. He saw her eye movement “I’m sorry, i was just worried about you. Please forgive me” A few more tears escaped her eyes, breaking his heart. “Thank you..I’ll be ok…you can go back to the couch now” She said even though she wasn’t sure what she wanted. Kifa hated being alone after such dreams and felt like she enjoyed him holding her even though since he was a vapire she felt she shouldn’t. “You sure? I’ll stay and hum for you. It relaxed you so much earlier. I promise to leave once I have you sleeping. Don’t make me leave you like this. You can’t handle the children upset and I can’t handle you being upset. Just let me hold you and hum until you can rest”

She was surprised how pleading his voice sounded. “alright. I am trusting you to leave when I’m resting ”

‘I will not abuse that trust” Gregory pulled her closer and began to hum the softest lullaby he knew. Kifa relaxed more and more until his deep, smooth voice humming the lullaby eased her back into a peaceful rest. He knew she was sleeping but hummed awhile longer to make sure she was deeply out. He also couldn’t lie to himself that he was also still humming to hold her just awhile longer. Eventually he stopped, honoring his word and leaving Kifa for the couch. Gregory grabbed his blanket and settled back in for what was left of the night. He let her sweet scent and the lingering feel of her body take him to sleep aswell.

When morning came Kifa jerked awake, glad to see Gregory had kept his word and left her. It went a ways to helping her trust him. She sat up and used her magic to fix her bedroom door then walked into her bathroom for her morning shower. The shower running woke Gregory. his lip was better just as he expected it to be and his muscles were back to normal. He decided to start on breakfast while she readied for the day. He looked at what she had and decided on home made muffins.

Kifa stood beneath the water, letting the warmth help ease her sore muscles. She had been so tense they had cramped. She let the previous nights events play through her head, the worried look on Gregory’s face filling her head. She had not expected him to pull her from the depths of her worst fears, had not expected him to want to take care of her. No nightmares had plagued her after he had hummed her to sleep, his voice and presences chasing the shadows away. She rinsed and got out, quickly drying then going into her room and dressing. When she opened her door she was greeted by the most delicious smell and followed it into her kitchen.

“Good morning.” Gregory said with a warm smile, his lip completely healed.

“Good morning.” She replied softly. “What are you making?”

“Muffins, I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course.” She sat down at her table, looking at her hands. “I…I want to thank you for last night.”

“You’re very welcome Kifa.” She looked up at him, his smile still warm and sweet.

“Why don’t you go take a shower while I make you new clothes. I’ll watch the muffins.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please go ahead.”

He leaned down so they were looking into each other’s eyes. She swallowed nervously. “If you need me Kifa, please call for me and I’ll come running I promise.”


Gregory walked into her bathroom and she closed her eyes to picture what would look good on him. She opened them when she smelt the muffins were done and took them out before picturing Gregory again in different clothes. She actually started blushing as she imagined him. She finally decided on somthing and made it appear out of the air. Kifa walked to¬†her bathroom door and knocked. Gregory instantly responded “you ok?”

“Yeah, I’m just leaving your clothes in front of the door. The muffins are ready too.’

“Thank you”

“I’m…I’m glad you were here last night to comfort me.”;¬†Kifa said nervously and Gregory could barely believe his ears. He smiled and quickly finished cleaning himself. Kifa walked back to the kitchen table, blushing deeply at her own words. When Gregory was dry he happily picked up the clothes Kifa made him and put them on. They fit him perfectly which didn’t shock him since he knew how good fairy magic was. It was a pure magic given by mother nature herself. He walked out and her eyes refused to move off of him. He smiled at her stare, hoping she would look at him more today than her legs or feet like yesterday. He sat down and took a muffin ‘I like these a lot”

“I’m glad, it took me ahwile to decide what to create for you”

“no more nightmares last night?”

“No more”

“I’m relieved. I hated to leave you but I had to honor my word" Kifa smiled, this one almost like the ones she had given the children. His heart leapt with joy at the progress he had made with her. They finished their muffins then Kifa walked into the living room. She made a bag stuffed with boxes appear then said a few words in the fairies ancient language. “what’s this?”¬†he asked when she was done “Enchanted presents. I promised the kids stuffed animals last time. When I hand them these boxes it will be whatever they are hoping it will be”she seemed unreasonably tired now for a woman who just woke “you ok?”

“Oh yeah, there’s enough for every child in the childrens hospital to have whatever they want. Believe it or not theres a limit to fairy magic and it takes a toll to use this much at once. I have to do the enchantment here all at once because obviously I can’t do it in front of the children. I need to sit down a few moments before i teleport us there. I’ll be fine though, This just takes ¬†alot more magic than you might think”

“I’m sure it takes ¬†alot. Please sit as long as you need.”

When she had her energy back she stood and went to lift the bag, but he grabbed it first. “Please let me, you just get us there.”

“Thank you.”

She grabbed his shoulder and teleported them a block from the hospital in a park so no one would see. “You know a lot of people already know about the existence of creatures like us so you really don’t have to hide.”

“I prefer it that way people can’t take advantage of me. Maybe some day I won’t hide myself, but I know people like us have been targeted for our gifts.”

“I understand, come on then lead the way.”

He followed her up the block, the bag slung over his shoulder like some weid Santa Claus. She waved at the receptionists and headed to the elevator. He stepped in next to her and she hit the button to the second floor, smiling happily as the elevator moved up. It dinged, the doors open and he followed her out, loving how happy she looked to be here visiting the children. When the kids saw her those who could came running. She hugged every single one, her face a mask of happiness.

“I brought you all presents just like I promised.” She said and they all cheered excitedly. “This is my friend Gregory and he will be helping me hand them out. Everyone say hi.”

“Hi Gregory.” They said as one.

“Hey little ones, are you ready for some presents?”

Chapter Four

“yeah!” they all said as one. Kifa laughed and talked to the kids as she handed their gifts out. Her face showing true delight when their faces lit up. She got many tight hugs and thank yous from them all while the nurses and doctors enjoyed the happy display. There wasn’t a soul in the hospital that didn’t look forward to Kifas visits. Once all the kids that were out in their play area had their gifts Kifa went to find the children she knew were missing. Gregory could feel her grow sad at the thought of children too ill to leave their beds. The first one they went to see crumbled his heart also as the child was relying on a machine to breath for him. His parents were sitting by the bed looking as if they hadn’t slept in days. The mother looked up and smiled at kifa “Bless you, what do you have for him this time?”

“a stuffed animal he’s been wanting” The father then got up to take it “we’ll give it to him when he’s awake. Thank you so much. We’ve told you before but I’ll tell you again, we deeply appreciate your gifts. It’s one of the few times we see him smile” Kifa steadied her bottom lip as it tried to quiver. “well wishes to him” the father nodded and Kifa left the room with Gregory behind her. They went to the next room which wasn’t nearly as sad. The little girl was awake and watching television. Her dull blue eyes turned to Kifa and some of their brightness returned “Kifa!”

“Mary, why are you in bed?”

“I had my chemo this morning and I still feel sick”

“I brought you your present cutie” Gregory handed Kifa a box which she gave to Mary. The little girl sat up and opened it. All the brightness returned as she looked at Rainbow Dash. “How do you always know! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome sweetie. Please get better for me”

“I’m trying, I love you miss Kifa”

“I love you too Mary” Kifa left and gave the remaining presents to the other bedbound children. Their smiles making her happy but their coditions breaking her heart. When she was done one of the nurses gave her a box “The kids colored you some pictures”

“Thank you” kifa responded as she took the box.

“You are such an amazing person.” Gregory said as they exited the hospital.

“I hate how sick some of them are, I just wish there was more I could do.”

He decided to be bold and pulled her into his arms. “Please don’t cry Kifa, you do so much for them by keeping their hopes up.”

She tensed in his embrace only for a moment, then her emotions overwhelmed her and she pressed her face into his shirt, tears slipping down her cheeks. He ran his hand up and down her back and shushed her. “I’m sorry I’m getting you all wet.” She said as she wiped her face.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. How about we go back to your place and look at those drawings.”

“Sounds good.” They went into the park and she teleported them into her living room. They sat down together on the couch and she opened the box. She very nearly burst into tears again as she looked at the drawings. Some of them depicted her as an angel, others had her handing out presents or holding hands with one of the children.

“They love you with all their hearts.”

“And I love them. I have a binder full of these wonderful drawings.”

“You know they’re right Kifa, you are an angel. A sweet, beautiful angel with the biggest heart.”

Kifa blushed deeply when her eyes met his. It was like they were repeating Gregorys words. His heart wasn’t so much betaing any onger to pump his blood but fluttering with how wonderful and beautiful this woman was. He wondered if she had any inkling of how badly he wanted, maybe even needed to kiss her how she would react. Gregory battled with himself not to lean over and do it. There was still a little fear in her, he could sense it. If he kissed her it might back peddle his progress and he wasn’t sure his lips on hers was worth Kifa looking at him like a monster again.

Kifa found herself unable to pull her eyes away from Gregorys. She couldn’t get enough of that look and didn’t know why or what there was about his eyes that were holding her captive. Much to Gregorys regret he took her hand, wanting desperatly to have some sort of contact. She jerked it away and her eyes moved form his as she moved away from him on the couch. Gregorys heart gave a painful twist adn he worried he’d be kicked out “Oh Kifa, please forgive me. I’m so sorry. You just let me hug you earlier and i thought it would be ok. I’m very sorry”

Kifa didn’t answer him and his stomach twisted along with his heart “Kifa” His tone sad as he spoke her name. She looked at him now “it’s ok, I just wasn’t expecting it”

“I wont do it again. Lets put the pictures away together”

“I’ll just put the box under my bed for now” She put the pictures in then walked to her bedroom. Gregory wanted to slam his head against her table for grabbing her hand. He knew it would be his own fault if she forced him to leave after that hug earlier and now grabbing her hand without permission. Gregory got lost in his own worried head and didn’t hear Kifa come back in the living room. He only knew she was back when she hugged him tightly from behind. “I’m not mad Gregory” She said softly.

“But you still fear me. I can see it in your eyes, that small hint of fear when you look at me.” Kifa hated she had hurt him, especially after seeing him interact with the children she held so dear. “Perhaps I should leave Kifa to spare you.”

“Gregory, I’m sorry. I’m just confused. You are so sweet and nice and I don’t know what to make of it. My head keeps spinning and I can’t help but compare you to the monster who stole my loved ones.”

“And that’s why I should leave. I want you to spend time with me because you want to, because you trust me, not because you fear I will rip your throat out.”

She felt panic creeping in. “You said you would have dinner with me and my friends. Please stay for dinner.”

Gregory sighed. “Alright, I’ll stay and meet your friends.” He felt her tighten the hug and wished this is how she wouls always be. He enjoyed her touch, the closeness of her body, and her amazing smell.

“Thank you.” Kifa hoped that after dinner she could get him to stay another night. When he was near, her nightmares stayed away. His soft humming and the gentle way he held her made her feel completely safe and if she could hold onto that for one more night then she would. “Let me make us lunch.” She said.

“May I help you?” He asked softly.

“I would love for you to.”

On her counter Kifa made all the ingredients appear for them to make home made pizza together. She could have just made a ready to eat pizza appear but she wanted to do somthing with Gregory, have fun with him and try to let go of that last ounce of fear within her. He looked at her cautiously, still wounded from making her jump. “Help me get the dough ready please” he gave her a small smile then they began. As they worked on the pizza the awkwardness of earlier passed and they began talking as if they were old friends. Before Kifa even realized it she was right up against him, their arms occasionally touching from the closeness and she wasn’t even the slightest bit afraid. Gregory noticed though and it was warming his heart that maybe it had finally sunk in that he wouldn’t hurt her if his life depended on it.

He kept his mouth shut on the off chance she was truly just not noticing because they were talking and preparing a pizza. When the pizza was in the oven they cleaned off her counters then washed their hands. “what should we do while it cooks?” Gregory asked. With only a small amount of nervousness in her tone she said softly “I would like to hug you again. I feel bad for hurting your feelings. I haven’t been very fair to you. I can’t help that vampires have always scared me since that night I lost my parents but it isn’t right to be so jumpy and hurtful to a man who walked through an electric field just to talk to me, comforted me last night and left as he said he would, was so¬†caring at the hospital and just everything. You’ve done nothing but show you’re kind and I act like you’re going to murder me”

He walked over to Kifa then pulled her close “I understand, are you saying I’m here now because you want me to be?”

“Yeah, You aren’t forcing yourself in my presence any longer. I want you near…I really do when I never thought I’d say such a thing to a vampire. It made me sad earlier when you offered to leave and I realized how foolish I’ve been. When my family leaves tonight do you want to sleep with me again…I’d really like for you to hum me to sleep. I adore your voice. It’s so soothing”

Chapter Five

He smiled. “I guess you kind of like me huh?”

“Just kind of.”

He laughed and pulled her tightly against him so her head rested on his chest. It felt good having her in his arms, her body fitting perfectly with his like they were made for each other. He wanted desperately to kiss her, to feel the warmth of his lips pressed into his. He refrained, deciding that he could try later when they weren’t expecting anyone for dinner later. He didn’t want to ruin the night by overstepping his bounds. “How about we watch a movie.” He said as he pulled back to look at her.

“Okay, do you care what?”

“No, anything you want is fine.”

They went into the living room and Gregory sat down while Kifa pulled open a drawer on her entertainment center and pulled out King Kong. She really loved it even though the ending was so sad. She switched everything on and popped it in then sat down next to Gregory. He smiled when she sat close and draped his arm over the back of the couch. They watched until the kitchen timer went off and Kifa got up and pulled it out. She cut one slice for her and two for him then went back to the living room.

“Thank you.” He said as she handed him his plate. “Smells delicious.” He blew on it and took a bite. “Mmm tastes even better.”

“I think this is the best one I’ve had” She said shyly. He smiled at her then they returned their attention to the movie. When the movie was over Kifa was frowning so Gregory asked ‘can I hold you and hum? I don’t want you to be sad when Kiminia and Rodrick come” She nodded and he scooped her into his lap. He held her close and Kifa rested her head on his broad shoulder. He began to him his favorite love song, one that now he would always think of her when he listened to it. Gregory wanted to keep her close as long as she would allow so would continue humming and holding her until she asked him to stop.

Kifa became so relaxed in his embrace she began needing to fight off sleep. Gregory could hear how slow her heart rate became and wouldn’t object in the slightest if she just slept in his arms until her friends came. It meant more than she could understand to him that he was able to make her this comfortable. Eventually she had to stop him “i need to make somthing for my family. They’ll be here any moment” Her voice a mere whisper. He smiled and kissed her head before he could stop himself. He waited for her to be upset but she didn’t acknowledge it in a negative or positive way. Her whole body was still in a sleepy state from sitting there so long with him humming.

Gregory stood her up and she rubbed her eyes. “I’m really happy you enjoyed that so much Kifa”

“I’ve never been so relaxed” She said warmly. Kifa didn’t want to cook so she used her magic to make a meal appear on the table. It was a foolish idea after making presents, making ingredients appear and then becoming that relaxed because she simply passed out as soon as it was there. Gregory was fast enough to catch her. He carried her over to the couch to let Kifa rest until her family came.

When Kiminia and Rodrick showed up Kifa was still asleep so Gegory answered the door. They both gave him a peculiar look and became worried that a vampire was in Kifa’s home. “Please come in, Kifa’s sleeping. She overexerted herself. I’ll wake her.” They were both glad to see her resting soundly on the couch, their hearts slowing as Gregory sat down next to her and gently woke her. “Kifa, your family is here, wake up.” He said softly and brushed his knuckles over her cheek.

Kifa’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at Gregory. “Is everything okay?” She aksed then she saw Kiminia and Rodrick and jumped off the couch.

“We should be asking you that Kifa dear. Have you come down with a fever?” Kiminia said.

“No, why?”

“You have a vampire in your living room looking like he belongs here. Has he put some spell on you?”

“That’s not my specialty ma’am.” Gregory chimed in with a friendly smile.

“And what is your specialty?” Rodrick asked.

“My intuition, it never steers me wrong. I let it pull me to where it thinks I should be. That’s how I met Kifa. I’m also super fast, strong, and have a very high tolerance for electrical shock. I can create psychic barriers of protection and I’m a telepath.”

“That’s quite impressive and how did you manage to get Kifa to let you in?”

“I walked through her electrical barrier and refused to leave until she gave me a chance.” His honesty had them laughing even though they were trying to be serious.

“I’m still shocked she let you in atall” Kiminia said then Kifa spoke “it was going to be really cold and couldn’t let him suffer.” Kiminia smiled ‘My ever sweet girl. How’re things going between you two then?” Grgeory waited for Kifa to answer “good, I’m glad he made me give him a chance. He’s very nice and we’ve been having fun. He helped me give out toys at the childrens hospital today”

“If she’s fine with you then I’m happy to meet you”

“My name’s Gregory”

“I am Kiminia and my son here is Rodrick. I’m sure kifa told you of us though”

“Yes, I do have a question if you don’t mind?”


“are you dragons? I’ve never met a dragon but I could swear that’s what your scent is. My father has described it to me” Kiminia smiled “yes we are, both pure blooded dragons” They sat down at the table and began eating the food Kifa made appear before she over spent herself. “Now Kifa, what have I todl you about over doing yourself with your magic? It’s not healthy sweetheart.”

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking”

“Please, you are an immortal creature but I still dont wish you to do things that are harmful to yourself”

“I know. I love you too” Kifa said with a smile. Kiminia smiled back “I do love you sweetheart. I’m glad you’ve managed to make friends with a vampire. I was worried you’d spend your life terrified of the lot. Not that i would have blamed you for it.” now looking at Gregory Kiminia continued “Poor thing, she was scared even of me when I found her. It was pouring rain and she sat just shivering inside of a hollowed tree. it took a lot of coaxing for little Kifa to let me bring her home where I could warm and feed her. Her magic wasn’t matured yet so she couldn’t just produce anything like she can right now. She looked half starved but no matter what i offered she wouldn’t leave that trunk. Like you i wouldn’t leave until she came with me. I couldn’t leave a small girl like that alone in the wood”

“Thank you for saving her. Without your intervention I would never have met her.”

Kiminia smiled at the sweet way Gregory talked about Kifa. The way his eyes rested on her said he had already fallen in love with her and would do whatever he could to make her happy. “You are very welcome young man.”

“So can you show us your powers?” Rodrick asked.

“Rodrick, what is with you and always wanting to size others up.” Kiminia said in a chastising tone.

“I just want to make sure he can protect my sister.”

“Your sister is sitting right here you muscle head and can take care of herself.” Kifa chimed in, embarrassing Rodrick.

“I don’t mind Kifa.” Gregory said. He stared at Rodrick, his eyes seeming to bore into the dragon’s skull as he slipped into his head. “There’s a girl, black hair, blue eyes. She’s beautiful, sweet, and always smells of flowers. She runs a flower shop, everything grown with love and care. MariAnne, that’s her name. You often help her with hauling heavy things and deliveries just so you can spend time with her. Her husband died of cancer.” He pulled out of Rodrick’s head, the dragon’s expression one of shock.

“wow” he said with a blush while his mother and sister giggled. Rodrick growled at them which only made them laugh more. “You big baby” Kifa said. “She’s still mourning. I can’t tell her how I feel Kifa.”

“Are you sure she’s still mourning or do you use that as an excuse?”

“Excuse” Gregory added making the women laugh again. They had a wonderful supper together. Gregory managed to win over both Kiminia and Rodrick in one meal. Still, before Kiminia left she spoke to Gregory inside of his head “Not saying you will because i can see the love in your eyes when you look at my Kifa but you are to never let any harm become of her or cause her any harm yourself. She may not have come from my loins but she will always be my daughter. You are not a young vampire, nor are you a fool so I know you are aware of the fury a dragons wrath can unleash. I like you, make no mistake. I’m just giving you fair warning”

Gregory smiled and returned ‘i would give my life for her happiness. You don’t have to worry” Kiminia smiled then walked out with her son. “They really liked you”

“I think so too”

“So, have you been in my head?”

“No, your head is your own. Rodrick invited me into his. I dont go into anyones unless I know I’m welcome there. Don’t worry about me listening to any thoughts”

“I was just curious” Gregory sighed happily, his eyes gazing into hers as if she was somthing to be worshipped “will you sit while I take care of your dishes?”

“I can do it”

“No magic, just sitting. Please”

“ok” Kifa sat down and Gregory took care of the kitchen. When he was done he said “You didn’t get very good rest last night and asked a lot of yourself today. Maybe we should head to bed. I’m welcome to hold you while you sleep right? I’ll hum for you” Kifa smiled “I’d really like if you stayed in there all night with me and for all the nights that followed tonight” Though it was impossible Gregory could have sworn his heart danced in his chest “I will stay with you for eternity if you’ll let me.” he closed the distance between them and gently cupped her right cheek “I love you and I hope this means you could atleast grow to love me too Kifa” Kifa smiled up at him then gently tugged him down to kiss her. He let out small moan from how happy it made him to feel his lips on hers. When she pulled back she said with a playful smile “if you dont know what my answer is from that you’re an idiot”

Gregeory laughed and picked her up so he could carry Kifa to bed. They cuddled close, just the contact and knowing she wasn’t afraid and loved him too givng him tingles through his body. He hummed a happy song for her. One that expressed his jubilance that he had earned her trust and love. He hummed long after she was resting. His bliss keeping him awake, her warmth seeping through his skin and wrapping around his heart. He laid there hoping he could make her as happy as he felt in this moment and that they’d truly always be together just as his parents.

~ The End ~

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